Arrow s06e21 Episode Script

Docket No. 11-19-41-73

1 Oliver: Previously on "Arrow" I'm the one who's testifying against you.
In a shocking fall from grace, the Star City council has voted to impeach mayor Oliver Queen and remove him from office.
I'm thinking about moving up your trial.
[Groaning] I got a lot of friends at the courthouse.
Bethany Snow: Speculation that the former mayor is secretly the Green Arrow has multiplied in recent weeks after his decision to terminate two city officials investigating him led to his impeachment.
If convicted, Oliver Queen could face a life sentence.
His fate now rests in Star City's justice system.
[Gunfire, explosion] [Firing rifle] John.
I'm getting you out of here.
Ha ha! What the hell are you doing here? I need your help in Star City.
Arrow 6x21 Docket No.
11-19-41-73 Reporter: Mr.
Queen, do you know who the Flash is? What about the identities of the other vigilantes working with the Green Arrow? Mr.
Queen, how long will this trial last? Will you be acquitted? [Reporters speaking at once] And the media wonders why everyone hates them.
Thank you, officer.
You can wait outside.
I'm right where Mr.
Diaz wants me.
I need to have a privileged conversation with my client.
Nobody's stopping you.
Since you fired district attorney Armand, the D.
's office has brought an outside counsel to prosecute.
Felicity: Ok, well, that could be a good thing.
I mean, someone who's not in Diaz's pocket.
Have you heard of Alexa Van Owen? Should I have heard of her? She took down Intergang and Bruno Mannheim.
She's prosecuted CEOs and serial killers, and she has CIA-caliber investigators that say they can find anything and everything.
Her conviction rate is 99%.
Jean: She called me last night, and she offered a plea.
Single count of first-degree manslaughter.
That doesn't sound so bad.
With a 15-year minimum sentence.
That sounds bad.
We're not taking that, right? We're not taking any deal.
Look, Van Owen isn't in Diaz's pocket, but we have every reason to believe that Judge McGarvey is.
I mean, this whole system is against you.
No deal.
Get me an acquittal.
I'm not doing it, Rene.
I'm not playing make believe with you.
It's a mock trial, not make believe, and we got to get our stories straight.
Well, I'm planning on pleading the fifth.
Did you have a different amendment in mind? We can't plead the fifth without looking guilty.
We are guilty, we are vigilantes, and we know Oliver is the Green Arrow.
Which is why we got to lie through our teeth, and we got to be convincing.
We got to have our stories straight.
Hoss, you want to weigh in on this? You've been real quiet.
Why? It's not like I'm gonna have to testify.
Curtis, please don't tell me you have FOMO because you weren't subpoenaed.
Yeah, I have major FOMO.
Don't I rate? You know, maybe you are just so much better at maintaining your secret identity than the rest of us.
Rene: Guys, can we be real for a second here? I mean, Oliver's facing life in prison.
Yeah, and I guess I'm just a little bit surprised that you care, not that I think you actually want Oliver to go to prison, Rene, but come on.
Oliver's a jerk.
My position on that hasn't changed.
But what also hasn't changed is the position that he's in right now.
He's in it because of me.
You're right.
And I think we can all agree no matter what our feelings are about Oliver, none of us want him to go to prison.
Am I right? Damn right.
From where I'm sitting, it's pretty simple.
They've got the wrong guy.
Oliver Queen isn't the Green Arrow any more than I am.
And for the record, I'm not the Green Arrow.
There appears to be a fair amount of evidence to suggest the former mayor is guilty.
What evidence? That photo from several months ago, that was doctored.
And I don't know who they're gonna find to say "Oliver's the Green Arrow," but they'll be lying.
- You sound pretty sure of that.
- I am.
I'm the guy that arrested Oliver 6 years ago, remember? I watched him pass a polygraph.
He's not the Green Arrow.
Do you know who is? I got a few guesses.
[Chuckles] Thank you, Mr.
You're welcome.
Oh, hey.
They told me I could come in here.
Uh, no, that's fine, right? We're finished.
Actually, maybe we could just get some b-roll.
Snow: As the Black Canary, you have to know who the Green Arrow is.
I do.
And I'll testify to it if they subpoena me.
Happy? Got your sound bite? Good.
Curtis: This looks bigger than the O.
How would you know? You were in, like, fourth grade.
Yeah, but I watch "American Crime Story.
" I guess John decided not to show.
I knew he was pissed, but I didn't know he was that pissed.
Felicity: Guys.
Thank you so much for coming.
Well, you know, they were subpoenaed.
But we also wanted to show our support.
Yeah, we have your back.
Thank you.
Really, thank you.
So many reporters outside.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
You ok? I always thought the worst thing that could happen to dad is he'd get hurt.
I know.
He's been through something like this before.
I mean, not exactly like this, but something and It's gonna be ok.
Clerk: All rise.
Docket number 11-19-41-73, "The People vs.
Oliver Jonas Queen.
" Status of the parties? Ready for trial.
Ready for trial.
Then let's begin.
Oliver Queen is a hero.
He is.
He's saved this city more times than anybody can count, but he's done it all from behind a mask so that he could take the law into his own hands.
In fact, he's taken as many lives as he's saved.
So, yes, Oliver Queen is a hero, but that doesn't mean he's not also a criminal.
Jean: 3 weeks ago, Oliver Queen was mayor of this city.
In that time, he has gone from being under indictment to impeachment to being on trial.
How? How could everything go wrong so quickly for him? I think intuitively you know the answer.
It runs through this city like a cancer, compromising some city officials while discrediting others, likelike the defendant.
Even the anti-vigilante law that he's being charged under is the work of the corrupt men and women who are holding our city in their grip.
This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but at the conclusion of this trial, I'm going to ask you what is most likely, that our city's government has been compromised or that we elected a superhero as our mayor? Ms.
Van Owen, please call your first witness.
The people call John Diggle.
Where is he? A bench warrant will issue for Mr.
If he's not made to appear within one hour, he'll be held in contempt of this court.
Is your next witness ready? Yes, your honor.
Van Owen: Please state your name and occupation for the record.
Elisa Schwartz.
I'm an attending physician at Starling General Hospital.
Thank you, Dr.
And you've had an occasion to treat the defendant? Yes.
For various suspicious injuries.
Is that correct? I can't say without violating doctor-patient confidentiality.
I understand.
Then let me direct your attention, please, to an incident when Mr.
Queen was not a patient.
On the night of April 6, 2016, the Green Arrow brought in the Black Canary.
And according to your records, she had been stabbed.
Is there a question in our future? Van Owen: Yes.
That night, you were close enough to the Green Arrow to determine his identity.
So my question is, whose face did you see that night? I was focused on saving Ms.
Lance's life.
I wasn't the least bit concerned with who the Green Arrow was.
Concern or not, whose face did you see underneath that mask? Well, it's not bad.
Oliver might just pull this one off.
You want to put money on that? Diaz wants Oliver in prison.
You think he'd want to kill him.
I mean, at least try.
What, so the Green Arrow can become a martyr? [Cell phone vibrates and rings] Diaz is smarter than that.
I have to go.
Diaz yank your leash? Something like that.
You know, you don't have to go.
The first step to standing up to him is to stand up to him.
Sounds like the first step to getting myself killed.
Not for nothing, but apart from your face, there is one thing you've got in common with my Laurel.
And what's that? Neither of you would let somebody else tell you what to do or have you running scared.
You think your Laurel would stand up to Diaz? I know it.
Well, maybe if she were a little smarter, she wouldn't have gotten herself killed.
It's been one hour.
He is hereby in contempt of this court.
I'm sorry I'm late, your honor.
I had some business to take care of out of town.
Oliver Queen is not the Green Arrow.
I can't make it any plainer than that.
How can you be so sure? From 2012-16, I was his personal bodyguard.
If he was running around with a bow and arrow, I would've known it.
But would you admit knowing it? Why wouldn't I? Because you were aiding and abetting a vigilante? I absolutely was not.
In fact, I had very limited interaction with Oliver Queen.
How can that be? You were head of his security at city hall.
And my job was to keep him safe.
And that included not jumping off of rooftops.
Well, Mr.
Diggle, you can't even keep yourself safe.
I mean, in the past 4 years, you've been abducted by Damien Darhk, your own child was also kidnapped.
You were hospitalized for nerve damage caused by severe trauma.
Diggle, either you travel in some very dangerous circles, or you have the worst luck ever.
Who was Sean Sonus? Jean: Objection.
- Overruled.
- Your honor? I said, overruled.
Answer the question.
He was a drug dealer I investigated while undercover in the Central City police department.
And he was shot and killed in Hub City last year.
Your honor, I renew my objection as to relevance.
Well, if Ms.
Drake is a murderer, it would certainly undermine her credibility, now, wouldn't it? McGarvey: Objection overruled again.
Sit down, Ms.
Van Owen: So you were not with the Central City police department when Mr.
Sonus was killed.
Is that correct? - That's right.
- Did you murder him? Your honor! Answer the question.
I'm exercising my fifth amendment right against self-incrimination.
You beckoned? I saw something interesting on TV.
And I'll testify to it if they subpoena me.
Is there a problem? Not yet, there isn't.
You know, this would move a lot faster if you would stop talking in circles.
You were given the gift-wrapped opportunity to say that Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow.
You didn't do it, baby.
I was unaware I was supposed to.
Well, that's why we're here having this little meeting, so we can set expectations.
The prosecution is holding you as a rebuttal witness.
So when they call you, you're gonna be the final nail in the coffin.
If I go in and try and convince a courtroom that I'm Laurel Lance, I'm gonna get made.
Maybe you're right.
You don't have a poker face.
For example The way you've been acting lately, hmm? Ever since I torched Fredericco on that rooftop, you've been keeping your distance from me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
It's ok.
You're ok.
I just want to be a little clearer.
When you take the stand, I want you to give the jury a much better performance than the one you're giving me.
You know what I'm talking about now? Good.
That's a good girl.
[Gasping] Got to go to the courthouse.
It's not going too good, is it? Hey.
No, it's going fine.
It's fine.
That was just the prosecution's turn.
So when it's our turn, we're gonna kick some major ass.
That's a legal term.
Why don't you go and get yourself something that's not too unhealthy from the vending machine, ok? Ok.
What will happen if Mr.
Oliver goes to jail? He's not going to jail, Raisa.
He's not the Green Arrow.
I think we both know better.
I tanked it.
I tanked it.
I did exactly what you said not to do.
The lawyer's good, D.
Don't worry.
I'll bring it home.
How? You got immunity from the prosecution.
If watching every episode of "Law & Order" ever has taught me anything, it's that you can't plead the fifth.
If you get cornered and you refuse to testify, you could go to jail, Rene.
Well, then I'll go to jail, Hoss.
But I'm not screwing Oliver over again.
Hey, guys, the clerk is calling court back into session.
I worked in the mayor's office close to a year, side by side with Mr.
Queen every single day.
If he was running around pretending to be Robin Hood, I would've known.
And did you know it? Mr.
Ramirez? Mr.
Ramirez, did you have occasion to determine whether Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow? Oliver: Rene.
He's the Green Arrow.
Oliver is.
Van Owen: And you know this because you were a member of his vigilante team, weren't you? Yeah.
And as a member of that team, did you ever see the defendant kill or maim anyone as the Green Arrow? Yeah.
How many people did he kill or maim? I don't know.
Ballpark it for me.
I don't know.
It's too many to count.
[Spectators murmuring] McGarvey: Order.
Order! [Gavel pounds] Van Owen: The prosecution rests, your honor.
[Murmuring continues] Are you ok? Are you hurt? I'm fine.
He picked me up from school.
He was with a police officer.
They said you were hurt.
He was here, and we just let him walk? We're not letting him walk.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, look at you.
Maybe you don't care about people finding out the truth about you.
That's right.
I don't care.
Whatever it takes to stop you.
How about taking on the entire police force? How does that sound to you? You want us to light 'em up, boss? That depends on them.
My man.
What do you want us to do with them? Nothing.
If they had an accident I'd have to testify, and it'd be awkward.
It's your lucky day, baby.
Is this as bad as it looks? Arguably worse.
Can--can we prove that, uh, Diaz was putting pressure on Rene? No, no, no.
I mean, even assuming we could, the jury has no idea who Ricardo Diaz is.
Conventional wisdom says you never ask a client if they are guilty because the more I know, the more it might tie my hands, but I am gonna ask.
Are you the Green Arrow? Yes.
Then I'm gonna propose a new strategy.
- Jury nullification.
- Hmm? You're going to admit to being the Green Arrow.
We are then going to highlight every single thing you have done for this city, all the times you have saved it.
We will argue you do not deserve to go to prison.
This is a legitimate chance, Oliver.
Why not? I'd be putting a target on my back, I'd be putting a target on my wife and son's back.
I have been the Green Arrow for 6 years.
I didn't plan on doing it forever.
I thought that one day, my mission would end and I would finally, after all this time, get a chance to actually live my life.
That will never happen If I tell the whole world that I'm the Green Arrow.
You don't have to testify.
Jean doesn't have to call you.
Yes, she does, and I want to testify.
I don't want you in a position where you perjure yourself because of me.
Oh, well, let me just add it to the long list of felonies I've already committed for you.
Look, John has something planned.
You don't have to take the chance.
I will take any chance if it keeps you from being taken away from me and William.
Clerk: Court is back in session.
Here we go.
[Exhales] I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with master's degrees in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences.
From 2015-16, I served as the CEO of Palmer Tech, Incorporated.
Jean: Thank you.
The defense moves to have Ms.
Smoak accepted as an expert witness.
I don't see the point of this, Ms.
I want the witness testify as to the validity of this photograph.
Fine, but make it quick.
Smoak, this appears to be a photograph of your husband, Oliver Queen, dressed as the Green Arrow.
The key words being "appears to be.
" This photo has been doctored.
A pixel level analysis will show almost undetectable light shifts and resolution inconsistencies that would not be present in a natural photo.
Van Owen: Objection, your honor.
What is the point of showing us an allegedly doctored photograph at all? The better question would be who, and why would they doctor a photo to make Oliver Queen look like the Green Arrow if he were the Green Arrow? I mean, which he's not.
He's my husband.
I would know.
Jean: No further questions.
When was Mr.
Queen arrested? November 21, 2017.
And when were the two of you married? November 28th.
- Just a week later.
- Yes.
Is it possible that you rushed the wedding so that you could claim spousal privilege just in case you had to testify against Mr.
Queen? I have been in love with Oliver for 6 years.
Trust me, it felt anything but rushed.
Van Owen: Let's change the topic.
Your father's Noah Kuttler, the alleged Calculator.
- Objection.
- Overruled.
He's reformed.
But before he was, did you know that he was a notorious computer hacker and cyber criminal? No.
I had no idea.
Doesn't say much about your ability to see criminality in people close to you, does it? I w-- And under the heading "apples falling from trees," have you yourself ever engaged in cyber crime? No, I haven't.
Good luck proving otherwise, Ms.
Van Owen.
Roy Harper is not a vigilante.
He sacrificed himself to protect the identity of a man that the city at the time referred to as the Hood or the Arrow.
I've since come to learn that the Green Arrow is the same person.
But that's not you.
It's absolutely not me.
And do you know who it is? Yes, I do, but I will not reveal his identity Not even if it sends me to prison.
Pass the witness.
Well, that's convenient.
You're not the Green Arrow.
You know who is the Green Arrow, but you're not saying.
Well, I keep my promises, Ms.
Van Owen.
When did you meet this mystery man? Shortly after I returned to Star City.
As you know, I was marooned for 5 years on an island named Lian Yu.
This photograph was taken during that 5-year period.
I'm just curious.
Why does Lian Yu look a lot like Russia? - Objection.
- Overruled.
Van Owen: We obtained this photograph from a reporter by the name of Susan Williams.
I have not been entirely forthcoming about that period of time in my life.
Parts of it were spent in Hong Kong, and, yes, parts of it were spent in Russia.
So you lied repeatedly and publicly.
You lied about being on Lian Yu, and you lied about 5 years of your life, which begs the question, Mr.
Queen, what else have you lied about lied about? [glass breaking] [Spectators murmuring] McGarvey: Quiet! Quiet, or I'll clear the courtroom.
[Gavel pounds] Jean: Please state your name for the record.
Thomas Merlyn.
Tommy's fine if you want.
Jean: Mr.
Merlyn, you were declared dead May 15, 2013.
That night, my father destroyed a large portion of the city.
With the heightened scrutiny on my family, I took the opportunity to fake my own death to protect my identity as the Hood.
Three years ago, Roy Harper confessed to being the Hood.
To protect me.
And then he was attacked in prison.
I have lived with that guilt for 3 years.
I am not about to let Oliver take the blame for me the same way that Roy did.
And that's why I'm here-- to set the record straight.
Thank you.
Your witness.
If you're the Green Arrow, how come Rene Ramirez testified under oath that Oliver Queen is? Well, I would suspect that he was being pressured to.
Are you saying he perjured himself? Well, I don't know.
I'm not a lawyer.
I'm just the Green Arrow.
And I am telling you I am the only man that has ever worn this hood.
Merlyn, you're under arrest on suspicion of murder, assault, and violation of the anti-vigilante act of 2017.
The bailiff will remand Mr.
Merlyn into custody.
Objection, your honor.
It's the people's contention that Mr.
Merlyn here is not the Green Arrow.
McGarvey: Be that as it may, I can't just let him walk out of my courtroom.
You know, if it's any consolation, my team is going to extract me before I ever get to prison, so McGarvey: Get him out of here.
Your honor, the defense moves for a dismissal.
McGarvey: Nice try, but it's the jury's job to sort out this kind of mess, and that's what I'm gonna let them do.
Guys, on the way to Iron Heights, you think we could stop at a drive-through? I am starving.
We're not going to Iron Heights.
Diaz really wants to meet you.
All right.
So where did we land on the drive-through? It's my treat.
Ha ha ha! You know, 6 against one.
That's not really a fair fight.
You should've brought backup.
I did.
You're cutting it a little close there, aren't you, John? What's your exit strategy? Sitting right there.
Well, let's go.
- Thanks for doing this.
- My pleasure.
I always wanted to say, "I am Spartacus.
" Christopher Chance.
Rene Ramirez.
Hey, I think I bought you a perjury charge back there, Rene.
A small price to pay for a clear conscience.
You think it worked? At the very least, we've created some very serious reasonable doubt.
Let's hope so.
So When you said I didn't have to take the chance of lying, that was a pun.
I don't do puns.
Well, that was Christopher Chance I did just see in there, right? Yes.
I'm sorry that I couldn't loop you in.
We had officer Parks listening to every word that we said, and I I didn't know Chance was gonna use Tommy's face.
Well, yeah, I mean, I guess they were thinking, "What's more compelling than a testimony from a dead guy," right? Excuse me.
- Mr.
- We've got a problem.
Felicity: Not anymore.
Chance just saved our bacon.
Laurel told me.
She also told me that Diaz is making her testify as a rebuttal witness.
He's sending her in there with Chance's entire CIA file.
She will be telling the jury everything about what you guys just pulled in there, or Diaz is going to kill her.
Felicity: How does Diaz even know about Chance? Because Diaz has access to everything that Cayden James learned from his It's the bug in the bunker.
I'm sorry, Oliver.
We'll think of something.
I'll give you guys some room.
So Ok, what's the something that we're gonna think of? Jean suggested that I just admit I'm the Green Arrow and we go for some sort of jury nullification, but I explained to her that I would like to have a life after being the Green Arrow, but, more importantly, I I cannot put a target on you and William.
Let me worry about me and William.
Let me at least take that off your plate.
That's not how wedding vows work.
Well, we didn't exchange vows.
But if we did, exchange means "goes both ways.
" So we fight for each other, Oliver.
We protect each other.
We're gonna save each other.
I can't save anyone from behind bars.
We'll get you out, just like we got John out.
I could break out of prison, Felicity, but then what, you know? I--I'm not abandoning the two of you.
I can't make the two of you fugitives.
Oh, we're gonna be ok.
John and I have been talking, and, uh, if I go to prison, I need You and William to go into A.
protective custody.
Oliver We're not We're not there yet.
We cannot live in denial, all right? We have to have a plan.
I can handle losing my freedom.
I cannot handle losing you and William.
I solemnly affirm to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Van Owen: Ms.
Lance, the defendant here has publicly acknowledged that you were the vigilante known as the Black Canary.
Is it fair to take Mr.
Queen at his word? On that, at least.
And being that the Black Canary is a known associate of the Green Arrow, is it fair to say you know his true identity? I do.
I know who the Green Arrow is.
Good girl.
Van Owen: Over the course of this trial, we heard Rene Ramirez testify that Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow, but a man calling himself Tommy Merlyn claims that identity.
Lance, if you would, please, just help me out here.
Who's telling the truth? I got an idea, Hoss.
Help me out? Let's go.
Lance Who is the Green Arrow? Tommy Merlyn.
[Spectators murmuring] Oliver Queen is not the Green Arrow.
McGarvey: Order! [Gavel pounds] McGarvey: Testimony being closed, we'll take a short recess and resume for closing arguments.
[Reporters speaking at once] No comment.
No comment! Hey, back up.
Give her a break, please.
Hey, hey.
Listen Are you ok? Until Diaz gets a hold of me, yeah.
I thought you said you were gonna bury Oliver.
That was the plan.
Well, what made you change your mind? You did.
"The first step to standing up to him is to stand up to him.
" You can't stay in town.
Don't worry.
Thanks to you, I now know exactly what I have to do.
[Reporters shouting questions] Earlier, Judge McGarvey said it fell upon you, the jury, to sort out what he deemed to be "a mess.
" True, we have contradicting witnesses.
And, yes, we have conflicting testimonies, but that is not a mess, ladies and gentlemen.
That is the textbook definition of reasonable doubt.
15 minutes after being taken into custody, Tommy Merlyn was freed by members of the Green Arrow's team.
Now, you might take that as evidence that he is, in fact, the Green Arrow, but I would like to offer you a much more plausible explanation, and that is Oliver Queen has people and resources at his disposal to do whatever it takes to keep his secrets.
And don't think that doesn't mean someone falling out of the sky into this courtroom with a false face and a made-up story.
Because Tommy Merlyn is just another Roy Harper.
He's just another man willing to go to prison to cover up the crimes that that man committed.
Don't let him get away with it.
Not again.
Not ever again.
What happens now? It's up to the jury.
[Scoffs] Yeah, but what if Diaz got to them, too? Dad! Hey.
Ha ha! William, I love you very much.
I love both of you very much.
And whatever happens, nothing is gonna change that.
What do you mean? I mean that the man who wants me in prison controls the judge, and we think it's a pretty good bet that he has a strong influence over the jury.
What does that mean? It means I might be going to prison, ok? If that happens, Felicity has assured me that she is going to make sure you grow into the man that I know you can be.
I don't want you to go.
I don't want to go either.
Ok? I don't I wish it was up to me, but it's not.
You are strong like me, stronger even.
So whatever happens and wherever I am You need to know that I am always right here with you.
[Door opens] - What is it? - The jury's back.
They have a verdict.
McGarvey: Will the defendant please rise? Please publish the verdict.
Clerk: In the matter of the "People v.
Oliver Queen," on all 26 counts of the indictment, we find the defendant guilty.
McGarvey: Members of the jury, the court thanks you for your service.
You're dismissed.
Jean: The defense moves for judgment notwithstanding the verdict.
McGarvey: Ms.
Loring, as you know, the standard for granting a JNOV requires a verdict that no reasonable jury could arrive at.
I find such a circumstance here.
[Van Owen scoffs] Your honor-- McGarvey: The evidence presented was so conflicting that it created reasonable doubt.
The defense motion for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict is granted.
Queen, see probation.
Then you're free to go.
[Spectators murmuring] Oh, my God.
How is this possible? I don't know.
Congratulations, man.
Thank you.
I'm surprised Judge McGarvey had it in him, you know? I totally thought he was in the tank for Diaz.
I absolutely am.
And Mr.
Diaz isn't the forgiving type.
Wait, wait.
When did you? During jury deliberation.
You know, the judge can argue that he got rolled, but no one's gonna believe him.
Thanks again, man.
I owe you another one.
Yeah, well, after Kasnia, let's just call it even.
Chris Thank you.
Always happy to help.
Just try not to need me again for at least another year.
That was a brilliant move.
Thank you.
Well, I wish I could take the credit, Oliver, but it wasn't my idea.
[Dramatic music plays on TV] Dad, you might want to close your eyes for this part.
Th--that was just one time I was scared.
That's not cool.
That's not cool at all.
[Knock on door] Go to your room and lock the door.
Is it the guy from the courtroom? I said, go now.
You can take a shot at me if you want to.
Just, it's gonna ruin me saying thank you.
You can't be too safe.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
When I rolled over on you last November, I was thinking about my kid, even though I knew it meant it'd take you away from yours.
I'm really sorry.
Apology accepted.
Look, I'm sorry if I Made you feel like you couldn't come to me when Watson put you in that position.
I'm very sorry for everything that happened afterwards.
It wasn't me.
I never did it.
Listen to me.
It wasn't-- uh! It wasn't me, I swear.
The only law that I abide by is following through on my word.
You failed at that.
So what would you have me do? These two men, they broke into my chambers.
They knocked me out.
You have to The legal system in this country, it's going to hell.
You really must be stupid, showing your face After the crap you pulled in court.
I'm smart enough to know there's no place I can run where you can't find me.
[Siren scream] I am so sorry, Ricardo.
[Gasping] Fool me once.
Couldn't get it out in time.
Come on.
I had a plan.
Get Oliver Queen discredited, imprisoned.
I worked for months to make that happen.
I'm so sorry to disappoint you.
Oh, I'm not disappointed, baby.
I'm moving on to plan B-- Killing Oliver Queen And anyone and everyone he cares about.