Arthur (1996) s01e16 Episode Script

Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest/D.W. Flips

# Every day when you're walking down the street
# Everybody that you meet has an original point of view
# And I say, "Hey! What a wonderful kind of day"
# If we can learn to work and play and get along with each other
# Listen to your heart Listen to the beat
# Listen to the rhythm of the street Open up your eyes, your ears
# Make things better by working together
# It's a simple message from the heart
# Believe in yourself For that's the place to start
# And I say, "Hey! What a wonderful kind of day"
# If we can learn to work and play and get along with each other
# Hey! What a wonderful kind of day! Hey! #
- Hey! DW!
- Hey!
Do you know that tune?
If you said "chopsticks," you're right. Now try this.
London Bridge Is Falling Down. Pretty easy. Do you know this one?
No? That's because I made it up.
But it needed a little something
- ..A really weird, pesky little something!
- Woof!
- Hi!
On a chilly morning like this, you kids need oatmeal!
Ta-da! How about a nice, healthy portion for Mom?
The baking soda reacted with the molasses.
- We'll have to have store-bought cereal. Arthur
- Sure!
The only thing you'll get from that stuff is cavities.
"The Crunch Cereal Jingle Contest.
"Send us your song about Crunch and win a year's supply of cereal."
- Wow!
- That's a prize(?)
- "And your jingle will be aired on TV
"with the new Crunch Cereal commercial."
On TV?! Cool!
"Include 20 box tops with each entry."
Keep eating!
Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!
Maybe you should think of a word that rhymes with crunch, besides crunch!
- I'm waiting for an idea.
- How about dunts? That sort of rhymes.
You can't just think of things that rhyme.
A jingle must have words and melody.
- You're too young to understand great art.
- How about "lunch"?
Too sad.
Too silly.
- Hmm! I guess it will do.
Arthur! Snowball fight! The fourth-graders captured Francine!
This way!
- How's that jingle coming?
- I've finished the words.
- It goes, "Eat Crunch!"
- I like it.
- But I can't think of a tune.
- You know what YOU need? A band!
All I need to do is
All you need to do is stand still so I can pulverise you!
Francine! We were looking for you!
Because you two were yakking, I got the powdered doughnut treatment.
- Wanna be the drummer in my band?
- A band? Sure.
I should have taken those lessons!
# Grandma's got a brand new hat Gonna groove it all night long! #
BOTH: Cool!
Solo for clarinet by some old dead dude!
Koechel listing number 417.
- Wow, Binky! That was beautiful.
- Wanna make something out of it?
I think we have our band!
I want it to start off with as bang. Play a loud note
- What if we?
- Does someone have a question? No-one raised their hand!
- Yes, Francine?
- How about starting with a drumroll?
Hmm! I don't think so.
Then we come in with the strings.
And then we'll add the horns.
No! No! NO!!
I've eaten 15 boxes of Crunch and this is MY jingle!
So we're gonna play it MY way! Any questions?
Well, maybe that was TOO much of a bang.
Arthur, what was that noise?!
Sorry. We'll try to keep it down. We're rehearsing.
Hey, wait! Where are you going?
We'll come back when you have a tune for us to play.
- It IS kind of hard on the ears.
- We'll come up with a tune!
- Come on. I'll buy you a milkshake.
- No, thanks! I have work to do.
- Give it a rest for a while.
- Did Mozart give it a rest?
I don't think so, Buster!
Eat Crunch!
I'll never come up with anything!
# Hmmm-hhh-hmm-hh! #
Stay still, Nadine! DOOR OPENS
# Hmmm-hh-hmmm-hh!
# I have a hunch Breakfast, dinner and lunch
- # Would be so fun to munch If I had it with Nadine. #
- Perfect!
He's lost his cookies, Nadine!
Too much of that cereal!
I've got it, Buster! The jingle!
# Oh, I have a hunch Breakfast dinner and lunch
# Would be so fun to munch If I had it with Crunch! #
- How did you come up with it?
- I heard this tune
- Yeah, so? my head and then the words came to me.
Wow! I guess that's how a great jingle is born.
Nothing. And then, out of nowhere, something beautiful.
II gotta go mail this.
Watch it! You wanna end up a pile of roadkill?
- Sorry, DW.
- Nadine and I were talking about you.
Nadine and I have decided that you need to eat more fruit.
- Here.
- Thanks.
I have to go.
Is that the jingle for the contest?
This? ..Oh, yes, I suppose it is.
- So, let's hear it.
- # Munch, crunch, snap # Something like that.
Gotta run!
Arthur! Arthur!
- DW?
- Over here!
DW! DW! Are you all right?
'The Bionic Bunny Show!'
We'll be right back after these messages!
# Oh, I have a hunch Breakfast, dinner and lunch
# Would be so much fun to munch If I had it with Crunch! #
- This commercial isn't as good as the old one.
- I can explain!
Move! Breakfast is ready, kids!
You won't be hungry till dinner! DOORBELL
Who could that be?
Is this the Reid residence? Yes.
On behalf of the Crunch Cereal Company, I am happy to present you
with a year's supply of Crunch Cereal.
And a certificate for the winner, Miss DW Reid.
I started to feel bad.
I realised I had to put your name on it.
I was going to tell you. You aren't mad?
You sent that in?! I have much better songs.
Right(!) Like?
Like # Oh, everyone thinks that my brother stinks!
# Like a piece of yellow cheese! But me, I say, that he's OK
# As long as there's a breeze! #
- Well, you just watch!
- Wait, DW!
She's gonna do it!
- One-two-threeone-two-three
- You could get hurt.
OK. Lift me up.
If you don't make it, DW
can we have your toys?
She's too scared to do it.
- Waaaaahhh!
- Yeah. She's gonna chicken out!
Waaaahhhhhhhhhh! ..Am not!
- Faster than a speeding bullet!
- Ta-da!
- It's Super Sister!
'The Bulgarians take the final turn!
'55 miles an hour. I wouldn't want to fall off!'
- Cool! That's as fast as a car.
- Anybody can ride a sled.
- Oh, pretty horsey!
- Put the Olympics back on!
- No way! Sports are boring.
- Are not!
- Are too!
'It looks like Tina Trampolina will win the gold medal!'
- Mom!
- Here we go again!
- When I win the gold medal, I'll do cereal commercials.
- I dunno.
- Please!
You and Dad will never have to work again!
Remember when you said you wanted to play T-ball?
- I could only hit balls that move.
- And you wanted to be a ballerina
- I have weak knees.
- How about the violin lessons?
- They made me use that stick!
- You didn't want to practise.
- Why is this different?
- I REALLY wanna do this one! I'm good at jumping!
All right. ..Uh?!
Thank you!
- Uh! The Tibbles! Hide me!
- I'm sure your teacher can handle them.
Huh! It's Emily with her nanny. I'm in the same class as Miss Perfect.
Just because she's smart, pretty and polite doesn't mean she's perfect.
I'll be in the waiting room. Don't try anything too fancy.
There's the pinwheel flip with a frog-kick follow-through!
Won't be long before we see THAT face on a box of cereal!
Yep. But let's not forget Emily Not-Quite Perfect.
She gets the silver medal. Timmy and Tommy Tibble get the bronze.
Although they should have been disqualified.
- Off that balance beam, young lady!
- Oww!
We won't be using this for at least a year.
A year?! I can't wait! I'll be old by then.
Then you'd better start practising. We'll start with a somersault.
Tuck your head and roll.
That's the somersault. Find a partner.
- Be my partner?
- ..I guess so(!)
Pretty good. Grab your knees and you'll end up on your feet.
I was doing a half-sault. You're supposed to end up on your back!
Wrong! You didn't jump high enough. And you didn't smile at the end!
Emily, that was lovely! DW, next time hold your knees.
- I guess she didn't know you were doing a half-sault.
- Grrrrr!
DW, keep your back straight like Emily's.
- Think she'll teach us how to stand on the ceiling like that?
- Waaaah!
When you finish the cartwheel
bring your feet together. It looks simple, but it takes practise.
Edwin. Ready?
Brave attempt. Break the fall with your hands. Next!
One-two-three One-two-three
- Hmph! Why bother?
- Where are you going, DW?
I bet I know. She's going to her mommy!
- Cos she's afraid of a cartwheel!
- I am not!
- I was just going to
- Well, Miss Reid?
Not bad. But DO try to stay on the mat. ..Next!
Mommy! Look at me! Look at me!
- Are you gonna watch me, Mommy?
- Just a sec. ..OK. Let's see it.
Don't watch. It's not ready yet.
- Waah!
- Oh, my gosh!
'Spill on Aisle 5.'
BANG! 'Aisle 6.'
CRASH! 'Aisle 7!'
Form a line. It's cartwheel time!
Remember - look before you leap. Go!
Better. But two hands are better than one. ..Next.
- I did it! I did it!
- Nice! Legs together on your finish.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
Showing off is very impolite!
It's not fair!
I'm sorry I showed off, DW.
I could have done better but I didn't want to.
- Cartwheels are for babies.
- I think they're hard.
- Bet you can't do a cartwheel on the balance beam!
- Neither can you!
- Oh, yeah? Well, just watch.
- Wait, DW!
Look! She's gonna do it!
You could really get hurt! EVIL LAUGHTER
Lift me up.
If you don't make it, DW
can we have your toys?
- She's too scared to do it.
- Waaaahhhhh!
- Yeah. She's gonna chicken out.
- Waaaaaaahhhhh! ..Am not!
- Wah! Uhhhh!
DW! What were you doing?!
Oh, Mom, I was just doing a cartwheel.
We'll discuss this on the way home.
# Mi-i-iss Perfect! Goody Two-Shoes!
# Told the teacher!
# So she wouldn't lose! #
- Hey! Leave her alone!
- Her?
- She stopped you!
- Why don't YOU two try a cartwheel on the beam?
Did you hear something? I think Grandma's calling us.
Thanks, DW. You're a real friend.
Well, you DID save my life.
Maybe you could teach me how to do a really GOOD cartwheel?
Sure. But it takes a lot of practise.
- If you promise not to be so perfect!
- It's a deal!
You could have been hurt! HORSE NEIGHS
- DW? Are you listening?
- Yes. I'll be careful.
- Mom-eeeeee?
- No, DW! You're too young to take riding lessons.
Oh, please, Mommy! I'll be really careful! Please! Please!
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