Apples Never Fall (2024) s01e02 Episode Script


Previously on "Apples Never Fall"
No word from Mom in two days.
If she's not responding to our
calls, it's because she can't.
All right, has anyone talked to Dad?
What about him?
You want to explain that
disaster on your face?
We had a fight, and
she needed "her space."
Right. And where is she?
She wouldn't tell me.
So at the very least, he's lying.
See, told you something's wrong.
Amy, public spaces require headphones.
- Dude, who is that?
- My roommate.
Her landlord.
Simon Barrington.
Excuse me, but why aren't we
talking about her, Savannah?
Oh, my God. Please, help me.
I ran, and you had the most lights on.
Why don't you stay?
Just stay the night.
I'm Logan Delaney.
I'm here to talk to you about my family
and a woman named Savannah.

- Hey, Loge.
- Suddenly, she was everywhere all the time.
No matter how many times I
said to my parents be careful,
don't trust her, they wouldn't listen.
Especially my mom.
Oh, we talked to your dad earlier today.
He didn't mention Savannah.
She was here seven, eight months ago.
He probably just thinks she's old news.
And you don't.
Um, my mom is missing.
I I don't know what to think.
But I wrote down
everything I know about her,
when she arrived, where she came from,
her name, age, ex-boyfriend,
last job, last address.
But look, to be honest, I'm
not even sure that any of this
is real, not even her name.
It's possible that
Savannah never told us
a true thing about herself.
And if that is not suspicious,
I don't know what is.
We'll definitely look into this.
Um, do you have any photos?
No, that's another thing.
Savannah never let us
take a photo of her.
She said that her ex-boyfriend
was tracking her online.
No social media.
No Google results.
Outer Limits Yoga on Main.
I've seen you in the lobby.
I knew you looked familiar.
I'm there a couple of times a week.
How's your dad feel about that?
Working at the marina.
Fine, as far as I know.
Well, I would have
thought he'd want you all
to be big tennis stars.
Maybe take over the academy.
Uh, I tried to go pro
when I was younger.
I made it all the way to the
qualifiers for the U.S. Open.
Dad was my coach.
Best coach out there.
Ask anyone.
He knows I gave it my all.
It's impressive.
So what makes him such a good coach?
Intimate knowledge of
the game, the players,
knowing your limits better than you do.
- Sounds intense.
- Mm.
You two must be close.
And we are very close.
I know him better than anyone,
which is why I know he
would never do anything
to hurt my mom.
Beautiful day to be out in the water.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, look who I just found.
I mean, you have to come.
It's Savannah's first time on the water.
Yeah, I barely know how to swim.
I wish I could.
But I just came by to pick up
some paperwork from the houseboat.
I have to go prep for this
geosciences conference.
Finally presenting my
work on neotectonics and
I'm not going to bore you.
[LAUGHS] I told you she's
the Brainiac of the family.
OK, no boats today.
But hey, I got us tickets to
that Joseph Stella Exhibit.
Nice. When is it?
End of next month.
And we can grab lunch
and make a day of it.
Sounds great.
I didn't know that you
were still here, Savannah.
- How long are you staying?
- Um
To be determined, Logan.
We're taking it a day at a time. Pen.
- IDs, please.
- I don't have mine, sorry.
Is that a problem?
Oh, you don't have an ID?
Driver's license?
She doesn't.
It's fine, hon. You're with us.
It's all just security theater, anyway.
[CHUCKLING] All these
waivers and collecting
our IDs for collateral.
I mean, this guy literally
knows where we live.
He'll be asking for cheek swabs next.
It's boat house policy, Dad.
I'm supposed to hold on to your ID.
Logan, it's a damn marina.
Not the Pentagon.
What do you think we're going to do?
Make a break for Havana in that thing?
So I think that makes us ready.
Keys, please.
- What's this?
- Early birthday gift.
Kenny Hsu.
Huh, guy looks half dead.
Yeah, he is dead.
- What?
- Yeah, as of last month.
But, um, but next time you come,
you can just swipe that
at the door to get in.
Special access.
Any hour day or night.
- Skip the line and the paperwork.
- OK.
Just try not to do it
when my boss is around.
Told ya, security theater.
- Have fun out there, Kenny.
I can't believe I just lied to your mom.
We have to tell them.
- You have to tell them.
- Savannah left the whole thing blank.
No phone number, no
address, no emergency.
Logan, I'm trying to
talk to you about us.
My postdoc starts in a month.
We're moving to Seattle in a month.
- We just signed a lease.
- I know, I'm
I'm going to tell them.
- When?
- Soon.
It's gonna be fine. I promise.
Now, go kill it at that conference.
You're brilliant.
You'll be the best one there.
Love you. [SMOOCHES]
Love you.

Bro can bend.
No kidding.
We weren't doing that in prenatal yoga.
Kid seem pretty determined to
defend his dad's reputation.
Yeah. Well, I looked into
Savannah and found zilch.
So, I mean, he was right.
It probably was a fake name.
It's warm.
You think my tits run at 40 degrees?
No. I
Uh, Detective Camacho?
Uh, Officer Landry. Robbery.
Hi. I started while, uh, you were,
you know, out on, um
- Maternity leave.
- Yeah. Right.
Anyway, uh, Joy Delaney, that's
your missing person, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- I've been combing through classifieds
looking for a few items
from a recent break in.
And, uh
Do we know if Joy
Delaney was riding a bike
before she disappeared?

Hey, neighbor.
Morning, Caro.
Morning, Stan.
Oh, gosh.
What happened to your
Fight with a cactus.
What can I do you for?
Just thought I'd pop over
with some lemon poppy seed muffins.
You know me, always make too many.
Um, is Joy around?
No, sorry. She's around
but she's resting.
She hasn't been feeling too good.
Sorry to hear that.
- I can come back later.
- No. No need. No need.
She might be contagious.
I'll tell her you popped by.
I hope you don't mind my asking,
but I thought I saw the
police here yesterday.
Everything OK?
Of course.
They just wanted some
information about the academy.
[SIGHS] I guess Garces goofed up
the alarm or something.
- I told them to talk to him about it.
- Hmm.
Well, I better check on Joy.
Oh, sure. Give her my best.
- I will.
- Hmm.

You've reached Joy Delaney.
Leave a message, and I'll call you back.
- Hi, Joy
- The mailbox is full and cannot accept
any messages at this time.
- Goodbye.

St. Mary's Memorial Hospital.
Good morning. How can I help you?
Yes, hello. Hello.
- Hello?
- Hello.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Hello?
- Hello? Hello? Hello?
- Is this an emergency?
- Hello? Hi. Hi.
- Ma'am?
- Are you there?
- Hi.
My name is Amy Delaney.
I'm looking for my mother Joy.
She's been missing for five days.
Joy Delaney?
Do you have anyone there
by that name, Joy Delaney?
We'll need some more information, ma'am.
Sure. Of course.
What information do you need?
She's 5'7".
And her hair color?
Ash brownish.
And her eye color?
- Blue-green eyes.
- Date of birth?
Date of birth, February 20.
The year?
19 60 something.
You know, she just turned 63, 64.
It might have been
62. Do you need the
Ma'am, you're going to
have to call us back
- with more information.
- Yeah, of course.
I can call you back.
I really need you to stop leaving
your life coaching
materials in the dining area.
Are those all the roommates' phones?
The dining area is the
best place for my clients
to make their vision board, Simon.
Well, um, actually,
now that you mention it,
um, meeting with clients
in, um, in the house
Do you know what year your mom was born?
Jesus. How young are you?
Is your mom still missing?
I I overheard you the other day.
No headphones.
She's still missing.
Um, you know, I made
a whole list of places
to call to look for
her, but now, I just
I can't find it.
Do you see, uh, a
yellow Post-it anywhere?
Um, how about I make you a new one?
Do you want, uh, hotels, hospitals,
women's shelters, the morgue?
You think my mom is at the morgue?
No. No, no, no, no.
No, definitely not.
Uh, I don't know why I said morgue.
Um, I've been watching
too many crime dramas.
Where you going?
I'm going to find out exactly how old
my very much alive mom is.
People get so creative
with centerpieces now.
I mean, Debbie's daughter,
she used gold leaf on
old champagne bottles.
Oh, that sounds gorgeous.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Hi. Sorry I'm late.
- Oh.
- I had a carpal tunnel case.
I could not get out the door.
- We were just getting started.
- Hi.
- You must be Savannah.
- Hi.
Mom, you look
I almost didn't recognize you.
Savannah, she convinced me to go for it.
You should have seen Narelle's face
when Joy marched in there.
"Not my usual, Narelle."
BOTH: "Not my usual."
- Yes.
- She almost had a heart attack.
And then, she took 3 inches off
before I could change my mind.
By the way, your hair
also looks amazing.
She had her hair done too. Why not?
Boats, haircuts.
You two have been busy.
Your mom mentioned that
Savannah is planning to stay
a bit longer than expected.
Well, there's no point in
rushing her out the door.
Dad and I love having her around.
And, honestly, with all
the cooking you're doing,
we're the ones making
out in the arrangement.
- You cook?
- Nothing as good as this.
- This is amazing.
- OK.
She's being modest.
Savannah is the best cook.
I haven't had to touch
the stove in a week.
It's been heaven.
To tell you the truth, about
the third day, I had this
this epiphany.
I don't like cooking.
I hate it, actually.
You hate cooking?
All you ever do is
invite us over for dinner.
Well, all you kids ever do is eat.
How else would I see you?
Can you imagine all those years,
four kids, three meals
a day, plus snacks,
plus they're athletes.
They eat about three servings apiece.
It was endless.
The shopping and the
cutting, and the chopping
and the serving and the cleaning.
No one ever offered to help you?
- Well
- We did dishes.
- I distinctly remember dishes.
- That's right, Brookie.
You took your one dish
and placed it in the sink.
Even now, every night,
just like clockwork,
Stan says, Joy, what's for dinner?
I mean, why is that my job?
I hope you're hungry.
I hope it's OK.
I ordered for everyone.
Literally a boss move.
Tarin, this is my fiancée, Brooke.
Tarin joined us, what,
like, a month ago?
Yeah. Feels like forever already.
Brooke and I talked, and we
think you need to be careful.
Oh. Shh.
[WHISPERING] You don't
even know who she is.
She has no ID.
No family she can call, no belongings.
She left all her things when
she fled an abusive boyfriend.
You should show a little compassion.
OK, uh, I have compassion.
I just think you should
run a background check.
Look at your father.
Look at him.
I can't even get him
to listen to a podcast,
and she's got him all set to record one.
I haven't seen him
that happy since he beat
John Patterson at the club finals,
and that was six years ago.
That's great. It doesn't mean
that she's not up to something.
Yes, she is.
She's cooking and cleaning
and helping around the house.
She just put fresh
flowers in every room.
Did you notice that?
I need my trusted taster.
Then just press record
and you're set to go.
How much you spend on all this?
Don't worry about it.
Nothing's too steep for my old man.
Your dad's starting a podcast.
Yeah. Sure did.
Hey, I just had a great idea.
Savannah, Logan was just
saying how unfortunate it is
that you don't have any of your things.
So after dinner, why don't
you both head to the
motel, is it, and
pick up all your stuff?
That's a great idea.
Tonight? I I don't know.
I'm pretty tired.
Well, tomorrow then.
I mean, Indira won't mind.
Will she?
I don't know. I
I don't think it's such a good idea.
I mean, Dereck could be there.
Oh, you deserve to have your own things.
And Logan will be with you.
And you can bring Troy as backup.
- Tomorrow?
- Yeah.
- No, I got a busy day.
- Of course.
We'd be happy to go.
Sounds like a plan.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, no.
Was it that bad?
Your mom cried, didn't she?
No. No.
Sorry. I
I didn't get a chance to tell them.
Brooke called this afternoon in a panic,
and I had to tell Mom about Savannah.
And Troy was there.
And Dad was all excited
about his podcast.
It just wasn't the right time.
You brought boxes.
I had extra at my place.
I thought you might
want to start packing
now that your family knew.
That's why I came over.
Tell me again.
What's wrong with Miami?
- Wow.
- No, I'm just asking.
You're just asking?
We're supposed to be moving.
My my life is here.
My family is here.
My boat is here.
And Miami offered you that
I only applied to UM back
when I thought you were
taking over your parents' academy.
I thought I had no other choice.
I was ready to choose you
over where I wanted to be.
But if you can't do the same for me
Got it.
So if I found the money to
buy my parents' business,
none of this would be happening?
We can always try long distance, right?
Indira, I'm not saying that
Indira, you're being really
What am I being?
I love my parents too.
Sometimes, I disappoint
them, and it sucks.
It does.
But you're 31 years old.
At a certain point, you
got to cut the fucking cord.
I'm not doing long distance
with a fucking baby.
Indira. Indira.

- It's me.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
- What are you doing in Mom's room?
I was looking for her birth certificate.
Well, it's not [SIGHS]
In her cardigan, I
can tell you that much.
I guess I got distracted.
This was Mom's favorite.
She said it was the perfect
postmenopausal weight.
She takes it everywhere.
Mom's face cream, her reading glasses.
I know. I don't need a list.
What if we never see her again?
We will, OK?
Look. Dad said they had a fight,
and she'll be back.
Can you just allow for the possibility
that he might be right
and that you might be
catastrophizing again?
And can you just accept
the fact that things might
actually be catastrophic?
Where is Dad anyway?
At the club getting
ready for his ladder match
with Mark Higgins,
like everything's fine.
Loge. Hey, I'm here
at the house with Amy.
Hey, Logey bear.
Oh, hey.
So I just got off the
phone with the police.
They found Mom's bike.
What, Mom's bike was missing?
Well, they sent me a picture.
It's her bike.
What does it mean that they
found Mom's bike and not Mom?

Bring your A-game, Delaney?
Always, Higgins.
How's that knee?
I know it's been troubling you.
Could say the same about your backhand.
- Hey.
- Stan.
How's our girl doing?
She's good. She's, uh,
still resting, but she's good.
Thanks for asking.
So she will be at Ladies' Day?
I'm not sure, Debbie.
Um, the doctor did say
she needed to rest up.
I heard she had a head cold.
What kind of sick is she?
It's not serious, is it?
Nothing like that.
Uh, listen, I need to warm up, so, uh,
I'll tell Joy that
you're asking about her.
You see that scratch on his face?
He's definitely lying.

Listeners, this is Stan Delaney,
and this is all that
I was a coach for almost 40 years.
And, uh, you think I
didn't want to call out
to a player mid-game,
something, like, um, hey, numb nuts,
remember what we talked
about in the locker room?
I did. Of course, I did.
But that's not tennis.
And this new on court
coaching policy from the ATP
is not the game that I know and love.
- Keep going.
- No, no, no.
I was just messing around.
No. You sounded good.
- Oh.
- Hey, excuse me.
Am I or am I not the
podcast expert around here?
You are.
And who knew you had
such a great radio voice?
Listeners, I have in the studio
a surprise special guest.
Two-time state champion,
a fierce competitor in her own right,
and the owner of the
best legs in the business.
OK, I'm going. I'm going.
Ladies and gentlemen
Joy Delaney.

How long were you and um
Yeah, Dereck, staying at this motel?
Month or so, give or take.
- Wow.
- And, uh, how'd you two meet?
I was working at this
restaurant in Atlanta,
That's where I learned
to cook, actually.
Mostly, I just tended bar.
Well, Dereck started coming by
every night for about a month.
[SCOFFS] Should have
been a tip off, right?
Major stalker vibes.
And here I am thinking I
just met Prince Charming.
Wrong, Savannah.
That's so wrong.
But we all make mistakes, right?
Do I get to ask you a question?
Sure. Shoot.
Your mom said something
about you choosing boats
over the tennis academy.
Is that why your parents had to sell it
because you didn't want to
stop working at the marina?
No, that's not exactly what happened.
Oh, what did happen?
Look, at the end of the day,
it just wasn't a good investment.
Right, Loge?

- What was the number?
- 322.
The one with the hole in the door.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
Let's just get my stuff
and get out of here.
He's in there. I can hear the TV.
You know what? I I can't do this.
Oh, come on.
- Fuck you doing banging on this door?
- Whoa.
That wasn't Dereck.
So you really didn't know
that John fucking Gotti
- was behind that door?
- I obviously did not.
You know this wasn't my idea!
- I didn't even want to come here!
- The guy moved out.
How is she supposed to
know who moved in after him?
Hey. Hey, it's OK.
No, it's not.
I have nothing. Everything is gone.
I'm here with two complete strangers.
I'm staying at some
random family's house.
Do you have any idea how
that feels to have nothing?
To be completely alone?

Early 30s. Long light brown hair.
Possibly dyed. Possibly dangerous.
She supposedly stayed here
for two months last summer.
Nope. No Savannah.
What about Dereck Bowman?
- Dereck Bowman.
- Or Bowers.
Dereck Bowman-Bowers.
Tell me your day is
going better than mine.
Might be. I'm in South Beach.
Robbery just caught the woman
selling Joy Delaney's bike.
She's got light brown hair,
slight build, in her 30s.
You think it's Savannah?
Easy way to find out.

Are you a serial killer?
- No.
- Because it looks like a serial killer
just went into my room and
Cleaned it?
Do you know how completely
weird and wrong that is?
You made my bed.
What is wrong with you?
What if I organized all your shit?
I have a system.
I know it doesn't
seem like it, but I do.
You're right.
I'm sorry. I um,
you've just been
so stressed about your mom,
and I always feel
better in a clean space.
I thought it might help.
It doesn't.
I called the morgues, by the way.
Everyone in a 100 mile radius.
There are no unclaimed female
bodies and no Joy Delaneys.
Wherever your mom is, she's not there.
Thank you for doing that.


- Loge.
- Yeah.
That motel that you and Troy went to,
the one that Savannah
supposedly stayed at,
that was in Aberdeen, wasn't it?
Yeah. Why?
Well, it's probably nothing, but
but Mom went to Aberdeen two
days before she disappeared.
- 15-30.
- 15-30.
- Prick.
- He really is off his game.
Oh, shit.
I'm thinking trouble in paradise.
- Maybe she left him.
- I don't know.
How many times did the
cops show up just because
a wife leaves her husband?
Seriously, Loge, this is our big lead?
That Mom bought a smoothie?
OK. Well, you have to admit.
It's kind of weird.
Why would Mom drive 30 miles away
for a thing she could
get 10 blocks from home?
And there's the Aberdeen connection
two days before she disappeared.
Or left.
Brooke, they found Mom's
bike on the black market.
I'm just saying there's
still a real possibility
that she's fine.
Oh, yeah.
There's also a very real possibility
that she is not, Brooke.
I told the cops about Savannah.
Savannah is ancient history.
Is she?
Because from where I sit, she
seems like a prime suspect.
We still have no idea
what she's capable of.
You want a suspect, look at
the guy with a massive scratch
down his face who lied to us
for three days about Mom being gone.
I agree. Dad shouldn't have lied.
But come on, you can't honestly think
that he did something to Mom.
Did he even could have?
No. Honestly, no, I'm asking.
What, do you think he killed her
and buried her behind the back shed
because he was mean to you
once when you were a kid?
OK, let's all just
take a breath, be chill.
- I am chill.
- Of course you are.
- Oh.
- Don't.
- What
- What the actual fuck, Troy?
- Do we really need to do this?
- Claire, Claire, Claire.
I told you, I don't want
the house in Vermont.
I don't want the sad fucking jewelry
- Claire.
- You bought me after you slept with that
volleyball player in Boca.
Claire, you are on speaker
with the whole family, Claire.
Oh, hey.
Who's all there?
- Hey, it's Brooke.
- Logan.
- Hi.
- Miss you.
You're still trying to get us
in the divorce settlement, right?
Obviously. That's a sticking point.
What are you all doing together?
There's some big tennis
match I don't know about?
- Mom's been
- We're going to
- They all wanted to see my new
- OK. We got to go.
But just have your
lawyer reach out, Claire.
- Bye.
I think we handled that fairly well.
Here we go.

Nice job.
Ah, shit.
That's game.
You seem distracted.
Everything OK?
I'm fine.
It's just your grunting today.
It's like playing a hippopotamus.
New coach thinks it helps
me integrate my power.
Kind of feels like it's working.
What new coach?
He could probably help you
with that footwork problem.
Yeah, seriously though.
I know people are talking
about you and Joy.
We both know she's not really sick.
You don't have to fake it with me.
I've survived a few marriages myself.
Honestly, I'm shocked
you two made it this long.
Ever want to grab a beer, talk it out?
I'm here for you.
Fuck you, Higgins.

Love all.

- Oh.
- Oh, my God.

Well, that was a bust.
I mean, I could have told you,
a 60-year-old white woman
in a smoothie shop
wouldn't exactly stand out.
- What do we do now?
- I don't know.
There has to be a reason
Mom came all this way.
Dude, are you still trying
to tie this to Savannah?
Let it go, Loge.
Maybe she needed a lawyer.
Maybe she wanted to talk about
Savannah or Harry's memoir.
Or Dad.

Hi. Uh
Hey, OK.
I got it. I got it.
- Hi.
- Hi. Um,
I could use your help, Desi.
I'm looking for an older woman.
She would have come in here last Friday,
probably around 10:30.
Her name is Joy Delaney.
And I'm wondering if you
can tell me if she was here.
I'm sorry. I can't give out any
information about our clients.
This this isn't that.
Joy is our mom.
I'm Troy.
- And this is Brooke and Amy.
- Amy.
- And Logan.
- Logan.
- I said Logan.
- Yeah, OK.
And we're just wondering
if she was here.
That's all.
And I can't tell you that.
You know, the thing is, Des, she's, um,
she's worth a lot to us.
Like, uh, a lot, a lot.
- And, uh
- I think I need to ask you to leave.
- I think I need you
- Could I actually just, um, maybe
show you a photo of our
mom, see if it jogs anything.
Um, oh, here.
This is a good one. Oh, gosh.
[CHUCKLES] That's her, so
She went missing on Sunday the 9th,
two days after she
might have come in here.
I've been checking everywhere,
hotels, hospitals, the morgue.
The police are into it too.
You know, we could have them call you
if that would be helpful.
They found her bike,
which could mean, um
- I don't know what it means.
- OK, Ame, I think if she was going to help,
- she would have helped us.
- No. My mom
look, she doesn't
go to the grocery store
without texting me first to see
if I need anything, you know?
And now, no word in five days.
She doesn't even have her phone.
My sister thinks I'm
catastrophizing, but I'm not.
I swear, I'm not.
And maybe you didn't see her, you know?
And truly, that would
be good to know too.
Really, anything that you could tell us
would just be so, so appreciated.
Uh, I hope you find your mother.
I do. But I'm sorry.
A rule's a rule.
- Let's go.
- Thank you.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
At least now we know Mom went to see
a divorce lawyer a couple of
days before she disappeared.
- I mean, that's huge.
- Did we just talk to the same woman?
- She didn't tell us anything.
- She's right, Ames.
All we know is, Mom bought a smoothie.
Oh, come on.
The woman easily could have
said she didn't see Mom,
but she didn't.
This whole trip was your idea, Logan.
- Now that it points back to Dad
- How does it point back to Dad?
How does it dude, OK, let
me spell this out for you.
Mom came to get the divorce
she should have gotten
20 years ago, and Dad found
out and went ballistic.
Jesus Christ.
- You need therapy.
- Yeah, probably.
Yeah, you've got issues, dude.
I feel bad for you. I do.
OK. Show of hands.
Who here thinks Mom wanted a divorce?
Come on. OK.
And who here thinks Mom and
Dad had a happy marriage?
- Can I vote neither?
- Can we just get in the car and go?
Dude, you think we're this,
like, big happy family, really?
Logan, you're not Zen.
- You're in fucking denial.
- Troy, stop it.
No. Hey! Hey!
Why don't you tell me about
this glorious childhood you've had?
I really want to know.
Because what I remember
is Dad walking out the door
every time he got ticked off.
And what I remember
is you pissing yourself
in the middle of the night
because he wasn't back yet
and Mom freaking out because
she didn't know where he was.
Mom and Dad fought. Couples fight.
Sometimes Dad needed to cool off.
- Cool off?
- Yeah.
- For a fucking week?
- Guys, the car's over there!
- OK.
- Dude, you Dad left, OK?
He walked out on us and
Mom time and time again.
Do you remember when he
hopped out of the car in
the middle of fucking highway
and wasn't back for five days?
How about when he popped me in the face?
Do you remember that?
Right fucking here.
You didn't do anything.
You just followed him around
doing whatever he wanted,
didn't even matter to you.
You tried to go pro when you
clearly didn't have what it took.
I don't even think you liked tennis.
Can you get out of my face, please?
Is it bothering you? Does
it remind you of someone?
Let me tell you why I
didn't give you the money
to buy the tennis academy.
I didn't want to watch
you waste your life
trying to be some second
rate version of that asshole.
- Oh, really? You think he's the asshole?
- Yeah.
When's the last time you
looked in a mirror, Troy?
When's the last time
you talked to Indira?
Look what you let walk out the door
because you'd rather
what, you want to be here,
reliving some bizarro
version of your childhood?
Fuck you!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Whoa!
There he is.
Cool the fuck off, both of you.
Here's the real Logan Delaney.
Hi. Hey, so sorry.
We're all just a little
stressed and, you know,
- low blood sugar.
- It's OK.
Um, I'm sorry I I
didn't say anything inside.
I'm not sure that I should even now.
But, um, your mother,
she did come in for a consultation.
And she was pretty upset.
Thank you.
Shall we?

We need to tell the police.
Well, we need to tell Dad first.
Brooke, I think Dad might already know.
I'll talk to Dad tonight, and
then we can go to the cops.
Does the name Maggie Summers
mean anything to you?
Who's Maggie Summers?
The woman who was allegedly
selling your mother's bike.
I thought you said Savannah
had something to do with it?
Well, we believe Savannah
Pagonis is an alias.
She might actually be
named Maggie Summers or not.
We're going to need your
help to figure that out
and for you to tell us anything
else you might know about her.
Um, she
You should know Ms. Summers claims
to have found the bike on the side
of the road on Sunday afternoon.
- She says she never saw your mother.
- She's lying.
That's what we wanna figure out.
Deputy Valdez will now
take you down the hall
to view a line up. One at a time.
Who wants to go first?
I do.

It's not Savannah.
And not one Delaney gave us any
more information to help track her down.
They "barely knew her."
So let's say Maggie Summers
is telling the truth,
and she found the bike
on its own, never saw Joy.
Look, the phone was at the house.
So I'm guessing that's the
last place anyone saw her.


The hell are you doing out here?
Come on.

You OK?
Never better.
- I mean
- I know what you mean.
We're celebrating.
Higgins got his ass kicked today
and then some.
You should have seen
that smug son of a bitch.
And I would have won, too
if I hadn't called the ambulance.
Dad, what happened?
He'll be fine.
He just needs a needs a good dentist.
That's all.
- Oh, fuck.
- I'll get it.
- Oh, no, no, no. It's fine.
- I'll get it.
It's fine.
Maybe you should just drink some water.
- Oh.
- Dad, just let me
Please, let me
Get the fuck off me, Logan!

I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Loges.
I fucked up. [CRYING]
I really fucked up.

- Yo.
- You rent my boat out?
Someone used up the gas.
Not me, man. Check the logs.

The darkest times ♪
But you already know ♪
Are you all good? ♪
You all right? ♪
I'm all alone ♪
I mean you never called ♪
I'm looking for something ♪
The darkest times ♪
But you already know ♪

And all you want ♪
Is to disappear ♪
Searching for wisdom ♪
But nothing's clear ♪
What will become of me ♪
If you're not here? ♪
I know love is a mental place ♪
There's always fear ♪
All good ♪
And we're all alone ♪
Come on, let's be something ♪
But you already know ♪
It's all good ♪
Tell me how you feeling ♪
And we're all alone ♪
Come on, let's be something ♪
- Oh!
- But you already know ♪
But you're all good ♪
I know what I'm feeling ♪
Are you all right? ♪
And we're all alone ♪
You never called ♪
Come on, let's be something ♪
In the darkest time ♪
Are you all right? ♪
Am I all alone? ♪
I mean, you never call ♪
Mary Harriet?
- Mary Harriet!
Oh, mm

Are you all good? ♪
Do you have a feeling? ♪
- Are you all right? ♪
This is Stan Delaney. Leave a message.
Hey, Dad.
It's Logan.
We need to talk.
Are you all right? ♪
Are you all alone? ♪
I mean, you never call ♪
Come on, let's be something ♪
In the darkest tides ♪
But you already know ♪
But you're all good ♪

You're all good ♪
What are you laughing about?
It's a secret.

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