Arctic Air (2012) s03e07 Episode Script

Flying Solo

Previously on Arctic Air [Loreen]: My girl is flying a damn plane.
Should I level out? You could add power.
She's got great instincts, just like Krista.
She's gonna be fine and you'll be very proud of her.
[Caitlin]: Have you see this guy around? Tommy.
We were in love.
Happy Birthday.
He was in a gang, you know.
Yeah, and he got out.
Turned his life around.
[Bruce Ward]: Tommy I want you to do something for me.
I want to get to her brother, Nelson, and she's gonna be the bait.
[Kidnappers]: We have Caitlin.
We'll trade her for her brother.
Call the cops and she dies.
If anything ever happened to you, I wouldn't know what to do.
I'm so lucky I met you.
You've been real useful, but now you gotta go.
I can't leave Caitlin.
You will if you want her to live.
[] I worked so hard to be standing here did more than a little bit of everything So good.
To your first solo flight.
Well early morning.
Thanks for coming around on this.
Hey, if being a pilot is what you want, then that's what I want, just as long as I don't have to get on a plane.
The crash was nearly two years ago.
I was afraid of flying before that.
And you work for an airline? I know, right? Are you nervous about tomorrow? A little.
Means you respect a dangerous job.
But if Mel Ivarson says you are ready to fly solo then you are ready to fly solo.
He's not God.
Close enough.
You gonna let me pitch in? I make you pay rent.
I'll bring the car around.
Isn't that her? Yeah, that's her.
Caitlin! Caitlin Janvier? Who's asking? I heard you were looking for Tommy.
Do you know where he is? Yeah, I know where he is, but it's gonna cost you.
How do I know I can believe you? You can believe what you want.
He's in Wakweeti.
Hey What was that about? Nothing.
Just an addict asking for money.
And you gave her some? Why wouldn't I? Uniform-tango, you are cleared for takeoff on runway 10.
Winds are 1-5-0 at 15 knots.
Clear skies.
[Caitlin]: Copy.
[Tower]: Seeing as this is your first solo flight, you might want to keep an eye on that checklist.
I am.
[Sighs nervously] Come on, floor it! She's good.
Never a doubt.
[Plane engine drones over radio] [Bobby turns off radio] See? Nothing to worry about.
A lot of accidents happen in the first 30 seconds after takeoff.
Quit studying those crash reports.
I can't help it.
Charlie-echo-hotel-tango, this is Yellowknife control, no conflicting traffic, climb to 5.
5 steer one-five-niner.
Charlie-echo-hotel- uniform-tango, you copy? Change of plans.
I'm going north.
Really? You clear that with Mel? Of course I did.
Copy that.
Still no conflicting traffic.
Have a good solo.
[Sighs] [] Every drilling site should have its own dedicated Search and Rescue team on the ground, and you're going to need yours by the spring.
But I need my pipe delivered today.
And you're going to get it today, and then we can talk about preferred petroleum and Arctic Air working together.
If I'm going to spend that kind of money on a just-in-case scenario, I need people who know what they're doing.
We will we do! Our SAR operation will be certified in a few months.
If my equipment's on time, I'll have time.
We'll see.
King Air ready for takeoff? Yeah, but you're not flying it.
Why the hell not? You'll reach your maximum hours on the return flight.
Not by much.
By enough.
You've been suspended once this year already.
I'm flying to Rankin Inlet.
So go home.
You're on rest period.
Forget it.
I'll be here when Caitlin gets back, darning socks.
Do you think Caitlin would be in Fort Resolution by now? Why? It's called a solo flight for a reason.
Don't call and check on her.
I had no intention of doing that.
Uh, hey, change of plans.
Load the pipe on Lady Lou.
I'll be flying her.
Wh that's a DC3 tire.
Yes, it is.
Why isn't it attached to a plane? Because Lady Lou failed her brake inspection.
The lady needs new shoes.
She need to be ready this afternoon.
A cargo shipment I promised we'd be on time.
Well, maybe you should talk to your head mechanic before you make promises that we can't keep.
I'm trying to sell preferred petroleum on a search and rescue contract.
Eldridge Platt's outfit? We need to show him we can deliver.
That Platt is a smart customer.
He's not gonna take a risk on first-timers.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I remember a couple years ago, Twin Lakes boned him on a load of pipe fittings, and he was Cece! How long will it take to change the brakes? Well, it is now at the top of my very long list of things to do.
You want a DC3 with brakes, you'll get a DC3 with brakes.
[Sighing] Preferred petroleum agreed to talk if we deliver their cargo on time.
Will you? [Sighing] It depends on Cece.
Girl's on a mission.
She wants the contract to bankroll the rest of her Search and Rescue.
You can't go from trainee to pro in a day.
We've got six months.
I wouldn't hire you.
[Chuckles] [Loreen, angry]: And you didn't think to call us? Yes, I do think it is your job when it's a solo flight! She is just a kid! [Loreen beeps off telephone] Caitlin didn't go to Fort Resolution.
What? She told the control tower she was going north.
Why? I don't know.
Caitlin, this is Mel on company.
Do you read? [Static crackling] Caitlin, either respond or get your butt back to Yellowknife.
Mel, what if? If her emergency beacon went off, we'd know by now.
Radio malfunction? Possible.
Maybe a joy ride.
Krista did that on her first solo flight.
God, I hope so.
All right, I'll call the airports within fuel range and ask them if they've seen her.
Other airlines, too.
Tell them to keep an eye out.
Caitlin say anything that might suggest what she's up to? No, everything's been fine.
We went for dinner last night, then we went home.
She watched TV, I went to bed.
We didn't even see anybody else.
Except that girl she gave money to outside Bullocks, some druggie.
- Was she buying drugs? - No! You sure? They were talking.
Well, let's go find that girl.
Is that her? That's her friend.
Spare change? - What, are you guys cops? - No.
Your friend last night, where can we find her? Huh? Camped behind the hotel, blue tent.
Name? Peanut.
Real name.
I don't know her real name.
[Grumbling] Ah.
[Chuckling in triumph] There we are.
We're out of DC3 brakes.
What? We have no shoes.
I ordered them, the shipment never arrived and I guess I forgot to follow through.
That cargo flight has to leave on time.
I'm certainly open to suggestions.
You're the mechanic.
Okay, well, maybe, just maybe, if we spend a little less on Search and Rescue and a little more on maintenance, we might be able to keep our friggin' planes in the air.
Take the brakes off one of the other DC3s.
Two of them are in the air, the other one's been cannibalized to death already.
I'll divert one back to base.
Three blue tents.
That one's more turquoise.
Peanut! That looks like her.
Naomi? Mel? Steve Werbowski, road maintenance.
It's his daughter.
What are you doing here? You talked to Caitlin Janvier last night.
What about? You're her mom? Guardian.
What did you talk about? Why don't I call your dad so he can book you a room in territorial rehab.
- Talk! - Okay! I heard she was looking for Tommy Pembroke, so I told her where he was.
Oh, my God You're right.
She's not looking for drugs.
She stole a plane to find her ex-boyfriend.
You don't have to do this.
I'm responsible for Caitlin.
If you're going after her, I'm coming with you.
She is 19.
The law says she's an adult, that doesn't make her one.
What happened between her and Tommy? I don't know, they seemed happy, and six months ago, the guy just disappeared on her.
Why would she go after him? She was a wreck.
She had lost her brother, then her boyfriend, too.
She looked for Tommy for months.
I thought she'd given up.
[Bobby's cell phone rings] Yeah.
I called the mine where Tommy supposedly works, but never actually talked to a person.
I left messages.
A lot of them.
[Beeps phone off] You ready? Yeah.
This is Mel Ivarson, again.
Call me back.
What's going on? Caitlin took the Cessna to go after Tommy.
Where is he? A tungsten mine north of Wakweeti.
Loreen and Bobby are on their way.
Loreen got on a plane? Mama bear override.
Ooh I'm handling it.
Go run the airline.
Rampies are loading up Lady Lou.
As soon as the other DC3 gets back, Cece is gonna switch over the brakes, and then we'll be ready to go.
You'll take over Bobby's flight to Rankin Inlet.
I would be most happy to.
And I need someone to fill in for Loreen.
What? No, no, no, no, Krista.
Krista, I'm a pilot.
Blake will do it! I'm a pilot, too, and I'm flying with Krista.
I will fly with Krista.
And someone else will do the boss a favour? Fine.
[Caitlin]: You're the supervisor, you must know him.
Somebody told me he works at this mine.
Kid worked here for five months, but he's gone now.
Do you know where he went? Don't know, don't care.
Kid's a druggie.
He was shooting up before he got here.
You mean heroin? Tommy was bad news.
If I were you, I'd leave it at that.
[Sighing] You Caitlin? Yeah.
Tommy talked about you all the time.
You knew him? Screwed up kid, but, damn, he was really in love with you.
You know where I could find him? [Sighing in frustration] Why? This is chaos.
Is Bobby around? No! Ward trucking was supposed to get a package, but it hasn't arrived yet.
That is because Loreen isn't here.
And Loreen isn't here because Caitlin took a plane and went after Tommy Pembroke, and that is why I am not at home having a nice, hot bath! [Cell phone rings] Hello? Did a girl show up looking for Tommy Pembroke? Bruce? I asked you a question.
Yeah, she was here.
Did she talk to him? He's gone.
Fired him last month.
Was he back on the drugs? Not as far as I could tell.
He kept showing up to work drunk.
Where'd he go? What is it with this kid? Everyone's asking about him today.
Some Ivarson guy from Arctic Air left a million messages.
Don't return them.
I wasn't going to.
And I don't know where the kid went.
I asked you to keep an eye on him for me.
I tried.
The kid's a screw-up.
And you didn't think to call and let me know? I don't work for you.
You owed me a favour! I did you that favour.
You don't get it.
Tommy knows things.
If he spills his guts to that girl, I'm gonna have to kill them both.
Am I clear? Yeah.
Good! These shoes aren't much better than the ones I took off.
As long as they get us through one more flight.
How much longer? - Not much - We taxi as soon as you're done.
We still have to do the rest of the pre-flight inspection.
You knew I wanted to be in the air as soon as possible! You asked for a DC3 with brakes.
That's what I'm delivering.
- Will she fly or not? - Probably.
You're coming with us to make sure.
Oh, no, I'm not.
I have been working night and day here.
I got a wife and seven kids at home.
It's Olivia's birthday, for crying out loud.
I'll buy her a cake.
She's got one.
I'll buy her a car.
I need you on that flight.
Bobby, Mel here.
Where are you guys? Almost at the mine.
Caitlin's not there.
Just got a call from an operator who heard our radio chatter.
He saw her land in Deline.
Was she alone? He didn't say.
Copy that.
[Gasping in discomfort] [Engine revving] Tommy! You done? Yeah.
Alfonse wants his truck tuned up.
I'm on it.
Hi, Tommy.
Caitlin! What the hell are you doing here? Looking for you.
[Starts engine] What are you doing? Stop! Tommy! Stop! Are you crazy? Are you okay? - What the hell's wrong with you? - I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, okay? It's going to be better for both of us if you just leave.
Tommy Don't.
I know you got into drugs.
Is it because you killed that guy? Shh! You did it to save me.
I'm not mad.
Okay, who knows you're here? Only Wanda, the woman from the mine.
I have to get out of here.
Why? Because if you can find me, anybody can find me.
I'm a pilot now.
I have a plane.
I can get you out of here.
Let's go.
You're serious? You can really fly? How do you think I got here? Okay, then take me to Wrigley.
Why Wrigley? Because there's lots of planes and buses out of Wrigley.
I can figure out where to go.
Why? Why are you running? Can we just talk about this up in the air? No.
I have been looking for you for six months.
I want some answers.
I'll tell you, all right, I promise, but we need to go.
Why? Caitlin, there are people looking for me.
Okay, they might be on their way right now, so we need to go, okay? And what if I take you to Wrigley, then what? You disappear forever? No.
No, I won't do that.
We'll decide what to do together.
How can I believe you? Look, if I ever meant anything to you, Caitlin, you'll just trust me on this one time.
You look like hell.
Are you using? No.
I'm okay.
I swear.
[Sighs] Okay.
Let's go.
We're in the air.
So talk.
[Sighs] Who's after you and why? Drug dealers? Are the guys who were after Nelson after you? What's going on? I got clean months ago, but I left behind a lot of debt.
How much? A lot.
You told me you smoked pot, but heroin? Really? There's a lot of things you don't know.
Like? You can tell me.
No, I can't.
Hi, Cece.
Your daughter Whom I love to bits.
Who has no life of her own ever since her boyfriend left, and like many a boss before her, assumes nobody else has one either.
How's Marie? Alone! And the kids? Alone with her.
Tell Olivia I said Happy Birthday.
No, you tell her for me, because according to Krista, I'm babysitting Lady Lou to bloody Norman Wells and back! We we used to talk.
I mean, we didn't always agree, but we talked, and you listened.
[Muttering] Sometimes.
Krista and I, well, we barely talk at all.
I'm on eggshells here.
I don't know how much longer I can do this.
She's more torn up about tag leaving than she's letting on.
Olivia's in hockey, right? Yeah.
Actually, um, she could use a helmet.
[Telephone ringing] You and Krista have let this thing go on for months.
Work it out.
[Telephone ringing] Cece, wheels up in five.
It's Bobby.
We're in Deline.
Find her? Just missed her.
Operator saw her leave with a young, white, male passenger.
So she found Tommy.
Looks like it.
As far as the guy could tell, they were headed south.
Wanna contact the other airports? I'm on it.
How you holding up? I'm okay.
We have a faster plane.
We'll catch her.
Let's go.
We're still 120 clicks out.
According to my math, we will be 15 minutes late.
Full throttle.
Don't think that's a good idea.
I promised Eldridge we'd be on time, if we're not, we kiss the Search and Rescue contract goodbye.
[Engine surges] [Engine clanking, alerts beeping] [Engine spluttering] Cece! You're flying wide open throttles with lean mixtures? I'm trying to make up some time.
You can't run the engines past 75% max this high up.
I've done it before.
Then you got lucky.
[Engine spluttering] Lost port engine.
It's overheated.
Go mixture full rich, and lose some altitude.
When we get to 4500 feet, level off.
We'll start 'er up again.
And lay off the throttle, or we're going to be dead stick all the way to the ground.
We're already late.
Yeah, well, you keep pushing the engines like this, we're gonna be real late.
Mel? Go ahead.
We've got issues.
We're approaching cloud cover.
If Caitlin stayed on course, she's in it.
Hard to tell where she is.
I've been getting calls about Cessna sightings from all over the north.
How heavy is the cloud cover? Broken, but it's going solid.
Mel? Yeah.
How many hours of hood time did she get? [Sighs] How many? Two.
But I made her fly right seat in the otter during a storm once, to see if she could handle it.
She did fine.
Trust Mel on this one.
Don't, both of you.
If Caitlin gets in trouble, chances are she won't even know it.
I trained her.
Not in reduced visibility, and without a visual horizon, anything can happen.
She could hit a radio tower.
She could wind up in a graveyard spiral.
So quit patronizing me.
I told you she's got good instincts, so let's just hope for the best.
Maybe we should get below the clouds so we can see.
We should be close to Wrigley by now.
We're not going to Wrigley.
We're going to Yellowknife.
What? No! No, no, no, no, we're not going to Yellowknife I am driving.
We're going to Yellowknife.
Why would you do that? You said you'd take me to Wrigley.
We're getting you into rehab.
I don't need rehab.
I'm clean! I could smell the beer on you.
That's different.
No, it isn't.
You can't decide that! That's not up to you.
You wanna talk about one-sided decisions? I can't go back to Yellowknife.
Why? [Smacks dashboard and sighs heavily] I loved you, and you took off.
Nelson went away, and then you went away, but I still love you.
I wanna help you, but I can't if you're not honest with me.
You can't help me.
[Turbulence rumbling] [Gasps in fear] I'm not qualified to fly in this.
What? Clouds.
[Gasping in panic] How does cloud cover this large and this thick appear out of nowhere? [Tommy]: Help! We need help! Mel Ivarson at Arctic Air here.
Who am I talking to? Tommy Pembroke.
Hello, Tommy.
I'm flying with Caitlin.
We know.
What's going on? She's she's, like, hyperventilating.
I think she's having a panic attack.
Sing, Caitlin.
What the hell are you talking about? Get her to sing! It's a way to stop hyperventilating.
Are you serious? Just do it.
[Gasping in panic] All my life shackles on my feet I deny everything I see Come on, this our song.
Strip away [singing together]: the things you say and you're left with what you do [Muffled sobbing] I'm too scared to walk alone [Singing together]: and I feel far from home if I fall will you carry me? Carry me, carry me am I sinking in the sea of what I've come to be? If I drown will you carry me carry me, carry me You okay now? Yeah.
I'm okay.
[Turbulence rumbling] Tune into Yellowknife's beacon and tell me where you are.
We're heading one-two-zero magnetic.
About an hour out.
You're on your way back.
[Sighing in relief] Caitlin, Bobby here.
Maintain your course.
Loreen and I are on our way.
[Caitlin]: Loreen's flying with you? [Loreen]: Yes! Something's not right.
You're nervous.
Mel? Come in, Mel.
Go ahead.
There's something wrong with my instruments.
My compass is in a slow spin.
Horizon indicator? Are you still in the clouds? Yeah.
You're in a spiral.
Trust your instruments and level the plane out.
I am level.
No, you're not.
You're disoriented and you're in a spiral.
What feels like up isn't up.
Trust your instruments.
Okay, we're level.
Your hair Mel! Mel, we're upside down! Close the throttle, level the yoke Push the nose down and roll the plane.
We're right side up.
Can you get up above the clouds? We already are.
But we burned a lot of fuel.
How much? We won't make it to Yellowknife.
I think we can make it to Edzo.
No, their ceiling's too low.
[Telephone rings] Hold your course, and I'll find you a place to land.
Arctic Air.
Astrid speaking.
Uh, Mel, we have another call about the Cessna.
Who is it this time? Bruce Ward.
What the hell does he want? He says he can help.
Heard about Caitlin's situation from the radio chatter.
You always carry an aircraft radio with you? Always.
Why the hell would you want to help anybody? I don't give a rat's ass about you guys, but Caitlin's a decent kid.
What do you got? Think I found a place where she can land.
You're telling me to land on a road? There's a hole in the cloud cover south of Behchoko.
It's like any other landing.
You can do this.
What if there's traffic? It's a side road, and Bruce Ward is on the ground.
Bruce? He'll make sure it's clear.
Bobby here.
There's no way in hell we can trust Bruce.
We don't have a choice.
Caitlin, change heading to 155 magnetic.
No, no, we can't land there.
I'm good.
I can do this.
No, no, we can't land there! I owe Bruce money, okay? A lot of money.
Is that why you disappeared on me? Because of Bruce Ward? Yeah, he helped me get clean and then I ripped him off.
Hey, that's what I do.
I stole money from you, too, remember? Right before I left? That's why I'm telling you to stay away from me.
Why are you saying this? 'Cause Caitlin, I was never in love with you, all right? Hotel-uniform-tango on company.
How do I find this hole in the clouds? I said we can't land there! [Engine spluttering] Don't! Caitlin, this is Bobby, do you copy? Is everything okay? What's going on? Caitlin, look to your port side.
Everything okay? That was some crazy flying.
Yeah We're fine.
The hole in the clouds is just ahead.
You ready? Yeah.
Stay with me, and I'll guide you down.
Descend now! Okay, throttle back to 1500 RPMs, and maintain your speed at 60 to 65.
I know.
I am.
Reduce your RPMs and get down to idle speed.
I know! Now, shut up and let me land the damn plane.
Good job, Caitlin.
Mel, she's down safe.
[Starts engine] I have to go.
Tommy! If you go, I'm not gonna follow you again.
Hi, Tommy.
What did you tell Caitlin? Nothing! I knew if I did, you'd kill her.
Must make you feel real good, saving your ex-girlfriend's life.
What, she'll be okay? As long as you're telling the truth.
I am.
I love her.
[Scoffs] Yeah, I don't think so.
You sold her out.
Helped her get kidnapped.
It's not like you gave me a choice.
Actions, Tommy.
I'm not a bad person.
I know.
That's why you'll go back to the drugs, to deal with the guilt.
But every time you do, you become a risk.
That's why I sent you away last year, so you wouldn't open your mouth.
And I didn't, man.
So far.
But you're gonna go off the rails again, and we both know it.
No! - Yeah.
- No, man, I swear! I'm clean and I'm gonna stay clean.
It always starts with the drinking, Tommy.
That's the way it is with you.
Not this time, man.
I swear! Yeah.
Well, I can't take that chance.
[Bobby]: We're just touching down.
We'll be with Caitlin in a minute.
[Mel]: Copy.
Caitlin Thank you.
It'll be all right.
You scared the hell out of me! I'm sorry.
And you just happened to be here, huh? I had some business in Behchoko.
Lucky break, I guess.
Glad I could help out.
Where's Tommy? I saw him take off into the woods.
He can stay there.
[Sighs] If you want to get your hands on my Search and Rescue contract, it would've been a good idea to get my cargo here on time.
Our plane had some mechanical trouble.
[Sighs] What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are you running? Only the best? We're late because I made a promise we couldn't keep.
I pushed my staff too hard.
It's my fault, not theirs.
[Knock on door] Knock, knock.
[Laughing in delight] [Laughing] Boomer! How's your out-turn draw these days, huh? Cece Cooper, you old blue noser, how the hell are you? Oh, you know, overworked, underpaid.
[Laughing] I'd love to see you sweeping in your kilt again.
[Laughing] Well, winter's coming.
Maybe we should arrange a match.
Yeah, Preferred Petroleum versus Arctic Air.
Wait You're with these guys.
That I am.
You curl? I do.
And Krista here is our skip.
Yes, sir, draw weight to the button every time.
She is a stand-up guy.
I bet you learn a lot from this old son of a bitch, huh? Well, she pushes us pretty hard, but that's what makes us the best.
You're vouching for her, are you? I am.
Let's talk.
I guess you never mentioned knowing Platt because I never asked? You were kind of busy being the boss.
A couple of bribes for Olivia.
You know, a long time ago, the love of my life took off.
Free spirit, had to "find herself.
" I thought I'd never see her again.
It nearly killed me.
What happened? Well we got back together, and we've been married 27 years.
[Chuckling] Thanks for telling all those lies about me today.
Oh, no, I meant every word of it.
What? Yeah, we've got to teach you how to curl and make you look like a skip in less than 30 days.
We can do it.
It's gonna mean a lot of late nights and early mornings.
Hurry hard! [Laughs] [Laughing together] Want to tie a couple? You bet.
- What size hook do you want? - Number four.
Turned-up eye, there you go arctic char of the world beware.
[Laughing] [Clears throat] [Sighs heavily] Sorry.
I was being stupid.
Understatement of the decade.
Piloting is one tenth skill and nine tenths common sense.
You've got skill.
When did you get back? An hour ago.
Did you find the kid? Yeah, I found him.
And? I gave that kid a chance, you know? Because I knew his dad from Winnipeg.
I didn't have to give him that money.
I didn't have to get him that job up in Wakweeti.
So Is there anything you need me to do? No.
So he didn't talk? I'll give him that.
He kept his mouth shut.
And you're sure he's gonna keep it shut? I just said he's not gonna talk, at all! To anyone! Now go home! [] [Smashes glass] [] I'm too scared to walk alone and I'm feeling far from home if I fall will you carry me carry me, carry me? I'm sinking in the sea of what I've come to be if I drown will you carry me, carry me carry me I'm delivering that prisoner tonight.
Find us a way out of here.
Announcer: Next Tuesday Transporting dangerous human cargo becomes a deadly affair.
Can Krista find them before it's too late? Meanwhile, Bobby searches for his missing son.
Arctic air, next Tuesday at 9:00 on CBC.