Army Wives s06e21 Episode Script


Previously on Army Wives I wanna go back to New York.
You have to do what's best for you.
I owe you so much, Roxy.
I don't wanna leave you in a bad way.
We're friends, right? You're my best friend.
Have you ever considered becoming a nurse practitioner? Mm.
Why? 'Cause you'd be damn good at it.
They give exams, order tests, interpret results, write prescriptions.
Sounds like a doctor to me.
Well, I say go for it.
It was all a misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding? You kidnapped my son.
We told you not to contact him anymore.
I never meant no harm, you know? Since I got out, I just been tryin' to do good, keep on the straight and narrow.
And I wanted to be some kind of father to David.
And that's important.
He probably woulda been better off not knowing me.
I wouldn't say that.
I'm gonna be headin' back to Chicago for a while.
- What? - Hey, it's cool.
When I get back, we'll do things right.
A'ight? Kevin's humvee flipped I-in Afghanistan, and He's in critical con-- condition, and they're taking him to Germany.
Oh, my God.
So which one's Drew and which one's Wyatt? Drew has a mole on his left ear.
But when one of them is crying for a midnight feeding, I call them both the same thing.
And you don't want to know what that is.
Any word from Gloria? Um a couple texts.
Why? Where's Gloria? In New York.
What? Where have you been? I don't know.
What happened? Well, after Hector and Gloria filed for divorce Um, she went to the Bronx to be with her family.
She comin' back? I don't think so.
That's too bad.
I-I just really liked that girl.
Yeah, we all did.
What's the latest update with Jackie? Is it true that general Clarke's paralyzed? It's too soon to tell.
It's been a week, hasn't it? Yeah, spinal injuries are tricky.
They're coming home today, so we should know more soon.
Thanks, Ted.
That'll be all.
This room seemed like the best choice.
You know, you've got your desk and-- and it has its own bathroom.
What happened to the door? Well, the-- the wheelchair won't fit through with the door on, so I had them measure.
It's an old house, Kevin.
We could put a curtain over it.
Why don't we do that? Yeah.
Sorry to disturb you, Dr.
Burton, but Marcus Williams is here to see you.
Marcus? I don't want to see Marcus Williams.
You better see him, doctor.
Show him in.
Hey, doc.
Come on in.
I got it, Patty.
Thank you.
What are you on? Come on, Marcus.
I know withdrawal symptoms when I see 'em.
You were headed back to Chicago to get your life in order.
Yeah, man, uh, that didn't work out so good.
Thought you had a construction job.
Got laid off.
You know, did some day work here and there, but I couldn't make nothin' happen.
Ended up gettin' thrown out of my place.
So I started crashing with this guy I met in prison, and one taste, and I was hooked.
Stupid, right? Very.
Well I went to Atlanta to my sister to get clean.
And? She threw me out.
Why? I was stealing from her.
Look I know this look bad, man.
It look bad.
I-I came back to Charleston to be with friends, but they ain't want me either.
So you came here? You was always straight with me, man.
We can't take you in our house, Marcus.
Nah, it-- it ain't even like that.
I w-- I wouldn't even want David to see his father like this.
So what do you want? Help.
Help with what? What you think? Get clean.
Look, I came here because I trust you, man.
You came here because you got no place else to go.
And why should I trust you? No reason.
No reason.
But look If I don't kick this, I'm-a die.
I'm-a die, man.
I know that.
So please Come on in, Frank.
Good to see you.
Good to see you, sir.
I understand you had a little excitement there at the 100th anniversary ceremony.
Yes, sir.
We did.
And you are receiving the Soldier's Medal for your actions.
Well done.
Just doing my job, sir.
Above and beyond the call.
How's recovery going? Uh, good, good.
Uh, looking forward to starting PT once the docs give me the go-ahead.
I won't be far behind you.
No doubt, sir.
In the meantime, I am relying on you to keep me on top of things.
I don't expect to be out of theater long.
Well, that's understood, sir.
What do you got for me? Well, as of 0600, everything was quiet throughout our area of operations.
You're letting him stay in your office? It's just for today.
He needs help, Patty.
Well, so do a lot of folks, but that doesn't mean you have to give it to them.
I'm gonna get him to a methadone clinic this afternoon.
Just keep an eye on him for me until I get back.
Will you? Oh, I'll keep an eye on him, all right.
Hey, babe.
What are you doing home at this hour? Honey, I've got, like, a million things to do this morning.
Just sit down.
This is either very good news or very bad news.
It's both.
My orders came in.
I've been assigned Second Ranger Battalion at Fort Lewis.
Is that the good part? It is.
Well, congratulations, babe.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
What's the bad part? We report to Tacoma in 30 days.
Rox? We can do that.
What? I thought you were gonna say, like, two weeks or something.
- Really? - Yeah.
We knew this day was coming.
So now it's here.
No more guessing.
It's just moving the boys and the dog and everything we own - Are you trying to make me crazy? - No.
I'm just trying to figure out if it's you or the sleep deprivation talking.
And you know what? I don't want to know.
Can you get your butt outta here before I wake up? Yes, ma'am.
Try lifting your right leg.
How about the left? Try wiggling your right toes.
And the left.
Let me help you up, sir.
So what's the verdict? Jury's still out.
Meaning? Meaning, I see no improvement at this point sir.
But I will get better, right? I'd like to believe so.
With this type of injury, your condition could improve at anytime.
But? But it may not.
I will walk again.
You could.
But there's no guarantee, sir.
Yes, there is.
I just gave it to you.
I'm sorry I haven't returned your calls.
It's-- it's been crazy.
Oh, I understand.
What are you doing here? I brought Kevin in for an exam.
How's he doin'? You know Kevin.
He thinks he's gonna be back in theater next week.
Well, a good attitude's important for recovery.
How are you holding up? I'm okay.
Yeah? How's training going? It's great.
I'm on ER rotation this month.
In fact, I should probably get going.
But listen, I'm around tonight if you want to talk.
I mean it.
You shouldn't be going through this alone.
Gotta do this every day? Every day without fail.
Methadone helps ease withdrawal symptoms.
It's, uh, similar to heroin without the same dependency issues.
All right.
It's not a cure, Marcus.
You need to get into a rehab facility if you really want to kick this thing.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Only I ain't got no cash.
I made some calls.
I got you wait-listed at a state-funded center in Vermont.
Vermont? Ain't it cold up there? Hey, I'm just kiddin', man.
Vermont is great.
They say a spot should open up in three weeks.
Oh, three weeks, huh? You can make it.
It's just one day at a time.
Per your request, sir.
We've brought in everything you need to start your rehab regimen here at home.
It's completely state-of-the-art.
It's very impressive.
What about my bench and free weights? Those are off-limits, sir.
Benching free weights without leg support is too dangerous.
But if you want, we can search for safer options at the wounded warrior facility.
I, uh I prefer to stay closer to home for now.
Understood, sir.
I spoke with your medical team, and we have developed a full regimen for you to go through.
Shall we get started? Fine.
Jackie, you don't need to be here for this.
Uh, Captain Carrigan asked me to stay.
I'd like her to observe, sir.
If you ever want to work out and I'm not here, you're gonna need someone to spot you.
My wife? Your wife and your aide, sir.
I don't need an audience.
They're part of your team, sir.
Fine, Captain.
If you'll just come this way.
I got it.
I'm gonna start with some basic range-of-motion exercises.
Now With range of motion, the goal is to preserve the flexibility of the joints that aren't currently being utilized.
What you're gonna do is, you're gonna pull the handle Elevating your leg, as you can see.
I don't do anything? You pull the handle, sir.
Why don't you give it a try? Excellent, sir.
Now this is a bad idea.
It's only temporary, until Marcus can find somewhere else to stay.
Like jail? He has no place else to go.
So we're running a hotel for addicts now? Show some compassion.
But how does Colonel Burton feel about all of this? She doesn't need to know.
Now that's another bad idea.
He's a patient.
It's confidential.
You're the boss.
It's nice of you to remember.
Come on in, Marcus.
Look, we have rules around here, understood? You are restricted to this room, the kitchen, and the bathroom.
You are not to use the phone or any electronic devices.
And don't bother looking for Dr.
Burton's prescription pads, because they're all locked up.
Do I make myself clear? I feel like I'm back in the joint.
Do I make myself clear? Yes, ma'am.
Now move.
What's that for? Hmm.
So if anything goes missing I'll know.
So what do you think? I think it's cool.
I mean, a ranger battalion? Yeah, but how do you feel about moving, TJ? Uh, I mean, it's the army, right? I'll miss my friends, but everyone's gotta PCS someday.
Sounds like a soldier, doesn't he? Finn? What's the matter, buddy? Don't you want to go? Finn Remember how we had to start all over again when we moved here from Tuscaloosa? That turned out pretty well, didn't it? I think he's upset about the science fair.
When is it? Next month.
I guess you're gonna miss it, bud.
I'm not going.
Let me help you.
I got it.
I got it.
Do you need anything before I head up? I don't think so.
If you want to me to stay with you That won't be necessary.
I'll have my-- my cell phone on the nightstand in case you need anything.
Thank you.
Good night.
Oatmeal or eggs? Uh, no time.
Got a patient.
So early? It happens.
Kiss the kids for me.
Will do.
I love you.
You, too.
Marcus? Mornin'.
How'd you sleep? Okay.
Takes the methadone about a week to level off.
Uh, here.
It's eggs, bacon, hash browns.
My stomach's kinda off.
That's to be expected, but try to get something down.
You need the nutrients.
Um Hey, after we hit the methadone clinic today, I want you to try a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.
Man, I don't think that's for me.
If you want to stay here, you're gonna start attending meetings.
When I'm in sessions today, you can stay in my office.
And don't bother Patty.
Uh, I might be stupid, but I ain't crazy.
Eat your breakfast.
Bye, mom.
Finn, are you ever gonna talk to me again? Look, I know you don't want to PCS, but your only choice is to make the best of it.
And you can still stay in touch with your friends.
You can e-mail, you can text.
I don't have a phone.
Well, maybe we can fix that.
And you can Skype on our computer.
I hate the army.
Honey, don't say that.
You're very proud of your father and everything that he does to serve our country.
The army just Comes at a cost, that's all.
You're old enough to understand that.
And I'm really gonna need your help with this move.
May I go now? Do you hear what I'm saying? Yes, ma'am.
Okay, can I get a kiss, please? Bye, sweetie.
See you later.
Have a good day.
Give it a rest.
Kevin? Kevin.
Captain Carrigan said those were off-limits.
I'm starting light.
What? You're not supposed to work out alone, especially with free weights.
Ah, it's okay.
It's not okay.
You're just gonna sit there? Yes, until you quit.
You're being ridiculous.
I'm not leaving.
I'll just come back later.
Are-- are you trying to hurt yourself? I'm trying to walk again.
By bench pressing? By staying active.
Okay, but not like this.
It's dangerous.
I've worked out my entire life by myself.
Things are different now.
So you want me to stop being who I am? No, of course not.
I-I want you to be safe.
Kevin, I'm just trying to help.
When I want your help, I'll ask for it.
Morning, Patty.
Good morning, Colonel Burton.
Guess who forgot this for the umpteenth time.
Oh you know, Dr.
Burton's in group right now.
Uh, I'll take it for him.
Oh, that's okay.
I'll just leave it on his desk.
It's no problem.
What's going on, Patty? Nothin'.
Um, it's just that, I just don't think you should go in there right now.
Why not? Um, you You? Marcus came to me for help.
What kind of help? He's back on drugs.
He wants to get clean, Joan.
And you believe him? Look, I've got him on methadone.
How could you even think about letting that man back into our lives? There is no way he's getting close to David.
Do you hear me? No way.
Marcus doesn't want that, either.
So this is your patient this morning-- Marcus Williams? You lied to me.
- I didn't lie.
Marcus is my patient.
- No! No, we are not doing this.
I don't want that man anywhere near my family.
Do you understand? I want him gone.
I needed that.
It's important for you to get out, Jackie.
Do things for yourself.
Besides, Kevin's made it abundantly clear that he doesn't want me around.
Oh, I'm sure it's just his frustration talking.
Yeah, I-I know, but It's been impossible to talk to him since he got back.
I mean, he's just Pushing himself so hard, as if he's just trying to will himself to walk again.
Well, he's a Division Commander.
He's used to being in control.
That's what worries me.
What if he doesn't get better? Just let him know you're there for him.
That's all you can do.
And in the meantime, you're no good to anyone if you don't take care of yourself, okay? I've seen too many cases of caretaker burnout.
I gotta get to work.
A measure of leadership is how a unit performs when the leader isn't present.
Your men continue to impress in Afghanistan.
Thank you, sir.
How's the rehab going? Frankly, not as quickly as I had hoped.
The lament of every wounded soldier.
Well There's a difference between being wounded in combat and getting hurt in a Humvee rollover.
On a tactical mission in a war zone.
Not exactly how I wanted to end my career.
Your career is far from over, Kevin.
Let's be realistic.
I don't regain the use of my legs, I'll never jump out of an airplane again.
If I can't jump, I can't lead an airborne division.
True, but that decision is a ways off.
You just focus on rehab.
Let me worry about the Pentagon.
Roger that.
Call me if there's anything I can do for you.
Appreciate it, sir.
Looks fine.
I felt an MRI was indicated since the patient is under 50.
Denise, I said it was fine.
No need to explain.
I know, but-- Remember what I've been telling you.
As a nurse practitioner, you're expected to make decisions on your own.
If I approve your course of treatment, there's no need to second-guess yourself.
Self-confidence is part of the job description.
Trauma team to the flight line.
Trauma team to the flight line.
That's us.
Whatever we find out there, you're running it.
There's no way that Humvee shoulda been there! We were conducting a jump.
You never hold a field exercise in a drop zone.
Somebody screwed up big-time.
The driver tried to get out of the way, but one of my jumpers caught a gust of wind.
Blew him right into the gun barrel.
You gotta help him.
You ever handle anything like this? Not quite like this, but there's a first time for everything.
- Where do we start? - ABCs? Are you asking me or telling me? I can feel his breath.
Airway's secure.
Breath sounds are clear.
Missed his lungs, thank God.
Circulation? Minimal bleeding, but that doesn't rule out a severed blood vessel.
Pulse is 120.
We need to get him off of here.
How? - If we pull him off, he could bleed out.
- Easily.
This gun barrel's the only thing that's keeping him alive.
What do we do? Uh Uh Get the saw from the chopper.
Easy, Sergeant.
What's going on? Look at me, Sergeant.
Keep your eyes on mine.
Do not look away.
We're gonna get you outta here.
Trust me.
Okay? Good luck.
The Sinclairs are throwing a welcome home party tonight for their son.
Captain Sinclair, combat engineer.
He just finished his second tour.
They've invited us.
It's a nonstarter.
Well, I was thinking I might go, if that's okay with you.
Yeah, good idea.
Of course.
Show the flag for both of us.
That's what I thought.
Anything else? No.
I'll let them know.
This is Mercer Med 3-2.
We're 15 minutes out.
Repeat, 15 minutes out.
Roger, Mercer Med 3-2.
How you doing, Sergeant? Good, ma'am.
All right.
Just a few minutes more.
Walk in the park.
We lost the engine.
This is Mercer Med 3-2 reporting engine failure.
Attempting autorotation landing.
Position Charlie Delta Heading, 1-2-7.
Brace yourselves! We're going down! Stay with him.
Bad day at the office, huh? Well, we were lucky.
We're alive.
Guess it's all relative.
This was a Hollywood jump.
Hollywood? It was just for show.
No extra equipment, just doing it to maintain jump status.
Milk run, you know? Well, don't worry.
Dispatch knows our position.
Help will be here soon.
Roger that.
What's your name, ma'am? If I may ask.
Denise Sherwood.
I'm Wayne.
Appreciate your help, Denise.
Of course, Wayne.
How's the pilot? How's he doing? Oh well, his pulse is elevated, but that's normal given the circumstances.
Hang in there, Sergeant.
We got another bird coming for you.
- Dr.
Campbell? - I'm fine.
It's just a bruised rib, probably from the, uh, safety harness.
All right.
Sit down.
I'm fine.
Your heart's racing.
It's adrenaline.
You're bleeding.
Where? You have a tension pneumothorax.
No, I can't.
Maybe you got hit by something in the crash-- Metal, plexiglas? Unh-unh.
I didn't feel any Dr.
Campbell? Dr.
Campbell? Ready? Ah, ah Oh, good gir-- Good girl.
Yeah, Colonel Sherwood.
What? You need to hold this for me, Wayne.
Can you do that? Affirmative.
Pneumothorax, huh? Yeah.
Puncture to the chest cavity, creating pressure on the lungs.
How do you know that? Army first aid.
Funny what you remember.
Pulse ox is down.
Breath sounds on the right absent.
That's bad, huh? I need to insert a tube to relieve pressure.
Ever done one of these before, Denise? Never.
But you-- you can, right? First time for everything, right? Oh, he's in shock.
I do this, or he dies.
You can do this, doc.
I'm not a doctor.
Well, you You are now.
Incision site, fifth ICS.
Anterior to the midaxillary line.
All right.
Got the right location.
Can you move the light a bit? Perfect.
Right there.
Here we go.
That's good.
Right there.
Well done, doc.
Pulse is returning to normal.
What's that? Help.
Think they can see us? What are you-- What are you doing? My husband told me about this.
I'm going, Kevin.
To-- to the welcome home for-- for Captain Sinclair.
Oh, right.
Uh, give them my best.
I don't have to go if you'd rather I stay here.
No, no, no, go.
Just, uh, just tell 'em I had to work late.
Of course.
I-I won't be long.
Have a good time.
May I come in? Dinner's almost ready.
It's your favorite-- mac and cheese.
Look I understand how you feel.
I don't want to leave my friends either.
But going to a new place is an adventure, and you love adventures, right? I know you're gonna miss the science fair.
And I know how much that means to you.
But what if I could make it up to you with something really special? Like what? Like An electron microscope? Check this out.
It's a place called Norpoint Math And Science Academy.
It's a school in Tacoma for gifted students, and they have An electron microscope.
You know what else they have? An aquarium and an observatory.
And I talked to the principal today, and he said there's a spot for you if you're interested.
What do you say? Yes, ma'am.
Dinner in ten.
You're in good hands now, Wayne.
Good luck.
I got nothing but luck, right? Thanks, Denise.
Take care of yourself.
Oh, baby.
We were so worried about you.
Everything's okay.
Is Marcus gone? He's my patient, Joan.
I can't just turn my back on him.
No, you'd rather turn your back on me.
I told you, Marcus presents no harm to this family.
I don't want him around.
I understand, but I'm telling you, Marcus won't be coming anywhere near David.
I don't care.
Look, he's going to a methadone clinic right now.
And I'm trying to get him into a rehab program-- And I told you, I don't care.
Why does Marcus Williams scare you so much? Don't analyze me.
I'm serious, Joan.
Something's not right here.
The only thing that's not right is your refusal to listen to reason.
And for the record, I am not scared of Marcus Williams.
I can't stand the man.
There is a difference.
Why? What do you mean, why? He is a felon, a drug addict.
I'm through talking about this.
Kevin, I'm home.
Oh, my God.
Here, let me help you.
Okay, okay.
Okay, here we go.
Come here.
Come on.
You okay? Should I call an ambulance? No.
I just couldn't move.
I'm not getting any better.
Not yet.
Not ever, seems like, and nobody's got the guts to tell me.
I don't think that's so.
Face it, Jackie I'm through.