Arctic Air (2012) s02e02 Episode Script

Bombs Away

Previously on Arctic Air I've been asked to run against Simon Moise in the next election.
You're gonna run for chief? This is it! A few bumps on the road, hey? But here I am.
I was wrong to think you'd want to jump into a cockpit so soon.
I've had crashes before.
No one's ever died before.
Those are sacred waters.
What's it costing you? Simon Moise's support for your mine? Where's Kirby? We've got a date.
He asked me to tell you he'll take you out tomorrow night.
Don't lie for him Cece, he's not worth it.
Excuse me, stewardess, can't this thing go any faster? She was built in 1939.
This is fast.
Good afternoon, Arctic Air.
Loreen, it's Hailey, there's a bomb on the DC3! What? You know, we're doing you a favour.
You're lucky you're in the air at all.
Trust me, sweetheart, if I had my choice, I wouldn't be stuck on some antique plane with pilot Barbie.
Come on! Hello.
If I had a choice, this crap would be on the tarmac back in Yellowknife, and your ass would be on its way out of town, forever.
- Krista? - Love you, too.
- Krista! - What? There's a bomb on the plane.
Arctic Air So2 Ep02 - Bombs Away I like that.
Hailey? How's it going down here? I'm going to give these to you, and We're trying to get the rally on the 6:00 news, so no profanity.
It's all coming together.
You work fast.
I'm impressed.
Since I lost the election to Simon Moise, we needed a backup plan.
You really think you could stop the mine? Well, Dearman's investors are getting nervous, and if there is any delays, they are going to pull out, so we need to pressure the chiefs.
You're more dangerous to Dearman now that you lost the election.
Yeah, well, we could still use some help.
Hey, I raised you a lot of money on your campaign.
There's still so much work to do, Bobby.
Hey, good to see you again.
Jonas degho.
Joe's boy? Right.
Hey! Good to see you again, too.
- Who's he? - That's Philip George.
West coaster.
Came on his own when he heard about the mine.
Hey, want to do some caribou later? Absolutely.
Look what I found in a box in the back of the hangar.
Aw, cute.
Yeah, Silas gave this to me years ago.
I thought I'd lost it.
So you've been rummaging around in old boxes instead of running your airline and flying your planes? Excuse me for being nostalgic.
Knock yourself out.
I think I will.
Speaking of Silas, his granddaughter isn't back from lunch yet.
I guess she's still helping out her mom.
I guess the Martins get special treatment around here.
The Martins own a chunk of this airline.
Must be nice.
It is.
Mel Ivarson.
Bruce Ward.
Hello, Loreen.
Heard you took over your Uncle's business after he died.
After he was murdered.
Is there a reason for this visit? To put that all in the past so that Ward Trucking and Arctic Air can work together again.
I don't know.
Zach put us in a tough spot last year.
Well, he was smuggling drugs with your planes.
I'm not my Uncle.
At least you don't have any illusions about how he did business.
Well, I don't either about how he died.
Well, why would you? He got shot.
They never found the guy who did it.
I didn't see who did it if that's what you're asking.
I read the police report.
Anything you didn't tell them? Nope.
Maybe you bumped your head in that plane crash and lost some of your memory.
Talking about it might bring everything back.
I doubt it.
You never know.
And us working together, it'll be good for both companies.
You're late.
The meeting took longer than I thought.
So how about we work off your late lunch at the end of the day? I can't.
I have to help plan tomorrow's rally.
Waste of time if you ask me.
I still get half the day off tomorrow, right? - Hey.
- Hey.
So there's a rally tomorrow? Yeah.
I told you about it.
Right I'm sure the other chiefs will be on board.
I'm just waiting for Simon to confirm that.
Well, if they don't, we're getting a divorce.
See, that's why I married you, sweetheart, that fantastic sense of humour.
And I thought it was for my family's money.
You know the investors are getting nervous.
How nervous? Nervous enough to talk to me.
They wanted the mine open now.
I thought I made it clear that we couldn't proceed until Simon Moise was re-elected.
You are giving those Indians too much power.
Darling, like it or not, we need the chiefs to sign that deal.
We need them to sign off on the environmental impact assessment.
I brought those investors to the table.
My reputation is on the line here.
Yeah, so is mine.
Look, as soon as we have the support of the other chiefs, everything will run like clockwork.
It better.
It will.
Okay, they're here.
I gotta go.
Good morning.
Why don't you put it in the briefing room so everyone can see it? It's mine.
Can you fly a charter to Wrigley tomorrow morning? I wish, but probably not a good idea.
My meds are still affecting my system.
How? I don't know.
I just feel Kinda weird, especially in the mornings.
- Are you still taking them? - No.
Okay, well, let me know when it wears off.
I will.
- So how'd it go? - Good.
You'll get your stamp of approval.
That'll please the investors.
It'll piss people off even more.
The chiefs will be under a lot of pressure.
I think the chiefs can handle it.
I need a favour.
The rally tomorrow.
It'd be nice if there was someone there to make it a more balanced discussion, without connecting it to me, of course.
We'll make it balanced.
Thank you.
Nice shot! Where's your husband? Playing video games.
Hello? Deanna? Anybody here? Deanna! Hey, you at my house? Just got here.
I'm gonna be late.
You can start supper if you want.
Yeah, sure.
Bye! I need you to get that equipment ready.
I'm flying it up to the mine first thing in the morning.
Shouldn't be a problem.
You don't understand, it is destroyed! All of it! None of the content was flammable or explosive.
Hold on a second.
Hey, corporal! This is obviously a targeted attack.
That was half a million dollars worth of equipment in there.
Gone! Yeah, I'm back.
I don't care what time it is.
I need it replaced immediately.
Do it.
Now, who would want to destroy your equipment? You want a list? Thanks.
So, what happened to Kirby? He's at home playing video games.
Video games? Don't even get me started.
Corporal Sahcho.
Evening, Deanna.
How's your mom? She's good.
Your sister need some tutoring this summer? Not this year, I hope? Knock on wood.
Hi, Bobby.
So, what are you doing here? You know Ronnie Dearman? Yeah.
Well, he lost some equipment in an explosion in the warehouse tonight.
Explosion? A bomb.
Well, I-I've been here all night.
I don't know anything about it.
We're still going to talk about it.
What the hell do you want? What did you tell the cops? You mean after my equipment was bombed? What did you tell them? They asked me for a list of my enemies and I gave it to them.
My sister on that list? You both are.
She wouldn't do anything violent.
That girl hates my guts.
We all do.
It wasn't her.
I don't know, maybe it was a rival company, you know? Part of that whole corporate espionage thing.
Yeah, eco-terrorists who don't want the uranium mine.
It was probably just troublemaking youth.
What, with a bomb? Nah.
Maybe it was my mother-in-law.
Jeez, look at that It was a joke.
It was a bad joke, but it was just a joke.
I-I didn't mean anything by it.
I'm like that.
I use humour inappropriately.
I know.
It's something I'm working on.
You should hear some of the things mom says about you.
Are you gonna come to the rally? I I can't.
Mel's been busting balls ever since he came back.
I asked for the time off and my balls are fine.
Your Uncle is one of the owners.
I didn't expect you to come anyway.
How much longer is this protest stuff gonna go on? As long as it takes.
Look, I'm sorry that your mom lost the election and everything, but But what? You're always complaining that I'm never around, but now you're never around.
You'll get used to it.
I did.
We gotta get someone to clean up behind the hangar.
It's a pigsty back there.
Feeling better? Sort of.
'Cause we could use another pilot in the rotation.
Can I put you in? Sure, sign me up.
See how I'm feeling in the morning.
All right.
Been going for about 10,000 years.
We have to go ahead with the rally.
If we put it off now, it'll look like we don't mean business Okay, look, I was just saying, because of the bomb, it would be smart to postpone that rally.
No way.
That sucks.
We're trying to get people on side, not alienate them.
Dearman's replaced the equipment.
And if they're not going to stop, I don't think we should.
I mean, I don't believe in violence, but I understand, I get it, why people do that, and that bomb made quite the impression.
Everyone thinks we did it.
Yeah, but that shouldn't stop us, Hailey.
If this mine opens, people will die.
We got to do everything we can to stop it.
Now, you all know what your jobs are, so I'll see you at the rally.
- What? - I'm worried about you.
Don't worry about me, little brother.
You're becoming obsessed.
I prefer "Committed.
" This land is not ours to own or to profit from.
This land is borrowed from our children and our children's children! And it is our job to make sure that she, in seven generations, is still able to nourish us, and not only our people, but all people! If this land dies, we will all die.
And I am willing to die to protect her.
So I'm standing here today asking of all you here what are you willing to do? Your dad would've been proud.
Thanks, Mel.
Heading back to the shop.
Our airline doesn't run itself.
I'll be there in a bit.
Well, I think we're getting our message across, so But the thing is, I spoke to some elders, and they're willing to pressure the chiefs.
Then let them do the talking and just lie low for a while.
I can't do that.
We're not opposed to development, it just has to be sustainable, and it has to be safe for the environment, otherwise it's not worth the risk.
A lot of our people want the uranium mine.
They need jobs.
They wanna feed their families.
The jobs are going to be short-lived.
The land will be destroyed for generations.
You're not a scientist, you're a school teacher.
And you work for Ward Trucking.
You'll be transporting equipment to the mines.
- Am I right? - We need jobs.
You guys are brainwashed.
We need to stop the mine.
Go chain yourself to a moose.
Piss off.
You piss off.
Hey! This won't help.
New equipment just crossed the Deh Cho bridge.
It will be here tonight and we will fly it to the mine first thing in the morning.
It better.
The consortium will pull out if there are any more delays.
They said that? Threatened to back a mine in Australia.
We can't afford anything else to go wrong.
It won't.
What the hell? The uranium mine will never go ahead.
Yeah? And who the hell are you? You have one minute to get out of your office.
Or what? Or you will blow up with it.
You're taking things too far.
I didn't start this fight.
You're a community leader, and going off half-cocked like that wasn't a good idea.
It wasn't half-cocked.
Saying you're gonna die? What? Dearman's office was bombed.
Was he hurt? No, he made it out in time.
You mind coming downtown? Answering a few questions? No.
No, Kenny.
I answered your questions last night.
I have a few more.
Yeah, well, you either arrest me, or you leave me alone.
Deanna Martin, I'm arresting you for unlawful use of explosives Hey, take your hands off her! Don't, or they'll arrest you, too.
It's okay.
You have the right to retain and instruct counsel without further delay.
This is crazy.
She's not the only environmentalist in town.
She's a leader, and she's been arrested at violent protests before.
What, you didn't know? That still doesn't mean that she's going to make a bomb.
I wouldn't have charged her if I didn't have evidence.
What evidence? What's gonna happen? She's gonna need a lawyer.
Is she gonna go to jail? I hope not.
Look, you should go back to work.
How am I supposed to work? There's nothing you can do here.
Look, I'll call you as soon as I know anything.
Sorry I'm late It's okay.
We heard.
Everyone thinks it sucks your mom got arrested.
I think it sucks, too.
I should get back to work.
What can I do? Nothing.
What have they got? Video of her truck at the crime scenes.
Both explosions.
How do they know it's her truck? License plate.
How do they know she was in it? She said that it was parked in her driveway all night.
Neighbours said it wasn't.
Why would she say that? People lie for a lot of reasons.
Well, do you think she did it? I'm her lawyer.
I'm the last person you should ask.
Can we see the video? Not unless you know someone on the inside.
That's her truck, all right.
Well, there's two of them.
You can't tell who, though.
Dearman thought one of them looked like an Indian with long, black hair.
From this? No, from this.
You have one minute to get of your office.
Or what? Or you will blow up with it.
Whoever it is, they're in Deanna's pickup truck.
They have long, dark hair, too.
A lot of people have long, dark hair.
Where'd they get the footage? Dearman's computer.
Paranoid bastard records all his Skype calls, even with his wife.
So we have to convince the cops someone else used her truck.
Well, that shouldn't be hard.
Just ask her who had it.
She's not talking.
What do you mean she's not talking? Not even to me.
Hey, how did you get in here? Gabby.
Loreen's cousin.
It's good to have relatives in low places? I think Kenny Sahcho turned a blind eye, too.
How you doing? I've been arrested.
Other than that, I'm good.
I've seen the evidence.
The bomber was in your truck.
Were you involved? Please, Deanna! If you don't talk, you'll go to jail.
Who are you covering for? Who had your truck? Your mom is lying to the cops.
Look, either she did it, or she's protecting somebody.
- Is it you? - No! Then who was driving her truck when those bombs went off? A lot of people used her truck.
Me, Raymond, Jonas.
Well, do you have your blasting ticket? Anyone can learn how to build a bomb on the Internet.
Anyone like who? Come on, Hailey! I need to think.
There was a lot going on between the election and the protest.
Everything's a blur.
Well, think real hard, or your mom could be spending a long time in jail.
You okay? Little jumpy.
Just getting back into the swing.
Yeah, older we get, harder it is to bounce back? No sense lying to ourselves about it.
- Nobody's lying.
- Nobody? - No.
- Okay.
You know, we should go for a beer together, you and me.
We should.
Maybe raise a little hell.
So we've got these two, and Do you want to drive out to the lake right now? Sure.
What, are you spying on me? Right now I don't care about what the two of you are doing.
I want to know who had your mom's truck when those bombs went off.
Was it him? Is that why you drove out here? No! I was upset so I wanted to talk to someone.
Then it was Jonas.
I was with him the whole time that night, working on the rally.
How do I know you're not protecting your friend? We're not friends.
The two of you were working that night.
That doesn't mean we're friends.
What up? You're a pretty militant guy? Yeah, I believe in certain things.
How long have you had your blasting ticket? How do you know about that? You just told me.
I didn't plant any bombs.
I don't think Deanna did either, and I know my sister.
Do you? So what, are you all involved? Covering for each other? What do you mean? Well, Philip George, he said that the two of you were out together that night.
Had a drink, a couple of good friends out on the town.
Me and Philip, we're tight.
Yeah, that's what he said.
Freddie, do me a favour.
Find out anything you can about Philip George, because a lot of people are lying to me, and I know that he's one of them.
I'll call you back later.
Does this mean you're releasing my sister? Come on, Martin, stay out of it.
I can't fly to trout lake this morning.
I tied one on last night.
Didn't get enough hours between bottle and throttle.
- We can delay the flight.
- It went pretty late.
I might still be half cut.
We cracked open that two-sixer at the back of the filing cabinet.
Had a little more kick than I thought.
What the hell happened to you? Late night? Well, I just got a call from Twin Lakes Airline.
And? You're not gonna believe this.
Why are they still holding on to her? They are convinced that Deanna and Jonas were working together.
Well, can't you get her out on bail or something? Jonas told the cops about another bomb, and it was wired to the ignition in Dearman's car.
They disarmed it, but there might be attempted murder charges.
Might not be bail at all.
Shit! What did you find out about Philip? He doesn't exist.
Bobby! Twin Lakes asked for help with a charter.
Extra cash is good.
What? It's equipment for the uranium mine, and Ronnie Dearman is the lone passenger.
No way.
You know what that mine is gonna do to the land? It's business Besides, our people need those jobs.
Okay, that's another argument.
For now it's just helping out another airline with a charter.
Come on, you know how this goes.
What happens when we need help? Well, obviously, I'm outvoted, so whatever.
I've got to get my sister out of jail.
What the hell are you doing in here? Your boyfriend's real name is Ivan raymore.
He's from saskatchewan.
Had his blasting ticket from road construction.
Is this true? You know when you said that you were with Jonas the whole time, and I thought you were lying? Now I believe you.
That makes you the accomplice, not Deanna.
You're such a liar! You told me you had nothing to do with it.
My mom is in jail because of you.
The bombs weren't meant to hurt anyone.
It was just meant to cause delays and scare off the investors.
Dearman's car? It would have went off when he wasn't in it.
It was wired to the ignition, and that would've killed him.
Lucky for you Jonas went to the cops.
That's not why he told the cops.
What are you not telling us? I'm not telling you anything.
You're not going anywhere.
Enough! You're done! The cops are on their way! There's another bomb, isn't there? Where? Please, Philip! It's Dearman's equipment.
That's where the target is.
You can't stop it.
It was set to go off a few hours after the plane landed at the mine site.
You're going to tell me exactly where.
It's not going to hurt anybody.
There was a mechanical problem.
Arctic Air took over that charter.
My God, it's going to explode in midair.
Krista's flying it.
Dammit! Where's Loreen? Probably in cargo covering for me.
Keep calling.
Good afternoon, Arctic Air.
Loreen, it's Hailey.
There's a bomb on the DC3! What? Did they take the sat phone? Come on! Hello? Loreen, hello to you on this beautiful day.
And if I had a choice, this crap would be on the tarmac back in Yellowknife and your ass would be on its way out of town - Krista! - What? There's a bomb on the plane! Where? How much time do we have? How can there be a bomb on the plane? Those terrorists are in jail.
What're you doing? Trying to save our lives.
Crate 17, look for it.
Come on, we've only got a few minutes.
Here! 17! Okay, we've got to throw it out.
No, whoa! Open it.
Look, this is expensive equipment.
We don't even know if there's a bomb in there! Look, it'll take two seconds.
- Got it? - Yup.
Found it! We found it.
Timer's down to four minutes.
That's no good.
You're 20 minutes from the nearest airstrip.
We'll call you back.
What are we doing? There's nowhere close enough to land.
We have to push it out.
What can I do? Go fly the plane.
Lower your air speed to reduce the wind pressure on the cargo door, otherwise they can't get it open.
- Hang on.
- What? I've got to open the door.
Some help! Get something to prop the door open.
Help! Help me push the door open.
- Got it? - Yeah! They got the door open.
Down to a minute.
A minute! What happened? It's stuck on another crate! Okay, just move the crate back, slide it to the side.
- Come on.
- All right! It's out.
It's out, they got it out.
They got it out in time.
Yes! That was a $50,000 piece of equipment.
Arctic Air's gonna pay for it.
A bomb on a plane? What next? Hopefully nothing.
Your daughter.
She is fearless.
Always has been.
Sore hand? Yeah.
I just bruised it trying to open the cargo door.
And you? Slipped on some gravel.
Landed on it.
Come here.
You saved my life.
I owe you one.
Call it even.
- You lied.
- What? I took that bottle out of your filing cabinet last month.
Loreen and her big mouth.
What's this? - Doctor.
- I have a doctor.
Yeah, not this kind of doctor.
A shrink? You lied about getting drunk last night because you're afraid of flying, and since we can't talk about it, you should find someone you can talk to.
Life's too short, dad.
I never knew you were arrested before.
Me neither.
Well, you know, it was a long time ago.
I can't believe you thought I was involved.
Well, you did borrow my truck that night.
And you.
You thought I did it? Not for a minute.
When are you going to tell Kirby? Never.
He doesn't need to know.
He's your husband, my girl.
Yes, and I will deal with him.
I just want you to be happy.
Me too.
- Hey.
- Hey! - Family dinner.
- Yeah.
It's been a while.
What are you having? Hey.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
What Hey, come on Hey It's okay, hails.
They caught the bad guys.
We're good.