Army Wives s05e03 Episode Script

Movement to Contact

Previously on Army Wives Hey, everyone, this is Tanya Gabriel, Jeremy's fiancée.
Don't worry, you'll get used to us.
Yeah, and you don't really have a choice, so You're being promoted, Joan.
- Thank you, sir.
Garrison Commander? In charge of post infrastructure.
I've got a lot of people watching my every move.
One hint of favoritism, one sign of weakness, my credibility is gone.
Ma'am, your son was caught shoplifting an MP3 player from the PX this afternoon.
What the hell is going on? I don't know what's going on with him, either.
I suppose this has nothing to do with the fact that you had some guy sleep over the other night.
It's an old friend.
Nothing happened.
What old friend? Finn's dad, Whit.
I dropped my papers today.
It'll take a month or so to process, but after that I won't be a Delta operator anymore.
Why didn't I just go for the Atlanta job right away? Because I'm still in love with Chase.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Professor Chandler.
Graduation was nice.
I had it down as next week.
Oh, Claudia Joy, I am so sorry.
I got a job offer today.
Whatever you decide, I'll support.
Welcome to Chandler, Arnoff and Drake.
Thank you, Professor.
Okay, okay, how about this one? You show the room a tray full of kitchen items for 10 seconds and then everyone has to write down as much as they can remember.
Oh, I played that at my cousin's bridal shower.
I was really bad at it.
Okay, no memory games at your shower.
What about the purse game? No skill required for that one.
Well, I don't care what game we play as long as we don't play that stupid safety pin game.
Because there's always somebody at the shower that takes it way too seriously.
Whoa, wait a minute.
I feel dumber than a bag of hammers.
How do you guys know all this stuff? You didn't play any games at your shower? Um, shower? We got hitched so fast I didn't even get a new dress out of it.
- Really? - Yes.
Seventeen days between, "What can I get for you, soldier?" And, "I, Roxy, take thee, Trevor.
" Wow.
And I thought we were fast.
Yeah, but, Roxy, you must've at least gone to a bridal shower at some point, right? Well, of course, but back home the only games we played involved a keg.
I hate to leave you, ladies, but I should be going.
- Oh, so early? - I have a long day tomorrow.
Don't you mean a big day? Surprise! Congratulations, Claudia Joy.
From all of us.
- You guys.
- What? Tomorrow's the first day of a whole new chapter.
That's right.
"Claudia Joy Holden, Attorney at Law.
" You're forgetting, I still have to pass the bar.
- Okay, open it! Here I go.
It's beautiful.
And it's inscribed.
Well, you got to look the part, right? I mean, folks are always impressed by people with fancy pens.
I know I am.
I hope that professor knows how lucky he is to have you.
Thank you.
What the hell was that? I don't know, but it sounds like it's coming from the hallway.
Denise, be careful! Just turn it off! I'm trying! Is there a shutoff valve? - I don't It's stuck! - Here.
Oh, Denise! Be careful.
Oh, my! Thanks.
Well, that was fun.
- Yeah.
- Can I get a towel? - What is that? - What? I don't know.
Oh, my God.
- Come on! Not exactly the shower you were looking for.
Oh, you sure you don't mind? Denise, you need to replace the floor and the carpet.
This is the perfect house for Tanya's shower.
I'm happy to host.
- Oh, you're an angel.
- You'd do the same for me.
- I got to run.
- Oh, right.
Good luck at work.
Let me know how it goes.
- I will.
- Bye.
Michael! Just wanted to wish you luck on your first day.
Oh, thank you, honey.
Did you get the flowers? I did.
And they're beautiful.
But you did not have to do that.
Yeah, I think I did.
You've already apologized for forgetting my graduation.
So, I'm out of the doghouse? Yes, unless you make me late for work.
It's kind of early, isn't it? - I need to make a good impression.
- Right.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Yes, ma'am, we'll be there.
Thanks for the reminder.
- We'll be where? - Westlake School.
- Interview this afternoon.
- Is that today? You're kidding me, right? Joan, we made this appointment months ago.
I know.
It's important to me, too.
It's I've just had a lot of things on my mind.
- Wait.
- 1500, Westlake.
How did I miss this? No harm, no foul.
Now put this here.
Um - I can't make it.
- Excuse me? I've got meetings all afternoon.
Sweetheart, can't you reschedule? This is our one shot at getting in.
We said we wanted to be there together, remember? United front? I'll have Sergeant Major Devlin sort it out.
Thank you.
You hear that, baby? Mommy's going to be there.
Burton power, baby.
Good job.
Right on! Hi.
I'm Claudia Joy Holden.
You're early.
A little, yeah.
It's my first day.
I know.
Rose Eberhardt.
Nice to meet you, Rose.
Same here.
Chandler isn't here yet.
Arnoff is in Atlanta and Mr.
Drake is in court today.
Chandler, Arnoff and Drake.
Arnoff is out of town.
Would you like his voicemail? Just one moment, please.
- Sorry.
- No problem.
Maybe you could show me my office? Sure.
There you go.
It's nice.
Afraid we don't have a spare office right now.
We like to operate efficiently.
Which reminds me.
We don't validate parking for part-time employees.
There's plenty of street parking.
I'm sorry, but I can't talk right now.
I've got to go.
I'll call you this afternoon.
I'll call you later.
I promise.
All right! The Castorini deposition.
- That's today? - Twenty minutes.
- Broad and Church, second floor.
- Anything else? - Oh.
Claudia Joy.
- Good morning.
The Castorini deposition.
- You're coming with me.
- Okay.
- Claudia Joy? - Yes, yes.
Of course.
Flower pot.
- You know what? Put it in - Let me see this.
Let me see.
Will you please tell me that you're parking? Roland, I'm stuck.
I'm sorry.
Surprise IG inspection on Monday.
The Pentagon's advance team arrives in 20 minutes.
I have to be in meetings the rest of the day and probably most of the night, too.
You can't help it, right? Right.
I need to go.
Look, I really am sorry.
Knock them dead.
We'll do our best.
- See you tonight.
- Love you.
Sara Elizabeth Burton? Oh.
That's you, baby girl.
Come on.
Come on.
All right? There you go.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Roland Burton.
My wife wasn't able to make it.
Oh? She's Garrison Commander at Fort Marshall - and she couldn't get away.
- I see.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, hello, Sara Elizabeth.
Do you want to come with me and your daddy? Okay? Come on.
It's going to be fun.
Here you go.
Come on.
Way to go.
Castorini, when did you first discuss investing with Thomas McKenzie? I'm not sure.
Well, let me make this a little easier.
When did you first meet Thomas McKenzie? - I don't know.
Three, four years ago.
- Mmm-hmm.
How about six years ago? No.
Definitely not.
"Definitely not.
" Ms.
Castorini, did you attend the Ashley River Foundation dinner in 2005? Probably.
We go every year.
So, at this dinner in 2005, Ms.
Castorini, is it possible that you shared a table with the McKenzies and discussed investing with them then? Leading the witness.
Oh, it's a simple question.
Here, let's take a look at the seating chart, shall we? Wrong file.
It says 2005.
Perhaps we should take five.
No, no, no, no, no.
Just a minute.
Let's break, shall we? Okay.
Well, we just lost our momentum.
- I'm sorry.
The file says 2005.
- Just find the damn seating chart.
- I thought we'd put the buffet here.
- Yeah, perfect.
So, I don't understand how Chandler could blame you for pulling the wrong file.
- You gave him what he asked for.
- He was an excellent teacher.
He could be sharp, but never anything like this.
- I don't get it.
- Evil twin? Got to be.
Probably just a bad day.
Tomorrow will be better.
I hope so.
Okay, let's go over the menu.
Hey, LeBlanc, briefing's this way.
Yeah, in five minutes.
I'm just grabbing my notebook.
I'll be right there.
All right.
J! It's on the table! Yay! Mac and cheese! Again? You love mac and cheese.
- That's three times this week.
- It is? Yes, ma'am.
- Hands.
- I washed them.
Sticking them under water does not count.
- Mom.
- Do it again.
And use soap this time.
Can I have something to drink? "May I" and, yes.
You want some milk? - Oh, hey, there's an e-mail from Daddy.
- Yes! Hey, Rox.
Late for an NCO meeting.
Patrol tomorrow.
Sorry I missed our Skype call yesterday.
Real busy, as you can tell.
I'll write more when I can.
Love, Trevor.
What did he say? He said he is very proud of how well you did on your science project, he loved your card, and he misses you every day.
- Cool.
- Now eat before it gets cold, okay? - There's a plate in the oven.
- Thanks.
When you said late, you weren't playing around, huh? Don't ask.
How'd the interview go? - I think you'd better sit down.
- Really? That bad? Ugh.
Roland, I'm sorry.
I really wanted to be there.
I just Today was just one of those crazy days where I You know how clingy Sara Elizabeth can get? She held onto my leg the whole time.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yeah.
And all the other kids had both parents there.
Well, we could always try the Montessori School.
I know you prefer Westlake, but you know the acceptance ratio - We got in.
is, like, one out of 10.
I mean, we really shouldn't What did you say? I said we got in.
They accepted her.
Well, us.
Oh, my gosh! How did you do that? I'm just that good, woman.
Actually, I told them that my wife's commitment to the Army was setting an excellent example for our daughter: a strong, self-reliant leader.
- They bought that? - They totally bought it.
Roland Burton, you are good.
Well, come on now.
I mean, I'm better than that.
Yes, you are.
So much better.
He has no clue how hard it is with T.
right now.
He writes this stupid e-mail, "Hey, I'm not really thinking about you, but I want you to think I am.
" Well, I know he didn't say that.
It was pretty close.
I mean, he shouldn't even write at all if he can't do any better than that.
- Roxy, I'm sure he's busy.
- So am I.
I'm raising two kids and running a bar, but at least I make an effort.
Yeah, but you guys have been fighting, right? Yeah, but he started it.
I told him what Whit was doing here the other night and he wouldn't even listen.
It makes me so mad.
I don't mean to vent.
I can take it.
Believe me, I've been there.
So, are things any better with Boone? I wish.
He's still avoiding me, but I can't really blame him.
Any word from Chase? Nope.
He's obviously on a mission somewhere.
- Oh, that sucks.
- Big time.
And Chase's change-of-assignment papers are supposed to come through any day, so now I'm just worried about him, you know? I know.
I am dying to tell everyone that you guys are getting back together.
Don't you dare! I won't.
And besides, nothing's settled.
It's just I'm open to it, is all.
I don't suppose that you could take my kids tomorrow night? I hate to ask, but it was Chase's turn and now I have the second shift, so - Done.
- Really? Thanks, Rox.
Hey, promise me you'll never leave Charleston.
You first.
- Well, the briefing went well, sir.
- Yeah.
It's a big day tomorrow.
I just hope the Afghans are ready to lead.
Time to take the training wheels off, Frank.
- You have your doubts? Sir.
Well, sir, we've given them the best instruction.
The question is how well they've absorbed it.
- Only one way to find out.
- Yeah.
I hope they're ready, too.
Hey, Claudia Joy tells me she's hosting a bridal shower for your future daughter-in-law.
Well, that's going to take some getting used to.
Man, I just had a baby daughter, now I have a daughter-in-law.
- Sir.
- Tell me something, Frank.
What exactly goes on at those bridal showers? Hell if I know, sir.
My guess is some intel's better left classified.
Roger that.
Let's review those plans one more time.
Centerpieces, done.
Cake, done.
Do we have a final list of games? Denise wants us to do this one.
She found it online.
- What is it? - It's some kind of Newlywed Game.
She e-mailed Jeremy a bunch of questions and we ask you the same questions at the shower, see how many you get right.
What kind of questions? "What is his favorite beer? "How many kids does he want? Does he prefer boxers or briefs?" I really hope you know the answer to that one.
"Who was the first girl he kissed? "What does he think is your most annoying habit? "Vanilla or chocolate? What is his favorite color?" Man, it is good to hear your voice.
Yours, too.
How are you? Good.
I just got back from patrol.
Where are you? I hear traffic.
Um, in the parking lot at the Hump Bar.
The Hump Bar.
Why? Roxy's helping me plan the shower.
Oh, nice.
I miss you.
Jeremy? Right here.
I don't think we should get married.
Could you try to keep it down? The baby's sleeping.
Hello? - Hey, Mom.
You got a sec? - Jeremy! Of course.
What's going on? Tanya doesn't want to get married.
What? Everything was going great and now she says that we're rushing things.
I mean, do you know what's going on? No.
She seemed fine this morning.
Mom, she is so upset.
I tried to get her to explain and she couldn't get off the phone fast enough.
I called back, I left voicemails and I mean, she won't talk to me.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to do.
Do you think you could you talk to her? Jeremy, I don't think that's such a good idea.
I hate to put you in the middle of this, but Okay.
You'll talk to her? Sure, but all I can do is try to get her to talk to you.
That's cool.
That's all I want.
Thank you, Mom.
Try not to worry, honey.
I'll try.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- What's this? - Stipulated motion for continuance.
It needs to be delivered to Judge Zimmerman.
I'd do it myself, but I'm due in Judge Warner's courtroom.
Doesn't this require an attorney? You'll be fine.
It's routine.
Okay? - Yeah.
- Good.
County courthouse.
Third floor, Section C.
I got it.
Thank you.
Everything appears to be in order.
Both parties have agreed to a continuance.
- Tell me, Ms - Holden.
Your Honor.
Why isn't Mr.
Chandler here himself? Oh, he was called into Judge Warner's courtroom, sir.
I see.
The motion's granted, but tell Mr.
Chandler the next time he sends me an errand girl, he should have a better excuse.
Your Honor? Judge Warner left for maternity leave last week.
I don't know what to say.
I mean, you've all been so nice to me and here I am ruining everything.
You haven't ruined anything, Tanya.
This is a huge decision.
You need to feel right about it.
Thank you.
I'm just curious.
Yesterday, you seemed so excited.
What happened? I just don't think we know each other well enough, that's all.
Why? This is going to sound stupid.
Try me.
That game you picked for the shower, the Newlywed Game.
Roxy read me some of the questions and I realized I didn't know the answers to any of them.
Not one.
I mean, some of them are silly, I know, but how many kids does he want? I don't have a clue.
I just think we're rushing into things.
Yeah, I understand.
It has all happened really fast for you two.
When I chose that game, I had no idea it would upset you like this.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Tanya, you want to know something? I still can't answer half those questions about Frank.
It's funny what you know and don't know about a person even after spending half your life with them.
Look, if you and Jeremy aren't ready to get married, everyone will understand.
I promise.
But may I make a small suggestion? Of course.
If I were you, before I decided anything, I would spend some time thinking about the really important questions.
The ones that should never change during your marriage.
Such as? Do you love Jeremy? You feel better when he's around? Can you imagine life without him? What I realized is I can't.
- Yeah? I can't live without you, Jeremy.
And I don't want to.
- You mean that? - Of course I do.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I freaked out, that's all.
It's okay.
I get it.
Really? Of course.
What matters is how we feel about each other.
Oh, God, I thought my whole world was crashing down.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Only two more weeks.
After that, I'll spend the rest of my life answering any questions you've got.
You promise? Cross my heart.
You didn't call back.
I was going to.
Now, listen.
I was working.
I can't just drop everything.
- I don't care! - Hey, Nicole.
Get away from me! All right, all right.
Give me your car keys.
Thanks for the goodies, ma'am.
The staff appreciates it.
What's the occasion? We're in for a long night.
Thought we could all use the caffeine and the carbs.
Roger that.
Plus, I'm in a particularly good mood.
Why's that? My daughter was accepted to preschool.
Which one? Westlake.
- Very classy, ma'am.
- Thank you.
A word to the wise? Go ahead.
I'd keep this on the down low.
Absolutely nothing wrong with it.
You can send your daughter wherever you want, ma'am, but some folks here on post might consider it a bit of a slap.
Why? Westlake's a specialized program that emphasizes language and the arts.
But we have a Child Development Center here on post and this looks like I'm saying that our CDC isn't good enough for my child.
We're talking perceptions, ma'am, not reality.
Well, perception is reality in the Army.
For what it's worth, if I had the resources to send my kids to a place like Westlake, I would have.
Appreciate the heads-up, Sergeant Major.
Excellent cookie.
Hold my calls.
Not a good time, Claudia Joy.
Chandler, for the last two days you've been rude, demanding and unreasonable.
Now I can handle that up to a point.
What I can't handle is being lied to.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I saw you this afternoon.
You didn't go to Judge Warner's courtroom, you were with some woman fighting on Chalmers.
Now what you do in your personal life is your business, but when your private affairs force me to lie to a judge, that's crossing the line.
I appreciate what you've taught me in class and I appreciate the opportunity you've given me here, but clearly this is a mistake and I feel I have to resign.
No, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Let's take a walk.
Just give me a chance to explain.
You're right.
I have been rude and demanding and What was the other thing? Unreasonable.
And unreasonable.
And I'm sorry.
All right? As for the woman you saw, she's my wife.
Your wife? My ex-wife, Nicole.
See, I got married right out of law school, moved to Savannah.
She's from there.
And We had a daughter, Chloe.
Beautiful kid, smile that could light up a room.
But she was born with cystic fibrosis.
Oh, God.
We did everything we could to make sure she lived a normal life.
When she wasn't in the hospital, she went to school, she played soccer, studied ballet.
She fought so hard.
How old? Three days shy of her 13th birthday when she died.
I lost my older daughter, Amanda, a few years ago.
She was 18.
I had no idea.
It never leaves you.
No, it doesn't.
I'm so sorry.
Anyway, after Chloe died, I lost myself in work and Nicole lost herself in a bottle of vodka.
Chloe's death just broke her.
And she blamed me for what happened.
Hell, she blamed the whole world.
We hung in there as long as we could, but after a while, there wasn't anything left to hold onto.
So, we divorced, I moved here.
Today's Chloe's birthday.
She would have been 22.
Hard to believe, huh? There's no making sense of it.
Anyway, Nicole started calling me on Monday.
She does that from time to time.
She'd be perfectly rational one minute and hysterical the next.
I asked her family to watch her, but she just showed up here this morning.
Considering the amount of vodka she had in her, I'm surprised she made it at all.
What you saw was me trying to get her to hand over the car keys.
Then I drove her to my place to sleep it off.
Grant, I'm sorry.
I spoke out of turn.
- I am - No.
No, you were right.
I have a tendency to hold things in and I can't promise you that something like this won't happen with Nicole again, but I can promise to be straight with you.
And I will.
Please, stick with the firm.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Let's - Yeah.
Come on, guys, look alive.
What? We don't want to go.
Can't Katie watch us? No, not overnight.
What's going on here? We're talking slumber party.
DVDs, pizza, ice cream.
Lucas, what's up? You love going over there.
's your best friend.
Not anymore.
Since when? Since he got weird.
- Hey! - He is, Mom.
He stole stuff.
Okay, look, T.
made a mistake and he's been punished for it and part of being a good friend is forgiveness.
Right? Okay, here's the deal.
While your dad's in the field and I'm working late, I need you to spend the night at the LeBlancs.
Okay? And you guys are going to have a great time.
You always do.
I'll tell you what.
Maybe I can get Mrs.
LeBlanc to paint your nails like she did that one time? - Isn't that a bribe? - That might be a bribe.
I thought bribes are illegal.
Not when your mom is in a jam.
Now are we good to go? - I guess.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Hut one, hut two! Hike! One Mississippi, two Mississippi.
She's running! Touchdown! - Why didn't you tag her? - I tried! You guys want to quit now? Hell, no! You swore.
Losers walk.
- You're not supposed to swear.
- Block for me, will you? They're too big, T.
We're going to score this time.
You understand? Lucas is hurt! Dr.
Lawrence, report to Radiology.
Lawrence, report to Radiology.
It's okay.
Where's your brother? In there with Mrs.
LeBlanc and the doctor.
ran into him.
- I didn't mean to.
- Yes, you did.
I'm sure it was an accident.
Oh, my God.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, sweetheart.
You okay? Pamela, I am so sorry.
- Is it broken? - Yeah.
His wrist.
He's going to have the cast for, like, six weeks.
Six weeks? Wow.
Sorry, Lucas.
He was a real trouper in there.
Well, that's my boy.
At least it's not your right hand, huh? You can still do homework.
- But I can't play football.
- Well, not for a while.
- Can we go home now? - Yeah, we can go.
I can keep watching them if you want.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I got somebody to cover for me at work.
All right, let's go, guys.
- Pamela, I - Hey.
Accidents happen, okay? I'll call you later, okay? Feel better, Lucas.
- I told you we didn't want to go.
- Okay, we'll talk about it at home.
Did you hurt Lucas on purpose? No.
Okay, so tell me what happened.
- I was trying to score.
- They were killing us, Mom.
So, you ran him over? It's football.
, I Go.
Let's go.
I got it! - Hey, Katie.
- Hi.
- Mom, it's Mrs.
LeBlanc! Coming! - Excuse me.
- Of course.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I made some cinnamon rolls and I didn't do raisins 'cause I know Lucas doesn't like them.
Roxy, you didn't have to do that.
I know.
I just How's he doing? Well, his arm's a little achy, but he's going to be fine.
Pamela, I am really, really sorry.
's just - He didn't mean - Roxy, it's okay.
No, it's not.
My kid hurt your kid.
And maybe even on purpose.
Hell, I don't know.
I do not know anything anymore.
I look at T.
and where did my little boy go? Did I screw up somehow? No.
No, of course not.
Roxy, you are a great mom.
Whatever is going on with T.
is not your fault.
Well, then, what is it? Because I have no idea what to do.
And Trevor's barely speaking to me.
Not like he could do anything anyway.
And besides, I'm supposed to have everything under control and not worry my soldier.
I really have never felt so alone.
You are not alone and you know that.
I would not blame you at all for hating me after what happened.
Roxy, I love you.
It would take a lot more than a broken wrist to change that.
Well, please do not give T.
any ideas.
Come here.
- Ooh, you know what? - What? I just happen to have some homemade cinnamon rolls.
Want one? Yes.
I've been slaving all morning, but no raisins.
- I like raisins.
- Tough.
Sara Elizabeth is down for the count.
I swear, if Westlake gives grades for napping, our daughter will be first in her class.
Roland, I've been thinking.
Did we even consider the Child Development Center here on post? When we were shopping for preschools, I barely remember even talking about it.
That's because we took one look and realized it was basically just day care, no? Where's this coming from? Well, yesterday, Sergeant Major Devlin pointed out that some soldiers may find our choice of preschools as a slap against the Army.
He said that, huh? Yeah, well, he wasn't telling me to change Well, I would love to support the Army, Joan, but not at Sara Elizabeth's expense.
I want the best for her.
I do, too.
But I'm Garrison Commander.
What message am I sending if I won't send my own kid to the school on post? Look, I get it.
I do.
And you're right.
It does send a message.
But the message is that an education is the most important thing we can give to our children and I'm not going to sacrifice our daughter's future just so other people can feel good about the CDC on post.
I know.
You're right.
I just wish things were different.
So, what are you going to do about it? What do you mean? Well, you are Garrison Commander.
Maybe there's something you can do to change things.
- Maybe.
- So, when Sara Elizabeth's ready for kindergarten, maybe we can send a different message.
- Right.
- All right.
- Hey! - Hi.
Sorry we're late.
It is totally my fault.
- Everything okay? - No.
But I have enough sugar in me right now that I don't even care.
What did I miss? Roxy's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
Really? Well, I have the perfect fix for that.
You can't be sad when you're wearing a custom-made wedding gown designed out of toilet paper.
Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
We so have this! Let the games begin.
Oh, my God, gorgeous.
- Wow.
Oh, wow.
Really beautiful.
- Thank you.
Look at your ring.
That's great.
- Okay, ladies, let's see.
- And here comes.
Oh, my God.
And turn.
- Actually, I did tie that.
- And again.
Thirteen, 14, 15.
Go for it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Well done.
- Is Molly asleep? Good.
- Finally.
- And did you get some cake? - I will.
I think Tanya had a good time, don't you? Oh, are you kidding? It was perfect, Claudia Joy.
Thank you so much.
It was a group effort.
- I wonder what that's going to be like.
- What? Well, Tanya.
She's going to be an Army wife and a soldier.
If you ask me, it's hard enough to just be one.
She's a smart girl.
She'll find her way.
Yeah, but she has no idea what's coming.
- Did you? - Of course not.
- None of us did.
- No.
We all figured it out, one way or the other.
So far.
Claudia Joy.
Oh, no.