Army Wives s02e14 Episode Script


ROXY: Previously on Army Wives - Paolo.
- Good to see you.
My God, this can't be Claudia Joy.
The world ages, and you remain the same.
He has these moods now, and he never had moods before.
He's angry a lot.
ROLAND: Here's the name of an addiction specialist at Mercer.
You think he's an addict.
DENISE: Is that the guest of honor? Yes.
He's not shy.
Especially around the women.
You've been drinking.
You know you're not supposed to drink on Vicodin.
You want the kids to see you like this? Here, Mommy.
For me? Uh-huh.
Where did you get it? A man gave it to me.
He told me to give it to you.
DENISE: Pamela, you've got to do something.
Get a restraining order.
Denise, you got to know who you're restraining, first.
I don't know this guy's full name.
I don't even know what he looks like.
How are the lease negotiations going? Let's just say he's not just negotiating for his country.
Trevor? Where are you? Your wife suffered a hemorrhage.
We delivered the baby via C-section.
Your daughter is premature, but fine.
- What about my wife? - We are having trouble getting the bleeding under control.
Why are your bags packed? Thought I'd go stay at the officers' quarters.
If we're separated, we're separated.
So I'd rather go wait out my last couple of nights somewhere else.
- Paolo, stop it.
- No, come on.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah! Fight me.
I like that.
(CLAUDIA JOY GRUNTING) (DIALING) This is Claudia Joy Holden.
I've been attacked.
Send the MPs to my home immediately.
And send an ambulance.
I think he's still alive.
(SIREN WAILING) Hang on! Hang on! Is that my wife? She's inside, sir.
MALE DETECTIVE 1: Over here, too.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm all right.
I saw the ambulance.
I thought I'm fine, Michael.
- You're not fine.
You're shaking.
- Michael, I'm fine.
Why don't we see the doctor, just to be safe? What is he going to tell me? I lost a few buttons? Paolo's the one who needs medical attention.
I thought I might have killed him.
How serious is his injury? He was regaining consciousness.
EMT stopped the bleeding.
Make sure that everything is done by the book.
And I want this Yes, sir.
The report will be classified.
Thank you, Sergeant.
That will be all.
MAN: Sergeant Perez, we're all wrapped up here.
I can't believe he would have done something like this.
I never would've left you alone with him.
We both trusted him, Michael.
He's not going to get away with it, I can promise you that.
He's probably been getting away with it for years, and tonight he got what he deserved.
That can wait.
Emmalin's going to be home soon.
I don't want her to see all this.
Michael, it could've been worse, much worse.
It's not, so it's over.
Just let it be over, okay? - How far did it go? - Not far at all.
Claudia Joy.
No, Michael.
No, he didn't.
I'm getting the State Department involved, his embassy.
What are they going to do? Send him home? He's a diplomat.
He has immunity here.
CLAUDIA JOY: Then, when he gets home, what happens? Nothing.
He's connected, Michael.
His country will do nothing.
They will, if we put pressure on them.
We're in the middle of a very sensitive lease negotiation.
We need them more than they need us.
I don't give a damn about that lease.
Of course you do.
Right now we just have to accept the only punishment this bastard's going to get is a champagne bottle to the head.
I will not accept that.
Duty comes before personal feelings.
Isn't that what you always say? But you're not a soldier.
I became one the day I married you.
Thank God you're home.
Trevor? Trevor.
Are you okay? What? I was really worried.
I looked everywhere for you.
Can we just talk about it later? No.
We cannot talk about it later.
Do you have any idea what I've been through? I know.
- I'm sorry.
- What happened? You said you were coming right home.
I had an accident.
Are you hurt? No.
Just dented the car.
Just everything's cool.
Everything's not cool.
Please stop this.
I can't take it anymore.
It's the pills.
I have a problem.
I know that now.
So I've stopped.
I'm not touching it again.
It's over.
How you doing? Oh, my God.
Is the baby She's fine.
She's small, but she's strong.
- I want to see her.
- Soon, I promise.
They're keeping her in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit just as a precaution.
But they let me see her.
She's got all of her toes, all of her fingers, and the sweetest little cry you ever heard.
Really? - I want to go be with her.
- Hey.
Just as soon as either one of you are able to move around.
How long was I out? You were in and out for a couple of hours.
You gave everybody a pretty big scare.
Let's talk about the man who gave you that flower.
All right? Okay.
Do you remember what he looked like? - Not really.
- All right.
Try to remember.
It's important to Mommy, so think real hard.
He just looked like a man.
Did he have short hair like he's a soldier, or longer hair? He was wearing a hat.
What kind of hat? The baseball kind.
Was there anything written on it? - I don't remember.
- A letter? A name? I don't remember, okay? Why? That's okay.
It's hard to remember.
I just need you to do something for Mommy, all right? If you see that man again, I want you to run and tell someone right away to call me, okay? Is he a bad man? Mommy just needs to talk to him.
I'm tired.
All right.
I'm sorry.
You can go to sleep.
Michael, I know you're upset, but I can explain.
I'd be very careful if I were you.
It's all a misunderstanding.
Claudia Joy was being so friendly.
It was a mistake.
It was an attack on my wife.
Sometimes signals are not what they seem.
Occasionally, "no" means something else.
My wife.
Nothing happened.
I got what I deserve, and when I go home I will confess to my wife and get even worse.
Okay? You have my word.
What the hell is that worth, Paolo? We have a deal to conclude, Michael, a deal that is very important to you.
Now, my aides have spoken to my president, and he would like this kept quiet.
There's no reason to leak this to the media and have my country be embarrassed.
And you just walk away like nothing ever happened.
So it is sometimes in world politics.
Not in my world.
You got it? I didn't expect to see you here.
Yeah, I had to call to find out your departure time.
Why didn't you tell me you were leaving early? Well, we've already said our goodbyes, Denise.
Yeah, but I've always seen you off.
Well, this one's a little different, wouldn't you say? (LOST LOVE PLAYING) It is, and I'm sorry about that.
I've changed.
Frank, I'm still changing, and I expected you to just treat me like this new person, and that wasn't fair.
I shouldn't expect you to change just because I did.
- Well, I have tried.
- I know you have, and I love that about you.
But you still want me to be the girl that you fell in love with, the woman that you married and God, I wish I could be that person for you, but I can't.
I miss her.
Sometimes I do, too.
Look, I appreciate your telling me all this, but I've got to go.
- Okay? - Okay, Frank, wait.
It's been a hard year this fall I still don't know where you're coming from I love you, Denise.
I love you, too, Frank.
That will never change.
from the sun I don't wanna feel this blue I wanna be over you Take care of yourself.
You stay safe.
(CAR STARTS) Love lost If the heart needs a reason to cry for If the heart needs a reason to lie for To lie for There's no better reason than love lost Why didn't you call me as soon as it happened? - I wasn't hurt.
- But still, to be attacked like that I've been through worse things in my life.
I'm okay.
Are you sure? Why? Do you want me not to be okay? No.
Of course not.
It's bad enough Michael keeps asking.
I'm sorry.
Look, can we talk about something else, please? Sure.
I saw Frank off last night.
How was that? It was sad.
Goodbyes are always sad, but, for the first time, I felt like I got my feelings across to him without it turning into a fight, you know? And in a strange way, when he left I was kind of relieved.
No more conflict.
No more worrying about what Frank was going to think.
Let me help.
- I got it.
- No.
I don't mind.
I said I've got it.
Claudia Joy, can we please just sit down and talk about what happened? You know what? I don't want to talk.
Did talking bring Amanda back? Did talking help you and Frank? Talking Talking is a waste of time, I just want to clean my cabinets.
I understand that.
I just want to help.
I don't want your help.
I don't want anybody's help.
I just Look, it happened, it's over.
Can we just move on? I've taken three showers, and I still feel him touching me.
It's like He was smiling when he did it.
He Like I was a toy.
It was a little game.
Well, he's not smiling now.
He is sitting in a jail cell.
But not for long.
We can't do anything to him.
That's We can't do anything to him.
The bastard is untouchable.
That's the best part about it.
Baby, I'm so sorry about yesterday.
And I'll take care of the car just as soon as I can.
I promise.
I don't care about the car.
I care about you.
Look at you.
You look awful.
How many did you take? I look like this 'cause I haven't had any.
I'm just going through a little withdrawal that I can't shake by tomorrow.
Maybe you should postpone your Silver Star ceremony.
Tell them that you're sick.
Okay, do you know what kind of attention that would bring? This ceremony, it's a big deal.
A lot of plans have been made, and General Holden would demand to know what's wrong.
Well, you can't go like this.
I'm not going to screw this up.
(ROXY SIGHING) I went to ADAPCP today.
It's an Army out-patient rehab program.
You need to go there, today, now.
Look, they can help.
For me.
For the boys.
Do you understand that next time it might not be a tree? It could be a person.
You could have the boys in the car.
Don't you have any faith in me at all? I told you.
I'm done.
It's the last of them.
Just don't give up on me.
General Holden.
Allison Lyall from the State Department.
- It's very nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Have a seat, please.
I was sent here to assure you that your calls are being taken very seriously.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Now, let me offer my deepest sympathy for what you and especially Mrs.
Holden have been through.
What Mr.
Ruiz did was a despicable act of cowardice.
What's going to happen to him? Well, unfortunately, as you know, with diplomatic immunity, we can't prosecute him here.
We have no choice but to release him.
However, when he gets home When he gets home, he's going to laugh about it over cigars with his cronies.
No, we've been assured that there will be consequences.
You'll have to forgive me if I don't share your assurance.
And his visa will be permanently revoked for re-entry into the U.
(SIGHS) It's the best we can do.
This is coming down from very high up, General.
Neither you or I have a say in this.
This lease is very important to us.
National security and the Pentagon's interests are the priorities here.
I understand that, but I can have no part in it.
Well, I'm afraid Mr.
Ruiz has made your presence at the signing a condition of the deal.
That's not going to happen.
This isn't a request, General.
This is an order from the Pentagon.
Under these circumstances, they cannot expect me to stand next to that man as if nothing happened.
They do, General.
That's why they issued the order.
I'll see you there.
Between you and me, I wish he was going home in a box.
- Hey.
- Hey, guys.
I just went in to see Joan.
She was sleeping, but Roland is so sweet, sitting by her side.
Okay, hey.
You guys, you can now get your Italian ice, okay? (DENISE CHUCKLING) How are they doing? Oh, tired of me dragging them around everywhere, but I just don't trust them with anybody.
I don't blame you.
What's that? Oh.
It's a rental overlooking the harbor.
I'm thinking about taking it for a week.
It's beautiful.
I just need some time away, you know, to think about where I want to go, what I want to do next.
And the house just reminds me of too much.
Well, you should do it.
I don't know.
It's so expensive for a week.
Denise, how many double shifts have you been doing lately? A lot.
Then you deserve it.
Treat yourself.
There's no price too high for your peace of mind, I say.
Nurse! I need you now! What is it? They said that everything was okay.
You need to wait outside.
- NURSE: Send me some help.
- But what's happening? - You have to leave.
- She's hemorrhaging again.
Burton, we need to take care of your wife.
Please wait outside.
FEMALE NURSE 1: Get a line in.
FEMALE NURSE 2: Right away.
FEMALE NURSE 1: Check vitals.
Blood pressure's dropping.
FEMALE NURSE 2: Call the OR.
Roland, you should sit down.
You're going to wear yourself out.
I can't, not until I know she's okay.
How is she? I don't know.
She's strong.
She'll get through this.
How are you? We're here for Joan.
(IN THE WAITING LINE PLAYING) Wait in line Till your time Ticking clock Everyone stop Everyone's saying different things to me Different things to me Do you believe In what you see? Motionless wheel Nothing is real Wasting my time In the waiting line Do you believe In what you see? Hey.
Why don't you show Claudia Joy the flier? Oh, right.
I am going to rent this house for a week.
- Really? It looks like heaven.
- Okay, I got to go, or I'm going to be late for the radio show.
You're still doing that with that crazy man out there? Absolutely.
I won't let him change how I do things.
It just gives him power.
Besides, the radio station is swarming with soldiers, so I'll be fine.
I'll be back as soon as I can, okay? Be careful.
All right, you guys, come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
How is she? Is she all right? We got the bleeding under control with drugs, for now, but we need to go in and fix the tear in her uterus before she hemorrhages again.
- Do it.
- I wish we could, but we can't risk surgery without a blood supply on hand.
She's O negative.
She can only receive O negative blood, and we went through our entire supply getting her stable.
We've contacted the Red Cross, but there's a state-wide shortage.
ROLAND: We're on an Army post.
There have to be donors.
LANG: The post database did come up with some matches, but they're either deployed or they've been to Iraq, - and that's a problem.
- Why? I don't understand.
If they're a match Returning soldiers aren't allowed to give blood.
Even if my wife could die? In cases of extreme emergency, exceptions are made.
There are risks, but it's your call.
To hell with the risks.
It's better than risk of her hemorrhaging again.
ROLAND: Let's get those soldiers here.
I've got the list of names right here.
Trevor! What? Joan needs you.
FEMALE ANNO UNCER ON PA: Specialist Hernandez to the Pediatric clinic.
Specialist Hernandez to So, where do I go? Wait a minute.
When's the last time you used? - What? - Lf you used, we can't use your blood.
- ROLAND: When's the last time? - Roland, stop.
When? (TREVOR STUTTERING) I don't know.
A day, a day and a half ago.
Nothing in the last 24 hours? Dr.
We found two donors.
Thank you so much.
Just let me help her.
I can't.
It's too big a risk.
You didn't need to do that.
They would've screened his blood anyway.
PAMELA: And the truth is, danger can come from anywhere, from a friend or a stranger.
Even our own bodies can turn on us.
So the question is, how do we deal with it? Do we let it affect our whole lives? Or how hard should we be fighting back? So I'd really like to hear from some of you that have ever felt in danger.
This is Pamela.
You're on Have At It.
TIM: What kind of danger are you in? I never said I was.
Is this Tim, my favorite caller? TIM: Yes, it is.
Roses are beautiful, aren't they? Did you like yours? Maybe if you had delivered them in person.
But I keep trying to hook up with you, and you just never show.
Well, I'm shy.
Women haven't been very nice to me.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that, Tim.
No, you're not.
And you want to see me so you can hurt me, too.
(SCOFFS) I mean, how could you not like my roses? I loved your roses.
I really did.
And I don't want to hurt you.
I just want to talk to you.
Katie wouldn't hurt me.
She is sweet.
(CHUCKLING) She's as beautiful as you are.
That's enough.
You come near my kids or my house again, and I won't call the MPs.
I will shoot you myself! You can't keep your kids safe forever, Pamela.
You have to let them go sometime, and that is when accidents happen.
You crazy son of a bitch! You are messing with the wrong person! If you so much as look at my kid (DISCONNECTS CALL) (CRYING) He doesn't look too good, Roxy.
I know.
I'm afraid for that Silver Star ceremony.
I can talk to Michael.
We can postpone it.
No, no, no.
He would die if Michael knew.
I'll just say he's sick.
Well, he is sick.
Because he stopped taking those damn pills.
He just needs to work through it himself, and then he'll be fine.
He needs to be at that ceremony.
She's out of surgery.
They fixed the tear in her uterus.
She's out of the woods.
I'm sorry.
I overreacted.
Since you've been assigned to Joan, you've come to mean so much to us.
You've become our friend, and the affection and care that you've shown my wife these past few weeks has touched me more than you'll ever know.
Thank you.
So when can I see her? As soon as she's strong enough.
Okay, I'll be there.
Why don't you go home and get some rest? All of you, I'll call you if anything changes.
Thank you so much for babysitting me.
You helped me get through it.
Where else would we be? (IMITATING GUN FIRING) I keep asking myself.
Was it my fault? Did I do something to set him off? And then I just get angry, because I didn't.
Well, he's a predator.
It's not like they need encouragement.
All right, tell me.
Have I just been so consumed with grief since Amanda died that I've had my head in the sand? Maybe there were warning signs, and I didn't see them.
(SIGHS) I just feel very vulnerable.
Well, we're all vulnerable.
Even when we see warning signs, we hardly ever act on them.
We're afraid of being paranoid.
Yeah, well, right now, I'm embracing paranoid.
If I didn't reach that bottle, I could not have defended myself.
It happened to me once back home.
Man, thank God he was drunk, because that's the only way I got out of there.
And I started kickboxing class the next day.
Well, I know how to defend myself, and it doesn't always help.
- But I got a gun.
- Whoa! Back that bus up.
- You got a gun? - Yeah.
I used to carry one for a living, right? Remember? Don't worry.
It's not like I have it with me.
I have to wait for a concealed weapons permit.
Yeah, but now you have kids.
Yeah, and they're in danger, so I am doing everything I can to protect them.
Don't worry.
It's in a lockbox.
I don't know if I could have a gun in the house, but Katie! Lucas! - T.
J! - PAMELA: Katie! - Finn! - PAMELA: Lucas, where are you? PAMELA: Answer me when I call you.
Come here.
Come here.
Don't you ever do that again.
We just wanted to see the dog.
PAMELA: I don't care.
J: Come on, Mom.
PAMELA: Come on.
I'm glad you're here.
Ma'am, glad you're doing better.
I heard about what you tried to do, and I really appreciate it.
I wish I could have done more.
Hey, look, I'm sorry I won't make your ceremony.
I understand, ma'am.
It's a great honor.
They don't just give it to anybody.
I know.
I'm looking forward to receiving it.
How are you doing otherwise, since the reassignment? Let's just say clerk is as low as I want to go, but everything's under control now.
No more pain meds.
Roxy and I are getting through this together.
JOAN: That's great news.
You know, Trevor, there's no shame in admitting our problems and then getting help.
I learned that when I got back, too.
The Army can't afford to lose good soldiers like you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Time for your meds.
You know, ma'am, I'm just I got to get going.
I'll check back in with you tomorrow, though.
I look forward to it.
Thanks again, Specialist.
Okay, how's your pain level from one to ten? Sweetheart.
You better get into this.
You're going to be late.
I don't think I can do this.
He wants me there, and I won't give him that.
No, you have to go.
Come on.
Even generals have to take orders when they come from the Pentagon.
Now, come on.
Put this on.
When I think of him putting his hands on you Oh, stop it.
I'm okay.
The hell you are, Claudia Joy! We've been together for a long time.
I think I know when you're not okay! All right! I'm not okay! I'm mad as hell.
I'm ashamed, and I didn't do anything wrong, but we can't let him know that.
We can't give him the satisfaction of thinking that what he did is going to change the way we live our lives.
That's what he wants.
That's what Rape, even attempted rape, is about power.
I need you to go, because I don't want him to hold any power over us.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
The Army needs that post in San Pasqual, and they're not going to lose it because of what he did to me.
Just get dressed.
(CROWD APPLAUDING) Let me say, on behalf of my president and my people, how happy I am that our two countries will continue their cooperation.
The friendship between the United States and San Pasqual is strong and will now last And Will now last long into the future.
My friend, I'm glad we could come to - How do we look, Daddy? - You look all grown up.
I wish we had uniforms for the Silver Star ceremony.
I like you guys just the way you are.
But we want to be like you.
- You do? - Most of the time.
- Not all the time? - Almost.
So when are the times you don't want to be like me? - Cranky times.
- When you yell at Mommy.
And throw stuff.
Come here.
Come over here.
I'm not going to bite you.
Come on.
Now I promise you, no more cranky times.
No more yelling? No more yelling.
Just kissing.
Lots and lots of kissing.
Hey, babe.
Are you ready? We're going to be late.
TREVOR: I stole these from Colonel Burton's room.
I thought I needed them to get through the ceremony.
I'm out of control, and I don't know how it happened.
It's not you.
It's the pills.
It's me.
This isn't the man I want to be.
This isn't the father I want to be.
It has to stop, and I know I can't do it alone.
I need help, Rox.
I need real help.
Whatever you need, we'll get it, okay? I just don't want to lose my family.
No, that could never happen.
Friends and family, we thank you for gathering today.
The Silver Star is awarded for extraordinary courage in battle.
They are hard-won and well-deserved.
It is the highest honor the United States Army bestows on any soldier.
As we all know, behind every good soldier is their family.
It is their bravery that inspires us, their love that keeps us strong.
Today we honor Specialist Trevor LeBlanc and his family.
Will you all please step forward? Publish the orders.
Company! Attention! COMMAND SGT.
MAJOR: From a grateful nation, the President of the United States of America has awarded the Silver Star Medal to Specialist Trevor LeBlanc for gallantry in action.
Specialist LeBlanc, you have represented the highest values of the Army with your actions in Iraq.
You saved your fellow soldiers and many innocent civilians.
We're proud of you.
- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
Let's have a round of applause for Specialist LeBlanc and his family.
Heart and soul Our love Now that you're afraid You are very lonely The one and the only You're caught in the rain clouds Now that you're afraid So afraid So afraid Caught in the rain clouds Hey, you going to Denise's vacation house tomorrow? Yes.
I got my assistant manager to cover me the whole day.
You? Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it, and the kids are just so excited.
WAITRESS: Hey, Roxy.
You got a second? - Oh, duty calls.
Be right back.
- Okay.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Are you Pamela Moran from the radio show? I am.
I'm Dean Armstrong.
I'm a huge fan.
I know it's just for women, but my wife, she got me hooked on it before she deployed.
I'm sort of embarrassed to admit it.
Well, your secret's safe with me.
Is your wife here? No, no.
She's in Iraq.
She can stay there, as far as I'm concerned.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.
Anyway, I didn't mean to bother you.
I just wanted to say hi.
I love your show.
Thank you.
It's always nice to hear.
Excuse me.
- Okay.
Call the police right now.
- What? Why? That guy who was talking to me over there? He's the stalker.
Call them now.
Right now.
Hey! You want me? Huh? I'm here.
What are you going to do? Or do you just like kids? (SIREN WAILING) (GROANING) Hey, sweetheart.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Can I get you something? - No.
It's okay.
I just I wanted to give you this.
(STUTTERING) I don't understand.
Honestly, I don't know if I deserve this.
I just think I was one of the lucky ones.
I got to come home.
Dalton should have come home, too.
He deserves this more than I do.
Are you sure? For Samantha, so she'll always know her dad's the real hero.
Thank you.
(COUGHING) You're old enough to know well That better things are all up here We would like for you all to meet our daughter.
Sara Elizabeth.
It was my grandmother's name.
We felt like we wanted to go more traditional.
I like it.
Hello, Sara Elizabeth.
(JOAN CHUCKLING) How can you love someone so much after only a few days? DENISE: Look at her hands.
ROXY: Oh, my God.
They're so small.
PAMELA: Oh, that face.
Tiny nose.
Go on.
JOAN: See? She's beautiful.
This feels really good.
I haven't felt this relaxed in way too long.
Yeah, we're not leaving, Denise.
We're going to move in.
That sounds good to me.
You know what sounds good to me? A refill.
Same here.
Me, me.
Ooh! This lemonade has a nice kick.
Well, that's because it's a mojito.
You guys know what I did last night? I went for a moonlight swim, naked.
I have no idea what came over me.
I've always wanted to, and I just never did.
And there was no one around except the raccoons, and they seemed to enjoy the show.
So motorcycle, skinny dipping, what's next, skydiving? You know, I was thinking of taking a pole dancing class.
A maypole or a stripper pole? Okay, what the hell is a maypole? I made one once.
You made a maypole? Mmm-hmm.
In school.
They were asking for volunteers, and no one else would raise their hand.
Okay, you really just haven't changed at all, have you? Not much.
Okay, a toast.
- Thank God we found each other.
- Yeah.
Then you teach about that bright, bright life