Army Wives s01e10 Episode Script

Dirty Laundry

Previously on Army Wives She's got a rhythm.
You saved that soldier last night.
- What are you talking about? - You.
It was like I was seeing you for the first time.
It made me remember why I fell in love with you.
Why do you answer every question with a question? - I'm a psychiatrist.
- I'm a journalist.
Then we're going to have a problem here.
I didn't expect you until tonight.
Welcome home.
Sometimes confessing is really about the person who had the affair.
It's the way to get rid of their guilt.
What happened? We were all at lunch when General Baker had a seizure.
At least vitals are stable.
They think it's an aneurysm.
They're going to run some tests.
Rush the results.
You realize this means Michael will be the Post Commander now? I need an X O I can count on.
I'd like to offer you the job.
Good night.
Good night, sweetheart.
Good night.
Good night.
Honey, I start training again tomorrow 0600.
I'm tired.
Now, that's bad, right? Normally, we go at it once, twice sometimes.
Is this about the time I leave? Oh, and last Thursday, three times in one night.
- Yep.
I think it's about that time.
- No, no, no.
You, sit.
That "man" excuse is no longer accepted here.
Now, I'm putting this to all of you.
For the first time, Trevor and I did not have sex last night.
What do you all have to say about that? I'm impressed.
I'm jealous.
I'm speechless.
I'm not here.
Please leave a message.
Come on.
Look, I know it's only one night, but I've learned that when the sex stops, it's the beginning of the end.
Well, the sex does change over time.
But that doesn't mean it's over.
No, it just means it gets slower.
That happened with Jesse, my first husband.
The sex stopped and the fighting started.
I don't want that to happen with Trevor.
Marriage is about intimacy, not sex.
You had sex every night for the last two months? Does that really happen? What about you? How many times do you and Michael have sex a week? - Look - Oh! What? Yes.
I asked that! How many times a week? How many times? We've been married 18 years.
Well, that's not a number.
More than two, less than five.
What about you? What's your sex count? No, I'm still taking messages.
Oh, come on.
My husband is gone.
Have some pity.
We're back up to four.
But that's this week.
I hope that can continue.
- God! - Nice.
- Cheers.
- Okay.
That leaves you.
Well, all I'll say is that our sex life is reliable.
We have a routine.
I've heard that routine is the kiss of death.
- So when's Hannah White get in? - This afternoon.
Who's Hannah White? She's an old friend of mine.
I haven't seen her since Derrick's funeral.
How's she doing? She's good.
She's coming to town for the Rose Garden ceremony.
That's right.
Derrick's one of the soldiers being honored there.
In fact, I should get going.
Her flight probably just arrived.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
- See you guys.
There you go.
Thank you.
I don't know how to solve your problem, but I sure as hell know how to shake up a routine.
What? The fastest way to a man's zipper, tight jeans, new haircut.
Hannah! Finally, you're here! Hi! Oh, it's been way too long.
I know.
And for once, it's not a wedding or a funeral.
You look great.
So do you.
So do you.
- Where are your bags? - Oh, I've got one.
- So? Is there anyone new in your life? - Oh, boyfriend? I went on one date.
He talked about his ex-wife the whole time.
Said she didn't appreciate him enough.
Seriously, it is hard.
Anytime I meet somebody, I compare him to Derrick.
- And who can live up to that? - No one can replace him.
- But you will meet someone.
- I know I will.
But somehow I just haven't been able to move on.
I think attending this Rose Garden ceremony will help with that though.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I can see how that would help.
I appreciate your problems, Major, however, as acting commander, this is my decision.
Leaving five days earlier than expected is difficult for everyone.
But your men are going to have to be ready, so working weekends and longer training days is the only answer.
Good afternoon.
Sir, I need to discuss another issue with you.
What's that? I just spoke with my congressional liaison.
There's going to be another friendly fire case brought before Congress.
That's the last thing the Army needs right now.
It involves someone we both know.
Lieutenant Colonel Derrick White.
There's something that I've been wanting to tell you.
About a month ago, a soldier from Derrick's unit came to see me.
He told me that Derrick was killed accidentally by an American soldier.
This completely contradicts what the Army told me.
My God.
That can't be right.
Derrick was killed in Afghanistan over two years ago.
That's the official report.
But one of White's men, Corporal Blaine, says that Derrick was killed by one of our own.
Blaine has been more and more insistent that the Army isn't telling the full story.
Are you sure? I believe him.
He has nothing to gain by fabricating the story.
He was there.
He witnessed Derrick's death.
He doesn't want to go to Congress, but his attempts at getting the truth failed.
So he's going to Congress to force an investigation.
So he's going to testify in front of Congress to force the issue? Yes.
- Hannah, isn't there any other way? - No.
And Congress needs to know that Derrick's family will not stand for this.
And it gets worse.
I'm going with him.
Okay, not too short.
Not too short.
Remember? Trust in the scissorhands.
Who wants another banana-coconut margarita? - Me.
- Hey! Not while I'm on duty.
Hey, you guys.
Claudia Joy's doing okay, huh? You gotta admire how she's handling things.
Especially with Miss Lenore Baker trying to take her down like that.
Do you really think she'd use what happened against Claudia Joy? That's how it works around here sometimes.
- Well, what do we do? - We stick together.
We support Claudia Joy, no matter what.
And we deep fry Lenore Baker and serve her up with a side of hush puppies.
- Hey.
- Wow.
You are amping up the sex factor already, Mrs.
Especially when he sees you in them jeans.
Oh, I should return those.
I can't believe I let you talk me into buying them.
Excuse me.
Aren't you the one with the problem? My sex life is fine.
Well, if your sex life is all that, then I'm just going to stop with this makeover and have myself a drink.
Yeah, and we can take that whole new look over there and bring it back to the store.
Thursday nights andlor Sunday afternoons.
- Really? - Always? That's just when Frank tends to be in the mood.
Oh, no.
Well, what if you're in the mood one of the other hundred hours? Yeah.
Don't you just throw him down and take him? No, I don't.
I couldn't do that.
I mean, Frank always starts things off.
It's just the way it's always been, you know? It seems to work for us.
That would not work for me.
I got needs of my own.
I know.
We all do.
But, Roxy, I hope you know that sex is not the only way you can be close to someone.
Let's see it.
Shake it.
- Yeah, looking good.
- Sexy! That's what I'm talking about.
Frank? Yeah, honey.
I'm in here.
Hi, honey.
How was your day? Well, this thing's acting up again.
I can't get a wireless signal.
Now, what the hell? Why are those lights going off? Oh, who cares? Hey, you look You look different.
Different, good? Yeah.
Are we going out? No.
I thought we could stay in.
Because, yeah, I need to fix this.
So, what's going to happen? It's going to be all over the news tomorrow.
The media's going to report it as another friendly fire cover-up.
Most of the families that I counsel can deal with losing someone to friendly fire as long as they're told the truth.
They understand the "fog of war" aspect of combat.
It's collateral damage.
Yeah, but this case is a little bit more complicated.
Hannah was told that Derrick died in Afghanistan.
Blaine is saying they were actually in Pakistan when Derrick was killed.
We're not supposed to be fighting in Pakistan.
No, we're not.
My gut tells me that that's the real reason behind the cover-up.
The Army is protecting national security as well as our relationship with that country.
Makes sense.
I understand the Army's position, but I still feel for Hannah.
I keep getting this image of Derrick and Michael walking up to us at that New Year's Eve party at Fort Campbell.
Oh, I will never forget that.
These two handsome men in tuxedos smiling at us.
Yeah, saying, "It's almost midnight.
Close your eyes.
" Yeah.
And we get our lips ready for that big midnight kiss, only to have those strong arms pick us up.
It was so romantic, though.
Until they threw us into the fountain and screamed, - "Happy New Year!" - "Happy New Year!" Michael swears that was Derrick's idea.
Yeah, and Derrick swears it was Michael's.
I don't know.
I can't tell you how much your friendship means to me.
Thank you for being so supportive.
Of course.
This has been an emotional day.
I know.
Will you tell Michael that I stayed up as long as I could? You'll see him in the morning.
All right.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Sleep well.
You, too.
That is so hot.
Then giddy up, cowboy, and come get you some.
I would, baby.
I would.
But I feel like a brick house fell on me.
First day back and we marched 20 miles.
So we're not going to If that's okay.
I just can barely keep my eyes open, you know? We don't have another choice.
But I No, that's it.
Look, you're asking her to leave our home.
Claudia Joy, you are not understanding the magnitude of this.
Hannah is testifying before Congress.
The media will turn her into a public critic of the Army and the war.
And if she stays with us, we will be perceived as supporting her beliefs and that impression can ruin my career.
You're right.
We have an obligation to the Army.
If you want, I will tell Hannah.
I should talk to her myself.
That is it.
Yeah, we'll take that one.
So, you mean even after you got Roxy-ized, you still didn't get laid? Look, I think he was confused.
Confused? I'd say he was a little slow.
Yeah, I agree.
You're strong, throw him down.
- Oh.
- Yes! No.
So, what about you, Miss Roxy? How was your trip to the Netherlands last night? My fellow traveler was too tired.
He passed out.
And your evening recap, sir? Uh-uh.
One round of sex talk with the ladies is more than enough, thank you.
- Come on! - Where's Claudia Joy? Oh, I don't know.
Her and Hannah were supposed to be here.
I hope they come.
- Yeah.
- What do you mean? It was in the paper this morning.
I'm famous.
I mean, who would've thought? Look.
I don't know how to say this other than to be honest.
It's the timing of everything.
Michael is the acting commander of this post.
Are you asking me to leave? You know how much I love you, how much we both love you.
Of all the people I know, I thought for sure you would be the one who would understand.
Michael can't be seen supporting a critic of the war.
The war? I haven't said anything about the war, for or against it.
I think they're lying to me, Claudia Joy.
Don't you understand that? Yes, I do, but I have to support my husband.
And I have to support mine.
You want to know what I think? I think this means no, Marilyn.
The only reason anyone would testify before Congress is to get attention.
Attention? Her husband died.
She has the right to support him in any way she wants.
Not that way.
I grew up in the military, and no matter what, you do not air your dirty laundry in public.
Hannah White testifying is only going to make us all look bad.
Because she wants to find out how her husband died? Pamela, we are at war.
Okay? Mistakes like that happen.
Our troops need our support right now, not wives testifying in DC.
Excuse me, don't you mean widows testifying in DC? I think she's right.
Pamela's right.
If my husband died, I would want an answer, too.
Nothing she says to Congress is going to bring her husband back.
Okay, is this you talking or Frank? Because, apparently, what Frank thinks is the only thing that matters.
This is clearly a complicated issue.
And we're not going to find a solution right now.
So, why don't we just agree to disagree? So, are you telling me, Roxy LeBlanc, that you don't have an opinion on this? No.
I don't know what the hell is going on and I don't care.
All I know is I've never seen you or Denise this upset, much less at each other.
So whatever stupid Army rule this is, it can't be that important.
You know what, Roxy? You don't get off that easy.
Sometimes these things matter.
And you know what? You just can't play the new girl this time.
It's not enough.
Where you at? Where are you, Joan? Right behind you.
Come on! Hey! I see you found a spot you like.
I did.
What took so long? - Where's that Army training? - It's my bike.
Oh, that's what it is.
Always the machinery.
This is a great idea.
Thank you for supporting me through all of this.
You've been there every step of the way and I really appreciate it.
You're welcome.
This is like the first Saturday I've had off in years.
But? But I almost feel guilty enjoying myself.
We can always go.
Not that guilty.
Because I got something I want to read you.
I was going through some old boxes and I found this.
"December 11, 1998.
"Had another date with Joan Walker today.
"She wore a blue dress.
"Every time I see her, she gets more and more beautiful.
"She told me she wanted to make a difference in the world.
"Now, everyone says that, but for the first time, "I believe it.
"And that's when I realized that "I've never been in love as much as I am now.
" I almost forgot who that girl was.
I didn't.
I love you.
I love you.
That you, Trevor? Trevor? Hey.
- Sorry I'm so late again.
- It's okay.
- Where are the kids? - Sleepover.
Hey, have you heard about that whole Hannah White thing? Yeah.
Why? Pamela got really mad at me today for not understanding why it's such a big deal.
Back in Alabama, I think me and my friends had one political talk a year.
And it was usually over which candidate was hotter.
Well, Rox.
It's always a big deal when the Army gets slammed in public.
You know, there's a lot of guys that think Blaine should be kicked out for testifying.
- Oh, God.
- But it sounds like the Army lied.
It does.
And that sucks.
Oh, my God! That is awful.
It's okay.
It's okay.
That stump that looks like Hamburger Helper is not okay.
You need to see a doctor.
That's the last thing I can do.
I already raised enough flags with my knee.
What I need to do is get in shape before I deploy.
If you died like Derrick did, how would you feel if I went before Congress? Well, being dead, I wouldn't feel much.
But if you want the truth, I'd be proud of you.
Damn proud.
But I could never say that in public.
What are you doing? I threw Hannah out of our house because you said what she was doing was wrong.
- What else could I have done? - You could have told me the truth.
I did what was right for this family.
For our lives here on post.
You did what was right for you and the Army.
Hey, Pamela.
Are T.
And Finn still going to the roller rink with your kids tonight? - Are you speaking to me? - No.
Well, I recognize your voice and that was you talking.
So, are you still not talking to Denise, either? Roxy, I think this is a big deal.
Sometimes you got to take a stand on things.
Here's my stand.
Hannah White's husband died.
It could happen to any one of us.
You, me, Denise.
Even Marilyn and Angie over there, standing and pretending they don't know each other.
It's our worst nightmare.
So, why are we all fighting? We're in this together.
Anything else, sir? Yeah.
We've been fielding calls all day about the Rose Garden Memorial ceremony.
- Sir.
- With Hannah White attending, there will be too much press, pulling focus.
We need to cancel it.
Can you handle that for me, please? I don't think that's a good idea, sir.
- Why is that? - With the press there, canceling the event is only going to make the Army look worse.
The event has to go on and Hannah White has to be allowed to attend, just like any other widow.
How can you say that? She's compromising the Army.
Because I support her, sir.
I understand the Army's need to protect national security, but people shouldn't have to go to Congress to get a straight answer either, sir.
As your X O, I support you, sir.
And I will follow your lead.
But with all due respect, sometimes our integrity is all we have.
If my views make me an unsuitable number two, I understand, sir.
When I asked you to take this position, I told you I needed someone I could trust, who wouldn't give me spin.
You're right, Burton.
I won't cancel it.
All right, let's go! Move it! Let's go! Let's go! Let's move it! Let's go now! We're almost there! We're almost there! Keep it going.
Give me a formation! Sergeant Hendrix? Can I talk to you about my husband, sir? - And you are? - Roxy LeBlanc.
I'm married to PFC LeBlanc, I take it? Yes.
Look, I'm sure I'm breaking all sorts of rules here, but I have to.
You see, Trevor's so dedicated to his training that he tore his feet up.
He can barely walk.
His socks are all bloody.
And, so, what should I do about it? Well, I made an appointment for him at the doctor tomorrow.
And he won't go because he has to train.
So would you please give him the day off? Oh, sure.
Well, why doesn't he take the week off? Look.
I feel responsible, okay? Trevor hurt his knee tripping over our kid's toy.
Just let him go.
You can have him right back.
I'll take it under advisement.
LeBlanc! Front and center! Is that it for you, ma'am? Okay.
There you go.
Thank you.
What are you doing here? Making the first move.
Look, I'm opinionated and I got a big mouth.
I'm really sorry if I hurt you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, too.
I was going to study, but why don't you join me instead? Thanks.
Look, I know you think I'm I'm pretty conservative and I don't have opinions of my own.
But the thing is, Frank and I have been married for 18 years and things have always been one way.
Well, you're working at the hospital.
That's something new.
That was not easy.
Frank didn't marry a nurse.
He married a woman who was happy to quit nursing to be a wife and a mother.
That other stuff I know you and Roxy think that I should make the first move, but that's also changing a big part of our relationship.
So Do you want to make the first move sometimes? Yeah.
I just don't know what he'll do.
You want my big fat opinion? Okay.
You're afraid he'll leave you if you change too much.
But you can't stop changing.
So, if you don't tell him what you want, you could end up unhappy and wanting to leave him.
So, give the man a chance.
Long day? Should I call someone and complain? Yeah, you do that.
I have a surprise for you.
I stopped by the PX on my way home from work.
And your article was finally in.
I picked up five copies for the family.
That's great, Joan.
Honey, you really impressed her.
Just listen to this.
"With his self-deprecating sense of humor, "and eyes that offer more than a glimpse into this modest doctor's soul, "one would never imagine Dr.
Roland Burton "is one of the leading experts on post-traumatic stress disorder, "not to mention " Are you being self-deprecating again? No.
I just need you to stop.
What? What? What's the matter? - Nothing.
- What? I'll send a driver for you for the memorial tomorrow.
I'm not going, Michael.
This one you have to do on your own.
Oh, Trevor, you look horrible.
You shouldn't have gone to Sergeant Hendrix today.
You humiliated me.
Rox, you were so far out of line in, like, a hundred different ways.
I was just trying to help.
I know, but you just gave Hendrix another thing to ride my ass about.
Do you know what the guys are calling me now? Baby-Soft.
I said I was sorry, Trevor.
I was just trying to get things back to normal for us.
Now, what is that supposed to mean? We haven't had sex in three days.
Something's got to be wrong.
Are you still attracted to me? That's what this is about? Rox.
Just because we're not having sex every night, doesn't mean I'm not attracted to you.
Because I am.
I'm being needy.
I've never been needy before.
I'm sorry.
I just haven't had the best relationships, you know? Well, this is a good one, in case you were still wondering.
If you have another problem, talk to me, not Hendrix.
Okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
I've never been with any man but you.
And I don't want to be.
Because I love you, Frank.
I love the way you touch me, what it feels like when we're together.
Sometimes Sometimes I want you so much.
But But I shut it down.
Because I don't know what you'd do if I just said, "Frank, I want to make love to you.
" I didn't know if you were going to show.
Glad you did.
Thank you for calling.
Oh, Hannah.
You came to me for support and all I did was let you down.
I am so sorry.
Thank you.
You know, I do understand how awkward it is for you.
And I You know, I probably would have done the same thing, had I been in your shoes.
- You are doing the right thing.
- Am I? Because I'm beginning to feel like it's not worth it.
I'm a woman, alone.
Taking on the United States Army.
I don't think I have the strength anymore.
So, you're not going to testify? I don't know.
I don't know.
Don't give up now.
You are this close to the truth.
It's what Derrick would have wanted.
I hope you're right.
It's going to be so hard.
But at least I have you by my side again.
Oh, God.
There's going to be a lot of press there.
God knows I'm going to need you at that Rose Garden ceremony today.
What I mean is Michael is giving a speech and all the top brass is going to be there.
You mean, you can privately support me, but publicly you can't be seen with me? That's a hypocrite, you know.
Hannah, you are one of the most important people in my life and so is my husband.
Please, don't ask me to make that choice.
Save it.
We've been here before.
Glad you made it.
Nice to see you.
Hey, you know, your kids left their skates in my toilet.
That's got to be, at least, a 50 buck fine, don't you think? Well, she is talking to you.
I'm beginning to rethink that.
Please be seated.
Hey, where's Claudia Joy? The King's up there on his throne without a queen.
I just talked to her, she's not going to make it.
She's fine.
Don't worry.
I am honored to welcome you all here to the opening ceremony of the Fort Marshall Memorial Rose Garden.
This memorial honors all the fallen servicemen and women who have lived here on this post.
I'm going to list their names in alphabetical order.
There are over 100 of them, so please be patient.
Specialist Matthew Adams.
Private First Class Xavier Allen.
Private Anthony Anderson.
Sergeant Peter Belgrad.
Captain Steven Billings.
Specialist Brady Callsworth.
- First Lieutenant James Camden.
- Hey, it's her.
Sergeant Troy S.
White! Over here! Right here! - Sergeant Maxwell Carlson.
White Corporal George Childs.
Major Paul Darcy.
Can I get a picture, please? Any comment about the investigation? Private First Class William Drager.
Are you here to protest? - Master Sergeant Kerry Dwyer.
Is that why you're here? Captain Daniel Eklund.
My name is Hannah White and I am here because I love my husband.
I was an Army wife for 22 years.
I want you to know that I believe in the United States Army and all that it stands for.
My husband, Lieutenant Colonel Derrick White, was killed in action two years ago.
He was awarded the Silver Star for heroism.
I was told that he died in Afghanistan by enemy fire.
Now it appears he died in Pakistan by friendly fire.
No matter how he died, he is still a hero.
All our soldiers are.
Our family just wants to know what happened.
I'm here to honor his memory by finding out how he died.
I'm here because I believe it is what Derrick would have wanted.
We both believe in the United States Army and all that it stands for.
My belief in the Army has not changed.
I am here because I love my husband.