Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e18 Episode Script


1 What is it? Be careful.
Something's out there.
Who's there? Take this! You filthy demon I shall erase you from this world! Izumo! Stop spacing out! Uke! Mike! The Blue Exorcist The Blue Exorcist Dark side in my heart is nuguisarenai kako no kanashimi the unerasable sadness of the past.
It's alright if I don't really mean it, It's alright kokoro ni mo nai so I fire my blasters and stretch out my hands.
Blastar hanachi te wo nobashita Since when has my way been unavoidable like this? sakete toorenai michi wa itsu kara ka konna datta soshite daremo inakunatta And now there's no one left unmei nante kuso kurae Fuck this destiny, yarikirenakute cry for pride I cry for my pride, I can't bear it.
Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
An aria of love resounding through hibiku ai no uta this distorted reality of twisted prayers.
yuganda sekai magatta negai My dreams and tomorrow are collapsing, kuzuresatte iku risou to ashita because throwing away the lies would be boring.
haite suteru hodo ni taikutsu datta Good bye precious life.
unmei nante nurikaete Go and repaint this destiny, try it for your pride, covered in wounds.
kizu darake ni natte try for pride Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
soredemo ai wo utau Even so, I sing the song of love and hizunda sekai todokazu negai let its wish reach through this distorted world to build our bonds and the tomorrow to come.
kizuki ageteku kizuna to ashita Throwing away the lies was important after all, haite sutete mo kekkyoku taisetsu nanda because this is my precious life.
Dark cloud in my heart is disappearing and light is shining on the road I'm on.
harewatari michi ni hikari wa sashita Let's fight osore wa nai Let's fight, there's no fear.
moroha no tsurugi furikazashita I brandished my two-edged sword.
Episode 18 sGale Good morning! Hey! Good morning! What's this mess? What happened here? I'd like to know that too.
And why aren't you in class? Haven't you seen the message? From: Principal Sub : Important notice I have urgently summoned every single Exorcist in this region here.
We're still Esquires though The situation is of such gravity that we need everyone available.
A demon called Gale has infiltrated the Academy.
The Academy is protected by Sir Pheles' powerful barriers, so stronger demons can't enter.
There are two possible explanations.
Either my barriers have a weak point, or someone from the inside invited it here.
Invited it? Who and why? That is something I would like to know as well.
I've ordered the teachers to track down Gale.
I want you Esquires to inspect all the barriers.
You stay and continue your training.
Whaaat! Nothing abnormal.
He said all the barriers, but how many are there? 12,000.
No way I can't do this.
Everyone's on it, but Neko's nowhere to be seen When I woke up he wasn't at the dorm.
He's not answering his cell either.
And he didn't come along to fix the Kurikara.
He's not gonna drop out of the Exorcist cram school, right? Like hell he would! Satan killed his family and he made a vow to avenge them.
Bon He would never give up.
It hurts It hurts? Of course! I was shot with a gun! If you accept me, guns like that will mean nothing.
Why are you rejecting me? With me on your side, you wouldn't have to be afraid of the son of Satan! Let's fight together! Let's kill the son of Satan! No! That's not what I want! I would never kill Okumura Rin Okumura Why is a guy like him in my class? Is he trying to take away my friends too? Filthy demon I hate you I hate you I hate you! That's not it! Acknowledge and accept the darkness in your heart.
If you wish, I'll help you anytime.
Where am I? I gotta get back or they'll worry about me.
Revenge tastes great.
When your soul is shrouded in hatred, I'll have my chance to take you! How long do I have to keep doing this? Until you can control your flames at will.
Are you supposed to be here doing nothing? Of course I want to join the hunt for Gale.
But I've been ordered to watch over you.
Then Let's go demon-hunting together! You really don't get it.
You have no time! Don't think you can fool aroun- What's wrong? Nothing.
Continue your training.
Yes, sir.
Like hell.
The real thing is the best training.
It's not what you think, Yukio! I wasn't trying to run away Don't scare me like that I can't take this, my legs are giving in.
Ah, Professor.
Oh, you're back.
It must be hot out there.
I just washed myself too.
I should wash my face too.
The barriers west of the school building and at the front gate are okay.
Nice job.
What the hell? Wait for me! Konekomaru, what's wrong? I don't get it! Okumura suddenly Get away from him, Suguro! He's dangerous! You asshole, who are you calling dangerous? Dammit, don't screw with me! What are you doing, Okumura? Can't you see it? I'm taking him down! Rin! Get away from Suguro! Where are you pointing your gun? He's the one you should shoot! Huh? Calm down Lower your weapons.
Stop! Rin! Are you okay? What are you doing, Rin? Have you forgotten? If you lose control, you'll be I told you, Okumura.
If you hurt anyone around me, I'll kill you without mercy.
What the hell are you looking at? The demon Koneko! Hey, get a hold of yourself! Bon, what now? Koneko is Don't worry, he's just unconscious.
Those flames can kill people.
Why don't you get that? Get lost.
We've found something.
Is that it? Gale is a dangerous demon.
Please be careful.
I know that.
What the hell is this? This looks bad, Ms.
Kirigakure! This is probably a portal opened by a key! If this door closes, we can't return.
Yeah, you're right.
You stay here and keep it open.
Huh? Wait, Ms.
Kirigakure! Come back! Damn, it's so friggin cold.
What is this place? You're finally awake? Bon You should stay in bed.
Where am I? In the True Cross Hospital.
I haven't seen you since this morning.
Where were you and what were you doing? I don't remember Too bad.
Anyway, get some rest today and get back on your feet tomorrow.
What? What do you think of Okumura? I don't know myself He's an idiot! He's acting crazy all the time, and then he dares to tell us to trust him.
To earn people's trust, you need you know, something.
Well, he's got nothing.
But I can't take it.
He's scaring me.
He's just an idiot.
Sure he has a fearsome power, but he's nothing special on the inside.
You shouldn't be afraid of him.
Or are you thinking of quitting? How many times did they tell you that at the temple? Your mother died protecting you even when the blue flames were scorching her! You should at least honor her memory! But still I I'm going.
We still have half of the barriers to check.
Bon, what happened to your back? Ah, this? Back then It's no big deal.
I'll just have to buy a new shirt.
See? This happened because you didn't listen to me.
He's dangerous.
He'll just repeat the tragedy of the Blue Night.
But You don't want to lose them, do you? Your dear little friends.
Accept me.
We'll defeat the son of Satan! What the Konekomaru! I went to the store and bought some manga.
I also got some more exciting ones so Koneko won't get bored.
We don't have time for that! The demon took Konekomaru! Huh? Call the professor! I'm going after them! Hey, wait Bon! Those flames can kill people.
Why don't you get that? I did it again Why am I always You! He's not here.
Where has he gone? It's Okumura.
Huh, Miwa? Rin! Die! Satan's spawn! Konekomaru! Stop, Miwa! Shut up! What's this? A barrier of wind? Exactly.
It's my new power.
I was reborn to kill the son of Satan! Is this that demon's power? You filthy demon! I'll chop your head off! Stop there, you idiot! Look at yourself! You're turning into a demon yourself! Shut up! I'm fighting to protect everyone! No one asked you to! Wake up, Konekomaru! Bon Don't let them fool you! He's just jealous of your new power! Kill him! Kill the son of Satan! Screw you! I'm not Satan's son because I like it! Konekomaru If you're afraid of me, there's nothing I can do about that.
But why the hell are you giving in to a freak like that? You should ask for help from Suguro and Shima and your other friends! What am I doing? Killing him won't bring back my parents I I Damn you! Konekomaru! Koneko! I'm not letting you go! You're mine! What are you doing, Rin? Can't you see? I'm gonna help him! Come, Konekomaru! Trust me! Jump! Koneko! Are you all right, Konekomaru? Bon Shima Rin! It's nothing.
Okumura I'm sorry I'm so sorry.
So in the end Rin Okumura saved Miwa? Yes.
Suguro and Shima both got away with light injuries.
However the problem is with the barriers.
Someone or something has infiltrated the Academy using keys.
This is a grave matter.
Only a limited number of humans are allowed to use my keys.
I investigated the other side of the gate, and there was a burnt down laboratory in the middle of the forest.
A laboratory? Yeah.
And not just any laboratory either.
It was a laboratory for artificial life research, that the Vatican banned 300 years ago.
That is most fascinating.
We must investigate it right away.
Koneko! We came to see you! And today we brought the beauty squad along too! Huh? What the hell? He isn't here.
Where did he go? Don't tell me he Hey, who are you? Why Hey.
Okumura Where are you taking all that stuff? Nowhere.
It's none of your business.
The priests raised me as a part of their family.
I came to the Academy with Bon to pay back at least some of their kindness.
But I'm a good for nothing scaredy-cat.
So I've decided to quit.
I'd only cause trouble if I stayed.
What did you just say? That I'd only cause Not that! Earlier! That I'm a scaredy Before that! Huh, what? Didn't you say that it's none of my business? Huh? That? Don't say that to me.
I see you as a friend, you know.
Okumura It feels like hell if a friend leaves like that.
You're kidding.
What? That's so nice I tried to kill you! If a demon catches me again, I might do the same! And you'd still call me your friend? You trusted me.
So I'll trust you too.
That's what being friends means, doesn't it? To earn people's trust, you need you know, something.
Well, he's got nothing.
It's just like Bon said.
You really have nothing.
Hey, that's rude! At least I have Money nope.
Talent nope.
Konekomaru! Where have you been all this time? We've been looking for you! Bon! Guys Hey, don't you butt in at the best part! Why are you mad? Leave him, you'll catch idiocy.
Who'd you just call an idiot? Koneko just recovered, so why don't you carry his stuff? Why me? You're friends, aren't you? Isn't that what friends are supposed to do? W-Well guess I have to, then (WIRED) I'm lightly fluttering in wondrous light mau chou no you ni hirari chuu ni tadayou fukashikina hikari like a dancing butterfly in midair.
Is this place in another world? koko wa dokoka betsu no sekai rakka suru sokudo wa kawaranai My fall isn't slowing down so cut the rope.
Cut the rope.
The numbers that make my head spin atama wo meguru suuchi wa are forming a rising spiral rasen wo egaki kyuujoushou and there I notice a terrible error.
juudaina ayamachi ni mo kizukazu ni Connecting people to one another hito kara hito e to tsunagaru awaku seiran ni kagayaku wire is a shining pale indigo blue wire.
totemo kirei de maru de kinu no ito It's beautiful like a thread of silk.
I wonder if it's what they call the chains of fate? kore ga unmei to iu kusari nano ka You seek for it and yet you're already caught, sagashite demo karamatte tadori tsukenai so don't try to struggle.
What is wired life? nogarerarenai nante You're a beautiful fool in oroka de utsukushii the way you get entwined in this wired life.
You seek for it and yet you're already caught, sagashite demo karamatte tadori tsukenai so don't try to struggle.
What is wired life? nogarerarenai nante You're a beautiful fool in oroka de utsukushii the way you get entwined in it.
There is wired life.
Tell me my fortune too! Next Episode Preview Moriyama Shiemi Heaven score: 10 Earth score: 7 Human score: 4 Total score: 17 Outer score: 13 6th March, Pisces, B type Wu Xing: Four, Green, Jupiter, Wood Kamiki Izumo Heaven score: 14 Earth score: 17 Human score: 9 Total score: 31 Outer score: 22 Nope, I can't do it for guys.
Why? I can only tell the fortune of girls! Thank you, Shima! A Day When Nothing Happens