Army Wives s03e06 Episode Script

Family Readiness

Previously on "Army Wives" We're not gonna hurt you.
Get rid of the dog or I will.
- Lucky saved my life.
- Don't worry, man.
I'll get him out.
I need someone like you who knows the score, someone I can trust.
- Forget it.
- Why? - 'Cause we'd kill each other.
- Probably.
Meanwhile, think of all the people we'd help.
- Brother, you are crazy.
- Brother, I'm right.
Where'd the couch come from? Chase is gone for weeks at a time.
I look after the kids.
I look after the house.
I move the damn house, and he comes in and he thinks he can change everything.
I know plenty about football.
- Really? - Yeah.
Enough so that coach Don asked me to be his assistant.
That must be one desperate coach.
You still lookin' for an assistant? Yeah.
We met with a mediator.
Then all that's left is for each of you to sign where indicated.
I'll file these papers with the court, and some time in the next 30 to 60 days you'll be officially divorced.
- I'd like to have her christened.
- You mean at a church? I'll be deploying to Iraq soon.
I think that's what's behind this.
- Isn't it beautiful? - You're beautiful.
I didn't like the ones in town.
They were all too frilly or too something.
Claudia Joy agreed with me, so This was Amanda's.
That's Amanda's christening gown? And it's absolutely perfect.
Isn't it perfect, baby? So where are we on the RSVPs for the reception? We've got 42 as of last night.
Still waiting on five more.
Honey, Claudia Joy needs a current head count.
They're prepping food today.
I know.
It's under control, woman.
I wish more family could make it.
We'll take lots and lots of pictures.
Don't worry.
Security breach? Of what nature exactly? I'm on my way.
- What's that about? - Not sure.
Ma'am, I am sorry they called you over.
My captain is out on a 2-day pass, and I think his C.
might have misunderstood the seriousness-- All security matters are serious, sergeant.
It falls to you to respond accordingly.
I understand, but it may not be classifiable as a security matter per se.
It could be an action counter to protocol or possibly an issue of quarters contraband or a violation of post policy.
Again, ma'am, I am sorry you were contacted.
Well, I'm here now, so hup to.
Yes, ma'am.
~ Willow's Team ~ Babe, how about if I cut my hair like this? Like what? Shorter, like this.
That's sexier, right? It's not possible to have any more sexiness in one woman.
Can't be done.
Come here.
Trevor, I'm serious.
Seriously? I like your hair the way it is.
Really? Is this one of those trick questions, like, "do I look fat?" - Now I look fat? - No! No, no! Okay, Rox.
I love your hair the way it is, and you do not look fat.
Now I'm gonna go to the live fire range where things are a lot safer.
Don't cut your hair! Hey, dishes don't just go by the sink for some cleaning fairy to wash.
Give 'em a rinse and put 'em in the dishwasher.
Got it? - Okay.
- Got it.
You better get a move on.
We've got football, and Katie has ballet.
Oh, slow down.
Daddy, you're taking me to ballet.
I'm taking Katie to ballet? Me and mom got football.
Mom and I have football, not "got.
" - Mom and I have.
- You and mom have football? She is the coach.
Assistant coach.
Now go get your stuff.
- I thought you weren't gonna do that.
- Well, I changed my mind.
Hurry up, daddy.
We can't be late.
You have to see my rond de jambe and my plié! Right now, sweetie? Okay.
What? Might give me a heads-up next time before you rearrange my day.
- Lucas! - Coming! As you were.
Colonel Burton, is that a dog in my office? Affirmative, sir.
Why is there a dog in my office? Still working out the details, sir.
Apparently, the-- - Permission to pursue, sir? - Permission granted.
Apparently, this animal has been living in barracks.
Rumor has it that he was smuggled from downrange.
From Iraq? - Stop that dog! - Yes, sir.
By way of the 315th airlift wing By way of quarantine in Germany By way of Kuwait, sir, but that's just a rumor.
Little below your pay grade, isn't it, Joan-- dogcatching? - It's a comedy of errors, sir.
- Roger that.
Go get 'em, cowboy.
- Sorry I'm late.
- That's okay.
At least the baked goods stayed safe for a little while.
There was football practice, and then I had to drop Lucas off at his friend's.
- Oh, hey, kiddo.
- Mrs.
Sherwood, hi.
Long time no see.
How's school? Institutional.
- Are you doing any sports this year? - League hockey, maybe.
- Yeah.
Field hockey? - Ice.
- Get out.
- Yeah.
Sweetheart, I picked up some organic yogurt for you.
- See ya! - Bye.
Oh, she's been bugging me about that yogurt for a week.
Ah, teenagers.
Yeah, lucky you.
Just wait.
Yours will be that age before you can blink.
Ain't happening.
Not gonna let it.
Where were you posted when Emmalin was christened? Fort Lewis.
Well, the christening was a disaster.
Everything that could go wrong did.
Poor Emmalin had colic, and there was this problem Let's just say it was a diaper malfunction.
Oh, no.
And so while the chaplain was bestowing the blessing, there was this huge explosion Oh, so much for the sanctity of the moment.
Almost the same thing happened at my brother patrick's first communion-- projectile vomiting all over father Brennan.
When Frank saw Jeremy in his christening gown, he thought I'd put him in a dress.
He was mortified that anyone might think Jeremy was a girl.
Okay, guys, come on.
It was funny.
Look, Frank's name is gonna come up.
I can't pretend the man wasn't a part of my life for 20 years.
You're right.
Yeah, we're just still getting used to the whole divorce thing.
And the new job thing.
I think what we're trying to say is Well, we're gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you guys, too.
But right now, we have got some baking to do.
Yes, we do.
Unh-unh, Moran.
You're a danger to cooking everywhere.
Sit down.
Leblanc, stop that canine! Come here! Come here! Why didn't you think of that? I'm more a cat person, ma'am.
- Dismissed, Private.
- Yes, ma'am.
Well done, Corporal.
You still on corrective traing? - Finished last week.
- Good.
Call your squad leader.
Tell him I'm reassigning you for a couple of hours.
This dog needs to be transported to the animal shelter.
The pound? But he's got a division patch on his collar.
Post policy, Corporal-- no mascots in the barracks.
- Take the staff car.
- Yes, ma'am.
Okay, come on.
Don't look at me like that.
This wasn't my idea, okay? Ohh.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hey, babe.
Again? No, I can't.
I'm in a work vehicle.
All right.
All right, five minutes.
Quick detour.
Nice! Rox.
Don't start.
I told you, I don't want to leave a spare key out there.
It's guaranteed where a stranger's gonna look first-- - in the planter, under a rock.
- Awesome.
You worry way too much about this stuff.
- Hey, a dog! - No.
No, no! Don't open that! - Come on, boy.
- No! Come on.
Come on, boy.
Good boy.
Come on.
- You brought home a dog? - Good boy.
- Come on! Come on! - No, no.
It's not what you think.
Oh, I think it's a dog.
What do you think? Colonel Burton gave me transport duty.
He's going to the pound.
It better be, 'cause we've been over this.
I can't deal with a pet - and the boys and a bar.
- I know.
- Can we keep him? - Yeah, can we? I'm afraid not, boys.
That doggie already has a home.
You know, Rox, it wouldn't be such a bad idea.
Trevor, no.
Absolutely not.
Do not make me the bad guy here.
Please, please, can we keep him? He loves us.
Did you see? Sorry.
This is the army's dog, fellas.
We gotta follow orders.
Come on.
Boys, come on.
Bye! Yeah, bye-bye, boy.
And plié.
And up.
And plié.
That's it.
And sauté.
And plié and push and push.
That was very nice.
And ready? Up.
Very nice.
She's gonna let Buffy Jennings' girl play the fairy queen again this year.
- Beautiful.
- I know, and it's so unfair.
The Davis girl, bless her heart, but her mama needs to get her on a diet.
Of course, they want everyone to have a chance, but really, that's not supporting the fat girl.
It just embarrasses the whole studio.
Sauté, and plié.
Up! And step, hop.
And very nice.
Come on.
Come on, boy.
Look, come here.
I'm just following orders, same as colonel Burton, okay? Listen, you're gonna get adopted.
I know you will.
Mean, your name's Lucky.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
All right, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Sir, I think these operational assumptions need to be reexamined.
That's why you're here, Frank.
Bring your combat experience to this exercise.
We're gonna need to order lunch in.
They got the tri-tip sandwiches today.
Not as good as our wives make, but Sorry.
No need.
Tri-tip will be just fine, thank you.
How are things? You call that mediator, get everything squared away? Yes, sir.
Be finalized in a few weeks.
Best to put that chapter behind you as quickly as possible - and just move on.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, do you want this? Oh, it's so pretty.
You don't like it? Well, no, you always say something nice when I wear it, and I thought, i'm trying to simplify.
- I want you to have it.
- Oh, I love it.
Thank you.
It's one thing to fantasize about having another life, a new life, but this This is beautiful.
Have I seen this before? No, I rediscovered it a few weeks ago When I was waiting.
I was worried sick about Frank and didn't know if he was It was his mother's, and her mother's before that.
What's the protocol for this? How do you mean? Family heirlooms.
If you're losing the family, are you supposed to give 'em back? No, I just want to get it right.
I want to get something right.
I am so tired of failure lately.
It's-- it's strange.
Yesterday I walked back into this house, and All I could see were Frank's things.
Nothing of mine seemed worth keeping or let alone packing.
I had this overwhelming desire to put on one of Frank's t-shirts and crawl into our bed and just smell him on our pillows and to fall asleep feeling safe again.
She smiles more for me than you.
Notice that? You're delusional.
It's not just because I'm better looking.
It's something deeper Soul-level.
I'm just sayin'.
Will you go have your own kid, Price? What's the deal with calling me in like this? What do you want? - Come on, sweetie.
- Hey, no.
We're not staying.
- This may take a few minutes.
- Price, will you give me How did you leave things at Mercer? You still have friends over there? Oh, lots.
Unlike you, I don't burn my bridges.
See? That's so you.
I love that about you, man.
Who'd you piss off now? Nobody this time.
Look, I need some serious pull.
There's this little Iraqi girl, an orphan, right? Last month she got caught in an explosion.
Now her arm's all messed up, can't use her hand.
It turns out that one of the best micro nerve reattachment docs in the world - is right here at Mercer.
- Jess Holz.
Yeah, I know Jess.
See, I knew you would.
- Good man? - He's the best.
You think he might do a charity surgery for this little Iraqi girl? Wait.
Hold up.
You called me over here while I'm going crazy with all this christening stuff because you want me to lobby for free microsurgery-- Yes.
You're unbelievable.
This girl's family helped the army.
They paid one hell of a price, too.
If she doesn't get those nerves reattached soon, she will never recover use of her hand.
All right.
All right, you've convinced me.
I'll talk to Jess.
- Talk fast, bro.
- These things take time.
Time is the one thing we don't have.
Haneen? This is Dr.
Intense story, right? She's a survivor, this girl-- no self-pity.
She's great.
What I want to know is, how'd she get here? 'Cause I got a feeling I'm not gonna like the answer.
Cousin of mine-- Dolores-- is in military intelligence.
Different side of the family, bro.
Anyway, she knew Haneen's father in Iraq and had to pull some major strings to get her here, - bent a few rules.
- Great.
Which rules? Haneen was on some waiting list, but she could have been stuck in limbo forever.
You know how few Iraqis we are letting into this country? It's shameful.
Yeah, save the diatribe.
How did she get here, - to your office? - Our office.
And where's your cousin or one of her's relatives? She couldn't have gotten here by herself.
- Her aunt is in Iraq.
- What? It wasn't supposed to happen that way.
There was some screwup with their visas, and the aunt got detained.
So Dolores escorted the girl here but then had to turn around and hustle her own ass back to Baghdad.
So I told her no worries, we'd help Haneen out.
Oh, you did? We'd help? Come on, man.
You met the girl.
You telling me this cause ain't righteous? Can't you do anything the easy way? I need your help, brother.
So are you in? What do you think? What is this doing in the trash? What? It's empty.
What's so funny? Daddy, bottles go in the recycling bin.
What recycling bin? The blue one.
That's new.
How much line is left there, buddy? Not much.
Then we're all ready.
All ready for what? - Guys' fishing day.
- Tomorrow.
At the butt crack of dawn.
Is that a swear? 25 cents.
- Mom, that's a swear, right? - Dad said it.
Technically it's-- it's-- I don't know.
Chase, you can't go fishing tomorrow morning.
We have the christening.
Please tell me you're joking.
This is Roland and Joan's baby.
We need to be there as a family.
- So we can't go fishing? - You can go in the afternoon.
It's okay, Lucas.
Lots of fish bite in the afternoon.
They gotta eat lunch, right? - I guess.
- Of course they do.
It's gonna be great.
She's already been evaluated? Yes.
Holz came in as a favor.
He agrees that microsurgery is Haneen's only chance to use her hand again, and he's willing to do the procedure on his own time, without compensation.
- Well, that's good news, right? - Yeah.
How can I help? This is where it gets sticky.
Haneen's visa is only for a month, and it wasn't obtained through usual channels.
In order to do the surgery, Dr.
Holz needs executive orders.
Of course.
He can't commit army resources on his own.
And I'm sorry to spring this on you like this, Claudia Joy, but-- I'll speak to Michael.
That's great.
Thank you.
Um, would you like to meet Haneen now? Yes.
Yes, I would.
My father was professor.
Professor at university.
And my brother, he It is safe here? Absolutely.
When we work for the americans, especially as interpreter, it must be secret.
For many people, translators for army are traitors.
My brother and father, they always change the road they take to work Mask their faces when with the americans.
Army say our village safer.
No more masks now.
It's okay.
- You understand me, yes? - Yes.
One day, my family go to a party for cousin wedding.
But I forget the gift, and we must go back.
Everyone is annoyed at me.
I get out of the car, and suddenly, it is as if someone push me hard, and I am flying, flying into the wall of the house.
I look to see who push me.
My ears hear like I am in the sea.
But there is no person now No car Only fire.
Then I am wake in hospital, and no one tells me where is my family.
Let's pack it in.
Unit readiness reports can wait for monday.
Roger that.
Before we call it a day, let me assure you that despite whatever concerns you may have about how Denise's actions might affect things on post, folks around here-- not just soldiers, spouses, too-- we're all behind you foursquare.
Thank you, sir.
Everyone knows what that woman did is no reflection on you.
"That woman" is still my wife.
I'm sorry, sir.
Speak your piece.
Sir, I just cannot accept people talking about Denise that way.
I mean, until the courts say different, she's still my wife.
That's who Denise is.
She's my wife.
Of course.
No offense intended.
No, sir.
But with your permission, I'll see you tomorrow.
Good night.
- Hey, Rox? - In here.
So look, I've been thinkin' Cuttin' your hair.
Keep your pants on.
It's only a trim probably.
No, look, I get it.
Sometimes between husband and wife, yes means no.
No means yes.
You gotta learn to be flexible, right? - Right.
- Gotta give a little to get a little? - We couldn't stop him.
- Dad brought him back for us! You need to keep Lucky in the other room.
Babe, I can explain.
Trevor-- my hair! How am I gonna fix this? Oh, God! Now I gotta get bangs Stupid, ugly bangs! If you like this C.
, I'm gonna take him up on it.
Yeah, I've got time.
Thanks for the heads-up.
Who was that? James McKeehan.
Team leader from Fort Hood days.
Oh, right.
He hooked me up with a guy to lead some instructional training down there.
In Texas? For how long? Six weeks.
Leaving when? Monday.
Monday? You just got home.
Are these orders? No.
It's voluntary.
Chase, you offered to go? Well, it's pretty obvious I'm not really needed around here.
- Come on.
- What? I'm serious.
Is this about postponing fishing? Because if it is, you are being a big baby.
It's not just that, okay? Ever since I came home, everything I do is wrong.
I throw bottles in the wrong trash can.
I put clothes in the wrong part of the closet.
What? I can't even find things in my drawers in any sort of order like they used to be, Pamela.
Chase, I moved this whole house by myself.
Do I get so much as a thank you? No.
You just complain about the furniture.
It's furniture that I paid for, okay? You do not want to go there.
I can't even take my own son to football practice.
I knew you were gonna see that as pissing on your own territory.
Chase, I have my own way of doing things.
How else do you think this family survives when you're not here? You can't just come back in and take over! I take orders for a living, okay? I don't need it when I come home.
I do not give orders.
Yes, you do.
Chase, you just can't stand the fact that I don't take orders from you! I'd like to help, but it's the extra legality involved.
It sounds like this G-2 went seriously out of regs just to get Haneen here.
Only because the system was moving too slowly.
There's a limited window to operate on an injury of this type.
But there are hundreds, thousands, even, of Haneens over there.
- We can't help them all.
- I know, but we can help this one.
Michael, she's an orphan.
Her family was killed because they worked for the army.
From where I'm standing, Haneen is a Gold Star daughter and sister.
I'll make sure the surgery happens this week.
Thank you.
There's one more thing.
Haneen needs a sponsor family on post for her physical therapy - and post-op period.
- No.
Claudia Joy, no.
I already said yes.
I like your hair, babe.
It's sexy.
Sexier, even.
My hair was cut by a dog A dog I don't want-- I didn't want-- and I said "absolutely no" to.
You should've seen the look on his face when I took him to the shelter.
- I couldn't.
- You shoulda.
You are married to an ex-foster kid here, remember? I know what it's like, you know, waiting to be adopted.
It's That's not fair.
And besides, you don't have to be walked for the rest of your life.
Lucky is a great way for the kids to learn some responsibility.
- Responsibility, my butt.
- Unh-unh, nope.
Your butt is my responsibility.
Trevor I am serious.
So am I.
God I thought that dog would've barked himself hoarse already.
We're gonna get written up for that.
He'll get better.
He just needs to get trained.
Oh, sure.
And who's gonna do that training? It's gonna be all Roxy's problem.
Just me, that dog and 9 miles of bad road.
- Mom, Lucky's scared.
- Yeah, he's all alone.
He's got no mom, and he's afraid of the dark, and now he's sad.
- Can't he come in? - Please.
Oh, Rox, that's so sweet.
That ain't for the hound, babe.
I'm kidding.
This is just until we train him.
- Thanks, mom.
- Yes! Wait.
The dog is gonna sleep in the bathroom, 'cause I don't want any surprises on my rug in the morning.
Is that clear? - Yes, ma'am.
- Good.
Go get him.
Are you angry with me? I'm not angry.
You're angry.
What I don't understand is why you didn't talk to me about this beforehand.
It happened too quickly.
And we have the room, Michael.
You mean Amanda's room? Yes, but I meant "room" in the larger sense.
I mean, is this really the best time for this kind of hospitality, when we continue to have issues with our own daughter? I know, but sometimes life doesn't wait for us.
It's a gamble, I admit, but I did speak to Emmalin about it.
And what was her response? "Oh whatever.
" "Whatever"? As "whatevers" go, it was pretty tame.
Look, she seems okay with it.
Could be really good for Emmalin-- get her mind off herself.
Or it could set off another one of her moods.
I don't know.
I'm just not sure having this girl live with us right now is a good idea for anyone, Haneen included.
Michael, it's the right thing to do.
Maybe, but sometimes, Claudia Joy, what seems like the right thing isn't necessarily the best thing.
I don't believe that.
And I don't think you do, either.
Good morning.
Terrence Price.
Good to meet you.
Michael Holden.
My wife Claudia Joy.
I've heard quite a bit about you.
I get that a lot.
Some of it's good, I hope.
- Roland Burton has good things to say.
- I hope so.
Haneen, this is my husband, general Holden.
- It's very nice to meet you.
- And my daughter Emmalin.
Sabah al kheir.
Assalamu alaikum.
Sabal al noor.
Wa alaikum as salaam.
What? I looked it up online before we left.
It takes, like, two seconds.
- Shall we? - Yes.
After you.
- Guess what.
- We got a dog.
- No way! - Really? Why don't y'all run inside and save us seats? Quietly! You got a dog? Yes.
And I could kill Trevor right now.
I hear that, believe me.
Chase and I are-- Hey, did you cut your hair? - It's so cute! - Really? Yeah, who did it? Denise.
You look nice.
So do you.
You You forgot this.
Oh, I didn't forget, Frank.
I just didn't feel right taking it.
Well, I sure as hell can't wear it.
No, my mother gave it to you.
She wanted you to have it.
Don't you want it? Yeah.
Yeah, of course I do.
Well, here.
Every time a child is born, we are witness to the most profound of gifts, the most basic of miracles-- new life.
And in new life, new hope.
A baby's welfare is entrusted not only to the parents, but to the community.
We are responsible for every child-- christian or muslim, jew or hindu-- with gratitude and with humility.
We are responsible for them all.
Roland and Joan, will you bring forth your daughter? Dad told us Lucky is all our responsibility.
Even if he's just a dog.
As Sara Elizabeth's parents, you are her first teachers.
Will you, Roland and Joan, accept this charge-- to instill in your child your shared commitment to service, a respect for others, a desire for peace and a generosity in forgiveness? - We will.
- We will.
Will the godparents join us? - I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
It's gotta be hard to be both mom and dad when I'm gone.
I called off the trip to Fort Hood.
Claudia Joy and Michael, some children are born to us.
Others come into our lives by chance.
Still others, by choice.
As Sara Elizabeth's godparents, you are asked to act as her moral guides and protectors.
Through your example, to the best of your ability, she will learn the values of empathy and charity, kindness and beauty, honesty and freedom.
Will you accept that charge? - We will.
- We will.
Would the congregation please stand in witness? As Sara Elizabeth's extended family and community, we ask all those here today to pledge your own commitment to this blessed child.
Will you agree to be her loving examples, to teach her through your kindness towards and your forgiveness of one another? We will.
Be seated.
Sara Elizabeth, with this flower, I touch your feet that you might stand against injustice I touch your hands that you might reach for and grasp great wisdom, I touch your ears that you might hear music in the sacred silences, I touch your eyes that you might see beauty in every living thing, I touch your lips that you might speak the truth, and finally, I touch your heart that you might know love and give love abundantly, openly and courageously.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sara Elizabeth Burton.
I don't want to let you go.
I love you.
I love you.
I don't know how we're gonna make this work.
- But-- - Yes.
~ Willow's Team ~