Arrow s08e06 Episode Script


Previously on "Arrow" This place looks exactly like it did when I was 13.
We had planned to come back here with both of you.
That didn't really work out.
Because I died.
Have you come to doubt your commitment to this mission? It might help if I actually knew why.
The recovery of your universe will require a single task.
You must betray Oliver Queen.
If saving it means going back to the person that I used to be, the what the hell is the point? I'm sorry.
Passes it quickly over to the right.
Tark drives the lane.
Kicks it to Aldrich in the corner for 3.
Bingo! Count it and the foul! That's an 8-0 run by the Comets, who have stormed all the way back to tie it up here in the fourth quarter.
No way.
It tastes the same.
I'm telling you this big belly burger's just better.
I think he's right.
This is pre-gwespin foods merger.
Dad, what are you still doing here? How did we get here? What do you mean? Uh, I was on a roof with John and Laurel, and we were tranqed.
By Lyla.
Dad said it was all just a big misunderstanding.
What did we do with Burov's plan for the weapon? You said we didn't need it anymore.
Why? The Monitor's still out there.
He's still a threat.
Dad, are you okay? You you look like you don't remember any of this.
I I need to talk to John.
That should be easy.
He's waiting for you at that fancy fundraiser.
What fundraiser? The one you're very late for.
I mean, you do remember you're Oliver Queen, right? Hey, Queen, what's the difference between a cop and the Green Arrow? A cop doesn't need to play dress-up to do his job.
Yeah, sure.
Whoa! - I'm so sorry, Mr.
- It's fine, it's fine.
There you are, man.
The party started an hour ago, Oliver.
Do you remember getting tranqed last night? Yeah.
Uh, Lyla feels awful about that.
By the way, that wasn't last night.
- That was two days ago.
- What? No.
No, no.
That John, that is the last thing that I remember before waking up in my apartment earlier tonight.
You okay, man? No.
This is this Is this the This is the Monitor.
- Oliver.
- Your wife is working with the Monitor, John.
What I thought we already settled this.
I have been working with the Monitor but as a double agent, which I told you on the roof.
I don't I don't remember that.
I'm not remembering anything.
Oliver, look.
Just maybe you should go home, man, get a little sleep, okay? Oliver, there you are.
Mayor's looking for you.
Come on.
What? - What happened there? - Oh.
Can't give a speech with a stained shirt.
Give a s what speech? I'm giving a speech? Very funny.
Your joint remarks with the mayor.
Rene, um, serious question.
When did Palmer Tech get rebuilt? You really need to drop this amnesia routine quick.
This fundraiser is our only chance to take the SCPD vigilante pilot program global.
The mayor needs you to be on point.
- He's waiting for you.
- He who? Isn't isn't pollard the mayor? In her dreams maybe.
What's the matter, Oliver? You look like you seen a ghost.
So listen.
I was thinking about making a few changes to the speech, so I figured I should run it by you first.
This is not possible.
This is What? Don't tell me you're scared of a little last-minute memorization, Oliver.
It's been a while since I've seen you.
Couple of days maybe.
You're looking at me like it's been years.
You're right.
A couple days.
So listen.
I was thinking about adding a line about, you know, me telling you it was a bad idea to unmask, but, you know, maybe a joke about how you'd rather take it to Supermax than take my advice.
You know? What do you think? You know that I went to Slabside? Uh yeah.
What's that, your way of saying I should have come visit more often? Quentin, right before I turned myself in Diaz shot you, right? Oh.
That son of a bitch almost killed me.
Almost died in the O.
you don't remember? I remember it differently.
Well, the doctors called it a miracle.
I was without oxygen for so long, I should have been 6 feet under.
Felt like I escaped my fate or something.
There's something you need to see.
So there's a hostage situation at the SCPD.
The leader's demanding to meet with the mayor.
You can't go down there.
We'll call in a special-ops team.
I'm the mayor.
Nobody does my dirty work for me.
Give my apologies to the guests.
I'm I'm gonna come with you.
Okay, but you might want to bring a change of clothes because something tells me we're gonna need the green guy.
Get the feds on the line.
Tell them I need backup here now, right now.
What's the situation, Captain? Armed mercs stormed my precinct, took a dozen of my guys hostage.
How'd they get by your men? It's a long story that I don't have time to tell.
The only demand was to speak to the mayor.
All right.
Well, I'll go talk to them.
I appreciate that, but there is no way I'm sending you in there.
I wore the blues a long time before I wore this monkey suit, okay? - I can hold my own.
- I know, sir.
It's not the point.
She's right.
It's too risky.
Says the man who risks his life every day for this city? Give me a vest.
I'll go in there, I'll distract the son of a bitch, and in the meantime, you sneak around the back and do your thing, okay? The longer this drags on, the worse it gets.
Let me do this.
I'll have his back.
I want you on comms the whole time.
This is mayor Quentin Lance.
I'm unarmed.
I'm coming in.
- That's far enough.
- All right.
Just just take it easy, okay? Take it easy.
I'm in position.
Keep him talking.
You asked for me.
Here I am.
What do you want to talk about with me? You're the mayor.
You're a guy who can make things happen.
Why don't you let a few of these guys go while we talk? So I can get stormed by the cops? No, thanks.
I'm not stupid.
But it would show that you don't want anybody to get hurt because if anybody gets hurt, you're in real trouble.
Actually, I think you're already in trouble.
I'm the one holding the gun.
Not for long.
Put it down.
This is over.
This isn't over until you stop it, Oliver.
That's the only way out.
What are you talking about? - No! - Quentin! Ahh! Tark drives the lane.
Kicks it to Aldrich in the corner for 3.
Bingo! Count it and the foul! That's an 8-0 run by the Comets, who have stormed all the way back to tie it up here in the fourth quarter.
88 apiece.
What a comeback for the Comets, and there's a timeout No way.
It tastes the same.
I'm telling you this big belly burger's just better.
I think he's right.
This is pre-gwespin foods merger.
Ooh, dad.
What are you still doing here? I'm late for a fundraiser.
Really late.
You want a burger? Those things never have good food.
Did something happen at the SCPD headquarters? Like what? Never mind.
Hey, Queen.
What's the difference between a cop and the Green Arrow? A cop doesn't need to play dress-up to do his job.
Ha ha ha! - Ooh! Nice reflexes, Mr.
- Thank you.
There you are.
You know the party started an hour ago, right? I need to speak with you.
Uh, this is gonna sound crazy.
Um I have been here before.
So have you.
What are you talking about? About the Monitor dropping me into some sort of alternate reality t-t-time loop or something, where everything is different, where Lance is still alive.
Oliver, Lance has always been alive.
No, he hasn't.
You just don't remember because the Monitor has done something to people's memories, but I I think I know the way out of this, but I I need to stop a bomb at the SCPD.
Oliver, will you just calm down, man? If there was a bomb, we would know about it.
Lyla would know about it.
Lyla's a part of this.
Part of what? Oliver seems to think that he's caught in some sort of time loop.
If we're traveling back in time, I'd like to revisit my 20s.
I I need to speak with Quentin.
They mayor's waiting for me.
How'd you know? Mr.
Hey, Oliver.
I, uh I made a few last-minute changes to the speech, so - We need to talk.
- Sure.
Uh, yeah.
I wanted to run these changes by you anyway.
You want to add a joke about Slabside, about how I would rather spend time in a Supermax than take your advice.
You steal a copy of my speech or something? We've had this exact conversation already.
What are you talking about? Fully aware of how this is going to sound.
Quentin, I'm trapped in some sort of time loop, where the same events just keep repeating themselves.
Like "Groundhog Day.
" Sure except this one ends a lot of people dead, including the two of us.
How can I help? Do you actually believe me? Oliver, I've seen one daughter die and come back to life twice.
I've seen another come from some other Earth.
I've seen a guy in red run so fast he can reverse time.
This is not exactly outside the norm, is it? Also, I'm done learning my lesson about doubting you because that always bites me in the ass.
What happens now? Very shortly, we are gonna learn that there is a hostage situation at the SCPD.
They're going to insist that they talk to you and only you.
And how does it go south? There's a hidden explosive device that I didn't know about the first time through, and judging from the blast, it's underneath the building.
So you find it, you keep us from going boom.
- What then? - I break out of the loop.
Out of the loop.
Here you are.
There's something you need to see.
Get the feds on the line.
Tell them I need backup now.
What's the situation, Captain? Armed mercs stormed the precinct, took a dozen of my guys hostage.
They have a bomb.
We already did a sweep of the entire building.
It's not in the building.
It's underneath it.
How could you possibly know that? I trust him.
Instinct thing.
So what do you want to do? This is Mayor Quentin Lance.
I'm unarmed.
I'm coming in.
Stop right there.
It's you.
Would you relax? We are both here for the same thing.
How did you know to come down here? I may have learned about the existence of this place as a part of a former career.
How did you know about the bomb? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Well, actually, since you're not going to remember anyway, there is a crazy space god who has me trapped in a time loop.
Yeah? Me, too.
It's my second time through.
I wake up in the bunker.
I wake up in my apartment, so clearly, the Monitor is doing this.
- You mean punishing us? - Yeah.
We are the two people who have royally pissed him off the most.
In Russia, I disobeyed him, and you you tried to destroy him.
At least we're in it together now.
I think disarming that is the way out of here.
How long do you think until this thing goes boom? Oh.
Your guess is as good as mine.
Quentin's upstairs buying us some time.
- Quentin he's here? - Yeah.
I think we just activated some kind of failsafe.
We need more time with the next loop, Laurel.
It would probably help if we found each other faster next time.
There's a party at the Palmer Tech building.
- Meet me there.
- Are we talking formal wear or Tark drives the lane.
Kicks it to Aldrich in the corner for 3.
Bingo! No way.
It's the same.
I'm telling you.
This big belly burger is just better.
Guess you realized you're late.
Something like that.
Hey, Queen.
What's the difference between a cop and the Green Arrow? Cop doesn't need to play dress-up to do his job.
Hey, Oliver.
I made a few last-minute changes to the speech.
And you figured you should run them by me first.
Yeah, exactly.
Hey, baby girl.
I didn't think you were gonna make it.
Me either.
You okay, honey? I'm just really happy to see you.
I'm happy to see you, too.
Though I got to say I'm glad you left the black lipstick at home tonight.
You know that I'm Earth-2 Laurel.
Who else would you be? Look.
I'm really sorry to interrupt, but you and I need to go.
You're coming with us.
We need your help.
What do you mean there's a bomb? I know how to stop it, but you have to trust me.
I'm gonna need a vest.
Not this time, Quentin.
This is Mayor Quentin Lance.
You wanted to talk.
Let's talk.
The detonator operates on an oscillating frequency.
If we can find the right one, we should be able to disrupt it.
Vincent, listen to me.
I know you don't really want to do this.
And I know that if you don't get in here these men are gonna die.
I have an idea.
We did it.
You did it.
We stopped the bomb.
What the hell are we still doing here? I don't I We must have missed something.
- No! - No! No! No! Tark drives the lane.
Kicks it to Aldrich in the corner for 3.
Bingo! All right.
Quentin's death is the reset point, which means that saving him must be the key.
What kind of sick game is the Monitor playing? I don't know.
We need to find out who is behind this hostage situation.
If it's just about killing Quentin, then why plant a bomb? It seems like a lot of extra work.
Maybe whoever is behind this wants their involvement kept a secret.
Do you really think there's a larger conspiracy here? Those were mercenaries, Laurel, which means that somebody had to hire them.
Great, and I'm sure they're gonna be really easy to find, too.
Any idea where to start? Let's get Quentin out of here.
Why don't you take him to the bunker? What about you? I'm gonna go take a look at that bomb.
Laurel, I didn't think you'd make it tonight.
I am really not in the mood for small talk with the Monitor's bestie.
- Excuse me.
- It turns out tranq darts, they don't feel so good.
I told you that was a big misunderstanding.
Well, understand this.
The second I get out of this sadistic "edge of tomorrow" reboot, I am going to make sure to tell everyone exactly what kind of traitor you really are.
Laurel, I truly have no idea what you're talking about, but whatever it is you're feeling toward me, that's on you.
Thank you for the advice, Dr.
Phil, and now here's some for you.
The next time you decide to double-cross someone, don't pick a woman who specializes in revenge.
You're threatening me.
Yes, I am, but don't worry.
You won't remember anyway, and by the way, I pull off the short hair way better than you do.
What are you doing here? Well, word came down that the Green Arrow called in a bomb threat, so I thought to myself, "How did he know about that, and why didn't he call me?" Because the Monitor has me trapped in a time loop.
Already told you that.
Definitely not the answer I was expecting, but if the Monitor's involved, anything is possible.
Any idea how to break out? I have to save Quentin's life.
I thought that this was the key to it, but I'm not finding anything.
Well, has to be something.
No case is unsolvable.
This might be impossible.
Well, you'll figure it out.
I do wish I was as sure as you are.
You want to know what makes me so sure? You.
You, Oliver.
You always figure it out.
You never stop fighting.
You never give up.
You always keep at it.
Why should this be any different? Whatever version this is of you, you still give the best advice.
- Yeah.
I'm flattered.
- Well, A.
has some more sophisticated analytical equipment.
Any chance you can get me in there? Yeah.
I bet I can make a few calls.
So you're telling me we're in some kind of a alternate reality based on the plot of a Bill Murray movie? Well, I was gonna go with a tom cruise flick but basically.
Also just really glad that you believe me.
Well, it's not the craziest thing you ever told me.
I mean, I'm just glad this Monitor guy just kept me as mayor, you know? What? What's that look? It it's just that, uh, in my world or in the real world, uh, you're not mayor anymore.
Really? Ohh.
She always had it in for me.
There something else? Laurel.
Sweetheart, I always know when you're hiding something from me.
Please tell me.
What is it? It it's a year and a half ago when Diaz when he shot you in in the real reality or whatever, you you didn't exactly, um I didn't recover.
You died to save me.
Best way I could have gone.
What?! I'm sorry.
I basically just told you you're a ghost, and you're completely ok with that? It doesn't it doesn't faze you? You're completely calm? I always felt like I cheated death with that one.
Guess that's because I didn't.
Fate's just tricky like that.
- It's Oliver.
- Yeah? He figure out who wants me dead? Not yet, but he did figure out the location of the mercs' hideout.
So we better go.
How'd you find this place? Uh, we analyzed the bomb and traced the chemical signature back to this building.
What? Your mouth but Felicity's words.
It still doesn't tell us who hired these bozos.
Maybe this will help.
Bomb! Ohh.
Lyla, what the hell are you doing? Helping you.
You're missing the point, Oliver.
- What? - You can't fight this.
Lyla! Passes it quickly over to the right.
Tark drives the lane.
Kicks it to Aldrich in the corner for 3.
Bingo! Count it and the foul! No sign of Lyla anywhere.
You? John just told me she got called away on a last-minute A.
mission, meaning she's never even been here.
Maybe the Monitor deleted her for going rogue.
Wouldn't that be so, so sad? She's clearly helping him.
There's no reason for her to switch sides right now.
So why reveal her hand? It makes no sense.
You spoke with her.
Was there anything, anything at all in the conversation that stood out? She said how I feel towards her was on me like it's my fault that I'm stuck here.
I told you the Monitor's punishing us.
I'm not so sure.
We've had to watch Quentin die over and over again, and we can't save him.
If I had to design hell, this would be it.
But right before Lyla disappeared, she told me she was trying to help me.
She also told you you can't fight this.
It seems pretty clear to me that we're not supposed to win.
The first time that I met Mar Novu, it felt it felt the same.
It was like I was put in a situation where there was no way out, but it was a test, Laurel.
It was a test just like I think that this is.
- A test of what? - I don't know, but there is a way out of here, and I'm gonna find it.
- You just never give up, do you? - No, I don't.
Are you with me? Fine.
What's our play? We go back to the mercs' hideout.
We know where the danger is this time, so we can do things differently.
You grab Quentin, and I'll meet you there.
So you're telling me we've been here once and still came back for more? At least now we know what not to do.
That should disable the bomb.
Well, I certainly hope so because I am getting sick and tired of getting blown up.
So now what? We find out who hired those mercs to kill you.
Money leads to a man named Anderson White.
Never heard of him.
Looks like he's been accused of not too many nice things Money laundering, racketeering.
Doesn't explain why he'd want me dead.
Well, that's what we're gonna find out.
CEO of a company named Global Solutions.
They have a warehouse down by the docks.
Let's go.
We need to find white.
No! No! I got you.
Come on, come on.
I'll take care of the rest.
Err! Ugh.
Oh, I'm sorry, baby girl.
Looks like we lost this round.
No! I am not letting you die again.
- It's too late.
- No.
It it's it's time to say good-bye.
I'm not giving up on you, Quentin.
Quentin, I am not giving up on you.
You never gave up on me.
You believed in me when nobody else did.
Well, that's what dads do.
They believe.
I want you to know that you are the reason that I'm trying to be a hero.
It's because of you.
Sweetheart you are a hero.
You are.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I never had the chance to tell you how much you mean to me.
- Well - Thank you.
I think you just did.
I love you.
I love you.
Damn it.
All right.
All right, Laurel.
We fix this next time.
We'll fix it.
I can't do this again.
I'm done, Oliver.
All I have ever wanted was a chance to say good-bye to Quentin.
Now I have.
Tark drives the lane.
Kicks it to Aldrich in the corner for 3.
Bingo! Count it and the foul! Laurel? Laurel! She's not here.
- Where is she? - Gone.
What did you what did you do, Lyla? I didn't do anything.
Laurel got what she needed from this.
I don't have time for these games, Lyla, so whatever this is, get me out of here right now! I can't do that, Oliver.
Mar Movu needs you to understand no good will come from struggle.
The only way to win is to accept the inevitable.
I have no idea what that means.
Learn that, and this will end.
Lyla! So if me dying is the problem, maybe bringing me into the lion's den isn't so smart.
Couldn't think of a better way to keep you safe.
That makes sense.
Huh! Ah-ah-ah-ah.
Unless you want a hole for a head.
Are you Anderson White? You really think Mr.
White would be here? He ordered a hit on my friend.
Why? I guess the clock's ticking.
Looks like a list of hits.
And clients.
Coded and anonymous.
White's just the middleman.
A CEO with a healthy side business brokering hits for wealthy asshats.
All right.
We're back to square one.
We have no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes.
We got to get going.
Unh! Get down! Get down! Hey.
You okay? You all right? Okay.
No time.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Whoa! Go, go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go.
Let's go.
Get down, get down! Over there! Ohh.
Oh, it's the last one.
How many arrows you got left? Not enough.
Oh, boy.
Aren't we the couple? We are gonna find a way out of this.
There has to be a way to fix it, and we are gonna find it, Quentin.
It doesn't matter how many times.
We're gonna find it! Heh heh.
Yeah? Sure.
What's it gonna be, 60 times, 100 times? It's gonna be however many times it takes! You know, getting hunted like this in a space like this is kind of like what I was doing to you all those years ago.
Remember? Ohh.
Sort of makes sense I'd go out like this now, don't you think? Would you please just save your strength.
For what? Oliver, you take care of these guys, there'll be more behind them, there will be more behind them.
There is no saving me from this! Okay? You ever think that's the point? Maybe you're not supposed to.
I'm not giving up And you're not giving up either.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm not giving up.
Maybe I'm giving in.
You see, I've been outrunning death for a while now.
The siege, the island, but when Diaz shot me, that felt different like I was finally at the end, and I made my peace with that.
And maybe it's time you did, too.
It looks like fate's knocking.
Just just You just get ready to move.
I'll see you on the other side, Oliver.
Passes it quickly over to the right.
Tark drives the lane.
Kicks it to Aldrich in the corner for 3.
Bingo! Count it and the foul! Drives down the lane.
Beautiful pass to the big man underneath.
Puts it up off the glass, and it's in for two.
Inbound pass to the other p No way.
It tastes the same.
Dad, what are you still doing here? Hey, guys.
I'm just heading out the door.
Wanted to let you know, all of you know what a just what a gift getting to know you all has been.
Dad, you're going to a fundraiser.
It's not like you're going into war.
Heh heh.
Although I guess I can see the similarities.
I think he's talking about Crisis.
I'm just really proud of all you guys.
I'm really proud.
I got to go.
Dad You're gonna be fine.
So are you.
All of you will be whatever happens.
Hey, Queen.
What's the difference between a cop hey! Quentin, excuse me.
What's the matter, Oliver? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Maybe I did.
May I speak with you for a second? Sure.
Uh, yeah, you want to go over the speech? Because I was thinking about adding a few lines.
I have a question for you.
Back when I was running around as the hood, you were trying to arrest me.
- You remember that? - Heh heh heh.
The good, old days.
How could I ever forget? The question is What made you decide that I wasn't your enemy anymore? What changed your mind? Heh.
Oh, you know, my daughters for one.
Because I didn't raise dummies, and, uh, you know, if they were okay with you, then I figured I should be, too.
- Yeah.
- They trusted me, and you trusted them.
They got me to listen to what I always knew in my gut, that we were on the same side and fighting for the same goal, and it just took me a while to get there.
It's okay.
Oliver, is there any particular reason for this trip down memory lane? Yeah.
God, I've been hanging on to something.
Someone told me just recently that, uh it's about time I made peace with it.
Sounds like a smart someone.
Oh, I shouldn't have to say good-bye to you again.
Good-bye? Evening's just getting started.
Thank you, Quentin for everything.
We're gonna see each other again, Oliver.
Mayor! Ahem.
I hope so.
Congratulations, Oliver.
Now you understand.
I couldn't change Quentin's fate.
I can't change mine either, can I? No.
I'm sorry.
Why did the Monitor go to all of this trouble just to Just to prove a point? You've always been a man who needed to see things for himself.
Telling you wouldn't have been enough.
How long have you worked for him? A while.
You lied to us, Lyla.
You You lied to John.
Keeping this from John has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Then why do it? The same reason you left Felicity and Mia in that cabin to protect my family.
Do you honestly believe that working with the Monitor is the best way to do that? It's the only way.
The Crisis is coming.
There is no stopping it.
All we can do is try to survive it.
Help me out here, Lyla.
I don't even know what it is.
I know, but you will soon.
What I can tell you is there is an evil coming that is greater than anything we've ever had to face.
Can we stop it? I don't know But you are the only chance we have.
So everything I've done from the moment I left that cabin, this has all been some Bigger part of a test? He needed to be sure you were ready.
He's just been sending me on useless missions.
They weren't useless.
The Dwarf Star particles, Dr.
Wong, even the antimatter weapon, they all have a purpose, just not the one you were expecting.
Why did he involve my children? Time is a gift.
What now? You complete your final mission.
I'll see you there.
Where are we? You okay? I have a killer headache.
The last thing that I remember is Quentin dying in that warehouse.
I was wearing these on the roof when we got tranqed, so does that mean that We got out.
How? We learned our lessons.
I got out after I said good-bye.
Why would the Monitor let me see Quentin one last time? It was a reward for not betraying me.
Didn't really think rewards were his brand.
We were wrong about him.
And Lyla was right? That's annoying.
So why did you have to learn to let Lance go? Because deep down, I still believed that I could fight my fate.
Now I know I can't.
Lyla said we had one last thing to do, one final mission.
I can't wait to find out what that is.
Where that is.
We're not in Star City anymore.
You okay? Where the hell are we? We're on Lian Yu.