Army Wives s04e07 Episode Script

Heavy Losses

Previously on Army Wives Mommy is pregnant.
- Your mom's having a baby.
- Why? - CJ? - Grace? Oh, my God! It is you! If anyone was gonna have a brilliant career in law, the smart money was on your mother.
Michael, I want to finish my law degree.
And I'm all for it.
- Yeah? - Absolutely.
Boy's going back to the barracks.
He's getting a medical discharge, isn't he? - What for? - He almost killed himself.
Please, just let me have my son back.
I cannot release a soldier who's been declared fit for duty.
Are you okay? I mean, are you really okay? I need to get back to my unit.
I want to.
I want you to quit Delta.
Pamela, I have to report to Fort Carson.
My orders are cut.
I'm gonna need your decision.
Holler when you need a refill.
- Dessert, anyone? - Are you kidding? After all that catfish? Now, can you take a break? - You said you had news.
- Yeah, what's going on? - We are moving.
- What? Yeah, our housing upgrade came through.
Oh, congratulations! Yeah, it kind of makes up for the morning sickness, I think.
Where's the new house? That's the best part.
It is two blocks from you.
- We're gonna be neighbors again.
- Wow, that's great! Yeah, it's three bedrooms and a laundry room.
It's practically a mansion.
And we sign for it in two weeks.
Well, I can't wait to see it.
The kids are gonna go crazy.
On the subject of kids, actually, I told the babysitter I'd be back 20 minutes ago.
Sorry, guys.
But it was fun.
- And I'll see you later.
- Okay.
When's Chase home? - Two days.
Oh, that explains it.
- She's got a lot on her mind.
- Yeah.
Have they made any decisions? No.
That's the problem.
She's just been waiting.
Debbie? - Hey.
- Chase.
I had the chance to grab an earlier hop, so I took it.
I wanted to see you.
I missed you, Pamela.
I missed you, too.
I thought a lot about what you said before I left.
And? And I want this to work.
- Me, too.
- Good.
So So, what does that mean? I love you, Pamela.
And you're leaving Delta? It's not that simple.
- So that's a no? - Why does it have to be yes or no? - Because that's the way we left it.
- No.
No, that is the way you left it.
But there are two people in this marriage.
Can we not talk about it? We have talked, Chase.
Talking hasn't worked.
So I tried to make it simple.
- But it's not simple.
- But it is to me.
Well, I don't think you throw away You know, it's late.
I'm tired.
- Pamela - No, Chase.
I'm really glad you're home, and I'm glad you're safe, but I I just can't deal with this right now.
I really I can't.
Now, why is there a spaceship in the living room? It's not a spaceship, it's a new sofa.
Put it back.
New sofa? You don't want that ratty old thing in the new house, do you? I know, it's a stretch, but the tip jar's been jangling at the Hump lately.
I think we could swing it.
What do you say, babe? - Can we get a new spaceship? - Think about it.
Boys, breakfast.
In a minute! Lucky, no! Ugh! - Ah! - Bad dog! Bad, bad dog! - Babe, he didn't mean it.
I know he didn't mean it.
He never means it.
He didn't mean it when he chewed the table legs, or when he scratched the paint off the front door, or when he ate my robe.
- He didn't eat it.
- Well, he ruined it.
I swear, I don't know if I can live in that new house with that mutt.
Bad dog! I want waffles.
Eggs have more protein, Katie, fewer carbs.
It's better for you.
Once I saw this movie where a boxer drank raw eggs.
That's right.
- Gross.
Hey, it worked.
The guy became champion of the world.
Actually, I think he got beat in that one.
Well, he went the distance, anyway.
Good morning.
Hey, Mom.
Dad's making breakfast.
I can see that.
Somebody turned off my alarm or I would have done it myself.
I thought you could use the sleep.
Yeah, but now I have to drive carpool without taking a shower.
- Dad's taking us to school.
- What? They don't expect me to report till tomorrow.
Dad says we can go out for dinner tonight.
- if it's okay with your mother.
- We can talk about it.
Okay, who's ready for a plateful of protein? I am.
- Ooh! Caught it! Yes.
So? - I think this is great.
- Really? I've been advising Emmalin on her college applications for months.
With my own, I've lost all perspective.
Any law school would be lucky to have you.
- Thank you.
- Well, it's true.
I am so excited for you, going back to get your degree.
Well, Michael's concerned I might be taking on too much.
I can understand that.
You have a pretty full plate, Claudia Joy.
- I always have.
- Yeah.
- I really want to do this.
- Well, then you should.
You have to take good care of your health, but I've always said that you could do anything you set your mind to.
So, you're sure there isn't anything you would change here? Positive.
'Cause once I hit "send," the deed is done.
- Send away.
- Okay.
I'm so confused.
You know, I give him a yes or no question, and Chase is a yes or no guy.
And I wait.
I wait all this time, and he comes back with, "Let's talk.
" I mean, what the am I supposed to do with that? Well, how did you leave it? I went to bed last night and I didn't say anything, and then this morning he made breakfast, drove carpool, made me give him my grocery list so he could do my shopping for me.
I don't know.
It sounds like he's trying.
We've been here before, Roxy, and it never lasts, so I don't believe it.
- You sure? - No.
That's why I'm here.
He comes home, and all of a sudden he's super-loving husband, and my And my heart melts, and my brain says, "Careful, honey.
You know, you're smarter than this.
" - Keep talking.
I'm listening.
- Well, the thing is, I drew a line in the sand because I needed to.
I need things to change, I really do, but, you know, it's like he said.
How do you throw away without even talking about it? But then what the is there to talk about? Because I say, "I can't live like this," and he says, "I'm sorry.
" So what do you do? I think I'm going crazy.
Roxy, you there? You fall in? Can you take me to the hospital? I'm bleeding.
Wheelchair to Maternity.
Wheelchair to Maternity Hey.
Where is she? The doctor's still with her, but they said you could go in.
- Take it easy a couple days.
- Okay.
I'll give you two a minute.
I lost the baby.
I'm okay.
Yeah? There wasn't any heartbeat.
They don't know what went wrong.
It was the first trimester, so it could have been a number of things.
Well, these things happen, right? But it never happened to me.
It's okay.
Listen, I'll pick up the kids at school, and they can stay at our house tonight.
Oh, God, the boys.
We have to tell the boys.
Babe, don't worry about that.
Yeah, I'll just say that it's a special sleepover and you guys are both working late, and I'll stop by and grab some clothes for them.
And if you want me to, I could maybe make a few calls, call our friends and let them know.
That would be great.
Thank you.
Hey, there.
- Frank.
- I'm glad I caught you before your shift.
Why, what's up? I may be talking a little out of turn here, but I ran into Captain Thompson today, and he tells me that Jeremy is getting bumped up to specialist.
- Frank, that is great news.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
Our boy's come through the other side better and stronger.
- We should call to congratulate him.
- No, we can't.
He's on maneuvers.
Besides, he's gonna want to tell us himself, - so when he does, act surprised.
- Got it.
I had some time before work.
I was gonna run some errands.
You want to grab lunch? Yeah, sure.
- Yeah? It's Pamela.
Hey, what's up? It's time.
- Did you call the Hump? - Chief's got it covered.
Hey, these okay? - T.
, Finn? - Good.
And I'll go get toothbrush and toothpaste.
The boys are particular about their toothpaste.
Thank you.
How you feeling? Tired? Hey, honey.
I put some food in the fridge.
Don't forget to eat, especially with that medication.
I've got a shift, but keep my cell number close, and stay on the schedule with those pills.
Don't wait till you're in pain.
They take a while to kick in.
Got it.
All right, we're gonna get out of your hair, okay? Okay.
Get some rest.
Love you.
- She's resting.
- Good.
She needs it.
- Dishes are put away.
Can I help? - This is the last of it, thanks.
- All right, everything's in here.
I put some books in there for Finn, too.
He likes to read with a flashlight.
- Yeah, I know the drill.
- Right, of course.
Hey, don't worry about the boys, okay? Yeah.
And you let us know if you need anything.
Thank you.
- I can stay longer.
- That would be great.
I'll walk you guys out.
Hey, Roland? - Look, I know you're busy, but - No.
It's okay.
I don't know what to do about Rox.
I mean, do I try and cheer her up? Do I Do I let her cry? Do we try to get pregnant again right away? I'd let Roxy bring that up when she's ready.
As for her feelings, you can't force things.
She needs to deal with her sadness in her own way.
- So do you.
- I'm okay.
It's a loss.
For both of you.
You know, one minute everything's fine, and the next you get a phone call.
I was just really looking forward to meeting our kid.
Claudia Joy? - Sorry.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
- No, I was awake.
You should sleep.
Don't go.
I feel so bad.
Especially for Trevor.
He really wanted this baby.
He wanted this baby so much.
He had picked out names.
Girl names, mostly.
He really wanted a little girl.
It was so cool, Mom.
We got to build our own tacos for dinner.
- I want to talk! - Could we do that, too, sometime? If you want to build tacos, we can build tacos.
- Yes! - I want to talk.
Give your brother a turn now.
- Okay.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hey.
Did you get a good night's sleep? - Yes, and they have better cereal here.
Bye! Hey, everybody, I want you upstairs, teeth brushed, backpacks packed and your homework in your folders.
And hurry up! - Hey.
- Hey.
- Sounds like they had a great time.
- Yeah, actually, we all did.
- Thank you so much.
- Please.
Forget it.
How you feeling? Uh - Still a little crampy, but I'm okay.
- You need anything? No.
I have enough food here to feed a battalion.
Okay, well, I'll drop by later, and just let me know if anything changes, okay? Bye.
- How's Roxy doing? - She's better.
Hey, thanks for being such a big help with the kids last night.
Of course.
I know we need to talk, but it's been crazy with Roxy and everything.
Take care of what you need to.
Then we'll talk.
I won.
It wasn't a race.
I'll see you after work.
Hey, babe, we're back.
Lucky shouldn't need another walk till I get home.
Are you sure you don't want me to stay today? Positive.
You've missed enough work already.
And what would you do anyway, just watch me sleep all day? Sounds good to me.
- I'm fine, Trevor.
- Okay.
But I'm 15 minutes away.
Don't forget that.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
What? You've been walked, you've been fed.
Go do whatever it is you do all day.
Go on.
Go, dog! Mom? - What are you doing home? - I don't know.
Heard they had some pretty good food at this joint.
- Banana bread and sweet tea? - Yes, ma'am.
You got it.
How were maneuvers? - Good.
- Yeah? - Guess what, Mom.
- Tell me.
You are now talking to Specialist Sherwood.
Jeremy, that is wonderful! Congratulations! - Thank you.
- Did you tell Dad? Nope.
You're the first to know.
Well, in that case, I'm cutting you an extra big slice.
Actually, Mom, there is something else.
What? Uh I'm gonna reenlist.
- What? - What I mean is, I'd like to reenlist.
- Jeremy - My contract's up in a few months, just when I'm starting to get more responsibility.
I can do more.
It's like I finally know my job.
- Have you been talking to your father? - No.
He has no idea about this.
Look, I know I may have signed up for the wrong reasons, but I'm older now, and I've learned a lot.
What about college? - I still want to go to college.
- When? You're already falling behind.
Mom, I have plenty of time for college.
You'll redeploy.
You'll go to Afghanistan.
You know that.
I know.
But, Mom, I won't do this if you don't want me to.
That's why I came here.
I know what I've put you through these last few years, and there is so much that I wish that I could undo.
But you always stood by me.
And I don't want to hurt you again.
So, if this is gonna be too much, you say so, and I won't do it.
What are you doing, dog? Okay, okay.
I get it.
And I appreciate the "man's best friend" bit, but I'm fine.
Jeremy said it was up to you? He said he didn't want to hurt me anymore.
What did you tell him? Everything in me wanted to shout, "No, don't do it," but for some reason, I didn't.
I just told him I couldn't give him an answer right away.
It's really remarkable, Denise, what he did.
It's very loving.
I don't want him to reenlist, Claudia Joy.
We almost lost him once, and the idea that he'd do this again, I just couldn't bear it if I know.
But how can I stand in his way? But if I say yes and he doesn't come back, I would never forgive myself.
I figured out why the light bulb keeps burning out in this lamp.
- What I did was - Chase.
We both know that we need to talk, so let's talk, okay? Okay.
I asked you for a yes or a no, and you said it's complicated.
Yes or no isn't complicated to me.
- So why don't you talk? - I've got a proposal.
We meet each other halfway.
How do you halfway leave Delta? Hear me out.
I will leave Delta, just not right away.
- So you're not leaving? - Are you gonna listen to me? I'm talking about a compromise.
- I stay in Delta four more years.
- That's your compromise? Chase, four years is a long time.
This family needs you now.
What's gonna be different in four years? I make it to sergeant major, help train the next group of operators, then I quit.
Done deal.
I've worked my whole life to get to this point, Pamela.
Don't make me choose.
- Four years? - That'd be it.
I'm out of Delta.
No questions asked.
Chase, I understand that you have to go out on missions.
I understand that you get called away at a moment's notice.
But your heart is there, not here.
From now on, it won't be.
You go to their games, their dance recitals, parent-teacher conferences whenever you possibly can.
You help with their science projects, their book reports whenever you can.
I will do all that, I swear.
This family has to be the priority, Chase.
It has to be for this to work.
- So are you saying yes? - I'm not saying anything, I'm - I'm still thinking about it.
- What's there to think about? Do you still love me? - That is not what this is about.
- It is what it's about, because I love you.
- Good morning.
Mmm Morning.
- You sleep good? - Yeah.
You? So, you had sex? - Yeah.
- I thought you were just gonna talk.
- Yeah, we talked, and then we had sex.
I know.
I'm so tough, right? He says, "Baby, I love you, let's compromise," and all my lines in the sand, all my big talk, it's right out the window.
Next thing I know, I'm all over him like some teenager.
So how was it? Amazing.
Clothes ripping, nothing else matters.
That kind of moment.
You sure you're okay with me talking about this? - I really don't have to - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
So, you had great sex with your husband.
That happens.
Just not usually when you're talking about getting a divorce.
Everything was so clear before he came home.
- So, what are you gonna do? - I don't know.
Any ideas? That's unfair.
You're my best friend in the whole world, Pamela.
The idea of us being neighbors again, the kids underfoot every day, driving us crazy What do you expect me to say? You have to do what's right for you, what makes you happy.
If I even knew what that was anymore.
It was all black and white.
Now everything's gray.
I hate gray.
- Claudia Joy Holden.
- Yes.
Nigel Miller, Dean of Admissions.
- Hello.
- This way.
- Thank you for coming by.
- Of course.
It's not every day we have an applicant who dropped out of Harvard No, sir.
I suppose not.
You say you withdrew in your third year for "personal reasons.
" - Can you elaborate? - Sure.
It was a It was a fatal car accident involving a pedestrian.
I was the driver, and it was unavoidable, and no charges were filed.
- And I needed to take some time.
- I see.
But you never returned to law school.
I was planning to.
My life took a different turn.
I met my husband, and he was assigned overseas, and the occasion to resume my studies never presented itself.
- Until now.
- Yes.
With my daughter about to graduate high school, - I finally have the opportunity.
- Better late than never? Not exactly.
That was a rhetorical question, Miss Holden.
Nevertheless, Carolina Law has a limited number of spaces for transfer applicants.
We don't want to be the cure-all for empty-nest syndrome.
Of course not.
Do you actually intend to sit for the bar in South Carolina? That would depend how long my husband remains posted here.
I do intend to sit for the bar somewhere.
I've I've already demonstrated my commitment to advocacy within the military system.
I've initiated change in a variety of areas.
Educational counseling, domestic violence, adult education for spouses Yes, I noticed all that on your application.
- Impressive.
- Thank you.
I'm simply wondering, with your current level of involvement, why you need a law degree.
Dean Miller, my husband won't be in the military forever, and a degree would allow me to practice in the civilian world.
While we're both still in the public sector, I'd like the knowledge to be able to do the best job I can for military families, and I am determined to be the best prepared student in my class, and I believe that my life experience and perspective would be a significant asset here at Carolina.
Well, thank you for coming by.
We'll be in touch.
Thank you for your time.
- Hey, babe.
Everything all right? - Yeah, everything's fine.
I'm just calling because there's an ad here for sofas, half off.
I thought maybe you could stop by the furniture store after work - and get a good one.
- Okay.
Rox, we really don't need a new couch.
Yes, we really do.
We've got this great big house and nothing to put in it.
- Can we talk about this later, please? - The furniture sale's only today.
Come on, Trevor.
It's a housewarming gift to us from us.
- I wanted to tell you when I got home.
- Tell me what? - Babe, we didn't get the house.
- What? But they told us it was ours.
It's We qualified because we were having three kids, but But now we're not.
I'm sorry.
- Babe? - Um It's fine.
You should get back to work.
I will see you when you get home, okay? Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir.
We're ready when you are.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
- Okay.
Group, attention! - Hey.
- You guys.
Someone must've made some calls.
- I didn't think you'd mind.
- Thank you.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, soldiers, families and friends.
It is an honor to witness these brave warriors reaffirming their commitment to serve our country.
Knowing the hardships of battle, they have chosen once again to stand with their units and each other.
That's why I want to thank you for renewing your oath.
But I also want to thank your families, who take an unspoken oath of their own.
Whenever the Army enlists a soldier, it signs up a family as well, and because of you, we are the strongest fighting force in the world.
Please raise your right hand and repeat after me.
I, state your name, do solemnly affirm I, Jeremy Sherwood, do solemnly affirm to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
To bear true faith and allegiance to the same.
That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.
And that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and those officers appointed over me That I will obey the orders of the President of the United States - and the officers appointed over me according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military justice.
according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
- So help me, God.
So help me, God.
- Congratulations.
All the way! Airborne, sir! When I call the soldier's name, will the family of that soldier please join us up here? Thank you.
Specialist Jeremy Sherwood.
- Good to have you on board, Specialist.
- Yes, sir.
- I'm proud of you, Son.
- Thank you, sir.
Thanks, Mom.
Corporal Holly H.
You know, Jeremy told me what you did.
About how he asked for your permission to re-up the other day, and you gave it to him.
- Yeah.
It wasn't easy.
- No.
Why didn't you tell me, sweetheart? I don't know.
I was planning on it, eventually.
You know, you're the one with the real courage in this family.
Hey, you guys.
We need to have a family talk for a minute.
So it turns out that we're not gonna have a little brother or sister - the way we'd planned.
- Why not? Um Because Mommy got sick the other day and I went to the doctor, and she said that it's not our time after all.
Now, just because it didn't work out this time, it doesn't mean it's not gonna work out sometime in the future.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Yes, I am.
You coming to bed anytime soon? - Yeah.
In a minute.
- Okay.
- Michael? - Yeah.
I love what you said today.
- What? - Guess.
Um I'm in! Carolina Law.
- You're kidding.
They told you already? - Yeah.
- That's fantastic.
- I know.
Where were you? "The ceiling was blackened" - All right.
What page are we on now? - Sixty-seven.
I thought you were asleep.
Okay, what? Your compromise? The halfway thing? Okay.
Pamela But if you tack on a couple of years at the end, - I swear to God, Chase - We are gonna make this work.