Army Wives s07e11 Episode Script

Adjustment Period

Previously on Army Wives You accept that invitation, this marriage is over.
Roland, I've made up my mind.
I'd like us to be friends.
Thanks, Maggie.
We're going home.
- You heard?! - They're coming home! Be advised that recent intel reports that villages in the vicinity of Firebase Reno have been abandoned.
I do not think we can hold, over.
Green? - Uhh! - Aah! No! Aah! Hello? This is she.
What? Quincy's in Germany in the hospital.
He was shot in the arm and leg.
How bad? That's all they told me.
I am so sorry.
He's alive, though.
He's okay.
Have you heard about Eddie? No, but that's good news.
When are you going to Germany? I'm not.
The cheapest ticket I found is 1,300 bucks.
I don't have that kind of money right now.
Can't the FRG help? They said they can handle some of the expenses, but I gotta get there on my own.
Latasha, you have to go.
I can't.
Even if I had the money, what about the kids, the dog? What about your sister in Atlanta? She's looked after them before.
I don't know.
Call her.
You need to be with your husband.
I can't.
I gotta stay here.
Holly, we've been over this.
Tim's coming home.
Time to go.
I just don't like the thought of you sleeping at The Hump bar.
It's only temporary, until my landlord finishes painting my new apartment.
I hate the thought of you sleeping all alone in that place.
I'm a big girl.
It's not gonna be the same without you.
No, it'll be better.
You'll be with your husband.
Come on.
Show a little enthusiasm.
For months, all I've been hearing about is Tim, Tim, Tim.
Now I finally get the chance to meet him.
And you're gonna love him, too.
Mm, I better.
I already feel like I'm married to him.
Hi, Maggie.
Have you heard anything? About what? I haven't heard anything.
And I keep telling her, no news is good news.
Gloria's right.
But what if Tim's dead? Look, if Tim had been killed, they would've knocked on your door by now, believe me.
Tim is not on the casualty list.
That means he's fine.
What about Hector? Is he on the list? Denise, did something happen? You know I-I can only give information to family members.
Denise, it's me.
What happened to Hector? He has a head injury.
Oh, my God.
But it says he's returning with the rest of the company, so it can't be that bad.
Thank goodness.
W-what about Lieutenant Clarke? Um listed with minor injuries.
That's it? Yeah.
Jackie will be relieved.
Come in.
- Hello, sir.
- Hey.
How's the ear? It's nothing.
Oh, come on.
A ruptured eardrum is not "nothing.
" I heard it was from an RPG.
Landed about 5 yards behind me.
- Docs say it'll heal on its own.
- Good.
Sit down.
You had some night, huh? Yes, sir.
You did a hell of a job, son.
I'm proud of you.
It was the men.
Men need to be led, Patrick.
I lost five of them.
there were so many Taliban, dad.
Our estimates are close to 200, against 30 Americans.
They tried to take credit for driving us out of the valley.
You denied them that opportunity.
Yeah, but we're leaving the valley anyway.
On our terms, not theirs.
Big difference.
Yes, sir.
Losing men that's the hardest part of command.
You will never forget the men who died, Patrick, but you also need to remember the ones you saved.
- Hey.
- Hi, Latasha.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
So sorry to hear about your husband's injuries.
Thank you.
We have some news.
Good news, I hope.
Maggie told me about your situation, so I talked to Joan Burton, who liaises with the Air Force.
You have a seat to Germany on a C-17 tonight.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Free of charge.
Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe it! I'm going to see Quincy! Thank you! Thank you! - Kevin? - Everything's fine, Jackie.
I just saw Patrick.
He's gonna be okay.
Really? But he was on the wounded list.
His ear is giving him a little trouble, but he's gonna be fine.
What about you? When am I gonna lay eyes on my husband again? Not sure.
I don't have any dates yet.
And there's likely to be an assignment waiting when I get back.
Any idea what? We'll find out together, as always.
I'm not gonna relax until I see Patrick.
Don't baby him, Jackie.
He's not the same boy as when he left.
Jackie? I heard you.
Bravo Company is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, sir.
- Logistics taken care of? - Yes, sir.
Uh, I got yet another call from the Army War College, Joan.
They need your answer today.
Yes, sir.
I've made my decision.
Respectfully, I'm going to decline the offer.
May I ask why? I'm going to retire, sir.
Not what I expected.
I know.
This wasn't easy for me, sir.
In fact, it's probably the hardest thing I've ever done.
But after thinking it over-- You don't owe me an explanation, Joan.
Yes, sir.
I'll notify the War College.
Do I look okay? Yes, for the hundredth time.
Are you sure? Tim always liked this dress, but maybe I should've worn something new.
Holly, Tim's gonna think you look beautiful no matter what.
Oh, hey, Jackie.
Hey, Jackie.
I didn't expect to see you here.
I have to keep Holly from becoming a nervous wreck.
I'm excited.
As you should be.
A-and I want to make sure Hector's okay.
He's got some kind of head wound.
Oh, of course.
I'm glad Pat's okay.
Thank you.
Hey, hon.
I can't believe it's you! It's me all right.
I missed you so bad.
So bad! Oh! - Mwah! - Hey, Cruz! Cruz, over here.
Meet Holly.
Holly, this is Hector Cruz.
This is my best friend in the whole world.
Tim's told me a lot about you.
In fact, he never shut up about you, ever.
Thanks for looking after him.
Hey, Hector.
Tim, this is Gloria.
Right! Hey, it's so nice to meet you.
Same here.
Hey, I got an idea.
Why don't we all get together for dinner tonight? You know, the four of us.
Um Uh, you know, Tim, that's really sweet, but I-I gotta work.
And, uh, I'm gonna rack out early tonight, Truman.
You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Come on, be with your wife.
Yeah, we'll have 'em over another time.
Okay, rain check.
You gonna be okay? What, this? It's nothing.
Get out of here.
- All right.
See you later.
- Bye.
Lieutenant Clarke will be, uh, the last one off the bus.
I didn't come to see him.
I came to see you.
Yeah? So you telling the truth? That thing really nothin'? I got hit in the helmet.
Knocked out is all.
Oh, my gosh.
The-- the helmet took all the impact.
You could've been killed.
Yeah, well a lot of guys were.
You need a lift? No.
There's gotta be a shuttle around here somewhere for me.
I don't mind.
You sure? Yeah.
Let me grab my duffel and my ruck and we'll go.
Men are all off, sir.
Sir? Time to go, sir.
See you tomorrow, Sergeant.
Roger that.
Welcome home.
You, too.
There he is! - Dad! - Hey, sweetheart.
Ohh! Mmm! You okay? Yeah, I just bruised a few ribs, that's all.
What happened? I took a round in the kevlar.
What? Y-- It's what it's designed for.
Come here.
So how you doing, buddy? Good, sir.
Welcome back.
It is good to be back.
- You hungry? - Starving.
Burger, fries, chocolate shake? You read my mind.
- Let me get my stuff.
- I'll help.
I could use it.
Come on.
Patrick! Hey, mom.
It's so good to see you.
Same here.
How's your ear? Oh.
It's okay.
You look great.
Thank you.
Why don't we go home? I've got a big spread waiting.
Hot turkey sandwiches with gravy? How'd you guess? I just need to get my gear.
Denise, thank God you're here.
- Rough? - Awful.
Oh, Janine.
I am so sorry about Will.
Oh, thank you.
- Thanks for the lift.
- Sure.
And thank you for the picture of my kid, too.
You gonna see him? As soon as I can.
I still can't believe what happened to Penny.
Yeah, I know.
She was just getting her life together.
I feel like I'm just getting my life together, too.
I should go.
I'm glad you're okay.
_ I know that perfume anywhere.
How you doing? Better already.
Don't cry.
Okay? Don't cry, baby.
I told Sophie that we'd call her later.
Oh, you know, she has a school break coming up.
Maybe we could take a trip to New York and-- and see your grandparents.
Patrick I-I thought you broke up with Gloria.
She said that? Actually, what she said was you dumped her.
What? N-- I said we had to put our relationship on hold.
Her ex-husband was in my platoon.
I I'm-- I'm just the messenger.
It doesn't matter.
I'm going to Ranger school.
I don't need any complications in my life.
That's great, mom.
Well, I should go.
Love to you both.
I told you I wanted to say hi.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You want me to call them back? No, it's okay.
So do you want to do anything special this afternoon? Yes, actually.
Something I've been dreaming about.
Name it, mister.
I am gonna take a long, hot shower and then an even longer nap.
Baker, I'm Latasha Montclair, Quincy's wife.
- Oh, nice to meet you.
- Same here.
The nurses told me you'd be flying in.
So tell me, Doctor, how's he doing? Your husband's leg is responding well.
The bullet exited cleanly without doing major damage.
What about his arm? The arm's a bit more complicated.
Complicated how? You can tell me, Doctor.
I need to know.
The bullet shattered bone and it injured nerves in his hand.
But you fixed him, right? He's okay.
Well, we think so.
You don't know? Mrs.
Montclair, the optimum window for that kind of surgery is 8 to 10 hours after injury.
We operated on your husband So what does that mean? It means his chances of full recovery have been compromised.
Compromised how badly? He may never regain full use of his hand.
Colonel Burton.
Got a minute? Certainly, sir.
About our last conversation, you caught me off guard.
I'm afraid I was brusque.
No, sir.
I have always taken great pride in your career, Joan.
I've considered you my protege.
So in a way, your victories have been my victories.
I'm flattered.
And regarding the War College, as they say, many are called, but few are chosen.
I thought you could've been one of those few.
You had a real shot at a star.
But what I mean to say is, I respect your decision.
Thank you.
Sir the thought of going to the War College, the possibility of serving at the highest level has always been my dream.
You made me believe in that dream.
And I will always be grateful.
I hope you know that.
I do.
But Roland has been there every step of the way, making sacrifices for my career.
Now it's time for me to support him and his dreams.
I want to do this, sir.
For Roland, for my marriage and my family.
And I support that wholeheartedly.
For what it's worth, Joan, I would trade all of these stars for one more day with Claudia Joy.
I will miss you.
But I will always be proud of you.
Carry on, Colonel.
Who wants seconds? - I do.
- Me, too.
Mags, this is great.
Where'd you get it? Ha ha.
She's gotten really good.
I guess so.
Latasha's been giving me lessons.
Yeah, she couldn't boil eggs before.
Thank you, Caroline.
So, um how was Afghanistan? Did you kill anyone over there? Tanner.
What? You don't ask questions like that.
Why not? Because it's rude, that's why.
If Eddie wants to talk about it, he'll talk about it.
It's okay.
When I was his age, I would've asked the same thing.
You know what? The fact is, Tanner, when you get back you don't-- you don't think about the enemy.
You think about the friends you lost.
No worries.
Could you, uh, could you pass the rice? Sure.
How did it go with Janine Collins? Oh, her husband was only They have a toddler Molly's age.
They're all such babies.
I'm sorry I couldn't be there.
Oh, please.
You have a son to pamper.
If he'll let me.
Problems? Kevin warned me, but I didn't believe him.
Patrick-- he's not the same.
How? He's, um older.
You know, sadder.
Oh, and another thing, he saw Gloria at the assembly point with Hector.
What? You should've seen the look on his face.
He keeps acting like he's over Gloria Mm.
But he's not.
He's got it bad for that girl.
Hey, yourself.
You want a beer? Nah.
I just came to show you something.
That's my son.
That's wonderful, Hector.
Look, Gloria, I almost died over there.
Coming that close it really makes you think, you know? My biggest regret is how much I hurt you, how I messed up the best thing I ever had.
You don't gotta say anything.
I never stopped thinking about you over there.
Not once.
I just want to say, I'm sorry.
Tired? Not really.
'Cause I had a little exercise in mind.
I can deal with that.
Oh, ribs.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
I think defensive measures are called for.
That's very nice.
I bought it specially for tonight.
You know, I'm kind of tired, though, hon.
Maybe tomorrow, okay? Okay.
I understand.
The company has had three DUIs in the last week.
Guys, you have got to take this seriously.
Do not drink and drive.
If you drink and you need a ride, call me, anytime, anywhere.
Believe me, I will not be angry.
What will piss me off is if I get a call that one of you has wrapped himself around a telephone pole and got killed or killed somebody else.
Understood? Yes, Sergeant.
Now for some good news.
Corporal Montclair is back from Landstuhl.
He is at Mercer, and I expect all of you to go see him.
Lieutenant, anything else? Not at this time, Sergeant.
Oh, wait.
I do have, uh, one more piece of business that I forgot about.
Cruz, get your ass up here.
On the double, private.
Attention to orders.
The Secretary of the Army has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and professional excellence of Private First Class Hector Cruz.
In view of these qualities and his demonstrated leadership potential and dedicated service to the US army, he is therefore promoted to Corporal.
Good job, Cruz.
Thank you, Sergeant.
That is all for today.
Fall out.
- Whoo! - Congratulations, Corporal.
Thank you, sir.
Corporal Cruz.
Has kind of a nice ring to it, don't you think? Ah, shut up, Truman.
Thanks, man, - appreciate it.
- Good job, Cruz.
See, daddy, that's you.
You're fishing.
Look at that.
I am.
Thank you, sweetheart.
I love it.
All right.
Let's hang it up so daddy can see it, okay? When can we go fishing again, dad? Me, too.
Uh, soon.
We'll all go.
When? As soon as the doctors say so.
Now stop pestering your father.
Hey, how's Tucker? He ate my sneaker.
What? It's not funny.
Sneakers cost money.
Well, I'll tell you what, when we bring Tucker here, he can have my hospital food.
It tastes like sneakers.
Sounds like someone's having fun.
How's our patient? Great.
Better every day.
Okay, Radiology will be in soon for another X-ray.
Thank you.
Bye, kids.
Be right back.
Uh, Denise, you got a second? Sure.
How's he doing, really? Well, Quincy's leg is recovering rapidly.
We don't see any problem there.
But his arm-- the doctor at Landstuhl said he might not fully recover.
It's too soon to tell.
But he could be out of the army.
I wouldn't go down that road.
I can't help it.
If Quincy gets separated, we lose all medical benefits for the family.
What do we do about Gabe, his CF? What if the kids have other problems? Look, if Quincy can't continue as a soldier, he'll find another job, right? Not as a chef.
Not if he can't use his hand.
Slow down, Latasha.
I've seen plenty of people like Quincy fully recover.
Really? Really.
Thanks, Denise.
Well, sir, 2nd Battalion's on its way home.
Roger that.
It's all winding down, Frank.
Yes, sir.
You know, sir, if I may, Lieutenant Clarke did an outstanding job defending Firebase Reno.
Thank you.
That was quite a battle.
We could've lost them all.
Yes, sir.
It's funny, in a few months of service, Patrick has seen more direct combat than I've seen in a lifetime.
Just the way the cards are dealt.
True enough, sir.
I just wonder how history is gonna judge us.
What we've accomplished here, I mean.
I lost a son in this war.
You almost lost yours.
I'd like to think that it all meant something.
But you're not sure.
Are you, sir? How we conduct ourselves, Frank, that's all we really control.
It's the soldiers to your left and the soldiers to your right who know what you did-- in the end, I've come to believe theirs are the only opinions that matter.
Roger that, sir.
Hey, Corporal.
What happened? Did I die and go to hell? How you feelin', Corporal? I'm fine.
I'm just fine.
You see? I told you he was fakin' it.
Oh, I brought you something.
What you got there? - Oh.
- Your magic juju.
You brought my spices? He refused to leave Reno without 'em.
Thank you, Truman.
You, uh you notice anything different? Oh, lord.
They done made you a Corporal.
What is this army coming to? Hey, watch it.
You don't outrank me anymore, Quincy.
Congratulations, man.
Hey, all the guys are getting together at Mankowski's to celebrate.
Don't suppose you could make it? Nah, not yet.
But soon, though.
Yeah? Really? Oh, don't you worry, Truman.
I'll be busting your balls again before you know it.
Holly! Oh.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
Don't worry about it.
What's going on? Nothing.
Holly, this is your roomie, remember? We can tell each other anything.
What's going on? Tim's tired, that's all.
And? He hasn't touched me since he's been back.
Really? You haven't Not even close.
Oh, Holly.
Remember what Denise said the other night, how's there's always an adjustment period? What if he doesn't love me anymore? Krystal take over for a while, okay? I'm gonna take Holly home.
Come one.
Let's get outta here.
How long till we eat, Grill Master? You can't rush perfection.
Sergeant Hall.
No, you did the right thing.
Just keep him there.
I'll-- I'll be there as soon as I can.
Save one for me? Come on.
Oh, there you go.
You guys are the best.
I love you guys.
That's it, Truman.
One foot in front of the other.
- Where are we going? - Home, Truman.
We're taking you home.
- No, no.
Let's go back.
- No, no, no, no.
Come on.
Come on.
No, I want to be with my Come on.
Come on.
Uh, Tim, what happened? We had-- we had a party for Hector.
Just wanted to make sure your husband got home okay, ma'am.
Oh, thank you.
Uh, Tim's never been much of a drinker.
No kidding.
Um, he's underage.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
What did he have? The question is, what didn't he have? Oh, man.
Hi, Gloria.
Hey, Tim.
Ma'am, where's the bedroom? Uh, he needs to sleep this off.
Yeah, it's this way.
No, I-I got him.
You sure? Yeah.
Come on, buddy.
What are you doing here? Uh, I was just visiting.
Why were they throwing a party for you? Uh, I got promoted.
Really? Yeah.
I'm a corporal now.
Hector, congratulations.
That's great.
I know, right? So how'd you like to go out to dinner tonight? Let an NCO take you out for a nice meal.
Yeah? Oh.
It's like Grand Central around here.
What are you doing here? We need to talk.
This really isn't a good time.
Who is it? Cruz.
Okay, Truman's in bed and Lieutenant.
Sergeant Hall, what are you doing here? Uh, Truman was, um under the weather, and, uh, Corporal Cruz just asked me to look in on him.
He's-- he's gonna be okay.
Glad to hear it.
Well, since everything's taken care of, I guess there's no reason for me to stay.
Yeah, I'm-- I'm gonna be in the car, Cruz.
Yes, Sergeant.
- Ma'am.
- Nice seeing you.
I-I had no idea Patrick was coming over.
I-I haven't seen him since you've all been home.
Are we still on for tonight? Yeah.
Pick me up at The Hump.
All right.
I'll see you then.
That's better.
So I was thinking, when this is all behind us, maybe I go back to work, huh? What? Uh, just part-time.
You know, the kids are getting bigger and-- No, the kids are small, Latasha.
They need their mother around.
Where's this coming from? No place.
Yeah? It's just, money's been a little short.
That's all.
And why is that? You know me, Quincy.
I'm tight with a dollar.
I know you are.
That's why I'm asking.
What is going on? It's not just one thing.
It's a lot of things.
The vet bill for the dog, that right there was $500.
Trumpet lessons for Deuce.
I had expenses in Landstuhl.
Okay, but that's-- that's temporary.
We tighten up the belt for a few months, we'll be back to normal.
So there's no need for you to go back to work.
Well, maybe not right away.
But-- Latasha, I'm gonna be fine.
Of course you are.
But what if you aren't? What if you have to leave the army? I'm gonna be back to work in no time.
Okay, baby? I don't want you to worry about something that's not even gonna happen.
You hear me? Look at me.
Baby, I promise.
Everything is gonna be all right.
Now come here.
Don't you worry.
The dark lady? Sorry, daddy.
Ah, I thought this was a family game.
All's fair in love and war.
Yeah, and hearts.
Not again.
I'm sorry.
I have to take this.
Dad, we're in the middle of a game.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
Sergeant Hall.
You can't let em kick me out, Sergeant.
Well, what do the doctors say? Right now, they-- they say I got a 60% chance of being medically separated.
It's not good.
And I haven't even told Latasha yet.
But she's gonna find out soon enough.
She's already freaking out about losing our benefits, what that's gonna mean for the family.
Well, I can certainly understand that.
I mean, especially with Gabe's problems.
If I leave the army, ain't nobody gonna insure me for that boy.
Not nearly enough, anyway.
You don't know that.
Oh, come on, Sergeant.
We both know how it is out there.
An army vet with a bad paw? Who's gonna hire me? Plenty of people hire vets, Quince.
Yeah? Well, I never heard of any of 'em.
And neither have any of my friends.
All I know how to do on the outside is be a chef.
And I can't do that if I can't close my hand.
Look, Quince, we don't We don't know what's gonna happen yet.
I'll re-class, Sergeant.
I'll-- whatever it takes, I will do it.
I just cannot lose my benefits.
My family won't make it.
Promise me you will do whatever you can to help me stay in.
I promise.
I promise you.
Tim? Hey.
Feelin' better? You don't have to walk me to my door.
I don't mind.
I feel kind of strange, dropping you off here.
My apartment will be ready next week.
It was fun.
Yeah, it was.
I'd invite you in, but you know.
Nah, I get it.
You think we could do this again sometime? Sure.
Well Good night, Gloria.
Can't sleep, that's all.
You want some company? No, thanks, mom.
I'll turn in soon.
I'll see you in the morning.