Army Wives s02e12 Episode Script

Great Expectations

ROXY: Previously on Army Wives This is the man that saved Daddy.
Well, your daddy rocks.
His pain pills.
He used them up before his refill was due and then he said he spilled them.
Hi, Mom.
How come Dad didn't come? I have left your father.
I know a place.
He's a really cool doc.
He'll check you out, maybe write you another scrip.
Is that legal? I kissed him.
Were you in love with him? We are broke.
Gamble? Why didn't you say something before it got so bad? The Army has marriage counseling with the chaplain.
Baby, I will do whatever it takes.
Daddy! Daddy! T.
J? Finn? T.
J: Come on, Daddy! Daddy! FINN: Daddy! Please! T.
J: Daddy! Don't leave us! Trevor? What's going on? - Please open your eyes, Daddy! - Babe! - He won't wake up, Mom! - Come on! Look at me! Oh, my God.
Trevor! Is he going to be okay, Mom? - Daddy! Daddy! - Please.
- Wake up! - Trevor.
ROXY: Please don't do this to me.
(GASPING) Oh, my God! CHARLOTTE: The key is to get the griddle just hot enough.
You want the batter to start cooking as soon as it touches the surface.
I hate to tell you, Mom.
You're wasting your time.
Now I know you can cook with your eyes closed, but I just learned this, so be impressed.
I am.
It's just very difficult to sell breakfast around here.
Don't be silly.
Everybody loves breakfast.
What smells so good? Hey.
How many do you want? Sorry, Gram.
I got to go.
- But you have to eat something.
- Ah - Wow, pancakes.
Those look great.
- How many do you want? Oh, no.
I'm already late for a meeting.
But maybe you could save some for me.
You can't save pancakes.
Sorry, Charlotte.
We'll try again tomorrow.
- I tried to tell you.
- Let's hope we're hungry.
I am.
I will eat.
Look who I found on the porch.
Daddy! Hi, baby! Oh.
Hi! What are you doing here? I came to see my family.
And to get my life back.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
What are you doing here? Is the cereal just better at our place? I had PT this morning.
Didn't have time to make it back to the barracks.
And, yes, everything is better here.
- You want some eggs? - Yeah.
- DENISE: What about you, Jeremy? - Have to go.
Parachute issue 0900.
- Thanks for the flakes.
- Oh, anytime.
Hey, what's that? Get out of here.
Bye, all! Hey, so do you have a few minutes to talk? Sure.
Well, I ran into Chaplain James at the hospital.
And I took the liberty of mentioning our counseling session.
Well, you said you wanted to.
Oh, I do.
I do.
In theory, but Baby, Brian James and I went to jumpmaster school together.
I mean He knows me.
Well, it's his job, honey.
And I don't think we're going to come up with anything he hasn't already heard.
Plus he'll be discreet.
D, the house I grew up in, you You didn't go for help.
You sure as hell didn't go to outsiders or strangers for help.
Well, as you pointed out, he's not a stranger.
So, can I make that appointment? Of course.
Countdown to the kid.
How's it going? It's great.
Joan got the all-clear from the doctor.
She's headed back to work today.
Well, that's great.
You guys wigging out yet? I am.
Joan has it under control.
She's very under control.
She signed us up for infant CPR classes.
Well, that's part of it.
I know.
But it's not all serious, is it? I mean, call me crazy, but I want to enjoy being a parent.
Well, she probably just hasn't started thinking about the fun stuff yet.
Has she had a shower? What, like a baby shower? Well, I know she's clean, Roland.
Of course a baby shower.
You know, adorable presents, sugary food, fun games.
Yeah, I don't think she'll go for that.
Well, how about I throw you one? And then you can bring home all the cute loot.
That'll take her mind off of colic and trips to the emergency room.
I don't think she's considered colic yet.
You should forget that I mentioned that.
So you want the party or what? Sure.
Okay, so I actually only have time for one more caller and this one is Tim.
- Hi, Tim.
- Hi, Pamela.
I love listening to your show.
Any questions or comments? Yeah, I guess I have a comment.
I saw your picture in the paper when they did that article on you and you are just as beautiful as you sound.
Yeah, they got a little creative with that picture.
Well, I have a question, too, I guess.
How does a woman as beautiful as you end up married to a guy who's in the Army? I just married the guy I was in love with who happened to be in the Army.
He can't be too happy about leaving you alone all the time, huh? Well, Tim, like everybody else, this is a life we signed up for.
Are you a soldier? I'd rather talk about you.
Well, I have to sign off now.
But, everybody, thanks for listening and we'll be back tomorrow with more Have At It.
ANNO UNCER: You've been listening to Army post radio.
You have an admirer.
Yeah, fame, you know? Pretty soon I'll be club hopping and shaving my head.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Since when did you become the gardener? I always tinkered.
But your father got the credit.
CLAUDIA JOY: He says he's moved on to exotics, now.
And I inherited everything else.
Any chance of you moving on from this? From what? Your anger.
You're not even giving him a chance.
I have given him a million.
You don't even know.
He says he's gotten his finances sorted out.
Well, he came all the way down here to win you back and I've hardly seen you together.
(SIGHING) You don't know what it was like.
Him sneaking off to poker games, staying away for days at a time.
Then the creditors calling, we almost losing the house.
I had to think about finding a job for the first time in my life.
At my age.
Do you know what that feels like? He says the danger's passed.
We should believe him.
No, that's your job, sweetheart.
Believing in your father.
I don't know that I can ever trust him again.
Oh, I don't know why I expect you to understand.
Mom, I don't want to lose what we've found here.
Neither do I.
But if you side with your father, that is the risk you are taking.
- Hey, babe.
- JOAN: Hey.
Somebody's been shopping.
Well, I had a little extra time after work.
I see.
What is for dinner? I am starving.
It's a surprise.
I'm going to make you something special to celebrate the official end of bed rest.
Yes! I can't seem to open the cabinet.
There's a little hinge here.
Had the whole house baby-proofed today.
And it's not too soon for this? The baby's coming in six weeks.
And unless you know something I don't, she's not going to come out of the womb walking.
Let alone looking for coffee mugs.
- I was wondering.
- What? If we could take a moment to do something fun.
Like what? Roxy wants to throw us a shower.
- A baby shower? - Yeah.
You mean, like with presents and stupid games? No.
There wouldn't have to be any games.
Roland, this is me you're talking to.
I'm not going to turn into some cutesy mom who wears, you know, bows and matching outfits.
It's just a celebration.
A party.
To acknowledge the lighter side of being parents.
We'll keep it small.
I'll think about it.
Thank you.
Oh, good Lord.
Boys, dinner! Come here.
Let me see your hands.
All right.
Sit down.
Who's wants lasagna? It's almost homemade.
- FINN: I do! - That smells good, babe.
Well, it's jar sauce, but I did the rest myself.
They're all mine.
But they're mine.
See? T.
J: Give me that.
FINN: Give me that! TREVOR: What? I thought you were done with that.
It's one pill.
It was the first one today.
Roxy, they make pain medication for people who are in pain.
I got shot, all right? It's not like it's a headache.
Do you understand that? I understand that you're not supposed to take it every day like a vitamin.
It's a drug, Trevor.
People get addicted to them.
I'm not addicted! All right? Quit treating me like I'm your mother.
It's not my fault you had a hard life.
MARDA: Roxy, go to your room! Roxy, honey, go to your room! MAN: You're like this all the time! You're just a drunk! - A lazy, stupid, big drunk.
- Stop it! - Get out! Get out! - Shut up! Leave her alone! Your kid's going to end up just like you! Please, Mommy! Make him stop! Enough grown-up talk.
What happened to eating? FINN: We don't have silverware.
If it's freaking you out, I'll stop.
I don't need it.
I know it's probably me.
I'm sorry.
Okay, everything's fine.
- Just eat up before it gets cold.
- Okay, Mom.
RANDALL: They know how to treat their officers around here, Michael.
You must enjoy this.
You're here, what, two, three nights a week? I'm hardly ever here except on business.
Your daughter likes to cook and I've yet to find anything better.
Still, it's important to treat yourself now and then.
Speaking of which, everybody up for another bottle of wine? Oh, I don't think we could finish it.
Michael and I can always finish it.
Don't run up Michael's tab, Randall.
Michael's tab? This is on me.
It's been a long time since I've been able to take the whole family out.
Are you sure you can afford it? I told you, I set everything straight.
But you can't talk money at the table.
It's bad luck and it ruins your digestion.
Right, Michael? Oh, it ruins my digestion wherever I am.
That's why I let Claudia Joy do it.
Yeah, I'm just one of those weird people that likes numbers in a straight line.
RANDALL: What about you, sweet pea? You know what you want to be? Maybe go to law school like your mom? No, probably something in the arts.
Good plan.
I can see you in a loft in Soho or a garret in Paris.
I would love to go backpacking around Europe when I graduate.
That's news to me.
Everybody should do that once.
Whose side are you on? Randall always dreamed about a bohemian life.
Almost got there, too, didn't we? Go easy on the grape there, Mother.
You know how it makes you, shall we say, truthful.
I must be the problem.
Mommy, there's someone on the porch.
Where? I don't know.
I just saw somebody walk by.
KATIE: Where'd you get the flowers? I don't know.
Somebody left them on the porch.
- Are they from Daddy? - Well, they must be.
ROXY: So, you know, we'll throw the party and whatever happens, happens.
PAMELA: Well, that's very Zen of you.
It's a skill I'm developing.
Trevor okay? Yeah, he's fine.
I'm the one who's going nuts.
Yeah? About what? The pills.
I'm just obsessing over them for no good reason.
I'm bored with me.
What's going on in your life? - I actually think that I have a problem.
- What? This guy from the radio station keeps calling me.
And last night he dropped off flowers on my porch.
- Well, that's cute.
- No, it is not cute.
It's creepy.
Really? Yeah.
I mean, maybe it's from my former cop days, but my gut tells me that there's something wrong.
I mean, there's something off.
Well, have you reported it to the MPs? (EXHALES) No, because there's nothing to report.
You know, maybe you just know too much about this stuff.
It could really just be a fan.
You know what could really help? Shopping for balloons and party favors.
Can't wait.
RANDALL: It's amazing what you can grow down here, so close to the salt water.
I've added a greenhouse, you know.
- I've started my orchids.
- Really? Can you afford that? I thought you were selling the house.
Oh, that was your mother.
A little bit of debt and she starts putting our belongings in the yard.
You know she has no idea about managing money.
So, this gambling thing is under control? I was never in that much trouble.
So Mom's telling her tales again? Well, she exaggerates.
You know that she does.
I really need you two to work this out.
Claudia Joy, I've never known you to behave like this.
My behavior? Daddy, you're playing poker.
Mom's moving out of the house.
It's all unrecognizable to me.
What is going on here? Is this a post midlife crisis or No, honey.
It's just life.
Daddy, I've always depended on you.
You're my rock.
You can handle anything.
Thank you.
And you're the daughter I've always wanted.
And the son.
An only child has to be everything.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
No, no.
I wanted to live up to your ideal.
I felt like I let you down when I left law school.
But I followed my heart.
I had to.
You never let me down.
You couldn't.
And I still want to be your rock.
You are.
So, would you handle this situation, please? Colonel Burton.
Joan, please.
Do you want a table? I'm not here to eat.
I'm actually here to clarify something.
This baby shower.
Will there be games? Do you want games? Absolutely not.
Under no circumstances.
Oh, right.
There were no games.
There won't be any games.
I promise.
Then I'd be honored to attend.
- Hey.
You're home early.
- MICHAEL: Yeah.
And you may have already won a million dollars.
I had a meeting at the club.
Figured I'd do the rest of the work from home.
Where are your parents? Somewhere in the house.
Not talking.
Not making any progress? Mom's not ready to let go.
When I was at the club they gave me this.
It's a bill from the other night.
Well, that's a mistake.
My father paid.
He said he paid.
But he put it on my tab.
Well, that's probably for convenience.
He'll pay you back.
- Claudia Joy.
- Oh, my God.
After years of supporting everyone around him, he had a slight loss of financial judgment.
Do we really have to put him in the stockade? - No.
- Good.
But you have never been able to see him clearly.
What's that supposed to mean? You're the first to admit it.
He was your hero.
You modeled yourself after him.
And you still adore the man.
And why are you presenting this as a character flaw? It's stopping you from confronting the situation.
You're asking me to turn on my father now? I'm asking you to see him.
Really see him.
He's a good man.
But he's a smart man, who has the ability to manipulate situations with his charm.
And I suppose you've always seen this.
I've recognized a lot more tension in their relationship than you ever did.
But it wasn't my place to bring it up.
Oh, I guess you get the gold star.
And I get the dunce cap.
Then we won't talk about it.
FEMALE CALLER: I'd like to invite them to join our Comedy Only movie club which meets Tuesdays at 8:00 p.
Well, that's a great idea.
I mean, when was the last time you heard somebody say, "No thanks, I think I've had enough laughs for today"? We can all use a little lightness around here.
So thank you for getting that message out there.
Okay, we have time for one more call.
This is Have At It.
Who am I speaking with? TIM: Thanks for asking.
I happen to be the president of the Pamela Moran fan club.
Speaking of comedy.
Of course, there is no such thing, but I appreciate the humor.
Okay, well that's it for today.
Thank you for listening to Have At It.
The guy is still on the line.
I'll take care of it.
TIM: Hey, Pam.
All right, listen to me.
This attention is not appreciated, do you understand that? What do you mean? I don't want your phone calls, I don't want your flowers, I do not want to have a relationship with you.
If you ignore my request, I'm going to the police.
I don't understand why you're so upset.
Do not contact me again.
Everything all right, ma'am? Yes, I'm fine.
But I do need to talk with you about something.
You served in Iraq with Private Dalton Wilkins, correct? Dalt? Yes, ma'am, we trained together.
He's in my company.
We've actually become really close friends.
Well, I didn't want you to hear this on the news.
I'm afraid we lost him yesterday.
He was in a convoy ambush, caught sniper fire.
Something this boy's not putting in his mouth, that's what.
Man, this is my first time away from home and I want I'm sorry.
He's being transported back next week for funeral services.
Thank you.
You should take the rest of the day off.
That's not going to be necessary, ma'am.
I'm making the call on this one, LeBlanc.
You're dismissed for the day.
ROXY: The important thing is no games.
Don't mention games.
Don't even say the word "game.
" - Nothing? - She really feels strongly about games.
Not even pin the beak on the stork? That's fun.
Yeah, what about the clothes pin in the bottle? Remember when you put the clothes pin between your knees and No.
No! Stop, stop.
That is going nowhere near this shower.
And the presents can't be too cutesy, either.
Come on.
All baby gifts are cutesy.
I thought the whole point was to introduce a little fun here.
Yeah, yeah.
A little fun.
Not too much.
Do you want me to make the cake? - I was thinking petit fours.
- Petit.
Petit? Petit fours.
I read about them in Country Living.
- Do you think you could do those? - I've never tried.
I thought we were talking hotdogs and chips and now we're at petit fours? How did we get there? When the Deputy Garrison Commander RSVP'd "yes.
" You did not see the look in her eyes.
I'll pick up the petit fours from the bakery.
- You've got a lot on your mind.
- I'm sorry.
I'm all caught up.
- What's going on? - No, no.
Just adjusting to Frank being home and preparing for him to leave again, that's all.
Well, let us know if you need anything, all right? - Yeah.
- PAMELA: Okay.
All right, so - Petit fours.
- Yeah.
Watermelon margarita for Pamela.
I just put that on the menu.
Well, now I'm your guinea pig for new drinks? No, I didn't order it.
I thought you did.
It's actually from the gentleman right over there.
WAITRESS: That's funny.
He was there.
What did he look like? I don't know.
Tall, short hair.
Was he a soldier? Honestly, I don't know.
But he still has to be around here somewhere.
Mom, can I talk to you? Sure, honey.
What's up? It's about Grandpa.
What about him? Look, I feel bad telling you this, but I feel like I should.
He asked me for money.
He wanted to borrow from my college fund.
Ten thousand, he says.
It's just a loan, he says, and he'll pay it back with interest.
I mean, technically, it's his money.
No, it's not.
He started that account for you when you were a baby.
It's yours.
But I want to help him.
- Let me handle it.
- But I wasn't supposed to tell you.
And he wasn't supposed to ask his granddaughter for money.
I'll handle it.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
You did the right thing.
ROXY: Hey.
What are we doing for dinner? Babe, something wrong? Dalton.
Dalton? Is he okay? He was killed in action.
Oh, my God.
Colonel Burton told me today.
You know, his wife and daughter came by to see me the other day.
Thanked me for saving him.
Like I was some big hero.
I'm so sorry.
I knew it.
I knew this was going to happen.
One of the guys getting shot or killed and I'm not there to do a damn thing about it.
But Dalton? He was a better soldier than me.
So why him and not me? Baby, is there anything I can do to help? No.
CLAUDIA JOY: This is difficult.
It looks very serious.
Are we grounded? Dad, the charm's not going to work here.
This should be interesting.
Or the biting sarcasm.
No more dividing to conquer.
I need the two of you to just sit and listen to me for once.
(SIGHS) Dad, I know about the tab at the Officers' Club.
I'm going to pay Michael.
It was just easier to put it on the tab.
I know about Emmalin.
That was between the two of us.
No, it's not.
I set that fund up for her.
You don't take money from a teenager.
Your granddaughter.
That's her education.
How do you think it makes her feel? - You asked the child for money? - I'm trying to take care of you.
I'm trying to take care of everyone as I always have.
I know, I appreciate that you've always been there for us.
I do.
I know you're going through a hard time.
But you've got to pull it together.
Both of you.
Resolve this problem in your own space, in your own time.
I cannot be in the middle anymore.
I can't.
And I won't allow it to affect my family.
Is that clear? Abundantly clear.
Dad, if the gambling is a problem, get help.
Mom isn't going back until you do.
And I don't blame her.
Randall, she's right.
This is a tough one.
I don't know what to do.
We'll figure it out.
Everything okay? Have I thanked you lately for being the kind of man you are? Not lately.
I'm still not quite sure I'm getting it.
JAMES: The first thing I want to tell you is that you are not alone.
Many other Army couples have had to do this.
When you spend such a short amount of time together, it's hard to have a constructive conversation about whatever tensions have come up.
So, Frank, you've been away for a while.
How does it feel being back home? Well, it's good.
It's an adjustment.
You know, it always is.
And, Denise, has it been helpful being back at work? Oh, yeah.
I love my work.
I enjoy being able to give back, you know.
It's good.
Look, I'm sorry.
Can we just cut to the chase here? Obviously I'm not at ease in this situation and we have a pressing issue.
- Go ahead.
- D.
While Frank was away, I I allowed myself to get close to someone.
It wasn't an affair, but we kissed.
And I understand why he feels so betrayed.
I regret it.
We don't really know where to go from here.
And do you still have contact with this man, Denise? No.
He died.
You probably know who he is.
He was Dr.
It really doesn't It's not important who it was.
No, I beg to differ.
I think it's very important.
Chaplain James brought up the issue of you going back to work and that's where you met him.
It didn't happen because I went back to work.
No, but it happened at work.
It was a kiss.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Chaplain.
But Judas might have said the same thing.
Oh, now I don't believe that that kind of thing is helpful.
Why would you say that? Well, I thought that counseling was a place where you get to, you know, safe place.
Where you get to just say what you've been thinking, right? Yeah.
Yes, but there's a constructive way to do that.
Oh, well, forgive me.
But I guess I'm just a little more angry than I thought I was.
Yeah, well, I don't know how I can apologize more, Frank.
I mean I can't take back what happened.
I can't.
I don't think it's a good idea for you to go to work.
So your solution is to lock me in the house? Look, it's not a coincidence, Denise.
Look, the work, the motorcycle, the kiss.
They are all connected.
Well, I can't go backwards.
- Okay? - I am not asking you to go backwards.
I enjoy making a contribution and not being so dependent on you which I have been since I was 19 years old.
But that's what you signed up for, all right? Baby, you wanted me to take care of you.
You wanted me to provide for the family.
You can't just go Denise, you can't just go changing the terms on me all of a sudden! Terms? These aren't terms.
Frank, a marriage is more than that! It is an organic thing! You know, it's supposed to change when the people in it change! Well, I haven't changed! I know.
So this is me? Right? This is all me? This is my fault? You want to tell me how this all of a sudden became my fault? I don't think Denise is assigning blame.
I think she's making a point about the trajectory of a marriage.
There is no trajectory to a marriage! A marriage is a baseline! It is bedrock! It is the foundation! And I just don't understand how you could destroy our foundation, Denise.
Why? I don't understand.
I don't think you want to understand, Frank.
I don't think that you can move past this enough to even try.
I've been thinking about a separation.
Well, when were you going to tell me about this? Why don't we just call a spade a spade then, huh? A separation.
The first damn step to a divorce.
What do you want? I thought you wanted to work on it.
And I still want to try.
I just need some distance.
Distance? God.
Distance? I am going back to Iraq in five days! Is that enough distance for you? JAMES: It's true, a separation is not the end of a marriage.
You know, sometimes it's what a couple chooses to do so that they can get some perspective.
So that they can stop doing damage to each other.
And you can still pursue therapy.
How the hell are we going to pursue therapy? I'm a half a world away.
You tell the boy.
All right? This was your idea.
You tell him.
What are you going to tell him? What are you going to tell our boy? The truth.
(LAUGHING) Anybody want some more jasmine tea? Sandwiches? Scones? - Yes.
- I feel like we're on the Titanic.
Yeah, I think I went a little over British.
Well, it's very fancy.
Good job.
Finger sandwiches.
You cut off the crusts.
I've been doing that for my kids for years.
Now, Denise sends her regrets.
And this.
She went cute.
That's a lot of cute.
All right.
Well, let's get this started.
I have a present.
This is What is this? That is a womb bear.
It sounds like a mother's heartbeat.
- It helps them sleep.
- ROLAND: Now, see.
That's very practical.
But it's also very cute.
ROLAND: So the two can in fact co-exist.
And And that's a boo-boo bunny.
You put it in the freezer so when she hurts herself Now see? This makes sense.
It's a great idea.
Here is my present.
- Big bag.
- ROXY: Yes.
That'll never leave your side.
- Nice! Nice, Rox.
- Thank you.
Not to steal Denise's thunder, but I think I win the blue ribbon for cute.
Put them on.
Little babies.
You guys, I really appreciate this.
Thank you.
JOAN: I know that I've been overdoing it a bit on the practical side.
But I get it.
It's an adventure and at least half of it is fun.
So thank you again.
Even the boo-boos.
Now I don't think I can ever use the expression "boo-boos.
" (CELL PHONE RINGING) - Colonel Burton.
- ROLAND: Bam.
PAMELA: Oh, nice! Yes, sir.
I understand.
I'll be right there.
I have to report.
There's a situation.
ROXY: We'll send the leftovers home with Roland.
Thank you.
Thank you.
See you later.
- Bye.
- All right.
Let's bust out the games! MICHAEL: It was only a training exercise and fortunately there were no injuries.
There's an investigation under way to see if it was design flaw or pilot error.
We're going to want to cooperate with the press as soon as possible.
So put together a statement and I'll review it.
- Yes, sir.
- Joan, make sure the families are notified before anything gets released.
I'll take care of that, sir.
Are those dolls on your ears? Oh, sir, I'm sorry.
I was just at a baby shower prior to this and, I know that's no excuse, but, you know, I just had to rush right over here.
Relax, Joan.
This won't be the last time you have to rush the transition.
Part of what makes a great soldier is the ability to go back and forth between family and duty.
We all do it.
And it takes practice.
Well, I haven't entirely figured it out yet, sir.
You will.
And I think you'll be great at it.
- I hope so.
- That's all.
- I forgot my keys.
No problem.
Hey, I just got your call.
Sorry, I got hung up.
Everything okay? You know, your father and I just wanted to discuss something with you.
But, can I go first? - Go ahead.
- Sure.
Just got my assignment.
I'm being deployed.
- When? - Three days.
Iraq? FOB Patriot in Mosul.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm ready.
Okay? So, what did you want to talk to me about? It is not important.
You concentrate on what you need to do, all right? JEREMY: Yes, sir.
So, what's for dinner? (CLATTERING) (FLOORBOARDS CREAKING) PAMELA: Chase? Who's there? (DOOR OPENS) I'm calling the police! Hello? Yes.
I need somebody to come, right away.
There's been a break-in.
It's 1317B.
Like boy.
You couldn't even wait up for me? It's not even that late.
Did you take these? - Leave me alone.
- How many did you take? - I'm fine.
Please, leave me alone.
- Trevor, you said Hey! Shut up! All right? I know what I said! Just leave me alone! (TREVOR GRUNTS) (WOMAN SINGING) It's not over It is not the end Gonna have what's mine again (TREVOR CRYING) It's not over But just save the end But they don't know how and they don't know when I think I might have scared him off.
Or maybe he thought I wasn't home.
What do you think he was after? If he's stalking you, wouldn't he want to see you? Well, sometimes they just want to leave you a message.
Just let you know that they were there.
This is your theory? Oh, come on.
I was a cop.
I responded to a lot of these cases, so I know what you're going to say.
There's no way that we can know that this intruder was my stalker.
That's correct.
And we can't even know that he's the one who left the flowers.
And it's possible he hasn't even done anything wrong.
MAN 1: I can't find any forced entry.
Did you leave a door or a window open? No.
I never do that.
You must have, Ms.
Your husband's deployed at the moment? Okay.
I am not paranoid.
This is really happening.
MAN 2: We'll stay outside for a while.
Make sure he doesn't come back.
It's not over It's not over It's not over