Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s02e11 Episode Script


TAGON: Eunseom of the Wahan Tribe,
Saya's benetbeot,
and Inaishingi. All of them
- were you?
- EUNSEOM: Also,
I'll become the reincarnation
of Aramun Haesulla with Kanmoreu.
It is said that long ago,
hundreds of winters ago,
there were brothers who got separated,
I think they're back.
Brother of promise?
(IN KOREAN) How am I alive?
MAN: Why are there two of them?
Is Aramun a benetbeot?
Isn't this about Eunseom?
Pretend you don't know.
We don't know anything.
GILSEON: She's still alive.
CHOJAHA: Move her quickly. Now!
- TAEALHA: Who are you?
- SOLDIER: High Priest Niruha
wishes for you to escape.
Arthdal will collapse.
YEONBAL: King Tagon wishes to meet you.
EUNSEOM: What do you want from us?
Hand over Suhana and Kanmoreu.
Then I will open up the way
and hand over your subordinates too.
Tagon has no intention of
clearing the way for us.
Fire attack. Is that what you mean?
We'll attack with fire
from the other side.
Stop, Tagon!
SOLDIER 1: Run away!
SOLDIER 2: We have to go. Run.
YEONBAL: Your Majesty!
We must escape from the flames. Stand up!
Your Majesty.
It's the whirlwind fire.
AGAJI: Niruha, did you get an answer?
Moa. Did you pass the message
to the Whisper Organization?
Yes, Niruha.
"When you hear that King Tagon has lost,
get ready.
"Move when smoke rises
from the Great Shrine."
I told them so.
What about Father Yeolson?
Yes, Niruha.
He's in the Iron Workshop.
Excuse me, Niruha.
Will King Tagon really lose?
Everything will be decided by Airuju.
decided by Airuju.
Before tonight ends,
I need to meet someone in secret.
Why did you come back?
Don't you know
why I sent you to Eunseom?
I passed along everything
you ordered me to.
No. I sent you to him to save you.
I sent you there to meet your mother
and go far away.
Mother sent me back.
- Why?
- She saw that
my emotions came back.
I was a Child of Shahati
and I grew up as a Black Tongue.
I received horrible trainings,
took medicines,
and smelled strange scents.
As a result,
my emotions disappeared day by day.
King Tagon was the one who saved me.
I escaped that place
and met my mother again,
but I could not feel anything.
Resentment, sorrow, nor affection.
I couldn't feel anything.
But one thing remained.
The memory that I once had emotions.
Children of Shahati die at a young age
during their missions.
Even if they survive and become adults,
most of them commit suicide
because they remember having emotions.
I was the same. I always wanted to die.
But thanks to you,
I found my emotions again.
Don't try to protect me.
No. It's not you.
I'm trying to protect
the emotions that I got back.
Niruha, you must leave now.
TANYA: Something big is going
to happen tomorrow.
If you get the chance, leave.
The emotions you got back with difficulty
will be of use somewhere else.
DUNJI: What do you mean?
King Tagon will lose?
Arthdal will lose?
Is that what Niruha said?
What is she planning now?
I cannot believe it either
but that's what Tanya said.
DUNJI: We have way more troops.
Moreover, their iron swords
are not as good as ours.
what if Eunseom wins?
What will you do?
If that happens, we must do it.
even if Niruha stops us,
I'm going to do it.
is it possible?
Let's fight together.
Tagon is the enemy of all of us.
How many bears and tigers
will think of us as their enemies?
Nature does not take revenge.
ISSRUV: It just circulates.
Even if you don't take revenge,
in the end,
Mother Nature will take Tagon back
to the earth.
Look at how many of us are left
because of that mindset.
Sarams took revenge,
so they prospered and won.
We lost miserably.
Living with Sarams has only made you
think about winning and losing.
My answer remains the same.
I am not going.
Nosunaho too, of course
- NOSUNAHO: I'm going.
- ISSRUV: Why?
that girl.
If it's to continue our blue bloodline
that has been cut off
No. That's not it.
I just like her. I want to be with her.
You should come with us too.
I'm not asking you to fight with us.
Help me.
Or I'll tell Rottip
that you've been repeating his ideas
as if they were your own.
How many bears and tigers
will think of us
as their enemies?
ROTTIP: (IN KOREAN) Is Saya dead?
SHAHATI: That is right.
Tagon didn't allow them to hold a funeral
and had the body thrown here.
TAEALHA: Just where did Saya go?
To meet the High Priest, probably.
This is crazy. If someone sees him
He knows all the secret passages,
so it should be fine.
Should I bring him back?
No, that's too dangerous.
We must go to the White Peak Mountain
before Tagon returns.
Get ready and meet me in Gitgang.
I understand.
(CHUCKLES) Saya is alive?
What will you do now?
ROTTIP: I must find Saya.
them, too.
Give me what I asked for.
SHAHATI: I hope you find him.
If it ends well, let me know.
If I don't hear from you,
I'll assume you're dead.
A Neanthal?
I do not wish to fight you.
I just wish to know.
Is Saya alive?
Nice to meet you, child of Asa Hon.
You've already met them?
That was your goal.
I thought
you came to tell me about my mother.
What did they say?
They told me to come with them
if I was the owner of this necklace.
They told me to meet them in the White
Ford Forest when the next new moon rises.
ROTTIP: Are you going?
I'm not sure.
Now that I'm dead, I can go anywhere.
But I'm not sure
where to go
or who to live as.
Am I even the owner of this?
It was nice meeting you, child of Asa Hon.
Why didn't Asa Hon
my mother
stop Tagon from taking me?
Was she afraid?
was Eunseom more precious?
Everyone lives in the world they choose.
Who knows what Asa Hon was thinking
at that time?
You decide.
Of course,
you don't have to decide your past
to be a painful one.
The same goes for the future.
Decide for yourself.
Decide how you want to live,
who you want to live as
and if you want to be its owner.
Only with your intention and will.
Saya, what happened? You were alive?
The murals all over Arthdal
were your doing, right?
What are you trying to do?
You're not a gosal.
It's fine as long as you're alive.
Eunseom was born,
went to Iark,
and met Asa Sin and Kanmoreu there.
What were you planning to do
by making murals of how he lived?
When Tagon loses,
I will take control of Arthdal myself.
Tagon will lose?
He might've already lost.
Then where is the messenger?
They were so crushed
that they couldn't even send a messenger.
you want to take over Arthdal
and give it to Eunseom
by turning Inaishingi into Aramun?
Then why did you add me in the murals?
- Saya.
- Ever since the beginning
From the first time we met, until now
all you did was use me.
Yes, I did.
At first, I used you,
but now, I'm using Eunseom too.
Is Eunseom the only one?
I'm using young slaves
that follow me like a god,
and poor people who will end up
getting hurt and dying in the end.
I'm using all of them.
Is it such a big deal for someone like me
- to use you?
- Why?
For what?
Do you think a world where people don't
fight or kill will come because of that?
Not a world where people don't fight,
kill, steal, or get robbed.
I want to make a world less strenuous
where people fight less, kill less,
steal less, and get robbed less.
But why must it be Eunseom?
- I
- You
If the rebellion succeeded, you were going
to kill Eunseom and take his place.
You wanted to become Eunseom.
Ever since you told me,
I read your thoughts.
From the beginning,
the world we were going to make
I wasn't interested. Don't you know me?
I killed Danbyeok without hesitation,
divided Taealha and Tagon,
and threw Arthdal into confusion.
Chaos, confusion! That's who I am.
Didn't you know?
Why did someone like me pretend that
I wanted that world of yours?
And why
did I want to become Eunseom?
And why
did I drink bichwisan
without hesitation
instead of begging Tagon for my life?
It's all for the same reason.
The reason that you know
very well.
That one reason.
Your feelings for me.
You decided
to want me.
You made that choice.
It is your intention and will.
ROTTIP: Decide for yourself.
Decide how you want to live,
who you want to live as
and if you want to be its owner.
TANYA: You decided
to want me.
You made that choice.
You decide
how your story in the mural ends.
Tell me.
I'll be waiting.
HAE YEOBI: Where are you coming from?
Are you Arthdal's soldiers?
Where are you coming from?
Answer me. What happened?
Can't you tell?
Arthdal's troops lost.
We prepared a fire attack,
but Inaishingi attacked us from behind.
What about King Tagon?
I don't know.
We don't even know if he's alive or not.
That bastard, Saya,
was on their side in the first place.
He was Inaishingi's benetbeot
with the same face.
TACHUKAN: Inaishingi.
- Your eye.
- TAKUCHAN: It's nothing.
A warrior must have two legs,
they're lucky if they have two arms,
and two eyes is one too many.
Rather, now that I only see half,
I'm not scared of anything.
Above all,
his mouth is working well, Inaishingi.
All forces.
We'll march to Arthdal now.
ALL: Yes, Inaishingi.
Arthdal lost!
Inaishingi won!
- Inaishingi won.
King Tagon lost!
We lost?
Yes. Inaishingi set fire at the rear,
and the wind was strong.
What about the king?
What happened to the king?
(TEARFULLY) We do not know
whether he's alive or dead.
It will only take them a day or two
to reach Arthdal.
Moreover, Inaishingi
and the traitor, Saya,
were benetbeot brothers.
Arthdal lost?
How does this make sense?
We must prepare just in case.
We must be prepared.
Whether the king is alive or not
remains unclear,
so your safety means
everything to Arthdal.
I will prepare for you
to leave Arthdal for a while.
Where can I go, Minister?
For now, the White Peak Mountain
is the only option.
The White Mountain Tribe
hates my father and me.
When there's a storm,
even the worst enemies
have to row together.
In this case, the White Mountain Tribe
know of your importance
more than anyone.
They will definitely join hands with us.
Release my mother.
Since we don't know if Father's alive,
chaos in Arthdal will grow uncontrollably.
Mother is the only person left
to subdue that chaos.
- But the queen
- Since there's a storm,
we must row together to survive.
But Prince Arok.
It seems that the queen has escaped
from Arthdal.
The one who continues
the will of Asa Sin
Shall become Asa Sin themselves.
Now I, Asa Tanya,
the reincarnation of Asa Sin,
wish to open the new sky of Arthdal.
Let us
MAN 1: The Ago Tribe is coming.
WOMAN 2: King Tagon lost.
MAN 2: The Ago Tribe is coming.
WOMAN 2: King Tagon lost.
MAN 3: What happened to the king?
I don't know.
MAN 3: You really don't know?
Is it true that Inaishingi
and General Saya are benetbeot?
MAN 4: I said don't know!
I relay the will of Asa Sin.
The one who continues
the will of Asa Sin
Shall become Asa Sin themselves.
The whole of Arthdal is in complete chaos.
And they say Inaishingi has the same face
as the traitor, Saya.
They're benetbeot. Is this true?
Even that rumor has spread?
So it's true?
At this rate, we'll fall
even before the Ago beasts arrive.
I'll go to the palace to discuss
countermeasures with the ministers.
Wait. Then,
the king passing away
You bastard. How dare you run your mouth?
(WEAKLY) I apologize.
- Watch your mouth.
- Yes, sir.
MAN: Sir, sir.
Is the Royal Guard Head not around?
He went to the palace.
I see.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
All guards are on duty.
Which department
are you in?
Let's go.
GUARD: Minister!
Minister Jeungsugae
was attacked in the marketplace.
- What?
- He's in critical condition.
What do you mean?
Prince Arok, please wait for a while.
- Protect Prince Arok.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
What is this?
(WEAKLY) How are you
TAEALHA: How am I here?
Why didn't I go
to the White Peak Mountain?
So that was Tanya's plan.
It's easier to do things
without me in Arthdal,
so she told you to help me escape.
Right, I forgot to say this last time,
but thank you
- for saving me.
- YEOLSON: Your Highness.
What is happening?
TAEALHA: Wrap yourself with that.
Get a hold of yourself.
We have to protect it. Follow me.
Protect what?
What did Niruha say?
Niruha said this.
"Asa Tanya will open
the new sky of Arthdal."
The one who continues
the will of Asa Sin
ALL: The one who continues
the will of Asa Sin
Shall become Asa Sin themselves.
We'll head to the palace.
ALL: Yes, descendant of Asa Sin.
MAN 1: High Priest Niruha
left the Great Shrine with armed forces.
Just what is this?
Where are Ministers
Chojaha and Jeungsugae?
Minister Jeungsugae is dead.
He was murdered in the marketplace.
Just what is happening?
Royal Guard Head, you must go.
Bachis, merchants,
vice-ministers, scribes,
and even civilians have gathered
looking for you.
You must go out and calm them down.
- Tell them to go back.
- MAN 2: Royal Guard Head.
You must take care of it.
Give us your orders now.
Take the Second Corps
and stop the High Priest right now.
Do not let her come to the palace.
Yes, sir.
I'll go to the military division.
What happened?
You should tell us so we can decide
whether to evacuate or not.
Is the king alive or dead?
Was the Third Corps really annihilated?
Currently, the Royal Guard Head
is the general of Arthdal.
Tell him to come out.
ALL: (CLAMORING) Come out.
Come out!
GILSEON: What are you doing?
MAN 1: Tell him to come out.
GILSEON: Everyone, go back to your posts.
Put up your spears.
The king is dead, right?
Answer me.
What happened to the king?
Is he really dead?
MAN 2: Why can't you answer us?
If the king is really dead,
isn't everything over?
MAN 3: Answer us.
MAN 4: Answer us.
GUARD 1: The Ago Tribe is coming here?
- Should we run away?
- Where to?
GUARD 2: Let's run away.
GUARD 1: Hey.
Hey. Hey!
- SODANG: What's going on outside?
- General, this is bad.
Arthdal's troops lost to the Ago Tribe.
What about the king?
What about King Tagon?
The rumors say he is dead
since the Arth Forest
was reduced to ashes.
Everything's over.
Now, the Ago Tribe will rush over here.
- Open this.
- Pardon?
SODANG: There's still a chance.
- We can protect Arthdal.
- But
You need someone to lead the army.
- Open it now!
- Yes, sir.
MAN 1: Shouldn't we take refuge
before it's too late?
MAN 2: You should tell us so we can decide
whether or not to take refuge.
If the Third Corps was annihilated,
Arthdal is done for!
MAN 3: You should say something
as Royal Guard Head.
Over there.
It's the queen.
It's the queen.
It's the queen.
It's the queen!
MAN 4: How?
Nobody knows
whether the king is alive or not.
GILSEON: What are you guys doing?
Apprehend the queen right now--
Your Highness, aren't you a traitor
who started a rebellion?
Those who are armed cannot enter.
If you come any closer,
you'll be considered rebels.
SOLDIER: Step back.
If you disband,
you will not be charged for your crime.
TAEALHA: Yes, that is right.
I, Taealha, was a traitor
who tried to save Arthdal
from the crazy king.
Now, I'm the wife of a husband
whose life or death is unknown,
the mother of Arok
who will continue Arthdal,
and a proud Arthdal
who is trying to protect Arthdal
from the beasts of the Ago!
I, Asa Tanya,
am the reincarnation
of the Great Mother, Asa Sin,
High Priest of Arthdal,
and your sister who is trying
to protect your lives and future.
Will you live with me
or die in vain?
Death is before us.
is the benetbeot of General Saya,
and they have the same face.
High Priest Tanya
joined forces with the benetbeot brothers
and tried to hand us over
to the Ago beasts,
and she still plans to do so.
SOLDIER: That's blasphemy!
The High Priest would never do
something like that!
MAN 1: That's right!
MAN 2: She's not that kind of person.
Don't say that.
the assassin sent by the High Priest
killed Jeungsugae,
the head of the Gadeul Tribe
and the minister of the bang of Trade.
CHOJAHA: It is true!
I, Minster of the bang of Jichuk, Chojaha.
Had the queen not saved me,
I would've lost my life
to the High Priest!
We do not know
whether the king is alive or dead,
a minister lost his life,
and young warriors of Arthdal
lost their future
in the ashes of the Arth Forest.
After this,
what will we lose?
What do you wish to protect?
What we must not lose
What you must protect
is the future in the great name
of Arthdal that we will continue
is the future of our siblings, friends,
and children.
We have warriors from
the White Mountain Tribe and Byeokjido
rushing to Arthdal.
We have siblings who know what's right
and in courage, we have each other.
We must drag down Asa Tanya,
the wicked fake Asa Sin,
We must dethrone King Tagon,
the fake Aramun who has lost,
and protect Arthdal ourselves.
and save each other!
Will you follow me, Taealha?
Will you join me, Asa Tanya?
I will join you,
the reincarnation of Asa Sin!
I will follow the queen and fight!
I will follow the will
of the reincarnation of Asa Sin!
ALL: Let's fight with the queen.
Let's kill the Ago Tribe!
Let's kill the Ago Tribe!
Let's kill them!
I'll tell them to start the smoke.
ALL: Let's kill them!
Let's fight with the queen!
I remember my brothers.
I remember my brothers.
Where are you from, my separated brother?
The end of the west, far, far away.
I come from my country, Irkebaek.
Is that the civilization founded
by the brothers who left?
That is right.
Will you go back to your hometown
and tell them about this land?
I must keep the old promise.
I will come back with tons of warriors.
This land has lives
of purple blood and red blood.
What will you do?
All red-bloods are lowly and deceitful.
We'll reign over them.
Brother, come with us.
Your blue blood will have divine powers
in Irkebaek.
You want me to live
trapped in a jail called civilization?
Only in the wide and huge embrace
of Mother Nature
are we free.
Can eagles walk on the sea
or can bears leave the forest?
Can sunflowers raise their heads
towards the moon?
Nature traps everyone
in millions of invisible walls.
Civilization breaks down
those countless walls
and gives us true freedom.
The freedom that divides high and low
and can only be enjoyed by those in front
while crushing the lives in the back?
As I expected,
the brothers who have left are dangerous.
What's more dangerous
is letting you return to your hometown.
You're a disaster
to all creatures on this land.
Who are you?
We finally meet.
Brother of promise.
WOMAN 1: (IN KOREAN) Why isn't Moa coming?
We need to start the smoke.
WOMAN 2: You're making me nervous.
She'll come soon.
The smoke.
Why are you trying to start a smoke?
What does it mean?
You guys cannot win.
BAKRYANGPUNG: The one who continues
the will of Asa Sin shall become
Asa Sin themselves!
MAN 1: Let her will be done.
ALL: Let her will be done.
MAN 2: Embrace the one you rejected.
ALL: Embrace the one you rejected!
Follow the reincarnation of Asa Sin.
ALL: Follow the reincarnation of Asa Sin!
MAN 3: Come out onto the street.
ALL: Come out onto the street!
MAN 4: Embrace the unfamiliar.
ALL: Embrace the unfamiliar!
MAN 5: Embrace the one you rejected.
ALL: Embrace the one you rejected!
MAN 6: Follow the reincarnation
of Asa Sin.
ALL: Follow the reincarnation of Asa Sin!
MAN 7: Come out onto the street.
ALL: Come out onto the street!
MAN 8: Embrace the unfamiliar.
ALL: Embrace the unfamiliar!
The smoke should be rising now.
MAN 9: Embrace the one you rejected.
- Why
- ALL: Embrace the one you rejected!
MAN 10: Follow the reincarnation
of Asa Sin.
- What happened? Was there smoke?
- Was there?
- MAN: There wasn't?
MAN 2: Why isn't there smoke?
MAN 3: That's strange.
Why isn't the smoke rising?
WOMAN: Why isn't there smoke?
BOY: Why? Why are you crying?
What happened? What about the smoke?
There won't be smoke.
Hae Yeobi killed the priests.
The queen must have returned.
I must let Niruha know quickly.
MAN 1: Embrace the one you rejected.
ALL: Embrace the one you rejected!
MAN 2: Follow the reincarnation
of Asa Sin.
ALL: Follow the reincarnation of Asa Sin!
The High Priest is on Inaishingi's side.
She is trying to hand Arthdal over
to the Ago Tribe.
Following the High Priest is treason!
Drop your weapons and go back immediately.
Then you will not be punished separately.
High Priest, stop the rebellion.
The king lost the war, and we do not know
whether he is alive or dead.
And Queen Taealha abandoned Arthdal
and ran away to the White Peak Mountain.
Only I,
High Priest Asa Tanya, is left in Arthdal.
I am going to protect this land
and my people.
Everyone, step back.
TAEALHA: Who ran away?
You look surprised.
You thought I would be
at the White Peak Mountain.
Are you waiting for the smoke?
Whatever you were trying to do,
it will not happen.
There's no one to start the smoke.
MOA: What are you doing?
We'll get in trouble.
The queen came back to Arthdal.
That's why all of the Whisper Organization
must come out.
Who are you to decide?
You didn't get Niruha's permission.
Who are you to do this?
One who will
continue the will of Asa Sin.
- What?
- She said the one who continues the will
of Asa Sin was Asa Sin themselves.
I am
Asa Sin.
Niruha, what should we do?
The soldiers blocked the path
behind us too.
We're surrounded.
I order you once again!
Drop your weapons immediately.
Remember the final moment of those
who were disrespectful
to the reincarnation
of Asa Sin.
Remember the person who died
by getting his heart ripped out
on the night of the new moon.
Your hands that are holding up
weapons against me
will strangle your own necks,
and kill your siblings and families.
your souls will not even be able
to become gosals,
and will fall
into the deepest abyss of darkness.
Your children
and their children will crawl
on all fours, unable to live or die.
What will you do?
I'll receive it.
I, Taealha, will receive
all of Asa Tanya's curse.
My hands that point weapons at
the High Priest will strangle my own neck.
My soul will fall into darkness
and my child will crawl on all fours.
I will receive all of the curse.
The rest of you will not receive any!
Even if my limbs get torn apart
and my soul gets scattered in the air,
I will kill the traitor, Tanya, myself
and receive every single bit of the curse.
Do not be afraid
and kill all of those traitors.
SODANG: Archers!
Draw your bows!
NOTAK: Here.
They must be the Whisper Organization.
The seeds that you sowed
bloomed flowers.
YANGCHA: Niruha.
It's smoke!
- MAN: It's smoke!
- It's smoke!
Let's go, descendants of Asa Sin!
What are you doing? Let's go quickly!
ALL: Follow the one
who was despised the most
and embrace the one you rejected!
Follow the one who was despised the most
and embrace the one you rejected!
Follow the one who was despised the most
and embrace the one you rejected!
YANGCHA: Were there really
so many of your people, Niruha?
ALL: Follow the one
who was despised the most
and embrace the one you rejected!
Let the will of Asa Sin flow in Arthdal.
Let the will of Asa Sin flow in Arthdal.
Follow the one
who was despised the most
Your Highness,
all the people are pouring out.
SODANG: What should we do?
The palace will be sieged.
There aren't enough of us.
What are they saying?
The one who continues the will of Asa Sin
shall become Asa Sin themselves.
They are thousands of Asa Sins.
ALL: Shall become Asa Sin themselves.
The one who continues the will of Asa Sin
shall become Asa Sin themselves.
TANYA: Your Highness.
What will you do?
TAEALHA: Tanya isn't
the High Priest anymore.
She's just a traitor of Arthdal!
Aramun Haesulla established the Union
and returned as King Tagon
to protect Arthdal.
Do you want this land to be taken away
by them now?
Kill them immediately!
King Tagon is not Aramun Haesulla.
He's a fake!
If he was, he wouldn't have lost.
Aramun is the god of victory and unity.
Yes. King Tagon's Arthdal is gone now!
Yes! King Tagon is probably dead already!
Arthdal is doomed anyway!
MAN 2: That is right.
Tagon is neither Aramun nor the king!
He was a fake!
MAN 3: Yes.
MAN 4: He was a fake.
I will behead whoever steps back!
Behead the person next to you
if they drop their weapons!
I've already said that
I'll kill Tanya
and I will receive her curse.
You lot, kill all the traitors in front!
What are you doing?
Lift your spear up now!
TANYA: One with the spear.
One with the spear.
Look at me.
Do you truly wish to receive
the curse of Asa Sin?
SOLDIER 1: Niruha, forgive me.
I do not want to die. Please stop.
Niruha, please lift the curse.
I do not want to die. Please stop.
SOLDIERS: Niruha, forgive us.
Please save me.
Please lift the curse.
SOLDIER 2: Niruha.
SOLDIER 3: Please spare me.
SOLDIER 4: Please lift the curse.
SOLDIER 5: Niruha.
SOLDIERS: Please lift the curse.
TANYA: (ECHOING) Get me out of here.
If you do so, you will hear
Asa Sin's voice in your mind
when you least expect it.
This is God's voice.
Niruha spoke in our minds
using God's voice.
Niruha performed a miracle!
TANYA: It was not I
who performed a miracle.
It was you.
Also, it is not my voice
that is God's voice.
Your voices are God's voice.
How can you say someone like us are gods?
God is not benevolent.
The benevolent ones are you Sarams.
God does not help.
The ones that help each other are you,
- Sarams.
- Is that so?
From being born, to growing up and living,
is there anything that you can do
without relying on Sarams?
So help each other and be benevolent.
That is the way to help yourselves.
Also, from eating, to sleeping
and wearing clothes,
is there anything
in which you don't rely on the world?
So make the world
Father. What we learned
in Iark is for the world
The world? What about the world?
What we learned?
TANYA: If they don't help each other,
they'll all be done for.
I'll threaten them in God's name.
So, as we learned, the world
Make the world
a good place
to live.
- Niruha.
- ALL: High Priest Niruha.
MAN 1: High Priest Niruha.
MAN 2: Niruha.
ALL: Niruha.
MAN 3: Niruha.
Until the day I die
and become a handful of soil,
I will make the world a good place
I didn't make that sound because
the castle was bigger than I thought.
(SCOFFS) What are you saying?
What's that?
This is the message
from the queen of Arthdal.
Ago Tribe, retreat 600 steps back
and wait for a message.
Retreat? You're telling us to retreat?
Why should we retreat?
Are you insane? Have you lost your mind?
Was his name Geombul?
I heard he's from the Wahan Tribe.
Next is
Dunji of the Wahan Tribe.
You bastards!
Allow me to tear him into nine pieces.
Let's behead him and send his head back.
I'll do it!
Let's attack now and kill them
Who do you think will be next?
I'll say this again.
Retreat 600 steps back
and wait for a message.
TANYA: Eunseom.
From here,
you look amazing.
That's what you're saying right now?
TANYA: Of course.
I'm the great reincarnation of Asa Sin,
the god of Arthdal.
TANYA: Eunseom.
has God's own path.
should follow Inaishingi's path.
Do you understand?
The Ago Tribe retreated
and went into the forest.
(SIGHS) We bought some time.
Thanks to your timely return,
the High Priest's rebellion
was suppressed.
Since the queen sent them a message,
the White Mountain Tribe's warriors
will arrive soon.
Also, the Second Corps of Byeokjido
will arrive soon too.
CHOJAHA: That's great.
I'm relieved.
TAGON: We haven't lost yet.
The sky never rained for me
and the earth never bloomed
a flower for me,
but I did it in the end.
Rain will pour when I climb mountains and
storms will come when I'm out at sea,
but in the end, I, Tagon,
will climb the mountains
and cross the oceans.
For the glory of King Tagon.
ALL: For the glory of King Tagon.
For the glory of King Tagon.
For the glory of King Tagon.
For the glory of King Tagon.
For the glory of King Tagon.
TAEALHA: The meeting with Inaishingi
You should take charge.
You know why the people who were confident
and the soldiers who were agitated
suddenly became quiet.
It's because the king's alive.
Because Aramun returned alive.
Aramun, Aramun!
Don't talk about that.
I cannot attend the meeting
with the Ago Tribe.
It's different from the night battle.
I cannot leave the castle myself.
Go and subdue them as you like.
I will.
Did I tell you this?
I'm glad that you're alive,
and I'm happy that you're back.
I mean it.
Do you think I would abandon Arthdal
and run away?
Don't worry.
I'll never leave
Arthdal behind.
I decided to retreat because
It's actually for the better.
According to our plan, we bought time.
The warriors' morale is another matter.
Take care of them well.
I know how worried you are
about me getting shaken
because of Tanya.
But it's okay.
I will not be shaken at all.
I am Inaishingi.
Eunseom. Whether or not you're Inaishingi,
it's the same if you have a heart.
It's all right to be shaken
because you'll overcome it.
I believe in you.
Hey, don't you believe in Inaishingi?
It's not about believing him or not.
To Eunseom,
Tanya is the beginning of everything.
With Tanya tied up on the castle wall
Can he even stand it?
IPSAENG: Where are you going?
He must be upset too.
He's also friends with the High Priest.
How is Inaishingi?
He was reading the map upside down.
Hey. What should we do now?
We can't tell him to attack
nor can we just stay here like this.
You must've had a dream.
A few days later, a boat will come,
and you will leave with us.
BAEKHA: (IN KOREAN) Your Majesty.
Your son is so cute.
He looks like Arok.
I heard your family made bichwisan.
Are the ingredients of bichwisan
hard to find?
Don't worry. I'm not trying
to reveal the secret of the Hae Tribe.
The ingredients are not precious.
How much can kill a person?
Three drops are enough.
Make me bichwisan.
I need the permission from the queen.
If you refuse, I have no choice.
Yes, I will.
I will make it for you.
I will make it.
Thank you.
Shall we look around the palace?
TAGON: How does it feel
to have lost everything?
Lost everything?
That day, you saw
that the seeds I sowed bloomed flowers.
You lost.
And you will lose,
both to Eunseom and me.
TAGON: Yes, I saw it.
I lost.
I admit it.
In the end, Inaishingi will come,
and Arthdal will fall.
it doesn't matter now.
I cut off everything.
Arthdal and Aramun Haesulla.
Why are you still crying then?
Your heart is still crying sadly.
A child who is anxious
about being abandoned by the world.
Am I wrong?
You really do have
the psychic ability of the gods.
Read it again.
Can you hear my thoughts now?
Do you now understand
what I'm trying to do?
TAGON: The price of Tanya's life
is your death.
If you wish to save the High Priest,
Inaishingi must go to
the Great Shrine alone.
SAYA: Eunseom will be here soon.
Also, tell him
that I went to save her first.
No negotiations.
- Release Tanya.
- TANYA: You
TAGON: Inaishingi, you lost.
The Ago Union will now be torn
into 30 pieces.
TANYA: I might become
a failed Asa Sin too.
EUNSEOM: This isn't the end.
Promise me now.
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