Army Wives s03e04 Episode Script


Previously on "Army Wives" I'm putting you and your men in for a commendation.
- Thank you, sir.
- And I'm sending you home.
Really? When? Tuesday.
It seems I'm need - for war games - That's great.
And to take care of my domestic situation.
Well done, ladies.
First beer's on me.
- Who fired that shot? - I did, sir.
Who's your team leader, son? Mrs.
Hunter, Mr.
Hunter, every effort-- I'm not the boy's father.
I'm his therapist.
Terrence Price.
He needs an M.
I didn't do this for you, Price.
- I did it for my patient.
- How are you doing? I never sleep well when Michael's away.
- Do we really have to live here? - What do you think? Really? It sucks.
Oh, what are you doing here? When did you get in? Why didn't you call? I wanted to surprise you.
I've been trying to reach you all day.
- Why? Is everything all right? - Yeah, everything's fine.
Everything's fine now.
Oh, I missed you.
You must be hungry.
Come on, I'll fix you something.
- Coffee would be great.
- Watch your step.
I wouldn't want to break a leg in my own house.
So okay.
Tell me the real story.
Why are you here? - I lost my job.
- You're kidding.
You're not kidding.
There was a reshuffling at the D.
Someone at the Pentagon owed a guy a favor.
Turns out it was my N.
- And you're out just like that? - It happens.
And you're not upset? Well, my new job isn't too bad Division commander.
Did you just say division commander? - But only 2-star generals-- - That's right.
Oh, my God! Michael! Slow down.
Slow down.
No second star yet, but it is in the works.
Where's the assignment? Please tell me it's not overseas.
I'm heading up the 23rd.
- We're staying at Fort Marshall? - Start unpacking.
Oh, my-- ooh-rah! Mom, what is going Hello, Emmalin.
Your father's been made division commander of the 23rd.
He's back.
So we don't have to move into that crappy condo? No.
We get to stay here.
Thank God.
I am so glad you're home.
Look, I'm going back, uh, back stateside for a few days.
Mission rehearsal exercise at Fort Marshall.
- You're going home? - Yeah, it's just a short hop.
Will you be seeing mom? Yeah.
- What? - I don't know.
It's gonna be kind of weird, isn't it? I mean, considering what happened-- All I know for a fact is that your mother was terminated from the hospital.
Dad, everyone knows why she was fired from the hospital-- I don't know, and neither do you.
It is all just rumor at this point.
Now whatever may have happened, she is still your mother.
And you will respect her.
Understand? Yes, sir.
I just want to know what's going on.
That's all.
I'll give her your best, okay? ~ Willow's Team ~ Last box.
This couldn't wait till reveille? Oh, I was up.
I can't believe it's taken me so long to get the house back in order.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
Claudia Joy, I've only been back a week.
I know.
I used to be able to unpack us in a day and a half.
Back then we didn't have this much stuff.
And yet we still use the same two coffee mugs every morning.
I'm sure there's a philosophical point in there somewhere But right now, it escapes me.
- Where are you going? - Back to bed.
Care to join me? I still have a few things to put away.
Trevor, you up already? Go back to sleep.
Damn, babe, your head barely hit the pillow before it bounced back up.
You've been pulling overtime for a week.
How long is this gonna go on? Two more weeks.
And it's not overtime.
It's extra duty.
This is so not fair.
It wasn't even your gun that went blastin'.
Could have been a slingshot and the army would still be all over your case.
Well, yeah, babe.
It's the army.
They're strict.
Now come on.
It means I have to be up at the crack of oh-dark-hundred to make you breakfast.
I got it covered.
No, at least let me throw you a sugar doughnut on your way out.
Back to sleep.
Aye, aye, sir.
That's the navy.
Mom, I want cereal.
Shut up.
You're being rude.
- But I'm hungry.
- She's asleep.
Not anymore.
Way to go.
That's okay.
In fact, it's perfect.
Today is perfect, and life is perfect.
You know why? - Because it's moving day.
- That's right.
So over this place.
Just think, you guys, when you walk out the door this morning, that is the last time you are gonna set eyes on that teensy little room of yours.
All right, you guys go get dressed, and I'm gonna put some breakfast on the table, okay? Hey.
Did you hear me? But I don't want to go.
- Me either.
- What? - I love this house.
- Me, too.
Emmalin! - What? - You look nice.
Yeah, well, it helps to have my clothes actually hanging in my closet.
- Emmalin? - What? What did you do to your hair? - I dyed it.
- When? - Last night.
- Without asking? It's my hair.
You're my daughter.
I'm not taking you to school like that.
Mom, half the girls at school have dyed hair, okay? Courtney Smith shaved her eyebrow.
Brandy Jackson has a tattooed scalp.
I don't care about other girls.
I care about you.
Afraid dad won't get his second star because of this? Emmalin, you are seriously mistaken if you think you can talk to me in that tone of voice.
Okay, look, I'm not completely stupid.
I put the color in the back.
You know, if we go to church or something, I can hide it.
See? You should have asked me first.
Like that would've worked.
Please tell me you didn't get any of that on the bathroom walls.
I didn't.
- I hope you used old towels.
- Mom, everything's cool.
Emmalin Jane Holden, what have you done to your hair? Who's the sweetest baby in the world? - Hello.
- Hey.
Hey, baby girl.
- I'll take her.
- Here you go.
- Let me get you some coffee.
- No, thanks.
When she goes down for her nap, I'm going down for mine.
Babe, Sara Elizabeth's Oh, man.
Is that today? That's this morning.
You can't keep going like this.
You're supposed to be part-time.
Well, the hospital's short-staffed.
They need me.
Yeah, but not every night.
That wasn't the deal.
How are you gonna take care of everything when I deploy? Ah.
If you deploy.
Come on.
Michael's back.
You know he's gonna want you on staff again.
I don't know that.
Joan, he's gonna tap you to be his G-2, which means we can stay together right here at home, one big, happy family.
It would be nice.
- So talk to him.
- It's not my place.
You can't drop a hint to our daughter's godfather? Look, if Michael wants me, he'll ask.
I can't push it.
King six, this is King three at checkpoint two-one, over? Bravo team, take up forward security.
Davis, clear the alley.
Rison, Sherwood, clear the shop.
Go, go, go.
Clear! Clear! - Clear right.
- Clear left! Drop your weapons and come out! Come out now! Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
He's got something on his paw.
Here, boy.
Come here.
- Rison, grab him.
- You grab him.
Come on, man.
Give me a hand.
Easy, boy.
Good boy.
We're not gonna hurt you.
You okay, Rison? Yeah.
By integrating these networks with stations here, here and here, we'll be able to process intelligence in the field faster and more accurately than ever before.
Now your hard work and expertise will be the keys to making this happen.
Understood? Questions? Sir, is there anything you'd like to add? You've covered it.
You have my complete confidence.
- Outstanding.
- Oh, thank you, sir.
Good to know we have such strong, inspiring leaders in command.
Look forward to having you in theater.
I appreciate that, sir.
So how are things? Not bad for a woman walking the plank.
Frank comes home today.
Really? "Temporary duty.
" It's army code for "go home and deal with your wife.
" What I did, I didn't just hurt Frank.
I've hurt his career.
No, you can't be sure of that.
It's unwritten law, Roland.
If a soldier can't control his wife, he can't control his men.
- What time are you picking him up? - I'm not.
His request.
Have you two had a chance to talk about this? You know, maybe you can work things out.
It's too late.
Do you want to work things out? - Yeah, I'd like to try.
- Well Frank lives by the rules, and I broke the biggest rule there is.
You know this is the third time I've had to move without Chase? - That man is useless.
- Right.
Just when you need him, he's riskin' his life for our country.
Coincidence or dereliction of domestic duty? I think we both know the answer.
Oh, girl, you have got yourself a house.
I love it.
It's so big.
And there are no dents on the walls.
The windows aren't painted shut.
You have a powder room? And two full bathrooms upstairs.
You're killing me.
Look at your stove.
It's like it's never been used.
And possibly never will be with me around.
What? You have a washer and a dryer? Yeah? We're never gonna hang laundry together again, are we? Roxy, I'm only a half-mile away.
It's not the same.
It's open.
Hey, Burton.
Glad I caught you home.
I'm not even gonna ask how you got my address.
Listen, I know we got off to a rough start-- Calling me a mindless bureaucrat didn't win you any points.
You're right.
Air ball on my part.
You did me a favor.
I want to return it.
I told you it wasn't a favor.
I was helping a patient.
I've got another one for you.
It's a consult-- paid consult.
I'm not interested.
- You have any coffee? - No.
Listen, I've been seeing this guy for a while.
He needs more than talk.
He needs meds.
Which you can't prescribe because you're a psychologist.
Hey, man, I'm not the only doctor in Charleston who can write scrip.
I've been using three psychiatrists.
One's retired, one's on vacation and one is sick.
Try the yellow pages.
Listen, I've got a guy in need and money to pay.
It's only an hour of your time.
Bring the baby.
We have fantastic childcare.
The patient's there at 3:00.
Come see him.
I mean, unless you have something better to do.
Yo, Sherwood, that dog's a hero.
So he should be rewarded, not poisoned.
I know.
That's the second one, too, man.
Nasty cheese omelet with vegetables.
- Oh, that's the worst.
- Go figure.
All right, first squad, move out.
Yes, sir.
Well, let's say good-bye.
We're movin' out.
Well you earned it, boy.
Look who got your six.
Hey, go on home.
All right.
Come on, then.
What was that for? Because I love you.
Have I mentioned it lately? Mention it again.
Mm, it's so nice having you back in bed beside me Snoring.
You hogging the covers.
I'm glad I'm home, too.
Though I doubt Frank Sherwood is gonna be.
Frank? He's observing an M.
here next week, but the truth is, his C.
sent him home to clean up his marital situation.
What does that mean? Divorce.
What else could it mean? I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe Frank will be understanding.
Understanding of what? Of what Denise has been going through.
I mean, she did get married when she was 19.
She gets a free pass because she got married young? No, but maybe she gets a second chance.
There is kind of a double standard, Michael.
When a soldier cheats-- He faces serious consequences.
- Are you defending what Denise did? - No, no, no, I'm not defending.
- I'm trying to make sense of it.
- There is no making sense of it.
She dishonored a good man.
That's all there is to it.
Um, can we talk about something else? - Later, please.
- Yeah, Michael You need to speak with Emmalin.
I've spoken to her.
I told her that hair is totally unacceptable.
What I mean is, you need to listen to her.
It's important that you know how she feels.
I know how she feels.
She feels entitled to all the privileges of adulthood without any of the responsibilities.
Claudia Joy, I am always willing to listen, but if she wants to be treated like an adult, she has to act like one first.
I gotta go.
It was my third month.
We were driving humvee parts outside Tikrit.
And this buddy of mine, Jake Hartwell, he was in the lead truck, and I was behind him.
And all of a sudden, just boom.
Jake's truck goes flyin' in the air.
I m-- I mean, it was like 5 feet Comes down on fire.
I couldn't help him.
I couldn't even get near him.
He just burnt up.
Nothing left but bone.
So I quit that day and went home on the first flight I could.
Well, it makes sense.
You were a civilian.
You had no obligation to stay.
Yeah, but being back ain't helped none, man.
I can't get those pictures out of my head-- Jake and the truck-- and I can't sleep.
I'm all jumpy and fidgety all the time.
I can't even get behind the wheel of my vehicle without freakin'.
My wife has to drive me everywhere that I go.
I got no insurance.
Contractor said they ain't got no liability because I quit.
Ain't nobody got my back.
Nobody Till I met Dr.
Price and now you.
Can-- can you help me, doc? All right, let's take five to hydrate.
You like that, Lucky, don't ya? Lucky, huh? What'd you think I'd call him? He saved our butts.
Must be love.
You're just jealous.
I got a girl back home.
I don't need a dog.
You never mind him, okay? Where you headed, Corporal? Firing range.
Checking all weapons.
How much longer are you on corrective training? - Two weeks.
- It'll go fast.
I don't mind so much, ma'am.
I only hope that letter of reprimand doesn't hurt my career.
Well, it shouldn't, not in the long-term.
And what about deployment? We always need good men in the field.
Are you that eager to get back? Yes, ma'am.
I mean, I don't look forward to leaving my family, but I didn't get a chance to finish my tour.
That means someone over there is pulling my weight, and that just doesn't sit right with me.
Carry on, soldier.
These are short-term remedies.
The goal is to get you back on your feet without 'em.
All right.
The first one's to help you sleep, and the second one's an antidepressant.
Start with a half pill.
It's on there.
I'd like to see you again in two weeks to assess how it's working.
So I just, uh, make an appointment up front here? No, I work out of Mercer at Fort Marshall.
I'm-- I'm not army, doc.
Remember? Of course.
I'll get your number, and we'll work something out.
In the meantime, you keep up with your appointments with Dr.
You won't be handling the talk part, too? No, but I will continue monitoring your meds and make sure you're doing okay.
All right.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
How was the session? It was fine.
I prescribed an antidepressant-- Good, good.
Listen, I wonder if you can help me with a situation that's come up.
I got a walk-in who's so tightly wound he should be shrink-wrapped, but I got a group session starting 5 minutes ago.
It's my daughter.
I need to-- She's fine.
How about you field the walk-in? Just one more hour? You get a second fee.
You never take no for an answer, do you? Not in my vocabulary.
Excuse me, sir.
From the 23rd? Yeah.
You mind me asking, you in that dustup in Balad? I was.
Look like you've seen some action yourself.
Doc says I should see all right once it heals up.
That's good.
It might not look too pretty, though.
Hope my wife's okay with it.
You're married, too, huh? What? Oh.
How long, if I can ask? I got hitched right before I deployed.
It changes things, don't it, being married? Yeah.
Yeah, it does.
When I got hit, there was, you know, blood everywhere, smoke, sand.
But all I could see was her face.
Funny, huh? I just kept seeing her face.
You think that's strange? No.
I can't wait to see that woman again.
Claudia Joy.
I was just-- I heard Michael's back.
- Yeah.
- That's great.
He tells me Frank is coming home.
Yeah, I was just, um, picking up a few things for him.
Denise, I've been meaning to stop by.
I just didn't know what to say.
I still don't know what to say.
Well, then don't say anything.
It's been difficult for me.
Difficult for you? I came to your door, and you shut it in my face.
You turned your back on me.
That is not fair.
I was in an impossible situation.
I wasn't asking you to do anything other than listen.
And I had just said good-bye to Michael after my 16-year-old daughter tried to elope.
I was hardly in a position to comfort someone who had gotten fired for cheating on her husband.
- I didn't mean it that way.
- Really? How did you mean it? Denise, you are not the victim here.
I'm sorry for what I said, Denise.
I am sorry.
But you brought this on yourself.
You can't blame everyone around you for not knowing how to react.
I have been trying to make some sense of what you did.
For the life of me, I can't.
Well, I guess that makes two of us.
High five.
Yeah! Good dog.
- Yeah! That's right.
- Hey, sergeant! Check this out.
Low five.
Yeah! Rison, you got serious competition in the brains department there.
Be packed up and ready to roll by 1800.
New F.
And, um, lose the animal.
What? Sergeant, we-- we can't leave him here.
He's our good luck charm.
Your M-4's your good luck charm.
Come on.
They're shootin' dogs all over here now.
You know that.
He wouldn't last a week.
That's 'cause they're strays, Sherwood.
They carry disease.
Now get rid of the dog or I will.
How did it go with the walk-in? I left my notes on your desk.
He could use twice-a-week appointments.
How about we put him on your schedule? My schedule? - Oh, no.
- Why not? - I'm serious.
- What, me work for you? Not for me, with me.
Listen, I can't handle the caseload, Burton.
I need someone like you who knows the score, someone I can trust.
What you need is a psychiatrist who can write scrip, who has contacts with the army and who possesses a well-developed sense of order, which this place badly needs.
Fair enough.
Yeah, I get why that works for you.
What I don't get is in what universe that works for me.
Workin' days instead of nights.
Full-time instead of part-time and childcare.
Bottom line is, you're wasting your time at Mercer, man.
- Really? - Really.
You're playing with one hand tied behind your back.
Here you get to bring your "A" game.
But you have to get along with your teammates.
An author I admire once wrote, "Spiritual progress springs from adversity.
" You read my book.
How you got caught up in that bureaucracy is beyond me.
Forget it.
- Why? - 'Cause we'd kill each other.
But we wouldn't hit that stage for a year or two.
Meanwhile, think of all the people we'd help.
Brother, you are crazy.
Brother, I'm right.
I'm sure you're aware there have been changes in the works for a while now.
Yes, sir.
It became official today.
General Rutledge has been reassigned to the Pentagon.
There's no spot for Lieutenant Colonel Connor to accompany him, so he'll be staying here at Fort Marshall.
Connor is a decent officer but not who I want working by my side.
I know you're scheduled to deploy, but I'd like to countermand those orders.
I want you back on my team, Joan, as G-2.
What do you say? Well, I'm honored, sir, deeply honored.
In fact, I was hoping for this opportunity.
But now that it's here, with all due respect You're turning me down? Sir, as a colleague, I couldn't think of a better offer.
And as a wife and mother, I appreciate the option to stay with my family.
But as the leader of a brigade, I feel obligated to lead my soldiers in Iraq and to get them home safely to their families.
Sir, I am requesting the privilege to deploy.
Not what I expected but I can't think of a finer answer.
Thank you, sir.
Welcome to casa Moran.
Awesome! - You guys have to go upstairs.
- They've got stairs! You have got to see my room.
- Roxy's lasagna.
- And I made garlic bread.
At least, you know, I think I did.
Garlic powder's okay, right? You are hopeless.
It's nice.
It's very nice.
Would you look at that? Matching plates? Yeah, I bought myself a housewarming gift at the P.
Oh, well, la-dee-da.
You want to see the stove? Do I have a choice? And she has a garbage disposal, and the refrigerator makes ice on the outside.
I would kill for a kitchen like this.
And all I need is a phone for ordering pizza.
Pop open the beer.
I want to pee in all three of your bathrooms tonight.
Smells good, huh? Back in the world.
- It's been an honor, sir.
- Good luck, son.
It's good to see you.
Hello, Frank.
How was your flight? It was all right.
Are you hungry? I, um, I made you a plate.
I didn't know if you'd want me to stay.
All I need to know Is it true? It was a mistake.
And it's over and I regret it more than you can know.
But yes.
In that case, I don't see any reason for you to stay here.
Let me know where you are.
We'll talk in the morning, get the lawyers started on this thing.
I'm sorry, Frank.
The vet gave him all his shots.
He's good to go.
Oh, he likes these.
- Vomit omelet? - Yeah, I know.
He can have mine.
Oh, and make sure he has enough water.
I got it covered.
Lucky saved my life.
I owe him.
Lucky, huh? Don't worry, man.
I'll get him out.
What's this? He's one of us.
Come here.
You be a good boy now, okay? All right.
Show me.
Turkey tetrazzini.
Ah, comfort food.
Not if you're the turkey.
Didn't someone suggest the turkey should be our national emblem? - Benjamin Franklin.
- Oh, that's right.
That's right.
Michael, did you know Emmalin is studying the colonial period? Your father wrote a thesis on the continental army.
Didn't you, sweetheart? Yes, I did.
Everyone knows that Washington was the commander in chief.
What very few people know is that he wasn't the congress' first choice.
That was Matthew This tastes different.
It's tofurky.
I'm sorry.
What? To-furky.
Tofu that tastes like turkey.
Not exactly like turkey, but close enough.
They're asleep.
Must have gotten worn out running up and down the stairs at Pamela's house.
There's motivation for gettin' a 2-story-- Oh, damn it! It's no biggie.
Never did like that dish much.
We don't have that many to begin with.
We got enough.
Yeah, if these cabinets weren't so small.
- It's okay.
- It's not okay.
What is it? Didn't you have a good time at Pamela's? Sure.
I had a great time seeing all the things I can't provide.
- What are you talkin' about? - What am I talkin' about? Big house, new dishes, garbage disposal-- I can't afford to buy you that kind of stuff.
- I don't care.
- Well, I do.
Hey, do I love Pamela's house? Yes, I do.
Do I want one like it someday? Hell, yes.
But if I don't, you won't find me complain', 'cause I got everything I need right here-- My husband, my kids, and that makes this the best place I ever lived.
I love you.
Hand me the dustpan, will ya? I mean, Price has this amazing ego.
It couldn't fit in a C-17.
I'm getting that impression.
He simply refuses to believe that anyone can disagree with him about anything.
He's disorganized, he's arrogant, presumptuous So you told him no.
- No, I said yes.
- What? Well, look, he's annoying, but he's also pretty damn smart.
And it's full-time, there's childcare, and the cause is just.
- Well, how's the pay? - Did I mention childcare? - Roland.
- Okay, the pay is not great, but, uh, we're working out a partnership.
The main thing is, I haven't felt this good about work in a long time.
It just feels right.
Look, I know that sounds crazy.
No, I get it.
You want to maximize your potential.
- Exactly.
- And you deserve to.
Thank you for understanding.
I spoke with Michael today.
Did he offer you the position? - He did.
- Yes! I said no.
No? Roland, I'm army.
I need to use my abilities the same way you need to use yours.
This was an opportunity for us to stay together.
I know, but giving up this battlefield command would mean turning my back on the soldiers I've trained and the officers who depend on me.
Can you understand? I guess I'm gonna have to.
I'm still kinda hungry.
Can I get you something? Maybe a tofurky sandwich? You're hilarious.
I hope that was a free-range tofurky.
On Thanksgiving, does the president actually pardon a tofurky? - Enough.
- Hey, I ate it.
- That's how much I love you.
- I'm grateful.
But don't ever try that again.
Michael, you know, what Emmalin's doing-- the food, the hair, the attitude-- I'm worried.
Typical teenage behavior.
I don't know.
We just need to be firm with her.
Children feel more secure with boundaries.
You know that.
I mean, take the hair.
She complained, but she changed it back, right? It's hard on me, seeing the two of you like this.
She's gonna come around.
- God, I'm glad you're home.
- So am I.
Now can we stop worrying about this for one night? Or at least for the next hour? ~ Willow's Team ~