Arthur (1996) s01e13 Episode Script

So Long, Spanky/Buster's New Friend

# When you're walking down the street Everybody that you meet
# Has an original point of view
# And I say, Hey! What a wonderful kind of day
# If we can learn to work and play And get along with each other
# You got to listen to your heart To the beat, the rhythm of the street
# Open up your eyes Get together and make things better
# By working together
# It's a simple message Believe in yourself
# For that's the place to start
# And I say, Hey! What a wonderful kind of day
# You can learn to work and play
# And get along with each other
# Hey! What a wonderful kind of day! #
Hey, DW!
This is DW's parakeet, Spanky. ..Shh! I don't want to wake him up.
From the moment we met, we've never been best friends.
- Ouch!
- I want THAT one.
Some days, I wish he'd go south for the winter.
Other times, I feel sorry for him. Imagine being DW's pet!
But I'm used to him. I sort of LIKE him
- ..with his beak closed!
Wait! Come back!
- Spanky! You sound sick.
No school for you today.
No fever. But you should stay warm.
- How about some tea?
- Chirp.
- Wait here, and don't talk.
This should do it! Mum made it with honey and I put in a cough drop.
Dad! Dad! Why won't Spanky wake up?
Oh. UhI think he's dead, honey.
- When is he gonna stop being dead?
- Is something dead?
- Spanky won't wake up.
- Oh.
- Will he ever wake up, Dad?
I'm afraid not, honey. Spanky's gone.
- We could give him a nice funeral.
- I don't want Spanky to be dead!
I'll never forget the time you got loose in the kitchen.
You didn't eat a single poppy seed.
I'll always remember your beautiful song, Spanky.
I'm sorry I told you to shut up.
And when you poked holes in my colouring book,
I wasn't REALLY angry.
- And
- Ahem!
- I guess what I mean is, I'm gonna miss you, Spanky.
I'd like to be alone with Spanky for a moment.
Get out, whoever you are! This is Spanky's can now!
Yuk! ..Oh, Spanky, I'll never have another friend like you!
You were the sweetest ..Get out, you ugly toad!
Don't be sad. There'll be other fish in the seaor birds in the air.
- This one?
- It looks just like Spanky!
A parrot! It wouldn't remind you of Spanky.
Squawk! Spanky! Spanky!
- A hamster. Cool!
- Does it sing?
- No. That's what's cool about it.
What's going on?
They're feeding the boa constrictor. It eats bird eggs whole!
Don't even THINK of asking me!
Spanky, you'll be happy to hear that I didn't get another pet.
Some of them were cute, but none of them were as cute as you.
I told you to stay out of that can, toady-wartface!
There are plenty of cans out there - go find another one.
Hey, this is Spanky's can. Understand?
SPANKY'S can, NOT toad's!
Go find a new home.
- Oh, hi, Billy and Bobby.
- W-w-w-w-w-waaaaaaah!
Thank you for sharing that with us.
- Does anyone have anything else for show and tell?
- I do!
- Splendid!
In this box are Spanky's things. He died, but he left this stuff behind.
He wouldn't mind if I showed you.
Get your disgusting hands off of that umbrella!
Try to remain calm! Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!
How do you get him to stay on your shoulder?
Easy. I tell him to get lost. Any more questions?
Billy gave me a bite of his avocado sandwich. He's a vegetable-tarian.
- It tasted like broccoli pudding.
Then Amanda showed me her bottle cap collection.
How did you get my purse?
If you don't watch it, I'll call the cops!
Can they dry-clean plastic?
If I pick up my socks and eat all my salad and brush my teeth,
will Spanky come back?
No, honey. But all the fun times you had with Spanky are in your head.
- When you miss him, think of one of those times.
- OK.
Remember the time I found that tiny top hat that fitted you just right?
Oh, it's just not the same. ..Uh?!
Spanky, it's you! I knew you'd come back!
Stealing a purse is one thing,
but trespassing on Spanky's propertythat's BAD!!
- If I catch you in here again
Now I've got you!
I give up. Well, you've won for now, toady.
But I'll be ready in the morning. Then there's gonna be trouble!
- BIG trouble.
I expected something more sneaky!
- Oh,
- I
- know!
Hiyyy-yaaah! ..Toady?
Toad, you'd better not be in that can!
Come on. I know you're in there!
Come out, come out, wherever you!
I hope I didn't hurt him!
Toady! Yoo-hoo!
Watch it!
- Here, Toady! Here, boy!
Have you seen a small toad anywhere?
He bounces about this high
- Why would there be a toad here?
- He was following me.
And last night I chased him into
Oh, no! You're washing my clothes!
- Yes! They were thrown all over the room!
- I'm sorry!
I didn't mean to be so mean to you!
First Spanky and now you!
I'm a pet killer! I should be thrown in jail!
What on earth?! Don't cry, DW.
Come back!
Did you? ..Thanks, Dad!
Ah-ha-ha! Evil Lord Konak!
You'll never catch us now. We're safe
Unless a giant toad destroys it(!) ..HEY!!
Come back, Toady! I'll be nice. I promise!
Stop! You're going to mow my toad!
- What? Your toe?
Toady, you're safe. Don't ever scare me like that again.
- Can I keep him?
- Well, we must find out how to take care of him.
Maybe you don't sing, but you're pretty cute for a toady-wartface.
Everything in this room has a meaning, like this red softball.
It's not just ANY old softball.
It's from when Buster and I got chased by a painter.
And Buster and I got this poster signed by Bionic Bunny himself!
- Cool!
- Wow!
Gee, thanks, Bionic Bunny!
BURP! Don't mention it!
Take this magnet. An ordinary magnet, right?
Wrong! This is from the time Buster and I almost stopped being friends.
'Next, action-packed thrills with that superhero, Bionic Bunny!'
- What's that?
- A magnet. Buster's coming over to watch Bionic Bunny.
- Then we're doing a science project.
- But Bionic Bunny is starting now.
Buster always make it in time.
Must stop it!
- Maybe Buster doesn't like Bionic Bunny any more.
- He'll be here!
Thanks for saving the world. Who are you really?
Just a citizen doing his duty!
- Buster missed a whole episode.
- Something's wrong!
May I speak to Mrs Baxter, please?
Missing? But I just spoke with him! He's out with his new friend Mike!
Is that all? ..Arthur, don't scare me like that.
His new friend Mike? Who's Mike?
Where were you? I missed you. I mean, you missed Bionic Bunny.
I went mini-golfing with my new friend Mike. It was great!
- Yeah? Who's Mike?
- Mike's great. He's the best mini-golfer I've seen!
Everyone thinks he's really cool!
Maybe the three of us could go out.
Mike could help us out with our science project.
- OK. Bring him over to my house after school.
- Great.
- I brought up a snack for you and your friends.
- Thanks.
Have a good time!
- So, if the magnetic field goes out sideways from
- Arthur?
- What happened to Buster and Mike?
- They must have forgotten.
- Oh, dear!
- It's almost time for dinner.
- OK.
Yeah, I bet they forgot(!)
Repeat after me - I will not go over to Arthur's house.
I will not go over to Arthur's house.
I will never visit Arthur again!
I will never visit Arthur again!
Arthur! Arthur! Anybody home?
Sorry. I was just wondering where Buster is. He's never around.
Tell me about it! He was supposed to be our catcher.
But he never showed up.
- I'm not getting it. YOU get it.
- Forget it!
When I asked him why he didn't show, he said he was with his friend Mike.
You know how Buster's an expert on bikes?
Well, he was supposed to help me pick a bike. But he never showed up.
What a drip!
I had arranged to play Spacefighter 9 with Buster over the internet.
He was to dial into my computer at 5 o'clock. But he never did.
So what? It's much less fun on your own!
The point is, what are we gonna do about it?
- We can't let him keep ignoring us.
- Give him the silent treatment!
That's pretty harsh. Arthur?
- Buster needs to learn how it feels to be ignored. Let's try it.
- Guys!
That food line sure is long. I'm starved.
I barely had dinner last night. Mike and I went bowling.
Did you know if you spin the ball sideways, it gives it more force?
Of course, you have to be strong like Mike to bowl that way.
Tonight we're going to this great movie Mike told me about.
I'm gonna get more food. See you later!
We sure taught him a lesson(!)
I think we need to take drastic action.
We have to give a progress report on the science project.
Magnets are such a great thing to do a project on!
Every magnet has a north and south pole.
North poles attract south poles and vice versa.
But what if I have a more powerful magnet?
And, what's more, the magnets repel each other.
We haven't done much work on our project.
- I've done plenty of work while you were bowling with Mike!
- You have?
- I don't wanna work with you! I'll finish the project myself!
- Arthur!
We have to give a progress report.
Today I'll be asking you to describe your project and what you've done.
- Buster?
- Well, I was gonna beuhm
I don't really know what I'm doing.
We'll have a talk after class!
- What are you doing?
- Throwing out anything to do with Buster!
Are you gonna throw out the radio he gave you?
How about his CDs?
DW, will you leave me alone, please?
You can't throw those things out. They're Buster's!
- OK. You can do it. Just 12 more blocks to Buster's.
- Hey, Arthur.
- I'm sorry about the science project. I didn't mean to let you down.
- OK!
- Huh?
- IT'S OK!
Let me give you a hand with this stuff.
I haven't seen you much since I started hanging out with Mike.
But you're my best buddy. Mike's my buddy too. Mike would like you.
..So whatever metal the magnet is touching turns into a magnet too!
So THAT'S how it works! Can I work with you again? I'll work hard!
- Yeah. OK. Bionic Handshake?
- All right!
- Four-thirty!
BOTH: Bionic Bunny!
Thank you, Bionic Bunny. But who are you really?
Just someone who's trying to do the right thing!
He's SO cute! SHE SIGHS
Excellent! ..Hey, what's in that box anyway?
Ohstuff. Will you help me get it back to my house?
Sure. Hey, we can take it in Mike's car.
Buster! I can believe this Mike kid is a great mini-golfer and bowler!
But now you expect me to believe he has a car?!
- Kids can't drive cars!
- Hey, Buster!
- Mike, this is my best buddy, Arthur.
- This is my big brother, Mike.
- Hello!
You're Buster's big brother?
- It's part of the Big Brother Program at the community centre.
- Mum took me.
- She says I need older male influences.
- Mike?
- Yeah, Arthur?
What do you know about magnets?
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