Arctic Air (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Northern Lights

[Announcer]: Previously, on Arctic Air I came all the way from India for a chance to fly these planes.
Bobby-friggin'-Martin! We didn't leave Jackson River so you could throw everything away on some perv.
I never wanted to come here.
[Zach]: Found her hitchhiking South to see her boyfriend.
I'm sorry you got dragged into all this.
Keep your sister off the highway.
Next driver comes along might not be so nice.
[Engines chopping] [Zach ward]: There's something I need you to do.
You said that w-was a one-time thing.
But you keep needing my help.
[] Sibbeston Lake.
I know.
Must feel good to be home.
Smooth sailing.
That'll change.
Maybe it's died down.
You the type to buy lottery tickets, Dev? Hmm? [Hull clattering and banging] Here we go.
Down draft off Trout Mountain.
It's been bad all week.
It's always bad.
Don't worry, though.
Krista can handle this in her sleep.
Do I look worried? Brandon! [Door swings shut] Mom.
I've missed you so much! Oh, me too.
You sure picked a hell of a time to take the weekend off.
You do realize we're one of the sponsors of the Northern Lights Festival? Whole thing's a load of crap.
Don't know why Bobby got us into it.
Festivals means crowds.
I hate crowds.
Yeah, it was okay.
- Hi.
- Mm.
Mid-terms go well? Yeah.
I'm still in line for pre-med.
Sounds like a lot of work.
You into any sports? [Chuckles]: Nah.
Might be a good idea.
All work, no play, that kind of thing.
Come on.
I've got a great meal planned for my two favourite men.
Come on! [Exhales heavily] That was damn good.
Don't get muskox in Edmonton.
So, how you liking the big city? Ah, it's all right.
Your mom and I were talking about flying down for a visit.
Oh, I, uh [Takes a breath] I got roommates.
We'd stay in a hotel.
Well, I'm pretty busy with classes.
Like I said, all work, no play.
We'd take you out to dinner.
Find some muskox.
I'm, uh, I'm gonna go over to Michael's.
Are you meeting some of your friends there? Yeah.
A few.
Should I wait up? Ah, probably not.
[Footsteps receding] [Banging on door] [Door creaks] [Pounding] Hang on! We're coming.
What time is it? I don't know.
Michael! What happened? Brandon's sick.
[] Arctic Air S01 Ep 05 - Northern Lights [] He's drunk.
Lay him on his stomach, let him sleep it off.
He's more than drunk.
What else did he take? Come on! Spit it out.
He maybe took some drugs too.
He took drugs? What did he take? I don't know.
[Mel]: Cut the bullshit.
It was some kind of pill.
[] I'm gonna have to pump his stomach.
[] Put him over there! How did this happen? H-he was drinking a beer, and he just fell over.
Where'd he get the drugs? I don't know.
They were just there.
Move! I need to insert an endotrachial be so he doesn't vomit into his lungs.
Last time I did this was on a dummy, What can I do to help? Over here.
We need to lift him up And, uh, keep his head back.
[] Dammit! [Frustrated sigh] Try again.
I can't do this.
Of course you can.
[Takes a steadying breath] [Sighs resolutely] [Singing traditional song in Dene dialect] [] [Performance concludes] [Cheering erupts] Edaanet'e.
My name is Zachary Ward, and I am director of the great slave economic development council, and it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you all.
[Cheering] Look at Zach The big leader.
I remember, back in the day, he was a bad-ass.
And it's also the traditional territory of the Dene.
So you'll be seeing a lot of us, too! [Scattered chuckles and applause] So on behalf of the Dene nation, and Ward trucking, I invite you to participate Ahem.
Check her out.
In what promises to be three jam-packed days See, that's just my type.
Music and food the north has to offer.
Hey! I saw her first.
[Crowd cheering] One time.
One time! I also invite you to enjoy the greatest light show on earth! It's not your day.
So, with that, it is my honor to declare this year's Yellowknife Northern Lights Festival officially open! Mahsi Cho! [Cheering] [Dene performers begin a song as Bobby's cell rings] [] Hello? Bobby, we have a situation.
What's the situation? Just get your ass in here.
Okay, I'll be right there.
[] Apparently It's not your day.
[Chuckling] [] These guys are good! Going to a funeral? I certainly hope not.
Dev's girlfriend is flying in.
You got a girlfriend? I told you about her.
I figured you just made her up.
Oh one of those arranged things? No.
Trudy was visiting Goa when I met her.
We spent 10 days together, and then I was offered my job here.
Leaving her was the hardest decision of my life.
In that case, I'm stoked to meet her.
Me too.
I think we should go with you.
Grow up, you guys.
They haven't seen each other in six months.
How do I look? [Laughs]: It's a booty trip, Dev.
It's not like you're gonna ask her to marry you.
[] Y-you're gonna ask her to marry you? No, uh, but, if everything goes well, I was going to ask her to stay here permanently.
Uh, with you In my house? Until we can arrange our own accommodations, if that's okay? 'Course it is.
A romantic like Krista would never stand in the way of true love.
[] Wish me luck.
Good luck.
Stay with us, baby.
[Footsteps] Is he gonna be okay? I don't know.
He was never into drugs, ever! One night with you, and look at him! - I thought you were his friend! - It's all right.
Brandon's gonna be okay.
How? I'm in the middle of nowhere without the equipment I need, and no one to help.
What's the situation? We need help in cargo.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Look, half the staff called in with the "festival flu.
" I'm swamped.
You want me to load planes? You want happy clients? What happened? Overdose.
Why not get a plane from Fort Antoine? They're closer.
They have nothing on the ground that's medevac-ready.
The kid's running out of time.
I'll be there in two hours.
Stay clear of the drunks and be home by 10, okay? Sure.
What? I just never know if you're telling the truth or not.
You're better at it than mom and dad were.
And you give me more money, too.
Thanks, big brother.
I want change.
As if.
Be good.
It's been a while since you've done this? Not since I was 17.
Yeah, I can hardly tell.
Deanna says that Caitlin joined the volleyball team.
[Boxes crashing] Yeah, she She likes it.
How long's it been since you guys left Jackson River? Uh, like, nine months.
Ah, I heard it was a pretty tough situation.
Wasn't good.
Extended family's kinda screwed up.
I've gotta say, I'm impressed at how you stepped up for her.
Our parents died.
It's not like I had a choice.
Yeah, you did! Would've been easy to stay back and let it get worse.
You made the hard choice.
Yeah, well, it's not like she didn't get into trouble once we came here.
Older boyfriend, big city.
Seems like it's worked itself out, though.
Social services is still watching.
They will until she's 18.
I just don't want to give them an excuse to take her away.
I was Caitlin's age when I lost my dad.
Can't imagine losing my mom at the same time.
Must've been tough.
[Crashing and thudding] Crap! You know what? You're You're just over-qualified.
That's the problem.
[] [Bustle and chatter, indistinct] [Dev]: I've already checked us in.
It's so rustic.
It's expensive, but we'll have privacy.
And the view from the room is magnificent.
It's so nice.
And, I made your favorite Some chickpea curry.
There's a microwave in our room.
We could heat it up if you're hungry.
I can't even look at another curry.
No offense, but I'm so sick of Indian food.
Well, the chickpea is a very versatile legume.
Perhaps I can run back to the house and prepare a chana masala I prefer meat now.
Really? I spent a few months in Australia.
They're big meat-eaters, and I just [Aussie accent]: I figured, "when in Melbourne" Perhaps I can buy a new cookbook.
Why don't we just grab something in the lounge later? Yes.
[Thud] And then, I was thinking, we could take in the Northern Lights Festival, and then I can give you a tour of Yellowknife and Arctic Air, and then back to the festival for some musical performances.
I was kind of hoping to stay in the room for a little bit.
Oh, would you like to get some rest first? No.
Oh! [Ding] [Controller]: Arctic Air 4-2-1, this is Sibbeston Lake.
You're clear to try again, but I wouldn't recommend it till these winds die down.
Sibbeston Lake, Arctic Air 4-2-1, coming in for a second try.
[Controller]: Good luck.
We'll need it.
[Rattling and clattering] Down draft's worse.
We have to try.
[Blake]: Cross winds.
Air speed's decreasing, need to get the nose down - or we'll stall.
- Climb power.
[] Down to 75 knots.
We need money in the bank.
Not today we don't.
Krista We've gotta get Brandon out of there.
We're not gonna help him by crashing the plane.
[] Over-shoot? Yeah.
Over-shoot? Throttle back.
[] What is it? Krista can't land.
They're diverting to Fort Antoine.
We've got to get Brandon out of here.
As soon as the wind dies down, they'll try again.
My son could be dead before that.
[] [lively chatter and banter] How's the caribou? Awesome.
[Sighs contentedly] About what happened earlier Well, your breathing was off and my chakras are a bit out of alinement.
It's tantric sex, Dev.
It's playing a harp, not a banjo.
Next time, it'll be much better.
Practice helps.
Perhaps I'll rent a harp.
[Chuckles] Could you see yourself spending more time in a place like Yellowknife?? I could, but I think we should see how it goes first.
I've been thinking.
What's their significance? - Hmm? - The Northern Lights.
They happen when coronal mass ejections from the sun hit the earth's magnetic field so, about Um, but what are they? Massive bursts of solar wind, light isotope plasma, magnetic fields.
What's their Spiritual significance? [Woman] Caribou people.
What? The Northern lights.
The inuit believe they're the voices of the Caribou people.
[] Caribou people? [Chuckle] If we can't get Brandon from Sibbeston Lake to Fort Antoine by road then Krista can medevac him from there to Yellowknife.
Winter road doesn't open till January, Mel.
They're building a year-round road from Fort Antoine.
It's just not finished yet.
Well maybe we can get Brandon to the end of that road by ATV, you can have a 4x4 we meet us there.
We just need to know how close this road is to Sibbeston Lake.
And in what direction.
Trucker would know.
[] [Muffled]: Thanks.
It follows Wolverine Creek to here, close to the lake And that's as far as they got.
You sure? Drove it myself.
It ends just 20 clicks shy of Sibbeston Lake.
Well, is there a trail or something they could follow to get there? Ah, sort of.
There's an old cut-line that goes to the lake, and there's an old trail that kind of goes around it, but pretty rough going.
How rough? Well, they won't be able to gun it.
And, at times, it won't even look like a trail.
Pretty easy to get turned around in them woods.
[Radio crackles quietly] Well, I'll scan this, and fax it to them.
Well, it'll show where the road ends, but the trail's not marked.
They'll have to find their own way.
Hey, I got a nephew that lives in Fort Antoine.
He'll meet 'em there, where the road ends.
Thanks! I'm taking him.
You're not.
It's not even a road! I know how to drive an ATV.
And I'm not leaving my son.
Rita What if he goes into tachycardia? What if his pulse drops? Would you know what to do? I'll figure it out.
[Phone ringing] Honey, I'm right here with you, honey.
- You're gonna pull through this.
- Hello? I'm getting you to a hospital.
More kids are sick.
Same as Brandon.
They're bringing them in.
[] I'm the only nurse.
I have to stay.
Mel? You have to check his breathing and his heart rate every 15 minutes.
If his pulse drops below 40, give him the red syringe.
If it's above 150, give him the blue one.
And if it feels weak, give him the green one.
It's all written down.
The hospital in Yellowknife sent out a bulletin They've had three similar cases in the past 12 hours.
They all took a synthetic drug called 2C-E that was cut with something toxic.
The hospital's developing an antidote.
We'll fly some up for the others as soon as it's ready.
These will help keep him stable until you get to Yellowknife.
Two-hour flight, an hour to get to the road Yeah.
You don't know the terrain, so don't speed.
I'd feel better if the trail was on a map.
I don't want you taking the wrong turn.
Rita, it's broad daylight, I got it.
Honey you're going to be okay, you hear me? You have to be.
We should go.
Take care of my boy.
[] [Engine starts chugging] [] [] You die on me, kid, I'll kick your ass! Just gonna give you a little shot here And we're gonna come and visit you at school, whether you like it or not.
Your pulse is normal.
Mine isn't.
Here we go.
[] [] [] [Engine chugging on approach] [] [Quiet relieved chuckle] What are you doing here? I wasn't going to sit around the Fort Antoine airstrip.
How's he doing? He's alive.
And how about you? Also alive.
[] It'll take us an hour to get to the airport, and then blakeill have the plane ready to go.
[] Pulse is good.
Let's get him out of here.
[] [Hangs receiver up] They'll be landing in 20 minutes.
Ambulance is standing by.
How's Brandon? Hanging in there.
Looks like it's been touch-and-go the whole flight.
Medevac coming in? Yeah.
Bad batch of drugs hit Sibbeston Lake.
Nurse's son is in rough shape.
Stupid kid.
He's a normal kid.
He was at a party and someone handed him pills.
What is he supposed to do? Turn them down.
How the hell did those the drugs get in there? Like, the winter roads aren't open yet.
[Sarcastically]: How do you think? Well, by air? Who do we call to find out whose flights have been in and out of there in the last few days? Me.
No one but ours.
Are you sure? No one's been able to get there because of the down draft.
Krista got in yesterday by the skin of her teeth.
That means those drugs got in there on our plane.
Sure looks that way.
You have the paperwork on that flight? [Plastic squeaking] [Sighing]: Nelson, we got a problem.
Yeah? Someone shipped drugs into Sibbeston Lake on our plane.
Who? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
Saw in the paperwork that you handled the cargo.
Anything weird about it? Uh w weird? Like how? Brandon's fighting for his life, and so are two other kids in Sibbeston Lake.
Well, I I didn't see anything, so Why do I get the feeling that you're not telling the truth? I don't know.
Are you shipping drugs on our planes? No! [Heated]: This is my father's company.
I I already t-told you.
How long has this been going on? How long? [Thud] Son of a bitch! Leave it.
You're done! Get the hell outta here.
[] I got to get changed.
Wait for me.
You can't fire him.
Caitlin, stay out of this.
It's not his fault.
He had no choice.
It was Zach Ward.
What? Zachary Ward? Ward trucking.
I know who he is.
He told Nelson to put the drugs on the plane.
Come on.
The guy's head of economic development council.
He sponsors youth hockey, and he even bought uniforms for your volleyball team.
And if he finds out I said anything, I'm dead.
[] [Door swings open] Why didn't you go to the hospital with him? I did my part.
He thinks I'm an ass.
He doesn't want to wake up and see me sitting there.
[Sighs] Okay.
Frankly, I think Brandon's a little shit, but one of these days, he's going to realize what a hell of a stepdad you'd make.
You see Brandon as a stepbrother? [Laughs]: Go to the hospital! It's where you want to be.
[Elevator dings] [Indistinct chatter] Oh, babe alert.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Are you ready to go? Mm-hmm.
Okay, I have a taxi waiting for us to take us Uh, hi! Oh! These are two of my co-workers.
Kirby, Blake Hello.
This is Trudy.
Hi! She's your girlfriend? I don't think they truly believe.
[] What Boys.
[] I was expecting a computer geek with horn-rimmed glasses.
And this is the Arctic Air nerve centre.
Not many nerves.
Well, many people are away today.
The festival.
From here, all our flights are coordinated and planned, the fleet dispensed to service the north.
It is truly a remarkable operation.
You fly to all these places? Indeed.
Beautiful places.
Stark, yet wonderful.
It's been an amazing experience.
Let's do it.
Here? I want to see "Dev the bush pilot" in action.
Oh! Uh I can't just take a plane.
Well, you're a pilot, aren't you? Tonight he's a rampie.
Huh? You said I could have the rest of the week off.
That was before Bobby fired our only rampie and left.
[Desk phone ringing] I am so sorry.
What's a "rampie?" It is a very important part of the work here.
It involves carrying boxes.
[Sighs] Why don't you go enjoy the festival? I'll meet you at bullocks.
I'll be right back.
My nephew come through for you guys? Yeah.
Brandon gonna be okay? Not out of the woods yet.
Neither are a bunch of kids.
Bad drugs got around.
I heard that.
Real tragedy.
Well, I hope it all works out.
Well, getting drugs up to the communities, it's either by plane or truck.
You ever had any problems? Uh, no.
But I'm always pretty careful about who I hire.
Someone used our plane.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, me too.
Any idea who? [Zach sighs] Look.
You hear things.
Who are the major players? Look, lots of people in and out of town.
Hope that kid's gonna be all right.
You know what's a crazy thing? That your name came up as someone who might be involved.
Who said that? Doesn't matter.
Bobby You know our community.
Petty jealousies A guy gets a little success, and people are always trying to bring 'em down.
What's important is that these kids are getting sick.
I know.
What are you asking me? Help me get to the bottom of this.
Bobby [speaking Dene] I know all I need to.
And I know someone's going to go down for this.
[] Hey! What are you doing here? I thought you had the rest of the week off.
Where's your, uh babe? We were on our way to see the planes, and the next thing you know, I've been demoted to rampie.
You got caught in Loreen's web.
I know.
Made the mistake of answering my cell.
But before that, how'd everything go? I played the banjo when I should've played the harp.
The next thing you know, everybody's chakras are out of alignment and I'm watching my girlfriend gnaw on meaty bones.
So not good? She's developed a hatred of the chickpea.
[Scoffs]: I don't remember it being this hard with Hailey.
You had the benefit of meeting your future wife when you were babies.
Trudy and I only had and we spent nine of them in bed.
Maybe if I take her to a secluded spot to watch the northern lights.
That sounds good As long as I keep the coronal mass ejections to myself.
[] So, you wanted to see me? Get in.
What's up? Bobby Martin say anything to you today? About what? About where to get a good hair cut.
What do you think? He just asked if I saw anything suspicious with the cargo shipment to Sibbeston Lake.
What'd you tell him? That I-I didn't.
Did you say anything else? No.
- You sure? - Yes! Well, he knows something.
I just hate to think that this is how my favours are returned.
I wouldn't be that stupid.
I've kept social services away from Caitlin.
I know.
And I don't have to keep doing it.
I know.
So what do you want me to do? Play it smart.
Beat it.
[Starts dialing cell] Dougie.
Go visit Bobby Martin.
He needs to understand why he should stay out of this.
[] [] [Performing a modern mix of throat-singing and beat-boxing] [] [] [] Jim! Jim.
- What's up, little dude? - Where's Bobby? He's at the hospital.
W-what happened? Is he okay? He's fine.
He went to go see Mel.
What's going on? Bobby's Bobby's gonna need some help.
[] Whoever made the drug used too much chlorine.
Turned into hypochlorous acid when Brandon swallowed it.
[Rita]: Oh, God.
They've got an antidote.
Doctor said there'd be no longterm damage.
Brandon's gonna be fine.
I want to talk to him.
Not awake yet.
We're flying some of the antidote up right away.
Well, the winds are still pretty strong.
We'll get it there one way or the other.
If the plane can't land, they'll do an air-drop.
[Sighs]: Thank you.
Any more patients? Just the two kids.
[Takes a breath]: I want to tell you, I'm so glad you were here today.
I don't know What I would've done without you.
You're a tough old broad, you would've done fine.
[Chuckles softly] I love you, too, Mel.
[Click] Sorry about the timing, but this can't wait.
Zach Ward? Based on the word of a 16-year-old? I thought it was far-fetched, too, but when I talked to Zach I got this vibe.
A "vibe"? That'll be convincing.
I know he used our plane to smuggle drugs.
We should go to the cops.
Think about it.
The cops'll be all over us.
They'll be going through our cargo every day.
If that's what it takes Vibe or no vibe, there's no way they can pin anything on Zach.
Meanwhile, our business is in the crapper.
Nelson won't talk.
Make him.
Hang him from a bridge by his ankles if you have to.
[] [Both doing throat-singing] [] [Women still throat-singing] Oh, Dev! Elise is teaching me throat-singing.
Oh, I see that.
Thank you.
So, I was thinking What? [Cell phone rings] How would you like to go Just a second.
Okay, okay.
Hello? [Loreen]: You been drinking? No.
I need you back here, faster than fast.
There's no one else? If there was, i wouldn't be calling you.
No, no.
You said that I Loreen? Hello? Hello! [Women giggling] I just got called back to work.
Oh no.
Okay, let me teach you a different one.
[They start throat-singing and laughing] [] [Bobby groans]: What's going on? [Groaning] [Groaning groggily] Quit looking where you're not supposed to, and keep your mouth shut.
Hey! [] [Doug groans] [Heavy blows landing] [] Hey! You okay? All part of the big plan.
How did you know those guys were coming after me? A friend of yours.
Who? [] I get that you saved my ass, but you're gonna tell me everything you know.
Look, I can't do that.
Zach knows everything that goes on in this town.
How did you get involved in this? I don't have custody of Caitlin, not officially, and Zach said he would make one call to social services and they would take her away.
And once an Indian kid gets put in the system, they don't come out.
He he was doing me a favour, and it meant that I owed him one.
Putting drugs on my plane.
It was supposed to be a one-time thing.
How many? Like, maybe half a dozen.
You know, the last batch of drugs nearly killed Brandon.
If there's any more out there, you've got to let me know.
Tomorrow morning's DC-3 to Norman Wells.
[Keys clacking] Where's the cargo for tomorrow morning's flight to Norman Wells? Loaded and ready to go.
[Stops typing] What the hell happened to you? Ready? The nurses were talking about you when I got up.
Some people hold grudges.
No, I heard we did some sick off-roading.
Totally sick.
[Chuckles] Thanks.
Talk to your mother.
[] Mom? You there? [Tearfully]: Yeah.
[Exhales deeply] Yeah, I'm feeling better.
What the hell were you thinking? I'm sorry.
Don't ever pull a stunt like that again! I'm sorry.
No! "Sorry" doesn't cut it.
I know.
I'll be there as soon as they can fly in another nurse.
[Sighs] Okay.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[Flutters and thumps] [Krista]: Arctic Air 5-1-7 to Sibbeston Lake.
We've dropped the package for you.
[Sibbeston controller]: Copy that.
Thank you.
We're heading back to Yellowknife.
If I pay for the gas and the rental of the plane, may I fly Trudy out of town for a better view of the northern lights? Are you serious? I was supposed to have time off so I could be with my girlfriend, so, yes, I'm very serious.
Okay, why don't we see what's happening when we get back? Okay? Only a two-hour flight, lover-boy.
[Laughs]: I am well aware.
[He pats her arm] [] [Elise performs a mix of throat-singing and beat-boxing] [Rips bear open] Now what? We should go to the cops.
Still nothing to tie it to Zach Ward.
We've got Nelson! Yeah, but what happens to him and his sister if we do go to the cops? Look, if we don't do something, it's not gonna stop.
We are doing something.
Destroying evidence? Protecting our people.
[Flames crackling] [Strains of music and banter from festival crowd] [Zach]: My grandmother used to say the northern lights were spirits that helped guide us through the night.
But she also said you have to be very careful.
If you yell or whistle at 'em, they'll come down and take you away.
[] Personally, I never had the guts to try either.
[] You folks enjoy your stay in Yellowknife.
[] Let's just stay cool, all right? Putting on a heck of a show, eh? As of this moment, Arctic Air and Ward trucking no longer do business together.
Well, you're not the only airline in the north.
I'd say you're out a fair bit of money.
What, a hundred thousand? Couple of hundred? I'm sure your partners are gonna love that.
I don't know what you're talking about.
[Bobby]: Yeah, right.
You're gonna wind up on the cops' radar anyway.
Eventually, they'll find something.
You go to the cops, then Nelson goes to jail, and Caitlin ends up in a very unpleasant situation.
But if that's what you want to do, take your best shot.
[Groans as he hits the ground] Like that? [] I like the way you stay cool.
[] "What we had in goa was amazing, "and I hoped we could get it back "But it turns out we're different people now.
That became clear to me today.
" [Sniffs and sighs] "So, when I found a new soul mate" [Sighs] [Whistles] That was fast.
And I almost asked her to move in with me.
Who'd she hook up with? An Inuit performer.
Invited her to the so-called best "vantage point" for viewing the Northern Lights.
Where's that? Iqaluit.
Gotta watch them Inuit men.
It was a woman.
What do you do? Ask to join them? [Stifles a laugh] [Chuckling] Another beer? Yes, please.
Yeah! to build this airline's reputation and you almost snuffed it out Just like that.
If I could go back and-and change things, I would.
If I could go back and change things, I wouldn't have hired you.
You disrespected me and Mel and everyone you work with.
I know.
You "know.
" That makes everything just fine.
I'll go clean out my locker.
Don't bother.
Well, I-I have personal stuff in there.
You're officially on probation.
Now get your ass back to work.
You're you're serious? Don't wait for me to change my mind.
[Door blinds clattering] You've fired people for coming in two minutes late.
Only way to protect him.
It's the north.
Everyone gets a second chance.