Army Wives s02e01 Episode Script

Would You Know My Name?

CLAUDIA JOY: Previously on Army Wives We live while we can.
Laugh while we can.
Love while we can.
And that, my friends, is how we all beat terrorism.
Well, now I am hallucinating.
You work here? She was with a man.
The kind of man who wasn't her husband.
- Do you love her? - No.
It was a one-time thing.
It just happened.
Let's just call this what it is.
It's a divorce.
Oncologist? St.
Luke's? M.
S? What's this all about? The doctor found a lump last week Well, aren't you going to fight it? But I don't have any money, I don't have any insurance We were just about to leave.
Our first-born going off to college.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
I deploy in an hour.
Where's my Daddy? PAMELA: I don't know.
He should've been here to pick you up by now.
Return home immediately.
You've changed so much and I just I guess I'm just worried that there's not gonna be room for me I have never loved you more.
Come back to me, Trevor.
CLAUDIA JOY: I have to give this check to Betty.
She needs it for an operation.
I'll only be a minute.
I'm leaving you, George.
So, what's this all about? I need a car.
- What's wrong? - Joan's pregnant.
(TAPPING) This is Pamela Moran.
I realize that this isn't my normal radio slot, but normal isn't a word that applies much anymore.
Not around here.
I don't know how to gently lead up to something like this, so I'm just going to say it.
I just found out that someone very near to me died.
As you all know, four days ago there was a bombing at the Hump Bar.
And the city is still not back to normal.
People are trying to understand how something so terrible could've happened here.
The destruction and debris, both physical and emotional, have taken a heavy toll, though the Army was quick to respond.
MAN O VER RADIO: We are just moments away from the Army news conference in Fort Marshall where they will be detailing their preliminary findings on the Hump Bar bombing.
I'm Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton, Deputy Garrison Commander here at Fort Marshall.
Let me say, first and foremost, that our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have loved ones lost or injured in this tragedy.
As a result of the involvement of one of our service members in the bombing of the 14th, the Army's Criminal Investigation Division, or CID, has thus far determined the following, that munitions stolen from Fort Marshall earlier this month have been recovered from the residence of Sergeant George Polarski, that Sergeant Polarski is believed to be solely responsible for the theft of these munitions and we believe obtained them specifically for this act.
Let me be clear, we believe there is no further threat.
I'm ready to take your questions.
Colonel Burton.
Over here.
- Colonel Burton.
- Yes.
Can you confirm the number of casualties? What we know right now is there are four deaths.
Fifteen others were injured, three of them critically.
Can you tell us if the bomber was the only member of the Army present at the Hump Bar that particular night? There were Army dependents there, as well.
Would that include the bomber's wife? And your husband, Dr.
Roland Burton? We are currently in the process of notifying family members.
Therefore, we are unable to comment on anyone's identity at this time.
Thank you.
That was a news conference detailing the Army's preliminary findings.
It's been rumored the bomber's wife, Marilyn Polarski, was having an affair with a local civilian and that she was the intended target.
PAMELA: I, too, was one of those who was glued to my television.
It was as if I only listened to the news reports long enough and watched the images enough times that somehow it would all change.
On that first day when we were hungering for information, my son came up to me and asked me if I would take him to the beach.
Our adult world is falling apart, but in my child's world, he just wanted to go to the beach.
He said he found this secret place where the gold starfish are, and he wanted to show it to me.
But, no, I couldn't pull myself away.
I just sat there in front of the television, hypnotized by it all.
Hey, Betty.
It's me.
It's Roxy.
Don't you play dumb, old lady.
I got it on good authority that you can hear me.
There was a second there where we both could've gotten out.
Why did you do it, huh? I mean, why did you stay back? Like some crazy captain of a ship.
God, Betty.
I haven't heard from Trevor.
I really need you right now.
DENISE: Emmalin, if you want you can stay at my house.
- I'm okay by myself, you know.
- Yeah, I'm sure you are.
But your father would rather you not be alone.
Now please, take a bite.
(SIGHS) - How is it? - I'm not really hungry.
Didn't expect to see you here.
Yeah, I'm just checking in.
How you doing, Emmy? Fine.
- I'll get you something to eat.
- No, thanks.
- Denise.
- Yeah.
You're bleeding.
Oh It's all right.
It's nothing.
- Well, have you had it checked out? - Yeah, it's not serious.
It just needs some time to heal.
That's all.
Shouldn't you be in the hospital? Well, are you giving her my messages or what? Because this is the third time I've called Lieutenant Colonel Burton.
MAN ON TV: Expressed concern at the apparent targeting of recently arrived units by insurgents.
Thank you.
The press conference came a day after the military reported increased attacks in and around the Fallujah area.
Only this morning newly deployed troops were ambushed just outside the town.
- The Army is withholding the details - All right.
That's it.
Turn it off and march your baby butts straight to bed.
Is Daddy a troop? Is that why we haven't heard from him? Because he's dead? with the unimaginable heat and dust of Iraq, places huge demands on them.
There aren't many things more dangerous for a soldier than a vehicle breaking down in the middle of hostile territory.
To reduce the risks of this happening Come on, guys.
(SIGHS) PAMELA: People who aren't in the military don't understand the unique bonds that are forged so quickly on an Army post.
Maybe it's because we move so much.
You know, when you rarely spend more than two or three years in one place, it forces you to get to the heart of things.
PAMELA: That's why when one of these people who we've come to care about like they're our own family slips away, leaves us forever, the loss is almost unbearable.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Denise? You're my nurse? Should you be working? The hospital's on overflow.
They need all the help they can get right now.
Well, believe me, it's not like I mind seeing all three of you here.
Three? The drugs are that good? - Outstanding.
- Mmm! Seriously, none of you should even be here.
- Not so soon after - No, I need to.
- Roland, when that bomb went off - Hey.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Hello? Joan.
- Denise.
- Hey.
He's doing much better.
Except for his vision.
You need anything else, just page me.
One of us will answer.
I called your mom and dad, and Northwestern, and I told them that you'd obviously be delayed.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
How are you, Joan? Well, just after it happened, they gave us a list of names.
Yours was on it.
We didn't know who had lived or died.
We just had to wait to find out.
I was terrified.
Look, I I got to get back.
When Polarski came in there, I never thought I'd see you again.
About the affair? I admitted it, I explained it, I justified it, but I never apologized for it.
And I should.
I'm sorry I hurt you, Joan.
Thank you.
Just minor cuts and bruises, nothing major.
I mean, I'm not really the one I'm worried about.
It's Trevor.
He promised he'd call as soon as he arrived, and there's news about a new unit getting ambushed.
(SIGHS) Of course I've called somebody.
I've called 20 somebodies.
(DOORBELL RINGING) Mom, look, I got to go, okay? The pizza's here.
Yeah, I'll talk to you some other time.
Leblanc? (GASPS) No.
No, you guys have the wrong house.
LeBlanc, we're with the CID.
So you're not gonna tell me that my husband's dead? - No, ma'am.
- No.
We're Criminal Investigation Division.
What are you? Cops? AGENT NORTH: No, ma'am, Army.
- I see.
And you want my help.
- Yes, ma'am.
We'd like to ask you a few questions about the night of the bombing.
- I don't think so.
- Excuse me? I ain't talking to you.
I ain't talking to him.
I ain't talking to anybody until someone from this damn Army tells me where my husband is! Move your hand! (DOOR SLAMS) (DOOR SLAMS) The mind plays tricks on us at times like this.
It has to.
We need it to.
It's how we're able to power on and do what needs to be done.
Even something as mundane as doing the dishes that are piling up in the sink or going out, getting up and doing what needs to be done for your loved ones.
The future doesn't stop.
MAN O VER IN TERCO M: Your attention, please.
Final boarding call for the Silver Meteor 97 on track three.
South station.
- Mom! Mom! - Okay.
You don't have to do this.
- What? - You don't have to come with me.
No, no, no.
I want to.
But there are people hurting, and that's what you do best.
You take care of people.
We planned this.
Nothing's getting in our way.
- Do you need any help, ladies? - Yes, please.
Thank you.
My daughter's about to enter one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and she's already missed registration.
And two days of class.
Well, congratulations.
The bandages, mind if I ask? What happened? We were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
FEMALE ANCHOR: Breaking news from Baghdad.
A Humvee carrying four US soldiers exploded when it drove over an IED.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) MAN ON TV: In a concerted attempt to put the events of the past few days behind them WOMAN 1: Hello? - WOMAN 2: Mrs.
LeBlanc? - It's the FRG.
WOMAN 3: We're here to support you in any way we can.
Do you think she's in there? Mrs.
LeBlanc? Hello? WOMAN O VER P.
A: Dr.
Hanson to Admitting.
Hanson to Admitting.
- DENISE: How's she doing? - It doesn't look good.
Look who's here.
- NURSE: Does she have any family? - I don't know.
I thought you were her friend.
You're up here all the time.
I did see her quite a bit, but I just learned her last name from her chart.
I do know that she was very fond of the "F" word, and she always made us laugh.
I guess people are in our lives, but at the same time, they're not.
Hello, Betty Camden.
PAMELA: We all searched for strength on that first day or two.
I did.
But whether what I found was true strength or just some part of our DNA that makes us want to reach out and help, I don't know.
MAN: Sources say the outcome would have been far worse had the detonation cords on Polarski's homemade device not been faulty.
Roxy! Go! PAMELA: Roxy! (INSISTENT KNOCKING ON DOOR) Roxy, I know you're in there.
(KNOCKING) ANCHOR: City church leaders - ROXY: Okay.
Okay, okay.
announced non-denominational prayer service for the victims of the bombing will be held Hey.
Didn't you hear me? I've been knocking for 10 minutes.
I thought you were the Suited Ones again.
Oh, yeah.
I hear they're interviewing everybody.
Yeah, well, I refused to talk to them.
Why should I do them any favors? It's not like they're doing squat for me, and they're not finding Trevor.
Roxy, that's not what the CID does.
Well, it's not what anyone on post does, apparently.
Look, all I know is that this whole damn universe keeps finding completely new ways for me to hate this Army.
WOMAN: Four more casualties of the Hump Bar bombing were discharged from Mercer Hospital today, but three remain in critical condition.
A hospital official has confirmed that they are in a coma Why weren't the kids in school today? You have to keep it together, Rox.
Otherwise you'll regret it.
Moran! Mrs.
Moran! Can me and T.
Go to Katie and Lucas' house? Sure.
And your mommy has stuff she has to do anyway.
You have to stay inside.
Why? They said it was safe out now.
Because I said so.
Now stop your sass.
Go play.
I can't leave.
I can't go anywhere.
They impounded my car.
Well, you could borrow Chase's truck and I don't have a car, Pamela! I I can't leave the boys or this house until I find out about Trevor.
AGENT STEWART: Let's start by just having you take us through the night.
Just whatever I remember? Yes, sir.
And no detail is too trivial.
There was a lot of chaos, really.
That's to be expected.
He walked in.
At first, no one even knew who he was.
Then Marilyn, his wife, called out his name.
What did you do then? My mind was racing.
And I've been trained to talk people down from the ledge.
Only this guy He was hell-bent to destroy her, destroy all of us.
Burton, ready to go on? Ready to be discharged, not interrogated.
AGENT STEWART: With all due respect, ma'am You need to reschedule.
What's the best place that we can reach you, then, Dr.
Burton? At his home on post.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) (KNOCKING) Weren't you just here a while ago? I know, but this time I brought a medical professional.
This won't cure anything, but it might make the waiting easier.
I doubt it.
Well, it couldn't hurt to try.
(CHUCKLES) Look at the two of you.
It feels like I'm on the wrong end of an intervention.
Hey, that's good.
You're joking again.
Now we just need to get you out of your jammies.
I can't do anything until I know where Trevor is.
He promised he'd call me and he hasn't.
I just need to know he's safe.
And I've called everybody and no one can tell me anything.
You haven't called me.
I knew you were at the hospital helping and I wasn't.
Roxy, they were deployed together.
Wherever Trevor is, Frank is, and I haven't heard from him yet either.
But that's normal.
Sometimes it takes a few days.
I never know where Chase is.
And you don't worry? I worry the second he leaves my sight.
But I also know that if something happened to him, the Army would let me know.
So we don't worry about things that haven't happened yet.
Denise is right.
And with the bombing, no one is thinking clearly.
I can't help it.
I just I feel like something is wrong.
There's a lot wrong.
But I don't think it's Trevor or Frank that we need to be worried about.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
It must be really rough at the hospital.
Yeah, it's not looking good.
I'm gonna be there.
I promise.
But Trevor's going to call here and until he does, I can't move.
Hey, we understand, okay? We just have to be there for each other, okay? - Mmm.
- No matter what.
To the people we love.
May they always be safe.
Times like this we question our own strength, our ability to hang on and not crumble.
It's one of the things that I admire most about the Army wives I've met.
(CHUCKLES) It must be a military thing, this capacity to press on despite the obstacles, to see a mission through to its completion.
CLAUDIA JOY: When my father drove me to Harvard, my mother had to stay home to take care of my brothers.
He didn't say much.
He was a taciturn man, not unlike your father.
He only gave me one bit of advice, an old Irish quote he loved.
"Show me the friend and I'll show you the man.
" Yeah, Mom.
I get it.
Choose your friends wisely.
It's important.
It all is.
Because how you start something is how you'll finish it.
Are you saying that because you had to leave Harvard early? I guess I am.
You know, I've always wondered if you've regretted leaving Harvard and having me.
Sweetheart, I'm sorry if you ever thought that for one moment.
But that's not really an answer.
Did you? I did.
I did.
There were moments when I thought, "Is this it? "Am I going to change diapers and pick up toys for the rest of my life? "What happened to my dreams?" And then I'd lift you up, look into your eyes and realize my dreams were changing.
No matter what happens that makes us question the world we live in, life goes on, as cliché as that sounds.
One generation passes the baton to the next generation, and the cycle of life continues.
She doesn't even look like herself.
Yeah, there's a lot of swelling, but she's a fighter.
PAMELA: Is there anything we can do? Well, they say when you talk to someone in a coma, they know you're there because hearing is the last thing to go.
I believe that.
I should go.
I'm gonna stay.
Maybe I'll tell Betty how Roxy dyed her Netherlands in a pink heart before Trevor left.
I take it that's mine.
Thought it'd be more convenient for you to stay on the ground floor.
This little beauty will make it easier for you to get in and out of bed.
Does it lower the lights? Turn on the Al Green? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
It's good to be here.
So where are we in all this, Joan? What do you want? You.
I want you.
I got to get back to work.
So much going on.
Joan, I have to ask.
What about the pregnancy? Will you give me a few days until things settle down and then we'll talk about it? PAMELA: Regeneration.
Life renewed.
What is it that the poets keep trying to hammer into our heads? Winter becomes spring.
Night becomes day.
As one wave crashes onto the shore and disappears, another one appears behind it, and another and another.
I guess we humans just plain want to stick around.
The ride must be worth the price of admission.
And it's not in us to give up hope, (STIFLING TEARS) even when any reason for hope has dwindled to almost nothing.
This communal spirit, this crazy insistence that we all really are connected and each other's caretaker, it keeps us from sinking into despair or sliding into the abyss.
PAMELA: This is for you.
Yeah, but don't eat it.
Apparently, I suck at Jell-O, too.
It's the thought that counts.
- Are you in pain? - Some.
Could be a lot worse.
- Being home make it easier? - Yes and no.
Gives me more quiet, which means more time to think.
(GRUNTS) Thinking is never good.
You all right? I'm sure this couldn't be easy on you, either.
Please don't go worrying about me.
I wasn't there.
Well, it doesn't mean you're not allowed to have a reaction.
It was a big event.
It's bound to affect people on a myriad of levels.
I wasn't there, Roland.
Can we drop it? It's that I think you might be feeling a form of survivor's guilt.
Guilt? Yeah.
I'm feeling guilt, but it's not about surviving.
(CHUCKLES) Forget it.
We don't need to be talking about my crap.
Actually, I do.
The more people talk about it, the more we can heal.
I hated her.
I thought she was the biggest bitch on the planet.
Pamela, this didn't happen because you disliked her.
When she came by my house, she was scared to death.
Marilyn? What's wrong? Can I come inside? Please? Of course.
Has somebody hurt you? You can tell me.
I'll help you.
You know what? You're not leaving here until we get this figured out.
PAMELA: I wish I would've said that, but I didn't.
We were in lockdown, and I couldn't find Chase, and I was overtaken by kids and I was in no mood for drama, so I just gave her the keys.
KA TIE: Did somebody hurt Jake's mommy? She had bruises on her neck.
PAMELA: I thought about getting her help.
I even went to the phone.
I never dialed the last number.
I knew she was the victim.
And I didn't protect her.
I just let her go.
And I know better.
I know better.
CLAUDIA JOY: You're gonna meet so many new friends here, Amanda.
If you mean guys, Mom, I just want to focus on school right now.
You and Jeremy, I don't think I handled that very well.
I was so thrown, Amanda.
So sure the two of you shouldn't be together that I just told you to end it.
Well, yeah, you kind of did.
You were in love with him, weren't you? Yeah.
He was my first, and he was the right one.
But we were going in different directions.
You knew it then, and I know it now.
So don't beat yourself up about it, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
(KNOCKING) - Roxy, hey.
- Hey.
- Roland's asleep.
- Actually, I came here to see you.
Oh? What's up? You know I got two kids, right? Because they think that their father has either forgotten them or has gotten himself killed, and I want to tell them that they're wrong.
But I can't because you won't return my phone calls.
- Look - Don't tell me that it can't be done, because if you can shoot a satellite going 50,000 miles an hour out of the sky, then, Joan, you can damned well find my husband and hand him a Post-it note.
It is "Lieutenant Colonel Burton," and I am your husband's superior, even when I'm not in uniform.
And while I know it's been a difficult few days, understand the Army has strict protocols.
- Right, I know that, but I - Roxy.
His flight was delayed due to mechanical problems.
He'll be in Kuwait within 24 hours, where he'll spend the next 36 before heading into Iraq.
He's fine.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Mom.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, God, I'm so glad you're home.
I just had to be here.
PAMELA: What is it about the human touch? Holding a loved one close and feeling their warmth, their heartbeat? I mean, this is the Army and frequently our loved ones are far away.
PAMELA: But their warmth doesn't have to be.
"If you're wearing this robe, it's time for this.
" (CHUCKLES) - TREVOR: Hey, beautiful.
- Hi.
So it's probably late at night.
The kids are asleep.
You're wrapped up in your robe, drinking a glass of red wine.
Because that's what you do when you've had hard times.
That's when your fears come out.
Man, I wish I was there to grab those black snakes and wrestle them to the ground.
Look, I know this is hard.
But, baby, you're not alone.
You've got the kids and your friends.
There's even cranky Betty at the bar.
Man, I am sorry I ever gave you a hard time about getting that job.
It's good that you have that place, Rox.
It'll keep your mind off me while I'm gone.
Now, I want you to do something for me.
Close your eyes.
Come on.
I know you're cheating.
Close your eyes.
Okay, okay, okay.
Take off your robe.
(SUGGESTIVELY) Well, okay.
Now it's me holding you.
Can you feel me? (WHISPERS) Yes.
Because wherever I am, I'm loving you.
(SIGHS) I love you.
At times, it feels totally random.
This roll of the dice on who lives and who dies.
Trevor was alive, and Marilyn was dead.
And the worst was yet to come.
They say it's in times of crisis that true character is revealed.
I believe that's probably true.
- I froze.
- That's normal.
It's what most people do.
You know, everyone was in motion, and I just stood there, watching everything unfold.
There was Amanda.
And then Claudia Joy was fighting to get to her.
People were knocking each other down, shoving, screaming.
(PEOPLE CLAMORING) And then Roland appeared.
He grabbed me and got in my face.
He snapped me out of it.
If it wasn't for Roland, I'd be dead.
But Amanda was not gonna leave without her mother, and Claudia Joy was not gonna leave without her.
No! - It's perfect, Mom.
Thank you.
- Oh! And (SIGHS) - So you don't forget us.
- Oh, my God.
Here we are.
What's wrong? I don't think I can do this without you.
Oh, honey.
Honey, you can.
This is who you are.
On your first day of kindergarten, you had your lunch packed the night before.
You had your clothes laid out.
(CHUCKLES) You were all ready.
You were dragging me to the classroom door.
And then when the bell rang, you just suddenly stopped.
You clung to my leg, afraid.
I kissed you, then I walked away, just like the book said to do.
Only I turned back to see how you were.
And you were still standing there, looking at me.
Then you took a deep breath, waved goodbye, and walked through the door.
This is the same thing.
Just take a breath and start walking.
(WHISPERS) Oh, baby.
DOCTOR: Another milligram of epi.
NURSE: Charging.
V-fib! DOCTOR: Come on.
It's okay.
I'm gonna be okay.
- DOCTOR: Go people, move! - Clear! Another milligram of Dad and Emmalin need you now.
It's not like I won't see you again.
Why did you do it, Amanda? Why did you go into that bar? For you, Mom.
I went in for you.
DOCTOR: Come on, come on.
- Come on, guys.
Let's go! - NURSE: V-fib! (HEART MONITOR FLATLINING) Show me the mother and I'll show you the child.
(HEART MONITOR BEEPIN G) (HEART MONITOR BEEPING) Amanda's gone, isn't she? (SOBBING) (VOICE BREAKING) At some point, words fail us, and we're left with silence, silence and time.
I read something once, "To live in hearts you leave behind is not to die.
" I don't know what each of you is going to do today, but now is the time to tell those you love that you love them.
Like we loved Amanda.
And she lives in our hearts still and will never be forgotten.
Me, I think I'm going to pick up my kids and take that ride down to the ocean like they wanted.
The water's beautiful this time of year, and besides, they know where the gold starfish are.