Army Wives s06e02 Episode Script

Perchance to Dream

I got it! Hi, Tanya.
Hi, Molly.
Do I get one of those, too? - Sweetie.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
- Hi, dad.
Let me get this for you.
Thank you.
I feel like a beached whale.
Oh, you look beautiful.
That's what I tell her.
- You look fat.
- Molly! No, that's okay.
Thank you for being honest.
That's dinner.
Who's hungry? I am.
I could eat a horse.
Could not.
Could, too.
I did once.
Here you go, Molly.
I can't stand this, just waiting around.
There's nothing we can do, Rox.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
How is she? She's still unconscious.
And what happened exactly? She went to get a piece of equipment and a window blew out, and she got thrown against the wall and cracked her head.
Oh, my God.
What'd the doctor say? We haven't heard anything yet.
And how are the kids? I hope they weren't too much trouble.
Katie, uh, stayed in Emmalin's room.
Lucas used the guest room.
Sue Martin's watching them now.
Thank you so much.
- Of course.
- You get any sleep, Pamela? Uh, a couple hours at the station.
Good morning.
There's daddy.
Hi, sweetheart.
Well, the, uh, the doctors say that Denise is officially in a coma.
- They say that, uh - She's breathing on her own, which is a good sign.
Her vitals are stable.
Her body's strong.
And they're hopeful that she'll wake up soon.
So I appreciate you all being here, but you should go home to your own families.
Denise can't have any visitors right now anyway.
So I'll keep you informed.
If there's anything we can do, Frank.
That-- that goes for all of us.
Don't worry about Molly.
Denise is gonna be just fine.
I know it But your prayers would be appreciated.
We have to stay positive, for Denise.
You're right.
Let's go home, get some rest ourselves.
Hey, everyone.
Hey, mom.
Dad cooked pancakes.
So I see.
Insurance company.
I'm on hold.
You guys save me some? Nope.
May I be excused? Yes.
Clear your plates first.
How's Denise? No news.
How's Finn doing? Same old Finn.
- After what he went through - I know.
You know, his only complaint is he has to wear his old glasses? This is ridiculous.
It's been 30 minutes.
Come on.
It can wait.
Rox, we need a new van.
I know, but I need a hug more.
Yeah? Okay.
We're so lucky.
The Holdens have a huge house.
Yeah, I want a room just like Emmalin's when we move.
Me, too.
I mean, I don't want a girl's room, but I want it to be big.
Okay, let's just get through this school year before we start worrying about California, all right? Hey, Kobets.
What's going on? You live here? Yeah.
What is all this? Your building's been red-tagged.
What does that mean? It means we can't go in.
It's not safe.
What happened? Well, the wind took part of the roof off and a lot of water got in.
Floors could be unstable.
The building inspector wants a structural engineer to come check it out.
You're kidding.
How long is that gonna take? Don't know.
But it won't be today, I can tell you that.
Okay, um, we just need to go in and get some clothes.
It's a safety issue, Moran.
I wouldn't go in there myself.
- Sorry.
- Mm.
It's okay.
What do we do now? Well, now we are gonna go to the station.
I'm gonna change clothes, and we gonna find a store that's open, and we're gonna get you guys some new outfits.
Yeah, but where are we gonna stay? I'm thinking a nice hotel.
- Really? - With a swimming pool? Sure.
And if we're lucky, a minibar.
As Charleston cleans up from hurricane Nina, the scope of the damage is becoming apparent.
Though the city was spared the brunt of the storm, Nina brought high winds, heavy rain, and funnel clouds creating flash flooding and power outages - as of this moment, over 30,000 residents - Hey, guys.
Dad! Come here.
Did you behave? They were wonderful.
That's what I'm taking about.
Thank you.
Any time.
Say good-bye to Mrs.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
- Guess what.
- What? I don't have school till Wednesday.
Wednesday? Yeah.
Isn't that awesome? - Uh, I don't know if that's the word, but - Where's mom? Mom's still at work, man, but she will be home just as soon as she can.
She's been gone forever.
It has been a while.
Morning, Colonel.
Morning, Sir.
At ease.
Have you gotten any sleep? Thank you, Sir.
I'm fine.
Still plenty to do.
a few days to repair.
We've got a crew on site.
I've read the reports.
You did an outstanding job, Joan-- Preparation and response.
Thank you, Sir.
You've heard about Fort Hope? I know they got hit hard.
Full force.
Massive damage.
There were fatalities.
Really? The reports are still coming in.
An entire barracks was destroyed, humvees thrown into buildings.
It's bad.
Have you heard anything more about Denise? I spoke to Frank ten minutes ago.
There's no change.
Seaver's here.
He'd like to talk to you.
So I have some news.
I'm not gonna reenlist.
When my contract expires, I'm gonna go back to college and study architecture.
Well That sounds like a good plan, son.
Yeah? Yeah.
Um, I'm real excited about it, too.
It's wonderful, honey.
Do you have any schools in mind? Oh, no.
My water just broke.
- Oh.
- What broke? Um, she's having the baby.
- Now? - Let's get you to the car.
Come on.
Yeah, I'll drive.
- Jeremy, you stay in the backseat with Tanya.
- Sorry about the floor.
What about me? You get in the backseat, too.
Come on, princess.
My chief concern is subdural hematoma, which we're monitoring.
We're-- we're still hopeful that she could wake up at minute, but there's a chance she could require long-term care.
Long-term? Feeding tube, physical therapy to combat atrophy.
So you're talking about if she doesn't wake up? Yeah.
But you said chances are good.
And I believe they are.
Look, Colonel, we have to be realistic.
Every hour that passes, her condition becomes more serious.
Look, I'm not trying to alarm you, just need to make you aware of possible outcomes.
Thank you.
It's a girl.
Say hello to grandma and grandpa.
"Grandma and grandpa.
" Wow.
How's that sound? Oh, sounds wonderful.
I want to see.
I want to see.
Oh, Molly, say hello to your niece.
Hi, Violet.
She's perfect.
Ah! Whoa.
Nice wheels.
Zip it, Chief.
My van blew up, remember? So how's the bar? Well, the vents let in some water, so we'll have to replace some plywood.
That I can deal with.
What about the food? The power was out for a few hours, so I had to get rid of some shrimp and some other things.
Considering what could've happened, we got off easy.
Yeah, we did.
Pamela? Hey, Rox.
Have you heard anything new about Denise? Uh, no, not since Claudia Joy's last text.
So what's with the hotels? Nothing.
Every place is either closed or booked.
Chase thinks we should get on the next plane to California.
No, you cannot do that.
Well, I know.
We still need to pack all of our stuff.
No, I-I-I mean, you cannot leave now.
Katie is the lead in the school play, and Lucas is co-captain of the soccer team.
Roxy, chill.
I know all of that, but as of this minute, we're homeless.
No, you're not.
Stay with us.
Uh, let me see-- 7 of us in a 2-bedroom, 1 bath, while you're in the process of moving.
Why don't you just shoot me now? Come on.
It'll be fun.
Look, I love you for the offer, but I think I'm just gonna check on hotels further outside the city.
We'll manage.
But you are not leaving Charleston, Pamela.
I mean it.
Good girl.
Mommy will be home soon, honey.
Oh, she is adorable.
I know.
Can I fix you something to eat? No, I only have time to shower and change.
Oh, shh.
Okay, honey.
It's okay.
Come here.
It's okay.
How are you doing? Worried to death For Denise, for Frank, for the baby.
- Shh.
- I know.
Okay, honey.
I know.
Oh, I gotta go.
I'm sorry.
Everything's going to be okay.
Hey, D.
D? Come on, baby, just give me some kind of sign, something to let me know that you hear me.
Hey, sis.
What's up? I thought we were gonna shoot some hoops.
I don't feel like it.
Why not? School.
Anything I can help out with? No.
Are you sure? Because I set the all-time record for problems at school when I was your age.
Yeah? I bet you never fell on your face in front of Robbie Rutledge.
He came to watch my volleyball game, and I went up for a block, but I tripped and-- Splat, huh? I can't ever talk to him again for the rest of my life, and he's the coolest boy in the whole world.
It's not funny.
I know.
Um I was just thinking of Diana Garfield.
Who's she? She is the first girl I ever took out in a car.
Um, we were going out to a movie, and I took a wrong turn down a one-way street and got a ticket.
And then I spilled an entire cherry slurpee on my white shirt.
You're making this up.
I am not.
You can ask mom.
And to top it all off, she hated the movie.
But everything worked out? Uh, no, I don't think she ever talked to me again.
The point is, I survived, and you will, too.
If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.
If not, there's some other boy out there just dying to meet Molly Sherwood.
You think so? Oh, I know so.
Life's funny like that, sis.
You just gotta keep going.
In the meantime, if this Robbie Rutledge gives you a hard time, you just say the word, and I'll kick the crap out of him.
Don't do that.
I love him.
I'm just kidding.
I'm just kidding.
More tests? No.
Nothing scheduled till tomorrow.
You know, I-I'm on shift for a few more hours, if you want to go see Molly.
I'll be here.
I hate to leave.
I'll call if there's any change.
Thank you.
Yes, we have beds.
Oh, thank God.
I was really starting to worry we wouldn't find any place at all.
There are no hotel rooms anywhere.
So I've heard.
And our facilities are near capacity.
Excuse me.
Here you are.
Cots on the edge are plum real estate, so make sure you don't leave them unattended.
Men's locker room is over here.
Ladies' is right there.
Breakfast starts at 6:00 A.
Any questions? Uh, no, we're all set.
Thanks so much.
You're welcome.
Come on, you guys.
It's not so bad.
Think of this as a big slumber party.
Yeah, with a bunch of weirdoes.
It'll be okay.
They have showers and everything.
I am not taking a shower in front of a bunch of strangers.
Okay, you don't have to.
But all I'm saying is things could be a lot worse.
I wish dad were here.
Me, too.
Yeah, well, if he was here, he'd expect us to make the best of this.
I mean, how many times did your father have to sleep outside in the middle of nowhere? I think we can handle one night at a nice, warm shelter.
Don't you? Okay, then.
Deal? Okay, let's, um, get pajamas out and we'll figure out a place to change.
More coffee, Frank? Um, no, thank you.
Everything was delicious, Claudia Joy.
- Good.
- How about grabbing some rack time? You can use the spare bedroom.
Well, thanks, Sir, but I should be getting back to the hospital.
You need your rest, Frank.
I can sleep there.
I-I wish I could take Molly with me, but, you know, rules are rules.
I'm just gonna put her down for the night, okay? All right.
All right, princess, here we go.
Good night, Molly.
Okay, here we go.
See? There you go.
Good night, princess.
I love you.
So what do you think? I don't know what to say.
It's amazing.
I can't believe you designed this.
Oh, I told you, I'm only part of the design team.
Jeremy, I am so proud of you.
You had a dream and you-- You made it come true.
Well, I couldn't have done it without you.
You always believed in me.
Yes, I did.
D? D.
Hey, baby.
I'm right here, D.
I'm here.
D? D? Dr.
Seaver! D, come on, baby.
I'm right here.
What's wrong? She moved.
Her hand moved.
It was just a second ago.
I was right here.
I saw it.
Denise, can you hear me? I'm telling you, Roland, her hand moved.
I believe you, Frank, but it could've been a muscle spasm.
No, it didn't look that way to me.
You sure? I can't be sure, but she's not responding now.
Why don't I get Dr.
Seaver? You know I gotta believe that if she was getting worse, then her hand wouldn't have moved.
Well, anything's possible.
But you don't think so.
Let's get Dr.
Seaver's opinion.
D, come on, baby.
Come on, just move 'em again, okay? Come on.
Good morning, general.
How are repairs coming? We're okay.
No impact on the inside.
To be honest Sir, headquarters needed a face-lift anyway.
I hear you.
Shall we take a look around the rest of the post? In a minute.
Let's walk.
You seen the latest sitrep on Fort Hope? No, Sir.
I've been concentrating on our issues here.
It's terrible.
Death count's at four and expected to rise.
The news said two.
Media doesn't know the half of it.
Conditions are far worse than you can imagine.
Talk about a perfect storm.
More than half the maintenance bays were completely destroyed.
Hell, it'll take six months and a boatload of money just to get Fort Hope up to 40% capacity.
I had no idea, Sir.
Is there anything we can do to provide assistance? You've already done it, Michael, by keeping your post intact.
Sir? Army's changing the game plan.
It'll be official tomorrow.
Fort Hope's gonna close.
And Fort Marshall will be expanded to accommodate the 32nd Airborne Division as well as the 17th Airborne Corps headquarters.
You're kidding.
Fort Marshall is staying open? It is.
And Fort Hope is shutting down? In time, yeah.
I don't believe it.
I didn't either until I saw the initial movement orders.
Fort Marshall will be the new home of the 32nd airborne.
I already got a call from Kevin Clarke, the Division Commander.
He wants to make the transition happen as soon as possible.
And they're moving the corps here, too.
That's general Kearney, right? I have to call Darlene and arrange a welcome home dinner.
General Kearney won't be making the trip.
- Why not? - He's stepping down.
Fort Hope had fatalities from the hurricane, and one of 'em was a civilian contractor, so there's sure to be a lawsuit.
And the post lost a lot of vehicles and equipment.
There's talk about negligence, lack of preparedness.
There's gonna be an investigation.
Why? Did Kearney do anything wrong? As far as I can determine, no.
It was an act of God, but it happened on Kearney's watch, so he did the honorable thing and volunteered to step down so he can be available for the investigation.
That's not fair.
In any case, the army needs an Acting Corps Commander until congress can find an official replacement.
Who are they thinking of? The army offered it to me.
Oh, my God! This means a chance for a third star, doesn't it? It could, yeah.
Oh, Michael, you have to say yes.
I'm glad you feel that way, because I did.
Normally, I would talk to you first, but fleming wanted an answer right away.
Of course.
I understand.
I meant what I said before, about it being your turn.
I was gonna follow you this time.
So it'll be next time.
It's wonderful news, Michael, for everyone.
We all get to stay together.
That's right.
But I know how excited you were about moving to New York or San Francisco and practicing law full-time.
The baby.
Claudia Joy.
Michael, don't worry.
It's fine.
Thank you.
Hi, Denise.
I don't know if you can hear me.
I'd like to think you can.
First of all, Molly is fine.
She misses you, of course.
So does Frank.
We all do.
Michael just gave me some big news.
Fort Marshall isn't closing after all, because of the hurricane.
Everyone is staying here.
So we all get to be together for at least a little while longer.
Isn't that wonderful? Can't quite believe it myself.
And it turns out Michael isn't retiring yet.
Uh, he's going to be Acting Corps Commander.
Talk about surprises.
But I'm happy for him.
He deserves it.
I admit, it's, uh, a bit of an adjustment from what I'd been thinking about, but on the bright side, it means more time with you and Roxy and Roland and Pamela.
And I know what you'd say-- "That's the army, Claudia Joy.
Your time will come.
Everything happens for a reason.
" You'd be right.
You'd be right.
I just wish I could hear you say it.
A shelter? Pamela Moran, you spent the night in a shelter and didn't tell me? Oh, relax.
I'm telling you now.
It was late, and I was out of options.
And besides, it-- it wasn't that bad.
Well, it was, but we managed.
So what about tonight? Can you get back in the apartment? Not yet.
The structural engineers can't get to it until Wednesday at the earliest.
So what are you gonna do? Well, I just booked a motel in Walterboro.
Walterboro? That's, like, halfway to Atlanta.
It's less than 50 miles, Rox.
Still, it's ridiculous.
Okay, well, you got a better idea? You bet your ass I do.
Hey, dad, can I have extra jelly on mine? - Extra jelly coming up.
- Me, too.
Finn, you always get what I get.
Do not.
Hi, guys.
Hey, babe.
You get my message? What message? I texted you to give me a call.
I have some great news.
I actually have some great news, too.
Oh, yeah? Go ahead.
Oh, no, no.
Okay, everybody, listen up.
What? Mm, I don't think I'm gonna tell you.
Fort Marshall's staying open.
What? Fort Hope got hit by the hurricane real bad, so they're all coming here.
We don't have to move.
I swear, if you're joking-- It's no joke, babe.
We're staying at Fort Marshall.
- Whoo! Yeah! - Yes! - I don't have to leave school! - I can stay on the football team! That is awesome! And now we don't have to sell the hump bar either.
With all the new troops coming in, business is gonna be better than ever.
Truck stop, too.
That is so fantastic.
Now you said you had some great news? Oh, yes.
Pamela and the kids are gonna be staying with us for a few days.
Isn't that great? Yay! Hi.
Oh, good afternoon, Tanya.
You're not hungry? No.
- No, I thought I was, but - Well, why don't I leave it for a little while in case you change your mind? No, I'm not gonna eat it.
It's turkey time! - Oh.
- Mmm.
I want a drumstick.
Cole, you'll wait your turn like everyone else.
Yes, Sir, but I want a drumstick.
Oh, it smells delicious, Tanya.
Well, it should.
It's your recipe.
Dad, care to do the honors? Why, thank you.
You know, it occurs to me that since this is the first time we're celebrating Thanksgiving in a new home, maybe we should start a new tradition.
Why don't you do the honors, son? You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Can we say grace first, grandpa? You know, you are absolutely right, young lady.
Molly, would you say grace? Sure.
Lord, bless this food and the hands that made it.
On this day of Thanksgiving, we're especially grateful to be together as a family.
Make us ever mindful of those in need and teach us to know by whom we're fed.
Through Christ our Lord we pray, amen.
- I want a drumstick.
- We heard you, dork.
But we did.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to disturb.
It's all right.
Roland, I know it sounds a little crazy, but I swear I can feel Denise fighting to pull through this.
I don't think it's crazy at all.
Sometimes hope and prayer are the best tools we have.
In fact, that's what I came to talk about, Frank.
While we're praying for change, the longer Denise remains unconscious, the more likely it is she'll suffer some neurological damage.
Yeah, that's what Dr.
Seaver said.
Look, Mercer's a fine hospital, but Johns Hopkins has some of the top specialists in the country.
I spoke with a friend there.
They have an open bed.
I think you should transfer Denise.
Johns Hopkins-- That's in Baltimore, right? Yeah, but they can only hold the bed for a day.
Denise could be transported by ambulance first thing in the morning.
You could go with her.
What about Molly? We'll look after her as long as you need.
I'm not sure your benefits will cover all the costs.
Oh, I don't care about that.
I just want what's best for my wife.
Would you do it? I would.
All right.
All right then.
Would you set it up for me, please? Yeah.
Listen up.
Hey, you guys, settle down.
Thank you.
Okay, now look, it's gonna be a big crowd around here the next few days, so we all gotta do our best to just get along.
That means putting the toilet seat down and not hogging the shower.
And generally, not driving each other crazy.
Understood? But where's everybody gonna sleep? Uh, Katie and Mrs.
Moran are gonna be out here in the living room, so, boys, that means you can't just barrel out here in the morning in your underwear.
Got it? And, Lucas, you're gonna sleep in the room with TJ and Finn.
But there's only two beds.
So one of you will get the floor.
Hey, Finn's the youngest.
That's not fair.
Come on, buddy, the floor's not so bad.
This old sleeping bag has kept me comfy on top of dirt, snow, and rocks.
Now compared to that, the floor should feel like a feather bed.
Hey, I could sleep on the floor.
Yeah, me, too.
Hey, let's flip for it.
- Hey.
- No way! Come on! See? It's gonna be fun.
How's Denise? No change.
Franks' moving her to Johns Hopkins tomorrow.
It was Roland's idea.
They have experts there in case she has some sort of brain damage.
Brain damage? It's a real possibility, Michael.
I told Frank I'd keep Molly till he gets back.
Brain damage.
I gotta take this.
General Holden.
Yes, I've read the reports, but I still don't have an updated status on vehicles and aircraft.
No, tomorrow night is not acceptable.
I have a conference call with general Clarke tomorrow at 1300, and I'm gonna need that data.
I don't have an estimate yet.
According to this report from the, uh, third engineers, we could erect maintenance sheds over by the old Wilfield barracks to service those humvees.
Hey, beautiful.
Joan? One minute.
Sometimes the sun won't shine - in these cold and anxious times - Roland.
Time's up.
- But-- - No buts.
To take a little weather the hard times can bring us together Roland.
- Put the BlackBerry down now.
- But-- - see you smile - take care - It's been two days since you and I have had a conversation in person.
You realize that? - Find the wealth - Roland, there was a hurricane.
I know.
And after seeing Denise in that hospital bed, I also know that every day is a gift.
And we have to make 'em count, every one.
'Cause you're strong enough to not keep score Lord knows you've been here before it might help if you'd let yourself smile mm, mm, mm, mm Thanks, Rox.
You were right.
This is a really good move.
I want that in writing.
Funny how everything can change in a heartbeat, huh? Yeah.
I'm really worried about Denise.
Me, too.
What happens if she doesn't wake up? Don't say that.
She's gonna wake up.
Maybe we should go check on the boys.
Well, Tanya, thank you.
I know it's against regs, but I just didn't want her to get transferred without saying good-bye.
I understand.
Take your time.
Oh, it's okay, princess.
There's your mama.
She's just sleeping, that's all.
Oh, it's okay, princess.
It's okay.
Hey, mom! Time to go! Come on, mom.
We don't want to be late.
Late for what? Where are we going? To Oceanvale.
We rented your favorite house for a week.
It's our family.
Come on, mom.
Let's go.
Everyone's there already.
Jeremy, did you hear that? It's gonna be so much fun.
We'll barbecue, take walks on the beach, go swimming.
Mom, you coming? The kids are dying to see you.
put a candle in the window Oh, Jeremy.
Mom? Got a feeling I got to move Though I'm going going I'll be coming home soon as long as I can see the light Frank.
Denise? - Put a candle - D, baby, can you hear me? Oh, thank God.
I was so worried.
- I couldn't leave - What? I couldn't leave you.
Oh, D.
Hi, Molly.
It's okay, honey.
Mama's here.
Can see the light long as I see the light What the hell? The hurricane hit us really hard Many of our families lost everything.
It's total disaster.
Everything's gone.
I don't want anyone getting in your way.
I can handle things.
I may be down but you will not out.