Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e21 Episode Script

The Secret Garden

1 Episode 21 szSecret Garden And now, news about the incident at True Cross Academy.
The students who were taken hostage were all rescued uninjured, but the culprit escaped.
The Order of the True Cross is conducting a search within a 10 km radius, but so far without success.
Shiemi! Please infuse the valeriana.
I have to go out for a bit.
Okay I wonder if they're all right at the Academy? Oh my! Are you all right? You have terrible wounds! They must be treated right away! I can't move her! What should I do? Ni? You're going to help me? The Blue Exorcist The Blue Exorcist Dark side in my heart is nuguisarenai kako no kanashimi the unerasable sadness of the past.
It's alright kokoro ni mo nai It's alright if I don't really mean it, Blastar hanachi te wo nobashita so I fire my blasters and stretch out my hands.
sakete toorenai michi wa itsu kara ka konna datta Since when has my way been unavoidable like this? And now there's no one left soshite daremo inakunatta unmei nante kuso kurae Fuck this destiny, I cry for my pride, I can't bear it.
yarikirenakute cry for pride Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
hibiku ai no uta An aria of love resounding through yuganda sekai magatta negai this distorted reality of twisted prayers.
My dreams and tomorrow are collapsing, kuzuresatte iku risou to ashita haite suteru hodo ni taikutsu datta because throwing away the lies would be boring.
Good bye precious life.
unmei nante nurikaete Go and repaint this destiny, kizu darake ni natte try for pride try it for your pride, covered in wounds.
Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
soredemo ai wo utau Even so, I sing the song of love and let its wish reach through this distorted world hizunda sekai todokazu negai kizuki ageteku kizuna to ashita to build our bonds and the tomorrow to come.
Throwing away the lies was important after all, haite sutete mo kekkyoku taisetsu nanda because this is my precious life.
Dark cloud in my heart is disappearing and light is shining on the road I'm on.
harewatari michi ni hikari wa sashita Let's fight, there's no fear.
Let's fight osore wa nai I brandished my two-edged sword.
moroha no tsurugi furikazashita What's wrong? Take a seat.
They say that boys take after their mothers, and you really resemble Yuri a lot.
Yuri? Didn't Fujimoto tell you? No, nothing.
I see.
That's the only photo of Yuri I have left.
Fujimoto named Sir Pheles your guardian, but Sir Pheles has been arrested by the Order of the True Cross.
That's why I decided to take you in as your grandfather.
In kindergarten, we had to draw portraits on Mother's Day.
Rin drew it from imagination, but I couldn't draw anything.
Now I'm feeling just like back then.
I sincerely apologize for making you feel like that for the past 15 years.
But I had no choice.
I was confined all this time.
Confined? I lost everything in the catastrophe of the Blue Night 15 years ago.
My position, my honor, even my face.
And my only beloved daughter, Yuri.
She died? Then Mother was killed by Satan? No, Satan didn't kill her.
It was the Vatican, who also confined me.
That day, when Satan slaughtered countless Exorcists, Yuri of all conceived the children of a demon.
My brother and I, right? The Grigori burnt Yuri as a witch.
No way! There are no witch hunts anymore! Why was Mother judged? To restore the authority of the Order of the True Cross.
They sacrificed Yuri to achieve that.
That The ways of the leaders haven't changed in the past 600 years.
They confined me, since I'm the father of a witch.
I already lost all my will to live.
My only hope was this.
What is that? The photo Fujimoto gave to me.
I had it with me all the time.
I wanted to hug the children Yuri died giving birth to.
But if your existence was revealed, the Vatican wouldn't stay silent.
That's why you couldn't come for us? Exactly.
But now there is no more danger from the Grigori.
I can be with you from now on.
Wait! Why are you telling this only to me? What about my brother Sadly the arrangements to take in Rin are not ready, because he awakened.
Take in? Where to? What is this? The Dragoon Laboratory.
A factory of anti-demon weaponry.
The Order of the True Cross has turned into Mephisto's puppet.
They can't protect Assiah anymore.
Join me, Yukio.
For the sake of peace and the future of humanity, let us start a new age.
How was the monastery? Thanks to his flames, we could get rid of most of the web.
No one is hurt.
Where's Yukio? He didn't come here.
And Professor Neuhaus? He's being questioned in the Great Cell.
I see.
Where are you going? I guess I have the right to listen, if nothing else.
Hey Apparently Professor Neuhaus is on the Vatican's wanted list.
Seriously? Even our Principal was arrested What's going to happen to the Academy? I told you already.
She is my wife.
But that web clearly originates from Gehenna.
Are you telling me your wife was possessed by a demon? No.
Didn't you tell us so? That your beloved family was killed by Satan.
Why would dead people walk around? Why is she attacking my friends? Answer me! You quickened her? Quickened? It's a technique to bring back the dead.
I remember telling you that in class.
Ah, well You worked as the head of an artificial life research facility in Poland.
It's pointless to play dumb.
You used that technology and resurrected your dead wife.
It wasn't me.
I did deep freeze and preserve her corpse.
But I didn't revive her.
If you cross that line, the Gates of Heaven will close forever.
Then who did it? I don't know.
But one day When I got back to the facility, her hibernation capsule was open.
Michelle! Welcome back, darling.
I knew that a demon had possessed the corpse of my wife.
But I couldn't make my beloved Michelle suffer death again.
Michelle! Igor Neuhaus! You are arrested for artificial life research and performing quickening! What?! Burn down this impure institution! Michelle! Using the keys, I escaped to Japan with Michelle.
But ever since then she's been changing little by little.
No! Michelle! So hot! Someone Help me! It's all right! It's all right now! She probably remembers that she was burnt to death by blue flames.
They must die everyone connected to Satan.
I'll slaughter them! Michelle turned into a vengeful demon.
I wanted to bring her back while I still could, but you know the rest.
Why couldn't you just tell us about it? Even if I had told you, there's nothing you could do to help her.
She doesn't have much time left.
She's possessed by a demon, but she's nothing but a corpse.
Within a few days, she will begin to rot and return to earth.
Hey, Rin! Where are you going? Can't you see it? I'm going after his wife.
And what if you find her? What will you do? I don't know.
But I can't stay still.
Idiots must go forward, huh? My familiars are already after her.
This seal will lead the way.
Thank you, Shura! You oughta show some respect.
Now get going! But if you find her, report back immediately.
Don't try anything alone.
Sure! But who the hell could have revived Neuhaus' wife? I was in such a hurry I didn't think about it, but how do I use this again? Should I call and ask her? You're a total idiot! No way, I'd be so dead Ah, yea, it's Okumura Rin? Shiemi? What's wrong? We've got to talk Yeah, it's important.
I get it.
I'm on my way.
What? You shouldn't move around yet.
But I'm glad you woke up.
Where am I? Why am I here? You collapsed in our garden.
He helped me to carry you here.
What are you? I want to become an Exorcist! Exorcist? Excuse me! There's no one here.
And I came all this way Hey! Where's Shiemi? You'll show me the way? Hey, Shiemi! The hell? This wasn't here earlier.
Huh? Shura's familiar? Is she here? This is the secret garden of my granny.
She always told me that if we listened to what the plants have to say, they'll bloom beautifully.
It's really true! Granny could hear them! So many spirits loved her She was really amazing! Ah, sorry I'm just babbling.
This is like the Garden of Amahara.
My husband told me about it, it's the garden with all the flowers God created.
If it really existed, I'm sure it'd be something like this.
Um Please be my friend! This is the first time I've met someone who knows about the Garden of Amahara! So warm What's your name? My name? I'm Shiemi Moriyama! I'm Michelle.
Shiemi! Rin! Get away from her! Don't come any closer! Stop! I didn't think you'd be in Satan's league too.
This has nothing to do with Shiemi! I told you that this is revenge.
My reason to live turned to ash! By your blue flames! You must die! Just like how Satan took everything from me I'll take everything important from Shiemi! Michelle! Wait! She's hurt! I have to help her! It's pointless.
She's already dead.
She returned to life to take revenge on Satan.
Get out of the way, Shiemi.
No! She's not a bad person! She tried to kill Suguro and everyone in our monastery.
I must protect those important to me.
I called you here to help! And I came to help you! To protect you No! I don't want that! Shiemi Look! If she was really a bad person, the Green Men wouldn't help her! Right? She's Professor Neuhaus' wife.
Whaaat? Huh, it won't connect? I've gotta make a call, stay where you are.
Hullo? Rin? What's up? I've found her.
Really? Where? In the Exorcist Shop.
Huh? Why would she go there? I'd like to know that too.
Anyway, I'll take Neuhaus there, so don't let her out of your eyes.
You don't have to come.
Or rather, it's best you don't come.
Huh? What's wrong, Rin? Did something happen? Hey! What a wonderful garden.
This beauty doesn't fit a demon.
Sir Auguste! We have apprehended the culprit! Rin! So this is where you were hiding? You demon, who took the face of a human! Reviving the dead is the greatest taboo in Assiah.
I will eliminate you in the name of the Vatican.
Michelle! Stop Get out of the way! I will take responsibility for all of her sins.
So I beg you, please let her go! What a beautiful bond of marriage you have.
But The only time the dead may return is when the angels blow the trumpets of the last Rapture! Stop! So you'll protect a demon, son of Satan? I just don't like how you're turning Shiemi's home upside down! If you oppose me, you oppose the Vatican.
I told you it's got nothing to do with that! Rin! Satan's son is fighting to help me? Why? I tried to take away everything important to him Is this all you can do, son of Satan? SHUT THE FUCK UP! Snakefang! What the hell are you doing, Shura? Calm down! What are you gonna do if you lose control? Get out of the way, Shura.
Think about what you're trying to do! Get out of the way! Michelle! That Michelle! Get a hold of yourself, Michelle! Dammit! Who shot her? Come out! I said, come out! Stop, Rin! Dammit! The Garden of Amahara I said, come out! The paradise where all the flowers of the world are gathered.
This isn't it, but I'm sure it exists.
The place where we can live in peace.
Let's go look for it together! Darling What are you waiting for? Arrest those heretics! Stop! So many Green Men You Sir Auguste I know.
Why are the bells ringing? Urgent summons from the Vatican.
Urgent summons? Is this going to be fine? It's all right.
They can find it for sure The Garden of Amahara where they can live in peace together.
(WIRED) mau chou no you ni hirari I'm lightly fluttering in wondrous light like a dancing butterfly in midair.
chuu ni tadayou fukashikina hikari koko wa dokoka betsu no sekai Is this place in another world? My fall isn't slowing down so rakka suru sokudo wa kawaranai cut the rope.
Cut the rope.
The numbers that make my head spin atama wo meguru suuchi wa rasen wo egaki kyuujoushou are forming a rising spiral and there I notice a terrible error.
juudaina ayamachi ni mo kizukazu ni hito kara hito e to tsunagaru Connecting people to one another is a shining pale indigo blue wire.
awaku seiran ni kagayaku wire It's beautiful like a thread of silk.
totemo kirei de maru de kinu no ito kore ga unmei to iu kusari nano ka I wonder if it's what they call the chains of fate? You seek for it and yet you're already caught, sagashite demo karamatte so don't try to struggle.
tadori tsukenai What is wired life? You're a beautiful fool in nogarerarenai nante oroka de utsukushii the way you get entwined in this wired life.
sagashite demo karamatte You seek for it and yet you're already caught, tadori tsukenai so don't try to struggle.
What is wired life? nogarerarenai nante You're a beautiful fool in oroka de utsukushii the way you get entwined in it.
There is wired life.
Arthur Auguste Angel reporting in.
Good work, Paladin.
Where are the Grigori? They were dismissed.
That's impossible! The Grigori are the highest authority of the Order of the True Cross! They were the highest authority.
As of today I, Ernest Frederick Aegin, take on their duties.
Gentlemen! Our order has been fighting a defensive war for all of our recorded history.
The time to take the offensive has come! We will eliminate all the demons and bring peace to this world! Yukio Okumura Rin, is this what Exorcists do? Next Episode Preview This looks like we are Are you serious? Let go of me, Rin.
I said let go! Demon Hunt