Army Wives s07e01 Episode Script

Ashes to Ashes

Male announcer: Previously on Army Wives [Explosion] Kevin's humvee flipped in Afghanistan.
He's in critical condition.
- I'm not getting any better.
- Not yet.
- Not ever.
- Hey, babe.
What are you doing home at this hour? My orders came in.
We report to Tacoma in 30 days.
It's never gonna be the same, you know? I'll never find a better bunch of friends than the ones I'm looking at right now.
You changed my life.
Brigade! Attention! You'll be leading First Brigade back in action.
Wish Claudia Joy could be here.
Well, it's not every day the First Lady asks you to go on a tour of military bases around the world.
Soldiers of First Brigade, once again, you have answered - your country's call.
- I'm going where I'm needed.
To replace a commander who was killed by an IED.
- That's the job.
- You stay safe, Hector.
Well, it's not really your problem anymore.
Hey, just because we're getting divorced doesn't mean I - don't care about you.
- You take good care of your - mom for me, okay? - I wish you a safe journey and - a successful mission.
- And they could never ever ever tear us apart [Thunder rumbling] [Lightning crashing] [Telephone ringing] General Holden.
What? [Exhales sharply] - Oh, my God.
Announcer: - And now, the season premiere event of Army Wives.
(Gears shift) (Seat belt release clicks) (Exhales) (Doorbell rings) (Ring) (Ring) What is it? Did something happen to Frank? Michael? She's gone.
What? Claudia Joy she's gone.
(Inhales) I just talked to her this morning.
She was in Germany.
She was coming home tomorrow.
What happened? Uh, she spent the morning at an elementary school.
In the afternoon, she and the first lady went to visit wounded soldiers in Landstuhl.
And when they got back to the hotel, Claudia Joy said she was tired.
She went upstairs for a nap.
When she didn't come down to dinner, they went to her room.
She was lying on the bed.
(Sighs) The doctor said it was heart failure.
It must have been the (Exhales) diabetes, the transplant surgery.
Her body was just worn out.
I should've never let her go on that trip.
Oh, don't say that.
No, it was too hard on her.
Could've happened anywhere.
Michael, she wanted to go.
You know her.
You couldn't have stopped her.
You told Emmalin? I came right here.
She needs to know, Michael.
(Cell phone beeps and auto-dials) Hey, kiddo.
I know it's late, but I have got some bad news.
(Birds chirping) (Sniffles) (Exhales) I don't know what to say.
I know.
She looked so healthy after the transplant, but the doctors cleared her for travel, right? Her heart just gave out.
(Crying) I can't believe this.
(Sniffles) Thank you.
(Sniffles) (Box thuds) Ohh.
(Sniffles) I'm okay.
(Exhales and sniffles) How's Michael? Um (Sniffles) you know, he, uh (Sniffles) he talked to Emmalin for over an hour.
I could hear her sobbing through the phone.
And then he stayed talking with me till after 3:00.
God, he-- he's just so lost without her, you know? Claudia Joy was his (Voice breaking) his anchor, um, and mine and God, I can't imagine a world without Claudia Joy in it.
All right, we-- we have a lot to do.
Michael's in-- in no shape to do any of it, and he's gotta watch out for Emmalin.
What can I do to help? (Exhales and sniffles) You can make some calls, if you're up for it.
(Opens zipper) Just let people know what's happened.
Uh, I made a list.
(Chuckles) Of course you did.
(Chuckles) It's what you do when you can't sleep.
I get it.
Uh, what about the funeral arrangements? (Clicks tongue) I have to call the American consul in Frankfurt.
There's a lot of paperwork involved in getting Claudia Joy's body back.
You up for that? You do what you gotta do.
Michael asked me to help.
(Sara Elizabeth) Daddy, I'm hungry.
(Roland) We'd like for you all to meet our daughter (Claudia Joy) - Aww.
- Sara Elizabeth.
It was my grandmother's name.
I like it.
Hello, Sara Elizabeth.
(Laughter) Come here, baby girl, and let's get you some breakfast.
I miss mommy.
She misses you, too.
Come here.
(Inhales deeply) (Door squeaks) (Birds chirping) (Door closes) (Crying) It's so strange to be here without mom.
I know.
She's never gonna be here again.
(Whispers) Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
(Sobs) (Crying) Oh, kiddo.
(Continues crying) (Voice breaking) I feel so bad.
I can't imagine what the Holdens are going through right now.
Which is why we need to do what we can to help.
(Exhales) Sorry.
I'm just a puddle.
Oh, we all are, honey.
(Sniffles) Did, uh, you reach Roxy or Pamela? Yeah, Pamela's flying in, and Roxy can't make it.
Really? Yeah, she's got her whole family stuffed into a van east of Nashville right now, and Trevor has to report to Lewis-McChord right away.
That's too bad.
I'll-- I'll take one of those, too.
(Sniffles) Thanks.
(Voice breaking) It just kind of hits you when you least expect it.
(Crying) (Gloria sniffles) You spoke to Protocol? They'll handle the, uh, the day to day with the Holdens.
But I-I circulated a-a sign-up sheet through the FRG to make sure their meals are covered for the next two weeks.
(Sniffles) Oh, will you let everyone know that Emmalin's a-a vegetarian? Right.
The news is getting out.
I've already seen some stuff on the internet.
I-I could talk to Public Affairs, be sure that they-- they issue a statement.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
(Clicks tongue) Okay, I-I should go.
I told Michael I would be there about now.
Here I'd been planning a homecoming for Claudia Joy.
Now it's a funeral.
(Door opens) (Sighs) Denise.
(Exhales) Why don't we sit down? (Exhales) I don't know where to start.
Uh I know her life insurance policy is in our safe deposit box.
I'll need to get to the bank.
Y-you don't have to worry about that today.
I don't want anything falling through the cracks.
It won't.
And I know we need to cancel her bank account and her credit cards.
I, um, I made a list, Michael.
It'll all get done.
What about her computer? I just realized Claudia Joy has all this information stored on her laptop.
I don't even know the password.
" What? Her password? It's "Amandalin.
" "Amanda" and "Emmalin.
" Oh.
You didn't know that? Maybe we should talk about the funeral, if you're up for it.
Have you chosen a mortuary? Swinton's did Jeremy's funeral.
They were very respectful.
Whatever you think best.
Would you like me to make the arrangements? Please.
You okay, dad? Have you thought about, uh, what type of service you'd like? (Clicks tongue) There's not gonna be a traditional service.
What? Your mother and I actually had the chance to discuss it, the night before her kidney transplant.
I didn't want to, but she insisted.
And then there's, uh, there's this.
"Advanced directives"? Yeah, power of attorney, my living will, that sort of thing.
Michael, you need to know what I want if something goes wrong.
Nothing's gonna go wrong.
But if it does I've been doing this for you every time you've deployed for the last 23 years.
You can do it this once.
I know.
This is different.
(Slides papers) And what did she say? She said that she had been to too many funerals.
She wanted a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate her life and scatter her ashes.
Ashes? She wanted to be cremated.
- No.
- Emmalin-- No.
She's gonna be buried next to Amanda.
I wasn't comfortable with it either, not at first.
But your mother and I talked about it-- I don't care.
It's what she wanted, kiddo.
She was very spiritual about it.
Your mother knew that we weren't gonna be assigned to Charleston forever.
By releasing her ashes into the world, - she said that she would always be where we are.
- No.
Let her go.
It's a lot to absorb.
(Sighs) (Cell phone rings) Um, sorry.
(Ringing) It's Frank.
Huh? Ah, of-- yeah, of course.
Excuse me.
(Ring) (Ring) - Frank.
- Oh, hey, baby.
(Helicopter whirring) (Chuckles) Look, I am sorry that I couldn't call sooner, but, um, well, we made it in one piece, though (Laughs) it wasn't easy.
Boy, I gotta tell you, I much prefer jumping out of airplanes instead of flying in 'em.
(Crying) Oh, Frank.
What is it, baby? (Continues crying) Baby, what's wrong? It's Claudia Joy.
(Continues crying) She's gone.
What? She's gone.
(Whimpers) (Continues crying) _ Have you spoken with General Holden? (Inhales deeply) Nah.
I thought I'd wait.
Denise says things are a bit emotional at the house right now.
You know our families brace themselves for bad news from the field, but we just don't expect to get it from the other direction.
How's Denise? She's broken up.
You know, Claudia Joy was her best friend in the world.
Hell, Claudia Joy was everybody's friend.
(Helicopter whirring) Morning, Frank.
Oh, morning.
Oh, here.
- Oh, thanks.
- Let me get that.
Yeah, I, uh, did a little straightening.
Dishwasher's running, okay? Thank you.
(Exhales) I've tried to clean up several times, but Denise keeps saying she's gonna do it herself.
And I'm sure she will.
She hasn't left the house since the funeral.
(Pants) It takes time, I know.
How are you holding up? Well, you know it's hard.
Frank, I'm here if you need anything.
Thank you.
You know, if you want to call your husband, this can wait, Joan.
I appreciate it, but right now, how I feel, if I dwell on it, I don't think I could reel myself back in.
Roger that.
All right, then our first priority is gonna be resupplying combat outpost Kansas and firebase Reno.
(Denise) Would you look again, please? My information is that the death certificate has already been recorded.
Thank you.
(Exhales) (Lowered voice) Um, vase? Oh, uh, lower left corner.
Yes, I'm here.
(Cabinet door creaks) Good.
And the body will be on the next available flight to bring air force base? Yeah, would you copy me on that confirmation? (Sighs) Thank you.
You've been really helpful.
(Beep) That didn't sound good.
Hmm? - The phone call.
- Oh, uh, yeah.
A little delay in Germany, that's all.
They can't find the death certificate.
Claudia Joy's body can't be put on a plane without it.
(Exhales) Who would've thought we'd ever be talking about something like that? It still doesn't seem real.
- Hmm.
- What are you looking for? Kitchen shears.
You know this kitchen really well.
Like my own.
Can we call a truce, please? I miss my best friend.
Me, too.
(Sighs) I don't know how things got this bad.
Well, yeah, I do.
It's all my fault.
I never should've talked to Jackie about Michael's retirement.
That was an accident.
(Sighs) Still, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Jackie's an important friend to you, and I was letting it get to me.
I promise, when she gets back from DC, I'll make a fresh start.
That would mean so much to me.
(Chuckles) Let's never let this happen again.
(Laughs) (Doorbell rings) That must be more flowers.
I'll get it.
(Door squeaks, birds chirping) Roxy.
(Babies fussing) What are you doing here? After you called, I talked it over with Trevor, rented a car, put the babies in the back, and hauled ass.
I'm so glad.
Is it okay that I'm here? I don't want to intrude.
Of course.
Come on in.
- Okay.
- Here, let me help you.
(Whispers) Okay.
What can I do? Oh, plenty.
Guests don't arrive for another hour.
Where are you staying? I haven't figured that out yet.
Then you're staying with me.
Denise-- It's settled.
(Babies continue fussing) (Snip) (Exhales) Dad.
Roxy Leblanc is here.
I thought you'd like to know.
Thanks for stopping by.
Uh, Jack and Alana Tyler.
He's city councilman.
Thank you.
Councilman Tyler.
So sorry for your loss, General.
Thank you.
She was a treasure.
I believe that Claudia Joy did as much for the Charleston community as she did for Fort Marshall.
That's very nice of you to say.
(Speaks indistinctly) (Exhales) Natalie Cummings.
Uh, FRG leader.
Her husband is Captain William Cummings, currently deployed.
(Michael) Natalie, thanks for stopping by.
I know it would mean a lot to Claudia Joy.
I couldn't get my benefits reinstated.
My buddy at the VA says, "You talk to Claudia Joy Holden.
" She didn't know me from Adam, but I'm telling you, she fought for my rights.
I'd be on the street today if it wasn't for her.
(Sighs) I'd like to tell the General.
I'll be happy to introduce you.
(Indistinct conversations) Your mother was a saint.
Such a loss for everyone.
She died much too young.
- But at least she went peacefully.
- She didn't suffer.
She's in a much better place now, dear, with your sister.
If you'll excuse me (Birds chirping) Put your hands up touching mine.
You don't have to do this.
Yes, I do.
I want to.
(Sighs) Your right hand is the gas.
Your left hand is the clutch.
There are two options for you-- to push in or to pull out.
The easier part is pushing on the gas.
You can hear it revving.
But what's really important is the clutch.
It's silent.
You have to trust it more.
Until you trust, you can't move forward.
Hmm? Is this how you taught Amanda? Mm-hmm.
It is.
And it's how my mother taught me.
And I hope one day it's how you teach your little girl.
Hey, you.
(Indistinct conversations) (Inhales deeply) Oh, let me get, uh, Denise and Roland.
I said hello to everybody.
I'm so glad you're here.
I couldn't get through this without you.
I know.
Me, too.
I was bawling my eyes out the whole plane ride.
(Sighs) You haven't seen Emmalin, have you? No, why? Uh, no one's seen her in a while.
I just talked to some people outside.
They saw Emmalin drive away about ten minutes ago.
Okay, um, keep an eye on Michael.
This is the last thing he needs to worry about.
- Of course.
- Where you going? I think I know where she is.
(Indistinct conversations continue) (Sighs) (Birds twittering, crow cawing) _ (Inhales deeply) (Sniffles) This isn't fair.
No, it isn't.
First my sister (Sniffles) now my mom.
This woman said that my mom died peacefully.
How does she know that? How does anybody know anything? My mom was alone when she died.
Nobody was with her.
"She's in a better place"? (Sniffles) Why do people say that? It's so stupid.
(Sniffles) Her place is here with me and my dad (Sniffles) and everybody who loved her.
She won't be at my graduation.
(Sobs) She she won't be at my wedding.
She will never meet her grandkids.
(Sobs) Why did she have to die? (Mouths words) (Crying) (Joan) I wish I was home with you.
(Roland) So do I.
- Do the kids know? - No.
David's been on a field trip all day.
He came home exhausted.
I'll talk to him tomorrow.
What about Sara Elizabeth? You think she's old enough to understand? (Sighs) Not entirely.
I'm gonna wait.
I don't want her forgetting about Claudia Joy.
No, we won't let that happen.
When she's old enough, we'll tell her all about her godmother.
I can't believe she's gone.
None of us can.
When's the service? Not gonna be one.
Not a church service anyway.
Really? Yeah, just family and a few close friends scattering her ashes at Middleton place.
That'll be lovely.
Uh, and we're not supposed to wear any black.
Claudia Joy wanted us to celebrate her life.
Call it whatever you want, there's gonna be a lot of tears.
Sir? Oh, sorry, Joe.
What's up? Sir, I have Colonel Sherwood from Bagram on the line.
He says it's personal.
Do you want to take it? Yeah.
(Beep) Hello, Frank.
Oh, good evening, sir.
Look, sir, I just wanted to say how sorry I am.
We're all gonna miss her terribly.
I-I know I will.
Thank you.
You and Claudia Joy were such a tremendous help to us when we lost Jeremy.
I just-- I just wish I could be there for you now.
And I appreciate it.
But under the circumstances, what you can do for me is focus on the mission.
Bring your brigade home safe.
Yeah? Will do, sir.
But, sir, please know that you are in my prayers, and Emmalin.
And, uh well, good night, sir.
Godspeed, Frank.
(Beep) Everything all right? Yeah.
We have dinner waiting in the kitchen.
Denise and Jackie wouldn't let me do a thing.
How do you do that? (Breathes rapidly) My superpowers.
Now close your eyes.
(Exhales deeply) You need to learn to breathe.
Actually, I've been breathing on my own for quite some time now.
Michael, come on.
You said you'd try.
Be serious.
(Inhales and exhales) (Breathing rapidly) Are you even aware the army's using yoga and meditation to treat soldiers with post-traumatic stress now? What I am aware of is that your breathing The Breath of Fire.
is causing a great deal of stress in my body right now.
That's because the Breath of Fire is charging your nervous system, 'causing sexual fluids to release into the blood stream, creating a rather indescribable feeling - of bliss.
- Mm.
It feels like old times.
(Babies fuss) Yeah, except we never pushed strollers together.
(Laughs) Yeah, except that.
And your husband was in the army, not some cushy security job in California.
(Laughs) And Claudia Joy was around.
That one's gonna take some getting used to.
That one we're never gonna get used to.
Promise me something, Rox.
Phone calls-- once a week, no matter what.
And we visit each other every year, even if it's just for a weekend.
No excuses, ever.
It goes by so fast.
(Baby crying) Oh.
(Laughs) What is it? Did you pull your blanket down? Aw.
They're really precious, Rox.
You want to take one home? Hell, no.
Some friend you are.
I like sleeping through the night.
- You've gone soft.
(Chuckles) - Absolutely.
(Jackie) These are the visitors from yesterday.
Michael's aide has a copy, but I thought you might want to follow up with him next week.
Great idea.
And what's that? Oh, uh, this is the food in my freezer.
People brought so much, there wasn't enough room at Claudia Joy's.
Just let me know when you need me to bring more over.
You're doing a great job, Jackie.
(Sighs) I hope so.
I'm-- I'm-- I'm really gonna miss her, too.
(Cell phone rings) (Beeps) Hello.
Yes, this is she.
(Beep) The mortuary.
Claudia Joy's come home.
(Cries and sniffles) (Mouths word) (Crying) (Crying continues) (Michael sobs) (Exhales deeply) (Sighs) How are you ever gonna get through all these? No idea.
How you doing, kiddo? Pretty crappy.
Yeah, me, too.
She looked pretty, didn't she? Yes, she did.
I just kept expecting her to wake up.
(Sighs) (Crickets chirping) Anything you need help with on the ceremony tomorrow? Oh, no.
There's not much left to do.
It's all taken care of.
It's just gonna be Michael and Emmalin and the four of us.
- Who wants wine? - I do.
- I'm in.
- Thanks.
Roxy? I don't think so.
Oh, come on.
You just finished feeding.
The guys are good for the night.
(Roland) Alcohol will be out of your system - before tomorrow.
- Really? Mm-hmm.
From one mom to another, I give you permission.
Just one.
A little.
(Pamela chuckles) Thank you.
You're welcome.
(Grunts) (Exhales) To Claudia Joy.
(Exhales) It feels strange, doesn't it? Her not being here with us.
Not being in her living room.
(Roxy) She's the one who got us together.
Well, she's the one who kept us together.
But it was Pamela, actually, who got us all together, delivering twins on a pool table.
Well, actually, the, uh, this little adventure started in Claudia Joy's backyard because she believed in hosting both enlisted and officers' wives.
I didn't know enough to be intimidated by her back then.
(Chuckles) Me, a private's wife being invited to a colonel's house.
I had to learn what a big deal that was.
(Pamela) Oh, I knew.
Believe me.
(Huffs) But I was such a mess back then.
The kids were driving me nuts, my marriage was falling apart.
Really? Pamela exaggerates occasionally, in case you haven't noticed.
Chase was being a total jerk and spending too much money, which is why I became a surrogate in the first place.
What I remember is, when the twins were born, you didn't want to take 'em home.
Yeah, but how could I? I mean what was I supposed to tell my own kids? The plan was to hand the babies over to their real parents, but they were out of town 'cause they thought they had another couple of weeks.
That's right.
So Claudia Joy took the babies.
One minute, I was in recovery, and the next thing I know, a colonel's wife is folding my laundry.
You really don't have to do this.
I've given birth, too, remember? Forget the flowers, the stuffed animals.
The greatest gift anyone ever gave me was folding my laundry and doing my dishes.
(Laughs) Please don't do my dishes, Mrs.
Claudia Joy.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Pamela, I-I know I don't know you that well.
Or Roxy, for that matter.
I don't even know Roland that well except his wife served with my husband.
But we were all there when you gave birth, an experience we will never forget.
You know that was the first time I ever called her Claudia Joy? (Roxy) It took me a while to figure out just how great she was.
And when I did, it was my turn to be embarrassed.
What are you talking about? It was right after Jeremy got into that fight at the hump bar.
General Holden declared the hump off-limits to soldiers.
I remember.
Things were tight at home.
And Trevor decided to deliver pizzas to bring in more money.
- You never told me that.
- Yeah, it didn't last long.
Why not? Trevor took an order for a high-school party off post, and Emmalin answered the door.
What? This is the first I'm hearing that story.
(Laughs) And of course, I ran in to Claudia Joy the next day at the PX.
It always goes like that, doesn't it? (Chuckles) I was so embarrassed.
I assumed she knew all about it.
She didn't.
This isn't like you, to be embarrassed like this.
Hey, I get embarrassed.
Roxy, the first time I met you, you were walking out of a bathroom stall wearing only a thong.
(Laughs) (Laughs) That's what I admire about you.
You don't care what other people think.
Well I didn't know you then.
It made it a lot easier not to care.
I think you're an amazing woman-- fierce, funny, loyal, unique, and completely nuts if you think something as silly as Trevor moonlighting could affect our friendship.
Okay, okay.
But think about it.
You're the general's wife.
I am the pizza guy's wife.
(Laughs) I wasn't always the general's wife.
When Michael and I first got married, we had tough times, too.
Really? Yes.
I felt like I could tell her anything.
And you could.
Gosh, she was the best listener I ever knew.
She was pretty good at giving advice, too even when you didn't want to hear it.
Honestly, I don't know if I would even be here today if it wasn't for Claudia Joy.
After we lost Jeremy, she, uh was the one that pulled me through.
I brought the girls here once for spring break.
Michael was away and, uh I thought it'd be fun, just the three of us.
I remember Amanda got cotton candy stuck in her hair.
It's true what they say, isn't it? What's that? Parents aren't supposed to bury their children.
(Seagull crying) How do you do it? How do you get out of bed every day? (Sighs) You just do.
(Exhales) I'm not as strong as you, Claudia Joy.
You find the strength you need.
And if you can't? You just, uh you hang on until you can.
Think of all the things you have to live for.
(Sighs) How are we gonna get through tomorrow? The same way we always do together.
For Michael and Emmalin.
For Claudia Joy.