Ares (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[breathing deeply.]
[grunting continues.]
Well done, Maurits.
We were in the bathroom.
It came unexpected, but it was quite a lot.
But I don't know if she's ready for the next step.
Steenwijk is a novice.
Why would we give her privileges reserved for elder members? Helena.
That's a very dumb move.
Think before you act.
Has it been preserved? Yes, almost everything.
- Good.
- [knock on door.]
[knocking, door opens.]
Are you coming? Take this.
It's a privilege.
Don't lose it.
[door chimes.]
Go ahead.
That's enough.
What happens with it? Before you got nauseated did you feel guilty? - About what? - That's what I'm asking.
And now? How do you feel now? I don't feel anything.
I feel normal.
This is what's eating you.
What keeps you awake.
The knot in your stomach.
You don't have to feel guilty for choosing what's best for you.
Keep it in your closet in case you want to offer at night.
Offer? You wouldn't understand it if I told you.
I understand a lot.
Rosa Don't you want to say it, or don't you know? [Roderick.]
She's a novice.
- I'm aware of it.
- Mm.
I don't care, but there's a car waiting for you.
- I'll be right there.
- No.
For Steenwijk.
[woman screaming.]
Arnold! [screaming.]
Arnold! [knocking, door opens.]
Is this how you celebrate your first day? Have you heard what she did? She's now her favorite.
It was my internship.
Rosa has no right to it.
She's not from an Ares family.
She doesn't know our history, she's nobody.
You can take care of this for me, can't you? Get rid of her.
- Hey.
- [snaps.]
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? You have to solve this.
You stink.
What's going on with you? What do you want? What are you doing? I'm sorry.
You're drunk.
I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Let me go.
- [sobs.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Let me go.
- I'm sorry.
- Let me go! [sobbing.]
Rosa Steenwijk? [Rosa.]
[Hester in English.]
So, I'm now inserting the DBS.
Have a seat.
A probe, electronic on the subthalamic nucleus.
And this causes enormous improvement on the treatment from baseline up to PDQ40.
[in Dutch.]
Has my new assistant arrived? Rosa? Are you there? Rosa? [Arnold panting.]
[door creaking.]
[breathing heavily.]
[violin playing classical music.]
We have to adjust this one.
Can you do that one? [music stops.]
[in English.]
Hey, welcome.
[Hester in Dutch.]
Okay, Hans, we're almost there.
You can begin again.
[violin continues playing classical music.]
Yes, and keep up the pace.
Come here.
Have a seat.
This patient is in the early stages of Parkinson's.
We're going to treat it with the electrodes.
Uh give me your hand.
This is way above my responsibility as an intern.
I'll guide you.
Okay, Eef, turn it off.
Nobody's watching.
Here we go.
Hold tight.
There we go, Hans.
[Hester chuckles.]
And other than that? How is your room? Are you feeling at home yet? Well some things aren't normal, if you know what I mean.
But I've heard it already happened.
The offering.
That's a good thing.
What did you think of it? I don't know.
Fine, I think.
It's a bit weird.
You'll get used to it.
And look at you now.
[alert chimes.]
- Hester? - Okay.
Okay, tell me more tomorrow.
I want to know everything.
Tomorrow? I'm starting tomorrow? Unless you'd rather go to class.
You've made it here on your own.
Be proud of that.
Well, I'm mostly here because I screwed Fleur Borms.
Borms would have done great here.
But she misses something, something you do have.
Which is? Ambition.
See you tomorrow.
Jacob I know you don't understand a lot of my choices.
I know what I'm doing it for.
Say something.
Never mind.
Good night.
I have opportunities here I'd never have on the outside.
That's what they want you to think.
Fuck you, Jacob.
I'm working very hard for this.
You don't even know what that's like.
What are you doing? Look at what they're turning you into.
I'll change everything, Roos.
I'll change Ares forever.
Go home, before we get in a real fight.
He was different.
Not himself.
You must think I'm crazy.
No, not at all.
You're just worried about your friend.
Hm? What? You said something about his fingers.
They are black.
We can have him removed.
It's an option.
Remove him? You have a challenging year ahead of you.
You don't want a burden.
- Jacob isn't a burden to me.
- No? Do you want him removed? Yes or no? [chattering.]
[cell phone key pad beeping.]
This is the voicemail of Maurits Zwanenburg.
Messages after the beep.
Maurits, this is Hester.
I think I have information about the suicide of Joost van Moerland.
There might be a weak link in Ares.
It's one of the novices.
Call me back.
You know how to prepare? Ten liters of embalming fluid.
If you feel nauseated, sit down.
[chattering indistinctly.]
Stand over there.
And then there were two.
The bodies have been drained.
Have you studied? - Of course.
- [Hester.]
Good luck.
[in English.]
Pass me the scalpel.
- [in Dutch.]
What are you doing here? - I'm doing an internship here.
- Did your brother arrange this? - [in English.]
My father.
The scalpel.
[in Dutch.]
Fleur, I'm sorry about how [in English.]
Pass me the fucking scalpel! [Hester in Dutch.]
Ladies - is there a problem? - [in Dutch.]
An incision on the inside of the femur.
Ten liters of embalming fluid.
- [Rosa gasps.]
- Do you need to sit down? No, I'm fine.
You work together, keep an eye out for each other.
Rosa keep an eye out for me.
- Take it.
- No.
Go ahead.
You're the one with the great promise.
The blood hasn't been drained.
Give me that cannula.
Fleur, give me that cannula.
Shit, shit, shit.
[alert chiming.]
[eerie music playing.]