Arctic Air (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

Vancouver is Such a Screwed-Up City

Previously on Arctic Air Hey! Walk away.
The deal stinks.
He's been stripping parts off the one.
You're telling me we have one-and-a-half DC-3s? Closer to one and three-quarters.
When you heading back to Vancouver? A few days.
Didn't you say that a few days ago? My daughter's porkin' him.
They think they're keeping it secret.
So not gonna happen What are you so afraid of? Is it because of Bobby? Hey! All right, break it up! She looks good for her age.
Little worn around the edges, maybe.
But not bad for 60 plus.
Doesn't matter if her body's falling apart, long as her equipment works.
Of course.
Aviation porn.
We're bidding on her in Vancouver this afternoon.
Just found out about the auction last night.
We already have two DC-3s.
One and a half.
We're gonna need another one for the Margate contract.
Couple of parts down there I want Cece to check out, too.
Might be bringing home a spare engine.
So you're taking lady Lou.
We're lucky this auction came up when it did.
Lucky for you maybe.
That puts three of my pilots out of rotation.
Four if you count the rusty one.
Math's simple if we're gonna fly two planes home tomorrow.
Pilot, plus co-pilot, times two.
So, Vancouver What's it been? Like, two and a half months since you took off? I didn't "take off.
" I chose to relocate to my hometown.
Okay, I've got a few loose ends to tie up, and then I'll be able to close the door on my old life.
What? ARCTIC AIR S1Ep7-Vancouver is Such a Screwed-Up City Cece, baby, try to have fun.
Fun? Vancouver? Oxymoron.
Come on, you get to pick out a new toy.
Yeah, but our weekend plans are ruined.
We don't have any plans.
Well, exactly.
My favourite.
The forecast is clear.
It's Vancouver.
It'll rain.
Call you from the hotel.
Do that.
Separate rooms? You, uh you serious? Who says we can't combine business with pleasure? I do.
Discipline me, baby.
My dad is gonna be staying right across the hall from us.
Are you sure that your dad is the problem? Come on, please.
Come on, Krista, this is getting old.
There is nothing going on between Bobby and me.
No, I'm tired of pretending that there's nothing going on with us.
I mean, if we can't share a room in Vancouver I don't think it's appropriate.
Okay, no, just Can we talk about this when we get back? You know what, no, it's, uh That's all I needed to know.
What'd you do to Maverick? Let me guess, it's what you didn't do.
I'm ready to go whenever you are, dad.
Got a call to pick up a shipment of moose meat in Fort Reliance this afternoon.
You're taking all my pilots.
What about Shontal? On a long haul to holman.
Any rampies logged enough hours on the chieftain? And passed their written exam, and been checked out? Yeah, a couple.
Pick your best.
It'll be somebody's lucky day.
It's Trudy.
The woman who ripped your heart out, stomped on it, and left you for someone else? She and her "soul mate" are in Nunavut, having the time of their lesbian lives.
I can't believe you were going to ask her to move in.
At least she didn't leave you for another guy.
This is not making me feel better.
What are you doing? I'm saying, "Nice to hear from you.
Hope" For someone whose mother tongue isn't English, your use of expletives is excellent.
No more contact with her, okay? I wish I could be as cold as you.
I mean that as a compliment.
Don't you ever get lonely? Strangers in a strange land and all that? I'm not here to make friends.
I'm here to fly planes.
Hello? Nice suit.
Thank you.
Probably cost more than my whole wardrobe.
Not surprising when that wardrobe comes from plaids 'R' us.
Hey, now.
There's nothing wrong with supporting local business.
Just 'cause I'm from Yellowknife, it doesn't mean I'm a fashion "don't.
" Hey Check out what I'm going to pick up in Vancouver.
Fluevogs Can't wait to see you on your snowmobile in those.
So You gonna ditch us again? What? "What?" Last time you went to Vancouver, you stayed for 10 years.
My condo's on the market.
I'll be meeting with my realtor after the auction.
Add the pickup in Fort Reliance.
Hey! Hey, uh, thanks for coming in on short notice.
Restaurants count on these shipments.
Gotta have moose.
I'll take any chance I can get to sit in the captain's chair.
Actually, you're co-pilot.
Who's the pilot? This is a good one How many pilots does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one.
He holds the bulb, and the world revolves around him.
Really? Well, she's pretty on the outside There's some corrosion on the inside.
Other than that, the numbers all match, the engines, they look okay.
I wouldn't feel unsafe flying home in her.
There we go.
So, what do you make of the competition? They're mostly dabblers.
I'm guessing it's ours for a hundred grand.
Good price.
- What's our max? - 150 tops.
The Myra Dell herself.
They've taken real good care of her.
I hear she was flying cargo out of Hawaii when they found her.
A far cry from dropping jumpers into North Africa back in the '40s.
These old birds don't quit, do they? - Jack Andrews.
- Mel Ivarson.
You bidding today? Yeah, my client's keen on this one.
Client, eh? Which airline? It's not an airline.
A private collector from down in Oregon? Phil Kirton? Yeah.
Don't hold it against me.
Ladies and gentlemen, the auction will begin in five minutes.
Where's Blake? Do I look like his mother? Alison? Blink la violette.
Listen, I know it's short notice, but I'm in town, and I would love to get together.
do we have 110? 110! Do I hear 120? Do I hear 130? Do I hear 130! She's a beaut, not a cobweb inside.
Do we hear 130? Who is that? Jack Andrews.
Bidding for guy who owns a private aviation museum down in Oregon.
Phil Kirton.
Mel's bid against him before, and lost.
Kikirton's a douche.
A douche with deep pockets.
We've got 210, we've got 210 Nary scratch we've got 210, do I hear 220? We can't afford this.
We need to expend our fleet or we lose Margate.
That'll be a hole in our budget.
we have 210 I hear 220? No one 230? Going once, going once.
Last chance, 230, nope.
220, nope.
Sold to the gentleman for 220,000! Next up on the docket, cessna 172.
Let's start the bidding Now, I'm not supposed to have an opinion, but I'm glad she went to you.
So what have you got for me, bank draft, certified cheque? I've got a deposit, like last time.
New rules.
Full payment up front.
You didn't get the e-mail? W-we don't have full payment, simple as that.
All right, well, you know, I'll tell you what I can do, give me a $50,000 deposit up front, and, uh, I'll hold the plane for you till tomorrow morning Tomorrow's Sunday.
It's the best I can do.
And if we can't deliver by then? I'll have to give her to the next highest bidder.
Yeah That's what I'm saying These guys came out of nowhere Should be good for 20 grand.
All right, thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Friggin' Vancouver.
I'll call the bank, see if they can give us a loan.
But Rachel's already turned us down once.
Yeah, but since we landed Margate, she's been keen to do business.
Okay, great, I'll see you then.
I've got a meeting with Jeremy.
Your old boss? Yeah, he's loaded, and I'm going to ask him for a personal favour.
You think he's gonna lend you 170 grand? Well, I killed a huge deal for him, punched out his best friend, and he still takes my calls? I think he likes me.
Hope he's in love with you.
Let me grab this? I was supposed to meet my realtor 10 minutes ago.
All right.
I'll call you later with good news.
My first flight as an actual pilot almost underneath my belt.
This is something I will write home about.
We should start our descent.
No, no, no, no, not yet.
Friggin' Vancouveronians think we're all a bunch of hooligans up in Yellowknife.
Well, I got three words for them, Marie Stanley Cup riots! Yeah Okay.
Yeah, I miss you already.
I love you, too.
I don't know what to press there Hey, how did How did you know that Marie was "the one?" Are we talking about relationships here? No, I'm just curious.
Well I knew that I loved her, and, um After that, I guess it was just a leap of faith.
You thinking of taking the plunge? No no.
Come on now, I've known you since you were about three apples high, Krista.
Well, I don't know.
I like him, but more than that, is bleh.
And he wants No, I don't know.
Which one are we talking about here? Sorry I'm sure you'll make the right decision.
Hey, did you get through to the bank manager? I spent 10 minutes pressing buttons just to have a voice tell me to call back during regular business hours.
About to get crushed here Hello? Eva? Bobby! What are you doing here? Airspeed 90 knots.
Thank goodness, we're almost home.
The smell of moose meat is vomitous.
You didn't have to take the job.
I beg your pardon? If you don't have the stomach for it, you should have stayed home.
We're losing speed too fast.
It's okay.
Just call the numbers.
Eva, whoa, slow down.
You said I could stay till I found a new place.
Yeah, but that was almost three months ago.
You have dinner plans? I know this great new oyster bar.
Eva, we broke up.
Actually what you said was, "we should be free to see other people.
" Look, I'm sorry I wasn't clear with you, but I only came back here so I could meet with the realtor, who's running late No, he was early.
I sent him away.
What? Look, you knew I was selling this place.
I get that.
I just thought you should take a little more time to think about it, and think about us.
Look, I-I have a business crisis, and I got to be at a meeting in a half hour You've met someone, haven't you? No.
That girl you're always talking about, Nanook of the North.
Her name is Krista, and we're just friends.
Look, you can stay here till the end of the month, but after that We're going too slow.
You've got to up the power.
We're fine Winds are gusting 20 over 30, okay? We could stall.
Do your job.
Call the numbers.
Astrid! Hey! Nice approach! You're lucky Mel and Krista weren't here to see that.
What'd you do, drop the controls? Yes, I dropped the controls.
Wish I had my phone! Video would've gone viral.
Your job is to call out the numbers.
I interpret what they mean.
Not you.
If it dropped below 60, we would have stalled.
I had no intention of dropping to that air speed.
I was just trying to help.
No, you were letting your anger and frustration affect your judgement.
What? You were upset that I was made pilot before you.
I logged more hours than you.
I got my license before you! And if you do that again, I will report you.
Then you won't even be co-piloting.
You will be fired.
You can unload the meat.
When you're finished, scrub out the cargo area and hose down the coolers.
I don't want to smell a hint of moose.
You don't have the authority for that But I do.
And I am using it.
Martin Have you been out of town on business? Something like that.
Your friends are waiting.
Friends Environmental hearings are just a formality.
We should be fully operational by late next year.
Why re-open the mine at Anabelle Lake now? What's changed? Uranium stocks are on the rise.
Nuclear power is just starting to take off.
You want to re-open Anabelle Lake? And there he is.
Ronnie Dearman.
Always a treat.
Afternoon, Bob.
What brings you to the big city? My own business.
Thanks for the drink.
You know, if you two hot shots just kissed and made up, you could make a lot of people very rich.
Somehow, I don't see that happening.
I'll call you with a tee time for Friday.
You must've been surprised to hear from me.
Only surprise is that it took you so long to ask for your job back.
That's not why I'm here.
I need 170 grand by tomorrow morning, help my partners get out of a jam.
- You want a loan? - Short term.
I'd pay prime plus five.
Sure, I'll give you a loan.
Thank you.
If you come back to work for me.
You actually want me back? You pissed away buckets of money when you killed Ronnie's diamond deal.
But bottom line, you've made this company a whole lot more than you have lost.
Look, that's a generous offer, Jeremy, but I'm committed to Arctic Air.
You have too much going for you, Bobby.
Don't throw it all away on some struggling airline in the middle of nowhere.
My dad co-founded that "struggling airline" And your loyalty warms the cockles.
But, Bobby as a life choice? Stop kidding yourself.
This is your life.
I didn't think you'd change your mind.
I just thought it was time.
Hi! - I'm Krista.
- Alison.
Blake said he didn't know anyone in Vancouver.
Actually, we've only spoken on the phone once or twice.
This is our first face-to-face.
We've been trying to recruit him for quite a while.
Recruit? Alison is, um with H.
at Air Canada.
Just I'll be right back.
Hey, Krista, wait, wait.
Alison called me a few weeks ago.
A few weeks ago? Look, I didn't tell you because I told her I wasn't interested.
But this morning it hit me, nothing's really keeping me in Yellowknife.
Right? She offered me a job, based here in Vancouver.
I accepted.
Aren't you going to say anything? Hey, sailor.
Krista Invite a girl up for a drink? Look, why don't we go out? Place is a mess, realtor's getting ready to stage it.
Just one drink Bobby.
Is that too much to ask? I thought he was on a date.
But it turns out my whatever Has totally betrayed us.
So when you say "whatever," you mean Blake, and by "us" you mean "you.
" No, I mean Arctic Air.
What are you looking for? You still want that drink? Yeah.
This condo Too bad I couldn't close on it by 9:00 A.
Have you heard from Mel? Not yet.
You? No.
Well, how did things go with your old boss? He made me an offer I had to refuse.
But it's okay.
I've got a phone full of rich contacts, and a lot of them owe me favours.
Here's hoping.
Listen, Krista, about Blake.
You know, I'm no expert Understatement And by calling him your "whatever" God, why does everyone think that I am a commitment-phobe? Did I say that? - You want my opinion - No.
I knew he'd leave Yellowknife the first chance he got.
He's totally self-absorbed.
A player.
Well, sounds like someone else I know.
What? "What?" Not me.
No Not anymore.
You're "the artist formerly known as player.
" Look, you deserve better.
You Deserve Better.
You're such an asshole.
Friend? That's her, isn't it? Nanook? Krista, this is Eva.
My ex.
Your pregnant ex.
What?- Former player? Pregnant? Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
Hold on.
Don't move, I'll be right back.
Krista! What? I left my keys upstairs.
Look, Eva, let me in.
We have to talk about this.
How long have you known? Go to hell.
Wings are good.
Bison pub back home? Now there's a wing.
Well, look at that.
So? Brings me back.
New Year's Eve A man, a bottle of wild Turkey, and a trooper song That was a Halley's comet moment.
Once in a lifetime.
You're dying to get up there.
Hi, Loreen.
Is someone shaving a badger? Yeah, something like that.
Any luck? 'Fraid not.
Sent Kirby down to our bank manager's house.
Rachel's at a bonspiel in Whitehorse.
She didn't take her cell? Well, maybe when people go curling, they turn their phones off.
I'm not a curler.
So how worried should I be? Nothing to worry about.
So Very worried.
Nothing we can't handle.
Loreen? Mel? Hello? Friggin' battery just died.
You checking up on me? Yes.
You should wear gloves.
Are you saying I have soft city boy hands? Yes.
The guest you are trying to reach is unavailable.
Please leave a message at the tone.
Mel, it's Bobby.
I left a message for you on your cell.
Where are you? Friggin' Vancouver .
Can't even get karaoke right! Show 'em how it's done, Cece! Mel Ivarson, right? Jack Andrews.
From the auction this afternoon? I remember.
Phil Kirton's advisor.
If the guy didn't pay me so much Do you mind if I Sit, sit.
Hey, Krista, it's Bobby.
I don't know where Mel is, and I don't have my cell.
I'll be downstairs in the bar.
When you get this, come find me.
Dad, where the hell are you? Call me.
This is Bobby.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
I know you're dealing with your own homemade mountain of crap, but I need to know what's going on.
I can't get ahold of Mel.
Tell your pregnant ex-girlfriend I'm coming back there.
Hey, Blake.
- You seen Mel or Cece around? - No.
- Want a drink? - No thanks.
I'm celebrating.
I heard.
'Course you did.
She went running to you.
I bet you took full advantage of that.
What? I mean, that's your thing, isn't it? Always working an angle.
Shut up, Blake.
Or what? Or I'll knock you on your ass.
Buddy Be my guest.
Look, I know you.
You fly in, you take what you can get, then you fly out when you get a better deal.
At least I'm only leaving a woman behind, not a woman and a kid.
Word gets around.
You were quite the player, weren't you? That's none of your damn business How many other women have you knocked up? Go, Cece! Thanks for the help.
"Thanks for the help?" That's all I get? I should have been captain.
Not this again.
Let me finish.
I should have been captain, but I wasn't, because Because what, Krista is mean? Because I'm not good enough.
What I did today was unacceptable.
I don't know what I was trying to prove.
Sometimes, I wish I'd just give up and go back to Sweden.
Now you're being maudlin.
You are this close.
I know.
It's everything I know up here disappears when I get into that cockpit Especially if Krista's around.
No surprise.
She's terrifying.
You're scared of her, too? God, yes.
But I've developed a strategy.
What? I picture her with a small booger protruding from one nostril.
Suddenly, she's not scary anymore.
- You should try it.
- Okay.
- My gift to you.
- Thanks.
I was the best in my flight class.
I thought I'd come here and be head pilot in two years.
Big fish in a small pond.
But here, we are all plankton in Mel's ocean.
I lied before, when I said I don't get lonely.
Even when I'm at work, and And there's all these people everywh I know.
It's okay.
Please don't cry.
Good God, your hair is like corn silk My apologies.
He has a mind of his own.
Maybe if we get drunk, we'll forget this ever happened.
I won't forget.
Hey, it's Eva.
You know what to do.
Hey, I haven't disappeared, okay? It's, uh, it's a long story.
I'm just Look, we have to talk about all of this Time's up.
Am I gonna be charged with anything? Nope.
We'll let you go in the morning, once you've sobered up.
But I'm not drunk.
Uncuff me, bitch! So you actually fly these DC-3s? Have for 35 years.
You're the real McCoy.
Kirton on the other hand, could barely tell a DC-3 from a jumbo jet.
You know, Mel, there's a whole network of world war ii plane buffs out there that feed each other tips when something comes up for sale.
That's how I heard about today's plane.
When was the last time you were online? This morning.
I just got a hot tip a couple of hours ago about an old bird for sale down in Vegas.
Would you stop? I'm gonna puke.
Look, I have nine hours to figure out how to find 170 grand, but because of you, I'm stuck in here.
- You threw the first punch.
- Yeah, well, you pissed me off.
Back atcha.
What happens if you don't get the money? It's not your problem.
Excuse me for asking.
Let's just put it this way.
Now that you're an employee of Air Canada, you'll be the only one of us with a job.
I've got good timing.
You know, you could've told us that you were thinking about leaving.
I didn't know until today.
Arctic Air was always supposed to be a stepping stone.
Just a layover for you to get to the big leagues.
When I was seven, we lived near the airport in winnipeg.
I used to ride my bike out there.
I had the planes fly in right over my head.
I said, "I'm gonna fly like that one day.
" My dad, mechanical engineer, he didn't like the idea of his son being a glorified bus driver.
So, naturally, you became a glorified bus driver.
You've heard of my old man? Hard not to.
He was a legend.
I wanted to be just like him.
A pilot.
Now you are.
Sort of.
Sort of.
I don't know The North has a way of grabbing hold.
Yeah, that's what they say.
Never grabbed you? Didn't have to.
I was born there.
There's no way I'm gonna find this money in time.
What are you doing here? I need to talk to Bobby.
Strictly business.
He's not here.
I figured you knew that.
For the record, there's nothing going on between me and Bobby.
You're pretty much how I imagined.
- Which is? - Small-town.
Screw you.
You don't know anything about me.
Yes, I do.
He talked about you all the time.
Well, we grew up together.
We share a lot of memories.
No, it's more than that.
When I saw the two of you together, it just made sense.
Made sense? At heart, he's just a small-town boy, too.
Can I use your phone? You've reached Mel Ivarson.
Leave a message.
Where are you? Here.
Hello? It's Bobby.
I thought you'd be halfway back to Yellowknife.
Not until we decide what to do.
Look, I was thinking last night, and if we're gonna have a child together, I wanna be a part of its life.
Bobby Look, we could co-parent.
A lot of people make it work, and Even long distance.
It's not yours.
You said we should see other people.
Who's the father? You don't know him.
He claims he's not cut out to be a dad.
Why would you tell me that it was mine? I wish it was.
Look, I'm sorry, okay? It was a shitty thing to do to you.
But when I saw you with Krista, it just Came out.
Look, where are you going to go? Back to Kelowna.
My mother's thrilled.
My father's dying of shame.
The whole time we dated, it was like you were somewhere else.
Krista's non childhood crush, Bobby.
Krista is a friend.
She's more than that.
Even when I told you I was pregnant, you went after her.
I wanted to explain You're in love with her.
No, I'm not.
Quit wasting everyone's time and And go do something about it.
Wait Hold on! You have a cheque for me, right? Look, I don't.
But I can get one for you.
I just need a few more days.
I'm sorry, I can't do that.
It's against our policy.
Wait, look, these planes aren't meant to collect dust in museums they're meant to fly Bobby, look This plane will be a lifeline to remote communities.
It'll make a difference in people's lives.
You'll get your deposit back, and there's nothing else I can do.
There has to be We could Wait, hold on.
Don't do anything.
Is that you, Mel? Don't buy that plane.
I'm just about to close the deal Kill the deal.
Kill the deal? Put a bullet through its heart.
Look, where are you? Las Vegas.
You're in Vegas? A new friend told me about a listing on e-Bay down here for a DC-3.
Cece and I caught the red eye.
Have you seen the plane? Yup.
Just sealed the deal.
Better than the Vancouver one, fraction of the price.
We'd be wheels-up today, but Cece bought Celine Dion tickets.
You're going to Celine Dion? God, no.
I traded mine for Penn and Teller.
Listen, get yourself down here.
I need a co-pilot to fly our new plane home.
Okay, sure.
Just one thing I've got to do first.
Thank you.
Krista! Bobby! I've been trying to reach you and Mel all night.
We got the plane.
Well, it's not the plane, it's a different one.
Okay, what? A present for you.
Are you kidding? These are the ones! I know.
They're beautiful.
And so are you.
Yeah, right.
And I've been doing a lot of thinking You even got my size.
Krista, there's something I need to say to you.
And you know, I should have said this to you a long time ago.
Bobby Wait, listen Hey, cellmate.
Some good news.
I turned down Air Canada.
She had to take me back.
I'll go check us out.
And you're going public.
He took a big step for me.
I kind of feel like I owe him.
That's very romantic.
- Shut up.
- Seriously.
I'm very happy for you guys.
Thank you.
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