Army Wives s01e07 Episode Script

Hail and Farewell

Previously on Army Wives They think I might've torn my ACL.
It looks like I won't be deploying with my unit.
That's not all bad, is it? Ma'am, I just need you to confirm that this woman is your mother.
Yes, sir.
Wait till you see what I have planned for you today.
Marda's got all the men in my house just wrapped around her little finger.
I lost my house.
Lost the salon.
I got no place else to go.
It's all so amazing, isn't it? How this is all working out.
I don't know how to tell you this.
I hit Mom.
Get out! Get out! - He's our son.
- That is not the boy I raised.
As far as I'm concerned, he's dead.
I'm only gonna say this once.
You may not see Amanda until you've earned my trust.
What are you doing? I want every trace of him gone.
Well, that's not what I want, Frank.
I want my son back.
He is not allowed inside this house again.
Do you understand me? You can't just make him disappear by throwing his things away.
I know you think you're doing this for me.
But you need to stop, Frank.
Stop it.
Listen to me! I want Jeremy back.
If you want to help me, then find our son.
- Does your father know you're here? - No.
You said not to tell him.
What's going on? I'm leaving.
What do you mean? Did you change your mind? Are you going to West Point? No.
I'm not.
Amanda, I just couldn't go away without telling you how I feel.
How I feel about you.
I've always felt that way.
Me, too.
Why are you going away? There are things I can't explain, things that shouldn't have happened, and this is my way of making it right.
But where will you go? - You enlisted? - Yeah.
Is that what you want? I know what I want, but I can't have it.
Goodbye, Amanda.
I thought the heart must burst! But for several minutes, the heart beat on.
It did vex me so, my little ones.
Until, finally, it stopped beating.
I placed my hand over his heart and held it there for several minutes.
He would trouble me no more.
Because he was dead! Stone-cold dead! What the hell? We're playing Marda's Yeah, I know.
Marda's Tell-Tale Heart.
And I see neither of you managed to catch it either.
It's summertime, not Halloween, Marda.
Oh, come on.
You got to admit.
That was a pretty mean version of Poe.
Yeah, stick around.
Mean turns to terrifying pretty quick.
Come on, Marda.
We need to talk.
I found Trevor's painkillers.
- Did he lose them? - They were in your suitcase.
You know, there's beer in the fridge if you need a chaser.
No I did not take Trevor's pills.
I don't do pills.
And, like I told you before, for six months, I haven't had a drop.
If I had a dollar for every time you promised me that You have every right not to trust me.
I know.
But I won't let you down.
I can't, Marda.
I can't go there with you.
Not again.
Okay! Come on, boys! Let's go to the bathroom, get cleaned up! So our trip is all booked.
When should we tell the girls? Well, first we're gonna have to figure out how to prepare Amanda for the bad news that our vacation doesn't include a shopping trip to Paris.
And then we have to explain to Emmalin that we're not going to New York to see that prepubescent boy-band she's always listening to.
Montana is a perfectly good vacation spot for girls.
The air is clean.
The sky is blue.
And you fish and hunt bison, Michael.
Well, shall we call them down? Yeah, in a minute.
I need to talk to you about something.
Denise wants me to ask Amanda if she knows where Jeremy might be.
Now, I know we decided not to get involved until we learned how serious they were with each other, but I do think we should ask Amanda if she knows anything.
She won't know anything.
I told Jeremy to stay away from her.
- You did? - Yeah.
Why didn't you tell me? We agreed to let this play out before we did anything.
I had to protect our daughter.
I saw his face, Claudia Joy, the look in his eye.
That kid thinks he's in love with her.
Count them.
Why don't you just trust her? Because when you trust an alcoholic you end up in the passenger seat of an El Camino slamming into a brick wall.
They're all here.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I took four.
There's 26 left.
She's telling you the truth.
Yeah, well, that would be a first.
- You know, people change.
- I've seen all her changes.
You know what? All I've seen is her trying, ever since she got here.
Now who knows how those pills got in her suitcase? Maybe Finn put them in there? But she's telling you the truth.
She didn't take any of them.
Now come on, Rox.
She's your mom and she's asking you for a second chance.
Why don't you just give it to her? Do you even know where he is? No.
I'm waiting for him to call me.
Are you in love with him? I don't know.
He just needs a friend right now.
Emmalin, I need to talk to your sister.
- Can I talk, too? - No.
Do you know where Jeremy is? I can't tell you, Mom.
I promised him.
Amanda, Denise is worried sick.
She's been through hell lately, and now this.
Tell me where he is.
- I can't.
- Sweetie, please.
Just tell her he's safe.
I want everything exactly the way it was when he left.
I don't want him to ever know what his father did.
- I know.
- It's too hurtful.
I'm sure he's gonna call.
Did you get a chance to talk to Amanda? Does she know where he is? 'Cause if he was gonna call anyone, it would have been Amanda.
I think we both know that, don't we? - He's safe.
- She knows where he is? - Yes.
- Why won't you tell me? 'Cause I don't know.
I've asked her.
She won't say anything.
I can't force her.
You can't force her? If your daughter was missing and my son knew where she was, I would make damn sure to find out for you.
I know.
You're right, and I will keep trying.
If you'll excuse me.
Guys, stop.
Ready? Watch Grandma's ball.
Watch if you hit in.
Okay, I'll be back at 6:00, you guys.
- Why don't you apologize? - Okay.
I made some sandwiches.
They're in the fridge.
Mommy, Grandma's winning.
Grandma's always winning.
Until you're 13 and you start figuring out why.
You're cheating.
Rules are made to be broken, baby.
Are you gonna be okay with them? - What are you gonna do all day? - Oh, yeah.
Not much.
Just sit around, watch some TV.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye! - Say, "Bye Mommy.
" - Bye! - Bye.
- Bye, babe.
- Bye.
Bye, hon.
- Bye, babe.
- Bye, Mommy! - Bye, honey! Let's go.
It's go time! Yeah! Go! Go, go, go! I'm going to race you! Wait for me.
So, I spoke to Betty and she's scheduling Roxy to work on her birthday tomorrow night.
That's perfect.
Roxy asked for the night off.
She is going to be so furious.
And what about her friends? Did we call them all up? Yup, and they can all come.
I can't believe we're gonna pull this off.
Now your Mama has never had a surprise party before.
So if any of you let the secret out, I'm gonna kick you in the teeth.
Hey, thanks for helping us out.
- She's got a good friend in you.
- Yeah.
Pamela, honestly, we wouldn't have been able to do this without you.
Well, I got to go pick up the cake.
I'm going to go to the PX.
What kind does she like? Oh, no buying.
I'm gonna make it.
Hey, thanks for floating me the money for the party supplies.
And when my loan comes in, I'm gonna pay you right back.
- I told you.
Don't worry about it.
- No, I want to.
- I want to do this for her.
- Okay.
Roxy's gonna be thrilled with the party.
She loves surprises.
There's something I want you to know about me, Trevor.
I wasn't always a drunk.
I mean, I had Roxy when I was 18 and her dad died, like, five years later and He was it for me.
So after that, it all became a revolving door and an open bottle and Roxy had to see all of it.
Your daughter She is a generous, honest, loving person.
So you must have done something right.
I don't know what that is, but thanks for saying that.
- Mr.
Craddock? - Yes.
I'm Major Frank Sherwood.
I was with your son, Kevin, when he died in Iraq.
He wanted you to have these things, sir.
You can just put them over there on the table.
I just wanted to say that your son was an exemplary soldier.
He was a fine, honorable young man.
And I am so sorry for your loss.
He died in your arms.
They published some of your speech in the paper.
Yes, sir.
He never showed any fear.
In fact, he was quite calm.
He told me that everything was gonna be okay.
I see.
Thank you for stopping by, Major.
Sir, just before Kevin died, he asked He asked me to tell you something.
He asked me to tell you that he'd found someone, sir.
A soldier.
A male soldier.
So, you're saying my son was a homosexual? It was important to Kevin that you knew who he was, sir.
I knew that.
I always knew it.
That's why he joined the Army.
To prove to me that he was tough.
That he could fight.
He was a man.
Do you have children, Major? I do, sir.
A son.
Then you know how it is.
You watch them grow up, develop day to day.
You know who your boy is.
I won't pretend that he was the son that I wanted.
But now that he's gone, I'd give my life to have him back.
- Please.
I want to come.
- No, Emmalin.
And you can't tell anyone.
Promise me.
I promise.
Thank you.
Where is my son? Is it supposed to look like this? You're asking the wrong person.
You don't cook either? No.
I call a man, I order, he brings me food in a brown paper bag and that's how I like it.
Hey, Roxy told me your husband was gone.
That must be tougher than getting into a nun's undies.
That's a new one.
How do you handle that? Your man being gone.
Well, you get used to it.
But my daughter is having nightmares.
Roxy had those.
And you know what I did? I got me a hair-spritzer bottle and I filled it with water.
And then I wrote the words "Monsters Be Dead" on the side.
And then I sprayed the whole room.
- And did it work? - No.
But you could try.
I'm done.
At least you spelled her name right.
Hello, Jeremy.
How'd you find me? Amanda brought me.
Don't be mad at her.
I gave her no choice.
She told me you enlisted.
You know, you don't have to do this.
We will find a way to get you out of it.
I don't want to get out of it.
I want to go.
This is my choice.
When you talked about architecture, it was the first time I saw you excited about something.
That's what you should be doing with your life.
I can't stay here, Mom.
With everyone knowing what I did and judging me.
Dad doesn't want me here.
- Colonel Holden told me to stay away.
- What? What did Michael say to you? He told me to stay away from Amanda.
Can you blame him? There's nothing here for me anymore.
I leave tomorrow night.
Well, let me drive you.
We could talk on the way.
Mom, I can't do that.
Let me make you proud of me again.
I am proud of you, Jeremy.
I always have been.
I can't believe skanky Betty's making me work on my birthday tomorrow.
- "Skanky"? I thought you loved Betty.
- I do.
Normally, I've got nothing but love for the Betty.
But not today.
Today, I'm mad at Betty because she's ruining my birthday.
Well, then, just call in sick tomorrow night.
What can she do? - Fire me.
- She is not gonna fire you.
You're the best employee she's got.
Skanky, cranky people who make you work on your birthday? They do too fire people.
Plus, it's my job.
You're gonna play the responsible card.
- "The responsible card"? - Yeah.
You are a responsible person.
You know she's not gonna fire you but you're going to show up anyway because she needs you.
And you're not taking that off me tonight, mister.
Rox, stop complaining.
We are going out tonight on a real date, just the two of us.
Do you know we didn't even have a real date before we got married? So why don't you finish getting dressed, Marda will watch the kids, and let me wine you and dine you for your birthday.
Even if it is a day early.
Okay, convincer.
Give me my bra back.
Switching departments isn't the answer.
I'm seriously considering leaving the hospital.
I see.
I will support whatever decision you make.
But in your case, Dr.
Burton, I think that your encounter with Sergeant Belgrad might be coloring your thinking.
It is.
I'll admit that.
We connected.
I saw in his situation some kind of reflection of my own.
He made decisions that I would've made and that my wife would not have.
Then they shot him.
And now I've just been looking at my life, who I am, who I'm married to, where it's all headed, and I don't think I like what I see.
Are you sure we're not gonna get in trouble? The world is not beige.
Now, color it in, boys.
We're going to get in a crapload of trouble.
I heard that.
Private LeBlanc's residence.
It's some guy named Andy.
Andy? Yeah, you got my money? What? No.
You can't do this to me.
You promised me.
No, look here, you bastard, you owe me this.
She said "bastard.
" No, this isn't about me buying the salon back.
I lied, okay? They already sold the salon.
I'm living in my car and I need this money to get by on! Come on, Andy! Give me my money! No, no, no.
No! No! Andy, you are my last hope! Are you okay, Grandma? Yeah, of course I am, babies.
Grandma's life is just in shambles, but that's okay because she'll just pick herself up 'cause she always does.
I just need I need a little help, that's all.
I'm going to go to the store.
Don't do it, Grandma.
I'll be right back.
You just watch your brother, okay? Emmalin! Come here, please! - Yes? - Where's your sister? - Why? - Why? We need to talk to her.
- I think she went jogging.
- Jogging? Emmalin.
Do not lie to me.
Honey, please tell us.
I can't say.
I promised.
She's gone to see Jeremy, hasn't she? Where is he? I don't know where.
I really don't.
All I know is she took Mrs.
Sherwood to see him.
Denise was here? Yeah.
She came here to see Amanda.
Thank you for this, Trevor.
It means a lot to me.
Well, you mean a lot to me.
All this sweetness is going to spoil me and then what? And then we share many birthdays together.
You know, sometimes I can't believe you're real.
You and all your lines.
Well, some pretty interesting things come out of your mouth, too.
Baby, I love you so much.
I love you, too, Trevor.
I really do.
Well, are you ready for dessert? Now dessert-dessert or dessert? Marda? Marda? She left them alone.
I can't believe this.
She left my kids alone.
Your mother and I would like to talk to you.
I'm kind of tired.
Can we do this in the morning? We need to speak with you now, Amanda.
Please sit down.
Honey, I know you've seen Jeremy today.
There's something you need to know about him.
What would I need to know? I've known him since we were nine years old.
He's been hitting his mother.
And not just once.
This has been going on for a while.
And he is not someone you should be seeing right now.
You expect me to believe that? That Jeremy hits his mom? Honey, I know it's hard to believe, but we are telling you the truth.
What is this really about? Is it because I'm a colonel's daughter and he's a major's son? You don't think he's good enough for me? Is that it? We are trying to protect you from a potentially dangerous situation.
I don't need you to protect me, Dad.
I know him.
He gets me.
And I get him.
And now he's enlisted and he's leaving.
- He's enlisted? - Yes, he did.
And you know what? I know you had something to do with this.
When he came to talk to you that day.
This has got to be your idea.
- I had nothing to do with it.
- I know you did.
I know how you are.
You think the Army is the most important thing in the world.
- Amanda - So thanks a lot, Dad.
For giving me the same crappy life that you gave my mother.
Hey! I saw Jeremy today.
He enlisted.
Jeremy enlisted.
Aren't you gonna say anything? I just don't know what to say anymore.
I just don't.
Bye again, Marda.
This whole situation has gotten out of hand.
I should've told you what Michael said to Jeremy.
- It would have made things easier.
- I know.
I know and I'm so sorry, Denise.
I just didn't know what to do.
Maybe it's all for the best.
"For the best"? - I just meant - I know what you meant.
You meant it's all for the best that Jeremy enlisted.
- Is that right? - No.
That is not what I meant.
It might be the best for you and it may be the best for Amanda, but I can assure you, Claudia Joy, it is not the best for me and it is not the best for my son.
Your mom doesn't want you to go any more than I do.
You could change your mind.
I can't.
Did she tell you why I am going? What I've done? She just said there'd been some problems at home with your father.
And that's all? Then it is true.
You did hit her.
- Then why are you here? - Jeremy Something's not right here.
I know you.
That's not who I see when I look at you.
Who do you see? You.
I see you, the boy I've known almost all my life who was always so funny and kind and sweet.
It needs to be a little lower on the right.
Hey, where is Marda? This whole thing was her idea.
She had to leave.
Okay, everybody.
The fairy princess has arrived.
Surprise! Happy birthday, baby! - Are you sure? - Yeah.
I just never thought my first time would be on an Army post.
Me either.
I'm glad it's with you.
I'm glad it's with you, too.
- Okay.
No! - Okay.
No! Now here are the rules.
When it's your turn, you raise your glass and you tell the world why you are pissed.
And then you drink your shot.
So, who is going to start? Here.
- Thank you.
Here we go.
I am pissed because my knee is swollen up and I can't dance with my wife on her birthday.
Hear, hear.
Hear, hear.
I am pissed because I don't know where my husband is or when he's coming back.
Hear, hear.
- Hear, hear.
I'm pissed because I made a mistake.
I hurt someone and I don't know how to make it right.
Hear, hear.
- Yes, cheers.
Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
I'm pissed because for at least half of my marriage, I've been on my own.
Cheers! I think we're all good.
Another one please.
- Here you go again.
- Gracias.
I'm pissed because since Joan's come back from Afghanistan, I am the loneliest I've ever been.
Cheers to you.
One more, please.
- Third time's a charm, right? - Last one? I'm pissed because I want my life, and not the Army, to come first for a change.
Okay, I think we can all drink to that.
- Yeah, sure.
Hear, hear.
I think so.
Glasses up.
- Here.
- Cheers to that.
D- girl.
It's your turn.
D- girl.
All right.
I'm pissed because all my life I have been somebody's daughter, somebody's wife, somebody's mother.
And I'm pissed that it has taken me this long to realize that there's a me here, too.
There's a Denise who wants her own life.
Hear, hear! Cheers! Well, I am pissed because I haven't come to make any excuses.
I know you've heard them all.
And then some.
But just so you know, there is no excuse for leaving a four-year-old and a six-year-old alone while you go out and play.
You wanted another chance.
You got it.
And it was your last.
I'm sorry.
I brought you this.
For your birthday.
Look, Marda.
I know you tried, that you always try.
But you know, when I was little, I used to think that you acted this way to hurt me.
And now I realize that the only person that you're really hurting is yourself.
You're losing out, Marda.
You're my mother.
I could never not love you.
But I can't have you in my life anymore.
I can't.
- Speech.
- Speech.
- Speech.
- Okay.
Thank you all for coming.
It was a real surprise.
And it meant a lot to me.
You know, we all have two families.
We've got the ones that we're born with and the ones that we choose.
And I choose all of you.
So thank you for being my family.
Of course.
She does love you, Rox.
See you next time.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.