Arctic Air (2012) s03e05 Episode Script

The Devils You Know

Previously, on Arctic Air I wanted you to have something for the house that was just yours.
You might wanna remember who your friends are.
Is that supposed to be a threat? I'm just talking about friendship.
This whole community is in danger and you're worried about who takes the credit? And you end up looking like the hero.
Back off, Martin.
You know why I like you, Dearman? Because we're both strategists.
Really? No, it's not working.
You were right.
I'm hoping if you go away, you'll realize that you can't live without me.
So I got us two rooms at the Nova.
They were full up, but pulled some strings.
So, I'm not sure when you guys are making a decision about this contract Uh, Wednesday.
Um Um But our airline's got deep roots.
Our pilots know everybody as I'm sure you noticed, flying with me for the last couple days.
Um uh, which would be a great asset to your work in the communities A-are you interested in that guy? Oh, God, no.
Well, what I'm saying is that I think we would be a great fit for Excuse me.
I know you're here with somebody, but my friend and I are taking bets that you're not married.
Has a girl still got a shot? I'm, uh Open to offers.
- Lindsay.
- Frank.
Look, I don't do this.
I never do this.
How long are you in town for? Just tonight.
Is this Is this right? Sorry.
It's a new phone number.
I just moved.
Oh, yeah? Me too.
No way.
Where from? Windsor.
How long you been up here? Six months.
Work offshore, on the rigs.
Welder? Yeah.
How'd you know? 'Cause I have your picture on my wall.
Your rap sheet, Vernon.
Hands on the bar, now! You're under arrest for armed robbery Hey! And assault.
Do you understand? You have the right to retain and instruct counsel.
Frank! Whoa! Whoa.
Stay out of Whoa! Let go of him! You, shut it! The rest of you, back off! This is harassment.
He didn't do anything.
You heard the officer.
Cupcake, stay out of it! Krista! You stay out of it.
Stay off! One lousy cop? Take her! Are you crazy? Carry on.
Originally Aired February 4, 2014 I'll be down in a minute! No rush! The restaurant is open till 10 P.
Wow! You look great.
Yeah, well, it's a darn sight better than the baggy t-shirt and leggings I wore on our last date.
You remember what you wore 14 years ago? I remember everything.
I know we didn't get as far as a restaurant.
No, we got about as far as the backseat of your car.
That, I remember.
We should get going.
To the backseat of my car? Seriously.
Not like this is even a real date.
'Course, neither was the last one.
You know what I mean.
Nobody's trying to rush anything.
Are we sure this is a good idea? No.
This could get complicated.
In the future, when I tell you to stay out of it I thought you needed a hand.
I had it under control.
Till she-woman came out of the bathroom.
Who taught you to fight like that? Older brother? My dad.
He always said, "If you have the chance to run, take it.
- if not" - "Grab a pool cue.
" Sounds like my dad.
Is he still? No.
I'm sorry.
You're lucky to have yours still around.
I am.
So, tell me what it is you need from me to nail down this contract.
You're still here.
Is that bad? Mm.
It's good.
So? So.
This is what complicated feels like.
It feels good.
Oh, my God! That's Connor.
Already? He was supposed to sleep at a friend's house until at least noon.
Uh Hey, buddy.
How's it going? Fine.
You have fun last night? Yeah.
We watched movies.
Look, your mom and I it wasn't something that we planned.
It's just Mitchell's got Netflix.
Mom won't get it.
She doesn't want me to spend more time on the computer.
You hate granola.
Want some pancakes? Chocolate-chip? You got it.
Bobby? You in? Dearman resources? You invested with Dearman? Do you read everyone's mail? Petra, you should've talked to me.
I know how you feel about him.
It's not personal.
The guy's just not trustworthy.
The guy makes money.
Dad and I talked about what to do with the money we made when we sold the Lodge, and Dearman's mine is a good investment.
A quarter of a million bucks? We have that much money? You're not my financial advisor.
Look, I'll pass on the pancakes.
I gotta get to work.
I'll see ya, buddy.
Heading to Fort Gordon? Somebody's been reading the Financial Times.
Why? You want in? You took some money from the Hossas.
If you're referring to Doc Hossa and your Baby Mama, then, yes, they invested with me.
That's a billion-dollar deal.
I don't think small.
Then why are you hitting up small-fry investors like Doc and Petra? Doc helped me out with something, couple years back.
I'm doing the old guy a favour.
And as for Petra, well, what can I say? She's hot.
Now, if you'll excuse me, my chariot awaits.
What I can't wrap my head around is Dearman taking pocket change from a nurse and a retired doctor.
But this is the Fort Gordon gold mine we're talking about right? Yeah.
He has international investors lined up.
He just needs approval from the Sah'Cho Economic Development Board.
Petra and Doc might want to ask for their pocket change back, like, now.
The vote's today, and I'm hearing there's a big split in the community.
Since when? Uh, it all started to come out a couple of days ago.
Allegations of corruption and bribery on the Board.
The whole deal could fall apart.
Thanks again for putting in a good word for us.
Hey, it's purely selfish.
The other airlines weren't half as entertaining.
Glad to hear it! We should do that again.
I can't promise you that much excitement on every trip.
Good! I'm okay with that.
- See ya.
- Bye.
Looks like you guys connected.
Yeah, you know, it was a really good trip.
She's pretty hot for a cop.
Oh, FYI, last guy who was interested in her ended up in handcuffs.
Mm, kinky.
So how's it going? Good.
I mean, with Tag being gone.
Actually I'm on kind of a high.
I'd rather not think about that.
Yeah, yeah.
That's fine.
But if you need to talk Can we just drop it? Oh! Krista.
How are you? I'm fine.
Oh, Dev and I were thinking, it must be so hard being alone in the house, Tag being gone I said I'm fine.
Why don't you come over for dinner tonight? I have plans.
Well, yeah, you're right That's would be too painful.
Having dinner with a happy couple.
I am being silly.
Uh, you and I Will go out, and we will drink Actually, I have an airline to run, okay? Loreen, I've got the paperwork for the northern circuit.
Oh, great.
How'd it go with Lindsay? Perfect.
She's my new B.
Um, something go wrong? 'Cause we really need that contract.
Yes! I know we need the contract.
I would've pimped out Blake to get that contract, but we bonded, so it's all good, guys.
She gave me the wrong copy.
Sorry about that.
Um Here, this is the one you need.
- Glad the flight went well.
- Yeah.
What, are you stalking me? We weren't done.
- I was.
- Something here stinks.
Look, can you express your moral outrage another time? I'm busy.
The community's split on this mine.
Did you disclose that to your investors? Martin, why don't you just step aside and let the professionals handle it? Has the Economic Development Board made a decision? The vote is a lock.
- Five-to-four in my favour.
- How do you know? It's called due diligence, pal, look it up.
Who'd you bribe? Nobody.
I hired a consultant.
Bruce Ward? Are you crazy? What the hell are you doing here? Don't worry about him.
What happened? They screwed us.
What does that mean? What what do you mean by "screwed"? They just voted me off the board.
- What? - Yeah! Rebecca Morelund.
She's the one who engineered it.
Who the hell is Rebecca Morelund? Nobody.
Some local chief.
It's over, man.
What about our majority on the board? We lost it.
The deal's dead.
this Rebecca Morelund, can she be swayed? She just got me kicked off the board.
You guaranteed me that this was a slam-dunk! I'm giving you two percent of a billion-dollar deal here! Yeah, well, you didn't grease enough palms.
- I paid you to do that! - Don't lay it on me! Okay! I talked to them.
And? Word got around Bruce was bought and paid for.
Rebecca Morelund's just the one who blew the whistle.
She stabbed me in the back.
People here have a lot of respect for her.
Now She's got the deciding vote.
What do we do now? Well, you start by giving Doc and Petra their investment back.
That money is tied up.
Untie it.
You want their money back? Convince the board to sign the deal.
What's Martin gonna do in 24 hours? If we don't close this deal right now, and get it to the Yellowknife Claims Office by 4:30 tomorrow, it's over.
My European partner backs out! The whole thing falls apart! You waited till the last day to close the deal? Thanks to your people! They've been dicking around for six months.
Friggin' Indian time.
I think it's called "leveraging," Ronnie.
They let the clock run out.
That's what smart business people do when they're negotiating.
Bobby! Bob-Bob-Bob-Bobby.
Look, Bruce was my swing vote, but I've got four people on that board who still want this deal.
It's just a matter of convincing Rebecca Morelund.
She kicked Bruce off because you had him in your pocket.
Why is she gonna turn around and negotiate with you? Because this is a good deal.
This deal is going to bring 300 jobs to her community, and generate millions of dollars over the next 10 years.
Then sell it to her yourself.
Bob! Bob-Bob-Bob.
Spade a spade.
She's not gonna listen to Whitey in the cowboy hat.
Just because you're a racist doesn't mean she is.
Either way, coming from you, pillar of the Dene business community, with a like-minded approach to sustainable development? In your dreams, Ronnie.
If this deal disappears, so does Petra's money! Constable Gallagher? Blake Laviolette.
What can I do for you? Actually, I came to talk to you about Krista Ivarson.
I know that you overheard what she said about the cop contract.
Oh, you mean my new B.
Yeah, uh, taken out of context, I know how that That probably sounded, but It wasn't out of context.
W-well, I know that she had a great time flying you around to the communities Kissing my butt to put in a good word for Arctic Air.
No! W-well I mean, yeah.
That would be great, but that's not like she was trying You heard what she said about you, pimping you out, and you still come here to apologize for her? Okay, the comment that she made, that was really based on something that I had said about you, it was a joke So the two of you were talking about me behind my back? No, it wasn't like that.
She has a lot going on.
She's trying to get a search-and-rescue operation off the ground.
Her boyfriend just left for the South Pole.
She is under a lot of stress.
Cut her some slack.
She can have all the slack she wants.
Krista's a good person.
She wasn't trying to hurt your feelings.
Yeah, well, this isn't Junior High, and some of us have real work to do.
So Hey.
I talked to Loreen.
What are you doing up there? I'm trying to figure out a very complicated situation.
Bobby, I appreciate your wanting to help, but my dad and I can handle our own affairs.
You're in danger of losing your money.
What? Why? That's the complicated part.
Dearman tried to use Bruce Ward to rig the vote and it blew up in their faces.
Bobby, we can't afford to lose that money.
That's my dad's entire life savings.
I'm working on it.
Look, I'll call you later.
Chief Morelund? Bobby Martin.
I understand you replaced Bruce Ward on the Economic Development Board.
Two hours.
It took Dearman longer than I thought to find another mouthpiece.
I don't like Dearman and I certainly don't condone what Bruce did, but this doesn't have to mean the death of the deal.
I agree.
You do? This project has huge potential for our community, but not if we don't have any control.
Come in.
You talk to her? What did she say? "Snake.
" What? I think that's the word she used to describe you.
I don't get you people.
I bring a multi-billion dollar deal to the table She also says that you're a brilliant businessman.
She'll vote our way? She'll consider it.
But she has conditions.
Such as? You put him up to this.
This has nothing to do with me.
You walk, or the deal dies simple as that.
You want to save this deal? I know how to handle these people.
Bruce, you get to keep your share.
Two percent, just like we agreed.
The only difference is, you get it for doing absolutely nothing, which is exactly what I want you to do.
So I'm out and Bobby Martin's in? You upgraded to a new Indian.
Just take the money, Bruce.
Walk away.
Happy trails.
That went well.
Goodnight, guys.
_ You go talk to Rebecca Morelund.
Tell her that Bruce Ward is no more.
I don't think he's giving up.
He just got a free sack of cash.
There's stuff you don't understand about the guy.
We grew up as kids together.
His family broke up, so he moved to Winnipeg.
Now, I went to university, and he got mixed up in the gang scene.
Bob, now is not a time to take a walk down Memory Lane.
I need that deal ready for signatures in the morning.
What I'm saying is that sometimes I almost feel sad for the guy.
Well, he hates you right now! Can we focus on the deal, please? Now, Rebecca's gonna want community ownership.
Now, I am willing to give up five percent, as long as the board doesn't hold up the environmental assessment.
What the hell is that? That's Rebecca's house! He wouldn't? He sure would.
You think she was in there? There! She's okay.
Can I get some help? Bruce! What do you want? You burned her house down? Prefab houses burn down all the time.
Bad wiring, dirty chimneys What the hell is wrong with you? You could've killed someone! Over a business deal! Last I heard, I wasn't part of any deal.
I'm going to the cops.
- With what? - I saw you there.
Along with half the town.
You look like hell.
Take a shower.
It's very Green in here.
Double-double? Hey, you got me a coffee.
Not sweet enough for you? Oh! Never is, when you make it.
It's the thought that counts.
Drink it and be grateful.
That new equipment is expensive.
Glad I'm not running this place anymore.
I will figure out a way to pay for it.
I know.
How you holding up? You and me tough as pig-iron.
On the outside.
Thanks for the coffee, dad.
Blake! Need you to swing down to Trout Lake after you go to Simpson.
- For? - Moose meat.
Uh, Krista? Um So yesterday after you got back from Inuvik with Lindsay, she overheard you tell Loreen that you had the police contract in the bag.
I was pissed off at Astrid.
I know.
I tried telling her that you were upset.
What? You talked to her? I tried to smooth things over.
Why would you do that? I-I kind of was trying to help her understand Understand what? That, you know, you're having some issues.
You told her about Tag? Krista, calm down, okay? It's a contract to fly a cop around to the communities.
It's not that big of a deal.
It is not about the money, Blake! It's about credibility! Preferred Petroleum is awarding a search-and-rescue contract in the spring.
Okay? We're talking huge, enough to finance the entire S-A-R Division, but for us to even have a chance, we need to have deals like this one in place with the government agencies, with you know what? My personal life is none of anybody's damned business! Did I just scream at you like a crazy person? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I get it.
Tag and I are in contact, sort of, but he can't make it to the phone.
We're gonna go travelling in a few months.
So that's good? I gotta go.
You need to talk to her, now! Rebecca? Her house just burned down.
And if the deal goes through, I will build her another house! I'm not having that conversation with her today.
There is no more time, Bob! I didn't make this mess.
You and Bruce did.
So that's your answer? When the going gets tough, Bobby Martin gives up? Great.
This is not my deal in the first place.
So you break the news to Petra that her dad's gonna spend his retirement in a cardboard box.
Attaboy, Bob.
Charm her pants off.
That was really something, eh? Last night.
Glad no one was hurt.
These things can be a lot worse.
Somebody wants to see you.
Meaning? Look, she doesn't want any more trouble.
Not with a guy like you.
I'm glad somebody came to her senses.
I'll take you over.
See you again soon.
I was wondering when you'd be here.
Wasn't sure if you'd come to work this morning.
Well, it was either that, or hang around the house.
Rebecca, I feel sick about what happened, but you have to believe me Dearman had nothing to do with it.
I know.
But his claim expires today, so if we're gonna close this deal, we'd better do it now.
You don't intimidate easily, do you? No.
I don't.
Well, Dearman says he can offer 5% to the community.
Tell him he can do a whole lot better than that.
- I need to see her! - I told her you were busy! George Paul and his cousins just went after Bruce Ward.
What? You didn't tell them? No! Of course not.
Hey! Enough! Stay out of this.
This is not how we do things.
Just let him go.
He's trying to terrorize our community! And by beating him to death, and going to jail, how's that help? Are you deaf or something? Okay What do you think you're doing? - We got this! - That's enough! All of you! Let him go.
We're better than he is.
He has to pay.
I said, let him go.
You've got one hour.
We catch you around here after that, you're dead.
Are you okay? That's enough.
You're lucky he came along.
I didn't ask for your help.
Friend of yours? That was a perfectly good coat! It's not the one I want.
I'm not driving all over town, Connor.
Look, I'll help pay for it.
- No.
- Why not? Aw, come on! Who do you keep on calling? Bobby, but he's not answering.
Having trouble already? Every everything's fine.
It's about the money, if you must know.
The money you and grampa invested? - Yes.
- You made a mistake? Maybe.
Bobby's trying to do something about it, but I'm afraid he's going to screw it up.
I thought you said you could handle it yourself.
Yeah, well, I don't always know what I'm doing.
Okay? I'd think that would be abundantly clear by now.
Is Bobby a mistake, too? Is that what you're mad about? You don't think we should be together? If you trust him enough to sleep with him, maybe you should trust him enough to get our money back.
No, they're voting today, but there's nothing to worry about.
Take it from me, Klaus.
No! We're we're still golden Klaus, could you hold for one minute? Ja, ja.
What the hell happened to you? Rebecca was willing to negotiate, but we got interrupted.
- By what? - Saving Bruce from vigilantes.
How far into the negotiations did you get? Bruce is fine, by the way.
How far did you get? We chatted again afterwards.
What does that mean? "Chatted"? Negotiated.
Ohh! You got her to talk? That's fantastic! Did you settle at 5%? Not quite.
In spite of how I feel about you, I saved the deal.
Rebecca's waiting for my word.
Klaus! Yes! Excellent news Deal's done.
We're good to go.
Yes, indeed.
My best to, uh, Gretchen and the kinders! Ja, ja! Auf wiedersehen! That was my Germans.
They were starting to wobble, they were hearing rumours.
Let's be clear.
I'm doing this for the community, and for Doc and Petra, not for you.
I love you, too! Show me the contract.
Show me the money.
Excuse me? I got what you wanted, now I want you to return Doc and Petra's entire investment.
As soon as I file the contract, the consortium in Europe is gonna wire me funds, we'll start building the roads.
I will slip their refund in under "excess gravel.
" Done! I want it now.
What do you mean, now? I know you are not asking me to pull a quarter-million dollars in cash out of my pockets.
Where do you think you're going? What exactly is it you want? I told you.
I want Doc and Petra's money back.
All right.
You get 1% all future royalties, less administrative fees.
You're a pirate.
But fine 2%.
What part of this isn't clear? I don't want a kickback.
So why don't you just? You don't have the money, do you? Of course, I have the money.
I'll wire it from Yellowknife.
You got an app on your phone.
Why don't you wire it now? All right! All right, all right.
I don't have it.
You mind telling me how My ex-wife took everything I had, okay? Except for the house in Calgary, and I had to leverage that in order to buy this claim.
And that's why you were going after small investors.
I have no cash flow.
Look, if this deal falls apart, I'm busted.
You're telling me you're bankrupt? No! At least not if this deal goes through.
Bob You can drive a stake through my heart, and the deal dies Doc and Petra lose everything.
Or just this once, you can help me.
All right, grab your bag.
We've got three hours to get to Yellowknife.
"Speak friend and enter"? Uh, look, Lindsay.
I don't know what Blake said to you yesterday You should've come to me instead of sending an employee.
I didn't send him.
What do you want? I was being glib, and it was a mistake.
It was more than a mistake, it was A betrayal.
Is that what you're thinking? No.
I think that's what you're thinking.
You're manipulative, Krista.
You sized me up and you thought, "she's got a tough exterior and a soft, chewy centre.
" You should leave the profiling to the cops.
You suck at it.
Look, you don't know me that well either, or what I'm trying to accomplish.
I'm not trying to get your business as a trophy.
I'm trying to save lives.
Yeah, well, you should leave that to the cops, too.
Can you stop typing, please? I was having a crap day, okay? And if I had known you were there, I would've introduced you to my other friends.
You mean the people that work for you? Committee is meeting on Wednesday about the bids.
You'll hear about their decision along with the other airlines.
You're doing the right thing here, Bob! The Germans are onboard.
The commitments are real.
I just need to get to the claims office before 4:30, and Doc's family's gonna be sending out gold nuggets in their Oh, come on! - Bruce.
- What-? Bob! Bob! Bruce! Plane trouble? What's wrong with your head? First, Rebecca's house, and now this? I'm trying to put together a deal that's good for the community.
Sure you are, Saint Bobby.
These are your people, too.
Remember that time when we tried to hot-wire that car? And who went home with mommy and daddy, and who went to juvie? We were 13! Can't touch Silas Martin's son.
Silas Martin was a legend, and when he crashed, there's big Mel Ivarson to bail the golden boy out.
Not enough to be "the perfect Indian," you had to be the favourite son of the freakin' north.
Bruce, if we don't get to Yellowknife in three hours What? Your deal falls through? It's not my deal! You're the one who could end up making millions.
And you're the one who always thought you were better than everybody else.
But you know what? The only difference between you and me is luck! You'd throw away millions just to spite me? You really hate me that much? Choke on it.
Now what? What are we doing? What's going on? Get in the truck.
Excuse me? I'm gonna kill you! No, no, no! Everything's under control.
We're on our way to Yellowknife right now.
Klaus, can I call you as soon as we get to the claims office? Ja, ja, ja.
Auf wiedersehen.
Whoa! Whoa! What're you doing? Shift gears! Why didn't you steal something you could actually drive? Because this is Bruce's truck, and once we get there, I'm gonna drive his damn truck into the damn lake! Hey, Mario! We're gonna need that transmission.
Only till we get there! We've got company.
You've got to be kidding me.
Go faster! Hey! We're in a semi, you idiot! Get out of the way! I can't see! Where is he? How the hell should I know? Whoa! What happened? I think he busted something! It's me.
Listen to me carefully and don't screw this up! It can't be far now, right? 15, 20k? Something like that.
How's our time? It's gonna be tight.
About to get tighter.
Bruce's guys? Who else? What are you doing? Bob! I don't care who they are, you can't just run them over.
They'll move.
Bob! They're not moving.
Oh, my God! You're a madman.
How many minutes left? Go faster! Help! A scanned contract was e-mailed here? For Dearman resources.
Cutting it pretty close.
You have no idea.
Come here.
Come, come, come! Wait! The band gets a 50% profit share? Shared control of long-term development? They added a few environmental protection clauses, also.
You're welcome to make a counter-offer.
You can't do this to me.
Take all the time you need.
Pen! You're gonna pay for this, Martin! Somehow, some way, you are gonna pay! Walk though the dark surprised what you see when the lanterns are The night was close as a touch Check it out.
Stay off! One lousy cop? Take her! Wait for it.
That's on the Internet? We're viral.
Lindsay I'm so sorry.
This? This is fine.
Yeah, but, uh about the contract.
I just have a lot going on right now.
I know.
For the record, I admire what you're trying to do.
We need dedicated search-and-rescue in the north.
I appreciate that.
Off the record You got the contract.
Wait Are you serious? It won't be announced till Wednesday, though, so keep it under your hat.
Wow! I I don't even know where to start.
So don't.
This guy Is he one of your "issues"? Mine hooked up with my best friend.
So now you know.
There's some stuff that I'm touchy about.
Can I get you a drink? Hell, yeah.
Welcome, player two.
So You and mom Looks like we're gonna try to be together.
You okay with that? You gonna end up hurting her? I'll try not to.
I didn't hear you come in.
Just got here.
Yeah? How did it go? Ow! The deal is a go, but you can have your money back if you want it.
What do you think? I think it's risky.
Well, you've always been okay with risk.
For the right reward.
Yeah? Me too.
Tuesday February 25th.
With their training off to a bumpy start You should leave search and rescue to the people who know what they're doing.
A deadly emergency leaves Krista with a devastating decision.
Arctic Air returns February 25th on CBC.