Arrow s08e09 Episode Script

Green Arrow and the Canaries

1 Bianca! Bianca Bertinelli? Who the hell are you? Your life's in danger.
I'm gonna need you to come with me now.
My night's just getting started.
Get off.
Help! Seeking his third straight term, Mayor Ramirez has declared Star City the safest city in the country.
In other news, the vigilante museum has received a generous 7-figure donation from Victor and Maria Bertinelli.
What are you doing? Babe! You scared me.
I'm just the guy who you share your bed with most nights.
Remember me? How could I forget? Your snoring always reminds me.
I don't snore.
Look, I know you hate to be anything less than perfect, but you do, like old man style.
- Ha ha.
- Ha ha! I got up early to finish writing my speech.
Is there something special happening today? Funny.
Ha ha! A gift for the graduate.
What's happening? Mia Queen, I love you more than anything in the whole world.
Will you marry me? Please say yes.
- Yes, of course.
- Yeah? Of course.
I love you so much.
Sunny Excuse me.
I'm looking for the owner.
Over there.
Ohh oh, sunny You smiled at me And really eased the pain Oh, the dark days are gone Now the bright days are here My sunny one Shines so sincere Ohh oh oh Sunny, one so true I'm in love with you Dinah, this is where you've been living? Well, it's right above the bar, and it has got a hell of a view.
Black Canary and the Captain of SCPD now owns a bar.
Also, when did you learn to sing? We didn't have much time for karaoke back in 2020, did we? So how did you find me? Sara? She said that she found you here a couple months ago and that you didn't want to come back with her.
The day after Oliver's funeral in 2020, I woke up here.
I had no idea how or why.
When I got here, I found out that I don't even exist.
I'm sorry.
How is that even possible? I don't know, but there is no trace of Dinah Drake of the Black Canary.
And what, you're just fine with that? I guess I came to realize that not having an identity can either be sad or it can be oddly freeing.
I can let go of the people I lost, mistakes that I made.
I'm not gonna lie.
Your Zen is kind of creeping me out.
Thank you.
You know, there has been no real crime in Star City in 20 years, Laurel.
And Zen's not that hard to come by.
Well, I hate to break it to you, but Star City isn't safe anymore.
Bianca Bertinelli's been abducted.
Helena's daughter.
The socialite.
Why Why would anybody want to hurt her? Money, revenge, something to do with Helena.
Who the hell knows? D, I need you to help me find her.
You really came all the way to the future to rescue a kidnapped socialite? - What am I looking at? - Star City 2041.
This is a year from now.
It's not possible.
The city's safe.
It doesn't stay that way.
Because Bianca Bertinelli gets kidnapped? No.
Because she dies.
3 days from now, her body is found in the bay, her killer never caught.
The city falls apart.
Everything that Oliver sacrificed his life for.
I thought this part of my life was done, Laurel.
Then don't do it for you.
Do it for Oliver.
For Oliver.
Now there's one more person we need who's well-connected.
- And who is that? - I'll inform you on the way.
You do have something nicer to wear, right? Ms.
Queen, when is the wedding date? What are you going to do now that you've graduated? Not sure yet on both counts.
What would your dad think about your life choices? My father saved Star City so that we can enjoy it, and he also never graduated college, so I think he'd be pretty impressed.
Queen? Ms.
Queen It was my Mom's.
JJ knew I'd want the family ring.
He's honestly the most thoughtful guy in the world.
Can I just say what an amazing man of honor I'm gonna make at your wedding? William! Zoe, hi! I hope you don't mind me crashing.
It is so good to see you.
Where's keven? No.
I thought he was the one.
Well, apparently only having one partner was his problem.
But it's fine.
This is your day.
And speaking of, tomorrow there's gonna be an office for you at Smoak Tech.
How many times do I have to tell you, tech is not really my passion? What is your passion exactly? I don't know.
Because you can't be a socialite forever.
Hmm, she technically can.
No, I'm sorry.
She is way too smart for that.
Okay, can I just enjoy tonight before I have to start adulting? Fine.
But I need a drink.
I just want to thank you all for coming tonight.
You are my life.
I particularly want to thank JJ for always having my back.
I love you so much.
- Aw.
- Aw.
And William.
I could not imagine life without you.
Thank you for always tolerating your little sister, even when I did draw all over your walls when I was 5.
Heh! - To the class of 2040.
- 2040! Whoo! Is it all right for me to be here? I'm sure it's okay.
I thought you were still in rehab, Connor.
What's the matter, trust fund? You don't want me at your fancy little party? As long as you don't punch anyone or set anything on fire, we'll be okay.
Can we just try to get along for one night, please? - Be right back.
- Okay.
Hey, Trev, have you seen Bianca? She was supposed to be here an hour ago.
Heh! No, I'm not her keeper anymore.
Okay, I thought you guys were still cool.
No, we are, but even when we were together, she never told me where she was.
But you were the last to see her, weren't you? Excuse me? Your number was the last one she texted.
Uh, who the hell are you? Wait.
Is something wrong with Bianca? I don't know.
You tell us.
Ah You can't just crash my party and harass my guests.
Do you know who I am? A lot more than you do.
We were friends of your parents.
Then how come I've never seen either of you before? Long story and less than zero time to explain.
Your friend Bianca, she's in trouble.
And we need your help to find her.
I'm calling security.
I'm sorry to take you out of your bubble, but we really need you.
I know how to protect myself.
- You made sure of that.
- I sure did.
The 4 of you are the heroes that the city needs.
Hyah! We are staring at our father alive! Dad.
So what's next? Mar Novu has seen my fate.
- Dad - I don't survive crisis.
Mia, come on.
Mia? - Back off.
- Um, I'm sorry.
You fainted.
Are you okay? Oh, my God.
Uh, sorry.
I I guess I had too much to drink without eating or something.
Maybe you should lie down, party animal.
Think I need some air.
- Hey, Mia, listen - Ooh.
What the hell did you do to me? I would love to know that myself.
There's this guy, J'onn J'onzz.
He's a martian or something.
He's why we remember everything that happened before the crisis.
Cisco was able to replicate the martian's powers using tech.
So a friend of Supergirl's has a power a friend of the Flash can replicate.
That's what I said.
I want to say that you guys are crazy and that none of this is possible, but I know you're right.
I remember everything, you two fighting alongside my dad, Zoe dying, my My fiance killing her.
I remember my father dying.
Why would you do this to me? Look, there'll be time for emotions later.
I woke you up because your friend Bianca was kidnapped.
There hasn't been any crime in Star City in 20 years.
What is that, like the city's motto now? You don't know Bianca, all right? She's flaky.
She's probably on a beach somewhere having a ball.
I saw her, and she was taken.
How are you even hesitating? Aren't you supposed to be the Green Arrow? Not anymore.
Mia, I understand that you are torn between two worlds right now, but we need your help.
Look, I don't even know if I can do this anymore, okay? I haven't trained.
I don't See? Just like riding a bike.
Is Bianca actually in trouble? Yes.
And if we don't find her, she's going to die.
I will help you.
But this is a one-time thing, okay? I'm not interested in joining your Canary Club, all right? I have a life now, I am happy, and I would like to keep it that way.
Well, where was Bianca when she was taken? Partying at Club V.
Nothing Bianca loved more than a good party.
Oh, to be in my 20s again.
Hard pass.
I was married at 21.
Seriously? Who are you? Bianca.
She was adopted.
Any chance that created tension? Helena was a great mom before she disappeared.
She lives with her great-aunt and uncle now.
Back in the old Star City, the Bertinellis were one of the biggest crime families around.
Well, that sounds like enough reason to violate some privacy laws.
It's time for you to pay that family a little visit.
I'm sorry Bianca missed your party.
You know how she is.
Free spirit.
Actually, I wanted to speak with you about that.
I think Bianca might be in some kind of trouble.
What kind of trouble? Mia's in position.
D, you're up.
- You ready? - Never not.
I think Bianca might have been taken.
Ha ha! That's ridiculous.
You know how safe it is here.
I haven't been able to contact her in days.
Her social media is quiet, and she's not even posting those videos she's always addicted to making.
I wouldn't worry about it.
In a couple days, we're gonna find out she's been, uh, what partying off the coast of Corto Maltese or something.
LAUREL, OVER COMMS: Dinah, what's your progress? 3 more rooms to go.
You're about to have company, one of the help, I'm guessing.
Mia, we need a distraction.
Wouldn't it be better to be safe than sorry? I mean, maybe since we're here, if we call the police Oh, my God! I'm so sorry.
Get Remy! Remy? Remy, we've got an emergency.
Do us a favor.
Stop worrying about Bianca.
She's fine.
Okay, I will.
I'm clear.
Please tell me you got those eyes and ears placed.
All of them.
We can see and hear everything that goes down in that house.
I'll meet you at the bar.
I want to talk to Bianca's friends, see what they know.
- You want company? - Ha ha.
And have to explain who you two are again? No, thanks.
You know, I could get used to all this free alcohol.
So that means you will not be paying your tab downstairs.
I thought it was a friends drink for free kind of place.
They say anything interesting yet? A couple stock tips, where to vacation, nothing that helps.
Ohh, man.
This is one hell of a view.
I can see why you hide out here.
I am not hiding.
I told you, the world doesn't remember who I am.
Don't you remember you? I really don't expect you to understand.
Try me.
I mean, isn't this what friends do? They sit around and drink, talk about their problems.
Okay, well, when I first ended up here, I spent a lot of time asking myself why.
It took a while, but I think I finally understand the answer.
This is the universe's way of telling me I'm not supposed to be a hero.
Why? Because you didn't get a gold star? Because in this version of the future, the one where I'm not a hero, everyone is better off.
Mia's happ Mia was happy until we dragged her into this.
Zoe's alive because she's not a Canary.
And all of a sudden, what, you're gun shy? Zoe didn't die because she was a Canary.
She died because she was a hero, because you inspired her and a bunch of other women just like her to fight for something greater than themselves, myself included.
What, are you guys on a break or something? It's called surveillance.
How did it go with Bianca's friends? Let me guess.
"Oh, Bianca was just being Bianca.
And, oh, my gosh, what shoes am I gonna wear?" They didn't know anything.
And, by the way, 3 of them went to Harvard.
That's awesome.
Oh, Logan Bertinelli just got chatty.
Hang on.
He's worried about something, "Taking precautions," specifically moving "it" out of the city.
What are the odds "it" is Bianca? Logan's an ass, but he wouldn't kidnap his cousin.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Let's suit up.
You earned it.
I'm not wearing that.
- Why? It's yours.
- It's my father's.
She shouldn't have to wear it if she doesn't want to, Laurel.
What the hell are you guys waiting for? Secure our friggin' position.
You go get Bianca, and we'll take care of Logan and his friends.
- What? - You'll be fine.
Bianca's not here.
Looks like some kind of chemical or drug.
I I give up, okay? Run! Well, that could've gone better.
You've got some nerve leaving me alone out there.
What if I hadn't remembered how to fight? But you did.
You're welcome.
I could've died.
Okay, that's a little dramatic.
We were there the whole time.
D, some help, please? It was pretty risky, Laurel.
How about less talking about your hurt feelings and more talking about the fact that your fiance just became suspect number one? There is no way this is JJ.
The guy who attacked us in the Deathstroke mask? You do know who Deathstroke is, right? It could've been anyone under that mask.
It does seem like a pretty big coincidence, especially given who JJ was before.
I mean, he used to lead them.
Yeah, and I used to be a cage fighter.
That is not who I am anymore, and that is clearly not who JJ is.
Are you really that naive? Are you really that judgmental? You don't even have the slightest bit of doubt that JJ is the one who is behind that mask? No.
Prove it.
Mia Queen.
These are my Plus-2.
See? A much better idea than punching our way in.
A lot less fun, though.
Mia, you sure you're up for this? I'm here, aren't I? JJ's office is in back.
Dinah, you take cameras.
Mia, go distract your fiance.
You sure you're okay? Yeah.
It's the strangest thing.
I have all these memories of my old life, but I have my new ones, too.
I just really don't want it to be him.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh, yeah.
I was starting to worry.
You left in a hurry earlier.
Yeah, I wasn't feeling well.
"Actually, I just remembered you were a dangerous murderer, probably a kidnapper, too.
" Hey, be nice, Laurel.
- I need a drink.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
There's only one guard at the door.
This should be easy.
Where are we on cameras? Almost there.
In the meantime, why don't we go back to talking about Mia's love life? Let's not.
You know I dated your dad, right? - Well, a version of him anyway.
- Gross.
My Oliver also went down on the Gambit, also cheated with my sister.
Please stop talking.
People are who they are, Mia, no matter what timeline, universe, or Earth, and that's not your fault.
Was that supposed to be some kind of pep talk? Cameras are down.
That's my cue.
This area is restricted.
Oh, I was just gonna step out and get some air.
Trust me, I am not an art thief.
Well, you're welcome to step outside.
Okay, let's not cause a scene here, Laurel.
- I'll do it.
- Fine.
No offense, Mia, but if I couldn't get in there, do you really think that you're gonna be able to just Oh, you were saying? I'm in.
Now what do I need to do? Just put the device anywhere near the computer.
It'll transfer the data from your search.
It's working.
Run a search for the Bertinellis.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
Uh, something's wrong.
Mia, you need to get out of there now.
Hey, step away from the computer.
Mia, what are you doing in here? Where is she? I'll take it from here.
What is going on with you? You break into my office, and you hack my computer? I know you have Bianca.
That's what this is about? You think that I kidnapped her? Do you know how crazy that sounds? You're calling me crazy now.
Because you are being crazy.
Okay, if you have nothing to hide, then show me what's in these files.
Our honeymoon.
You said that you always wanted to visit Fiji.
I was hoping I could surprise you.
Can I call you crazy now? Bianca? What the hell? I have to get back to the party.
Let me explain.
Bianca looks pretty happy to be kidnapped, don't you think? Turn off your socialite brain and use your gut.
Don't you think that video's a little convenient? I think whoever posted that is trying to keep people from looking for Bianca.
We should analyze it, you know, see what clues we can get in finding her.
Okay, I just accused my fiance for nothing.
Oh, he'll get over it.
Or you'll move on to someone who wasn't a homicidal maniac in another life.
Oh, frak you.
Ok, that's enough.
I think we just need to calm down No.
I am not the one who cares more about my relationship problems than my friend who might die.
Do you not see how selfish you're being? Me? You're the one who's using my friend to drag me and Dinah back into this superhero crap just because you can't handle the fact that Star City's fine and doesn't need you to be the Black Canary anymore.
And here I thought making you remember your old life would open your eyes to how pointless and stupid your new one is.
My stupid and pointless life is the one that my father sacrificed himself to give me.
Don't you dare trivialize that.
Okay, I think all Laurel was trying to say is that Bianca's out there, and she's in danger.
Bianca is fine.
You had no right to make me remember.
All that did is bring back the suffering and the loss, because that's all being a hero is.
I would've met you at your place.
I needed the drive.
I hope that I didn't screw up your event too badly.
I wish it was just the event that you'd screwed up.
JJ, I'm sorry.
You accused me of kidnapping our friend.
How in the world do you think I could do something like that? You were keeping things from me.
I guess I just jumped to conclusions.
Jumping to conclusions is is I'm cheating on you, not that I'm a kidnapper.
And for the record, I'm neither.
I know that.
Can we please just go back to a time before I accused you of being a criminal? I get it now.
This never had anything to do with Bianca.
What are you talking about? You have never really had to commit to anything in your life.
That's why you brush off your brother's job offers.
And it's why you hesitated saying yes to my proposal.
It's why you're pushing me away right now.
You don't want to marry me.
That is not true.
Then how come ever since the party Ever since I proposed to you, it's like you're seeing someone else when you're looking at me? When I look at you, I see the rest of my life.
I can't marry someone who doesn't feel the same.
John, please.
I no.
I think it's best we take some space.
We're running out of time.
Please tell me you're close to finding something on that video.
Our hunch was right.
There's evidence the image was altered.
I'm running a decryption program, but it's gonna take a bit.
Since when did you learn to do all this Felicity stuff? I was a police captain, Laurel.
I have tricks, like knowing when someone's not telling me everything, for example.
Like you.
What? You've been pushing Mia real hard, which is weird, because normally, you keep a fairly healthy snark-filled distance from caring too much about anything.
This is personal.
Look, I wasted a lot of time pretending to be something I wasn't because it was easier, and I don't want Mia making the same mistake.
You know, part of empathy isn't only understanding other people's pain.
It's also sharing your own.
You know how hard it is to be a hero.
I mean, hell, I'm struggling with it right now.
Imagine what she's going through.
The last time Mia put on that Green Arrow suit was the day Oliver died.
The program's finished.
Oh, boy.
Whoever did this wanted people to think she was safe on vacation.
They didn't know they were giving us a lead.
Well, thank God for morons.
I got to figure out where this is.
But for the record, I think you're right.
If there is evil back in Star City, the Green Arrow should be here, too.
Oh, God.
Are you crying? What the hell are you doing here? I guess it's that feelings thing or whatever.
Look, I'm sorry.
JJ broke up with me, if you even care.
I do care.
You're strong enough to get through this.
You're strong enough to get through anything.
I've seen you do it.
Is that why you woke me up? Mia, I spent so much of my life choosing the easy path.
And for me, that meant becoming Black Siren and destroying things and killing people.
It's not a good look.
That's not exactly what I'm doing here.
Okay, but can you honestly tell me that you were happy with your life before I woke you up? Truly? I spent my whole life looking at these pictures of my dad, all of the amazing things he did for the city, what a hero he was, wondering how I could possibly live up to that in anything I chose to do.
And so I chose to do nothing.
He would probably be so disappointed in me.
I doubt that.
Your father.
He wanted you to be happy.
And he he gave you all this, but I also think he wanted you to have a choice.
I am not gonna sugarcoat it for you.
Being a hero kind of sucks.
And it never gets any easier because it is the hardest thing that you can do.
Then why do it? For me, it gave me a purpose.
And that's why I woke you up, so that you could have the chance to realize your own.
Mia, this is your city, and you're the Green Arrow.
How did it go? Ask her.
I'm glad you decided to join.
Bianca's my friend.
Any luck finding her location? Not yet.
But she's in a greenhouse of some sort.
Only problem is there are hundreds in the city.
It's gonna take time.
But that's not a greenhouse.
The design's biophilic.
It's meant to power the building photosynthetically.
What are you, a botanist now? I took a couple classes in design theory and sustainable concepts.
Socialites can have brains, too.
Well, could you use your fancy brain and narrow it down for us? Uh, there's about 12 buildings in the city that fit the bill.
But only one of them is currently unoccupied A complex downtown.
Let's go save my friend.
You sure you're ready for this? One way to find out.
Thermal imaging places Bianca on the top floor.
There's 2 bodies beside her.
I'm guessing they're guards.
How much more company can we expect? It depends on how fast we move.
That's comforting.
Oh, and another piece of good news.
The whole place is laced with meta-dampeners.
- So no Canary cries.
- Perfect.
Ready? I so wish I got that on my live stories.
We have to go now.
Why leave now, huh? The fun is just getting started.
You know my name.
Heh! I'm flattered.
Cool masks.
Yeah, very, uh, 2020.
Actually, I I have I have one of my own.
So this is what you've been spending daddy's money on? Ha ha.
You know, Bianca never told me that she had such, uh, colorful friends.
Oh, I get it.
She broke up with you, and now your feelings are hurt.
- Aw.
- Aw.
Is that why you're doing this? Oh, don't flatter yourself.
You're a pawn with the fancy family name.
That's the only reason you're important.
Yeah, I see why you dumped him.
- Enough talking.
- Great.
So I guess that means you're waving the white flag.
The 3 of you against all of us.
- I'll take those odds.
- So will we.
- There's too many of them.
- We have to get out of here.
Stay close.
Now what? We're too high.
How are you still alive? Death by tantrum? You're gonna have to do better than that.
Don't come any closer.
You see, all the greenery in this building is linked to the same system All state-of-the-art and all very, very Explosive.
If he drops that lighter, this whole place is gonna go up.
Trevor, don't do this.
You can't stop what's coming.
She won't let you.
And who the hell is she? We have to jump.
I thought you were trying to save me, not kill me.
Trust me.
Welcome back.
Who are you bitches? Any word on how Bianca's doing? She is back to her old self, posting live videos.
So I'm not very good at this, uh, feelings stuff.
I wanted to thank you, both of you.
And now you can go back to your glamorous life of singing to drunk hipsters in your bar.
Oh, thank you for that.
But, uh, actually, I was thinking of going part-time.
You know, Trevor's not just a jealous ex-lover trying to get even.
Somebody pushed him to do this, and we still haven't figured out who or why.
Trevor's tattoo looked familiar.
We start there.
We? Star City needs the Green Arrow.
But what about JJ, and what about your life? I'm not giving that up, but I'm also gonna protect my father's legacy.
Mia, living a double life is really hard.
Well, somebody once told me that being a hero is the hardest thing you can do.
It's also the right thing.
Well, that person sounds really smart.
I mean, she has her moments.
But putting on that suit again wasn't easy.
But it reminded me that it's not all bad.
There are some really, really good parts, too.
Well, uh, before we get back to saving the world, I say we should have a celebratory drink.
And after what we did tonight, I say we deserve the good stuff.
To the Green Arrow.
To the Canaries.
To the future, whatever it holds.
Well, I'm glad you didn't change the locks on me yet.
Mia Look, before you kick me out, just please let me say I'm sorry.
You were right.
I have been acting weird since the graduation party.
- So then I did spook you.
- No.
This has nothing to do with you proposing.
Look, graduating got into my head.
I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, what kind of person I want to be.
I I want to help you with that.
And that is why I love you so much.
You're a good person, JJ.
I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else.
You know, it's been a while since I had a roommate.
I'll get my own place, I promise.
Your own place? That sounds pretty permanent.
The city's under threat, and I'm not gonna leave until it's over.
You know, while you're here, we could turn this place into a base of operations for the Canaries.
Canaries, as in more than just us? Tonight made me remember who I really am, Laurel.
I may have been erased, but I'm not gone.
I need to figure out how I got here.
And while I do that, I can help a whole new generation of women.
So basically, what you're saying is that I was right.
Don't gloat.
But please do explain why you didn't tell me the whole story about what Bianca's death would have meant for the city.
Sara said when the city falls Someone's at the center of it Mia.
But Bianca was dead in the future, and Mia wasn't the Green Arrow.
We should be in the clear, right? I hope so.
I can't believe it's been 20 years since he sacrificed himself to save the city.
Who's that? Oh, just the "Star," The "Globe," the "Gazette," "Byline," Channel 52.
They all want to know if I'm the Green Arrow.
Of course they do.
Isn't it a little misogynistic that they're not calling you as well? I mean, come on, guys.
It's 2040.
Oh, my God.
You brought the pet rock.
Excuse me.
Are you referring to the hozen? This is the closest thing we have to a family heirloom, passed down from Dad to Aunt Thea to Mom and to me.
Show some respect, please.
May I see it? - Yes, you may.
- Thank you.
What the hell? William! Hey, babe.
I didn't think you'd be back so soon.
Who are you? What do you want? I need you to remember.
JJ, VOICE-OVER: I have vision.
We can fix this together.
JJ! You were wrong about me, brother.
It was never a mask.