Arrow s06e02 Episode Script


1 Oliver: My name is Oliver Queen.
After 5 years in Hell, I returned home with only one goal-- to save my city.
Today, I fight that war on two fronts.
By day, I lead Star City as its mayor, but by night, I am someone else.
I amSomething else.
I am the Green Arrow.
Previously on "Arrow" You have to promise me that you will be his father.
I promise.
William blames me for Samantha's death.
Oliver: Now you don't have to like me.
I'm your dad.
I am gonna be there for you whether you want me to be or not.
John: Curtis and Lance took Rene to Dr.
Schwartz for treatment.
Saw you take the shot at that merc.
Never seen you miss.
Turn on channel 52 right now.
Bethany Snow: This photo provides unequivocal proof of the identity of the vigilante known as the Green Arrow.
What are we gonna do? I--I don't know.
Anything interesting on the news last night? Reporter: Can you comment on the photo released last night? Reporter two: How do you feel about the accusation of being the Green Arrow? Oliver: Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
If you want to know what I have to say, it would probably help if you could hear me.
Thank you.
Gonna tell you two things, both of which you probably already know.
This is important.
I am not the Green Arrow.
Reporter: If you're not the Green Arrow, then who is? Number two.
Photos can be doctored.
They could have put Bruce Wayne's head on that body.
Has Bruce Wayne left Gotham to hang out in Star City recently? No.
Now if I was running around the city during the day and managing it as mayor while running around at night frightening criminals as a vigilante, that really would make me a superhero, but I'm not.
I'm just the mayor.
Thank you very much.
[Reporters clamoring] You seem to be taking this in your stride.
I've been here before with you.
Yeah, but I didn't have a photograph of you in flagrante de-arrow.
Where did channel 52 get the photo? Anonymous source.
Arrived in yesterday's mail, no return address.
Let's get the envelope, let's get it to forensics, and let's figure out who leaked it.
And why.
Can't let this distract us.
Where are with rebuilding the SCPD? Well, I fast tracked the insurance claim, so we should have 20 million burning a hole in our account by the end of the day.
- "Our" account? - I figure we peel off a few bucks and fly off to Vegas.
Heh heh heh.
That's cute.
Think it might be a little suspicious if Oliver left town right about now.
I need to be in town for the Markovian delegation.
So it's all right for me to go to Vegas is what you're saying? Oliver: Hello.
I don't think you have an appointment.
No, but I really don't need one.
Special Agent Samanda Watson.
Quentin: Uh, can we help you with something? Not really.
I'm here as a courtesy to inform you of the investigation I'll be conducting in your city.
Investigation into what? You.
You've got to be kidding.
Yeah, because the FBI is world renowned for its sense of humor.
You were on the news last night, wearing the outfit of a known criminal.
Can you honestly say you're surprised there's an investigation? No, but I wasn't expecting the FBI.
Well, quite frankly, the local law enforcement has proven ineffective where the Green Arrow is concerned.
Uh, AgentWatson? Yes.
I was cleared 5 years ago.
Of being the Hood, not the Green Arrow, and you were cleared by the guy who's now your deputy mayor.
Would you like me to send you a copy of the polygraph that Mr.
Queen passed? For starters.
The local AG will be issuing subpoenas later on today.
It was nice meeting you, gentlemen.
I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.
Arrow 6x02 Tribute At least they caught his good side.
Not funny.
All right.
John said you guys have experience putting this particular genie back in the bottle.
Well, yeah.
I mean, John's put on the hood before, but I don't see how that's gonna work now, not with photographic evidence.
What about the human target? The human what now? Best cosplayer ever.
He can literally make himself look like someone else? John: Yeah.
Chance is out of the country right now, only God knows where.
We have to think of a new way of getting out of this.
And if we can't? Because assuming Oliver does not go to prison, he's not gonna be able to do anything with a million eyes on him.
Not to mention that if he's outed, rather if he stays outed, it won't be much of a leap to the rest of us.
One step at a time.
First step being figuring out where this picture came from.
It came from nowhere.
What do you mean? I mean this envelope wasn't mailed, delivered, or sent.
It came from inside the channel 52 news offices.
How do we know that? Bar code.
Channel 52 uses it for internal traffic.
How many people work there? [Sighs] All right.
I'm just gonna say to say it.
What if this was Chase, huh? He could have put this in motion months ago, a little parting gift.
Seems like his style, messing with you like this.
It is more than possible.
How's your boy holding up with all this? Ok.
I wanted to keep him home from school, but he insisted on going.
Like his father, huh? I wasn't much of a student.
I mean, he's tough.
Curtis: Where's he standing? If we could figure out when and where this was taken, it would give us something to go on.
I wrote an image analysis algorithm, but there's just not very much for the computer to chew on.
Was the original photo taken digitally, or was it taken he old-fashioned way? Digital.
Printed on standard inkjet stock.
- Hmm.
- Ok.
Maybe if we get the file, there might be some meta data on it, and we can figure out who took the photo.
That's a pretty epic maybe.
Well, like you said, if we don't figure this out and fast, we're screwed! - I did say that, didn't I? - Yeah, you did.
This could destroy our whole lives.
It's hard to think that before my biggest worry was getting a new job, and now it's about whether or not we'll end up in jail.
I thought you were sitting pretty from your Palmer Tech severance.
Yeah, from, like, a year ago.
What are you gonna do-- assuming that we're all not in jail.
I mean, I'd definitely rather go to Iron Heights than work at Tech Village again.
That place was horrendous.
What about you? I mean, you've been out of a job as long as I have.
Not really.
I've been doing some freelance coding in my spare time.
What? What spare time? Yeah.
Tell me about it.
Barely any, but I did not take a dime from Paul in the divorce, and a man's got to eat.
So you just had, like, a secret job this whole time.
You didn't tell anyone about it? I thought we all, like, had, like, secret jobs.
- No.
- Except for John maybe.
What does he do for money? That's something that's been perplexing me.
He's--he's married to the director of Argus.
That's right.
She does make a lot of money.
Oliver: This building has been vacant since being claimed by the city under eminent domain 4 years ago.
Reporter: Do you have any comment on the FBI investigating you under murder charges? We're not gonna talk about that.
Quentin: Except to say it's a load of crap.
By offering subsidized leasing to Markovia's Vortex Industries, they're gonna be able to create a high-tech factory here, bringing at the very least 800 new jobs to Star City.
Reporter two: Can you shed light on the accusation of being the Green Arrow? You have said you're not the Green Arrow.
Then who is.
Why are you being-- Guys, enough! If we're not here to discuss the Markovian initiative, then you can just get back on the bus because I will not-- for the last time-- be answering questions on the Green Arrow.
Man: But I'd be happy to.
Alec Tarkov.
I'm the vortex CEO, and if your mayor is truly a superhero, which seems ludicrous-- Thank you.
We will double our investment.
Safe city's a good place to do business, no? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Mr.
Tarkov, but not even my son considers me much of a superhero.
[Gunfire] Go for cover! Go for cover! Get to the Van! Agh! Go, go, go, go, go! Here we go! Come on.
Hit it! Go! [Tires squeal] [Gunfire continues] All right.
Hold on.
Hold on! [Tires squeal] Is everyone ok? Yeah.
Hello, Mr.
Hope you're having pleasant day.
You look like maybe you want to throw punch at me.
Don't worry.
We are not here for you.
We have business with our Markovian cousins.
Oliver: These are legitimate businessmen.
I never said my business was not legitimate unless you know something maybe a mayor should not know.
We'll be in touch.
You ok? My best friend is under a microscope by everyone in this city and the FBI, so he couldn't stop the Bratva from taking hostages, so let's just assume I'm not.
I wasn't talking about what's going on with Oliver.
Dinah, I'm fine.
The only thing that's really bothering me is you being up in my business.
[Door opens] Hey.
We came as soon as we heard.
We need to know why Anatoly took the Markovians, and we need to find him now.
Oliver, Felicity and Curtis are on this - But you need to stay here.
- Look.
I know I said before Chase could be behind this, but now I'm thinking-- It's Anatoly.
He leaked the photo to tie my hands.
We're on this.
We'll take care of it.
- SQL or Java? - What? In your job as a secret programmer, are you coding in SQL or Java? Both, plus a little Swift.
I can't believe you've had a secret job this whole time and you didn't even tell me about it.
Is this relevant to locating the Bratva and/or their hostages? I am multitasking, thank you very much, and, yes, if you must know, I am running my image analysis algorithm on the photo of Oliver.
[Computer chiming] What? Get something? No.
Just my algorithm crapping out again.
Don't despair.
I think I might have a line on our friend Anatoly.
Now working on the assumption that he hasn't been in town that long, I wondered how he was fixed for cash.
I bet his Bratva buddies are good for it, no? Well, he has to pay them somehow.
Cash would set off too many alarm bells, plus he'd have to convert it from rubles.
Credit cards are way too easy to track, but then there's Cryptocurrency's virtually impossible to track.
For mere mortals, but we're Mr.
Terrific and Overwatch.
Overwatch and Mr.
Oliver: No.
I can assure you.
We are doing everything in our power to get the hostages back.
We haven't determined a motive for the kidnapping, but the police are working on it around the clock, all right? No.
Of course, of course, of course.
- Thank you, minister.
- Yes.
That's right.
We'll be in touch.
Thank you.
The Markovian consulate is losing their minds.
It's the same with the Vortex home office.
They want to send private security to get their people back.
I told them we've got it handled, but-- Felt like you were lying? Where are we with the SCPD? Dinah's got people rounding up every Russian thug with a record, but, you know, they're shorthanded down there.
Got a new problem.
[Coughs] Snow: We received an anonymous message from the group claiming responsibility for today's abduction of the contingent of executives from Markovia.
In what can only be a small consolation, the mayor and the reporters at the delegation were not Lady's getting a lot of anonymous messages these days.
As for what exactly this group wants, they said they will execute the hostages in 12 hours unless the city pays them a ransom of $20 million.
Mayor Queen could not be reached for comment.
- Rene.
- In related news, Mr.
-- My comment is that we don't negotiate with terrorists.
Yeah, but if we did, we got $20 million from the reconstruction of the police department.
Quentin: It's funny.
That's the exact number your buddy Anatoly chose.
I don't care what number he chose.
We're not paying him 20 cents.
[Cell phone vibrating] Yeah? This is he.
Is he ok? No.
Of course.
Of course.
I have to go.
Want to tell me what happened? No.
Did you see who hit you? Teacher was saying it could have been a couple of kids.
Buddy, I can't help you if you-- They know you're the Green Arrow.
What? They said you're the Green Arrow.
They said you're not here to help me.
Oh, man.
William, I'm really sorry that you have to-- They were really big, eighth graders.
Eighth graders, huh? You should go for the nose.
What? If something like this happens again, go for the nose.
Find the biggest one, the biggest on in the group, walk right up to him without saying a thing, and punch him in the nose as hard as you possibly can.
He will have no idea what is going on.
He won't be able to see, and if he can't see, he can't fight, and then all of his buddies, all the guys that were being so brave, they will back off.
Trust me on that one.
[Cell phone vibrating] - But what if-- - Hang on.
Yeah? Felicity: It's me hang on a second.
[Beeping, static] What was that? Had to secure the line.
Curtis and I found Anatoly.
Russian restaurant owned by a dummy corporation.
Thermal satellite reads 4 bodies in an industrial cooler.
Is it the hostages? That's what we're thinking.
Text me the address.
I'll be there soon.
Stop the car, please.
- What are you-- - I got to get out.
The driver and security, they are gonna make sure that you get right home to Raisa.
- But-- - I promise that we'll talk about this right when I get home, but for now, I got to go.
Just please trust me.
John: 3 access points north, south, and east.
Lance said these guys are packing some heavy artillery.
Where's G.
? Oliver: Right here! We thought maybe you couldn't get away.
It wasn't easy.
Terrific, keep eyes on the perimeter.
Spartan, Canary, occupy the guards.
I'll extract the Markovians.
[Canary cry] [Grunting] [Men coughing] There were 4 of you.
Alec Tarkov, our CEO, they took him.
- Where? - They did not tell us.
Spartan, Canary, we are short one hostage.
We just did a sweep.
There is no one else here.
- Overwatch.
- I don't know what happened.
Thermal read 4 warm bodies inside.
They must have moved one.
Felicity: In the least surprising news ever, the Bratva-run restaurant is lacking in security cams.
Dinah: Oh, you mean Russian mobsters like their privacy? Oliver: So what now? So now I show you security camera footage from outside the restaurant.
John: Where's Anatoly going with Tarkov? Well, from this feed, it looks like he's headed northeast, but then we lose him right about there.
We could cross-reference our list of Bratva crytpocurrency activities with Bratva-owned properties, see what comes from that direction.
John, Dinah, be prepared to hit whatever location Felicity and Curtis come up with.
- Copy that.
- What about you? Oliver: I have to meet Quentin and Rene at the FBI.
The Agent that's doing the investigation wants to interview me.
Felicity: You have a lawyer for that, right, or an army of lawyers? That would probably be better.
That would work for you if you had an army of them.
I don't want to look like I have anything to hide.
Where are we with the photo? Oh, I'm doing a recoding of Felicity's analysis algorithm.
Should have something working within an hour to 30 days, give or take.
Much closer to the hour mark, though.
Thank you.
Keep me updated.
[Clock ticking] [Sighs] Did you always know you were gonna be FBI? [Groans] Because I have a little girl who I think has that potential.
I mean, of course, a woman can do anything a man can.
And why wouldn't they? Exactly.
I mean, they can.
I'm a feminist like that.
It's been over an hour, and my patience is beyond gone.
Actually, you know what? That's the mayor himself.
He's got a family emergency.
He's at home with the kid.
Look at that.
So it must just be a coincidence that during his family emergency the Green Arrow was spotted rescuing the Markovian executives from the Russian mob? Definitely a coincidence.
Do I really look that stupid? You don't look stupid at all.
We're really sorry about keeping you waiting, all right, but I don't know if you know this, but the mayor is actually recently a single dad.
After the boy's mother died unexpectedly in a car accident.
Well, most car accidents are Unexpected.
And most leave behind a car wreck and a body.
The only proof to miss Clayton's death was the accident report and the autopsy, both of which could have been easily faked.
You're not exactly a--a very trusting person, are you, special Agent Watson? Trust isn't part of my job description, but let me make one thing clear as glass to you both.
If you're protecting Mr.
Queen, I'll find out, and I'll have you both indicted for obstruction.
Now get out my office.
You wasted enough of my time.
Let's go.
Hey, William.
That was a gift from a very good friend of mine.
It's all fake! Superheroes don't save anyone.
Buddy, I know that I ran out on you, and I'm sorry, but people needed help, and I know that you needed help, too, so I am--I'm here.
Do you want to learn a few more moves, or-- No, because I don't want to learn how to fight.
I don't want you to learn how to fight, but you can't always reason with bullies.
You just left me by myself.
I know.
I know, and I'm sorry.
I didn't know if you were gonna come back.
William, look at me.
I will always come back.
Just like my mom? This is different.
It's worse because there's a million psychos always trying to kill you.
I--I can handle them.
What if you can't? Then I'll be alone.
I'll have nobody.
You won't understand.
I do understand.
I lost my mom, and I lost my dad And I was a lot older than you are now, but I remember exactly how it feels.
It's sad, it's scary, and it's lonely, and I swear to God I will never let that happen to you.
It's not up to you.
[Cell phone vibrating] I'm sorry.
It's work.
Which work? [Vibrating continues] [Vibrating continues] Hello, Oliver.
Anatoly, why are you doing this? I need money, and from what I understand, your city recently came into possession of $20 million.
There are plenty of cities in Russia.
Beautiful ones, but, you see, I have been exiled.
Apparently, Bratva thinks I am too weak due to my friendship with you, so now I show everyone I am not weak, and you and I no longer friends.
I know sometimes you--you need persuasion to do right thing, so I--I help you.
This nice man has paralysis of muscles.
Soon, will have lung collapse and not be able to breathe.
This happens in maybe 3 hours.
Now I have cure for his problems.
Do you have cure for mine? [Beep] All right.
So you got this off Oliver's phone? - 5 minutes ago.
- Any clues? Wait.
Look at this face.
I was trying really hard not to.
What is that? Felicity: If we can analyze the facial rash, we might be able to diagnose the poison.
And find the right cure.
On it.
Anatoly said Tarkov has maybe 3 hours.
Curtis: Yeah.
That sounds bout right.
Got it! Tetrodotoxin.
- That's a neurotoxin.
- Yeah.
"Inhibits the firing of action potentials, "preventing the nervous system "from carrying messages and muscles from flexing in response to nervous stimulation.
" I have no idea what you just said, but that doesn't sound good.
- Is there a cure? - Yeah.
They should have something down at Starling General.
That's great.
So all we have to do is get it to him before the poison takes over his entire body.
- John.
- Starling General.
I'm on it.
Dinah: John, I'm coming with you.
Schwartz: Administer this to the patient, and it will neutralize the TCCD poison.
I don't want to know what this is for, do I? How long will it take to reverse the effects? Starts working immediately, but I'd say 72 hours until a full recovery.
Thank you, Doctor.
And, um, how are you feeling? I feel fine.
[Cell phone vibrates] Excuse me.
I have a patient.
Keep taking those pain meds.
Yes, ma'am.
It seems like you have another chance to lie to me again.
I'm not lying.
I'm telling you this is none of your business.
I am out in the field with you at less than 100%.
This is damn well my business, and it's Oliver's.
What doesn't he know? On Lian Yu, Felicity and I got caught in one of the explosions.
I thought you guys were fine.
Felicity was.
I caught some shrapnel.
And didn't tell anybody? Thea was comatose, Samantha dead.
I was low-priority.
John, that was 5 months ago.
Schwartz said I have nerve damage.
That's why you haven't been pulling your gun.
Dinah, I have this handled.
Yeah? You should tell that to Rene.
He ended up in the hospital because you couldn't even get a single shot off.
It's just a tremor.
I can manage it.
I'm a soldier, Dinah.
Soldiers push through.
So, what, I'm just supposed to lie to everybody now just like you've been doing? You have to do whatever you have to do, but I'm asking you, please Will you trust me on this one? We should get going.
I know Python.
The supervillain? No, no, no.
The programming language.
Maybe you could send some of your freelance coding my way.
I think that would be a waste of your prodigious talents, Felicity.
You are a-- son of a bitch.
Not really a son, Curtis.
More of a-- No, no.
Talking about this.
I revised your photo analysis algorithm and got back this.
What? That's impossible.
Data analysis doesn't lie, Felicity.
Question is what do we do with it? [Computer beeps] What's that? Come on.
No more bombshells.
I can't handle anymore for the rest of the night.
It's not a bombshell, Curtis.
It might just be the key to the Bratva's location.
[Ding] - What are you doing here? - Working obviously.
What are you doing here? Felicity and Curtis are working on locating Tarkov.
He has maybe an hour left.
So why aren't you home with William? Sorry if I hit a nerve.
When have you ever been sorry about hitting a nerve? That's a fair point.
Speaking of William.
Yeah? We received a person of interest list from Agent Watson.
She wants to interrogate my son? He's an alibi and probably not a very good liar.
Absolutely not.
She's not going anywhere near him.
I don't think that's up to you.
I'm gonna use everything single thing in my power to keep him as far away from this as possible.
This-- this kid has been through enough.
All right.
Um, Lance told me about what happened at school.
Kids are mean.
He's not worried about bullies.
He's worried about me.
He thinks I'm gonna make him an orphan.
- Damn.
- told him-- I said, "that will not happen.
I will always come back.
" I have never lied to my kid before.
You knowI'm not exactly father of the year, butwhite lies are kind of like an important parental tool.
I remember telling Zoe that she came from a cloud.
I really hope her mom set her straight on that one.
So help me with this.
He do I reconcile that he's right? Because every time that I'm in the field, there's a chance I don't come back and that he's alone, and now you're telling me that he's gonna have to lie to an FBI Agent so that he doesn't lose his father to prison? [Sighs] [Cell phone chimes and vibrates] Ahem.
We have Anatoly's location.
All right.
You go out the back entrance.
I'll lose them.
Rene, are you good to get back in the field? Hells, yeah.
All right.
John: Team's in position.
You sure this is the place? Whoa! I am so insulted right now! Easy.
It's just that an abandoned shipyard doesn't feel like Anatoly's speed.
Well, neither does being a complete jerk.
People change.
The problem is this place is massive, so I can't pinpoint the location of the hostage even with satellite.
Figure we'll split up.
I distributed the antidote so whoever gets to Tarkov first can inject him.
You ok? Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's do this.
Curtis: If one of us spots Tarkov, we should have a signal.
Rene: Yeah.
I was gonna go with something like, "I see him," or maybe even, "Hey.
Over there.
" It's not terribly original but effective.
What about if we spot the Bratva? How about heads-up? Heads-up! [Canary cry] - You ok? - Look out! [Dinah groans] [Choking] [Gunfire] [T-sphere whirs] Unh! Anatoly: I asked for 20 million specifically because I knew you had it.
You trade this man's life for new police station? Not exactly.
I do not think you understand how this whole rescue thing works.
I think I do.
[Tarkov breathing] Some sort of antidote.
Very clever.
Now step away from him, Anatoly.
He's not part of this.
I made him part of this.
[Gunshot] And I never got my money.
What the hell has happened to you? Not even Gregor would have done that.
Yes, he would have.
You never saw because you were too naive.
You still are.
We were friends.
Yes, but I see how you treat your friends.
No, Anatoly, no.
This is on you.
You used to be an honorable man! I am an honorable man.
Did I have bomb planted in your son's school? Did I have him kidnapped, tortured? No, because even though we stand apart, I am still good man.
I wonder what would happen to William if you ran afoul of someone who's not good.
Anatoly! Don't you move.
Don't bluff.
We have been here before.
We both know you will not kill me.
Why did you leak that picture of me? As Kapiushon? I did not.
I told you I am honorable man.
[Door opens] Thank you for agreeing to meet.
I can always make time for the subject of my investigation, but I should advise you have a lawyer present.
Why do I need a lawyer? I haven't done anything wrong.
You know the kind of person who says that? - No.
- The kind that needs a lawyer.
Heh heh heh.
Agent Watson, if you feel the need to investigate me, I am more than happy to open up my entire life to you with the exception of my son.
He's off limits.
You're aware that telling a FBI Agent how to conduct their investigation is obstruction of justice? If I really am the man that you think I am, how far do you think such a man would go to keep his son from being scrutinized by the FBI? [Knock on door] Oh.
Watson? A little busy here.
There's something on the news that you need to see.
Snow: Channel 52 just received exclusive evidence which conclusively establishes that the photograph of Mayor Queen as the Green Arrow was digitally doctored.
This is the second time that Mayor Queen has faced allegations of being a vigilante, and twice he has been exonerated.
Lucky you.
Not really.
Like I said, I'm not the man you think I am.
No, Mr.
I think you are, and if you think this means I'm dropping my investigation, then you're the one who's mistaken.
You should do whatever it is you have to.
the last 48 hours.
The evidence received by channel 52 showing that Mr.
Queen's face had been placed on the Green Arrow's body was received earlier today from an unknown source.
- Nailed it! - You know, I don't want to sound arrogant, but we may very well be the smartest human beings on the planet.
Oh, well, it's not arrogant if it is accurate.
Heh heh.
True that.
And you still find the time to look bummed out.
I mean, our photo analysis algorithm was right, right? - Yes.
- The photo of Oliver was doctored, so-- So what is the problem? So who would want to frame Oliver for being the Green Arrow? Wow! Way to kill the mood.
- Sorry.
- No.
That is future us' problem.
I'm not gonna, like, let you take away my buzz right now.
Present us is only worried about you quitting your nobody-told-about job.
When are you gonna let that go? When you go into business with me.
I'm sorry.
Go into what with you? - Wait.
What? - Ok.
Work with me on this.
We work so well together.
The photographic analysis algorithm is just one of many in a long list of amazing tech that you and I have collaborated on.
Think about all the good we could do, all the cool stuff we could do, all the cool things we could make! Please don't say no.
- Yes! - Oh, thank God.
Good because I already filed the paperwork.
Oh, man.
This is so cool.
We'll be like Woz and Jobs, like, back in '76.
Who's Woz, and who's Jobs? - Shotgun! Jobs! - Shotgun! Jobs! Hey.
Can we talk for a second? There's nothing to talk about.
We both know that's not true, Dinah.
What do we both know? I need you to say it.
You nearly got killed last night because you couldn't rely on me.
Because you're compromised.
I know.
I know.
Things just got worse than I was willing to admit.
That's ok, but what are you gonna do about it? Tell Oliver.
Go from there.
[Video game sound effects] You're home early.
So I am.
Hoping to make that more of a regular thing if that's ok with you.
I would like to apologize.
For what? For making you a promise I wasn't 100% sure I could keep.
You were right, and I was wrong.
[Game stops] Raisa said you have a hard time admitting when you're wrong.
You have no idea.
Buddy, I heard what you said in the limo, and I hear you, but I also meant what I said.
I--I am going to do everything in my power forever to make sure that never end up alone in this world, and I know that you think that that's not up to me, and that's a fair, smart point, which is why I think I've found a way so that maybe it can be.
- How? - I'm working on the details.
I want you to believe me when I say that I am trying to make it happen, all right? One more thing.
I promise that I will do my best every single day to be the very best father that I can be and--and that I know how to be.
That promise is 100%.
You want to play with me? What is this? Honestly, I don't know.
All you got to do is just button mash and see whoever can win.
- All right.
- Want to try? - Yeah.
- All right.
[Game starts] [Footsteps] - Thanks for meeting me.
- Yeah.
Well, I wanted to talk to you about a few things, and-- What is it, Oliver? I'd like you to do something for me.
If it's suit up as Green Arrow, Felicity and I already talked about it, and we don't think it's enough to take the heat off of you.
That's not why I'm asking.
You're serious.
Every time that I'm out there as the Green Arrow, I'm a target of the FBI, of the Bratva, of the threats that are out there and the threats that are undoubtedly coming And on my own, I can take it.
I'm not on my own anymore.
I cannot be responsible for my son losing the only parent that he has left.
Star City needs the Green Arrow.
It just can't be me anymore So I'd like it to be you.
Greg! Move your head.