Arrow s05e02 Episode Script

The Recruits

1 Oliver: My name is Oliver Queen.
After 5 years in Hell, I returned home with only one goal: To save my city.
Today I fight that war on two fronts: By day, I lead Star City as its mayor, but by night, I am someone else.
I am something else.
I am the Green Arrow.
Previously on "Arrow" What are you doing in Russia? I'm here to kill Konstantin Kovar.
Only people with power to get past his army are Bratva.
We lost one.
It's in the air.
You need to divert that missile.
That's it.
[Explosion] Man: Tobias Church.
He and his crew tore up Hub City and Bludhaven.
Anybody else want to be in charge? Church just became our top priority.
Felicity thinks that it's time we put together a new team.
Felicity: Evelyn Sharp.
Basically a 16-year-old badass in the making.
John: Until her parents met Damien Darhk, I'm guessing.
You recruit me, too.
You want to help? This is my city, too.
I don't want to see you out here again! Aah! You again? How's the leg? You call yourself a vigilante? You just let the Halcones' top seller get away.
[Man yells] Now, I thought I said that I didn't want to see you out here again.
You don't listen very well.
You sound like my ex.
Rene Ramirez, you need to decide if you want to be a man in a hockey mask or if you want to be someone else Something else.
Arrow 5x02 The Recruits @elderman Conahan was struck with an arrow and a sword.
Literally overkill.
Curtis: Definitely not Church's M.
Totally different than the Bertinelli murder, too.
Ballistics show that he was shot by his own men.
Well, that had to be Church.
In Hub City, he killed every crime boss in town so he could unite everyone under one super-gang under his control.
How does he do this? It's all in the core.
[Gasping] Oliver: So, Curtis I'm guessing this wasn't part of your Olympic training.
It's really hot-- I mean, not.
It's not.
Curtis, if you think this is hard, wait until I actually start training you.
What happens then? The last guy got an arrow in the leg before it even started.
That was Roy, right? Also Roy, but I'm talking about Wild Dog.
And you did put two arrows in Barry Allen's back.
I'm starting to sense a pattern.
Don't worry.
His bark's way worse than his bite.
And you're going to get it worse than anyone.
Uh, thanks? The people that we are looking at have at least some experience on the street.
You have the farthest way to go before I'm convinced that you can do this.
I can do it, sir.
Don't call me "sir.
" - Ok, Oliver.
- Don't call me Oliver, especially in front of the recruits.
We don't know these people, and they can't know us.
Whoa, whoa, hold up.
You're going to be wearing a mask when you're training our recruits? Yeah, and so are you.
I only wear a mask once a year, and that's if my Halloween costume calls for it.
This is not negotiable, Felicity.
I'm late for a budget meeting.
You know, I'm sure that kicking things off by lying to everyone is an awesome idea.
Well, the original team started off with Oliver lying about his identity.
And everyone who's not dead or presumed dead quit.
Walker: This trigger was taken from one of the nukes that fell on Genesis day.
Our Intel tells us that a group of Chechen rebels is close to obtaining it.
I don't have to tell you what kind of a nightmare scenario will ensue if that happens.
The mission is standard retrieval and extraction.
Sergeant Diggle here will be running the Op.
Wheels up at 0400.
All right, gentlemen, get some rest.
You're going to need it.
John: Dismissed! You good, soldier? I got through basic training no sweat, but this is my first day in the soup, and I don't want to be scared, but I am a little.
Fear is part of war, the part that keeps us alive.
See these stripes? They give me strength, clarity.
Right or wrong, up and down, they tell me what to do Which means that fear can kiss my 6.
Do you understand, soldier? - Yes, sir.
- Good.
Oliver: It used to be that the Glades were the worst part of the city, but now it seems like every other part is just as bad.
We've had 3 hospital closures in the past 18 months, but with a free medical clinic event like this, we can start to walk back some of that damage.
In a--in a day, we can provide medical care for up to a thousand people.
Plus we already have about 30 doctors and nurses just waiting to volunteer.
We're looking for a company to cover logistical expenses and-- I don't need to hear any more.
Amertek is in, and not just for logistical expenses, for the whole thing.
Well, that's amazing.
That's--that's incredibly generous.
Thank you.
You would be doing us the favor.
And by "us," she means our stock price.
Good PR is worth literally its weight in gold.
Uh, well, we will make sure this clinic is a success and that everyone knows they have Amertek to thank for it.
God, I'd almost feel bad about boosting their stock prices if it wasn't so good for your approval ratings, but, actually, you should really handle the press on this one.
Maybe you can God, Ollie, I thought we talked about this.
I can't keep doing everything on my own.
I have faith that you can, but either way, now is not a very good time.
And why is that? I'm recruiting a new team.
You ok with that? Yeah, why wouldn't I be? I quit.
No, I know, but there's a difference between leaving and being replaced.
It's really cute you think I can be replaced.
That's not what I meant.
I know, but I actually think it'll be really good for you to not be out there solo anymore.
Plus it would mean you have more time to actually be here.
That's the idea, but it's going to take a minute to get these kids up to speed.
Wait, maybe I should hire my own team for the office, then.
That's also a good idea.
Start looking at résumés.
Hey, Quentin.
Have you actually heard about this free medical event Ollie and I are putting together? Felicity: Rene Ramirez? Rene: Yeah.
Figures there'd be more of you.
Robin Hood needs his band of merry men, right? Well, I am just here for moral support.
She means she's here to make sure that the Green Arrow's training technique doesn't kill us.
He's not going to kill you.
I'm just here to make sure that the horrible maiming stays at a minimum.
I'm Curtis.
Evelyn Sharp.
So, wait, there's training? I'm out.
Oliver: Pretty early to quit, Mr.
I can't quit something I haven't started.
You think you can do this on your own? I've been doing this on my own for 5 months now.
And if you were getting it done on your own, you wouldn't have come here.
I'm out of here.
No mask? No chance.
On the line.
I thought there was going to be, I don't know, like an orientation.
Is that what the brochure promised? Heh heh heh! That's hilar-- - that's hilarious.
- On the line! This is simple.
Get past me.
Ring that bell.
So we're playing games now? Fine.
I'll play.
On the line.
At least he's not shooting them.
On the line.
This is stupid.
Still think it's a game? I came here to work with the guy who killed Damien Darhk, not ring a freaking bell.
This isn't a game, and if you need further evidence of that, then you walk down to the pier and you look at the statue of Laurel Lance.
Now get on the line! Aah! [Men yelling] I'd love to, but I can't tonight.
Too much to do for this medical event.
Yeah, it's great.
Janet agreed to it.
All right, see you Saturday? [Sirens] Here you go, bud.
Aah! How's the victim? Victim is Evan Warner.
He's in the ICU.
Doctors think that he was suffocated by something.
Is that lining up with anything you found? You're assuming I've actually found anything.
What's your interest in this, anyway? Amertek is helping us with a charity event, and all of a sudden, one of their vice presidents is attacked.
It cannot be a coincidence.
[Phone vibrates] Not in this city.
I have to go.
We're very sorry about what happened to Mr.
Wender, but I would like you to know that I've assigned the anti-crime unit to his case and I've asked them to make catching whoever did this their top priority.
Well, I appreciate that, but in the wake of this recent development, my board of directors-- to say nothing of Amertek's army of attorneys-- have advised us to pull out of tomorrow's event.
They're concerned that the attack on Mr.
Wender could be the start of a larger pattern of violence, and if something were to happen during the clinic, then Amertek would be held liable.
What if Star City agrees to indemnify Amertek? Ollie, that could cost mil-- And I will triple the police presence at the event.
There will be plenty of security? I will see to it personally.
Janet: Well I'm going to hold you to that, Mr.
Thank you.
So is the plan to see to it personally with the new team? No.
They're nowhere near ready.
Then what's the backup plan? Me.
It's one of the advantages of having the mayor moonlighting as a vigilante.
Or the vigilante moonlighting as mayor.
No hostiles, sir.
We're a go.
Intel was good.
Hostiles are on a shift change.
Bravo team, you're upstairs, northwest corridor, second floor.
Alpha team, you're with me.
Look sharp.
Alpha team is here.
Bravo team, where are you? What's your-- [gunfire] Come on! Move, move, move! How the hell did they know we were here? Up, up! On the line.
I'm here to learn something, man, not just get beat up.
I told you.
I'm teaching you.
Teaching us what, exactly? Because, actually, I find myself agreeing with the scary, weird guy.
The goal of this exercise is to figure out the goal of this exercise.
Now get on the line! Felicity: Actually, Green Arrow, can I talk to you for a second? Now.
You know, I thought maybe we could hold off on the criticism for a little bit.
Oh, yeah, no problem, because there's a lot.
I thought there wasn't any usable footage from traffic cameras.
Yeah, but who needs traffic cams when you got KH-10 spy satellites? Could be a meta or magic of some sort.
So Thea may or may not have told me about your brilliant plan to protect the free clinic all by yourself.
I won't be all by myself.
I'll have the SCPD and the ACU.
No way.
This is out of both of their leagues.
What? It's out of their league, too.
They're too green.
Some could say the same about you.
[Laughing] I've been waiting 5 years to make that joke.
The convention center has 20 entrances.
You can't be on them all.
Throw them around the perimeter for 3 extra pairs of eyes.
What could it hurt? Oliver: Ok, heads on swivels, but do not engage under any circumstances.
Copy that.
Yes, sir.
I mean, Oliv-- I mean, Green Arrow.
Wild Dog, do you copy that? We got to talk about this codename.
Oliver: Not now.
Stay focused.
You know, it'd help to know where you are.
Oliver: No, it wouldn't, because you're not going to engage.
Come on, where's the fun in that? Evelyn: Man, it would take one major asshat to make a move against all these people.
Curtis: Something I've learned recently is the city is filled with them.
Starts at the top, you know? Pretty boy Queen here thinks he's actually saving the city.
Thank you, officer.
How are you? Hello.
Doctor: Hi.
What have we here? Her broken bone never set.
Oh, you'll be fine.
I have some experience with that.
Evelyn, check the northwest corridor.
I don't get a codename? We really thank you for sticking with us.
Oh, well, I'm glad that Oliver changed my mind.
It's nice to feel that this company can still do some good.
Um, sorry I'm late.
If you'll excuse me.
The event is almost over.
Yeah, I know, but it's been tying up traffic, you know? Yeah, but you were supposed to watch the 10th Street entrance.
I just said, the traffic is terrible.
Are you ok? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I'm-- I'm fine, you know.
Sorry, it won't happen again.
Yeah, but-- you haven't been drinking again, have you? [Janet screaming] Janet Carroll, you have been judged and found wanting.
He's here.
[Crowd screaming] Son of a bitch.
Oliver: Overwatch? I don't see him on any of the security cameras.
It's like he just Disappeared.
I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see him do all that other stuff that I don't believe.
Curtis: I'm almost afraid to ask-- actually, I am afraid to ask-- you know, maybe I'm just afraid.
Is he coming? He's on his way.
Did he sound Unhappy? Why did you do that, anyway? He specifically told us not to engage! First, he's not the boss of me, never will be.
Second, if he thinks I'm just going to stand back and watch some little girl get hurt, then he never should have recruited me in the first place.
I think that's quickly becoming the majority opinion.
Third, if I hadn't done what I did, I wouldn't have gotten this.
Wait, is that a piece-- Yeah, the Rag man.
Now, I may be new at this and all, but isn't that what you guys call "evidence"? Oliver: On the line.
Listen, before you say anything, I think-- My instructions were specific.
By not listening, you put every one of our lives at risk.
You need to calm down Now, I know that none of you are ready for this, but now I'm not sure if you're ever going to be, because you are reckless, you're useless if you're not behind a computer, and you are just a little girl who should be doing something better with her life! Felicity: Ok, that's enough pep talk for one day.
Can I talk to you for a second? Did you learn nothing from what happened to Curtis last year? Now, you know I don't have a bedside manner.
There's having no bedside manner, and then there is being physically and emotionally abusive.
It took me years 5 in Hell to turn into someone capable of going out there.
You know who didn't have 5 years? Laurel Lance.
And now she's dead.
Oh, were those 5 years just full of pain and suffering, or did you have someone who taught you? I had a few people who taught me, and I'm trying to teach them.
What, to take a punch? An insult? You keep expecting them to do what you're telling them to do, and then you're not giving them any reason.
You just keep jabbing them with a cattle prod, expecting them to perform, and the guy that you called reckless got us our only clue we have so far.
I need you to do a full workup on that.
Yeah, well, I can't.
I mean, not here.
The Ghosts destroyed our gas chromatograph, but I have other methods.
I have to get to City Hall.
What about them? The city just experienced the equivalent of a terrorist attack.
Those 3 can wait.
John: You should get to the medic tent when we get back, but this should hold you for a few hours.
A few hours? Why, we're not bugging out? Our orders are to get that trigger.
That's exactly what we're going to do.
The men are on the second floor.
We have no idea how many guys are up there.
You remember what I told you about fear? Gets you through.
That's right.
And so does the chain of command.
We don't have to think about do or don't or right or wrong.
There's a clarity in that, right? A peace.
Do you understand? Fall out.
Secure the south hallways.
I'll take the north.
Man: Contacts will be here any minute, so let's keep our heads on swivels, ladies.
John: Thought you guys were either dead or gone.
Collins took a through-and-through.
He'll be fine, but-- [gun cocks] What the hell is going on here? I'm really sorry about this, Sergeant.
You're not here to secure the trigger.
You're stealing it.
Can't steal anything if nobody owns it.
Now, you be careful now, Sergeant.
You just might live through this.
Felicity: Not that I would normally condone drinking this much caffeine, but since you are so busy trying to save the entire city and all Add it to the list of vices I've been meaning to swear off.
Oh, do I even want to know? Just as much as I want to know why you're really here.
You already bought me an americano this morning before I got to work.
And that's why you are the detective.
It's been a while since I dated anyone.
Is this a thing now? No, this is not a thing.
This is--this is A very long, funny story.
Do you Want to tell me this story? Yeah.
That's why I'm here.
Um, this belonged to my friend's maid-- cleaning lady.
Your friend's cleaning lady? She's gone missing.
And he's very worried about her.
You want me to make a report to missing persons? No, no, no.
I was thinking that-- well, she left this rag behind, so I was thinking there might be some evidence left behind on it that, um Could help my friend locate her cleaning lady.
I thought your friend was a guy? Are you jealous? Only insofar as I haven't actually met any of your friends yet.
And, yes, that's a hint officially being dropped.
Hint noted.
So just a quick forensic workup, like maybe just a quick pass through the gas chromatograph? Fine.
It's your tax dollars.
You are the best.
Thea, may I speak-- - Hi.
- Hi.
I was just leaving.
Is everything ok? Uh, yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
I was just talking to Thea about maybe coming aboard, helping out with some stuff.
Yeah, anyways.
So, um--anyway, I'll see you tomorrow.
Uh, thanks.
What was that about? It--it's nothing.
Look, we have way bigger problems on our plate right now.
Because of you, we are on the hook with Amertek, and the C.
is in the hospital.
Actually, she was just released.
She's fine.
Ok, but she's going to hit the city with a multi-million- dollar lawsuit.
Well, can you speak to her? My hands are kind of full right now.
What else is new? What is going on with Quentin? I am 90% sure he's drinking again.
I'm 100% sure.
He told me when I saw him last week.
Ollie, I put him to work security at the event.
The dude in rags came in through the door he was supposed to be working.
Thea, I'm sorry.
I had no idea that you were going to reach out to him, but why is he talking like he's going to be working with us? "I'll see you tomorrow"? What is that? He's hurting, Ollie.
I don't think that putting him in a position of responsibility is the best idea for him or for us right now.
Ok? I'll talk to him.
[Phone beeps and vibrates] I have to go.
Thank you.
What's going on? Where are others? Somewhere not here.
They quit.
This really shouldn't come as any sort of surprise to you.
It's not surprising.
We chose the wrong people.
Including me, right? Curtis.
Do you know what the purpose of this exercise is? To figure out the purpose of this exercise? No, it's to work together, because that's the only way that you win.
That is what I have been trying to teach all of you.
Well, maybe there's a reason why you couldn't.
We don't trust you.
That's on you.
No, man.
That's on you.
Because you don't trust us, because you don't want us.
Ok, this is a setback, but we can salvage this.
They'll listen to you.
Can you just tell them how Oliver usually approaches things and-- I tried that.
I told them all about how you and Speedy and Spartan were a family, and even though you were tough and scary and even a little abusive, they clearly trusted you because they stood by you.
But then it hit me.
No, they didn't.
They left, and now I know why.
You don't respect people.
You don't know how to have partners.
You don't build people up.
You tear them down.
I thought I could trust you-- we could trust you.
I was wrong.
And that's why I'm out, too.
Felicity: Figured I'd find you here.
You were right.
As much as I usually love hearing those 3 little words, gloating right now would be like kicking a puppy.
I failed these recruits as a leader.
Well, that's because you're not a leader.
Well, in your defense, you never set out to be.
You never planned on doing this with partners.
Though, I don't think you really ever had a way around that one.
How so? When I got to know you-- the real you I was in awe.
I had never met somebody so passionate So focused and determined to make a real difference.
But the recruits didn't get to see the real you because all you showed them was this angry guy in a mask, like scary angry.
I just thought that if they didn't know who I was, it would make things easier.
How would that make things easier for them? For me.
Easier for me.
When I was in the Bratva You never talk about your time in Russia.
Nobody in the Bratva uses their real names.
Nobody knows anything about anyone's life before they were Bratva.
Sounds lonely.
It's effective.
They teach you that the only person you can trust is yourself, that without personal attachment, there can be no loss.
Laurel, Thea, Dig, even Roy.
I let them into my crusade.
I let them in Then they left.
I was protecting myself.
I just think you're missing something.
Only one thing? The reason the original team worked so well was because of the trust and respect that everyone had for Oliver Queen, not the Green Arrow.
Oliver is the one who makes a good leader.
He's the one that runs a good team.
He's the one that I chose to stand by and that I continue to choose to stand by.
[Phone vibrates] I got to take this.
Hey, hey.
If we can lure them to the left, we may have a chance.
No, we need to divert their attention, and then one of us sneaks past, and we ring the bell.
[Bell rings] Congratulations, Oliver.
Well, it looks like we have our work cut out for us getting Amertek back in our good graces.
I couldn't even get past the reception desk.
So we need to get this handled with--what? You know, just call me back whenever you get this.
Janet: I'm sorry I'm late.
It couldn't be helped.
Help it next time.
I don't like waiting.
Are we all set for tonight? Janet: We are if you have the money.
$100 million For everything I need to take over this city.
Church, I'm selling you enough ordinance to take over a country.
Sons of bitches are late.
Go topside.
See if you can get a visual.
John: Don't you just hate when your plan to steal illegal nuclear technology hits a snag? So that ambush, that was you? You had your own men, soldiers, brothers walk into a trap? And I'll carry that with me till the day I die.
But till that day comes, I'm going to be a very, very wealthy man.
You swore an oath, man! Then Genesis day happened! Isis, Taliban, Al Qaeda.
I can take them all on, but what hope does the world have against men with magic? Or those metahumans in Central City? How long before one of them manages to tear the world apart? Sergeant, what's going on? It's all right.
John: No! No, you son of a bitch! You son of a bitch! Walker: You know, I've been puzzling out why none of my contacts have showed up and fretting that maybe this whole thing has gone a little bit sideways.
I wondered what to do about it.
Then you showed up to solve my problem.
Oliver: So are you sure that it was them? Thea: Yeah, that son of a bitch leaves a pretty good impression.
Well, if Amertek is in bed with Church, then-- Then maybe that guy in rags isn't so bad because he's probably trying to take down Amertek.
Still, why is the C.
of a Fortune 500 company like Amertek willing to deal weapons to a crime lord? Because they are trying to avoid bankruptcy.
I got the forensic workup back on that piece of cloth from Ragman.
Thea: Please tell me that's not what we're actually going to call him.
What'd you find? That it is over 2,000 years old and Radioactive.
Which means trackable.
If this weapons buy is going down, this guy is going to try to stop it.
Leading us right to Janet Carroll and Mr.
What did you mean when you said that Amertek is going bankrupt? The isotope that made the cloth radioactive is very specific.
It came from one of the nukes that Darhk launched on Genesis day, specifically a nuke manufactured by a company called Atomic Defensive Systems.
They're likely a subsidiary of Amertek.
Aw, and people say he's just a pretty face.
The bottom line is the subsidiary's connection with Genesis day has made Amertek's stock prices go [Imitates explosion] Which explains why they were so eager to have a big public relations bonanza.
And why they'd be willing to unload their excess ordinance on Tobias Church.
We need to find our friend in the rags and hope he leads us to that weapons sale.
Uh, they did just say that there was enough weaponry to take down an entire country, so I would think this would be a good time for you to test out your new team.
There's no team anymore, Thea.
If I'm going in, I'm going alone.
[Man yells] This is the spot.
Felicity: There's a crazy amount of hostiles inside.
I say "crazy" because that is what you would have to be to take them on all alone.
Janet: All right.
You have your merchandise.
Church: And now you want your money.
What kind of dent can $100 million make in your balance sheet? That's my worry.
No I think that's your golden parachute, and I admire that.
[Man screams] Hello, Janet.
That man about to save us $100 million.
Ragman: They all died in fire.
Your fire.
Your weapon.
All for your money.
Where you at? [Gunfire] [Man screams] What are you talking about? I'm talking about the KN-08.
Your pride and joy.
Over 15,000 missiles launched on Genesis day.
Only one found its mark.
No, no, we--we built those missiles to keep people safe.
It--it was Damien.
It was Damien Darhk.
Couldn't have done anything if you hadn't given him the tools! Your missile killed everyone in my home.
I am the very last living soul of Havenrock And I carry with me a message from all those souls you killed.
No! No! Oliver: Ragman! Thank you.
Thank me by not standing in my way.
Let her go! [Sirens] It's over.
Thank you for coming.
Your offer sounded intriguing.
Why did you make it? Why'd you give up your vengeance to save my life? I don't know.
I think it's what my father would have wanted me to do.
He saved my life.
On Genesis day, he wrapped me in these rags, said they were ancient, from the time of Devarim, that they would protect me from the fire.
And they did.
So you see why I have to avenge him.
Your father didn't give up his life so you could become a killer.
You don't know that.
My father gave up his life to save mine.
He made me promise to be better than him, to save this city in a way that he never could.
It's been nearly 10 years since that day.
So far, I've failed.
Why are you telling me this? Because I don't want to fail anymore.
I can't do it alone.
I need a team.
Let's honor the legacies of our fathers Together.
Why, Anatoly? Why kill them? You rang bell.
They did not.
I only rang the bell because of them.
I couldn't have done it alone.
But using team was your idea.
You use them to win.
Bratva wants that.
Bratva need that.
I never would have done it if I had known it was going to cost them their lives.
First part of initiation: Only person you can trust-- yourself.
You seem to have reopened wound, friend.
What the hell? Still think you can write with your cuffs on? I mean, it wouldn't be much, just a signature.
You want to read your confession before you sign it? Screw you! Now, Sergeant, I am offering you an opportunity here.
I'm not owning up to this.
You did this.
Yeah, but I used your gun to shoot Private Collins.
Apparently, he walked in on your attempted illegal appropriation of WMD for your own personal gain.
I got 6 men out there who'll testify to that.
No one will ever believe your story.
I will.
Good luck with your court-martial.
Oh, please come in, sorry.
Sit down, and I will be right with you.
Thank you for coming.
Um, yeah, well, I almost didn't Because, you know, I-- I screwed up, didn't I, and people got hurt.
It seems like you figured it out that, um, you know, I'm drinking again, and-- and, you know, I just-- I don't want to be any--any trouble.
I'm just sorry it-- sorry it didn't work out, you know.
Ok, Quentin, that's-- that's not going to work for me.
What? You leaving and hitting the bottle again, ok? No, I think we can do better than that.
I've been to meetings.
Not a meeting.
A job.
How does Deputy Mayor sound? You want to--you want to hire a drunk to be your deputy mayor, huh? What, Oliver's approval ratings are not low enough? If we were hiring a drunk, that would be a very good point, but that is not what we are doing.
We are hiring the former captain of the SCPD who-- who just lost his daughter and is honoring her memory by dedicating himself to the city that she loved.
Ok, what do you think about that one? I think maybe the wrong Queen ran for mayor.
Look, Ollie, he told me you said that you needed a reason to stay sober, so I thought maybe this could be it.
Yeah, maybe it could.
You let Church almost kill you so that you could recruit Ragman? I was betting that his heroism would trump his vengeance.
That's a big risk to take on a stranger, don't you think? Yeah.
Well, I'm not done yet.
- Yeah.
- Are you all right? Yeah.
Thank you all for coming.
Rene: I only came because Blondie said there'd be an apology.
Well, Blondie made a good point.
You're not just joining up with the Green Arrow.
You'd be joining up with me.
The Green Arrow is the mayor? Curtis: I had the same cognitive dissonance.
Rene: I hope you don't think I'm going to apologize for the trash I talked about you.
No more than I'm going to apologize for the tough training, but I understand that you all need to trust me.
This is as far as I know how to go.
You're sort of asking without asking if we want to come back, right? That's exactly what he's doing.
Then I'm in.
Me, too.
Wild Dog? I'll fight any war as long as I trust who's leading me into battle But we have got to rethink this codename.
No chance.
[Dance music playing] Heh heh heh! Ah Can't stay away from me, can you? You almost killed the Green Arrow the other night.
If you had, you'd be dead right now.
Who the hell-- The Green Arrow is mine.
You kill him, you die.
Who are you? Prometheus.
@elderman Greg! Move your head.