Arcane (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Happy Progress Day!

- You wanted to see me, Professor? - Ah.
Come in, Jayce.
-Can you believe it? Our city is about to turn 200 years old.
A bicentennial.
It's shaping up to be an amazing Progress Day.
"Stanwick Padidly"? Huh, I don't know much about him.
Everything he built either exploded, melted, or toppled over.
And yet, here he stands.
Stanwick set his personal ambitions aside and focused on something far more important.
Our future.
He realized nothing he could accomplish could compare to the contributions of his students.
I had no idea.
That was his sacrifice.
A dear friend.
The Council has recommended you give the Progress Day speech this year.
What… But you always give that speech.
I… I could never take your place.
I agree with them.
Your Hexgates have done wonders for our city.
Brought scholars from distant lands.
Reignited passions in arts and science.
You deserve this honor.
I… I will do my best to make Piltover proud, Professor.
It's short notice, I know, but perhaps there's something in the lab you might be able to share? People love a grand reveal.
Viktor and I have just the thing.
The next chapter of Hextech.
Come to the lab this afternoon, I'll show you.
I'll look forward to it.
You certainly have something to live up to, my boy.
Happy Progress Day.
Happy Progress Day.
Our most famous protégé, Jayce Talis.
The visionary behind the Hexgates, a beacon of trade and prosperity for our great City of Progress.
Excuse me.
Sorry, sorry.
Excuse me.
-He's a very busy man.
- Cait.
- Serves you right.
You still avoiding her? I'm working.
Oh, I can see that.
I mean, there's so much crime to thwart outside your family's tent.
I can only imagine the strings she pulled to have me posted here.
It's your fault really, for not following her into a career "more befitting your station.
" She'd do anything to keep me from seeing the real world.
Well, at least you'll have front-row seats to the speech.
Speech? Mm-hmm.
I'm giving the big address tonight.
We really have descended to anarchy.
Have fun herding the drunkards.
Happy Progress Day.
Uh, shipping manifest? From your friend.
Let's go! Ah, shit.
The Firelights.
We have five minutes till they're out of there.
You ever seen this much Shimmer before? They're expanding.
Check for more below.
Burn it all.
-Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Open up.
Open the door.
Oh, no.
She's here.
What the… Hi.
Vi? I can't lose you.
Why did you leave me? Because you're a jinx.
- I want to fight.
- You're not ready.
You were supposed to guard the cargo.
You think he will approve? Heimerdinger believes science should be used to improve lives as much as we do.
We just need to show him it's safe.
And what about the Council? We stabilized the crystal like they asked.
Built the Hexgates like they asked.
It's our turn to decide the future of Hextech.
I'm so glad you could make it.
Wouldn't miss it for the world, my boy.
What do we have on the docket? It all began with this.
A crystal of magical energy, too volatile to be handled outside our workshops.
Hextech was supposed to bring magic into the life of the common man.
And now, it finally can.
A Hextech Gemstone.
Holy sprockets.
We've found a means to fortify the crystals.
This new version is stable and absolutely safe.
We present to you the next chapter of Hextech.
We can now design portable devices.
Oh… The Gemstone can power virtually anything.
The Atlas Gauntlets.
The mining colonies in the fissures can work faster and without fatigue.
The Hex Claw.
A mechanical arm, equipped with a powerful ray of light.
Imagine what our artificers could do with such a device.
I want Hextech to be a tool for us to build a new world.
-And now, it's finally possible.
Anyway, this is our presentation.
Quite amazing, gentlemen.
You should be very proud.
Obviously, there are a few kinks to iron out and screws to be tightened, but give it a decade of careful research, and it will be ready.
A decade? Oh, don't worry, my boy.
It zips past you in the blink of an eye.
With respect, Professor.
We can be improving lives with Hextech now.
A breakthrough like this takes time, Viktor.
Putting that kind of power into everyone's hands is dangerous.
Keep at it and I'm sure you will discover a way to safeguard Hextech against misuse.
There must've been four, five of them.
I don't know how they got inside.
You're from the undercity.
I didn't do anything.
She's crazy.
She shot me.
Who shot you? Who were you working for? - I can't.
He'll kill me.
- Who? -I can protect you.
Caitlyn Kiramman, why does that not surprise me? Interfering in an investigation, again.
You're supposed to be guarding your mother's tent.
I was, Sheriff, but she doesn't need it.
And clearly, this takes priority.
I realize you're used to getting your way, Kiramman, but we have a chain of command for a reason.
I understand.
But there's more going on here than just the smuggling.
- If I could just question him I could - I'll take it from here.
Since you're looking for more work, you can take the graveyard shift tonight at the fair.
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
I want this one on a boat to Stillwater prison.
Yes, sir.
She fired on us.
There are always mishaps in battle.
The Firelights were her target and most are dead.
It wasn't a mishap, she froze up and lost her shit.
I could've handled those brats.
- She's a problem and we all know it.
- We? Who's we? I expect better from you than excuses.
It was your job to make sure things went smoothly.
You failed.
Don't disappoint me again.
The world's growing smaller every day, thanks to the Hexgates.
And now, we're cut off.
The topsiders are leaving us further and further behind.
What happened? She already told you.
I'm asking you.
One of those Firelight wackos was a girl.
- With pink hair.
- Hmm… Your sister's gone.
You know that as well as I do.
I know.
I know.
Sisters, right? You can't live with 'em, can't stuff 'em back in the ol' babymaker.
Today's screw-up will set us back weeks.
I'm sorry.
- I need to know that I can rely on you.
- Phew.
I'm doing this for us, Jinx.
All of us.
The sons and daughters of Zaun deserve more than their runoff.
It won't happen again.
I know.
Sevika will clean up today's mess.
Sevika? That ogre couldn't clean a dust bunny with a blowtorch.
She'll suffice.
You should focus on your gadgetry.
Take some time.
I don't need time.
Take it anyhow.
Fundraiser's going well.
Your mother would be proud.
Hmm… Would she? Tired of mingling? Hmm.
These people have nothing new to offer me.
The only one actually worth my time is him.
The golden boy.
Ah, he's won Piltover's heart.
Oh, speak of the devil.
Could I borrow you for a minute? To what do I owe the pleasure? It's Heimerdinger.
When is it not? We've shown him our research.
He thinks we need more time.
It's Progress Day.
Representatives from all over the world have come to see what new wonders the City of Progress has to offer.
If there's a time to present a new creation, it is now.
Heimerdinger is a great scientist.
But he's old.
He only ever sees the past.
Piltover needs a leader who looks forward.
Someone like you.
You really believe that? Hextech has the potential to change everything.
The world is ready.
And I've already spoken to several potential investors.
Investors? Of course.
Everyone wants Hextech for themselves.
It's your speech.
Give the people a glimpse of the future.
It wasn't her.
It wasn't.
I know.
Just… just some wannabe street trash.
I got confused, that's all.
Now, he thinks I'm weak.
"Sevika will clean it up.
" Sevika's a regular Johnny-on-the-spot.
I'm not weak.
And I'm gonna show him.
Oh, I'm gonna show him.
You'll see.
Where were you? They were asking if I could do the address.
You should come up with me.
We're partners.
No, no.
Not in front of all of them… You… have your speech prepared? Uh-huh.
An inspiration to Piltover's future and that of all humanity.
Please join me in welcoming to the stage… - Jayce Talis.
- Guess it's time.
Uh, good evening.
I know many of you probably didn't expect to see me here today.
And believe me, I'm just as shocked as you are.
My family and I are simple people.
In our factory, we made hammers.
They were probably used to cut the stones you're standing on right now.
No one in my life expected very much of me.
And that is precisely what makes this moment so extraordinary.
A few years ago, the Hexgates opened their ports to the world and made Piltover prosper beyond anything we could have ever imagined.
But… we're not done yet.
This year, we've created something new for you.
Something that… um… That we will share with you… …when the time is right.
Things that will bring an end to your hardships.
Whether you're the scion of our high houses, or an honest laborer from the underground.
We vow to keep pressing forward, for we are the City of Progress.
And our future is bright.
That it, then? I thought that Talis boy was some kind of genius.
Last year, didn't he launch a blimp halfway across the continent? Airship, actually.
An airship has a rigid metal hull.
It's not a blimp.
It's a balloon, ain't it? Sure as hell looks that way.
Pardon us, if we aren't quite so refined as you, milady.
What are you even doing here, Kiramman? Don't you have a cocktail party to attend? Fire.
Fire! - What's happening? - Get the fire brigade.
In here, please.
Help me.
It's so hot, please.
I'm trapped.
I'm a helpless little girl and I've set the building on fire.
By accident.
Totally by accident.
Get out.
Also, I brought this dynamite.
The Gemstone is gone.
Along with some of our research papers.
The situation is still developing.
No one in the undercity has claimed responsibility yet.
How did it come to this? Hmm.
For too long has the underground been left unchecked.
We've lost touch.
They may not be your preferred constituents but they're still our people.
The undercity cannot be controlled.
Not by us.
So where does that leave us? Mr.
Talis? Could the trenchers build a weapon with the stolen crystal? Shimmer, body replacements… We've seen their ingenuity over the years, of course, they can.
If the right person got a hold of it, it's possible they could utilize its energy.
We need to address this immediately.
I agree.
It was my responsibility to safeguard this technology and I failed.
My mistake cost people their lives.
I have come before you to recommend that we suspend all Hextech operations until the situation is resolved.
Including our laboratories, the refinery and the Hexgates.
Have you lost your mind? The Hexgates must remain open.
Piltover's status as a global shipping lane depends on it.
Thousands would lose their income.
But shouldn't the safety of Piltover be our first priority? You would sacrifice your life's work? Without the Hexgates, my goods cannot reach foreign markets till winter.
Am I to tell the Noxians their next shipment of wine will be vinegar? Councilors.
It appears we are at an impasse.
If we shut down the Hexgates, the city will suffer.
But if we do nothing, we leave ourselves vulnerable to malefactors.
More lives may be lost.
Perhaps the time has come to explore a more radical solution.
What are you suggesting? Mr.
Talis has demonstrated his commitment to our safety.
He's willing to sacrifice his own enterprise.
And it seems to me only Mr.
Talis has the knowledge necessary to secure the Hexgates.
I propose that a new chair be brought forth, and that House Talis be elevated to this august body.
- What? - As a Councilor, he will have the resources necessary to protect all our investments.
Councilor Medarda, his is highly irregular.
The Council has held seven seats for generations.
Does the boy have any experience? Only that of a scientist.
Like Heimerdinger.
I believe Councilor Medarda is right.
Hextech security should be administered by a scientist.
I second the motion.
Well then, shall we vote? Jinx! Jinx! Jinx! Jinx! That's me.
Half a dozen enforcers, dead.
- Yeah… - A building blown to pieces.
Oh, yeah.
Do you have any idea what you've done? Actually, I do.
Happy Progress Day! Hey.
How are you feeling? I've had a break in the case.
Shouldn't you be resting? While the trail is hot? Listen, you know how I've suspected there is a single mind behind the undercity's violence? The great conspiracy.
I think whoever attacked the square is our suspect.
The same symbols showed up at the botched smuggling operation at the Hexgates.
- The Hexgates? - Keep up.
All this time, they've kept their dealings localized to the undercity.
Low priority.
The attack on the square changes things.
They've overstepped.
If I can figure who made this, it could lead me directly to whoever's behind it all.
The answer is here, staring me in the face.
I can feel it.
How do you intend to prove any of this? If I can just work this out.
Marcus will have to listen.
If there's one thing I've learned about the Council, they need more than just theories.
Since when did you concern yourself with the Council's opinion? Since I… became a Councilor.
You're serious.
When? Why? Have they discovered how to govern with grease and a spanner? Ha ha.
I was actually hoping you might consider joining my staff.
"House Talis Security.
" That's a ceremonial position.
I'd live behind a desk.
You almost died, Cait.
I just… I just want you to be safe.
Thanks, but I already have a job.
You don't.
After the attack, your parents spoke to the Sheriff.
This is the best I could do.
I don't need charity, Councilor.
Yours or my parents'.
- Cait.
- Get out.
I need to speak with one of the inmates.
Oh, folks in here aren't usually very talkative.
This one was hit by friendly fire.
He's got reason to talk.
Must have been sent in today? Oh.
Inmate 2135.
Yeah, I'm, uh, afraid that's not possible.
- Why not? - Uh, well, there's been… - an incident.
- What kind of incident? -The… …not so pretty kind.
You don't understand, I have to talk to him.
Oh, you'll be able to.
As soon as he can move his jaw again.
Who assaulted him? Who the hell are you?
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