Arctic Air (2012) s02e08 Episode Script

Secrets & Lies

Previously, on Arctic Air If I'd have known Petra was pregnant, I would've stayed.
Don't trust this son of a bitch! David is his father.
Connor doesn't even know who you are.
My dad's away a lot.
Hey, it's been hard on Connor.
Parents splitting up.
He just needs a guy to talk to.
Are you sure you're that guy? Mayday! Mayday! Everyone buckled in back there? Go with the motion! This is it! It's bad, Bobby.
The wreckage is scattered.
- Where's David? - He's in Tuk.
He lives up there full-time now.
We separated last month.
Wow! I forgot how good our boys are.
Better than any Vancouver Canucks game, huh? Well, that's just 'cause they play for beer, wings, and bragging rights.
Keeps them hungry.
What about you, Connor? You gonna sign up for peewee? Mom won't let me.
She's worried out head injuries.
What's wrong with soccer? - Can you talk to her? - Hey.
Are you packed? Your dad's going to be here any minute.
Don't leave that stuff on the counter! Want a beer? - Yeah.
- 'Course.
Hard to tell what made him happier-- the game or the junk food.
It is nice to see him smile again.
He's been having a hard time with David not being around.
Well, why don't we take him dog-sledding next week? We can't.
I'll fly him up to Fort Providence.
I have a guy who runs teams.
I think we need to cool it for a while.
I don't want Connor to get the wrong idea.
About what? About this.
Well, there's nothing going on between us.
This is about Connor.
Yes, and Connor and I need to learn to live on our own.
And I thought you said that it was good to see him happy.
I did! And it is.
We've had fun.
You've been great.
What are you worried about? I don't want Connor to become dependent on you.
I think he should be dependent on me! I'm his father.
He doesn't know that.
You're my dad? Oh, God.
Are you my real dad? Yes.
David adopted you when you were one.
Why didn't you tell me? - I was going to-- - When? - Hello.
- Oh, your dad is here.
- Does he know? - Yes.
So, everybody lied.
Just stay here.
Your mom and I this is not the way I wanted to tell you.
David, you can't take Connor this weekend.
The hell I can't.
Look, he overheard me and Bobby talking.
About what? He heard Bobby say that he was his dad.
So what did you say? Well, I wasn't going to lie to him.
So you told him behind my back? We never meant-- we didn't know-- Hey, let me take you upstairs, help you pack.
He's my son! Okay, he knows that, but at some point he was going to find out that Bobby is-- Is what? I raised him! I don't think you should hear this.
I want to hear the truth.
He'll always be your son, David.
Okay? Nothing's changed.
Bobby's a friend.
Oh, yeah.
Real good friend.
Where's he been for the last decade? - Connor - They were gonna get back together! You wrecked everything! Look, we just need to sit down and talk with him.
Oh? "We"? I'm gone three months and you start banging Bobby.
Who's going to step in and play "daddy" the next time he knocks you up? Um actually, David, I meant you and me.
Connor needs both his parents right now.
Yeah, well, I'm leaving for Newfoundland in two weeks.
I got a rig job.
Have you told Connor? - I'm telling him this weekend.
- Jesus, David, you can't! He's already upset.
Oh, yeah? Whose fault is that? It wasn't planned.
You stay out of this.
Hey, buddy.
Ready to go? Yeah.
Get me out of here.
Connor, I don't think it's a good idea.
I don't care what you think.
Hey! I want him back by 7:00! He's got school on Monday! It's only a couple of nights.
We'll talk about this when he comes back.
So what're you going to do? Co-parent with Petra and David somehow? I don't know.
We'll figure it out.
First we've got a party to plan.
Okay! Well, so, I was thinking a small get-together at my place.
This is the 35th anniversary of this company! I think we should open up the hangar and invite the entire town.
Or why don't we, um, pull Mel's toenails out with rusty pliers? I think he might like that more.
This is not about Mel.
Okay, Mel is Arctic Air.
Give yourself some credit! The airline would not have made it into this century without you.
Well, I could see taking the staff out for dinner.
What about Thornton's? Okay, look.
We've been so focused on tapping the executive market.
Yeah, we've forgotten about the locals.
Which is our bread and butter.
So, what, you think giving them cake is going to win them back from our competition? Can't hurt.
And I got a friend at the paper who wants to do a story on us.
So Mel is sneaking off to Edmonton on Friday, just in case anyone tries to throw a party, so, what are you thinking? Tuesday.
Tuesday? Yeah.
So, next Tuesday.
Tomorrow night? To pull all this off? I've written down some names and numbers.
You call that half.
I call mine.
Okay, but aren't you flying today? I'm gonna be in Behchoko, but I'll be back in time.
Hi, Krista.
David didn't bring Connor home last night.
He's not answering his cell.
Can you fly me to Tuk? Yeah, I'll get a plane.
Can you find someone else? Yeah, yeah.
So, um, when's the last time you heard Oh! I'm sorry.
I thought this was David Maltby's.
It is.
Who are you? I'm Petra.
I'm looking for Connor.
He's not here.
Well, do you know where David is? I just got back from Vegas.
I thought he was in Yellowknife, dropping off Connor.
Could you call him, please? Why can't you? He's ignoring my calls.
I assume he still takes yours? He was supposed to have Connor back last night.
You know, we're moving to Newfoundland.
He needs time with Connor to help him understand.
No answer.
Well, you know, when you do talk to him, just tell him to call us.
Thank you.
"He needs time with Connor to help him understand"? She was just pushing your buttons.
I don't care about David's skank! I want my son back.
He's probably headed back to Yellowknife as we speak.
You don't know him, Bobby! He's got a temper.
And when he's cornered, he just He is not going to abduct his own child.
He's furious that we told Connor the truth, and with this job down east I wouldn't put it past him.
Hey, wherever Connor is, we'll find him.
I flew them out Saturday morning, about 45 minutes northeast of here.
Where were they going? They had a sled.
David said he didn't need a pick-up, said he was gonna snowmobile out with the kid.
When? He didn't say.
Did they have any gear, food? Uh, enough for the week, at least.
Why aren't they back? Why haven't they called? David's pissed.
Just give him a couple of days to cool off.
I'm not waiting.
David's not going to keep Connor out there.
I'm sorry, Bobby, I've gotta go.
Thanks, Layla.
Any time.
He's making a run for it.
Look, they're on the edge of the Arctic Ocean.
What's he gonna do? Bribe an icebreaker and make a run for international waters? He could find a pilot to take them anywhere! They could be half-way to Mexico by now! Come on, Petra.
You know, this is exactly why I didn't want Connor to know.
You don't have the slightest clue what it means to be a parent.
That's where Layla dropped them off? These are the coordinates she gave me.
It's the middle of nowhere! What's that? Down there.
Could be their campsite.
Can you land? Sun's going down.
We'll be stuck till morning.
Bobby, please.
All right.
Let's check it out.
David? Connor? Well, looks like they have enough supplies for a couple of weeks.
So where are they? On the snowmobile.
They'll be back.
Unless something's happened.
Bobby, we have to find them.
The sun's going down.
Well, we can't just leave them out there! You said that David knows the land.
You know, if it gets too dark, I'm sure they'll find someplace safe to sleep.
What time is it? Sorry.
I just thought I heard something.
You're freezing.
Come here.
Where are they, Bobby? We'll find them.
All their supplies are here.
How are they keeping warm? Don't think like that.
You're going to drive yourself crazy.
When I said that we didn't need you in our lives, I just When you left, I didn't want Connor to grow up missing you.
I would've come back, if you'd asked.
I didn't want to have to ask.
It's all right.
I can't.
- I'm sorry.
- You don't have to be sorry.
Let's just get some sleep.
Okay, I wouldn't normally ask, but, uh I have no idea when Bobby'll be back, and I lost most of yesterday because of the Behchoko run, and the party's tonight! Dev can't lie.
Dev! Hmm? Look at this face.
Tells you everything.
No, no, no.
I am a wonderful liar! You will see.
I will prove it.
How can I help? I need you to pick up the booze, stash it back here, grab the cake from the bakery, get it to the office by 6:00, without anybody seeing you.
Piece of cake! Ready to go? Yeah.
We don't know how far they got.
If we can't find 'em by noon, we turn back.
We keep looking till we find them! Hey, it's me again.
I'm just, uh well, I hope everything's going okay with Connor.
I'm just wondering, should I call the reporter? I-- I don't know.
Call me.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Well, Bobby hasn't called since he left, and he's not answering his phone.
He's probably out of cell range.
You're right.
I sound pathetic.
I know.
I'm sorry.
You should be furious.
He's looking for his son.
Guy stuck you with all the work for the party! It's supposed to be a secret.
Don't worry.
My cousin won't say anything.
Your cousin! How did she-- oh.
Let me guess.
She made the cake? No, but her boss got her in to decorate it.
Oh! I am never gonna pull this off without Mel finding out.
You just need a little false intelligence.
Hey, Cece! Krista's throwing a 35th anniversary party.
Mel ain't gonna like that.
Yeah, which is why we're keeping it quiet.
Saturday night.
Don't tell anyone.
Oh, and get an ice cream cake.
I hate that white grocery store crap.
Cece can't keep a secret to save his life.
Thanks, "Crash.
" That nickname's getting old.
So are we.
Despite your best efforts.
Still, I appreciate the coffee.
They were emptying the old pot.
Your dregs were free.
Why don't you just admit you're giving me gifts to alleviate the guilt you feel for almost killin' me? The only guilt I feel is for dumping a feeble old man on Petra.
Now she has to look after you and Connor.
This feeb isn't slowing her down any.
She's out every weekend with Bobby Martin.
Last time she did that, she wound up pregnant.
Bobby's doing what he should've done years ago getting to know his son.
Better not give me another grandkid.
Astrid! Ja? What are you doing? Uh they were having a sale.
On a Tuesday morning? Ja.
And you heard about this incredible deal and decided to skip work to load up on party favours? Well, y uh you n never know when you might need them.
You're going to drink all of this? Ja.
Not all at once.
I-I I like to spread it out.
Not while I'm flying.
Hello! I suppose you're wondering what we're doing here.
We're throwing a party.
Thursday night.
It was supposed to be a surprise.
Please don't tell Krista you found out.
I would be very afraid, you know.
Thursday night? Ja.
I think my travel plans just changed.
Maybe we should search from the air.
We won't be able to see their tracks from the plane.
They could be days ahead of us by now.
They've left behind all their gear.
They're coming back.
What if something's happened? Don't think like that, okay? We'll find them.
Then I'm gonna tear off David's head for putting you through this.
Well, that settles it then.
You are definitely the terrible liar.
I am not! Mel surprised me.
I wasn't ready.
So so, uh if I ask you, do I really sound better than Neil Diamond when I sing "Sweet Caroline"? I was being polite.
You sucked.
And when you said you loved my malai kofta? I did.
I-I-I do, I do.
You are lying.
I know this because you look away and you do this.
Dev! I am not lying.
I saw you spit the kofta into your napkin when you thought I wasn't looking, and now you are blushing.
Oh, this is very, very good! You're like a human polygraph.
I am not! Okay, so.
So if I told you Trudy wrote me - a very provocative email-- - Then I would say you are lying! Trudy is a lesbian.
You would feel no jealousy if Trudy and I got back together? Nej! You are lying.
You do have feelings for me.
You are my co-worker! - Krista is also these things and she and I, we never-- - Fine! It's different.
But it doesn't change anything.
Of course it does.
Nej! You love Yellowknife the north, Arctic Air.
I don't.
I came here to build my career, not to get stuck.
Once, I made the mistake of letting a boyfriend distract me.
Boyfriend? - You-- - I-- am going back to work.
You can stop interrogating me, or you can walk.
- But-but this conversation-- - Is over! There.
What's over there? A snowmobile.
Connor! David! David! Petra.
Where's Connor? He went for help.
My leg's broken.
What happened? I don't know.
I hit something and flipped.
Was Connor hurt? He wasn't with me.
What? I was looking for him.
He took off after I told him about Newfoundland.
Connor was out here alone all night? No! He came back on his own.
He found me.
He wanted to go for help, but I talked him into staying till morning.
Looks like he did a good job, setting you up.
He probably saved my life.
Which way did he go? There.
When? Sunrise.
It's only been a couple of hours.
He's on foot.
We can catch up.
Are you gonna be okay? Yeah.
We'll be back.
So, I don't know how much Bobby told you-- He tells me a lot of things.
Did you know him in Vancouver? No.
Well, um just to be clear, we don't want a nostalgia piece.
It-- - I know.
-Okay, well it needs to reflect, uh, the new Arctic Air.
- Modern and - Dynamic.
Bobby already laid it on real thick.
Thing is Mel isn't either of those things.
Look, don't worry about Mel.
He's not the whole story.
There is no story without Mel, and I can't wait till the party tonight to talk to him.
My deadline's 4:00.
Well, I can probably answer any questions you have about Mel.
No Mel, no story.
I'll figure something out.
He can't be out here! He's just a little boy! Hey, you saw what he did for David.
He knows how to survive.
There's no one around! Where's he gonna go for help? I don't know.
Your house is stuffed with alcoholic beverages.
And we have to talk about decorations.
Okay! I have to get Mel in a room with a reporter for half an hour.
Oh, okay, well, and maybe he'll wear a tie and open up about his childhood.
Does it have to be a room? We have a tourist.
In the waiting room.
Oh, I was hopin' the cold would drive 'em off till spring.
She wants a private sightseeing flight.
Dev, if you want to impress the cute girl, just sign out a plane, and pay for the fuel.
Oh, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
She wants you.
Hmm? And she's willing to pay very handsomely.
For you to fly her.
Where's she from? I didn't ask.
How'd she hear about me? Everyone has heard about you.
All right.
Let's get a training run out of it.
Tell Astrid to grab her gear.
I'm taking a tourist up.
That's Rebecca O'Callaghan.
She's a reporter at "The Yellowknifer.
" I know.
If I take Dev and Astrid with me, I won't have to talk to her, and they won't have time to help Krista with the party tonight.
Hey! That was supposed to be a surprise.
How did you find out? Loreen the day somebody gets something like that past me is the day you send me home for good.
Mel Ivarson.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Wait! Over there.
Connor! Connor! Mom! Connor! Petra! Careful! Connor! He's not moving! Connor! Connor! Connor! Are you okay? Dad's hurt.
I know! We found him.
He's fine.
We're going to get you out, okay? I just need you to stay calm.
My wrist really hurts.
It's okay, baby.
We're going to get you out.
We're gonna need a rope.
What if you went in, could you boost him up to me? He's too far down.
I've got to go back and get some gear.
It's freezing, Bobby.
We can't wait.
Give this to him.
Keep him warm, stay with him.
He's already shivering.
I'll be back.
Just make sure he keeps talking.
Mom? What's happening? Bobby's gone to get some gear, to get you out.
All right, now wrap this around you to keep warm.
Can you feel your feet? Yeah.
Okay, that's good! Keep moving them.
Now, I've got some stuff here.
Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? I can throw it down to you! I want to go home.
I know, baby.
We will.
You just left him there? No way to get him out.
He said he hurt his wrist.
Might be broken.
There's gotta be a way he can climb out.
I just wanted a few days with my son.
Just one last guys' trip before I leave.
You put Petra through hell.
How long do you think he has before he freezes? I'll get him out.
Mom! There's a crack in the ice.
- If I go that way - No! Connor! Stay right where you are.
Bobby will be back any minute.
My feet are freezing.
Just keep wiggling them! But I need you to stay right there, where I can see you, okay? Now, we're going to get you out, I promise.
Hey, Connor? I am sorry I didn't tell you about Bobby.
Why didn't he ever visit us? Oh because I told him not to.
Look, I was angry, and hurt, and I missed him too much.
Then why didn't you want to see him? 'Cause your dad came into our lives.
And he loved you so much.
Bobby was busy in Vancouver.
Dad's really upset.
He wants me to move to Newfoundland with him.
What do you want to do? I want to stay here in Yellowknife with you and grandpa.
I'm glad.
'Cause that's what we want, too.
Mom! I can't feel my toes! Just keep moving them! I'm so cold.
Look, keep talking to mommy, okay? I can't.
Yes, you can! You're a fighter.
I'm so proud of the way you looked after your dad.
All right? Now, you know how to survive out here.
Just like Bobby.
It's in your blood! I hear you and your partner, Silas, were competing bush pilots when you met.
Bush pilots are a lifeline for people in the north.
They no more compete than doctors compete for patients.
After Silas Martin disappeared, you ran the company by yourself.
For almost two decades.
No one knows northern aviation more than this great man, right here.
And your daughter, Krista, I understand she's been running the company during your recovery.
I was off for a couple months.
Almost four.
Which seems like not very long, when you consider the extent of your injuries.
Mel is tough! And back stronger than ever! You're not 20 anymore.
And with Bobby and Krista poised to take over, retirement must've crossed your mind.
Everybody strapped in? Ooh! What are you doing? Showing you what's crossing my mind.
Any more questions? Hurry! He's freezing.
Are you sure you can hold the weight? Gonna use the sled as an anchor.
Mom? Mom? How was your flight? Your father's a lunatic! Did you get what you needed? If I were you, I'd try to smooth that over before 6,000 copies go out.
You look like you just rode your bike without training wheels for the first time.
Similar feeling.
Oh, stop being such a brat.
This party is good for all of us, and it's important to Krista.
Everyone knows who the hell we are.
We don't need to blow our own horn.
You do realize that this company is as much Krista's now as yours, right? She and Bobby stepped up while you were recovering.
She held this place together.
And? And it's her turn to shine! Let her have her moment, Mel.
She doesn't want to shine! She wants to fly.
She's her father's daughter.
Call the reporter and make nice.
Change your shirt, put on a smile.
The party starts at 6:00.
I think we're good! Let's go.
Connor! Connor? Where are you? Connor! Connor! Where could he have gone? He said there was another way out, a crack in the ice, but I told him not to go! He must've panicked.
He's got to be hypothermic.
Give me the rope.
What if he passes out? I can carry him.
You stay up here and keep calling his name.
What are you doing? The sled should be able to hold me.
Ah! Connor! Connor? Connor! Connor? Connor! Connor? Connor! I've got him! Is he breathing? Yes! We've got to get him out of here! Fast! All right! Oh, God, baby.
Honey, are you okay? Let's get you warm.
Connor? Oh, my God! Let's get you warm.
Let's get you warm.
Connor! Baby! Wake up! Wake up! I've got you.
You're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.
Mom? Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Oh, my boy! Krista? You win, Mel.
You made yourself abundantly clear.
You wrote it in the sky.
If that article means so much to you, I'll give Rebecca another chance.
Don't give that hack anything.
She promised she'd focus on the new Arctic Air.
Growing alongside its booming city, blah, blah, blah.
She's writing a nostalgia piece.
About you.
"Old dog, old tricks.
" Hmph.
Good to know I've still got 'em.
Well, it's gonna be on page two in tomorrow's paper.
Page two? What the hell happened to page one? I thought you'd be ready to kill her.
Or me.
Or both.
Hey, she can write whatever she wants.
Picture's worth a thousand words, and I'll always have that image of her face.
Are you gonna make it to the party? Maybe.
So what did you do? Well, when my brother became a doctor, I got him really drunk and then his friends made him a full-body cast, so he couldn't move, and then we wheeled him into his girlfriend's apartment, and then when he woke up, everybody was there.
"Surprise!" You should have seen his face.
How marvellous.
It was.
Are you lying now? I am being polite.
Please don't ever throw me a surprise party.
Ah, see, I know you're lying now.
You would love it.
My heart would stop.
Hey, you pulled it off.
Nicely done.
Sorry I couldn't help you out.
And next time, don't let Bobby dump this all on you.
I think someone's thirsty.
Food's good.
Maybe we should do this again for the 50th.
You can organize it.
Heard from Bobby? Not yet.
You'd think our partner might want to show up for this.
Well, I am just glad that you're here.
Hey, Crash! Have you gotten into the booze yet? Haven't been driven to drink till right this second.
I need you to fly me to Tuk.
Connor and David are at the health centre.
Are they okay? Connor broke his wrist.
David had some sort of snowmobile accident.
They're both being treated for hypothermia, but, yeah, they're gonna be fine.
Are Bobby and Petra with them? Yeah, Bobby called me.
He did? Well, that's great.
Well, I'm glad they found Connor.
He'll call you.
Fly safe.
I'm surprised you're willing to fly with "Crash" Ivarson.
Mel the only reason we're still standing here is because you were on that plane.
If you hadn't taken over from that pilot You're the only guy I will fly with.
Well can't think of a better way to celebrate 35 years.
Hello? - Hey, it's me.
- Bobby! Is everyone okay? Yeah, we're okay.
Everything's fine.
I'm sorry I didn't call any sooner.
No! No, no, no, no.
That's okay.
God I miss you.
I really wish I could be home right now.
What happened up there? Hey, buddy.
Got something for you to take your mind off your wrist.
How am I supposed to play this with one arm? Right.
Can I sign your cast? What is that? T'licho.
Our language.
What's it say? Sezha dahzhii.
Hard to translate.
Kind of means "my brave son.
" Huh.
Those the same cookies your mom used to make? Yup.
Where do you think I learned the art of guilt-baking? It wasn't your fault.
Yes, it was.
If I had just told Connor everything from the beginning, then none of this would've happened.
You made the right call at the time.
Things have changed.
We'll deal with it.
Hey I'm not going anywhere.
Don't touch my cookies! What're you doing? We're on the same team.
I'm trying! Hey! Krista! Wanna play? Hey-hey-hey! Hey.
Come on in.
Have a cookie.
Which one is to jump? Okay.
I've gotcha.
Hah! See?