Arthur (1996) s01e06 Episode Script

Locked in the Library/Arthur Accused!

# Every day you walk down the street Everybody that you meet
# Has an original point of view
- # And I say, hey!
- Hey!
# What a wonderful kind of day We can learn to work and play
# And get along with each other
# You gotta listen to your heart Listen to the beat
# Listen to the rhythm of the street
# Get together and make things better By working together
# It's a simple message And it comes from the heart
# Believe in yourself For that's the place to start
- # And I say, hey!
- Hey!
- What a wonderful kind of day
# We can learn to work and play And get along with each other
# What a wonderful kind of day - hey! What a wonderful kind of day - HEY! #
- Hey, DW!
- Hey
Sorry, Arthur!
The thing about Francine is it's hard to get mad at her.
Except for Buster, she's my best friendever since the day we met.
Arthur, Francine - our new neighbour.
She's always stuck by me. No matter what, I can count on Francine.
- Arthur Read! Did you tell everyone I looked like a marshmallow?!
- Er
Yeah, don't you remember, when she was wearing that goofy sweater?
So what do you wanna do about it?
- You'd better apologise, or
- Or what?
Or you're gonna get it!
- This is all YOUR fault.
- MY fault?! YOU called her a marshmallow!
"This is your final warning."
"Because you're in big trouble, and I mean BIG!"
Ooh! I think that's a skull and crossbones.
Attention, please!
Mr Baxter, please take your seat!
What makes a hero or heroine? Are you born with these characteristics?
Or are they something you develop?
- That is the question I want you to think about over the weekend.
- Aw!
Prepare an oral report on the hero or heroine of your choice.
- You'll be working in pairs
- Yeah!
- ..that
- I
- will assign.
ALL: Aw!
Binky, you're paired with Sue Ellen.
- Muffy, you'll work with Buster
- What?!
- No way!
- ..and Arthur with Francine.
- Oh-h!
Nice knowing you!
- He did what?!
- Who are you talking to?
Francine. ..Uh-huh?
You should see what HE looks like in pyjamas!
- Gimme the phone!
- OK, I'll tell him. Bye.
She says she'll meet you at the library tomorrow at 3pm,
but don't say even one word to her, because she's not speaking to you.
Huh! Worm!
Hello, Arthur! Francine was just telling me about your
- Report - on heroes.
- Of course.
- What sort of hero are you looking for?
- Maybe a man
- A woman!
- Or a woman who did something famous.
- Why not start with Joan of Arc?
Horses, battles, exciting stuff. That's downstairs.
Francine, you can look into Harriet Tubman. You'll find her upstairs.
- But don't forget, the library closes promptly at
- We know - 5 o'clock.
'The library is now closing.'
Oh! Miss Turner?
It's only a library! It's only a library! It's only a library!
- Hello? Is anyone there?
- Aa-aargh!
- Aa-aah! You!
- YOU!
Arthur, why didn't you tell me what time it was? You got us locked in!
- Me? Why didn't YOU say what time it was?!
- I'm not your mother, Arthur!
How dumb does a person have to be to get locked in a library?
- I've no time for childish bickering. I have to get out of here.
- Fine.
Fine. But I'm still not talking to you. And I'm not listening, either.
Thanks(!) I was almost there.
Aa-aah! ..Ow!
- I just remembered something!
- What?
Today is Saturday, which means the library is closed until
Oh, great! Well, I guess I can live without food.
HIS STOMACH RUMBLES Our families will be worried sick.
Poor Arthur. Hope he's OK. Get rid of that Bionic Bunny poster.
- Maybe not.
- Wait a minute! I've got it.
You're nuts! How can a book help us?
"How To Escape From Prison." "..A Desert Island." Aha!
"How To Escape From A Library"!
Hurry up!
- It's not here! Somebody must have checked it out.
- Francine!
Who would need a book on escaping from a library,
unless they were IN a library?!
Arthur! You were supposed to hold me up! Now my ears are ringing.
- Mine too.
- BOTH: The telephone!
Hah! ..Hello!
Hello, Miss Turner? This is Muffy Crosswire.
I didn't get to the library today 'Muffy, thank goodness you called!'
I was wondering if you could bring me some books I need. 'Muffy, it's me!'
Francine? Sorry, I must have dialled the wrong number.
What did you do?! How could you let her hang up?
Keep your shirt on. I'm calling Mom.
'To dial out, you must enter the correct user code.
'Please hang up and try again. To dial out'
- OK, we're doomed.
- You're such a wimp!
And you're a bossy know-it-allmarshmallow!
That's it! I'm here for the weekend, but I'm NOT spending it with you!
- Fine with me! See if
- I
- care!
Francine? Francine?
- Francine! What happened to you?
Francine! Don't worry, I'm coming!
- Are you OK?
- Of course I'm OK.
Don't scare me like that. I was afraid you were hurt.
- Why were you worried about me? I'm just a marshmallow, remember?
- What?!
- What about when I got glasses? You called me four-eyes.
- Wait a minute.
You were worried about me?
- Of course. How about when my baby tooth wouldn't come out?
- Arthur!
- You said I wasn't allowed toto What?
- Do you want some pizza?
- Where are we, anyway?
- It must be where the librarians hang out.
- Hey! Let's get locked in here every weekend!
- This is the best!
No chores, no homework, noDW?!
You're in BIG trouble!
- Arthur, Francine!
- Thank goodness!
I don't know how this could have happened.
Are you all right? We were so worried!
They look perfectly fine to me.
Oh, sure there were ghosts! But they didn't bother us!
- Except for the one with no head!
- So who did you do your report on?
- Report?!
And so, it is not an exaggeration to say that without Edward M Crosswire,
there would be no Elwood City as we know it.
- Buster, do you have anything to add?
That brings us to Arthur and Francine.
Umwe really didn't get a chance to do a real report.
We were busy learning the real meaning of heroism.
We were locked in the library. At first it was terrible - we fought.
But then Arthur came to rescue me, because he thought I was in danger.
And Francine was really brave and found out where the food was.
- And she saved me some pizza.
- Wow!
That's very good. I think you learned something important.
So I'll give you until next weekend to do your report.
I hate to say it, but Francine's not so bad.
She's a lot of fun
- Sorry!
- ..MOST of the time.
Buster Baxter, private eye.
I'm going to tell you about my very first case.
It involved my pal Arthur, missing quarters, and a lot of trouble.
O-oh! Detention!
Sounds like a mob!
- Arthur! Arthur! Arthur!
- Oh, no!
'But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back to the beginning.'
It all started two days ago. It was a Wednesday just like any other.
What's with the dopey table, Arthur?
It's for Mrs MacGrady's fund-raising to buy the fire department a puppy.
Can you give a quarter?
Umwell WOOF! WOOF!
- Hey, Arthur! My mom's taking me to the arcade. Wanna come?
- Sure.
- My mom's waiting in the car.
- I'll take these quarters to Mrs MacGrady.
- What's with the goofy hat?
- It's part of my new detective kit.
- I've been snooping, looking for crimes.
- Did you find one?
Nobut I DID pick up some secret information.
(Third-grade picnic this Friday.)
I know that, Buster! There have been signs up for two weeks!
Oh, well. I'm not giving up. I'll find a crime.
Hurry up. I'll tell my mom to wait for you.
What's that, Chief? Yes, Smoky is a nice name for a dog. How about Edgar?
Mrs MacGrady?
Yes, it does have a ring, now that you mention it, and it's appropriate.
Excuse me, Mrs MacGrady!
Smoke IS your business. Where there's Smoky, there's a fireman!
- I gotta get going!
- But I don't wanna see the dog get some kind of complex.
Dogs are sensitive, and if you name a fire-dog Smoky, who'll he root for?
Now, Chester's a fine name for a dog.
It has a real canine ring. My first husband was named Chester
'I still hadn't found a mystery.
'But there are always shifty characters at the arcade.'
Watch out, Buster. That magnifying glass will give you eye strain.
'My mom wasn't exactly helping.'
Arthur! You did it! You hit the high score! Way to go!
That's my best friend. My best friend hit the high score.
Boy, you rocked last night!
Step aside! Pinball wizard coming!
Arthur, don't forget to give Mrs MacGrady the quarters you collected.
- I already did, Mr Haney.
- She told me she never got them.
- Maybe they were stolen!
- Buster, please!
Is it possible you brought them home by mistake?
No, he came to the arcade with me. He got the high score at pinball.
I did that once - took my birthday money. I blew a lot of quarters
This doesn't look good, Mr Haney.
It certainly doesn't, Miss Tingley.
You mean, you think I stole the quarters?!
- You WERE responsible for them.
- Certainly.
- If the money doesn't turn up, you'll serve a day
- A week!
- ..a week
- of after-school detention.
- And no picnic for you tomorrow.
My first important job, and everyone thinks I'm a thief!
I'm innocent! I need a lawyer.
Are you kidding?! You can't afford a lawyer. You need a detective
like me!
- Do you think you can really find out who stole the quarters?
- No problem!
Buster Baxter is on the case.
You're going to that picnic, Arthur. Right now, I gotta do some snooping.
Just try not to get me in deeper trouble!
'The first person to question was the dame in pink - Mrs MacGrady,
'occupation - cafeteria lady.'
Can you tell me your whereabouts yesterday afternoon?
I was here in the cafeteria Stop that! ..making brownies.
Aha! I'd better taste one of those brownies.
Nice try! But nobody touches them until the picnic.
You can help me with these desserts.
I didn't see anyone come in here all afternoon Oh, I forgot Mr Morris.
- He came in to mop up when the brownie mix overflowed.
- Hm?
- Maybe you should talk to him.
- Thank you very much.
'Mr Morris, the school janitor -
- 'a guy with access to every part of the school.'
- Buster?!
Can I ask you a couple of questions?
Sure. I went into the kitchen yesterday afternoon.
Aha! And what were you doing there?
Cleaning the floor. Mrs MacGrady spilled something - brownie mix.
- Do you always clean up after Mrs MacGrady?
- Not often.
She's usually tidy. Anything else?
That's all for now. But don't leave town!
Just one more thing, Mr Morris - that jingling sounds like quarters!
A LOT of quarters!
Oh! Never mind.
'A couple of hours on the job, and I knew less than when I started!
'Only one place was left. It was time to visit the suspect's home.'
Did he bring home any big, jingling bags, just absent-mindedly?
Buster! My brother would never take other people's money home.
Calm down, DW. I'm just checking
He'd hide it someplace! But where? Let's dig up the lawn!
Thanks, anyway, DW. I'll know where to find you if I need you.
- Oh, hey! How's the investigation going?
- ErOK. See you tomorrow.
If you don't find out who did it by tomorrow, I'll miss the picnic!
Excuse me! Coming through!
The situation did not look good. Everything pointed to one person
Suppose Arthur really was a criminal mastermind and I hadn't noticed?
- Only two helpings of dessert? Are you OK?
- I'll be in my room, Mom.
All I could do was consider all the suspects.
Was it Mrs MacGradyMr Morris or was it
Buster, why are you up? It's 10pm!
- Gotta crack the case.
- You need your sleep. You're not a robot.
That's it! Mom, I love you!
I've figured it out. The quarters were stolen by an army of robots!
They needed the metal for fuel, and nobody noticed them, because
they can transform intointo any shape.
Oh, gosh! It made so much sense last night!
I know you'll miss the picnic today cos I'm a bad detective,
- but
- I
- think you're innocent, even if no-one else does.
- Thanks anyway, Buster.
- Sorry I let you down. If I had one more day
Forget it. You're a lousy detective, but you're still a good friend.
- Poor Arthur.
- 'Hello.'
- Is this on?
Children, proceed on to the bus.
The answer's somewhere. I just can't think straight.
I know how you feel. Sometimes when I'm working on a tough maths problem,
- I feel like my brain's overflowing with data.
- Overflowing? Overflowing!
- That's it!
- What's it?
Mr Haney! I've solved the crime!
Buster! Mr Haney! What are you doing here?
Mrs MacGrady, your brownie mix overflowed. Has it happened before?
No. I guess I made too much.
There was too much because there was one extra ingredient - quarters!
Oh, my heavens! I must have mixed in the bag of quarters with the flour.
- Why, this means that
- He's innocent!
And he owes it all to the great detective work of Buster Bax
- Oh, no!
Arthur! Arthur! BANGING
- Arthur, I did it!
- Buster, you're the best detective I know.
So that's the story of my first case.
It was tough, but I cracked it.
And Mrs MacGrady? She's a little bit more careful these days!
Come and get it!
# And I say, hey!
# What a wonderful kind of day We can learn to work and play
# And get along with each other
# You gotta listen to your heart
# Listen to the beat Listen to the rhythm of the street
# It's a simple message And it comes from the heart
# Believe in yourself For that's the place to start
# We can learn to work and play And get along with each other
# What a wonderful kind of day HEY! #
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