Arrested Development s05e06 Episode Script

Emotional Baggage

1 [Ron Howard] While attempting to bail out his brother, Buster, Michael had accidentally bailed out the family attorney.
-What's it gonna cost to get Buster out? -I don't know.
What's he in for? -Murder? Manslaughter? -No.
There's no murder.
He tampered with evidence when Lucille 2 went missing.
-I would say over $50,000.
-[Michael] Mm-hmm.
Yeah, well, I told you, I'm tapped out.
Couldn't you embe-- borrow from your company? What are you talking about? Lucille Austero is a majority shareholder.
We're gonna be under scrutiny.
Doesn't George Michael have a company that he can em-- borrow from? You need $15,000? No.
No, not at all.
No, please, son, not from you.
I'd never ask you for money.
Come on.
And it's 50,000 that I'm not asking you for, not 15, okay? Which I could probably lend you.
-Oh, I don't need it.
-Huh? No? Good.
Yeah? Good, good.
So your Fakeblock's doing well? [Ron] George Michael had been looking for an opportunity to come clean about Fakeblock -Been meaning to ask.
-but this wasn't it.
Yeah, well, Fakeblock's money is all tied up in legalities, -patenting, marketing.
-Sounds amazing.
Good for you, good for you.
Good for him.
We're trying to figure out the Buster thing.
Well, if we can't use the company money to get Buster out, you better figure out a way to do it, Barry or I'll use my own lawyer.
What are you talking about, another lawyer? You don't have the courtesy to wait until I'm disbarred? Is this a divorce guy? Oh, this hurts.
Give me a second, I'll be all right.
I was gonna use your divorce to pay off my peekaboo lawyer.
His name is Dustin Radler, and I haven't hired him, because technically, he's given up the rat race.
Oh, God, the giving up the rat race guy? This is the sand hobo? Uh, it's just a question.
Are you guys doing something? -[inhales] -[Gob] Don't say it! Please, I can't I can't hear it.
He tickles my fancy.
Your what? Is the What part of Mom is the fancy? You do not want to know what I'm picturing, and it's not what you think.
Oh, stop.
We walk on the beach.
We like the feel of the sand on our feet.
Oh, God, the thought of your feet.
[George Sr.
] It's fine.
I'm glad you have someone to talk to.
Well, maybe I'll go check on Buster.
Mom really has him fancy-whipped, huh? You don't want to bring another lawyer into this.
You don't want to go in fully armed, because the DA, she's up for reelection, and she's a killer.
God, I even hate to say her name.
[upbeat music playing] Yeah, Lottie Dottie DA, my asshole.
When it comes to Buster: a total press blackout.
Couldn't agree more.
We have to be diligent.
-No media.
-[Tobias] Uh are we talking about reality or, uh, scripted, as well, because [laughs] I've got Why would there be a scripted about the family? Weren't you working on one with Ron Howard? [clicks tongue] You're saying that's not grandfathered in.
'Cause it was before the murder.
Michael, tell me that movie you were producing about us is not still happening.
I do not think that it is.
I mean, I I gave the releases to Kitty, but the industry does not move fast.
Well, then, talk to Kitty and get them back.
Kitty hates me.
-[Gob laughs] Did you catch this? Man, that's priceless.
First, you eat it with Buster, then you step in it with the movie, and now you're eating what you stepped in, because Kitty hates you.
Guess Michael's the geo-bead today.
Did you say "geo-bead"? Yeah, it's one of Dad's expressions-- When somebody screws up, Dad said it.
One of his "you'll figure it out someday" expressions.
-Know what? You're lucky, 'cause Kitty's sweet on me, so I'll go with you.
-No, thank you.
-I could go.
Or just Would that be helpful if I did? Or am I just being a G-O-B? -[chuckles] -Uh [scoffs] G-O-B spells "Gob," you geo-bead, so why don't you s ah.
Well, today's the day.
Why are you even still here? Go find your wife.
I don't know where she is.
Well, track down the ex-boyfriend.
And take Tonto with you.
Yes, of course, Marky Bark.
From the cuckolding.
I think I might have an idea of where I can, I think.
-Come on! -Coming! [Ron] And as Tobias rushed off with his newfound son, George Michael and his cousin -caught up.
-I can't believe this is the third "welcome home from prison" party we've thrown.
[chuckling] Yeah.
Know what we should do? Why don't we make out again and teach them a lesson? I can't, 'cause my dad's here, and he thinks I'm still dating Rebel.
And how would our making out teach them a lesson? T-Teach Rebel a lesson.
I meant, teach Rebel.
I'm supposed to have a date with her later.
Wait, so you are still dating her? What happened to our plan, where you show up demanding sex after ghosting her for two months, and she breaks up with you? Didn't I tell you? She was out of town for two months, and it looked like I was waiting for her when she got home, and she thinks we're closer than ever now.
I've agreed to go to this barbecue at her dad's house.
I can't meet her family.
I Hey, George Michael, uh Ah, hey.
Did that Murphybrown thing upset you? Oh, did that actress die? Oh, [bleeps] you, 2015.
Oh, no, this is different.
The, uh Tobias's friend, his name is Murphybrown, and it's more than just his acting friend.
It's his boyfriend.
No, it's his son.
His boyfriend's son.
Oh, I'm sorry, Maeby.
Are you jealous? No, of course not.
I mean, the guy grew up not even knowing his father.
-If anything, I'm jealous.
-[Michael] Hmm.
Yeah, that that is a great word for it.
Did I overhear that Rebel does not want you to meet her family? No, it's that they're having some barbecue thing today over at her dad's house And you were not invited.
Ay, ay, ay.
[stammering] No, I think I could show up.
-She didn't seem into it -Well, I'm the wrong one to ask.
When I was briefly interested in Rebel, you know, and even that overstates it, I failed the Ron test big-time.
Okay? And in fairness to Ron, I also thought that he was Her Her lover? boss.
[laughs softly] But listen, you take your time.
Don't rush trying to fit in with that crowd.
They're probably looking for a yes-man or a suck-up.
That's not your style.
No, well, I had a great role model.
Aw, bless you.
Yeah, I also had a Well, bless you.
If you end up meeting that family, one good rule to follow is -do not bring Tobias.
-Be myself.
Be yourself, George Michael.
George Maharis.
Yes, be George Maharis, George Michael.
[Ron] Now, the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.
It's Arrested Development.
[Ron] Michael Bluth was taking his brother to ensure that Kitty wasn't going to make a movie about Buster.
-eating what you stepped in.
-You made that point.
I had to give her Buster.
The movie couldn't be me and George Michael.
We were both dating Rebel, and she didn't know that he was my son.
-It was a disaster.
You didn't know who I was dating, so you accused me of being the other man.
-Who were you dating? -[laughing] Julie Bowen! [Ron] Actually, it was Tony Wonder, a man Gob had been longing to hear from ever since the gay magician poofed into his life, -and then, just as quickly -Oh, [bleeps].
[Michael] The Rebel thing almost ruined my relationship with my son.
And I think that it's a good thing she's lost interest in George Michael.
-I have to tell you -That never made sense.
It never made sense.
It never made sense, because, you know, he doesn't fit in with those people, and I think that George Michael and I are gonna be closer than ever.
He's gonna need a father-- still needs a father.
The only mother figure he's ever had -in his life was -Oh, it was Mom.
Yeah, I guess so.
Huh, poor kid.
-I can't imagine.
-Nor can I.
-Wait, we had Mom.
-You know, in a way, she was our mom.
[Ron] George Michael was seeking motherly advice from a cousin -who'd been living as a grandma.
-[Stan] Aha.
I heard we're getting a visit from the grandson.
Want a lick? -Oh, my God, no.
-Good, more for me.
-Gonna have more? I can come back.
-No, no.
Come on in.
I heard you're having relationship trouble.
I'll go get your What do you call her? Gangie? Maeby I should call her that.
Uh, yeah, relationship problems.
-Gangie gets it.
-Yeah, she sure helped me.
Imagine finding love at my age.
It is hard to imagine, but, uh, maybe you'll find something else, like a hobby -or a napkin.
Annette, your grandson's here.
[Maeby] I have no makeup on, -I'm a mess.
Cover your eyes.
-Too late.
I won't look.
If your grandson wasn't here, I'd probably take a peeky-weeky.
[Maeby] Well, hey, what a surprise honey.
[George Michael] You're living with this guy? Hey, my fake identity is none of your fake identity's business, okay? [George Michael] Speaking of that, things have gotten worse.
Not only does my dad think Fakeblock is real, and I've got money I won't share with him when he needs to bail out Buster, but he also thinks I should take things slower with Rebel.
I don't know, but here's my idea about her.
What do women really want? Their fathers' attention.
And Ron Howard is a buttoned-down guy, right? What if he doesn't like you? What if you show up to the barbecue with pink hair? -Pink hair? -Yeah.
I saw it on someone recently, and it made me want to puke.
Trust me.
You are gonna be like, "Burn!" [laughs] That's starting to tingle.
Let me know when it starts to burn.
-It's gonna burn? -Did I not make that clear? Nobody said getting out of a relationship would be painless.
You should talk about getting out of a relationship.
I think your friend Stan might be interested in you in a way that you don't want him to be interested.
That would explain why he's offering to do my laundry.
Well, whatever gets him to do my laundry, huh? [chuckles] Yeah, no, I'll suss it out.
This lie I'm living might be sending him mixed signals.
[Ron] At that moment, some mixed signals were also being sent on Pacific Coast Highway Technically, they had to call me Rock Monster.
[Ron] as Tobias and his newly found son were headed to Mexico to find his newly lost wife.
And John Beard actually said I was one of the more popular predators, so whatever gets your name and weight out there.
But I want to hear about your dreams.
I don't know.
I'm really good at computers.
It's fun, too.
Kind of like the only time I feel alive.
No, no, your dreams, not what you think will make you rich.
Your passion.
Oh, also maybe being, like, a doctor for animals, or their dogs, 'cause sometimes, if I look at an animal, there's, like, a special connection.
Dreams! Dreams.
I didn't ask, "What part of a dog do you want to touch?" Okay, let's try this in reverse.
Uh, you're famous.
Uh, what is the thing you do that makes everyone clap? Ooh! Once I got claps for doing a juggling ball thing, 'cause I'd unicycle in Haiti when I was volunteering Yes! Clowning, yes! Now, you're dreaming.
That's your dream.
Well, perhaps we should juggle your priorities.
[chuckles] Oh.
[Ron] And Michael was preparing his brother to persuade Kitty to give back their movie rights.
Here comes Kitty.
Here she comes.
-I believe in you.
You can do her.
-What? This.
You can do this [chuckles] to her.
Michael! Whatever it is, the answer is no, unless you want the answer to be no, -and then, it is yes.
-Well, Gob, I want you to, -uh, to see who's here.
Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes.
[chuckles] I was gonna say, they look puffy and red.
[laughs shrilly] -You guys need to get a room, huh? -[Kitty] Right? Why don't you guys get a room, and I can say hi to Ron? What do you think? He's not in the office today.
He has some family event.
-Oh, is that today? -But since he's not here, how would you like to get inside of a LEM? If I could j-- Um, Michael.
-I just -[Michael] Yeah? -I can't do this.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
You were built for this, okay? [Gob] I can see she's got gum in her mouth.
-[Michael] She can hear you.
-[overlapping chatter] [Kitty] You're overthinking it.
Nothing to worry about.
-It was in the past.
You've been there.
-Let me get out of your hair.
-And you can get in my hair.
-God, no.
You can't make me touch her hair.
-I'm not gonna touch her hair.
-Come on, Gob.
[Ron] And nearby, George Maharis was ready to alienate his soon to be ex-girlfriend's family with a head full of Tobias Pink hair.
[Rebel] Hey! There you are.
Dad, this is George Maharis.
-Oh, neat to meet you.
-Neat to meet you.
[Ron] Rebel says neat things about you.
What's up? [Ron] Unfortunately, Maeby left the dye in too long, -and it turned out to be -[Ron] Look.
Howard Red.
No, it isn't.
It It's [chuckles] -Imagine if it was pink, though.
-[Ron] Yeah, but it's not.
It's Howard Red.
Cheryl, look at what this kid did.
[Cheryl] It's like our hair.
Someone's come a-courtin'.
You're fitting in already.
[all laughing] -What's so funny? -Oh, it's just my family.
We Howards don't just laugh when things are funny.
We laugh when we're happy.
And when things are uncomfortable, too.
You mean, when bad reviews start rolling in? [all laughing] [Ron] So, Rebel tells me that you're an entrepreneur, some sort of security software? Oh, Dad, it's called Fakeblock, and it's amazing.
The company's gonna go under by next week.
We're broke.
Guess I'm not exactly daddy's dream boyfriend, am I? Listen, don't worry about that company stuff.
-When I started Imagine -[Ron] With Brian Grazer.
the company was up to its neck in debt, but look at me -[Ron] And Brian.
And in those early days, I can't tell you how many times I felt like a fraud.
But I'll tell you a secret, everyone feels that way.
[Ron] George Michael was touched by the advice But enough business talk.
Tell me, do you like hot dogs? [Ron] but he made one last attempt to offend his host -No, I don't like hot dogs.
-[all laughing] [laughs nervously] -[Ron] but couldn't.
-I love them.
[all laughing loudly] -[laughing] No.
-Oh, my God.
[Ron] You're good.
You're good.
[all continue laughing] [Ron chuckling] What a neat group.
Meanwhile, Gob was trying to get in the mood with Kitty.
[Gob] Hard to believe they used to put monkeys in these.
[Kitty giggles] My guess? They wouldn't be able to figure out a lot of this stuff.
Monkeys are kind of dumb.
I'd like to see one get out of here quickly in an emergency.
[both chuckle] They'd be all [imitating a monkey] I have to get out of here.
[imitating a monkey] Get me out of here.
[laughs] [in normal voice] Ah, too good, too good, too good.
[in normal voice] So surely you didn't want to be alone with me to talk about monkeys in space.
I did not want to be alone with you at all.
[chuckles] [slurps] Remind me not to forget my gum.
-[ringtone playing] -One sec.
Probably my brother.
-"Did you trick her into it yet?" -"Trick her into what?" "Giving us our rights back, you geo" It's Tony.
I gotta take this.
Can I get some privacy? -We're sealed in here.
-I gotta get out.
-You can't turn that -Get me out of here.
-No, no! -It'll go to voicemail! I gotta blow the hatch! -[Kitty] That's the chute! -God, I just 'mazing Jesus.
[Tony] Hey, it's Tony.
[chuckles] -If I'd known, I wouldn't have picked up.
-[Tony chuckles] -I think that we're stuck in here.
-[sighs] -[Tony] Where are you? -[Gob] Oh, um I'm in a LEM.
Where are you? [Tony] I'm in a Tumi suitcase.
I think I'm in baggage claim at Long Beach Airport.
My assistant's picking me up, unless she takes another gray Tumi by mistake, then I go to unclaimed.
-That's how we lost the Amazing Frederick.
-I would've claimed you.
[chuckles] [Tony chuckles] I'll bet.
[chuckles, sighs] [Tony chuckles] Since I'm getting back in town, I thought I owed you a call.
So, let's get together.
-I can't right now.
I've got this thing -[clangs] I'm stuck in the LEM with.
That's the other thing.
I don't think we can actually hang out, anyway.
I mean, I'm the flamboyant gay magician.
You're the super straight Christian magician.
We'll taint each other's brand.
[sighs] I guess we're different in the same way.
[Tony] Same, in a different way.
-Different -[Tony] Same -in a same, different way.
-[Tony] in a different way, same.
-Different, wifferent -[Tony] Same way.
-in a same gay way? -[Tony] Different same.
-It -[Tony] Wame.
Guess that's over.
[Tony] Yup.
Talk about a sign.
[Ron] And that's when they realized there was a time when they could speak in unison, but I guess it was over now.
[Tony] I gotta run.
I better shut up and listen for "wonder.
" [Gob] Wait, so is this goodbye-- [phone line clicks] How much did you hear? [Ron] And George Sr.
visited his prison alma mater for the first time since his son had been incarcerated.
This is where I ate a battery during my first week at recess.
No, no, "yard.
" Don't call it recess.
Well, it's a little too late for that, Dad.
I've been trying to figure out prison on my own.
-I know.
Sorry -[Duck] George Bluth! Oh, my God.
-I've never seen you in street clothes.
-[George Sr.
] Duck? I almost didn't recognize you without the flashlight in your mouth.
[both laugh] [Buster laughing] Sorry to be rude.
This is my son, Buster.
Charmed, I'm [Duck and George Sr.
] No touching.
[Ron] And perhaps that was why George Sr.
decided he owed it to his son to share some of his own caged wisdom.
[George Sr.
] Buster, you have to toughen up now.
You're in lock-up, all right? They'll circle like jackals.
You gotta be strong, especially with the skinheads.
Skinhead gets in your face, you charge back at him.
You pop him fast.
That's the only way you can get respect.
[Buster] That one there's been giving me looks.
[George Sr.
] No.
That's not a skinhead.
That's a guard.
You charge at a guard, they'll kill you.
Oh, yeah.
That I should know.
But with a skinhead, that's how you get respect.
I got more respect then, with these animals, than I get with your with your mother now.
-I can't -[acoustic guitar playing] I can't satisfy her.
-Really? It's so easy.
-No, I mean, we are no longer together.
Your mother kicked me out.
-Oh, there's an opening.
-No, no, no.
No, she doesn't want anything to do with either of us.
She has found someone new.
She's found a younger man.
Sort of a son with benefits.
They said that I'd lose my old lady, and I said, "Not mother!" -Okay.
-"She'll wait for me!" -Shh.
-[sobbing] The thought of her singing to him goodnight.
[both sobbing] I can't take it.
I can't take it.
I know.
I know.
No touching.
[Ron] And that's when George Sr.
decided to have someone else put him out of his misery.
I know what I have to do.
-What are you gonna do? -I know.
What are you gonna do? [George Sr.
] I know what I have to do.
-[Buster] Oh are you -I'm sorry.
[screaming] Jesus Christ, George.
I was so mad when I thought you didn't recognize me.
What could be better? God, this place has changed.
[Ron] George Michael was also finding a reunion more pleasant than he expected.
Your dad is so nice.
-It's been his job since he was two.
[Rebel] Sometimes, you want to look in your parents' perfect, -sweet, kind faces, and tell them off.
-Punch them.
Why would you say that? No, no, I That I don't feel that way, but certain kids do.
There's a website about it.
Although, everyone knows it's biased in favor of the dads.
-Your company should shut that site down.
-Well [Ron] And George Michael, finding himself smitten with Rebel and her family, decided to come clean To be honest, I don't know if there's gonna be a company.
[Ron] until she said this.
Is it a money thing? If you need money, I can loan it to you.
Everybody needs a bailout now and then.
It'll give me a stake in the company.
[Ron] And the prospect of helping his family Well, speaking of family, I actually could use a little [Ron] proved too great a temptation.
bailout money, as you put it.
-Are you sure? -Yes! Oh, my God, You are great.
Why don't we talk about it tomorrow? Ah, I can't do it tomorrow.
I've got reshoots.
All the Mexico stuff.
And so you know, my ex-boyfriend will be there.
But if I know you're gonna be here when I get back Then when you're back.
Yes! [chuckles] Wait.
What color's your hair gonna be? It's like kissing your cousin.
Gross, okay.
Got it.
[chuckles nervously] [Ron] Meanwhile, Maeby was concerned that Stan's strange behavior was romantic, so she tried to discourage it.
Maybe I'm trying to prove something to my clueless dad.
Anyway, I guess that's why I can't make a relationship work.
Does that upset you? Annette, it does, if you must know the truth, 'cause your dad was a fool.
I see the real you: a special, wonderful, unique, 67-year-old woman who amazes me every day.
[Ron] And that's when Maeby realized what it was about Stan's behavior that was so confusing.
It would be my pleasure to be the man in your life that your father never was.
[Ron] It was paternal, and, touched, all she could think of to say was -Bury me.
-[both laughing] [Ron] And Maeby's actual father, and his newfound son, Murphybrown, arrived at the last place he'd seen Lindsay: Father B's now-abandoned property.
Keep an eye out for Lindsay.
That is why we're here.
Wait, is that her? Is that Lindsay? Oh, yes.
Lindsay! It's us! It's us! Hi! Oh, no.
That's a sickly cactus with a plastic bag on it.
For a second, I was like, "Is that Lindsay?" [Tobias] I suppose it's true.
The desert makes one see -what one wants to see.
[chuckles] -Hmm.
Is that two barrel-chested, strapping men on horseback approaching us? [man] You are not welcome on this land.
There must be some mistake.
No, there is no mistake.
I regret to inform you that you are trespassing.
Mm no, this land belongs to George Bluth.
[man] Oh.
I see.
-And are you George Bluth? -[chuckles] N [Ron] It was a part that Tobias had played before.
You are about to witness why a career in entertainment can come in handy.
[imitating George Sr.
] Yeah, that's right.
I'm the last guy you want to kick off of your la-- his land-- my land.
-Our land.
[man] Oh, I did not realize you were Mr.
George Bluth himself.
Well, Mr.
George Bluth, we have some papers for you to sign.
Oh, is that right? Well, how about I just use my son Michael as a signing surface? -Get up.
-[Murphybrown] Okay.
[Ron] Tobias wasn't the only one trespassing on someone else's property, as Michael had decided to do what he was certain Gob couldn't: take matters into his own hands.
I can't tell you how many times I've felt like a fraud.
But I'll tell you a secret, everyone-- Hey, Ron.
From that untitled Bluth project.
-Then I dated Rebel.
-Oh, oh.
Yeah, yeah.
Prayer hands.
Listen, a lot of stuff has changed with the family.
I heard about that.
Oh, has it gotten out? [Ron] Not to the general public, but at Imagine, we hear everything.
[Gob] You know I'm as straight as they come, I just got a lot on my mind right now with work, slash, am I gay, slash, Buster's in jail.
-He is? What for? -[Gob] Well, just for for maybe killing this woman my family owes money to.
I think it was his robot hand.
-Get me Ron.
-[Gob] It's hush-hush.
Okay, so then you might understand why we don't want a movie about it.
[Ron] Absolutely.
You'd have to cut too much.
This has true crime limited series written all over it.
That way, my Rebel could be in it, too.
She's no Bryce, but she's like a robot.
Gives the exact same performance every take.
Real time-saver.
So, yes, let's do this.
Here's the thing.
Right now, my family is not looking for publicity.
The other way to look at it is if I heard about it, it's out there.
Best way to manage press is to get in front of it.
Hey, Dad.
We need you for the three-legged race.
-Also, can you start the music? -I don't know how to, Reed.
I must've heard that.
I must've heard that.
Right? Sure.
That, uh so you get -Do you get the scripts read to you? -[Ron] Uh This is my son, Reed.
My dad knows how to read.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, yeah.
[Michael] I see why you named him Reed.
He seems smart.
Hey, thanks for sneaking in.
[Ron] As he rushed to get out before running into Rebel, Michael ran into yet another famous Howard.
Avoiding the three-legged race, I see.
-[chuckles] -[Reed] Bryce! I'm sorry, but I just can't, Reed.
[Michael] Oh, talking to your brother Reed.
I get it.
Michael Bluth.
-Yeah, no.
I know.
Oh, yes.
Yes, you dated my sister, didn't you? Well, even that overstates it.
We weren't together long before we broke up.
-You know, very clean break.
-[Bryce] Oh.
[Michael] I was gonna say hi, but I ain't not going somewhere.
But I-I'm going somewhere.
Never mind.
Listen, you dodged a bullet.
She's a user.
She's got a new guy.
And she's using him.
[Michael] Yeah? But I heard that's ending.
No, are you kidding? He's trapped.
-[Bryce] In her web.
She's with him because of his Internet company.
You know that, right? You think so? Do you think that she's just using him? Yeah.
And I'm pretty sure it's not for his body.
Oh, well I mean, I don't know the guy, but I saw a picture.
I think he's got a great build.
You know? Um, he's wiry.
You wouldn't want him to be taller.
I like the young man's body.
Okay? I do.
[chuckles] Yeah, well, that's very weird of you.
Still, such a kiss-up.
He's even dyed his hair Dallas Howard Red.
-I get it.
It's a hot new dye, -New dye? but you're not supposed to leave it in that long.
Look at him.
He looks like a jack-o'-lantern.
-[Rebel] Put your head down.
-[George Michael laughs] What [Bryce laughs] -Dork.
-[Michael] Can I exit through the house? I don't want the user to create a dramatic scene.
Don't worry about that.
[laughing] I have seen her get laughs doing The Glass Menagerie.
[chuckles] [Michael] Oh.
I don't get it.
[Ron] Michael was hoping to avoid an awkward run-in with his son at the valet, when he came across a way to find out when the coast was clear.
-Can I help you? Yeah, that's a sweet setup there.
I wanted to take a peek.
Do you mind? I want to check out my son.
[man] Uh, that I understand.
My name is Rance Howard, Ron's dad.
I thought you worked here.
Well, I like to stay busy, keep an eye on my son, too.
Oh, yeah? You still have to do that? That's a father's job.
Doesn't start at 9:00 and end at 5:00.
It's 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Even as they get older, huh? It gets even harder, 'cause they think they know it all.
You still have to be there for them when they make mistakes.
Or sometimes they need to cry a little bit because sometimes a person needs to cry a little bit.
Unless that person is a dad.
For a father must bear his load lightly, and yet, beneath the mask, a watchful eye never wanders.
For it is through this glance that a wisdom beyond words must be passed.
That's an interesting take.
Because I think a girl might be using my son, but I don't exactly have a way to keep an eye on her [Ron] Oh, I see you met my dad.
He doesn't say much, but we're sure glad he's around.
Although, hopefully he didn't share his thoughts about climate change, did he? -Hoax! -[Michael] He was great company.
[Ron] That's when Michael found a way to keep an eye on the woman who might be using his son.
Know what else is a good company? Imagine Entertainment.
And I think that I want to go forward with that docuseries after all.
That's great news.
Hey, Jocelyn! Would you mind bringing down the standard TV contracts, please? [Jocelyn] Streaming contracts, cable or broadcast? -A streamer! -[Jocelyn] No residuals.
Jocey will have those down in just a minute, and if we're quick, we can get an interview with your brother while he's still in jail.
You know, you can't beat those visuals.
Put a little atmosphere in there, you filter it Nice low-angle shot for the close-up Oh, a wide shot.
Tell it in one image.
[Ron] Yes, a wide shot.
Wide shot.
[Ron] Michael returned home How did it go with Gob and Kitty? [Ron] where his mother had been lying in wait.
Tell me he got her to kill the movie.
[stammers] Well, I think he probably forgot to ask.
That's okay 'cause I spoke to Ron.
He was very happy to see me.
It felt good.
[scoffs] That's just Hollywood BS.
Well, I think it's gonna help us.
You think what is going to help us? Oh, God.
I'm burying the lead.
The Bluth project is dead because it's gonna be a streaming series.
We said no leaks, and now we're streaming over everyone? I'm not telling it well.
The point is, Ron's gonna do an introductory interview, okay, with Buster, as research about the family's history, and what Michael, they cannot go into our family's past.
They certainly can't do a TV show about it.
It's never gonna get that far.
It's gonna send a signal to the DA that if they hold Buster, they're looking for trouble.
Think about it.
If the nicest man in the world goes in there with his camera and crew, and he tells Buster he believes in his innocence They'll drop the charges quicker than you can blink your Initiate, at least, the blinking of the eyes.
The opening of the eyes is, uh, a bit of a guestimate lately.
And what if Buster chokes? I guess that's what Ron's for.
[Ron] That would prove to be a very No, you'll see on the next "On the Next.
" On the next Arrested Development On the next shot, I know we said close-ups.
No, wide.
[Ron] Ron Howard arranges a jailhouse interview with Buster Here we go.
and Buster remembers George Sr.
's advice.
A skinhead.
I'm gonna kill you, you bleeping skinhead! -[guard] Oh, hey! -[Ron choking] -Skinhead! -[Ron groans] See what I did to skinhead? Mm.
Make a note.
[Ron] Forget the wide shots.
50/50 and matching overs.
[Ron] And Maeby enjoys her new paternal relationship.
Look how happy they look together.
Just like us.
[Ron] Until this happens.