Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

The Wager

1 This power It's just like Father's! Cuckoo Clock! My, my What a handful you are, my little brother.
The Blue Exorcist The Blue Exorcist Dark side in my heart is the unerasable sadness of the past.
nuguisarenai kako no kanashimi It's alright kokoro ni mo nai It's alright if I don't really mean it, Blastar hanachi te wo nobashita so I fire my blasters and stretch out my hands.
Since when has my way been unavoidable like this? sakete toorenai michi wa itsu kara ka konna datta And now there's no one left soshite daremo inakunatta Fuck this destiny, unmei nante kuso kurae I cry for my pride, I can't bear it.
yarikirenakute cry for pride Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
An aria of love resounding through hibiku ai no uta this distorted reality of twisted prayers.
yuganda sekai magatta negai kuzuresatte iku risou to ashita My dreams and tomorrow are collapsing, because throwing away the lies would be boring.
haite suteru hodo ni taikutsu datta Good bye precious life.
Go and repaint this destiny, unmei nante nurikaete kizu darake ni natte try for pride try it for your pride, covered in wounds.
Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
soredemo ai wo utau Even so, I sing the song of love and let its wish reach through this distorted world hizunda sekai todokazu negai kizuki ageteku kizuna to ashita to build our bonds and the tomorrow to come.
haite sutete mo kekkyoku taisetsu nanda Throwing away the lies was important after all, because this is my precious life.
Dark cloud in my heart is disappearing and light is shining on the road I'm on.
harewatari michi ni hikari wa sashita Let's fight osore wa nai Let's fight, there's no fear.
I brandished my two-edged sword.
moroha no tsurugi furikazashita Episode 16 s Gamble What's going on? Those flames are blue He couldn't have Rin He's more powerful than I imagined.
Not even the Demon-Slaying Blade could hold it back.
Rin Rin! Shiemi! It's too dangerous! Stand back! Rin! Rin! Shi e mi It's alright.
It's alright now.
Rin! It's blue, no matter how I look at it.
Just like that night.
Who's that? So he's here Good morning, children.
I'm Arthur Auguste Angel, Upper First Class Exorcist of the Vatican Headquarters.
Arthur Auguste Angel? He's the recently appointed new Paladin.
Paladin? And your direct superior, Shura.
What's the meaning of this, Shura? Wasn't your mission to investigate and report on what the Head of the Japanese Branch, Mephisto Pheles, and the deceased Shiro Fujimoto had been hiding together? You had other spies anyway, didn't you? Well But you had another important mission.
"If you can determine that that thing is related to Satan, exterminate it.
" Shura, don't you think that the creature clad in blue flames just a moment ago is related to Satan? Your deductions never cease to amaze me.
It has been a while, Angel.
I hear you have collected the title of Paladin too.
Let me voice my joy thereupon.
You finally decided to show your tail? Even the Council of Grigori recognizes your betrayal.
This case is the absolute proof.
I can assure you that I am not flaunting my tail.
You're insulting a gentleman.
Very well.
Caliburn, give me strength.
Squee~ Arthur! It'll be my pleasure! By the decree of the Grigori of the Highest Court of the Order of the True Cross, I shall exterminate Satan's spawn.
Rin! Kirigakure Demon Sword Technique: Slither! Snakefang! Why are you protecting Satan's son? Have you sided with Mephisto? As if.
You wanted to honor Fujimoto's will? You'd do this for the man who was the worst Paladin ever? No way, idiot.
You baldy! I'm not bald.
What a fascinating jest! But the Grigori's orders are absolute.
Even you Yes.
As you command.
New orders from the Grigori.
They have decided to summon Mephisto Pheles, the Head of the Japanese Branch to court.
I'm looking forward to that.
Shura, you will come too as a witness.
And of course the spawn of Satan as well.
He's an important piece of evidence.
Wait a second, I'll come too! You still have duties towards your students.
This can't be used to suppress his flames anymore.
Then shall we get going, Angel? We hereby commence the trial of the Head of the Japanese Branch of the Order of the True Cross, Mephisto Pheles.
The ones questioning will be I, Timothy Timowan, head of Law Enforcement in the Order, Paladin Arthur Auguste Angel, and the Grigori, the High Council of the Order.
Sir Pheles, I will ask you up front.
Is that demon there the son of Satan? Precisely.
Now is not the time for excuses.
My brother Rin Okumura was born of Satan and a human woman 15 years ago.
He possesses the power of Satan's blue flames.
But you are his twin brother, aren't you? I don't have the flames.
I undergo daily checkups, but I'm just an ordinary human.
Are you saying that the report according to which the son of Satan born to Lower Second Class Exorcist Yurie Gin was slain with the Demon-Slaying Blade by Shiro Fujimoto was fake? Yes.
One of the boys did not have Satan's power.
The one who has it is right here before you.
I have sealed the demonic powers of this boy into the Demon-Slaying Blade.
About three months ago the Demon-Slaying Blade couldn't suppress his flames anymore and his powers were awakened.
Three months ago Until then he knew nothing about all of this.
Back then I'm not a demon or anything! Don't make assumptions! I see What will happen to Rin? The court might sentence him to be executed.
Executed? If he succumbs to his flames, he will turn into a demon completely.
If that happens, they won't allow him to Are you Are you saying he should just die? That's not it! I just don't want to make him suffer even more.
No matter how much he wants it, he can't be a normal human anymore.
The sword has cracked The Kurikara cracked?! What did you just say? How do you know the name of this sword? I've only called it the Demon-Slaying Blade.
The Kurikara That blade was an heirloom of our temple.
Bon, shouldn't we bring it to Yoshikuni? Yoshikuni? The place where the Kurikara was forged.
It's still being used.
And can they fix it there? I don't know I don't get it.
I don't get it What are you all thinking? Aren't you scared? What's this about fixing the sword? Is that Is that really necessary? But Rin is the son of Satan! I understand how you feel.
But I still beg you.
If there's a way to save my brother Please Stop that.
Suguro And what was your goal? For what purpose did Fujimoto raise him in secret, Sir Pheles? To turn him into a weapon against Satan.
What? Against Satan? A weapon? Foolish! You shouldn't listen to that swindler! I hope you haven't forgotten who he is! Flattery like this is what they're so good at! Lead us to that Yoshikuni's place.
No one else knows where it is, right? Kamiki You're pissing me off.
You keep talking but you aren't saying anything! Bon Great We're already in Kyoto? I have a key to every city with a holy place.
Let's go.
Lil' Ryu! Lil' Ryu! Hey Lil' Ryu? You have to try it! You shouldn't put apple in it like that You really are a great cook! Guys? Certainly the demons are our enemies.
But it is also a fact that since the ancient times we have learnt wisdom and countermeasures from demons.
However, we still haven't cleared Sir Pheles' charges of treason.
But Sir Pheles has been a great aid to the Order over the past 200 years and he has earned a certain amount of trust.
He and Shiro Fujimoto secretly raised the son of Satan! That's an undeniable truth! The 11th Yoshikuni, a descendant of the one who forged the Kurikara.
A female sword-smith? 's nuthin' to be suprise' 'bout.
'n the middle o' the Edo Period 'ere was a famous sword-smith called the Female Kunishige.
'ven if 's left outta yer history books, I think she wasn't th' only one.
This chick's been babbling all her life about how she'll be the second most famous.
"This chick"? Watch yer tongue! Hey! Even Bon's powerless here.
My father and I oft' went to Lil' Ryu's temple fer ritual items, so we've known each other fer ages.
'e was sooo cute when 'e was lil'.
'e was clingin' t' me like a baby all the time.
Enough 'e even propose' to me! Made me a ring outta lotus 'n stuff Cut it! "Will ye please marry me?" 'n so on.
't ain't gonna be easy, but I think fixin' it might be possible.
Really? To forge a Japanese-style sword like this, we need jewel steel refine' in a furnace wit' bellows, but fer a demon sword, ye need special rituals too to forge spiritual energy into it.
However, the tradition o' that ritual has waned 'n there ain't anyone alive tha' still remembers it.
Are there no records? 'tis impossible to create new jewel steel fer demon swords.
We came all this way for nothing? Even if you can't make new jewel steel, what if we had some that already existed? Sure, if ye had some But where would ye get any? We could use that old nail from the temple.
An old nail? During the Blue Night our whole temple burned down, including the most ancient pillar.
There was only a huge nail left.
But to tell the truth it's quite a treasure so we entrusted it to another temple.
That nail was made by a Yoshikuni If it was made from the same jewel steel as the swords 'tis possible that 'tis the same jewel steel as the Kurikara.
Then if we got that nail Mebbe I could try fixin' it.
Excuse us! Excuse us! Where's everybody? Whatever, let's look around.
I'll check the main hall.
Wait, I'll go with you.
No one's here.
I'll take a look at the crypt.
Please wait here, professor.
Is anyone here? Is anyone here? Over there! He's not dead, is he? He's fine, he's just unconscious.
Look, over there too! What is wrong? Don't you want to defeat Satan? Why? Why would you help a demon? Don't fool yourself.
What? Look into your heart.
He is the son of Satan.
Wouldn't abandoning him be better for the sake of the world? Do you really want to help the son of Satan? Just because you're related? A demon I am not your opponent.
The opponent you're scared of deep within your heart is your brother, isn't it? As long as he's alive, you will be scared of him.
Then why are you trying to save him? What's your reason for helping the son of Satan? Reason? What happened to your temple because of Satan? Why would you help his son? You should get rid of him.
Without him you could live your life in peace.
Professor! Shima! You're wrong.
I'm not afraid of my brother.
What I'm afraid of is that my strength won't be enough to protect him! I vowed to become strong to protect him! I swore to protect him! Pay it back its deeds! Suguro! Reason? Of course I have one! He said he'd become an Exorcist to kick Satan's ass! Until he tells me why he said weird stuff like that even though he's Satan's son, I'm not gonna stoop so low as to let him die! The Eternal Buddha have mercy on you! The head priest is alright too.
I'm glad to hear that.
Those demons earlier were Mara, right? Yes.
The demon who tempted Buddha when he was about to reach enlightenment.
They're demons that attack the weaknesses and uncertainties in the hearts of men.
It is not unusual that Mara possess the Buddha statues in old temples like this.
Here's the nail you asked for.
Thank you.
Mephisto was obviously deceiving the Order to overthrow it from the inside! But it's also a fact that we have nothing we can use to fight Satan.
This is a problem of unprecedented gravity.
If something were to go wrong, the risk is great.
C'mon, how long's this gonna take What's going on? Him? Where? Where is he? I haven't lost yet! Amaimon? What would the Earth King be doing here? Angel! Is this your work, Sir Pheles? Is this the time for joking around? Why would I need to resort to such measures? But rather than that, why not see this as a great opportunity to observe the real power of Satan's offspring? What? I'm sure you understand that he is the only strength we've got.
Would you make this gamble with me? Will Rin Okumura become the savior of Assiah, or the demon king of Gehenna? Don't you want to see it for yourselves? (WIRED) mau chou no you ni hirari I'm lightly fluttering in wondrous light chuu ni tadayou fukashikina hikari like a dancing butterfly in midair.
Is this place in another world? koko wa dokoka betsu no sekai My fall isn't slowing down so rakka suru sokudo wa kawaranai cut the rope.
Cut the rope.
The numbers that make my head spin atama wo meguru suuchi wa rasen wo egaki kyuujoushou are forming a rising spiral and there I notice a terrible error.
juudaina ayamachi ni mo kizukazu ni Connecting people to one another hito kara hito e to tsunagaru awaku seiran ni kagayaku wire is a shining pale indigo blue wire.
It's beautiful like a thread of silk.
totemo kirei de maru de kinu no ito kore ga unmei to iu kusari nano ka I wonder if it's what they call the chains of fate? sagashite demo karamatte You seek for it and yet you're already caught, tadori tsukenai so don't try to struggle.
What is wired life? You're a beautiful fool in nogarerarenai nante oroka de utsukushii the way you get entwined in this wired life.
sagashite demo karamatte You seek for it and yet you're already caught, tadori tsukenai so don't try to struggle.
What is wired life? You're a beautiful fool in nogarerarenai nante the way you get entwined in it.
oroka de utsukushii There is wired life.
's alright, I can use it.
The time for voting is almost over! Next Episode Preview Please decide whether you're for or against! You! I've come to return the favor, Rin Okumura.
Wake up! Temptation