Arthur (1996) s01e03 Episode Script

D.W. All Wet/Buster's Dino Dilemma

# Every day you walk down the street Everybody that you meet
# Has an original point of view
- # And I say, hey!
- Hey!
# What a wonderful kind of day We can learn to work and play
# And get along with each other
# You gotta listen to your heart Listen to the beat
# Listen to the rhythm of the street
# Get together and make things better By working together
# It's a simple message And it comes from the heart
# Believe in yourself For that's the place to start
- # And I say, hey!
- Hey!
- What a wonderful kind of day
# We can learn to work and play And get along with each other
# What a wonderful kind of day - hey! What a wonderful kind of day - HEY! #
- Hey, DW!
- Hey!
I don't want to go to the lake! Put me down! Now!
No! Let me go!
Sorry. DW's been acting a little weird lately.
- Lately?! She's always weird!
- I meant, more than usual.
- Ever since she went to the aquarium with her playgroup.
- Arthur! Save me!
- 'Peskier than a mosquito!'
- Ta-rah!
'It's Super Sister!'
Welcome to the aquarium!
Eek, eek, eek, eek!
- Any questions?
- Where do they go to the bathroom?
ALL: Yeah! Where DO they go?
In the water, where they live.
ALL: Ugh!
Now, before you go, be sure and visit our Hall Of Sea-monsters!
Especially, the shark!
Speaking of bathrooms
Look at this - it flushes by itself!
ALL: Wow! Let me see!
When can we see the shark?
Soon. Hurry, kids, you don't want to spend the whole day in the bathroom.
ALL: Yes, we do!
'Attention, please, don't miss the Hall Of Sea-monsters!
'Home of the most monstrous monsters in the world!
'Prepare to lose your mind with fear!'
ALL: Yeah!
Don't be scared - it's only an eel!
ALL: Wow!
- Look, it's a shark!
- Oh, no!
Did you hear that?
- Hey, look! An octopus!
- What's an octopu?
- And then I hit it on the nose!
- With what?
Eha stick! And then I pulled my leg out of its mouth!
- The octopus got your leg?!
- Yes! That's what I'm trying to tell you!
Why not save your story for later? It's almost time for bed.
Hey, that tickles!
I bet you were scared! I bet you ran away!
Did not!
# ..And the itsy-bitsy spider Went up the brussel sprout!
- # Downcame the rain and #
Octopus! Octopus! Octopus!
What the?
- ..And?
- And I'm really sorry! It was just a joke!
Not a funny one! Go to your room!
And don't come out until I say so!
- Feel better?
- I hope an octopus eats him!
- Hello.
- You've got air conditioning, right?
- 'In our kitchen.'
- Be right over!
All right! Let's go!
He runs, he kicks!
- Score!
- Ah-hem!
- Oops!
- You're in big trouble now!
- That's it! I've had it!
- Had what?
- I can't take it any more!
- Now you're in REALLY big trouble!
No, she means we can't take the heat so we'll just have to
- go to Bear Lake!
- Argh!
- I'm not going!
- ALL: What? Why?
I don't want to go in the water.
Are you still scared of octopuses?
We're going to the lake, DW. Octopuses live in oceans, not lakes!
I'm not going and that's that!
There - I don't see any octopuses!
Daddy! Help! Let me go!
OK, you can just sit here with us.
- On you mark. Get set!
- Ooh!
Wait! Aren't you supposed to wear a bathing cap for your ears?
Darn, I forgot. Guess I'll have to go home.
Is there a Buster Baxter here? Paging Buster Baxter.
- What do I do now?
- Right over there.
- Your name Buster?
- Who wants to know?
Your mom sent this by messenger. She doesn't want you to swim without it.
Oh, yeah. Thanks.
Yoo-hoo! Arthur! Buster! Wait up!
- Arthur, didn't you hear us calling?
- Not really.
We're playing tag. Wanna play?
Where's Buster? Wasn't he with you?
He's aroundsomewhere.
- Aren't you getting hot in here?
- I'm hiding! Can you shut the door?
There are no octopuses on this beach. I promise.
Don't you want something to eat?
- What's the matter, sweetie?
- ..I'm bored!
Ten minutes. That's all I'm asking! She needs someone to play with.
- Wanna play Commando Raid?
- No.
- Wanna swim to the raft and do cannonballs?
When I say, "Help," you run in and save me from the octopus! Ready? Go!
- Help.
- No, I'M the princess.
I am never coming to the beach with you again!
- DW!
- What is it, Mom?
- Mom says you can swim now.
- BOTH: All right!
But you'll have to play with me again later.
Daddy, can't you make them stay on the beach?
- It'd be easier if you went into the water.
- I can't.
- Look what
- I
- found! Hey, give me that!
Get this disgusting thing away from me! It looks like a dead octopus!
Help! Octopus!
Run for your life, man! Octopus!
Help me, I'm being attacked by an octopus!
- Dad, wake up! It's an octopus!
- Not now, DW.
Oh, no - it's got me!
I'll save you, Arthur!
- Look!
- I'm coming, Arthur!
- Arthur! You're alive!
Was that fun? Don't let them tease you - there are no octopuses here!
- I hear you've been having trouble!
- Us?!
- Weren't you yelling for help?
We were only fooling around.
It's dangerous to yell for help unless you really mean it! And you!
OK, do it again, Arthur!
- Ooh!
- You forgot to neigh!
Kids! Hurry up, it's time to go!
- What took you so long?
- No, wait, ten more minutes!
We have to go - it's almost dark!
- Can we come back tomorrow?
- Maybe.
I love the beach! Did you see me float? And swim?
And the lifeguard gave me a ride and said octopuses don't like lakes.
That's nice, honey. We'll come back another time. OK?
You know how people get carried away with things sometimes?
Like when DW played Hippo Hunt for four days!
Or when Francine tried to make 100 baskets in a row!
Here goes number 73!
Wait! That one didn't count!
Well, now Buster's gone crazy fordinosaurs!
- Wow, Arthur, did you see that?
- Uh-huh. Amazing(!)
Buster's very excited because our class is going on a field trip
ROARING AND SCREAMING Rainbow Rock State Park, where we will hunt for animal fossils,
- including dinosaurs!
- Yes!
Everyone, file out in an orderly fashion.
Triceratops! Grr-rowl-rrr!
T-rex! Grrr!
When I discover this new dinosaur, what should I call it? Bustersaurus?
Hey, where did we put the chisels?
- Got 'em.
- How about the brushes?
- Got 'em.
- What about the?
- Got 'em.
Ahem! Children? If you could all quiet down!
- QUIET! Follow me.
Ranger Ruth's going to tell us about fossils before we explore ourselves.
Hi, kids!
ALL: T-rex! T-rex! T-rex!
Don't you look like a smart bunch of boys and girls!
Can any of you tell me what a fossil is?
You with the ears.
The calcified remains of ancient organisms.
Minerals seep into their tissue, preserving their form.
Count on me to pick the genius!
For the rest of you boys and girls, we have a little show. Lights!
Psst, Buster, that was awesome!
100 million years ago, Rainbow Rock State Park looked very different!
It was much hotter. There were a lot of birds. And different insects.
And even dinosaurs!
ALL: Yeah!
Eventually, the ferns and animals would die.
Thank you.
Usually, the bodies would rot away,
but very rarely the hard parts of the bodies, like bones, would last.
Many years later, this whole area was covered by the sea.
Over millions of years, the soil turned to rock
and the bones turned to rock too.
Then the sea dried up and now, 100 million years later, the result
- So who wants to go on a fossil hunt?
- ALL: Yeah!
Man, I can't wait to get my hands on one of those fossils!
I like the models better. I like to see what dinosaurs looked like.
Yeah, but there's something about a fossil, it's the actual thing!
The actual bone of something that was alive millions of years ago!
Listen up, everyone! You see the layers in this rock?
Each layer is from a different time.
The bottom ones are from the Cretaceous era, which was?
136 million years ago.
Very good! The top layers are from about 20 million years later
so we can tell how old a fossil is by its position in the cliff.
How can we get fossils from a cliff with these little buckets?
You won't be hunting in the cliffs! That's for real palaeontologists!
- You get to hunt in the stream!
- In the stream? All right!
The water's great! Hey, look, I found a fossil!
Oh, no, wait! It's a rock! Hey, here's one!
You boys ARE diligent! Found any fossils?
Sorry. We're going to break for a snack now,
then it'll be time for the bus. See you on shore.
Looks like it's time to head in! I'm bushed!
- I'm going to keep working till we have to go.
- Huh?
- They've got soda!
- There are fossils here - you can drink soda any time!
Come on, what do you expect to find in ten minutes?
Think you're just gonna pick one up?
Buster, are you OK?
Buster, quit it - you're making me nervous! What is it?
- Buster! Ow! Have you gone nuts?
- I found it!
- I found it! It's here!
- Found what? Let me see!
I found it first! Oh, wow, it's a leaf fossil!
A leaf fossil? A leaf fossil?!
Have you ever seen a leaf that thick?
Arthur, this is
a footprint!
OK, let's go round and talk about the fossils we found.
We managed to find what looks like a fossilised shell.
Well, all right, it looks like a marginella!
Wait, you mean, you don't get to keep them?
Didn't I explain? We put the fossils in the museum
so other kids can come and see them.
If people took them all home, there'd be none left. Who's next?
We found some neat rocks! 'I can't believe it!
'I can't believe they would do that to me!'
That's OK. I'm sure you tried hard! Next?
- Eh, we didn't find anything either.
- What do you mean we?
Well, that's the way it goes sometimes.
- It's OK, we had fun anyway!
- We'll never get away with this!
Buster, it isn't ours - it belongs in the museum.
- We found it, didn't we?
- What if they search us on the way out?
- What if they have a special fossil-detector alarm?
- Hey, genius!
I wanted to make sure you weren't discouraged.
You have the makings of a real palaeontologist!
She knows!
Don't be silly!
Bye, now. Goodbye. See ya.
Have fun. Goodbye.
Bye-bye, now.
Who do we tell about thething? Francine?
No, it's too dangerous. You have to keep it a secret!
- Did you find any nice fossils on your field trip, dear?
- No, nothing!
- When can I come and see it?
- It's too dangerous to take out!
- What if my mom came in?
- What's the point of having it,
if we can't look at it ourselves.
I hope you enjoyed our field trip,
even if the fossils you found weren't as exciting as dinosaur's.
They are very rare. It would've been miraculous
if you had discovered any dinosaur bones or, even rarer,
- dinosaur footprints!
- Fossil police!
I'm sorry, Buster - they made me tell! They tickled me!
We have reason to believe you're hiding a dinosaur!
But that's ridiculous! How could? ROARING
What's that noise?
Arthur! Down here!
Here, you take it!
- I don't want it!
- I've got to get rid of it - it's making me crazy!
I thought it'd be great having this thing to myself,
but it's driving me nuts! I can't even look at it!
- It doesn't belong here?
- Where DOES it belong?
Hello, is this Ranger Ruth?
Dr Marsh thinks it's the footprint of a baby daspletosaurus,
- but Dr Cope thinks it's an adult sellosaurus.
- Thanks for telling us.
How do you kids like the nameplate?
"Dinosaur footprint discovered by Buster Baxter and Arthur Read!"
# And I say, hey!
# What a wonderful kind of day We can learn to work and play
# And get along with each other
# You gotta listen to your heart
# Listen to the beat Listen to the rhythm of the street
# It's a simple message And it comes from the heart
# Believe in yourself For that's the place to start
# And I say, hey!
# What a wonderful kind of day We can learn to work and play
# And get along with each other! #
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