Army Wives s06e10 Episode Script

After Action Report

Previously on Army Wives We count 18 hostiles with automatic weapons.
Their leader says they want Dr.
Let me go, Sir.
I know the tribe.
I can talk to them.
What the hell, Sir? No idea.
What the hell just happened out there? The Abaranda are a matriarchal tribe.
They revere women.
- I was pretty sure they'd let me through.
- Impressive.
Don't stop.
Drive right through it.
one wounded.
- Who is it? - Captain Galassini.
You prevented an international incident today, captain.
That was a hell of a job out there.
Thank you, Sir.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- No, it's-- it's not okay.
I'm an officer.
You're enlisted.
This can never happen, Gabriel.
We are authorized to evacuate American citizens, not children.
We can't just leave them.
Whatever tribe gets here first is going to kill them or turn them into soldiers.
This is messed up.
- Welcome home, captain.
- Thank you, Sir.
Good morning.
What are you doing up? Mm.
Hi, sweet pea.
You don't work till tomorrow.
Go back to bed.
Oh, it's force of habit.
I can't remember the last time I slept past reveille.
All right.
Well, sit down at least.
I'll get you some coffee.
No, I'll get it myself, baby.
Frank, you just got back from deployment.
Let me spoil you, at least for one day.
All right.
Fair enough.
- Okay.
- Hey.
Bacon, eggs, grapefruit? Yeah, that sounds great.
How do you want your eggs, Colonel? Lookin' at me, ma'am.
You got it.
You know somethin', D? I am the luckiest man in the world.
Hey, sleepyhead.
Good run this morning.
You should have joined me.
You should have asked me.
I did.
Really? You just rolled over and went back to sleep.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm just tired.
I've, um, I've been juggling a lot lately.
But the division's back.
Mission accomplished.
You can put all that behind you now.
So How about we go somewhere special to celebrate? Sounds great.
How about dinner at husk this weekend? Well, I was thinking that we could Drive down to Savannah.
Before you say no Before you say no, I Booked a great hotel room, and we have tee times on a Bobby Jones golf course.
It's just two days.
I would love to, but I have after-action reports.
I have a thousand things I have to get done.
Kevin, you deserve to relax.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to put it on hold till parents weekend at Exeter.
That's a month away.
It'll be here before you know it, all right? - Jackie, hi.
- Hi.
I just dropped by to return your guidebook.
Uh, come on in.
So you going this weekend? No.
Kevin can't get away.
Oh, that's too bad.
Another time.
- Yeah.
- Um, hey, wh-- Uh, what's your day like today? You free for lunch? Ohh.
Uh, but I can have lunch tomorrow.
Yeah? Yeah.
Hey, Roxy.
Someone's been busy.
Hector and I had a little fun at the mall.
A little? It's not that much-- A couple tops, some jeans.
I got something to show you.
What do you think of these? I love them.
Yeah, you don't think they're too much? Are we talking money or style? Style.
Style, no.
That's what I thought.
I got Hector a little present, too.
Oh, yeah? I don't think that will fit him.
Come on.
I got something else to show you.
There's more? Hey.
Morning, Mrs.
What do you think? It's awesome.
- We got a great deal on it.
- Yeah? Okay, baby.
It's time for your next lesson.
Hector's teaching me to drive.
You don't know how? Hey, in The Bronx, you take the subway.
See ya later.
Have a good one, Mrs.
Be careful.
I got your text.
Come in.
I'll get back.
What's the good news? Senator Powell of the Armed Services Committee just called to congratulate me on Narubu.
That's great.
It's the fourth call I've gotten from committee members.
You should see the e-mails.
West Point wants to use Operation Javelin as a case study.
Honey, I'm so proud of you.
I was thinking we should fly to DC this weekend.
What? Javelin should put us over the top for the third star, but it wouldn't hurt to get a little face time in with the right people.
I thought you couldn't get away.
Jackie, this is business.
So I was wondering, maybe you could wrangle a private room at the Palm, drinks and dinner for six.
I'll give you the guest list.
I'll see what I can do.
And who's that reporter we know at the post-- McClary? You know, a well-placed story about Narubu wouldn't hurt.
Do you think you could call him? We're almost there, hon.
I can feel it.
Come on in, major.
I'll see you tonight.
Major Collins.
I cannot compel you to leave, and I am not authorized to evacuate Naruban nationals.
They're children.
How are they supposed to defend themselves? I am asking you for the final time.
Please get in the vehicle.
Someone has to bear witness.
(Men shouting indistinctly ha ha! Shh.
I still think you should stay home longer.
Your leg needs to heal.
I'm fine.
I gotta go.
So do you.
Um What do you think about us eating lunch on post sometime this week? Or maybe you could drop by the youth center.
Come on, Nikki.
It's not like people don't know about us.
Who knows? Well, roland and Joan Burton.
Colonel Burton? How do you think I found out you were wounded? I honestly didn't think about it till now.
How did you find out? Well, roland heard Joan say that a female intelligence officer had been wounded, and he took it from there.
It's okay, Nikki.
They're cool.
And Now that you're home, I was thinking, it's time we stop hiding.
We're not hiding.
We're just being careful.
Honey I just need a little more time.
How much more time? I don't know.
I'll see you tonight.
Remember, David has a basketball game at the youth center tomorrow.
Remember? Woman, who's the one that signed him up? I'm just sayin'.
Hey, speaking of the youth center, I was thinking we could invite Charlie and Nicole for dinner.
Really? Why not? Well, it might be awkward.
For one, Charlie works for me.
And for another, I outrank Nicole.
Look, I know it's not the usual playbook, but it's not against regs, is it? No.
Look, personally, I don't have a problem with it.
I just don't know how comfortable they'd feel.
I mean, there's still a lot of fear out there and homophobia, even with the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell.
" But you're not like that.
No, not at all, but I do know a lot of officers who think gays in the military undermine the war effort.
I work for one.
What? Oh, yeah.
Couple of years ago, General Clarke spoke out against lifting the ban.
Really? Kevin Clarke? Yeah.
Uh I think it was at this VFW event.
Uh, supposedly off the record, but somebody blogged about it.
Kevin Clarke said he thought that admitting gays would affect combat readiness and unit cohesion.
You know that mindset.
Yeah, I know the talk.
"Got nothing against gays.
I just don't want my troops taking open-bay showers with them.
" Exactly.
What these folks don't realize is their troops have been taking showers with gays for generations.
It's ignorance, Joan.
That's all it is.
No argument.
But it's out there, roland.
And it is powerful.
So you can see why Nicole and Charlie may not want to have dinner with us.
There's only one way to find out, I suppose.
Hmm? Go ahead and ask 'em.
Captain Galassini.
So how's the leg? Better every day.
Hey, I was wondering if you had any, uh, fresh intel on Narubu? Anything specific, Sir? Well, you know that, uh, that American woman who chose to stay behind? It was after you were air lifted.
Rachel Miller.
She was volunteering at an orphanage.
Any info on what happened to her after we pulled out? Not to date.
There's been a lot of fighting reported in the area, but no specific accounts.
If I hear about anything, I'll let you know.
I appreciate that.
Oh, I could get used to this-- Sleeping in, having a beer at midday.
Yeah, I could get used to it, too-- Have someone else drive car pool, do the laundry, get the groceries.
Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow.
Lieutenant Leblanc.
Yeah, he's in my platoon.
No, I understand.
I'll talk to him.
I'm sorry for the problem.
What was that? The PX.
One of my guys is behind in his payments on his flat screen TV.
The PX calls you about that? Yeah.
If the soldier puts me down as their platoon leader when getting credit, then yeah.
Anyone I know? PFC Cruz.
- Really? - Why? Gloria was in here yesterday.
They bought a new truck.
Think they're in trouble? Wouldn't surprise me.
A lot of enlisted don't have a clue about money.
It's funny.
I was gonna ask how they could afford it, but I just didn't want to be rude.
Do you want me to talk to Gloria? No.
No, I'll get into it tomorrow with Cruz.
All right.
Who's next? Uh, Captain Nicole Galassini.
She's up for a purple heart.
And you recommend bronze star with "V" device for valor.
I do, Sir.
Her actions in the face of armed opposition allowed us to evacuate those American citizens without bloodshed, Sir.
You don't have to tell me, Frank.
She's the genuine article, all right.
We have the sworn statements? We do, Sir.
In addition to everything else, she'll make an excellent poster girl for the army.
Roger that, Sir.
Moving on.
Lieutenant Irwin King.
So the entire city council is coming to the banquet? Congressman Stevens, too.
Jackie, that's great.
They all want to be part of the reflected glory.
Now don't be modest.
It's because of your hard work.
Our hard work.
You've been a huge help, Denise.
Aw, thank you.
You know, I spoke with Claudia Joy the other day.
Really? Before the troops came home.
She called to compliment me on the job I've been doing with the FRG.
Typical Claudia Joy.
She's supposed to be away convalescing.
I know.
I just hate how we got off on the wrong foot.
So when she comes back to Fort Marshall, we're gonna make a fresh start.
I am so happy to hear that.
Everything okay? It's fine.
Why? I don't know.
I just thought there was something else on your mind.
You seemed a little upset about Savannah, and now you're running off to DC.
Nothing new.
Needs of the army, right? Okay.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
I've got this.
No, let's split it.
No, no, no.
It's my treat.
Okay? Ooh.
Damn it.
I'll-- I'll get it.
No, it's not a problem.
Uh, I-I Carry these when I fly.
You know, I get claustrophobic sometimes - when I-- When I fly.
- Sure.
Let me just go, um, uh, find our waitress.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
I'd like to Check it out.
Your teen counseling sessions made the Army Family Newsletter.
This goes to posts around the country-- Around the world, actually.
You're making an impact.
This is great.
So I've added an extra session on Tuesdays.
Every other Tuesday? I'll think about it.
Ah, hey, listen, Joan and I would like to invite you and Nicole over for dinner Saturday night.
- Saturday? - Yeah.
If you need to talk to Nicole first-- No.
Uh It's cool.
We're free.
What time? See you then.
You didn't have to get champagne.
Of course I did.
To my bronze star winner.
It's bronze star recipient.
Don't give me attitude.
This is a big deal.
No, I know.
It's just embarrassing.
And you know me.
I like flying under the radar.
Yeah, I do know.
But this time you couldn't help it.
You were just too damn good.
I guess so.
Face it, girl.
You are a hell of a soldier.
Here's to you.
To us.
The Burtons invited us over to dinner Saturday night.
They're having a party? No.
Just us.
I said yes.
Without asking me? Don't be mad.
It'll give you a chance to get to know them and meet their kids.
Besides, it's just dinner.
With the Garrison Commander.
Colonel Joan's good people.
I'm sorry.
I thought you said she walked around like she had a flagpole up her butt.
That was before.
Before what? Before she met me.
Oh, Charlie.
One dinner.
That's all.
It'll be fun.
I promise.
Fill it up.
It's not gonna be that bad.
What do you say we take the long loop through the park? Sure.
Look Jackie, about yesterday, it's, um, it's been on my mind.
What has? The pills.
Look, y-you don't have to be embarrassed to talk about it.
No, I'm-- I'm just embarrassed that I spilled them all over the floor.
But I know you've been under a lot of pressure lately, and I just want to say that I'm here to listen, anytime.
Thanks, Denise.
I'm fine.
But you're right.
I have had a lot on my plate.
And once I get back from DC, I'll be able to relax, you know, as much as I can ever relax.
Okay, that's what I'm talking about.
I'm joking.
I've managed a family, a marriage, the army all these years.
I'm not about to fall apart now.
Ready? Have you seen Dr.
Gelson? She's not answering my page.
Uh, no clue.
But if you need a doc, Hanson's right over there.
I can't find Dr.
Gelson, and I have a question about one of her patients.
I'm doing a rotation in the ER.
That's why I'm down here, in case you were wondering.
I have a 6 year old with white spots on her tonsils.
Fever? No, but I'm thinking strep throat.
Should I give penicillin? Rapid strep test first.
She's got exudate and lymphadenopathy.
Yeah, we don't give unnecessary antibiotics here.
Do the test.
So I hear you're a superstar now.
What? In Narubu-- A thoracotomy in the field, that's pretty impressive.
Oh, yeah.
I've never worked with Hanson, but I hear he's an excellent doctor.
Yes, he is.
Hey, you okay? Just a little jet-lagged.
I've got a patient.
Oh, of course.
Um, come over this weekend.
I want to hear all about it.
Will do.
Thanks for coming by.
So the power's out, huh? Everything's out, and I can't find the landlord.
Where's your circuit box? Over there.
I already checked it.
Do your neighbors have power? Power and hot water.
Weird, huh? Uh, have you guys been paying your utility bills, like gas, power, electric, water? Hector handles the checkbook.
Can I see it? Uh, I guess.
There's no running balance.
What? It doesn't say how much you guys have in the bank.
You could be overdrawn.
How could we be overdrawn? We still have all those checks.
I think we need to talk.
Sorry, guys.
Truck's gotta go.
- What? - We just bought it.
But you can't afford it.
What do you mean? I make over 1,800 bucks a month, plus housing and other stuff.
That's before taxes, Cruz.
The army deducts taxes from your paycheck before they deposit it in your account.
What about Hector's combat pay? Yeah, what about that? We were in Africa less than a week.
That's less than $300.
Okay, but I got a great rate on that truck.
Actually, you didn't.
According to this, you got 20.
What? No, that's wrong.
It was in big letters on a billboard right outside the gate-- "3% interest.
" Cruz, you gotta read the fine print.
You didn't qualify for the best rate.
Those dealers will talk you cross-eyed and then get you to sign anything.
Is that legal? Barely.
Look, you didn't know better, right? Before you were married, the army provided you room and board.
And you didn't have a checking account either, so So we know how you got into this mess.
The question is, how are you gonna get yourself out of it? I don't know.
First off, no more payday loans, - no more credit cards.
- Are you serious? - What? - Dead serious.
If you can't pay cash for it, then you can't buy it.
I've arranged an army emergency relief loan, but that's not gonna go very far unless you guys change your habits.
Look, it's not that complicated.
The most important thing is that you set a budget and stick to it.
Just figure out what you can live on and what you can live without.
They're here.
Well, let 'em in, dude.
Here's your spoon.
Hi, Charlie.
Please come in.
- How you doin', champ? - Good.
Oh, hi.
I'm David Burton.
Pleasure to meet you.
I'm Nicole Galassini.
Oh, well, welcome to our home, miss Nicole.
Thank you.
Hey, Nicole.
I'm roland.
I think you know Joan.
- Hi, Nicole.
- Ma'am.
Nice to see you, Charlie.
Same here, Colonel Burton.
This is my sister Sara Elizabeth.
Can you say hello? Hello.
She's shy.
Oh, for you.
Oh, thank you.
How nice.
What a lovely home.
Yes, it is.
Please come in.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Hi, honey.
Uh, did you eat? I-I made a roast chicken.
I could-- I could make you a plate.
That sounds great.
Where are we with DC? Good news.
Everybody on your list can come.
So dinner at the Palm? Uh, no.
Um, they didn't have a private dining room available.
Did you talk to Maurice, tell him how important this is? Of course I did.
But congress is back in session and there's a medical convention-- Thoracic surgeons or something.
I tried.
So where are we eating? Oh, uh, uh, Bertoni's.
I-it's new.
Everybody says it's great, and they have a beautiful private dining room.
Th-there was nothing else, Kevin.
I had to pull strings as it is.
Um, so your dinner will be up in just a few minutes.
Could you please bring it into the study? I have work to do.
All right, Mr.
Nader has numbness in his thumb and tingling in the rest of his fingers.
What do you make of that, Dr.
Pfeiffer? Median nerve neuropraxia from hyperextension.
Any emesis basins in here? I think so.
Try the cart.
What about, uh, uh, motor and, uh, uh, reflex deficits? Wrist extensors and Brachioradialis? That's a gold star for Dr.
Hey, Gabriel.
I need you to pick up a positive blood culture from the desk, run it over to medical records, see if you can hunt down the chart.
I'm with a trauma and I have four other patients.
Maybe you can send one of your interns.
Well, there's no point in sending a doctor on a no-brainer like that.
It was Cyndi Lauper.
It was Pat Benatar.
Which was it? It was Cyndi Lauper.
Pat Benatar.
Nicole was singing "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" horribly off-key.
It was "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," but she's right.
I can't sing to save my life.
And why were you at a karaoke bar? I lost a bet.
Some jokers started to boo.
I started to cheer to drown them out.
So what could I do? I had to buy the girl a drink.
Not that she needed one.
I was perfectly sober.
So when was this? Three years ago next month.
Fort drum.
Ooh, Fort Drum.
Those are some cold winters.
Tell me.
What were you doing up there? Getting my master's at Syracuse.
You all set for bed? You gonna read to me tonight? You bet.
We gotta get to the Council of Elrond tonight.
"Lord Of The Rings.
" You know it? Are you kidding? I love those books.
Read 'em twice.
Twice? Wow.
Time to say good night.
Good night.
Good night, David.
See you Monday.
Hope to see you again soon.
You, too.
All right.
Forward, march.
Two, three.
He's one special kid.
Thank you.
And that Sara Elizabeth, you just want to eat her up with a spoon.
Roland and I feel very blessed.
I don't know how you do it, ma'am, raising a family and commanding a garrison.
I don't either.
No, you make time for what's important.
Or you try anyway.
Having the right partner, that makes all the difference.
Tell me about it.
Who wants coffee with their dessert? Uh, decaf? We've got that.
Can I help with these, ma'am? Oh, no.
You two sit.
You're our guests.
We're still over.
How can that be? We cut out everything.
I don't know.
I guess we gotta cut some more.
Okay, take off my manicures.
That's 60 bucks a month.
You love that stuff.
Hector, I can do my own nails.
All right.
You do that, and then I'll I'll drop my cable sports package.
Yeah? Yeah, I can watch whatever sports are on regular TV.
That's it.
We're on budget.
Hey, baby.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
I'm a man, and man's supposed to be able to provide for his family.
And you are.
Look, it's like Lieutenant Leblanc said, we didn't know better.
Now we do.
We'll get through this.
We still got each other, right? Right.
You okay? You haven't said anything for, like, ten minutes.
You were right.
Well, of course I was.
About what? The Burtons.
I had a great time.
Told ya.
You know, I want a life like theirs.
I want to be a good soldier, a mother, a wife.
What are you saying? You've waited so patiently for me to be ready.
I'm ready.
Nicole? When I was wounded riding in that humvee I was so afraid I would never see you again, never be able to tell you how I feel.
So what do you say? Are you asking me? I'm asking.
Th-then-- hen I want to hear it.
I'm serious, Nikki.
If this is it, then I want it all.
Charlotte Mayfield, will you marry me? Yes.
Yes, I will.
Okay, I get it.
You want to forget that kiss in Africa ever happened? Fine.
It never happened.
- Gabriel-- - No, this time you listen.
I know you're a major and I'm enlisted.
I know there can't be fraternization between ranks, but that doesn't mean you have the right to be condescending and rude.
Are you finished? No.
Believe me, I don't want to work with you any more than you want to work with me.
But since we have to, you need to act like a professional and you have to treat me like one, too.
That was, uh Definitely against the rules of fraternization.
We can't do this.
Yeah, it's too late.
Blake, I mean it.
This could ruin your career.
My career? Hell, they could throw me in jail for this.
How can you joke about it? I don't know.
So what do we do now? I don't know either.
We could Work separate shifts.
And no e-mailing.
No texting.
No contact whatsoever.
No contact whatsoever.
This is the only way.
This has to be the only time.
Deal? Deal.
Donna, your beers are up.
Wow, busy.
And we're down a waitress.
What can I get you? Nothing.
I just wanted to tell you, we balanced our budget.
Oh, really? That's great.
Hey, honey, where's our beers? Are you talking to me? 'Cause I could tell you what you could do with your beers if you don't take that meat hook off me, honey.
Now be a good boy and go sit down.
I'll bring you your beers.
Yes, ma'am.
You don't have to-- Please, I owe you.
These theirs? Yeah.
look at you and me, girl, it's plain to see Here you go, guys.
You good? Okay.
You ever worked in a bar before? Uh, just my uncle's bodega.
That's good enough.
What's this? You need work and I need help.
No, I'm not looking for a handout.
And I am not offering one.
This is a hand up.
Take it or leave it.
All right.
The boys over there by the juke box, they could use some help.
There you go.
Let's go to my bedroom my heart is burning till the world stops turning Got a minute, Sir? What's on your mind, major? Sir, I was just preparing the press release regarding commendations for Operation Javelin.
I see you have, uh, Captain Nicole Galassini up for the bronze star with "V" device.
I believe there's something you should know about Captain Galassini before we publish this, Sir.
Which is? It's personal, Sir.
Close the door.
Don't squeeze so hard.
You gotta go lighter on the buttons.
Got it.
I need two beers and a sex on the beach.
Coming up.
You know how to work a register? Yeah.
What's sex on the beach? One thing at a time, rookie.
Hey, if I'm gonna learn this job, I'm gonna learn it right.
You'll start as a bar back, then work your way up if you want.
Look, I'm a fast learner, Roxy.
I may be ignorant, but I'm not stupid, okay? Once Hector and I pay off all our bills, I'm never going into debt again.
I want to make you proud you hired me.
So What's sex on the beach? Okay, pay attention.
Shake and bake.
Pass me one of those tall glasses.
Little umbrella.
Sex on the beach.
So let me understand this.
Captain Galassini was observed kissing another woman at the assembly point the other night.
Yes, Sir.
And I did some digging.
She actually lives with that woman off post.
I see.
From what I can gather, there have always been rumors about Galassini, but nothing confirmed.
I just thought you'd like to know, Sir.
And now that I know What do you suggest I do? Well, Sir, I believe we have a technical out regarding the bronze star.
The African tribe Captain Galassini dealt with was not strictly identified as an opposing foreign force at the time of her mediation.
Even though they were pointing automatic weapons at our troops? As I said, Sir, it is a technicality.
But I've checked with a friend at JAG.
He says we would be on solid ground to withdraw the recommendation.
You have any idea the raw courage it took for Captain Galassini to do what she did? She saved lives that day, major.
Most likely prevented an international incident.
We should thank God we have soldiers like her.
But instead, you want me to penalize her because she happens to be gay.
I just thought that-- Well, you thought wrong.
The army tells me I may not discriminate on the basis of gender preference, and I will not.
But, Sir, you have been quoted as-- I don't care how I have been quoted.
The army has clearly stated its policy, and I will not tolerate anybody in my command who tries to undermine that policy.
Is that understood? - Yes, Sir.
- Good.
Now get outta here before I throw you out.
Frank, she'll fall asleep if you put her in the crib.
I guess I just like holding her.
Come on.
Want to give it a shot? Come on.
Ohh, sweetheart, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
Colonel Sherwood.
All right.
I'll be right there.
What is it? No idea.
Come in, Frank.
Shut the door.
I'm not sure if you're aware of the latest developments concerning Narubu.
This deployment's gonna need an awful lot of clarification.
And? Well, apparently there's some problem if you're staying within AFRICOM protocol Details continue to emerge in this story of the American aide worker who claims U.
troops abandoned a dozen orphans in the African nation of Narubu.
Rachel Miller of Fair Haven, Vermont, warned members of the 32nd Airborne Division that the children would face violence if left behind.
After the army pulled out, armed militia arrived at the orphanage and assaulted the children.
Miller managed to escape carrying the youngest child in her arms.
A later search of the orphanage by Naruban authorities discovered the bodies of four children.
Five more are missing.
The 32nd Airborne is commanded by major General Kevin Clarke, who was directing operations in Narubu at the time of the alleged incident.
The defense department has yet to officially comment on the allegation.
How'd you get this number? No.
No comment.
If you want to talk to General Clarke, you need to call the Public Affairs office.