Army Wives s06e07 Episode Script

System Failure

Previously on Army Wives You people don't work.
You don't help.
You-- All you do is complain! I quit! Being an FRG leader could help Trevor's career.
I hadn't thought about that.
It's Roxy Leblanc from the FRG.
You're Gloria? Look, lady, I'm not really into this whole FRG thing, okay? As far as I'm concerned, the army sucks, this place sucks, and the FRG sucks.
Listen, about today at the apartment, I'm not usually like that.
I just-- I-I've been-- Apology accepted.
Claudia Joy.
I don't know what's happening.
All right.
Let's sit down right here.
There you go.
Is it your diabetes? Do you need juice? Let's just go to the hospital.
All right.
I got ya.
- Okay.
- Come here.
Hi, mom.
Hi, honey.
How you feeling? Better now that you're here.
Sorry to interrupt.
Oh, you're not interrupting, doctor.
Come on in.
Davies, this is our daughter Emmalin.
Oh, nice to meet you, Emmalin.
You, too.
He's my nephrologist.
Fancy word for kidney doctor.
I have your test results.
Would you give us a second, kiddo? Oh, it's all right, Michael.
She can stay.
Go ahead.
It's not good news.
Your left kidney has shut down.
Your right's functioning at 10%.
You're in complete kidney failure.
- What? - How did this happen? We can't pinpoint the specific cause, Sir, but your wife's diabetes is certainly a factor.
I've been watching my levels.
I know.
I spoke to your endocrinologist this morning.
This is not the result of any lapse on your part, Claudia Joy.
Kidney failure can come on rapidly with virtually no symptoms.
So what now? Now we begin hemodialysis three times a week.
Dialysis? For how long? Potentially the rest of your mother's life.
What about a transplant? We certainly want to talk about that down the road, but right now our priority is to stabilize Claudia Joy.
When you get your strength back, we'll go over the transplant process in detail.
Well, can't her kidneys get better? I'm afraid not.
Her condition's irreversible.
I know it's a lot to absorb.
Uh, we'll have plenty of time to discuss it.
The good news here is that kidney disease is life-altering, not life-threatening.
You can still live a full life.
We know how to treat this.
Thank you.
Thanks, doctor.
Claudia Joy.
Just give me a minute, okay? This sounds good.
What? Uh, check out these recipes I found online.
I thought you were doing homework.
They're all low-sodium, low-protein.
Totally kidney-friendly.
Pumpkin soup, butternut squash - Yum.
- Sweet-and-sour tempeh.
Tempeh? What's tempeh? Uh, it's, uh, fermented soybean.
It's Indonesian.
Oh, great.
Your father will love that one.
May we come in? - Of course.
- Hey.
- Hey, Emmalin.
- Come on in.
- Hey, Emmalin.
- Hey.
How's the patient? Fine.
It's a lot to handle, but, you know Yeah.
Are you kidding? Kidney failure? It's not as bad as it sounds.
Really? 'Cause it sounds pretty bad.
What she means is, we're all concerned.
I know.
I get dialysis in a day or two, right? And if that goes well, they send me home.
That quick? Yeah, that's what they say.
Kidney disease is life-altering Not life-threatening.
Sounds like someone's been listening to their doctor.
We all have.
We are not gonna let this beat us, are we, mom? No, we're not.
How's David? - He's good.
- Yeah? Uh, he's back in school.
In fact, they're having an information day at school next week about HIV.
Oh, that's great.
Really wonderful.
Can I ask you a question? Mm-hmm.
Does a general's wife get the hottest doctors? Because, I swear, I saw a guy that looked like George Clooney walking down the hall.
- You saw him, too, right? - They're cute.
Pockets of violence have broken out in Narubu this week.
The country will hold its first open election in a month, and passions are running high.
The ruling military party is located in the East, which contains the capital and most of the country's wealth.
The Peoples' Party is based in the West, where natural resources and poorer communities are concentrated.
And where Americans operate several mining facilities.
Yes, Sir, and several schools and NGOs as well.
Now is there only the one highway through the mountains? That's correct, Sir.
A few unpaved roads link East and West, but given the current rains, they would be unusable.
So if the situation disintegrates, then the country could be cut in half.
Quite easily, Sir.
All right.
Anything more on Narubu, Captain? - Not at this time, Sir.
- All right.
Moving on.
Yes, Sir.
Captain Galassini.
Sir? How well do you know Narubu? I know it well, Sir.
I visited as an undergraduate when I was a summer intern in Uganda, and then I was stationed in Africa in 2007.
I made several trips.
So what's your assessment? I mean, it seems to me like we're sitting on a powder keg over there.
Mary Irakoze, the Peoples' Party candidate, has done a brilliant job.
She has managed to form a coalition of historically hostile tribes, but it's a fragile alliance.
If it falls apart, we could be looking at another Somalia.
Well, I don't like the sound of that.
We're the brigade on call.
We'd be throwing that party.
Yes, Sir.
I've actually been working on some possible scenarios.
Well, have 'em on my desk by 0900 tomorrow.
Yes, Sir.
Emmalin? Hey.
You okay? Not really.
I've been reading about how awful dialysis is.
Well, it's a proven technology.
Look, it's hard, no question.
Your mom's life is gonna revolve around those sessions, and there can be side effects.
For your mom, the dialysis will remove the glucose, too, which means she'll have to be extra careful with her diabetes Yeah, that's what Dr.
Davies said.
But most people on dialysis live healthy lives for years, until a kidney becomes available.
Yeah, but while they're waiting, their life sucks.
It's an adjustment.
This whole thing sucks.
Hey, why did this happen to my mom? Hasn't she been through enough? Look, it's okay to be angry, honey, just not around your mom, okay? She needs you to be strong.
She needs all of us to be strong.
You sure you don't need anything else? No, I have everything I need Except you.
You know I'm not exactly thrilled about sleeping alone either.
I'll be home before you know it.
How you doing? Okay.
Michael, I'm sorry.
What? This wasn't the way things were supposed to be-- You know The treatments, the tests.
Stop it.
For better or for worse, remember? In sickness and in health.
Come here.
Mom, I changed my mind.
About what? I want a vanilla cake with vanilla icing.
Your party is this weekend.
I've already called and ordered chocolate with vanilla icing.
I'll see if they can change it.
You only turn 10 once, right? Thanks, mom.
You know, bud, since the big day is actually tomorrow, I think we should review our battle plan.
Attention! Private Leblanc, report.
Sir, birthday boy will be picked up at Fordham Academy at 1200 hours.
Then we will proceed directly to Fort Marshall to get my ID.
Then we will get chow at the O-Club.
Outstanding, soldier.
Okay, now skedaddle your little butt upstairs.
Go to bed.
Yes, ma'am.
There's coffee.
You know how many blogs there are about dialysis? No idea.
You hungry? - Yeah.
- Scrambled eggs? Sure.
There's hundreds, and they all say the same thing-- That dialysis is brutal but after a transplant, everybody feels a million times better, like this one woman.
"The second I woke up from surgery, I felt like my old self.
" I-it's amazing.
The problem is finding a donor.
I know.
You're not the only one who knows how to Google around this house.
So you know what I'm talking about.
I do.
I want to give your mother one of my kidneys, but I can't.
Why not? Old jump accident.
I damaged one So I can't donate.
But I can.
Absolutely not.
I will not let you.
That's what I told her.
- Why? - It's too risky.
- No, it's not.
- It's major surgery, Emmalin.
And you heard Dr.
The donor always has a rougher recovery.
I don't care.
Look, I'm the likeliest match, and donating a kidney - won't change my life expectancy - Mnh-Mnh.
Or having kids or anything like that.
What about sports? You can't play hockey with one kidney.
I don't care about hockey.
Emmalin, this is not a debate.
You're my daughter, my baby girl.
Mom, I'm 19.
I don't care how old you are.
If anything happened to you I would never forgive myself.
That's how I feel about you, mom.
You know what? Let's all just slow down.
Look Hockey is great and all And I would miss it, but you know what I would miss more? Not having you there to help me pick out my wedding dress.
Honey, I'm not going anywhere.
But I want you to be happy.
I want you to feel good.
Mom, you gave me my life.
Please let me give you back yours.
Mom, please.
So what's the latest? It's confirmed.
Mary Irakoze's car was bombed.
Her driver and bodyguard were killed.
Irakoze's in surgery.
- Prognosis? - Unclear.
Political situation? Eastern Narubu is secure.
Embassy personnel are being evacuated as a precaution, but violence is erupting in the West-- Tribe against government, tribe against tribe.
Well, it's as you predicted.
I read your report.
That's excellent work.
Thank you, Sir.
And now you're gonna brief General Clarke on it.
I've cleared it with Major Zimmerman.
Look, you've been to Narubu.
You have insights the General needs to hear.
Yes, Sir.
Let's go.
The Naruban government has assured us that the airport will remain open to evacuate Americans.
And you believe these assurances? I do, Sir.
It is in the government's interest to maintain good ties with the United States.
And the government has the means to maintain control? In the East, yes, Sir.
The West is another story.
If Mary Irakoze dies, her coalition will disintegrate.
Tribes will fight for control, and all of them distrust the United States.
And the government lacks the capacity to protect American lives in the West? The capacity and the will, Sir.
I believe the government would be happy to let Western tribes fight it out among themselves.
I see, so tactically, your recommendation would be to focus evacuation plans exclusively on Western Narubu? Consider your answer carefully, Captain.
It will shape my recommendation to Washington.
Yes, Sir.
That is my recommendation.
Honey, great picture.
We had to show it at the gate.
And the PX and the commissary.
It was so cool.
Yeah? Can I show William? - Lieutenant Leblanc.
- Is he home? - I called.
- Okay.
Well, grab your sweatshirt.
No, you made the right decision, Sergeant.
That call comes do, your squad has to be ready.
They understand that, right? Well done.
What was that about? Sergeant Wheeler caught one of his soldiers planning a trip to Savannah for the weekend.
- And? - And he can't go.
It's too far.
We're the DRB, and we just went onto 30-minute recall.
Why? Did something happen? Don't know.
- Trevor.
- I don't.
It's probably nothing.
We've been on 30-minute recall before.
I didn't know why then.
Don't know why now.
It's our job to be ready.
That's it.
Ready for what? To deploy.
Yes, I know that.
To deploy where? Babe, when you're the DRB, they don't even tell us where we're going till we're wheels up.
- Are you serious? - It's for security.
It's nothing to worry about.
Right, just that you could be sent to God knows where at the drop of a hat.
Can you just forget about it, please? Honey, I-- Babe I love you.
I'm going for a run.
- Whoa.
Someone's in a hurry.
- Sorry.
They're selecting personnel to the forward surgical team.
- Why? - No clue, but I'm late.
We'll talk later.
Thank you for being here this morning.
It's, uh, it's a pleasure-- Nice of you to join us, specialist Gabriel.
Take a seat, Gabriel.
Okay, you all know why we're here.
The recall's now set at 30 minutes, and colonel Adams has decided to expand the fast team roster, so listen for your names, please.
Jenson, Patchett, Handler, Rhodes, MacDonald, and Arkham.
Welcome to the team.
Make sure NCOIC has your updated contact info, and, uh, don't worry.
This is my third fast team in a year, and I have yet to leave Charleston.
That's it.
Damn it.
Something wrong? It's nothing.
I'll figure it out.
Hey, it's like he said.
It probably won't even happen.
My bet is, you're not going anywhere.
Emmalin, let me start by saying how much I appreciate your willingness to donate a kidney to your mom.
It's a loving and courageous gesture.
I wish more people would follow your example.
Unfortunately, you're not a viable candidate.
What? Why? We're the same blood type.
Uh, yes, but a number of factors go into determining a match.
Because your mom developed diabetes later in life, there's a chance you could develop it as well.
If that happens, you'll need both your kidneys.
But I thought you only need one.
In a perfectly healthy body, yes.
Okay, but I'm healthy now, and I want to do it.
I understand, but as a physician, I couldn't let you take that risk.
We have a principle never to endanger one patient's health for the sake of another.
We understand.
We don't.
I don't.
We'll put your mother on the list, look for another donor.
Right, which can take years, and in the meantime, my mom feels like hell.
Davies is on our side, Emmalin.
I'm sorry about that.
I'm sorry.
Your daughter is a remarkable young woman.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Yes, Sir.
Oh, kiddo.
This will numb the area where we'll be inserting the needles.
Now one needle will draw your blood and carry it to your very own artificial kidney.
- That's a big kidney.
- Yes, it is.
Now once your blood is clean, then it will head back to your body through needle number two.
Any questions, Mrs.
Holden? Claudia Joy.
We, uh, brought a blanket.
Davies says that some people get cold during the treatment.
Well, that's fine.
And it is okay if you bring in movies on a laptop? Oh, absolutely.
People bring all kinds of things in here.
I advise patients to bring whatever they can to make the most of these four hours.
So I'll be back when you're numb, and then we can get started, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Honey, why don't you run to the cafeteria, get something to eat? No way.
I am not going anywhere, mom.
We're in this together.
Hey, Roxy.
Hey, Gloria.
Um, we actually don't open for 20 minutes.
I just dropped by to talk, if that's okay.
What's on your mind? Everything okay with Hector? Yeah, that's all good.
That's very good.
Glad to hear it.
I just wondered, is something going on? Hector and I were gonna go up to Myrtle Beach this weekend, you know, kind of a romantic getaway, just for one night.
Now he says we can't go, something about a 30-minute recall.
Um, our guys are the DRB.
The what? That is usually my line.
The Designated Ready Brigade.
It means, if there's a rapid deployment, um, our guys are the ones who go.
So what do we do? Nothing.
Trevor says they're always on 2-hour recall.
Sometimes they go to 30 minutes, and they never know why.
So we just sit around and wait? Yeah And just keep living your life as best you can.
There are a few things you can do.
Do you have your POA all sorted out? Power Of Attorney.
It lets you handle all of Hector's legal stuff when he isn't here.
Uh No.
I don't think so.
Well, you need to do that, pronto, and, uh What about his will? Did he update it when you guys got married? Uh, I-I don't know.
We never talked about that.
You gotta do that, too.
Really? A will? That's so creepy.
Isn't that asking for trouble? Believe me, not talking about it is asking for trouble.
If they deploy, Hector needs to know that you have everything under control here so that he can stay focused on the mission.
I never thought about that.
It scares me.
It scares all of us.
Moving on, now Operation Javelin is a noncombatant evacuation in Western Narubu.
Should we go operational, your immediate objective will be this abandoned airfield.
Now because we don't know if we will meet opposition, the lead element will jump in by night, and then once the airfield is secured, the rest of the brigade will land by plane and establish command.
If you'll turn to page one of your packets, we'll go over mission objectives.
Jackie, there is no sense in leaving the conference early.
I know you're worried, but worrying never changes anything, right? I will call you if anything happens.
I love you, too.
Michael, come in.
I just reviewed Operation Javelin.
Solid plan.
I think so.
Finding that airfield was a stroke of luck.
Built by a Dutch mining consortium in the '50s.
The key will be taking it quickly.
I don't want to allow any time for opposition to organize.
From what I can gather, there's no telling what the situation could be on the ground.
That's right.
There's a lot of armed tribes out there with no central command.
If we have to go in, I want to get in fast and get out fast.
About that, do you really think it's advisable for you to jump with the lead element? We're airborne.
I believe in leading from the front.
So do I, but as you said, this could be a tricky situation.
We need you safely on the ground to direct operations, and we both have enough scars to know that night drops can be unpredictable at best.
I would hate to explain how we lost a 2-star jumping into the jungle in the dark.
Point taken.
I'll land with the planes once they secure the airfield.
Anything else? No, I just wish I was going with you.
Roger that.
How is, uh, Claudia Joy? She'll be fine.
Thanks for asking.
Our prayers are with you, Michael.
I appreciate that.
Am I interrupting? No.
Of course not.
I will take any excuse not to study.
- Emmalin.
- Kidding.
I just wanted to stop by before my shift ends.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Davies thinks I'll be able to go home in the morning.
Oh, wonderful.
Davies says it's a perfectly normal reaction.
There is nothing normal about any of this.
Oh, Emmalin.
Enough, honey.
Just saying.
I'm gonna go get some coffee.
Do you want anything? No, thanks.
Denise? No, thank you.
God, I love that girl.
She would do anything for you, you know that? I do.
She already tried.
She wanted to be my life donor.
Oh, my God.
She was crushed when they told her she's not eligible.
Why not? They think she could develop diabetes later in life, like I did.
Of course.
Makes sense.
Not to Emmalin.
I told her not to worry.
Uh, y-you can live for years on dialysis.
That's right.
It just upsets her, seeing her mom like this.
Min-Ji! Oh.
We haven't really met.
I'm Roxy Leblanc.
Min-Ji Webster.
Um, do you-- Do you want to come in? No, thank you.
I just had something to drop off.
You're the new Bravo company FRG leader? Right.
I have some materials from when I was a leader.
I thought you might want them.
Minutes from our meeting, uh, contact information, things like that.
That is so thoughtful.
Thank you.
It's no problem.
A-are you sure you don't want to come in? Uh, no.
Thank you.
Look, I'm so sorry about what happened.
Those girls are Such bitches.
Thank you, but I did not do a good job.
That's not true.
You did, and you are welcome back anytime.
I will not stand for that behavior, and, actually, I-I could use your help.
Thank you.
Uh, good-bye.
Thank you.
You coming to bed? Yeah, in a few.
Look, I know you're busy, Frank, but it's about Claudia Joy.
Go ahead.
Well, I've told you about the, uh The long road she has to face on dialysis.
A transplant is much better.
You know, it turns out that both Michael and Emmalin wanted to donate, but neither one can, for various reasons Well, that's a shame.
So Claudia Joy will go on a wait list, which means that, uh, she'll probably wait years for a kidney to become available.
Where are you going with this, D? I want to be her life donor.
You want to give Claudia Joy one of your kidneys? Yes.
Well, that's a hell of a risk, isn't it? Frank, she's my best friend.
Didn't answer my question, D.
It's a routine procedure.
Now all surgery is risky.
Isn't that what you say? Yes, but There are degrees of risk.
We have Molly to think about, D.
I know.
And, you know, honestly, this This just isn't the best time to talk about this.
I understand that, Frank, but Claudia Joy didn't pick this time to go into kidney failure.
All I'm saying is that I want to start the testing process and see if I'm a match.
But we decide the rest together? Absolutely.
Don't be long.
Yes! All right.
Everybody, one step back.
well, maybe it's the common curse A full step, David.
Maybe things get bad before they get Ready.
Toss! Good hands, son.
Hope those eggs are hard-boiled.
Oh, they are, believe me.
Roxy doesn't want anything messing up the new home.
It's lovely.
She's been taking her time putting stuff up on the walls.
Says she wants "a new look," whatever that means.
Yeah, she told me she was eyeing some new furniture.
I know.
It scares me.
How's David? He's great.
He still gets a few stares at school, but you know what? He just stares right back.
Strong kid.
Yeah, he is, and it helps to have good friends - like TJ and Finn.
- Heads up! Ow! Sorry.
My bad.
It's too bad Claudia Joy couldn't be here.
Oh, I know.
Next time.
TJ's doing great, isn't he? I'm so proud of him.
He's grown up so much.
It happens fast.
It seems that way.
Enjoy it.
You okay? Sorry.
Just remembering.
You don't need to apologize.
Well, life doesn't stop, does it? Ohh.
What is going on, pretty girl? What were you saying? Come here.
What's up? Nothing.
My mom just called.
And? She can't make it.
She's Ava's guardian in case I deploy, and she's stuck in Arkansas.
Why? Did something happen? My dad.
He had his hip replaced last month.
He still needs her 24/7, which basically means I'm screwed.
What about Ava's dad? What about him? Not in the picture, huh? Sorry.
Didn't mean to unload on you.
I just don't know what I'm going to do.
Well, maybe I can help.
- How? - So you want to take Rhodes' place - on the fast team? - Yes, Sir.
She can't find anyone to take care of her 4 year old, and I've got nothing holding me here.
- How sweet.
- So it's okay? - No, it's not okay.
- Why not? Look, I don't know you, specialist - Gabriel.
- I've never even seen you before this week.
I've never worked with you.
Rhodes-- I know.
She was a standout at trauma training in Miami.
I know how she works.
She knows how I work.
I don't want to break up the band, okay? Yeah, but her daughter is-- That's her responsibility, not mine, not yours.
- Yeah, I understand, but-- - It's not like this came out of the blue, Gabriel.
Every soldier in her position needs to have an up-to-date family care plan.
She did, but her mother can't come because her dad needs full-time medical care right now.
Well, you didn't say that.
Well, you didn't let me.
With respect, I'm an excellent medic.
I did two tours in Afghanistan.
I know all about good medicine in bad places, and as you said yourself, odds are, we won't be going anyhow, so you won't have to worry about me.
You're on the team.
I'll notify admin.
Is there anything else, specialist? No, Sir.
That everything? Yeah.
Are you sure you don't want me to stay? My professors would totally understand.
What? I'm gonna stay with grams and grandpa.
In Connecticut? Mm-hmm.
It was my idea.
She needs to get away from the stress, and you know your mother.
She has to get involved with everything.
That's not true.
Yeah, it is, mom.
For how long? Until she gets her strength back.
I can see that.
Grams will totally make you her full-time project.
Oh, please.
The point is, your grandparents can give her the kind of attention she needs.
And what about dialysis? Uh, Dr.
Davies has everything arranged.
Well, you'll be a whole lot closer to me at Woodsen.
I'm totally visiting every weekend.
I was hoping you'd say that.
We should get going, kiddo.
I love you so much, honey.
I love you, too.
We are getting unconfirmed reports that Naruban presidential candidate Mary Irakoze is dead.
There is still no official comment from Presbyterian Central Hospital where Irakoze underwent emergency surgery after a bomb blew up the car she was riding in.
Pardon me.
It-- It is now being confirmed.
Mary Irakoze, the Peoples' Party candidate in the African nation of Narubu is dead.
There are reports of scattered violence erupting throughout the country, mostly in Western Narubu, where Irakoze lived.
For more, we go to African correspondent John Stiers, who's in the capital city of Bagala.
Make a wish, Finn.
Oh! Okay, who wants cake? - Oh, yeah, I do.
- I do.
Okay, so we have chocolate, and we've got vanilla ice cream.
- Which one do you want, birthday boy? - Both.
- Of course you do.
- Mm-hmm.
- David? - Vanilla, please.
Coming right up, buddy.
- Oh.
- How about some ice cream? I gotta take this.
All right.
I got it.
Lieutenant Leblanc.
TJ? Chocolate, please.
Chocolate it is.
Can I have two slices? Um, hey, Joan, could you take over? Sure.
Who's next? What is it? We're going.
You always carry on about not having enough socks.
Where are you going, dad? Don't know, buddy.
How long? Don't know that, either.
It's part of the job when you're on rapid deployment.
Come here for a second.
While I'm gone, I expect you two to be really good, all right? No fighting.
No complaining.
Help your mom out around the house.
We know the drill, dad.
I can help more this time, too.
I've got my I.
Yeah, you do.
Come here.
I'm going to the rally point.
Of course, honey.
You know, I'm not really needed there.
Honey, don't worry.
Nothing is gonna happen while you're gone.
Yeah? They're just bruises.
I adjusted to diabetes.
I'll adjust to this.
Where do you find your strength? From my family, my friends, you.
You amaze me.
You know that? Mm.
Go do your job.
- Kevin.
- Michael.
Hell of a thing.
We're ready.
I know.
Fine night for flying.
Denise, would you look in on Jackie when she gets back - from DC? - Mm.
Be happy to.
She's never been very good with deployments, and with her stuck in Washington right now-- Don't give it a second thought.
Jackie and I are battle buddies from way back.
Thank you.
See you on the tarmac.
Yes, Sir.
You know how many times we've done this now? I don't know.
Well, one more makes it an even dozen.
I love you.
I love you, too, baby.
Saddle up, Cruz.
Yes, Sir.
Gotta go.
Come back to me.
I love you, baby.
I love you.
You're flying with me.
By the time we land, I want to know everything about Narubu.
Yes, Sir.
You're deploying? Last-minute sub.
I should have told you, but I didn't think we'd be going.
Come here.
You take care.
I'll be okay.
Let's go.
Mount up.
Denise Sherwood, Gloria Cruz.
Hi, Gloria.
Denise's husband is the Brigade Commander.
Nice to meet you.
Gloria's husband is a PFC in Trevor's platoon.
did you hear 'em talkin' 'bout it on the radio? did you try to read the writin' on the wall? did that voice inside you say I've heard it all before? it's like deja vu all over again did you hear 'em talkin' 'bout it on the radio? did you try to read the writin' on the wall? did that voice inside you say I've heard it all before? it's like deja vu all over again it's like deja vu all over again