Army Wives s07e13 Episode Script

All or Nothing

Previously on Army Wives Maybe next time you could let me know before you jump a plane to hell and gone? Is that a professional request, sir? No, Colonel.
It isn't.
Well, what did the doctors say? They say I got a 60% chance of being medically separated.
If Quincy gets separated, we lose all medical benefits for the family.
_ Help you? I have some pearls.
You think we could do this again sometime? Sure Corporal.
You had a chance to think about things? Not really.
I mean, I've been so busy, and-- Listen to me.
If it wasn't for you, we'd all be dead.
You saved our platoon, Truman.
You saved my life.
No! Tim Stop! Tim, please What are you doing? Morning, Colonel.
I was gonna call you.
DOD has put a rush on that joint base report.
When do they need it? - Yesterday.
- Of course.
They really are pushing, sir.
I think it's because we set such a good example here at Marshall-Bring.
Must be.
Unfortunately, my day is booked solid.
Yeah, mine, too.
Are you free tonight? We could do a dinner meeting at my office.
Yes, I could do that.
- 1900? - Done.
I'll order some sandwiches.
What would you like? Surprise me.
Hey, baby.
Frank? What are you doing here? What happened? Hey, you wanna just set those down anywhere? Yes, sir.
Um Thank you.
What is going on? No, no, no.
First things first.
- Oh.
- Mm.
I have missed you.
Oh, me, too.
Hiya, princess.
Oh, don't be shy, honey.
It's daddy.
- And, boy, have I missed you.
- Come on.
- That's my girl.
- Okay.
So what happened? Well, I got my orders to come home early, so I thought I'd surprise you.
And And, well, I guess I was in too much of a hurry to get home and, uh I fell down the steps deplaning in Germany.
Oh, Frank.
I know.
Right? After all I've been through.
Well, how bad is it? It's a broken ankle.
Oh, honey, I'm just glad you're home.
Me, too.
You're up early.
How'd you sleep? Okay.
Oh, sorry.
I hope you didn't want any.
I'm gonna hop in the shower.
Hey, Holly.
Nice touch.
What? The scarf.
It's cute.
You okay? Yeah.
Look who's here.
How can I help you, Lieutenant? Have dinner with me on Tuesday.
Before you say no, I'm not pushing you to start over.
Really? So what are you doing? Asking you to dinner.
Well, I'm afraid I don't see the difference.
Well, the difference is, once we have dinner, then I'll talk to you about starting over.
You'll think better on a full stomach.
So what do you say? I don't know.
I was thinking we could try a restaurant with walls this time? - Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Maybe even a waiter, unless it's too much for you.
I'm not sure I can handle it.
Oh, make an effort.
Talk about a turnaround.
Who knew Caroline was this good with kids? She loves it.
You done good, Maggie.
I'm just glad she's happy.
Hut! Hut! One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand! Aah! Oh! That's what I'm talking about! What? Looks like everybody's too busy for cake right now.
Oh, they'll get around to it.
Thanks for having us over.
Yeah, especially with everything going on right now, with your retirement ceremony and packing.
Well, I wanted the boys to have at least one more chance to play together before we go.
- Yeah! - Hey, dad, a little help? Thanks, dad.
Really glad Quincy could make it.
It's killing him, not being able to play.
He will again.
I hope.
The medical review board meets this week and, uh, I guess we'll finally know where we stand.
Plant us a defense right here.
- Lieutenant.
- Cruz.
Hey, Lieutenant? Listen, sir, I saw you and Gloria at The Hump bar today.
And I gotta know-- are you guys back on? 'Cause I thought you had told me it was over between you two.
I did tell you that.
And I meant it.
It was over, Cruz.
While we were in theater.
And now? Now things are different.
Why? You're still leader of the platoon.
Yeah, but I'm going to Ranger School soon, and when I get back, uh, you and I, we might not be in the same chain of command anymore.
Roger that.
So what's the story? You going out with her? Kind of.
Why, are you trying to get back with Gloria? We went out the other night, and she made me think I have a shot.
Really? That's interesting.
Yeah, it is.
I'm just a little confused, okay? I just don't get it is all.
Well, that makes two of us.
I didn't ask for this, Hector, believe me.
Look, all I want to know is if I'm an idiot for thinking about you.
No, you're not an idiot.
I just need some time.
All right.
Well, how much time? Before Lieutenant Clarke goes off to Ranger School? Ranger School? - What, you didn't know? - No.
He'll be gone for months.
Listen, Gloria, I'm all in.
I'm not going anywhere.
Just think about that.
Ranger School? Really? - I was gonna tell you - When? Hey, slow down, Gloria.
Until yesterday, I wasn't even sure you were gonna talk to me anymore.
What about you and Hector? What's that about? He's my ex.
I still care about him.
So where does that leave me? I don't know.
I I care about you, too.
- Well? - I know.
I gotta make up my mind.
Yeah, you do.
You were all that I wanted I fell in love with all of your heart and your soul from that moment I couldn't imagine you ever hurting me or mistreating my love I should have known rivers of teardrops these sharp pains in my heart if this was the way that you love you never should have loved me never should have loved me you never should have loved me never should have loved me you never should have never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me 'cause everything that you would do everything that you would do it made me fall in love with you it made me fall in love with you until you left and you made that mistake now I can't take you back if I wanted to oh oh until you left and you made that mistake now I can't take you back if I wanted to yeah, yeah mm mm-mm mm-mm-mm "It was important to Amy that they hold themselves high.
Women with courage, confidence, and character.
'Forward, march!' And with that, Platoon 4038 quick-timed onto the parade deck.
" Thanks again to our special guest, Tanya Biank.
Now I've read "Undaunted," and I can tell you, it is a great book about our women in uniform.
Thank you, Jackie.
Tanya will be signing copies right here, and if you'd like to ask her any questions, she'll be happy to answer them.
Terrific event.
Thank you for organizing it.
Of course.
Jackie, I'd like you to meet my daughter Jordan.
Jordan, Jackie Clarke, wife of General Clarke.
A pleasure, ma'am.
Same here, Jordan.
I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Far enough.
She's going Army - when she graduates from the Citadel.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- Yes, ma'am.
I want to fly Apache helicopters.
Good for you.
You know, my son is a West Point grad who just got back from Afghanistan.
I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you.
That would be awesome, ma'am.
Let's make that happen.
Thank you.
Should we get our book signed? Absolutely.
- See you later.
- Bye.
We found a great house outside Baltimore with an acre of land.
An acre.
I know.
And the best schools in the district.
Sounds really wonderful, Roland.
What about your practice here? Uh, just finalizing things with my partners now.
In fact, I'm on my way to turn in my hospital ID.
This is really happening.
Change is healthy, Denise.
Doesn't mean I'm gonna miss you any less.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
Don't make me mess up my makeup.
Wouldn't dream of it.
I'll see you at the ceremony.
What are you doing here? Oh, it's for Tim.
He has a sore back.
That's pretty common among our boys, considering all the gear they have to carry.
Hey, Denise, can I ask you something? Of course.
Um, Tim's been acting kind of funny lately.
Yeah? Funny how? Oh, you know, um, moody, trouble sleeping.
Is that normal? Well, everyone has a different "normal," Holly.
Frank always has trouble sleeping when he first comes home from a tour.
Takes a while for his rhythms to reset.
Maybe Tim should talk to a doctor, though.
Mm, I'm not too crazy about him taking more pills.
No, I wasn't thinking about pills, necessarily.
There are non-medicated alternatives, like the sleep reintegration clinic.
Holly, if you have any other questions, give me a call.
I will.
I mean it.
Here you go, baby.
Banana sticker.
Boy, she's gotten really big, hasn't she? Yes, she has.
Oh, you know, watching her grow up, I think that's probably what I miss the most.
- Mm.
- Oh wait.
Maybe second most.
- Right there.
Right there.
- Mm.
Wait till you see what I have planned for later.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Well, I should go to the office now, then.
What? Yeah, I gotta get my CAC-card reader, get some work out of the way before we, uh, you know, execute your plan.
Why don't you stay with Molly? I'll go.
Really? Absolutely.
All right.
Pretty good track record after a year of joint base operations, and not a drop of blood shed between the Army and the Air Force.
Not for lack of intent.
Excuse me? Tell the truth, sir.
If you had had a Stinger missile when we first met, you would have blown me out of the sky.
I might have tried, but you would have done the same to me.
No "maybe" about it.
You were being pig-headed Sir, with all due respect.
I was being responsible.
You were being pushy and unreasonable.
I was protecting my command.
By rattling the windows all over the base? I got your attention, didn't I? You didn't need to do that to get my attention, Colonel.
I'm Why don't we go over the, uh, emergency response times? Good idea.
You like? That dress done won the lottery.
Where are the pearls? I thought this went better.
Oh, no, baby.
We're going uptown.
You should be in pearls.
But you got me this necklace, baby.
It has sentimental value.
No, no, no, baby.
What about your grandma's pearls, huh? Sentiment there, too.
Come on.
Do your loving husband a favor.
Latasha? I don't have the pearls right now.
What? Why not? Why not? Because I pawned them.
You You know money's been tight.
You pawned your grandmother's pearls? We were out of cash.
Well, you could have used credit.
I don't buy anything I can't pay for.
You know that, Quincy.
I never carried debt, and I ain't starting now.
Well but, Latasha, you love that necklace.
Look, I'd sell every piece of jewelry I own to help keep us afloat, so long as we're together.
Well, I guess I'll call the restaurant, cancel the reservation, huh? Don't you dare.
My man is out of the hospital.
We have something to celebrate.
Latasha, if it's gonna cause us-- Q, we're going.
That's all there is to it.
Okay, baby.
I'll polish this up and get a draft to you in the morning.
- Allow me, Colonel.
- Thank you.
- How long has this been going on? - It hasn't.
That was the first time anything happened.
I thought I saw something between you two the other day, but I couldn't believe it.
I didn't, either.
Not at first.
I kept telling myself it's too soon.
And it is.
You can't put a clock on these things.
Well, what about a little respect for 25 years of marriage? All the things that are going through your head, they went through mine, too, a thousand times.
Nothing will ever diminish the love I have for Claudia Joy, ever.
Then what was that? I've mourned her more than you know, Denise.
But life doesn't stop.
And I wanted it to.
But it didn't.
And I'm not gonna apologize for that.
Well, if you're looking for my blessing, Michael, I can't give it to you.
I'm so sorry, Michael.
It's not your fault.
I'm sorry that Denise saw us.
I'm not sorry for what happened.
Really? I've wanted it to happen for some time.
Me, too.
Well, at least we've got that settled.
Denise won't say anything.
But she was hard on you.
So where do we go from here? We don't have to decide that tonight.
I should go.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You sure I'm not bothering you? Please.
Eddie took the kids to some cheesy horror flick.
I just need to talk to somebody before my mind explodes.
I mean, I love Holly, but when it comes to men, she gets most of her ideas from Nicholas Sparks novels.
I get it.
I don't know how things got this crazy.
I mean, I went from no guys to two guys, and now I gotta make up my mind.
I mean, I feel terrible stringing them along like this.
It's not on purpose.
I know, but still, what do I do? Listen to your heart.
I tried that, but right now, all I'm getting is feedback.
I can't hear myself think.
When I first started dating Eddie, he came with a lot of baggage-- an alcoholic ex-wife, a teenage daughter who hated me.
There were a lot of danger signs.
So what happened? I woke up one morning, and I realized I couldn't imagine my life without him.
And that's all that mattered.
So I guess you need to ask yourself-- which one can't you live without, Hector or Pat? So I, um, ran into Denise Sherwood today.
Tim? Hmm? I said I ran into Denise Sherwood today, and, um, I told her how you haven't been sleeping well, - and she said that - Wait a minute, what? Oh, I said that-- You talked to the Brigade Commander's wife about me? What would you do a stupid thing like that for? No, I ran into her at Mercer, Tim.
She's she's a nurse practitioner there.
She's a nurse? Yeah.
That's cool.
Don't you wanna hear what she had to say? Uh, I'm beat.
I'm gonna go to bed.
You coming? Oh, I'm not tired.
Well, good night.
I was hoping David would be more excited about moving.
What kid is ever excited about moving? Mm.
I mean, this is the first stable home he's ever had.
We've had a lot of great memories here.
Yes, we have.
Want to create one more? Is that an order, Colonel? Yes, it is.
- Get away from me.
- What? I mean it.
Get back.
Holly, it's me.
Don't touch me.
Honey, what happened? Who did that to you? You.
You did.
What what are you talking about? You hurt me, Tim.
What? When? In your sleep.
You tried to strangle me.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No but you didn't mean to.
I hurt you? No, it wasn't your fault.
I hurt you? You haven't been yourself, Tim.
Tim, come back.
Tim! Why didn't you tell me about this yesterday? I don't know.
I didn't know what to do.
- This is serious, Holly.
- I know.
He could have killed you.
But Tim didn't know what he was doing.
I understand.
But you need protection, and he needs help.
Right now he's a danger, not just to you, but to himself.
God, you don't think he'd he'd try to hurt himself? Well, let's hope not.
But we need to find him.
Do you have any idea where he might be? The car's still here, and he didn't take his phone.
I just kept waiting for him to come home.
Don't worry.
We'll find him.
How? Mrs.
Sherwood didn't go into a lot of detail.
All she said is that Truman flipped out on his wife and took off in the middle of the night.
I know he's having a hard time, but Tim losing it with Holly? He loves that girl more than life itself.
Right? Obviously, Truman's going through something.
Look, guys, I can only keep this quiet so long.
Sir, this goes wide, it could ruin his career.
I'm just saying the important thing is to find him, fast.
Well, then, let's do it.
Okay, guys, using Truman's place as ground zero, I will cover the north and the west, Cruz, canvass the east and the south.
Montclair, ride with the Lieutenant, you guys check the barracks and the hospital.
Are you sure you're not hungry? Caroline can watch the kids after school.
Oh, great.
I'll call the school and let them know.
If you've got to get to work, we've got this covered.
Yeah? All right.
- Stay strong.
- Thank you, Denise.
It's gonna be fine.
You'll see.
Yes, Sergeant? Hey.
We found him.
Meet me at the west gate.
I'm on my way.
I mean, what's the big deal? I just wanted to see my buds, right? It's okay, Truman, just chill.
They wouldn't even let me into my own post.
I appreciate you not going higher up the chain with this.
Roger that, Sergeant.
I heard you guys had it pretty rough over there.
You heard right.
And that guy he saved the platoon.
We'll take it from here.
All right, guys, we're good to go.
See? Well, duh.
So where do you guys wanna hang out? We're taking you home, Truman.
I can't go-- I can't go home.
Why not? Well, things are just a little messed up, you know? And I just wanna be with you guys.
Hey, your wife's worried about you.
I can't go home, Sarge! I messed up.
I I did some things, okay? And I I just can't go back there.
Please, man.
Just Just give us a minute, okay? Okay? We need to take him right to a hospital.
That wasn't the plan.
We promised Holly she could take him.
Cruz, you see how he is.
I mean, look at him.
Let me just talk to him.
All right.
Ah Look, man, we'll hang out later.
You're no fun right now.
What do you mean I'm no fun? I'm-- I'm tons of fun.
Look at you.
You're a mess.
You need some shut-eye.
I feel great.
You need to go home.
You're not even wearing any shoes.
Why can't things just be the way they were? Because they can't.
But it's okay.
I am not gonna leave you alone.
Yeah? You swear? I swear.
Oh, Tim.
My God.
I was so worried.
Are you okay? He's gonna take a nap.
Okay? Come on.
Thank you.
Listen, he needs a doctor.
I know.
I want to talk to him first.
Of course.
Listen, um Does he keep a gun in the house? What? No.
I'm sorry, but I had to ask, for his sake and for yours.
Would you like would you like for me to talk to him? No.
No, thank you.
Um, this is between me and my husband.
Of course.
Thank you.
You okay, buddy? I'll be outside.
What's happening to me? I don't know.
But we're gonna find out.
Just Just please don't leave me, Holly.
'Cause I-I I am not going to leave you, Tim.
I love you.
After what I did? You just you need help.
That's all.
Okay? But when you get it, you're gonna feel better.
You'll see.
I'm scared.
I know.
Kids! You need to be at the halls in five minutes! Baby, where you been? We need to get a move on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
I got something that'll go perfect with that outfit.
You bought back the pearls? And don't worry.
We can afford it.
No, we can't.
I just heard from the medical review board this morning.
I passed.
What? Aah! We're staying in the army.
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! - I know! - We're staying in the army.
We're staying in the army.
Now come on.
Let me put these on you.
- Yes! - Mm-hmm.
You ready? _ - Hey.
- Hey! - Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh, I'm so glad you came.
- Hey.
Yeah, I wasn't going to, but But I dragged her skinny ass out of the apartment because she needs to be with her friends.
How's Tim? He's at Mercer now.
I took him last night.
He's he's pretty scared.
We both are.
Well, he's getting the help he needs.
He's on the right road, Holly.
I hope so.
What's that about? Oh.
Turns out Quincy and I got something to celebrate.
We're staying in the army! Hey.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, congrats.
- Thank you.
Do you have a minute? Sure.
About last night There's no need.
I'd feel better if you would hear me out.
It's been 12 years since my husband died.
In that time, I haven't met anyone I've wanted to get involved with until Michael.
I respect your friendship with Claudia Joy.
If I was in your shoes, I'm sure that I would feel protective and maybe even betrayed.
But I'm asking you to take a broader view if you can, for Michael's sake.
Neither of us was looking for this.
But now that it's here, we want to see where it might lead, slowly, and carefully, and with full respect to Claudia Joy.
I just wanted you to know where I'm coming from.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.
The ceremony is about to begin.
With each new assignment, Colonel Burton illustrated the finest qualities of the airborne tradition-- initiative, decisiveness, guts.
Having followed the flag for so many years, she now follows her family with that same degree of dedication and devotion.
And though the army will miss her, nobody more than I, we wish Colonel Burton nothing but happiness as she continues down her road.
She has earned her country's respect, and now deserves our support for reaffirming the very thing we fight for-- the ones we love back home.
There are so many people I need to thank today.
General Holden, no officer ever had a better mentor or a finer role model.
I will always be grateful for your faith in me.
Colonel Sherwood it is not only my privilege to have served with you, but also to call you my friend.
To old friends and new, you cannot know how much your friendship has meant to me.
And finally my family.
Without your love and patience, none of this would matter.
But make no mistake, kids.
Mommy may be changing cars, but this train is still moving.
If I may end on a personal note, it is my fondest hope as I leave this army that I love so much that other women will take up the standard I leave behind today and carry it to even greater heights.
Thank you.
How did that go? Just lovely.
All of it.
I don't know exactly what I want to say.
Um, I guess it's this I respect you both, and I appreciate your respect for me.
I can't say that whatever happens between you is gonna be easy for me.
But, Michael, I want you to be happy.
And I don't want my feelings to get in the way of that.
Thank you.
We are asking for trouble.
You know that? From what I've seen, Colonel, trouble doesn't seem to bother you.
No, it doesn't.
Then it doesn't bother me, either.
Hey, Holly.
So how's he doing? He's okay.
Yeah? What about you? The same.
Listen, Holly, you need anything, any time, anywhere, you give me a call, you understand? I'm serious.
You think of me as family now.
'Cause that's my brother we're talking about.
Thank you, Hector.
I can see why you married that guy.
Oh, Patrick, there's someone I'd like you to meet.
Jordan! Over here.
Jordan, I'd like you to meet my son.
This is Lieutenant Patrick Clarke.
Patrick, this is Jordan Young.
Nice to meet you, Jordan.
So Jordan is going Army after she graduates from the Citadel.
- Really? - Yes, sir.
Her mother's the Wing Commander here.
Colonel Kat Young.
Wait, your mom's Air Force, but you're going Army? Yes, sir.
My father would have disowned me if I chose anything but Army.
Oh, Patrick, that's not true.
Yeah, it is, mom.
It's a good thing I like the army.
So do I, sir.
More every day.
So how's that decision coming? I made up my mind.
Really? Who'd you pick? I have to let him know first.
Let who know what? Maggie, Gloria, come over here.
Let's take a group photo.
Okay, ladies, big smiles now.
One, two, three, four, five years go by I don't really know why, I don't really know why six, seven, eight, ten years ago I thought I knew about love I only knew about the fight I look back and I realize all those times I was lonely praying for someday to hurry up and come and save me but these are the good old days these are the good old days these are the good old days and I wish that I could stay ah, ah, ah ah, ah, ah oh I wish that I could stay ah, ah, ah ah, ah, ah I wish I could stay these are the good old days that I could stay these are the good old days these are the good old days