Army Wives s05e06 Episode Script

Walking Wounded

Previously on Army Wives Pamela Moran, - will you marry me? - Yes.
Now I noticed that empty lot down the street was for sale You want to buy it and build a truck stop.
Rox, I want you to be my partner.
What do you know about truck stops, babe? If it's really that important to you, we can talk about it when I get back, okay? Never mind.
Put her there, partner.
Is that a unit coin? Yeah.
Jeremy Sherwood gave it to me.
Specialist Sherwood's personal effects have arrived from Afghanistan.
Personal effects? Claudia Joy, it's Frank.
Is Denise with you? No, why? Well, she's gone.
How did you find me? I remembered how much you loved this place.
I'm not going back, Claudia Joy.
I can't.
You shouldn't have come.
Frank called.
He's worried about you.
We both are.
Well, I left a note.
- You did? - Of course.
Are you sure? He didn't find it.
Yes, I'm sure.
- Where did you leave it, Denise? - On the counter.
I was going to put it on the counter.
I got my things together and Molly started crying.
Well, you've had a lot on your mind.
Well, tell Frank I'm okay.
- Why don't you tell him? - No.
- Denise.
- I can't.
Everything reminds me of Jeremy.
Frank, the house, even you.
- I understand.
- I don't want your understanding.
I don't want anything.
I want to be left alone.
So she's at Oceanvale? Yes.
And Denise and Molly are both fine.
She meant to leave you a note.
All right.
I'll be right there.
Frank, I don't think that's a good idea.
At least, not tonight.
- Why not? - She's angry.
She's angry at me? Well, she's angry at everything.
She needs some time to sort things through.
Well, how much time? When's she coming home? I don't know.
I will stay with her.
I won't leave her alone, Frank.
Will you let me talk to her? She's with the baby.
She doesn't want to talk to anybody right now.
So she meant to leave me a note? Yeah, I saw it.
It was in her purse.
So she didn't want you to worry.
You're sure I shouldn't be there? I know it's hard, Frank, but I do think it's for the best.
I'll call you in the morning and let you know everything's all right.
Okay, thank you.
- All right.
Good night, Frank.
- Good night.
You called Frank.
I did.
And I told him not to come tonight.
Thank you.
I don't think you should be alone right now.
- I'm not going to do anything.
- I know.
Still, I thought I'd sleep on the sofa.
Suit yourself.
Good night.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Guys, your dad's here to take you to school! You know what? I got an idea.
How about I drop the kids off and come back here in 20 minutes? Um, well, I'll be on my way to work.
But I'm off at 4:00.
And Katie has ballet and Lucas has soccer.
I've got a weapons seminar.
- When does that end? - 7:00.
What are you doing then? Parent-teacher conference.
Mmm, I could you meet you in the coat room.
Yes, please.
Oh, Chase, what are we going to do about this? It's driving me nuts.
Well, how about you let me take you down to the courthouse and make an honest woman of you again? Honest woman, huh? I don't even know when we'd find time to get to the courthouse.
Plus I think it's too soon, don't you think, with Jeremy and all? Yeah, I do.
So, see you in the coat room? Mmm-hmm.
It's crazy.
I am spending less time with Chase than I did before we got back together.
And we're paying for two apartments, which is totally nuts.
Well, it won't be much longer, right? As soon as you're re-married, you'll be back on post in a nice house.
Thank God.
You wouldn't believe how hard it's been to find time and space to, you know.
Yeah, I know.
That's all I can think about lately.
It's like I'm having some weird teenage flashback.
And this is bad why? Because I have a job to do and kids to raise and I can only fool around with my "fiancé" once a week.
Hey, it's more than I'm getting.
I know.
The fridge was empty, so I picked up a few things at that little market down the street.
Yeah, I'm not hungry.
Oh, you need to eat something.
Well, maybe later.
Molly depends on you for nourishment.
Molly is fine.
She is.
And you need your strength.
And exercise.
Let's go for a walk.
Getting out will make you feel better.
Really? Is that how you got over Amanda's death? A hearty breakfast and long walks? That's not fair.
So what's fair about any of this? What's fair about my son being dead? Or your daughter? Does a day go by that you don't think about Amanda? And when you think of her, does it feel like your heart is being ripped right out of your chest? So how can you stand there and tell me that anything will help? I'm I think I'll take that walk myself.
Spike it.
Yes! Get it over! Over! Claudia Joy? I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have snapped at you.
I shouldn't have said those things.
Claudia Joy? Are you okay? I'm fine.
May I join you? Of course.
I brought the girls here once for spring break.
Michael was away, and I thought it would be fun, just the three of us.
I remember Amanda got cotton candy stuck in her hair.
It's true, what they say, isn't it? What's that? Parents aren't supposed to bury their children.
How do you do it? How do you get out of bed every day? You just do.
I'm not as strong as you, Claudia Joy.
You find the strength you need.
And if you can't? You just, uh You hang on until you can.
You think of all the things you have to live for and you just hang on.
- I'm getting a little chilled.
- Yeah, we should head back.
I was walking downtown the other day and heard this car backfire.
I started to drop, but then I stayed cool, got a hold of myself, remembered everything you told me.
That's terrific.
Um Tom, we've got to stop.
So what do you think, Doc? - About what? - I'm ready, right? I mean, I'm sleeping through the night, mostly.
Hardly any nightmares.
I'm real centered, you know? That sounds great.
So, you'll sign my release? I don't think we're quite there yet.
My leg's healed, I'm good to go.
I'm glad you feel that way, Tom, but in my judgment, we still have some work to do.
Doc, the guys in my unit are counting on me.
I understand that, too.
But they need you at a hundred percent.
I'll see you next time.
You need lunch? No, thanks.
Not hungry.
Listen, have you talked to Denise at all? Tried.
Her phone goes straight to voicemail.
Yeah, me, too.
What is all this? Uh Financial documents.
I'm meeting with the bank today about my loan.
You would not believe the paperwork.
So, you are going through with the truck stop, huh? Looks that way.
Try to contain your excitement.
Trevor doesn't like it.
Forget the fact that I turned the Hump Bar around and this is a great opportunity.
The thing is, I can't really tell him why I'm doing it.
Well, why are you doing it? To look out for myself, look out for the boys if You know.
Roxy, he's coming back.
You don't know that.
Nobody knows that.
Yeah? Hi.
I was on my way back from a city council meeting on post expansion and thought I'd drop in on you and Sara Elizabeth.
Can I get you something? Coffee, water? No, I'm good.
Roland, I spoke with Captain Reynolds this morning.
You're treating two of his men.
He thinks they should have been released for active duty by now.
Well, what he thinks is not my concern.
Furthermore, you know I can't discuss it.
You know, it's inappropriate for you to intervene about my patients.
I'm not here about your patients.
I'm here about their doctor.
What's that supposed to mean? Roland, you have not been yourself since Jeremy Sherwood was killed.
You're not sleeping, you've been crying, you won't talk about it.
In fact, I think you're hiding from it.
So what, now you have a doctorate in psychiatry? No.
But I do think 12 years of marriage gives me a certain license to express my concern.
Especially when I see my husband's in pain.
I think that you feel guilty that you released Jeremy for active duty and now you won't release anyone else.
We're not having this conversation.
- We are having this conversation.
- This is totally unprofessional.
- I'm worried about you.
- Don't be! Okay? I'm fine.
What about the soldiers? You're not helping them if you're holding them back from what they've been trained to do.
What they want to do.
Which is to fight.
Soldiers fight.
And sometimes they die.
- Hey, thanks for that.
- Will you listen to me? No, you listen to me, Joan.
I don't tell you how to run your post.
So you don't tell me how to run my practice.
Okay? See you at home.
- I had to come, D.
I tried calling, but - My phone's off.
What's going on, D? Huh? Why'd you leave like that? I had to get away.
- For how long? - I don't know.
Well, don't you think we could have talked about it first? What is there to talk about? "What is there to talk about?" You're not the only one going through this.
He was my son, too.
You don't think I'm hurting? You don't think there are times when I'd like to run away? You are running away.
You're going back to Afghanistan.
No, I am redeploying as ordered.
You had a choice.
We talked about this, did we not? I asked, "Are you okay with redeployment?" You said yes.
As if I could stop you? All you had to say was no.
It's what you want.
It's my duty! It's the easy way out, Frank, and you know it! - Easy? - You want to get back there, so you can lose yourself in that damn war.
- Is that what you think? - It's the truth.
That's what men do.
You leave and let the women stay behind to bury the dead and care for the rest.
If you think this is easy, you don't know me at all.
Amanda? Amanda.
Amanda! I'm sorry.
I thought you were someone Hey, Roland.
Looks like you had a good one.
How you doing, Frank? You know.
One foot in front of the other.
Denise? Well, tell her I'll be by to see her soon, will you? I will.
I will.
Denise and I are both very thankful for what you did for Jeremy.
Hell, I know I made some mistakes with the boy growing up.
I think he enlisted to prove something to me, you know? Well, maybe.
The first time.
Yeah, that first tour, man, that was tough on him.
His buddy getting killed like that.
I just didn't see how bad he was hurting when he got home.
We almost lost him then and I think we would've if it hadn't have been for you.
I was just doing my job, Frank.
No, no, you went above and beyond.
That second tour, he was a different man.
He was proud, he was confident, and you did that.
He did all the work.
Well, I will always treasure that, you know, that time that we had together in Afghanistan.
I got to know my son.
And even though it was only for a little while, I am very grateful.
Did I catch you at a bad time? I had a few minutes.
I'm so glad it's you, Michael.
Why? What's the matter? I am with Denise at Oceanvale.
She came out here to get away and she's confused.
- And? - Well, it's upsetting.
Twice now I, um, thought I saw Amanda.
I know how that sounds, Michael.
I know it's impossible, but it was so real.
I even followed her.
Where are you now? Can you get home? I'm okay.
No, you're not okay.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.
I don't want to worry you.
Well, I am worried.
I don't know what's happening.
You're tired and you're upset and being around Denise is getting to you.
You need to go home and get some rest.
Michael, I can't do that.
Denise needs me.
Claudia Joy, listen to yourself.
You are in no position to help Denise right now.
Yeah, I know.
You're right.
It's stress, that's all.
You'll feel better once you get a good night's sleep.
I know you will.
I wish you were here.
Now that's not what I call a happy face.
The bank only approved half my loan.
Half? I thought it was all set, then upper management stepped in.
Wouldn't approve the full amount.
Why not? The Hump is worth a lot more than you're asking for.
They say they already own a mess of properties and they don't want to add a bar and truck stop.
How about we find some more investors? I told you when we started, there's not many people I trust.
It's either you and me or it's nothing at all.
Well, then we'll just take the loan and we'll build for less.
I may be a dreamer, Roxy, but I'm no fool.
I mean, starting a construction project under-funded? I just can't afford to lose my retirement.
I mean, can you afford to lose the Hump Bar? So that's it? Gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them.
It's been nice dreaming with you, missy.
You're leaving? Yeah, I have to get back.
You know, work, FRG.
Of course.
Besides, I'm just getting in your way here.
How'd it go with Frank? Not so good.
I'm just a phone call away.
Thank you.
Denise, if being here by yourself really helps, then stay.
But if not, you have a husband who needs you.
You have a family to take care of.
Hey, let me get that.
No, I've got her.
- You staying? - Yeah.
It wasn't any easier being there than it is here.
Besides, you'll be deploying soon.
No, I'm not going.
You didn't have to do that for me.
I didn't.
My orders changed.
Word is the division might be coming back sooner than expected.
They want me here to help coordinate.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I know you wanted to go.
Yeah, I guess it doesn't matter a whole hell of a lot what I wanted, does it? There's some food if you're hungry.
No, thanks.
Maybe you were right, huh? Maybe I was trying to run away.
But, you know, like it or not, we're both stuck here now.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
Where are the kids? - Oh, the kids.
- Yeah.
They're at the movies with Peyton's family.
And you're not there because? Because I had other plans.
Such as? Well, there's this girl that I really wanted to see.
And she is a whole lot prettier than any girl in the movies.
Anyone I know? Maybe.
And guess what? What? The museum has a skeleton of a crocodile that's 18-feet long.
That sounds amazing, bud.
When do you go? Tomorrow.
Well, you have fun with that, okay? I will.
Want to talk to Mom again? Sure.
Thank you.
He's been talking our ears off about that museum trip for a week now.
Well, it's a good thing, right? - So how are you doing? - Okay.
What's going on with the truck stop? - Nothing.
- Nothing? Last time we talked it was full speed ahead.
Well, that was before the bank cut my loan in half.
Why did they do that? The economy.
Money's still tight.
Sorry, babe.
But who knows? Maybe it was a blessing in disguise.
What does that mean? Well, it means what did this partner of yours know about building truck stops? Shady's driven trucks his entire life.
He knows truck stops.
Okay, maybe.
But all I know about this guy is that he asked my wife to put up 25% of the money for a new business.
- I trust him, Trevor.
- Clearly, Roxy.
And could you have done it? Yes.
But was it really smart? Putting our money in the hands of a stranger, risking the Hump as collateral? Are you saying I made a mistake? All I'm saying is I'm glad we don't have to find out.
Rox? Yeah, I heard you.
When do you think we can get into a real house on post again? Yeah, about that.
- What? - I went to the Housing Office today.
Apparently another unit is transferring to Fort Marshall soon.
- Something about consolidation.
- So? So, the waiting list for a house is six months.
- Six months? - Or longer.
And another thing.
There's more? They're not even going to put us on the list until we're married again.
So what do we do in the meantime? Well, your place is bigger than mine.
These walls are so thin you can practically hear people thinking, let alone How long did you say before the kids come back? What are you doing? Putting stuff away.
What are you doing? D, it's a tube of toothpaste.
- It was his.
- What are you going to do with it? Okay, don't.
- D.
D, you're not making sense! - Just give it to Open it.
I can't.
Dear Mom and Dad.
If you're reading this, it means that I'm gone.
I hate to think of what you're going through right now.
I know how I felt when Rison died.
And this has got to be a thousand times worse.
But there are a few things I want you to know.
First, I love you both very much.
Please don't blame yourself for my choices.
Mom, I know how hard it was for you to let me re-enlist, but it was so important to me to have your blessing.
It meant you believed in me.
And always remember, I was proud to be a soldier.
I put off writing this for a long time, but two amazing things happened today.
Tanya agreed to marry me and Molly was born.
Hope you get to meet Tanya.
I know you'll love her like I do.
About Molly? Promise me you'll give her all the love and attention that you gave me, okay? She deserves it.
Every time that she laughs, I'll know.
Because I'll be watching.
I love you all forever.
If I could trade places with him right now Frank, don't even say that.
I want him back, D.
We're going to get through this, all right? We will.
We will.
For Molly.
Okay? And for Jeremy.
We build it in stages.
- What's this? - Our new business plan.
We start with six pumps instead of eight.
We can always add more later if we've got the tank capacity, - which we will, okay? - Okay.
Ditto for the laundry room and the maintenance shed.
In the meantime, customers can use the Wash 'n' Dry for their dirty clothes and Gallardo's Garage for mechanical problems.
I talked to Tony and he'll give us a 10% break on all referrals.
You with me? When did you do all this? Last night.
I couldn't sleep.
Wait a minute, missy.
How'd you get the contractor's fee so low? I mean, that's half my estimate.
Well, for one thing we're building less.
And for another, I've got a friend.
A friend? A contractor in Tuscaloosa.
- And he's good? - He's real good.
And he'll do it for this price? I don't know.
I haven't asked him yet, but I think he will.
Well, what are we waiting for? Call him! - Really? - Hell, yeah.
If we can get it done for this price, we got ourselves a truck stop.
Hey, Whit, it's me.
Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
Hey, this is going to sound crazy, but how would you like a job up here? You can tell Captain Reynolds that PFC Reddings will be reporting for duty.
You signed his release papers? Mmm-hmm.
Because of me? Because he's ready.
I was holding him back.
And, uh, you were right.
About Jeremy.
A doctor's not supposed to get so caught up with one patient.
He wasn't just any patient.
I was really looking forward to watching his life unfold, you know? You helped him.
That's what Frank said.
Maybe you should start believing it.
I'm trying.
Frank and I finally talked.
- And? - And we're working through it.
That's great.
You were right, Claudia Joy.
You can't run away from something like this.
It follows you everywhere.
You have to keep living.
You have to stay connected to your friends.
I'm so lucky to have you in my life.
So, I wanted you to be the first to know that Frank and I decided to have a christening for Molly.
I'd been holding it off, but we both figured that Claudia Joy? Sorry.
Hearing, um Hearing about Molly's christening makes me think about Amanda.
Her christening, the gown she wore.
I've been thinking about Amanda a lot lately.
Last night, I dreamt she was here, back home.
And I tried to hold her and she disappeared.
Didn't say a word.
She was taken from you so suddenly.
This morning Frank and I found a letter from Jeremy.
It was in his footlocker.
He wrote it in case It was a beautiful thing, really.
To read his words and know what he was feeling.
It helped me so much.
You never got that.
No, I didn't.
You know, Amanda and I spent a lot of time together those last weeks before she died.
I remember.
If she had had the chance, Claudia Joy, I know she would have said the same things Jeremy did.
That she loved you so much, that she appreciated everything you and Michael did for her.
And even though she can't be here, she wants you to be happy.
Truly happy.
I know.
Thank you all for coming.
As you know, when Molly was born, I postponed the baptism until both Frank and Jeremy came home.
When Jeremy was killed, I didn't think I could go through with it.
I didn't want to go through with it.
But because of your love and support, particularly from my husband, it's time.
Jeremy is home now.
Maybe not the way we imagined it.
Yet life goes on.
It has to.
Jeremy's last letter reminded us of the importance of celebrating the moments of joy in our lives.
You know, great and small.
He was particularly concerned that his little sister know love and happiness and that we all support her.
Jeremy said he'll always be watching.
I'd like to believe that he's watching right now.
Thank you, Denise and Frank, for those lovely words.
I know we're all honored to be here today to share in this particular moment of joy.
In the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 10, we read, "Jesus said, 'Let the children come to me, "do not try to stop them, "for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
"I tell you, "whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child "will never enter it.
' "And he put his arms around them, "laid his hands upon them, and blessed them.
" Frank, Denise, by baptizing this child, you are affirming your faith and committing yourselves to raising her in the ways of a loving God.
Do you so agree? - I do.
- I do.
What name shall be given this child? Molly Victoria.
Molly Victoria, I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
May I present to you Molly Victoria Sherwood.
Well, thank you, Chaplain.
Well, you all, there's drinks and tons of sweets in the reception room, so, please, eat up.
That was so sweet.
You think Jeremy would have liked it? Oh, yeah.
She's so adorable.
Yeah, and this gown is pretty.
Claudia Joy let us borrow it.
Wasn't Sara Elizabeth christened in that, too? She was.
Thought it'd be nice to keep it in the family.
Yes, it is.
Pamela, what is that on your finger? Uh Busted.
Well, I wasn't going to say anything until later, - but Chase and I are - She said yes! - No! You're getting remarried? - When's the date? Well, we haven't decided on a time yet.
If you ask me, the sooner the better.
Yeah? Absolutely.
Well, in that case, what's everybody doing next Sunday?