Arrow s05e22 Episode Script


1 Oliver: Previously on "Arrow" Russia is your home.
Let me go save mine.
People are gonna want to know where I've been for the past 5 years.
It's easier if I'm just a simple castaway.
[Projectile flies] I'm afraid you're going to miss your boat home.
What's so funny about my father's legacy?! He was going to disown you.
Oliver: With help from the Green Arrow and his team, the Throwing Star Killer is now behind bars and our streets are a little safer.
Former district attorney Adrian Chase faces multiple counts of capital murder among other charges.
SCPD spokesperson Alison Rou credits the Green Arrow with bringing the man known as the Throwing Star Killer to justice.
Thea: Well, it looks like the Green Arrow is a hero again, whoever he is.
Yup, and the mayor ain't doing too bad either.
The "Sentinel" has got your approval rating back up to 70%.
What? Was it ever that high? Hmm, no, it wasn't.
Um, anyway, listen, if you'll excuse me, I got to go find Rene and remove his head from his ass.
What? Rene missed a hearing about possibly getting his daughter back.
- Hey, Quentin.
- Yeah? If you need any help with that, just let us know, ok? Yeah, thanks.
Yeah, will do.
Oh, by the way, I'm sorry.
I almost forgot.
Happy birthday, Mr.
Thank you.
We should go get a drink tonight.
We haven't celebrated your birthday in I can't remember how long.
I remember the last time we celebrated yours.
Oh, God.
We decided we would never talk about that again.
Four years? You've changed a lot, Speedy.
We both have.
I'm just not sure I have for the better.
I'm sure.
Look, Thea, uh, being happy doesn't mean you don't have issues.
It just means that you're working on them.
When did you become all zen-like and well-adjusted? Well We should celebrate that tonight as well as your birthday.
I appreciate that, but I already have plans.
With who? Please say, "not Susan Williams.
" Um, it--no.
Uh, with Felicity.
As in a date? As--as in I-- I don't know if it's a date.
But you're hoping that it is? It's dinner.
Ha ha! People go to dinner.
See, I don't believe you, but I find it incredibly cute.
[Sighs] Felicity and Thea: Surprise! Surprise.
Happy birthday.
Ev-- everything hurt-- everything hurts.
[Music playing] Yes! Ha ha! Thea: I love the cake.
Where did you get it? Lord Mesa bakery.
What's up with the number 6? Is that for the number of members of the team? It's cool.
Actually, I ordered the cake for a 6-year-old because I wasn't sure that I could order a Green Arrow cake for a grown man.
[Laughter] Curtis: Ha ha! I mean, well, hey, Oliver's a child at heart, right? That is the concussion talking.
Yup, for sure.
I'm really sorry about that, Curtis.
Nah, it's ok, but you should know that if I had my T-spheres, I would've Would've what? I would've still been on the floor.
Oliver: I'm very sorry.
[Chuckles] Oh.
[Sighs] Whew! Heh heh.
I was worried this might have gotten hurt.
What is it? They are sound modulators that I've been working on for Dinah.
Not only will they be able to focus her canary cry, but they will be able to override any kind of sonic dampeners.
- Yes! - She's coming, right? Yeah.
She said if work didn't go too late, then she'd swing on by.
- Thank you.
- Cake.
- Yes.
- Here you go.
Lyla couldn't make it? She and J.
are visiting her sister in Chicago.
- Oh.
- We're good, man.
It's-- we patched things up.
[Doorbell rings] I'm late, aren't I? That's all good.
Didn't miss much.
Just Oliver flipping Curtis over his shoulder.
I told you a surprise party wasn't a good idea.
[Chuckles] How was Rene? He's not home.
And there's a couple of days' worth of newspapers piled up outside his apartment.
You're worried about him.
Yeah, well, you know, Rene may come across as an irresponsible idiot, but that's-- you know, it's just 'cause that's what he wants people to think of him, you know? - Yeah.
- Hey.
We're gonna do a toast in about 5 minutes, so champagne and - Club soda.
- All right.
You got it.
Look at you with the nice wrapping.
Thank you.
Thank you all so much for doing this.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I almost forgot what it was like to celebrate a birthday.
That's because we're usually saving the city from being destroyed this time of year.
This, uh, it's like summer break for you guys.
What are you gonna do, huh? I've always wanted to see Florence The city in Italy, not the woman or her weird machines.
[Quentin and Curtis chuckle] I'm gonna teach J.
how to fish.
Two days with my son on the water, that would be heaven.
I was thinking of the Pacific Crest Trail for a night or, you know, just one night under the stars and then definitely a manicure/pedicure afterwards.
John: What about you, Oliver? I know you got city hall and all, but Yeah, it keeps me busy, but I--I need to buy some socks.
Everybody has their thing.
I need socks bad.
- Well, that's--ok.
- Socks it is.
Well, I--I think we could all use another piece of cake, right? Yeah, sure.
No, actually, I'm good.
Heh! I had about 3 or 4 slices myself.
I need to tell you something.
- Oh, ok.
- You need cake.
Oh, yeah.
I need cake.
- Ohh.
- That--that was subtle.
So subtle.
I guess since the dinner at Chez Marta was a ruse, they think we deserve some alone time.
Do we? Well, I mean, I didn't know if it was a We can take it one step at a time.
I would like that very much.
This is hard for you, huh? Hypothetically dating my ex-fiancee? No.
It's f-- Wow.
I meant "summer vacation" as they are now calling it.
It's incredibly hard.
It's borderline impossible.
We won.
Oliver, we won.
Just take a step back, you know? You could put your feet up no matter the state of your socks-- you could just God forbid-- relax.
[Chuckles softly] Yeah.
My government heard rumors of this place-- an island prison built by the Chinese.
It's incredible that you should lead me here, of all places.
I killed you.
Almost but nothing ever really dies.
There are always echoes.
[Snaps fingers] You'll learn that soon enough.
The KGB call this the Red Death.
It's an interrogation drug.
Meant to break men by inducing psychological anguish.
That's why you followed me halfway around the world-- torture.
Murder creates intimacy between men.
So I'd appreciate an honest answer.
If your intention was to return home, why leave from here? Honestly Go to hell.
That's an interesting response.
If my Chinese is correct, this--this place is called Purgatory.
You know the Catholics consider purgatory to be The immediate state following physical death? [Gasping] Konstantin, when I kill you this time, I'm gonna make sure you're dead.
[Groaning] When we're done, the only person you'd want to kill is yourself.
I'm just saying you could've taken a big knife and cut the tension between you two.
And by "tension," I mean sexual tension.
Yeah, I know what you meant, Curtis.
And then the way you guys dressed up for each other? Whoo! Sizzle, sizzle! Ok.
Can you please stop? You're worse than a shipper on a soap opera.
Well, look, I'm here.
I hope Dinah's still up.
I think her neighbors are asleep.
That's the whole point of this modulator anyway.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, no what? I think she was robbed.
Do you need backup? Yeah, probably.
But I'm here now, so I got to make sure she's ok.
Hello? Dinah? If there's someone in here, you should know that I know martial arts.
Curtis, what's going on? Oh, my God.
[Loud thud, Curtis groans, glass breaking] Curtis? Curtis! Curtis? Curtis? Arrow 5x22 Missing John: Clear! I got Curtis' phone but no Dinah and Curtis.
Ok, well, if Curtis and Dinah are missing, I guess we can presume that Rene didn't skip out on his daughter.
- Whoever did this is good.
- We know who's doing this.
It's Chase.
He's picking us off one by one.
Not to state the obvious, but Chase is currently under surveillance 24/7 in an impenetrable glass box.
There's no way he got out to do this.
Oh, he had to have help.
Well, I hate to say this, but what if this was Chase's plan all along? Get himself caught, lull us to sleep.
Felicity: Yeah, well, consider me officially woke.
Ok, Chase has worked with evil Laurel before, but she's currently locked up at Argus, and there is no way that Evelyn is doing this all by herself.
Oliver: John? Isn't that League? It's Talia al Ghul.
[Heavy sigh] Contact Thea and Lance.
We need to get them someplace secure.
There's an Argus safe house across town we can use.
Ok, you get them there, then meet me at the bunker.
Where you going? It's time to talk to Chase.
[Footsteps] Oliver: Where are they? Adrian, where are they?! - Who? - You know damn-- "you know damn well who!" You're right.
I do know, just like I know your every move while it seems like you know none of mine.
Tell me where they are.
Or what? We've already established that you think you won't kill me.
Kind of weakens your leverage.
I'm gonna find them, and I'm gonna get them back.
Is that what you came here to tell me, or are you just wasting time? Heh.
See you later.
Ah, pain.
It's fascinating, isn't it? Some men will do anything to avoid it.
Others will embrace it, even revel in it, like you.
That's why you're so formidable.
Pain is not a new experience to you.
Then stop wasting my time.
[Screaming] That was my epiphany.
For true retribution, I couldn't merely cause you pain.
I had to wake you up, open your eyes, make you see the pain you suffer is still with you.
This drug helps set it free.
[Screaming] Every cut, every bullet, every wound like you're feeling it all for the first time.
[Oliver yelling] Why am I still wasting your time? Freeze, jerk wad! Sorry.
I knew it was you, but what if it wasn't you you? You know.
Multiple earths, evil twins, et cetera.
"Et cetera" being the scariest thing I've said all day.
I hate this thing.
[Shudders] I'm a little on edge.
I'm actually really looking forward to being all holed up in an Argus safe house.
I don't want you in the safe house.
I want you down here with me.
What? No.
Why? I--I can run comms remotely, ok? And if Malcolm Merlyn has proven anything, it's that when it comes to the League of Assassins, locks are more like suggestions.
I can handle Talia al Ghul and whatever acolytes she's fighting with.
Where I need you is down here with me so that both of us can try to stop Chase.
Is this--eh, this might sound a little self-serving, but is tactics the only thing behind me staying down here? - Honestly? - Yeah.
Of course not.
Ok, the--the thing that's clear, though, to me right now is that I [Inhales and exhales] I let my guard down, and I shouldn't have.
No one could've seen this coming, Oliver.
No one.
I saw it coming.
I knew something was wrong.
I knew it here, and I ignored it.
And then I second-guessed myself.
And now everyone that I love is in danger, including maybe You know, my son.
No, I couldn't find him.
There's no way they're going to.
Not Chase, not Talia al Ghul.
William's going to be fine.
I appreciate that, but you can't know that.
You--you can't.
William is the purest part of me, and now he's in danger maybe because of something that the worst part of me set in motion.
[Footsteps] Oliver: How did it go? Thea and Quentin are not happy about it, but they're secure.
[Computer beeping] Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What's going on? I had Argus triple-check on Black Siren.
She's not in her cell.
That's not a coincidence.
Quentin doesn't know about her.
That's why Chase will send her right there.
We need to get the safe house on the phone now.
Oh, God.
You know what the worst part about a safe house is? It's not being able to use your cell phone.
That's just--it's barbaric.
Well, yeah.
Normally I'd chalk that up to millennial nonsense, but I know what you mean.
I'm champing at the bit to speak to that judge in Rene's case right now.
Well, what could you say? That Rene was kidnapped by some psycho that's in jail? I got to do something, Thea.
I know what it's like to lose a daughter.
And hell if I'm gonna let that happen to Rene.
[Cell phone vibrates] Agent Kosineski.
Hello? [High-pitched static] Hey, Sharon, we got a problem with the comms in-- [static burst] Kosineski: Stay here.
Yeah, well, I don't know about you, but I'm sure as hell not staying here, waiting.
You read my mind.
Let's go.
It's a tranq dart.
Stop right there! Stop.
Turn around slowly.
Turn-- Hi, Daddy.
[Shudders] No, it can't be.
It can be.
Don't worry.
I'll explain everything.
Don't take your gun off her, Quentin.
Thea? Thea? I know.
It's not what it seems.
Did Ollie--uh! [Dart flies] [Thud, pistol falls to floor] I'm so sorry, Daddy.
What do we know? You mean besides this being the horror version of "Groundhog Day"? Look.
The security camera footage is grainy, but it's good enough to see Black Siren giving her best Laurel impression.
If we know there was a second attacker, who do we think it was? Well, the Argus agent that gave Black Siren her get out of jail free card said that he was blackmailed by a woman wearing black, so it could be Talia.
It was Evelyn.
Agent kosineski got a positive ID before he got tranq'ed.
Felicity: So these kidnappings are what, payback? Before Chase tortured me, I told him that the team was my strength.
He's trying to take it away.
So his lady friends can come after you instead of him? That doesn't sound very satisfying.
Chase doesn't think I can game out what he's planning, but it's obvious.
Yeah, obvious to a murdering psychopath, and present company excluded.
He's trying to leverage our friends to make me set him free.
[Chuckling] That's crazy.
Which would be consistent for Chase.
- You two have to leave the city.
- What? You got to leave the city, you got to leave the state, and you can't tell me where you're going.
Oliver, we're not leaving.
We're not going anywhere.
We're not abandoning you.
I understand that you're not abandoning me.
You're doing what I'm asking you to do because Ch-- Chase knows how I think.
He knows that if he puts the two of you in danger-- and he's going to try to--that My instinct will be to pull you close.
So do something he's not expecting.
Split up.
No, that's-- What about you? If I don't have to worry about the two of you, then I can put my focus towards finding the others.
You get this son of a bitch, Oliver.
I will.
[Groaning] Kovar: You are strong, like a piece of iron.
You think you can resist any pain because you have Huh.
But the worst pain is up here, locked away deep inside.
That's what the drug is for To show you everything-- your sins Taiana, I'm sorry.
[Taiana gasping] [Snap] Your failures I guess you made your choice.
Noooo! Your guilt Shado: Oliver, no! Your bloodlust Your inhumanity.
Ah, that gun.
It only has one bullet.
You can waste it on me, but I think we both know who's responsible for your pain.
[Mumbles] I've seen the strongest man resist for up to 12 minutes before Ending his suffering.
Such is my respect for you that I-- I think you can last for, uh, 14 minutes.
Yao Fei: You're going to do it, aren't you? Because you are not strong and you know you deserve to die.
[Yells] Don't move.
Let me help you understand, I am not going to kill you.
I am never going to give you the satisfaction of being the man that you think I am.
You're never getting out of here.
Not today.
Not tomorrow.
Not ever.
Do you understand? No, I don't, but only because you're wrong.
I told you, Oliver, everyone in your orbit suffers as the price for your sins.
And the only way to keep them from paying that price is to let me go.
I'm gonna find another way.
Find it quick.
They're transferring me to Idaho tonight.
And once that happens, this offer's off the table.
I don't want to see that happen, Oliver.
Like I told you, I think that you're one loss away from getting destroyed.
Who would it be, I wonder? Thea or Felicity? Maybe someone else.
I mean, look, I don't understand, all right, but that was Laurel.
No, Quentin, it wasn't.
It looks like her, and it sounds like her-- Look, that was my baby girl, all right? She's back just like with Sara.
Listen, there-- it is hard to explain, but there are these other earths, ok? Parallel universes.
Now you're talking crazy.
Listen to yourself.
I--I know.
I know how crazy it sounds-- trust me--but it is real.
It's real.
Just as real as meta-humans and aliens.
[Sighs] Then that wasn't Laurel.
It was a Laurel.
It was It's just not the one that we knew.
Ok, but, look, she's very convincing.
And I need you to remember that because that is exactly why Chase has brought her here.
Let's go.
Where are we going? That's a surprise.
Felicity, I already have major anxiety.
You going silent on me is not helping.
You know, my mom's really big into intuition, like stars, signs, horoscopes, Ouija boards even.
I always thought it was either stupid or ridiculous.
I never really took it seriously.
Until now, right? Yeah.
I have this really bad feeling.
It's right in the pit of my stomach.
What's it telling you? We never should've left Oliver alone.
I agree with you, Felicity.
Leaving Oliver feels wrong, but maybe that's why it was the right thing to do.
You realize how backwards that sounds, right? I do realize that, but this is Chase we're dealing with, remember? Yeah, I know, but what if we overthought it and now Oliver's vulnerable? I see your sense of hospitality remains intact.
You are not welcome here, Malcolm.
You aim to cut off my other hand, Oliver? Maybe.
You gonna tell another person about my son? Last time I was down here, I saved your life.
Do you really think that gives you a pass for serving up William to Damien Darhk? I'm sorry about that.
I wasn't thinking clearly.
I let my emotions get out of hand.
That is all in the past.
The only thing I'm concerned about now is saving my daughter.
What's that? Felicity: Angry woman with two swords.
Are you getting major Isabel Rochev flashbacks right now? Yup.
You remember how we handled that, right? Yup.
[Shifts gears] [Tires screech] [Felicity coughing] - Oh, God.
- We got to get out of here.
That worked better with Rochev.
[Coughs] Dig.
I told you I had a bad feeling.
John! Felicity! They're gone, Oliver.
Damn it! They were taken alive.
I would've thought you would've tagged your--your pets by now.
They're my friends, Malcolm.
And Curtis did put tracking nanites in Felicity, but they were rendered useless when Chase set off an EMP.
Well, I'll give him this much.
He's 50 moves ahead.
But the question is to what end.
He wants to leverage me into breaking him out of prison.
And my daughter, your sister, isn't sufficient leverage? You've blackmailed people, Malcolm.
How often have you kept up your end of the bargain? And, quite frankly, I am surprised that someone like you is willing to give in to a man like Chase.
I will give in to someone if it gets Thea back.
The fact that she hates me doesn't make her any less my daughter.
And something you learned last year-- friends are one thing, but family is family.
And your child? You would do anything, absolutely anything, to keep him safe.
A little while ago, I worried to John That the personal connections that I had were making me vulnerable because as long as there are people in my life that I care for, I have to be something else to protect them.
That's something that I can't leave in the past.
I admire you, Oliver.
It takes a special kind of idiot to actually get dumber with time.
I am not in the mood, Malcolm.
Human connections are what keep us human.
And it's sad that it-- that it's a sociopath who's gonna have to point this out to you.
You can't live on an island.
You've already tried.
But you are always gonna have people in your life, Oliver, and they will always need you, for better or worse, baggage and all.
And if you can't accept that, well, your past is gonna stay your anchor.
[Cell phone vibrating] Yeah.
Man: Mr.
Queen, the marshals are here to transfer the prisoner.
You said you wanted to know.
Thank you.
I'm on my way.
I am going to ensure that Chase's prison transfer goes smoothly.
We are very capable people.
And we are gonna find a way to rescue everyone.
You're not real.
I am as real as your conscience.
Remember? "Survive.
" My dying wish for you after I gave my life for yours.
But you squandered my sacrifice and now my daughter, my dear Shado, is dead.
Yao Fei, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Apologies won't bring her back.
And it won't bring the others back.
Please stop.
Taiana, Akio, Sara.
Everyone you've lost over the past 5 years All of those you have yet to lose.
This isn't real.
It's not real.
You're in my head.
And who better than you knows the truth? What truth? That those closest to you are fated to suffer for your sins.
But you can save them, Oliver By making the same sacrifice I made for you.
I love what you've done with the place.
You got shipping containers as nice as this on Earth-2? Everything's exactly the same as it is here, Dad.
Don't call me that.
You're Laurel, but you're not my Laurel.
- Is that too tight? - You care? You think this isn't hard for me? Doesn't much look like it.
[Scoffs] I owe my freedom to Adrian Chase.
In exchange, I give him my help and his assurance that you won't get hurt.
Chase's assurance! My Laurel wouldn't be that stupid.
I knowYou loved her.
And I know you lost her.
And I know how it makes you feel seeing me.
You've got no idea.
[Door shuts] Don't worry, sir.
If custody's threatened, we have orders to shoot on sight.
You're not pulling my strings anymore, Adrian.
At least you admit that I have been.
Hey, but just so that we're clear The moment I get on that transfer chopper, my friends have orders to kill yours.
We'll see about that.
I think you're about to get a phone call.
[Exhales] [Cell phone vibrates] [Vibrates] [Vibrates] Hello? Hello.
Somebody help me.
Please help me.
I need the van.
Sir, what are you doing? Stop.
[All grunting] [Darts firing] He took your son, didn't he? How did you know? Like minds.
Something funny, nutbag? Not yet but soon.
[Explosion] See what I mean? [Arrows flying] This would be easier if we could kill them.
Then it's not gonna be easy.
[Men shouting commands] Officer: We're compromised.
Take the prisoner out.
[Explosion, gunshots] - They're targeting Chase.
- Go.
I'll cover you.
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Chase! Thanks for the assist, pal.
- Where is my son?! - No, no.
That wasn't the deal, Oliver.
That wasn't the deal.
I said, you let me go and I'd keep your loved ones safe, but I'm not gone yet.
[Breathing heavily] Why did you involve William? That's my boy.
He's an innocent.
So was my wife, man, but you involved her.
I already told you, Oliver.
Everyone that you care about suffers.
I'll see you on the boat.
Chase's helicopter flew to an abandoned airfield in Dawn Valley, Utah.
Then 5 minutes later, this aircraft took off from the same field at a vector of 2-7-0.
Due west.
That would take him back to Star City.
Chase seems smarter than that.
I'm trying to track this plane, but it's not easy without Felicity.
The night before the Undertaking, some of my associates, especially those who were on the wrong end of your bow, thought that the hood had computer skills.
I had good hardware and a specific purpose.
Chase turned off the transponder on the plane.
Luckily, Felicity has access to a keyhole satellite that can track the heat signature of any aircraft in the world.
- Impressive.
- Have to get lucky.
[Computer beeping] Are you expecting someone? Yes, I am, because Chase is working with at least Black Siren, Evelyn Sharp, Talia al Ghul, and whatever army she's currently controlling.
So you called in reinforcements.
If I wasn't such a confident individual, my ego might be bruised.
Malcolm, your ego is what I'm gonna need you to keep in check.
Why? Who did you reach out to? [Doors open and shut] Husband.
I assume you still have no title.
- No.
- Malcolm.
- I will not work with her.
- I told you.
I'd sooner slice her throat.
Try to, you mean.
Malcolm, you said you were willing to do whatever it takes to get Thea back.
So here we are! Fine.
But does she know? Know what, Mr.
Merlyn? One of the people we are up against is your sister.
[Sighs] Nyssa, I wanted to explain it to you in person.
[Computer beeping] We have Chase's C-130.
Flew out over the coast, banked southerly 12 degrees, which-- which means What does it mean? I know where he's taking them.
Why would your adversary bring them here? For that matter, how did he even know about this place? Talia.
She researched me.
Probably told Chase everything.
When I was a little girl, my father told me to visit this place.
It's where I found Sara.
Female voice: Don't.
I'm sorry that I have to, but it's better for everyone.
This is--this is the only way to make sure That I d--I don't infect everyone that I love.
But we love you in return for it, Ollie.
And we need you at home.
Please come home to me, Ollie To Thea, your mother.
We need you.
If you don't, then your father and my sister would have died for nothing.
[Fires pistol] [John grunting] Agh! Curtis: Diggle? Felicity? We're ok.
You ok? Quentin: We're fine.
A little north of pissed off, though.
Rene, Dinah.
Where are they? Not with us.
[Birds calling] Adrian: Relax.
Enjoy the weather.
[Chuckles] Ms.
Anybody ever tell you how much you suck at life? No.
Care to be the first? Thea: Why are we here? So you recognize this place? That's good.
Oliver's gonna come for us.
Yeah, I'm counting on it, sis.
Damn it.
Chase is using us as bait.
He wants to draw Oliver out.
Quentin: The numbers aren't exactly in his favor.
He's faced worse odds before.
Yeah, with the help of you and John, Roy and Laurel and Thea, the rest of us.
Curtis is right.
Oliver can't do this alone.
[Exhales] I need your help.
Hey, kid.
[Chuckles softly] I'm glad you came back.