Army Wives s03e17 Episode Script

Fire in the Hole

Previously on Army Wives You bring me two recruits a month.
It's mind over matter, Martinez.
There is a warrior inside you.
Now get rid of the dog or I will.
- Lucky saved my life.
- Don't worry.
I'll get him out.
I can explain.
You want to tell me what else you've been lying to me about? I'm serious.
What else have you been lying about? Get off my back! Can I have one moment of peace and quiet to myself? Yes, you can, Chase, but you don't get it.
Okay, you know what? Just go.
I mean it.
Get out! Admiring the view? Look at all those presidents.
Mount Rushmore in your own cash register.
- Go ahead and say it.
- Say what? "I told you so.
" Oh, you mean that I told you business would skyrocket if you let me change the menu, bring in chief and add live music-- That you're a natural-born fool to not have listened to me in the first place? Is that what you're talking about? Yeah.
No, I'm not gonna say that.
Just to keep your hat size down, don't forget that most of the money goes to the I.
over the next few years, and I got a kid in private school, and I need a new car-- You're gonna have to remind me to get that recipe - from you sometime.
- What recipe? The one where you make lemons out of lemonade.
Hey, Rox.
Chrissie just called.
Her sister had a baby and isn't feeling well.
She had to drive down to Valdosta tonight.
What? She couldn't wait? I'm sorry.
It must be serious.
But how can the band go on without their singer? Well, that's just it.
They-- they can't.
No band? We're gonna have to refund everyone's cover.
Let me handle this.
Hey there, Missy.
Well, it's about time you got your butt back in here.
Don't go yellin' at me now.
The truckin' company changed my route.
I've been living off of waffle houses for the last few weeks.
Okay, I forgive you.
Yeah, I had to switch with a buddy of mine just so I could get back to - I-26 and your sweet smile.
- Oh, please.
- Get back to my gumbo, you mean.
- Well, yeah, that, too.
- You driving tonight? - No, ma'am.
- I'm sleeping out in the rig.
- Good.
I got a draft here coming up, on the house.
Thank you, ma'am.
Rison! ~ Willow's Team ~ Come on, Lucky, do you have to sniff everything? Come on.
I'm going to be late for school.
Come on.
No, boy.
This way.
I said come.
- Delicious.
- Banana ginger.
I got the recipe off a diabetes web site.
Keep spoiling me like this, and I may never let you go away to college.
I don't think so.
I gotta go.
- What smells so good? - Hey, dad.
Emmalin made muffins.
You wouldn't like 'em.
They're healthy.
Problems? I just got off the phone with corps.
We got a four-star comin' in tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Four-stars don't just show up unannounced.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
I'm told he will brief me when he gets here.
How long is he gonna be here? Will he be here for your promotion ceremony? Possibly.
Then I better call protocol.
That's a good idea.
You're available for cocktails when he gets here? I always like to put the post's best face forward.
I have the F.
Charity golf tournament.
That's right.
Why don't we switch places? I will play golf And you can entertain the four-star? No.
No way.
What is in these? Oatmeal, I-I think.
I want a doughnut.
All day.
All day.
All day, Martinez.
You're a warrior.
Show me you're a warrior, Martinez.
Come on! I'm not gonna give up on you.
Don't give up on me.
There you go.
Go! Go! Go! - Nice! - How'd I do? You shaved 45 seconds off your time.
Nice work.
That's it? I'm still a minute over.
Yeah, but you're improving.
That's huge.
Now walk it off.
Come on.
I'm never gonna pass.
Hey, I don't want to hear that kind of talk.
When you started, you couldn't pass any of your physical requirements.
Now all you got left is the run.
I know you can do this, Martinez.
The question is, do you know it? - Yes, Sergeant.
- What was that? Yes, Sergeant! All right then.
Nice work, bud.
We do it again tomorrow.
Why didn't you tell me you can sing? If I could entertain people like that, I would put myself up on a billboard.
Down, girl.
There is plenty of people who sing better than me.
Yeah? I'd like to meet 'em.
Come to church with me any sunday.
That's how I got started.
Really? I was 8, and I sang so loud they had to put me in the choir.
Well, you're really good.
I mean it.
Do you ever think of doing it full-time? Me? No.
Sunday's my day to sing.
Figure whatever gift god's given me, it's to praise him.
I save Reba for the shower.
Hey, Jeff.
- Is Chrissie back? - No.
We were hoping Viola could sing again tonight.
It was a onetime deal only.
I barely made it through the set.
- The crowd loved it.
- The crowd was drunk.
So? I was sober, and I loved it.
See? She's doing it.
You're doing it.
That's an order.
Pamela, only one visor per goodie bag.
- No, it's not a big deal.
- You all right? Fine, except I may have to break Chase's other leg.
But I really don't want to talk about it.
Believe me, she doesn't.
Please, Michelle, I understand.
No, you just take care of yourself.
Okay, bye.
- No.
More bad news? - She has the flu.
- Oh, my god.
- What's goin' on? We just lost our foursome for the golf tournament tomorrow.
We were already scrambling because our other partner can't make it either.
Well, that stinks, 'cause this whole thing is your baby.
Actually, the tournament is Denise's baby.
- You're kidding.
- No, she suggested it at her very first F.
meeting here at Fort Marshall.
She'll never admit it, but Denise is a shark.
I started taking lessons when Frank was away in Korea.
I got the bug.
So what are we gonna do? If you insist, I'll be happy to offer my services.
And we'd be happy to accept, but this tournament is women only.
Well, in that case, I'll go check on my daughter.
- I guess we have to withdraw.
- Wait a minute.
I'll play.
- Wait.
You play golf, Roxy? - Are you kidding? I get it in the windmill every single time.
I'm like the Leblanc family champ.
We're not talking about miniature golf here.
This is the real thing.
How different can it be? Get the ball in the hole, right? - And it's for charity, isn't it? - Yeah, Fisher House.
They build guest houses for families of hospitalized soldiers.
- Well, you can count me in, too.
- That's what I'm talkin' about.
You sure? Yeah, I played a couple of police tournaments back in the day, and I'd love the excuse to avoid my husband for a while.
- What do you think? - I think it's great.
You know, it's not cheap.
It costs $100 to enter.
Yeah, that kind of takes me out of the runnin'.
Lots of players get sponsors, and the F.
has a great reputation with local businesses.
Hey, well that's great.
My seafood distributor owes me.
- I'm totally hittin' him up.
- I'll kick in half a share, Pamela.
I'd like to support the cause even if I can't swing a club.
- Done.
- What about the kids? You know, tournament takes most of the day.
Emmalin's free.
She'd love to babysit.
Yeah, and I got a man in a leg cast at home-- built-in babysitter.
Michelle can loan one of you her clubs, and I've got an extra set in the garage.
- Great, then it's all settled.
- Good.
Oh, look, they even have their own cute little socks.
I guess we'll see you guys tomorrow.
- Guess so.
- I'll get this.
This is gonna be so much fun.
- The four Musketeers.
- Can't wait.
- You sure about this? - Like Roxy said, it'll be fun.
The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone's feelings.
I love them.
You know that.
They're my friends, they're my family.
- But they're not golfers.
- Denise, I know how much you want to win the trophy back.
But it's either this or we don't play.
It is for a good cause.
Come on.
How bad can it be? - Whoa! Roxy, Roxy! - Oh, no! I got 'em! Don't you roll away from me.
Sorry! My bad.
Sucks, right? Carmen, you've been divorced for two years now.
Didn't you think your ex might eventually remarry? Yeah, well thinking and happening are two different thinks, right? Right.
I was hoping that once I got clean, maybe he'd come back to me.
Is that why you stopped using? It's why he left-- the drugs.
Well, you two were having problems before that, though.
I mean, didn't the fighting start when you got back from Iraq? Everybody fights when they come back from Iraq.
Carmen Richards-- how's she doing? I'm concerned.
Her ex-husband's getting remarried, so she's upset, depressed, and she still refuses to face her P.
You think she's gonna start using again? I'm not convinced she ever stopped.
So where are we at? With her history of dependency, we can't prescribe anything.
She's not suicidal, so we can't force hospitalization.
I told her to call in three times a day for the next week, but-- she needs full-time supervision.
I know.
- I been trying to find a place for her.
- But she doesn't have any money - and she's not highly motivated.
- Exactly.
It's a tough sell.
- For now, we're all she's got.
- That's not good enough.
Look, brother, at least we're giving Carmen a chance.
That's more than anyone else is gonna do for her.
Know what I mean? Damn it! Either my boobs have gotten bigger or my arms have gotten shorter.
Just keep your knees bent and your head down.
I'm trying.
- Why do I need so many clubs? - You don't.
You probably only need a few to get through tomorrow.
- Putter - Yes.
Can't use that here.
Wedge-- you can't use that here either.
Babe, can we start with the clubs that I can use? - Driver.
- Thank you.
- Unbelievable.
- Just keep your head down.
Let's see how you address the ball.
Hi, ball.
Okay, I meant let's see your stance.
I know what you meant.
Lighten up.
You played high school golf, not the PGA Tour.
Babe, the game comes with its own language.
Son of a bitch! I can see that.
Hey, you just want to rotate on your-- on your backswing there.
You guys asked me here.
Do you want my help or not? - Yes, please.
- Okay, then hit the ball.
Where'd it go? You weren't kidding.
She's fantastic.
I know, right? So are you gonna tell me what's really going on with you and Chase? No, I'm still so pissed off, I can't even talk about it.
I get that he lied about going to the shooting range, - but is there-- - There's more - I can't tell you.
- Why not? Oh.
You know, even without that, he lied because He didn't want to spend time with his family.
I mean, think about that.
What if Trevor did that to you? I'm not wrong to be so upset.
When you put it that way, that's bad.
You know, the man I married, he could be a real jerk sometimes, but he'd never look at me in the eye and lie.
He's changed.
What's wrong, boy? - What happened? - He broke his collar.
You made it! Oh, gosh.
I never thought I'd see you again, buddy.
Guess we both made it, huh? Who's the best dog in the world? Who's the best dog in the world? Where's your collar, buddy? How did you get here? All right, come on.
Let's get you some food.
All right? And no more M.
for you, buddy.
No, Sir.
We're gonna find you some certified U.
Only the best for my dog.
Team Silverman, report to the first tee.
Team Silverman, report to the first tee.
Well, good luck.
Let it go.
Barbara Matthews cheated last year, and you know it.
I know what I saw.
Her ball went in the water.
I heard it splash.
So you tell me how it ended up on the fairway - without a penalty stroke.
- It was a year ago.
- She stole that trophy, Claudia Joy-- - Let it go.
Where'd you get that shirt? My sponsor, Harry's wholesale fish.
Ain't it a kick? I- I don't think you can wear that here.
- There's a dress code.
- Really? But I promised.
That's why Harry gave me the money.
Here, wear this.
That way you can still tell Harry you wore his shirt.
That'll work.
Pamela, you're with me.
Roxy, you're with Denise.
- I thought we were playing together.
- We're a team.
But we play 2-on-2 with another team.
Oh, cool.
Let's play ball, partner.
Strike one.
You hit the crap out of that one.
You guys see that? That was awesome.
- Way to go.
- Thanks.
No, no, no, no, no! Wait, wait! No, no! Wow, that sandbox is really hard to get out of.
I got juice and I got water.
Which do you want? Magic numbers say juice.
- Beep.
- Thanks.
Move it or lose it, sister! - This is so fun.
- Yeah? Hey, can I talk to you for a minute? You have to switch with me.
- Okay, but that's kind of-- - No, I'm serious.
If you don't, I may have to kill her.
- Kill who? - Roxy.
Who do you think? - Why? What-- what's going on? - What's going on? I-I swear, she is aiming for the bunkers.
If there's water within The only reason that we're still in contention is 'cause she's bringing everyone else's game down to her level.
Barbara triple bogeyed, twice.
Please, if you don't give me Pamela, I'm not responsible for what happens.
Ladies, I have a fun idea.
There you go, buddy.
A hot dog's not exactly top sirloin, but it's a lot better than that vomit omelet, huh? Yeah.
- There you go.
- There you are, boy.
Jeremy! Hi! I've been meaning to catch up with you.
- Welcome home.
- Nice.
- What's going on? - You found our dog.
We were taking him for a walk, and he took off like a rocket, - broke his collar.
- Oh, that's my collar.
- What? - You see that airborne patch right there? I put that there.
- You know Lucky? - Yeah, I named him.
He saved my life in Iraq.
Sergeant said I couldn't keep him, so I had my buddy smuggle him out of the country.
- I didn't know if he made it back.
- Well, that explains it.
They found him in the barracks one day.
He was supposed to go to the pound, but the Leblancs adopted him instead.
The leblancs adopted him.
Yeah, and he's the best dog ever.
Aren't you, boy? Yeah, he is.
- You boys taking good care of him? - We walk him every day.
We change his water, too.
That's good.
He deserves the best.
Do you want to have lunch with us? Yeah, you can tell us more about Lucky.
No, thanks.
I-I should be getting on.
Well, maybe we can get together sometime this week.
Sounds great.
Good seeing you, Emmalin.
You, too.
Well here I am at camp reliant.
Home sweet home.
I- I know it doesn't look like much, but trust me, in person, it's even worse.
But still, it's-- it's practically the four seasons compared to Afghanistan.
We've got running water, real beds, A.
-- Hello.
Carmen? Are you okay? Carmen? Yeah.
I don't know.
Are you on something? What did you take? I don't know.
Well, what kind of pills? How many? I don't know.
Okay, um, where are you? Carmen, where are you? A bus stop.
Which bus stop? Look around.
Do you see a sign? What bus stop, Carmen? Reynolds.
- Reynolds and Rivers.
- Reynolds and Rivers? Okay, you stay right where you are.
I'm on my way.
I'm coming with you.
It's Dr.
Burton and Dr.
You called.
We're here to help.
Come with us.
We're gonna take you to the hospital.
They're gonna make you feel better.
- No.
- We got you.
- No, let go of me.
- Carmen, stop.
Let's get her to the car.
- No, let me go.
No, let me go! - Just calm down okay? Let go of me! Carmen, wait a minute.
- Let her go! - It's okay.
- She's overdosed.
- Let her go, now! - Down on the ground! - We're her doctors.
Down on the ground! - If you'd just listen to me for-- - Now! Man, this is a big misunderstanding.
Shut up, extend your hands in front of you and lower yourself to the ground.
Do it now.
All the way down.
Do not move! Extend your hand out to me.
- Relax, brother.
- Relax? After being arrested and treated like a common criminal? You're just guilty of being black in America.
What else is new? Hey, I'm sorry.
Is it me, or have we suddenly switched bodies? - Nobody's pressing charges, man.
- I mean, shouldn't you be out there organizing some sort of protest against racist cops? I got bigger problems to worry about, all right? There really is a slope.
That's sneaky.
So now all you have to do is read the lie and adjust.
- If it breaks right, you adjust left.
- Got it.
- Okay, go for it.
- Okay.
That was good.
Next we're gonna work on course etiquette.
You can't yell like that.
- It disturbs everybody.
- Take that! Yeah, C.
Better! Better.
I can't believe we're tied for first place.
Yeah, the competition around here sucks.
There's that, and the fact that Denise is the best player on the course.
Roxy, you came on strong in the back 9.
That's 'cause I had a great teacher.
I would hate to be Denise right now.
Miss the putt, lose the tournament.
Just so you know, this one breaks to the right.
I know how to read a green, Roxy.
I was just trying to help.
You want to back off now? Oh, yeah.
And for the second year in a row, the championship goes to Team 7, captained by Barbara Matthews.
Congratulations, Barbara.
And in second place, we have Team 3, captained by Denise Sherwood.
Thank you, everyone, for coming out.
We'll see you again next year.
You guys, we should go out and celebrate.
Celebrate what? We lost.
Denise, don't feel bad.
So you missed the putt.
Who cares? We don't blame you.
Blame me? I kept us alive in this tournament.
I was carrying you the entire time.
What about the 4-foot hole you dug in the sand trap on 6? What about the 14 you scored on 8? You know, if it wasn't for you and your "strike one" and "watch me bank it off this tree" and "oh, hey, do I get extra points for hitting a moving golf cart?" then maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't have come down to the final putt! Come on, Martinez! Let's go! Go! Finish strong! Well? Welcome to the United States army.
Yes! I can't believe it.
You're my Jedi Master.
Thank you, Obi-wan.
- The force is with me.
- Knock it off, all right? Yes! Went too far, didn't I? Yep.
I should talk to her, shouldn't I? Yep.
- Looking for Tiger? - You heard.
Yeah, I spent an hour with her at the driving range.
I'm impressed you lasted 18 holes.
- I'll go get her.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I I had a meltdown, and I went over the line.
You think? You have to understand, golf is my game.
I love it.
I work at it, and I'm good at it.
So, yeah I wanted to win.
I wanted to win and rub Barbara Matthews' smug little face in it until she had grass stains on her big, fat, collagen-filled lips.
What is happening to me? I am really sorry, Roxy.
Please forgive me.
I have to say I never expected you of all people to be so downright mean.
It was like Jekyll and Hyde out there.
I have never seen that side of you before, ever, not even close.
I kinda liked it.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one around here who can lose it big-time.
- Thanks? - You're welcome.
Still friends? Always friends.
Hey, you know, maybe we can do this again next year? No.
I said I was sorry, not crazy.
Division, attention! - General Ludwig, Sir.
- At ease, General.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Welcome to Fort Marshall.
Thank you.
I've been taking a look at your progress reports.
Excellent work incorporating that d-vad system into your division's weapons training.
Thank you, Sir.
Please have a seat.
Thank you.
- Did corps brief you on my visit? - No, Sir.
Not exactly.
They told me you were coming for special review.
I know we're due for inspection next year.
Well, General, this is not your usual dog and pony show.
I'm not looking to see if your post has drip pans under every truck in motor pool.
I have been tasked to lead a blue-ribbon viability team for the base closure realignment commission.
I'm sorry, Sir.
Why is BRAC interested in Fort Marshall? We're looking to close two posts over the next 18 months.
And obviously, this is no reflection on your leadership, General Holden.
But in this era of persistent conflict, the army has to maximize its efficiency.
And while we haven't made any decisions yet, I can tell you that we're working from a very short list, and Fort Marshall is a prime candidate.
What are you doing here? I was on the way to the movies to meet some friends.
Thought maybe you'd like to come.
Oh, yeah, thanks.
That's really nice.
But I'm-- I'm going out myself.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Couldn't be better.
Why? I don't know.
You just seemed kinda sad before, which I totally get, because of the dog and everything.
Yeah, that was just You know A bit of a surprise, but it's-- it's cool.
Those boys really love that dog.
Yeah, well, it It worked out for everybody.
You don't want to be late.
Well, I'm around if you want to hang or Oh, wow.
That sounds really lame.
What I mean is I'm glad you got back okay, and if you want talk call.
I will.
See ya.
Finally got an answer from the police.
They turned Carmen over to the psych ward at County General.
They're gonna keep her for 72 hours.
- You going somewhere? - Looks that way.
Planning on coming back? Not anytime soon.
The police have my prints.
It's just a matter of time.
A matter of time for what? Ain't nobody pressing charges.
Look, brother, the less you know, the better, for your own sake.
Well, not from where I'm standing.
Look, just keep things going here.
We're doing good work.
I brought in the right man, okay? - What you talkin' about? - See you.
No, wait.
You're not just gonna walk out like this.
Hey, man.
Piedmont place is your baby now.
- What's going on, man? - I already told you.
- You told me nothing.
- Just remember that, all right? No, you're not going anywhere-- Get in my way again, I'm gonna go right through you.
Show a little respect, will ya? I never got a trophy before.
Oh! Is that what that is? That's funny.
You should take that act on the road.
Hey, and round up some drink orders.
Crawford, allow me to introduce myself.
Eric Belton.
It's Viola, and I'm not looking for a date.
- But what can I get you? - I'm not looking for a date or a drink.
- I'm looking for a singer.
- A singer? Yes.
I own the T.
Club in Atlanta.
- Maybe you've heard of it.
- Nope.
It's a class operation, Ms.
I'm talking drinks, dinner, high-quality entertainment.
- Sounds nice.
- Oh, it is.
Look, Ms.
Crawford, I'm in town visiting my mother.
Heard there was a hot new singer at the Hump Bar.
I heard right.
I'd like to give you a tryout at my club.
What? I pride myself on finding talent in unusual places.
You're a diamond in the rough, Ms.
- Mr.
Belton-- - Please call me Eric.
Belton, I'm sorry.
Believe me, I'm flattered.
Heck, I'm speechless.
And if you knew me, you'd know how unusual that is.
I already got a job.
And I like it here.
Excuse me.
You're making a mistake.
Won't be the first time.
- I don't give up that easily.
- Suit yourself.
Hey, Jeremy.
What can I do for you? Mrs.
Leblanc, ma'am.
I would like a drink, ma'am.
Seems to me like you've already had a few.
I've been to war.
I can have a drink.
No, not here you can't.
You're underage.
Look, let me call you a cab, okay? Come on, Jeremy.
I'll take you home myself.
- It's all right.
Let him sit.
- You know him? He's the son of one of my best friends.
I don't care who he is.
He's trouble.
Yeah, I got that.
Hey, it's Roxy.
I'm sorry to bother you.
You need to get down to the Hump right away.
So how serious do you think he is about closing down the post? Very.
I made some calls today.
Ludwig's a real ballbuster.
Why target Fort Marshall? The Pentagon is considering a major reshuffling of forces.
With Bragg and Jackson so close, we're vulnerable.
For the moment, this is classified, Claudia Joy.
Got it.
So what do we do? Honestly, I don't know.
I'd like to think we're operating efficiently, contributing to the mission.
Michael, you're an excellent leader.
You've done an amazing job here.
You know that.
Well, amazing or not, he's got us in his crosshairs.
Oh, mom? What are you doing here? I came to take you home.
Come on.
Jeremy, you need to come home now.
Something bothering you? No.
Just think it's past your bedtime.
- Hey, let it go.
- You wanna make something of it? You don't know what you're talking about.
- Stop it now.
- Listen to your mom, Jeremy, before you get hurt.
Jeremy, no! Stop it! - Break it up! - Stop! - Will somebody please help? - Hey, guys, a little help here.
- Please leave him alone! Don't even think about it.
Fight's over.
Get going.
- Go! - Move it! Lie still, okay? Stop it.
I'm fine.
- Roxy, I am so sorry.
- It's okay.
Go take care of him.
~ Willow's Team ~