Army Wives s07e03 Episode Script


Previously on Army Wives Look.
I can move my legs.
Soldiers of 1st Brigade, I could not be prouder.
And I send you back with a promise made by another general.
I shall return.
- Come here, fella! - Aww.
He's adorable.
He's a terror.
- Roxy Leblanc.
- Latasha Montclair.
- Denise Sherwood.
- Nice to meet you.
I didn't know we were in the pie business.
Well, we are now.
Gloria, meet Holly.
Holly, Gloria.
Maggie Hall, former Airborne.
Me and my husband and our two kids have been living in a single motel room.
Just hang on a little longer.
- Hands off.
- Ooh.
Didn't you hear her? She's not interested.
Come on, Caroline.
You've been in there forever.
I said give me a minute.
Just give her another minute.
Let's go, Caroline.
You don't want to be late.
It's about time.
You're such a spaz.
How about you be the stay-at-home parent and I reenlist? I don't think so.
Oh, come on.
Think of all the fun you're missing.
Tanner, what did you do with my phone charger? I didn't touch it.
I gotta go.
Have a nice day at school.
Bye, daddy.
Tanner see you later, bud.
Tanner? Bye.
I'm serious, Tanner.
Where did you put my phone charger? Well I didn't put it there.
More? No, thank you.
It was delicious.
Aww, I'm glad you liked it.
Oh, thank you, David.
Is there anything else I can do for you, Mrs.
Sherwood? I got it.
Sherwood residence.
Is Mrs.
Sherwood there? May I ask who's calling? Y-- yes, it's her husband-- Colonel Sherwood.
One moment please.
It's Colonel Sherwood.
Oh, thank you.
Why don't you and Sara Elizabeth go get ready for school? Okay.
Good morning.
Is there something you're not telling me, D? Yes.
I am watching the Burton kids while, uh, Roland is in Baltimore.
What's he doing in Baltimore? He's looking for temporary housing.
He's gonna be part of a clinical study team at Johns Hopkins for a few months.
Oh, yeah, right.
Joan mentioned something about that.
So you got your hands full, huh? Three kids and a job.
No, it's a good thing, actually.
Keeps my mind off other things.
Yeah, I hear that.
That's why I called, to see how you were doing.
I'm okay, I guess.
Um, it's just not the same without Claudia Joy being here.
It never will be.
No, it can't.
I still can't believe we lost her, Frank.
Hey, kiddo.
Hi, dad.
What's up? Nothing.
I just wondered what you're doing.
Getting ready for work.
Isn't it kind of early for you to be conscious? Ha ha.
I have to finish my sociology paper.
And after that, I'm all caught up.
I'm proud of you, Em.
I'm proud of me, too.
How's hockey? It's great.
Uh, we play Cornell next Saturday.
Get me a ticket.
Really? Yeah.
I'm not gonna miss my daughter beating Cornell.
That's so awesome.
I can't wait to see you.
It'll be fun.
I should go, I guess.
Yeah, me, too.
I love you, dad.
I love you, too, kiddo.
Hey, thanks for calling.
You're sure it's not too soon? Jackie-- Well, you just got back from Washington.
I need to rejoin my troops.
I know, but you can't blame me for wishing that you were home a little bit longer.
I don't.
I'll call you when I'm settled.
Deuce, help your brother and sister into the car.
I'll be right out.
Did you hear what I said? I just remembered.
- We're supposed to bring in something about our dads.
- What? For a class project on deployment.
Boy, we don't have time for that now.
All right.
Hold on.
What is this? It's an MRE.
Meal, Ready-to-Eat.
It's what your father lives on in Afghanistan.
It is? Yeah, it's a whole meal in that one little bag.
Uh, do I hear "thank you"? Thanks, mom.
All right.
Hurry up.
We don't want to be late.
How you doing, baby? Corporal Montclair.
Yes, Sergeant.
Grab two men and start drawing ammo for the platoon.
Roger, Sergeant.
Hey, Cruz, Truman, finish up here.
- We're drawing ammo.
- Moving out? - Eventually.
- When? Hell if I know.
Well, where are they gonna send us? I'm not an officer, Truman.
Translation-- "shut up.
" You married? Can you go 30 seconds without talking, Truman? I'm curious, that's all.
I'm married.
Want to see a photo? She hot? She's beautiful.
I'm one lucky guy, all right.
You coming, Romeo? Morning, Gloria.
Someone's been busy.
Well, like my mom says, "idle hands make the devil's work.
" I don't know about that, but I can use those pies.
They've been flying off the shelves.
Have you heard from Hector lately? No, but we are getting divorced, remember? Right.
Heard from Tim? No.
Not since his first e-mail.
Well, don't worry.
But why doesn't he write me? They're soldiers, Holly.
They got a lot to do over there.
They can't just sit down and e-mail anytime they feel like it.
They can't? No, they gotta get permission and go to a special tent with computers and everything.
I'm sure he'll be in touch as soon as he can.
It's just we've never gone this long without talking before.
Really? Huh.
Oh, good run this morning.
So Kevin's flight left on schedule? Jackie? He went back too soon.
I mean, he isn't fully healed, but you can't tell him that.
He just needs to be where the action is.
Yeah, I know.
Frank's the same way.
You'd think after all these years, I wouldn't worry.
The only way to stop worrying is to stop caring.
So how do you do it? You find a good friend to talk to.
- Right.
- Mm.
I don't get it.
How does it work? This thing gets super hot when you add water, right? That's how they warm the food up.
But if you put it in a bottle like this and seal the top-- boom.
It explodes? - Yeah.
- How do you know? My mom told me.
She was in the army.
Give me the hot sauce.
What's that for? Tear gas.
Thank you.
Boys, what are you doing? Run! Well, Miss Farrell's eyes are bloodshot.
Other than that, she appears to be fine, thank goodness.
Well, as long as a nurse flushed her eyes thoroughly with water, there shouldn't be any lasting effects.
Um, I'm a nurse practitioner.
I expect you'll be reporting this directly to David's parents.
Of course.
I'm sure they won't be too happy to hear about their son's involvement in making a bomb at school.
"Bomb" is such a strong word, Principal Davis.
It was just some heated water.
And hot sauce, to create a tear-gas effect, apparently.
Hot sauce, Mrs.
Hall? Ma'am? Tanner says you gave him the idea for this little experiment.
Not exactly, ma'am.
I told him how soldiers do all sorts of silly things when they're deployed to kill time, but I never showed him how to blow up an MRE.
I do think it's on YouTube, though.
But why would you tell Tanner about something like that in the first place? I share a lot of things with my son, ma'am.
When he asks questions, I give him answers.
Simple as that.
Well, in the future, please try to be a bit more careful about what you share.
All right, I'm gonna let the boys return to class, but I am also giving them two weeks detention.
In addition, I'm also assigning a special project-- a group presentation on the history of field rations in the US army, due in one week.
Excellent idea, Principal Davis.
I thought so.
You're dismissed.
That woman needs a vacation.
It's all my fault.
Why do you say that? My son was the ringleader.
Heck, I'm the one that supplied the MRE.
So what? Don't let Principal Sourpuss get all up inside your head.
She's right.
You give boys enough time, they'll make a weapon out of anything.
I remember being called to the Provost Marshal's Office once when my son was 12 years old.
He got caught throwing eggs at cars.
When I asked him why he did it, Jeremy shrugged and said, "I don't know.
" That's boys for you.
Once they hit puberty, they all go brain dead.
Where's Jeremy now? He was killed in Afghanistan.
I am so sorry, ma'am.
Thank you.
How are your stitches doing? Here, let me take a look.
Oh, you heal quick.
Uh, come in anytime.
We'll get 'em out for you.
You must think I am a magnet for disaster, ma'am.
First a bar fight, now this.
Hardly, and it's Denise.
So this group project-- I'd offer my place, but it gets a little crazy with three kids and a dog.
I am still living in a single motel room, so Well, we'll do it at my place, then.
I have a big basement, it's kid friendly, and you can bring your other children, too.
- Works for me.
- 7:00? Perfect.
Thank you, ma'am.
Uh, Denise.
I'll see you then.
_ Welcome to Forward Operating Base MacArthur, sir.
Thank you, Frank.
I wanted to check out and see what improvements have been made to the southern gate area.
Not much, I see.
Well, it's a work in progress, sir.
What's the hold up? Well, the ISAF delegated responsibility of the southern area to Afghan security forces.
It's been difficult to exert direct control or get a straight answer, for that matter.
We'll see about that.
Roger that, sir.
How's our latest class of ANA trainees? Uh, doing okay, apparently.
Attendance continues to be a problem.
So I've been reading.
"Dear Gloria, well, I made it over here okay.
The flight was pretty bad, though.
A lot of guys lost their lunch, if you know what I mean.
I mean, but I didn't.
I'm writing you now because we'll be moving out soon, and I might not be able to write you for a while.
I didn't want you to worry.
I mean, not that you would worry.
You know what I mean.
Well, that's it for now.
Hope you're good.
" I'm disappointed in you, Deuce.
It wasn't my fault.
Oh, no? Well, whose fault was it? Tanner's.
It was his idea.
And was he the one that brought the MRE to school? No.
And did you try to stop him when he told you what he was gonna do? I can't hear you.
No, sir.
You went right along with it, didn't you? Answer your father.
Yes, sir.
You know, you're getting older, Deuce.
You do something wrong, you step up, take your punishment like a man, you hear me? Yes, sir.
I'm sorry, dad.
I know you are.
Okay, now.
Let me talk to your mother.
- Okay.
- Hey.
I love you, son.
I love you, too.
Now go do your homework.
He's your son.
Yeah, he sure is.
I ever tell you about that time when I blew up that toilet with a cherry bomb? No, and I don't want to hear it, either.
You notice anything? Is that a new blouse? Sure is.
You like it? No.
I love it.
Did you punish him? Of course I punished him.
He's grounded for two weeks and no skateboard.
That is the last thing I need right now, Maggie.
If he was my kid-- He is your kid, Eddie.
So tell me, what would you have done differently? Tell me.
I want to know.
Let's not fight, Mags.
Why? That's all we seem to do lately.
Eddie, we have got to get out of this place.
It's been a month.
I'll check with Housing again.
You ready? All right.
Let's go.
You're really going to Colonel Sherwood's house? She's nice.
She's the Brigade Commander's wife, Maggie.
What's that supposed to mean? Just keep it in mind, that's all I'm saying.
No opening beer bottles with my teeth.
Got it.
I've sold a dozen pies this week.
They're going like hotcakes.
Well, duh.
Who wouldn't want the best pie in all Effingham County? Second best, Tim.
Oh, come on.
You and I both know the only reason Mary Dupree won that blue ribbon is because her husband is County Supervisor.
Baby, before you know it, you're gonna put Betty Crocker out of business.
Now, Holly, that was a joke.
It's just so good to see you again.
You, too.
I'm sorry.
You have a job to do, and you're not supposed to worry about me.
Now hey, I don't worry about you, because I know I've married the best girl in the entire world, the entire universe.
Are they treating you okay? Oh, they're treating me great, hon.
I am working with the best group of guys ever.
Part of the team.
I really am trying not to miss you so much, you know? Well, don't try too hard.
I don't mind you missing me, I just don't want you to feel bad, that's all.
So what else is going on? How's George? Oh, he's fine.
Although he's been sneezing a lot lately.
Oh, say hi to Tim, George.
Hey, George.
What's going on, buddy? Well, I should-- I should get going, hon.
Do you have to? Route Irish to the north is secure, sir.
Route Orange which runs to the south here has been giving us headaches.
We've doubled our IED sweeps in the area but somehow, every time we're going out, we're getting hit.
You okay, sir? Yeah.
Due respect, sir.
You've been going at it ever since you arrived.
True enough.
What do you say we'll call it a night, then, shall we? Very good, sir.
Frank, you want to walk with me? We'll go over tomorrow's agenda.
Yes, sir.
Night, Joan.
Good night, sir.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
It's good to be back.
What's the matter? I hate tea.
So why'd you take it? When the Brigade Commander's wife offers you tea, you take the tea.
Okay, the kids are all set.
The boys are working on their project, and Gabe and Nyah are playing candy land with Sara Elizabeth.
I love your house, Denise.
Oh, thank you.
Maggie, did you want some more tea? Please.
Excuse me.
Jackie, what is it? Turn on the TV.
Details remain sketchy, but multiple sources are now reporting that there has been an explosion at Forward Operating Base MacArthur in Central Afghanistan.
The American-led installation has faced Excuse me? mortar and rocket attacks in the past, but we have no indication at this point as to the nature of the explosion.
I was Skyping with Tim when the screen went blank, and now they're saying that there was an explosion.
I know.
I've got it on.
region, led by Taliban militants What if something happened to Tim? Just try to stay calm, okay? have become a matter of increased concern to the Pentagon.
This latest attack is a prime example.
Located in the Bagram District of Parwan Province, Forward Operating Base MacArthur houses elements of the 32nd Airborne Division, whose home is joint base Marshall-Bring here in Charleston.
The base also serves as headquarters for US troops from Fort Myer, Virginia, and Fort Drum, New York as well as NATO soldiers Michael.
I don't have any official information yet, Jackie.
Is Kevin okay? I haven't seen any casualty reports.
MacArthur is blacked out.
Everything's coming through CENTCOM right now.
The situation is a bit fluid, as you can imagine.
I-I understand.
I wanted to share with you what I do know confidentially.
Thank you.
Preliminary intel suggests a suicide bomber blew himself up somewhere inside the wire.
My God.
He may have been dressed as an Afghan soldier.
We don't know.
Nothing's been confirmed.
I'll call you as soon as I have something you can share - with your FRG leaders.
- Thank you.
I know it's hard, Jackie, but try to stay positive.
And don't believe the media.
Initial reports are-- Are notoriously unreliable.
You know the drill.
Would you do me a favor and pass this along to Denise, please? I-I'm actually, uh, here with her now.
Oh, good.
I'll be in touch.
Thank you, Michael.
It means a lot.
Of course.
Sir, Sergeant Hall, Rear Detachment.
Come in, Sergeant.
I'm gonna need someone to liaise with our division families.
Roger that, sir.
Make yourself comfortable.
It's gonna be a long night.
Yes, sir.
It was a suicide bomber.
And-- and no casualty report yet.
Michael just wanted us both to know.
God bless that man.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- You haven't been properly introduced.
- Oh.
Um, this is Jackie Clarke, wife of General Clarke.
- This is Latasha Montclair - Pleased to meet you.
- And Maggie Hall.
- Same, ma'am.
Um, please, it's-- it's Jackie.
Weren't the two of you at the town hall last week? Good memory.
You were having traffic problems getting to school.
Hope I wasn't a pain.
No, not at all.
In fact, the Garrison Commander has decided to open the south gate during rush hour starting next week.
You're the first to know.
Well, hallelujah.
I'm afraid housing is a little trickier.
I just appreciate you remembering, ma'am.
I know what it's like.
Kevin and I had to live in a motel room when we were waiting for housing at Fort Bliss.
Hated every minute.
Sorry to bother you.
No, no bother.
What's going on? You remember Holly from the hospital last week.
Of course.
Nice to see you again.
Thank you.
We heard about the explosion.
Instead of sitting around worrying, I thought we could do something to help with the FRG.
Make phone calls or something? Oh, that's really sweet.
Well, we're still waiting on some more information, but come on in.
- Hey, Jackie.
- Hi.
What are you two doing here? Our kids are down in the basement doing a school project with David Burton.
David Burton? Yeah, David and Sara Elizabeth are staying here while Roland finds housing in Baltimore.
I'm Jackie.
- Hi.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Jackie, this is Holly Truman.
Holly's husband's in Hector's platoon.
Holly, this is Jackie Clarke.
Her husband is General Clarke.
Really? Yes, really.
So anything new? No, but, uh, General Holden said he'd call the moment he has something.
Why don't we all sit down? Anyone, uh, like some tea or wine maybe? I'll have a glass of wine.
Yeah? Chardonnay? - Perfect.
- Works for me.
Got any beer? Now you're talking.
We can make that work.
Holly? Orange juice.
Thank you so much.
I'll help.
She's only 18.
How you doing, Gloria? Me? Um okay, I guess.
Yeah? Honestly, I feel kinda weird.
I mean, I know I don't want to be married to Hector anymore, but I can't help worrying about him either.
Sounds perfectly normal to me.
You know, just because things didn't work out between you two doesn't mean you stopped caring about him, especially when he's in a dangerous situation.
I'm trying not to think about that.
Yeah, we all are.
No, ma'am.
We don't have any information about an assault on the base.
And I encourage you not to believe everything that you read on the internet.
All right, ma'am.
Yes, have a good night.
Always happens after an incident like this.
You gave the right advice.
Rear D is a thankless job, Sergeant.
but it's vitally important.
Yes, sir.
I was looking at your file.
You've been with us a month now.
Yes, uh, correct, sir.
I PCS'ed from Fort Stewart.
You were in the 1st Ranger Battalion.
Yes, sir.
At a higher grade.
Yes, sir.
What happened? It's complicated, sir.
I've got time, Sergeant.
Well, sir my wife-- my first wife-- she was having some problems, and, um, let's just say they weren't getting any better, sir.
I was concerned about my daughter, and, uh-- Excuse me.
Yes, sir.
General Holden.
Go ahead.
Got it.
Six injured, two fatalities.
No names yet.
Let's not go anywhere with this until we know more.
Roger that, sir.
Updating our story on that explosion in Afghanistan-- we are getting unconfirmed reports that there were at least a half-dozen casualties, though the identities of the wounded and the extent of their injuries are unknown at this point.
In addition to American troops, Forward Operating Base MacArthur houses NATO forces from Britain and Canada, as well as members of the Afghan National Army.
We are still awaiting official confirmation from the Pentagon about details of today's attack.
We understand there is considerable What's going on? But a statement is ex-- Oh, nothing.
Um, just an FRG get-together.
I think you know everyone here except maybe Mrs.
Holly, this is David Burton.
Pleased to meet you, ma'am.
We were wondering if we could have a snack.
Oh, of course.
Um, pretzels and carrot sticks good? - Okay.
- Okay.
I'll take care of David if you want to take care of Molly.
Oh, great.
Uh, pretzels are over there, and the carrot sticks are in the drawer.
I think we've got it, don't we, David? Yes, ma'am.
He's so polite.
Yeah, he's a good kid.
Where's his mother? Afghanistan.
There you go, sweet pea.
Back to sleep.
You doing okay? I'll feel better when I get a phone call from Michael.
But part of me doesn't want it to come.
You know, I can't help thinking something's happened to Kevin.
I'm sorry.
I-I can't go there.
I know, I know, I know, I know.
I-it's hard not to.
I don't think I could handle another loss.
We have to think about those ladies in there.
in overall violence in Afghanistan.
According to the reports Okay, I think we've had enough TV for a little while.
Okay? General Holden will call when anything's confirmed.
They just keep repeating the same thing anyway.
How did the four of you meet, through the FRG? Uh, not exactly.
Uh, well, what happened was that-- We met at The Hump bar.
We just kind of hit it off.
Holly, how long have you been married? Me? Uh, six months.
Were the two of you high school sweethearts? Not really.
I mean, I totally had a crush on Tim, but I thought he hated me.
Why? Because he'd never look at me in class.
And-- and every time I looked at him, he'd turn the other way.
Girl, don't you know the signs? I guess not.
How'd you two get together? Uh, well, it's a funny story, actually.
Um it was the homecoming game junior year.
I was on the spirit squad, and Tim was on the sidelines.
What position did he play? He wasn't on the football team exactly.
Wildcats, go! He was the mascot, Whiskers the wildcat.
When I say "wild," you say "cats.
" Cats! Tim was really great at getting the crowd on their feet but he wasn't always paying attention to what was happening - on the field behind him.
- Go! Tim? Tim? Tim? Tim, are you okay? Holly? Am I dreaming? And we've been together ever since.
Aww, that's very sweet.
Yeah, like a fairy tale.
Oh, you don't believe in fairy tales, Maggie? I didn't say that.
Just not for my life, that's all.
Why, how'd you meet your husband? Ah, no, no.
Oh, come on.
That's not fair.
I told you my story.
Yeah, Maggie, it's not fair.
Come on, girl, spill.
Well, I am not gonna talk about my first husband.
That was a disaster.
All right, what about your second? Really? Okay, um I met Eddie on my third tour.
Where? Iraq.
I was a sergeant in Motor Transport.
Was it love at first sight? Uh, no.
Hey! When's this thing gonna be ready? You, under the truck, I'm talking to you.
I know you did not just kick me, Sergeant.
My team was supposed to SP 30 minutes ago.
What's the holdup? The holdup? Well, let me see.
First, it was your soldier who put this vehicle in a ditch yesterday when he ordered my driver to take a side road.
Second, I just got the right part from Kuwait an hour ago.
Third, your transport request was filed late.
Now, Sergeant, I can finish this job or I could deadline this vehicle right now.
Carry on, Sergeant.
Good call.
So how did you get from there to here? Oh, that is a whole other story.
Well, let's hear it.
No, that was not the deal.
It was how we met, period.
Now it's your turn.
Hey, I'm not bashful.
No kidding.
All right, so it was sophomore year at Spelman.
My girlfriends and I were at this frat party at Morehouse.
So I went up to the deejay, and I'm like, "can you play 'Hit 'Em Up Style' by Blu Cantrell?" Ladies if your man wanna get buckwild just go back and hit 'em up style What? All right.
The girl has good taste.
Nothing wrong with that.
Okay, so anyway, I asked him to play the song.
He promised he would play the song.
So I'm waiting and waiting.
so don't give love ain't gonna last anyway ain't gonna last I don't need it I'll just dance my life away oh I, I just wanna dance my life away yeah ah, ah Okay, people, last song of the night.
Now, uh, this next one goes out to a special lady I just met tonight.
Dance my life away Yeah, I'm g-- I'm going crazy.
What happened to "Hit 'Em Up Style"? Oh, well, that may be your song.
But this is our song.
Would you do me the honor? Baby, I apologize Hell, no.
For all the things that I've done You walked away? I wasn't gonna give that conceited such-and-such the satisfaction.
But I did have one my girlfriends give him my number, though.
Excuse me.
I have news.
Thank you, Michael.
Good night.
No Americans were harmed in the attack.
- All of our husbands are safe.
- Oh! Cheers.
Thank God.
Oh, my God.
The bomber was wearing an ANA uniform.
He entered the base with an Afghan platoon through the southern gate.
Was he a member of the unit? We're still trying to verify that, but it appears so.
Once he started for the TOC, the ANA Sergeant noticed something was wrong and stopped him.
That's when he blew himself up, killing the Sergeant and wounding six other people in the area.
So the TOC was the target, sir? It appears so.
Beginning immediately, we will be implementing stricter measures in order to safeguard our troops.
From our Afghan allies? Correct.
The attack convinced the Pentagon to further accelerate our drawdown, which means consolidating forward sustainment bases.
Sir? Your orders are being cut, Joan.
You'll be heading home with your brigade.
But I just got here, sir.
I understand.
But the colonel you replaced, he'd already been here ten months with your unit.
Yes, sir.
That is a tough break.
I'm sorry, Frank, but this whole situation is one big cluster.
Either we are here to do a job or we're not.
This drawdown means we are asking the Division to do more with less.
I don't disagree.
But orders are orders, right? I know.
Good morning, kiddo.
Did you get my text? I did.
Where'd you learn to use emoticons? Hey, your dad is a very hip guy.
Did you get my e-mail? What's an e-mail? Ha ha.
Yes, I got it.
And? And you can send as many tofu recipes as you'd like.
Until it tastes like a medium-rare sirloin, I ain't gettin' near it.
Dad, the whole idea is to get you off red meat.
Whose idea? Not mine.
You're hopeless.
And you sound just like your mother.
Which is a good thing.
Yeah? Absolutely.
So tell me about this sociology paper.
I'm pretty stoked about it, really.
It's about poverty in US cities and how race and gender can be major factors.
_ Good morning, Gloria.
Let me guess.
You heard from Tim.
Oh, I could just burst into song.
Well, don't, okay? At least not in front of Chief.
Your pies are about as popular as his gumbo, and the big guy has got a fragile ego.
Have you heard from Hector? Holly, I told you-- I know, you're getting a divorce.
I'm just romantic, I guess.
Yeah, yeah.
Go put the pies away.
Aye-aye, sir.
How you doing? I'm great.
How are you? Everything's good here.
Yeah? The news said that the suicide bomber was going after you.
Yeah, well don't believe everything you hear.
Really? Well, they say the bomber was only stopped at the last minute.
D, we were never in any danger.
Don't worry about me, all right? So how are things going with the Burton kids? Well, uh, it's been interesting.
Interesting how? It's a long story.
I'm all ears.
Did you know you could make a bomb out of an MRE? Hello.
Maggie, it's Jackie Clarke.
Can you meet me in half an hour? When you feel like a tear dropped in the ocean like a match lit and tossed in the middle of a wildfire Like if you screamed right now who would even notice Good morning.
It's all right So what are we doing here? What do you think? It's all right Really? Just became available yesterday.
Want to check it out? Absolutely.
You know where to run you know where to crumble in the dark when the world won't stitch your heart Good morning, ladies.
Good morning, Latasha.
You live here? I do.
It looks like the two of you are gonna be neighbors.
Well, there goes the neighborhood.
You want to see it? Open up, girl.
my love will know where to land know where to step outside the rain when your wings can't catch and break your fall