Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e13 Episode Script


1 It hurts! Mommy! Rin Okumura What are you doing, Rin?! The Blue Exorcist The Blue Exorcist Dark side in my heart is nuguisarenai kako no kanashimi the unerasable sadness of the past.
It's alright kokoro ni mo nai It's alright if I don't really mean it, so I fire my blasters and stretch out my hands.
Blastar hanachi te wo nobashita sakete toorenai michi wa itsu kara ka konna datta Since when has my way been unavoidable like this? And now there's no one left soshite daremo inakunatta Fuck this destiny, unmei nante kuso kurae I cry for my pride, I can't bear it.
yarikirenakute cry for pride Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
An aria of love resounding through hibiku ai no uta this distorted reality of twisted prayers.
yuganda sekai magatta negai kuzuresatte iku risou to ashita My dreams and tomorrow are collapsing, haite suteru hodo ni taikutsu datta because throwing away the lies would be boring.
Good bye precious life.
unmei nante nurikaete Go and repaint this destiny, try it for your pride, covered in wounds.
kizu darake ni natte try for pride Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
soredemo ai wo utau Even so, I sing the song of love and hizunda sekai todokazu negai let its wish reach through this distorted world kizuki ageteku kizuna to ashita to build our bonds and the tomorrow to come.
haite sutete mo kekkyoku taisetsu nanda Throwing away the lies was important after all, because this is my precious life.
it's my precious life Dark cloud in my heart is disappearing and light is shining on the road I'm on.
harewatari michi ni hikari wa sashita Let's fight osore wa nai Let's fight, there's no fear.
moroha no tsurugi furikazashita I brandished my two-edged sword.
Episode 13 sziasztokProof The Vatican headquarters? High Inspector? Here's my license and my level certificate.
Oh my, you really are who you say you are.
I'm Middle Class Exorcist Kaoru Tsubaki.
Ah whatever I hate formalities.
Anyway, I'm taking this kid to the Japanese Branch Office.
And I wanna talk to the head of the branch, Mephisto, so bring him along even if you've gotta use force.
Get up already.
I have a shitload of stuff I wanna ask you.
Rin is injured.
Could you wait until we give him first aid? He'll be fine.
And kids who still smell of milk should stay out of trouble.
Smell of milk? Professor! What's going on? Today's mission is over.
Please head back to your dormitories right away.
Let me go, I can't breathe! Oh damn, I'm so jealous Shima By the way, who's that babe? She's Yamada, isn't she? She's wearing male uniform trousers.
You're kidding me! That Okumura, did he get into trouble again? Hey, you! What's going on? I don't know but it's not Rin's fault! Huh? Rin Where are you taking me? I see You've never been to the base, have you? Base? Where are we? The center of the Japanese Branch of the Order of True Cross.
The headquarters are under St.
Peter's Basilica in Rome, and it coordinates the actions of the branches around the world.
The Order's history in exorcism spans over two millennia.
Welcome to the Japanese Branch of the Order of True Cross.
Long time no see, Shura.
I didn't think that a High Inspector would infiltrate the cram school.
I had no clue.
Mephisto, gimme a straight answer.
Why did you hide the son of Satan? I didn't hide him.
It was all for the sake of the Order.
For the sake of the Order? Tame the son of Satan to become a weapon for the Order.
We Exorcists have been on the defensive for 2000 years, now is our chance to take the offensive.
That's no answer.
I was asking why you didn't report to the Vatican.
As you can see, his powers are still incomplete.
Gregori wouldn't be satisfied with something incomplete, would he? Then I'm gonna ask you again.
Did Shiro Fujimoto have anything to do with this case? Anything? He was raising him until his flames got stronger.
I was just keeping an eye on him.
I see.
Either way, I'll have to report this.
But before that I gotta interrogate him.
I'll use the Great Cell.
Feel free to.
He's a real laugh.
Don't act so relaxed.
You'll be sorry for this.
Shura, wait! It's pointless to question my brother.
I'll explain everything.
You sure haven't changed, Yukio.
Well okay, you did get taller.
Huh? Thanks for the trouble, go home and hit your bunk.
Shura! You sure were meek like a scared little kitty cat.
You knew my dad and Yukio? Well I was Shiro Fujimoto's apprentice.
Apprentice? Then are you a nun? Unfortunately I've never once prayed to God.
I grew up in a place outside the range of reason.
Shiro Fujimoto saved me from staying alive every day just for the sake of staying alive.
That was way before you two were born.
What's wrong? Did you get hurt earlier? Idiot! How could you fall for that? Was this shit so cheap you'll let anyone take it? Like hell! The sword is still sheathed So the Demon-Slaying Blade can't suppress his power completely? You want me to take that scaredy four-eyes as my pupil? No, the other one.
He's a laugh.
Huh? Why me? Because you're familiar with using demon swords.
Are you going to give him a demon sword? Giving a demon sword to a child is insanity.
You should know that! I know.
But we have no other choice.
If something ever happens to me Please, teach him how to use his sword.
I beg you.
What the hell? You were so cool and strong and perfect, what happened to you?! Are you scared because you saw a glance of the end of your road? You threw me away, and now you want to push that kid on me too? I misjudged you.
Never show yourself in front of me again! Shiro I wanted to believe in you.
I wanted to believe that you're the strongest.
Sever the head of the snake that devours the eight princesses! Why? Why would my dad's apprentice point her sword at me? The day Shiro died the Vatican headquarters dispatched me as High Inspector with secret orders.
"There is a possibility that Shiro Fujimoto and Mephisto Pheles, the head of the Japanese Branch, have been hiding something related to Satan since the Blue Night 16 years ago.
Investigate that.
" And one more.
"And if by chance there was such an element, you are hereby authorized to eliminate it upon identification.
" Just like that.
Eliminate?! I've confirmed your blue flames, the sign of Satan.
I'll obey my orders and kill you.
The apprentice will finish her dead master's incomplete work.
Kill me? Wait! Kirigakure Demon Sword Technique: Snakefang! Sounds like they've started.
Don't even bother trying to go in there.
The Great Cell can only be opened by High Class Exorcists.
We are to quietly wait until the interrogation ends.
What? What the hell happened? It's just like with that demon earlier.
Our levels are totally different.
What were you trying to do, Shiro? Why did you oppose the Vatican by hiding Satan's son? Tame the son of Satan to become a weapon for the Order.
Is that your will? Is that what you tried to accomplish and lost your life for? Shiro! You made a big mistake.
This blunt and untempered kid wouldn't even scratch Satan.
What?! You got old, Shiro.
You gave up fighting, and clung to some pointless hope.
No! He died protecting me! He was no coward! He was a coward.
You don't know anything! How dare you say that?! I don't care if you were his apprentice or whatever, I won't let you make fun of my dad! This kid's a mess.
He makes a lot of useless moves and he looks like he's got no idea of proper fighting techniques.
What's wrong? Didn't you say you won't let me make fun of him? If you won't come at me, I'll have at you instead! Kirigakure Demon Sword Technique: Emptiness! This is so ugly Just go down already.
I can't go down here! I vowed on his grave that I'd become a great Exorcist like him and kick Satan's filthy ass! Kick Satan's ass? Yeah! I'll become the strongest Exorcist and Paladin.
If I become Paladin everyone will have to accept that he was right! Paladin, you say? Don't make me laugh you shitty brat! He's a laugh.
You were right He is a laugh.
Or I guess the joke's on me.
You loved Shiro? Huh? It's not like I didn't! Shiro, you weren't raising weapon.
You were raising a son.
Infirmary Ouch! That stings! What happened down there? Nothing important.
What's this? Just look at it.
A wooden sword.
And my sword? I'll take care of it.
If it's with you, Amaimon will just come to play with you again.
If you want it back, get stronger.
You'll get it back once you can kick my ass.
And you gotta prove that Shiro was right.
I'll postpone my report to the Vatican.
True Cross Academy Earthquake Damages Report File However, I'll continue watching over Rin Okumura.
The point is, get a place for me at the Japanese Branch.
I'm so delighted to welcome such a renowned Exorcist like you.
We're done.
Ah, are you leaving already? I have wonderful green tea ice cream from Uji.
Mephisto Just what the hell are you planning? My only wish is peace for humankind and Assiah.
I abandoned Gehenna and came here to serve that goal .
Don't forget that you're a demon and the higher-ups don't trust you.
Poor Brother, it looks like they have no trust in you.
Amaimon I have plenty to discuss with you regarding this case.
Rin, what are you doing so early in the morning? I couldn't sleep.
Is something troubling you? I was thinking about my dad.
Your dad? Shiro? Yeah.
Rin, calm down! Come here! Shut up! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Look Rin! Daddy Do you understand what you've just done? You beat up your friends and they are suffering in a hospital now.
They weren't my friends! What? It's their fault! They called me a demon! They called me a monster and they mocked me! It's your fault for being so violent! This is dangerous How can you raise a child like that? He really looks like a demon! Please stand back.
This is dangerous.
Da-Daddy As if! Just kidding! You got scared? Listen, Rin.
If you keep on like this, you'll be all alone.
Use your strength for someone else For some gentler purpose.
I want you to become a cool guy with lots of friends and who's loved by the girls! What do you mean How can I be like that? Struggle! If you try hard to be nice to people, one day you'll become like that.
I can't take it Call an ambulance! Daddy! Can you hear me, Mr.
Fujimoto? You have broken ribs.
You're kidding me? Daddy! Don't you look at me like that! Don't worry! A tiny fist like yours can't knock me down! But your ribs are broken I broke them on purpose.
To match the spirit.
I'll just have them checked out by some boobie-wonder nurses! Be careful! Careful! I wanted to be a cool adult like Dad.
I don't get it Why are Father and Brother so obsessed with him? to become a weapon for the Order.
And you gotta prove that Shiro was right.
I'm not smart enough to figure out the answers no matter how much time I spend thinking.
Come, Blackie! Let's play! Let's play! Let's play! Let's do it, Rin! Come! All I can do now is to empty my head and dash forward.
Nice to meet you! I was dispatched by the Vatican headquarters.
I'm Shura Kirigakure, 18 years old.
I was taking classes with you guys for the past three months.
Let's get along! I'm in charge of teaching you magic circles, seals and Oh damn, even swords? Umm, Professor.
What is it, Suguro? Why did you disguise yourself as a student? Adult matters.
None of you kids' business.
Kids?! Miss! Professor Neuhaus was our teacher for that class.
Why would he be transferred in the middle of the term? He's on maternity leave! Maternity! Professor Neuhaus is a man.
You know, he can still take a break to take care of the kid.
Oh whatever.
Just ask the Principal if you care about it so much.
Rin is late.
Sorry! Rin! I couldn't sleep yesterday and I fell asleep on the roof and no one woke me up even when the homeroom ended Don't just stand there with your excuses, come on in.
I won't get mad.
Huh? Why are you?! Just get to your seat already.
Rin, are your wounds okay? Huh? Yeah, I'm fine, why? Sure, then it's okay.
Somehow he seems different.
Maybe something happened? Do you think so? Now that you're all here, let's start the class.
Introduction to Sigils, from the part about mammomancy.
Okumura, because you were late.
I'll do it to become Paladin.
I'll do anything! (WIRED) I'm lightly fluttering in wondrous light mau chou no you ni hirari chuu ni tadayou fukashikina hikari like a dancing butterfly in midair.
Is this place in another world? koko wa dokoka betsu no sekai rakka suru sokudo wa kawaranai My fall isn't slowing down so cut the rope.
Cut the rope.
atama wo meguru suuchi wa The numbers that make my head spin rasen wo egaki kyuujoushou are forming a rising spiral juudaina ayamachi ni mo kizukazu ni and there I notice a terrible error.
hito kara hito e to tsunagaru Connecting people to one another is a shining pale indigo blue wire.
awaku seiran ni kagayaku Wire totemo kirei de maru de kinu no ito It's beautiful like a thread of silk.
sore ga unmei to iu kusari nano ka I wonder if it's what they call the chains of fate? You seek for it and yet you're already caught, sagashite demo karamatte tadori tsukenai so don't try to struggle.
What is wired life? nogarerarenai nante You're a beautiful fool in the way you get entwined in this oroka de utsukushii wired life.
sagashite demo karamatte You seek for it and yet you're already caught, tadori tsukenai so don't try to struggle.
What is wired life? nogarerarenai nante You're a beautiful fool in oroka de utsukushii the way you get entwined in it.
There is wired life.
Umm In relation to sauces about ancient geomancy Sources.
It's the same as always.
Yeah, guess I was wrong.
That wasn't my fault.
The fun summer vacation has started.
Next Episode Preview This feels like some fun picnic, I'm so excited! Do you understand? I'm telling you to keep your flames down.
I've got an idea What the hell was that just now? A Fun Camp