Arthur (1996) s21e04 Episode Script

Muffy Misses Out; Arthur Takes a Stand

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Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen to your
heart, listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together
and make things better ♪
By working together ♪
It's a simple message,
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself,
for that's the place to start ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
Hey, D.W.!
Guess what, Muffster?
Tomorrow, I go to Italy
for a week-long business trip,
and you're coming with me!
Oh, Daddy!
The opera!
The fashion!
The pasta!
Wait, but what
about the bake sale?
ED (laughing):
Bake sale?
Muffin, there's plenty
of baked goods in Italy.
No, we're having
a sale to raise money
for the school theater,
and I'm the head
of the organizing committee!
Well, I'm sure your friends
can survive without you
for one week.
Can they?
I want my Muffy!
Muffy Misses Out.
the bake sale
is the day I return
and we don't have a theme yet.
Ideas, people!
We, uh, make some muffins
and sell them?
No, no, no!
We have to dazzle them.
Capture the customers'
We sell muffins
shaped like camels.
Nice, but the muffin trays
would cost a bundle
and we don't have the overhead.
Barnes, what do you got?
No homework.
Oh, sorry, I was still
thinking about the fact
that you get a whole week
without homework.
Mr. Ratburn said
I have to give a presentation
on the Italian Renaissance
when I get back.
Now, focus!
Okay, okay, um
What about
Chinese dumplings?
It's a bake sale!
We'll bake the dumplings.
No to the dumplings,
but you've given me an idea.
We do a regional
That's what I meant.
We'll sell Italian pastries.
There's romance in a cannoli.
Ladonna, you do the baking;
Sue Ellen, you decorate;
and Binky, you handle the music.
Can I play anything I want?
Sure, so long as
it's 19th century Italian opera.
Well, what are you
waiting for?
You've got your assignments.
Get to work!
What's a cannoli?
Daddy said pack light,
so I'm only bringing
three suitcases,
but do you think
I should pack my ball gown?
Earth to Francine!
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, sure, bring the gown.
What's wrong?
It's just Catherine.
She promised to take me
bowling this weekend,
but now she's backing out.
Like always.
Well, lucky for you,
you have a best friend
with lots of older
brother experience.
You have to play
hard to get.
It never fails.
Just ignore her, and she'll be
begging to hang out with you.
I guess
it's worth a shot.
What are you going
to do without me?
(car door closes)

(camera clicking)
(jet engine rumbles)
That'll be one boffo
presentation, Muffster.
Thanks, Daddy.
I'm just sad that jet lag
made me sleep late.
I hope they remembered
everything for
the bake sale.
What's going on?
The sale is doing great!
We've already raised enough
to buy a new curtain
for the stage!
I knew it.
You can't beat
the allure
of an Italian pastry.
I brought more,
straight from Italy.
Oh, we're not selling
Italian pastries.
Since we didn't know how
to make cannoli,
Ladonna suggested a dessert
from her hometown instead.
New Orleans
Hey, mes cheres.
Have a sweet treat
from the Big Easy.
I'll pass.
I'll take it!
It's like eating a cloud!
What do you think
of my decorations?
Pretty eye-catching, huh?
This doesn't evoke Italy!
Well, no, but Ladonna said these
masks and feathers
really do evoke Louisiana.
and people love 'em!
(clarinet music playing)
What is that?
Dixieland jazz.
We agreed
on opera!
Take all my money!
I need more chewy clouds!
Aren't you happy?
It's a huge success.
No, it isn't!
It's a disaster!
(Muffy sobs)
thank goodness!
I really need to talk.
Did you see
what they did?
They ignored
all my suggestions!
Hey, you're back!
Sorry, I was
listening to this
New Orleans jazz
Binky gave me.
I'm really into it!
What were you saying?
Oh, just something
about the bake sale.
Wasn't it great?
(Muffy gasps)
No! Not you too!
Not me what?
(bell rings)
Can I start my presentation
now, Mr. Ratburn?
This is the tower of Pisa,
where Galileo did
some science experiments.
But the important thing is
he was right!
And no one listened to him.
No one!
This is a big square
in Venice
where lots of
famous Renaissance figures
would sit and eat cannoli
because they're delicious!
And this is the statue
by the great Renaissance artist,
who was also famous
for his amazing bake sales.
Uh, I don't think
that's accurate.
Yes, it is!
And tomorrow, I'm going
to throw a genius bake sale,
and it's going
to make more money
than the crummy one
we had today.
The end!
Take your mouth
on a trip to Italy?
I'll take one.
Si signora!
Um, they're a little stale.
How many have you sold?
Counting yours?
I'll take one.
See? Now we're cooking.
Only I spent
all my money on beignets.
Oh, you and everyone else.
Just eat whatever you want.
Oh, I'm not
going to eat it.
I'm going to put it in
my cabinet of curiosities.
Oh, this bake sale
is a bust.
I guess they didn't
really need my help after all.
In fact, no one needs me.
That's not true.
I do.
You do?
Oh yeah, I gave you that great
advice about Catherine.
Did you ignore her
like I told you?
Um, no.
We just talked
about it instead,
and she changed her plans
and went bowling with me.
See, I am useless!
Ciao, Lakewood!
Remember me!
Muffy, wait!
You're overreacting!
Bailey, could you tell Daddy
I'm feeling sick?
I don't think I can go
to school today.
At least you still need me,
I think this cannoli has
the same density as wood.
Where's Muffy?
We're supposed to have
a bake sale committee meeting
today to decide
what to do
with the leftover money.
I think
she's out sick.
Buster, can I borrow
your phone?
(phone dialing)
(phone ringing)
FRANCINE (on phone):
Hey, it's me.
Are you okay?
You want me to bring you
your homework?
Why bother?
What's the point of school
if you don't matter to anyone?
Oh, brother!
Are you still upset
about yesterday?
Anyway, why do you care?
Soon, I'll just be a memory.
Arrivederci, my friend.
(phone beeps)
Is she sick?
She has a broken ego.
Is she gonna get a cast?
I think Francine means
her pride is hurt
'cause we didn't take her
suggestions for the bake sale.
But we did.
I mean, maybe
not all of them,
but doing a regional
cuisine was her idea.
I wouldn't have played
any music
unless she had mentioned it.
And she did actually
help me with Catherine.
I didn't know
how upset I was
until I talked
to Muffy about it.
Should we just go over
and talk to her?
But you may want
to add a little drama.
(hair dryer whirring)
Why yes,
I can suggest
a good hair product
for your fur, Waldo.
(knock on door)
It's me, Sue Ellen.
Can I come in?
Uh, one moment!
Oh, it's just terrible,
What is it?
There was money
left over from the bake sale,
so we thought
we'd decorate the stage curtain,
but Ladonna and Binky
have gotten into
a huge fight about it!
We're painting
wrestlers on it!
End of story!
Ooh, not on my watch,
you pie-faced possum!
Wrestling isn't even
a real sport!
You take
that back, Compson!
Try and make me,
Have you two lost your minds?
Maybe we should just
give the money away.
No, decorating the curtain
is a great idea,
but you have to listen
to each other.
I don't suppose
you have any ideas
Sure could use
a little help
As it so happens,
I just might have
an idea or two.
Oh, thank you!
You can't imagine how much
this committee needs you.
Okay, enough lolly-gagging.
Let's walk and talk.
Barnes, bathrobe, pronto.
Now, we want it
to be colorful,
but not garish.
The theatrical event starts
when you enter the theater.
Ideas, people!
So, are wrestlers
completely out of the question?
And now, a word from us kids.
Next up on Arthur
John Lewis
visits Arthur's school.
Here's what we've learned
about John Lewis.
We made posters, we made maps.
We did research
to learn about John Lewis.
He worked in
the civil rights movement
with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
and he helped
create equal rights.
John Lewis is an activist.
An activist is somebody who's
involved in changing the world.
Starting in the early 1960s,
he organized protests
against segregation.
Under segregation,
black people weren't getting
treated the same way
as white people.
He thought it wasn't fair that
black people could not do things
that white people could do.
John Lewis was part
of the march from Selma
to Montgomery, Alabama.
They were marching as a protest
against segregation
and to protect
their right to vote.
John Lewis was arrested,
but he never gave up.
Finally, the Selma march helped
change the laws.
John Lewis
and the other activists,
they protested for their rights,
and even though
people tried to stop them,
and even hurt them,
they kept on trying
and kept on going.
He did non-violent protests.
John Lewis did not
want to hurt people.
He just wanted to get
his message across.
And now, he is a congressman
and he lives in Georgia.
If John Lewis came
to my classroom,
I would tell him,
"Thank you for making
the world better."
And now back to Arthur.

Thank you, George.
(clears throat)
(over loudspeaker):
I have two important
One: starting tomorrow,
breakfast will be served
in the cafeteria.
(students cheer)
My wish was granted!
The second important
announcement is:
Next week, we will have a guest
speaker coming to the school.
Drumroll, please.
Congressman John Lewis
from Georgia!
You mean the John Lewis?
Who's John Lewis?
He was a really important
civil rights leader
in the 1960s,
and challenged the lack
of equal rights
for black Americans.
Yeah! He helped guarantee that
everyone could vote.
He was one of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s
most important allies.
MS. TINGLEY (over loudspeaker):
That is all.
Be safe,
and have a studious day.
(harmonica music plays
over the loudspeaker)
No harmonica!
I thought we agreed.
(music stops)
Arthur Takes a Stand.
(birds singing)
(timer dings)
This oatmeal smells amazing!
It's even better
with a few sliced almonds.
And this omelet
is so gourmet!
Does it come
with just egg whites?
If you don't mind waiting,
I can whip one up in no time.
Mrs. MacGrady!
Can I have the recipe
for these oat scones?
Sure thing!
The key is to use rolled oats.
Mrs. MacGrady!
Great fruit salad!
Could I get
more pineapple?
Glad you like it!
Just give me two shakes
of a lamb's tail.
There's only one of me
after all
Mrs. MacGrady!
Yes! Present!
Oh. Hi, Arthur.
We're plum out of scones,
but there's some
banana bread left.
I'm not hungry.
I just left
my notebook here.
Breakfast was great.
I had no idea
so many kids would come.
Me neither.
Now if I can only
turn myself into an octopus,
we'll be all set.
I need more arms.
Don't you have any help?
I put in a request
with Ms. Tingley,
but I haven't heard back yet.
Oh well,
I better get started on lunch.
That chili isn't going
to make itself.
She doesn't have any help.
Think about preparing two meals
a day for all these kids.
Well, whatever Mrs. MacGrady
is doing, it's working.
This chili is divine.
She should
just make one thing
and serve it
for both meals.
Like meatloaf.
For breakfast?
It's like a meat pancake.
Especially if
you put syrup on it.
Arthur's right.
It isn't right that
Mrs. MacGrady should have to do
all this alone.
Let's go see
Ms. Tingley after school.
I bet we can convince her
to hire someone.
There you are!
Where is everyone?
Oh right, we were going
to see Ms. Tingley!
I completely forgot--
I have a dentist appointment
What about
Francine and Muffy?
I saw them leaving.
They must've forgotten too.
There's just so much to do for
Congressman Lewis' visit.
I want the school
to look extra nice for him.
Actually, I'm here to talk about
Mrs. MacGrady.
Is she going to get any help?
I'd love to hire her
an assistant,
but the school board gives us
a limited amount of money
and we just don't have
the budget for it.
Couldn't we write
them a letter
asking for a little more?
Well, that's certainly something
to consider.
Who knew breakfast
would be such a hit?
Did you try the oat scones?
No, but
Oh, they're
just delicious.
I don't know how
she does it.
Sorry I'm so
I've really enjoyed
our chat, Arthur.
What if Mr. Ratburn had to
teach twice as many classes?
I bet he'd get
an assistant.
I know, it's so unfair!
Maybe we should boycott
the school.
What's a boycott?
It's when you refuse
to use something
until your demands are met.
It's one of the tactics
Martin Luther King
and John Lewis used
in the civil rights movement.
I don't think
we should do that.
I like school.
But that gives me
an idea.
"Boycott Breakfast!
"It's not fair
to Mrs. MacGrady!"?
Where did you get this?
I made it.
Well, for the love
of Lao-Tzu, why?
So you wouldn't have
so much work.
Arthur, serving breakfast
was my idea.
It was?
Yep. There are kids here whose
families can't afford
to give them
a proper breakfast.
They need this.
But you can't do it
all alone.
You said so yourself:
you need more arms.
It's true.
Tussled with the toaster
this morning.
This time, he won.
So, what are you
going to do?
I don't know.
I guess I'll just have
to manage somehow.
MS. TINGLEY (over loudspeaker):
I'm pleased to announce
that the cafeteria will be open
24 hours a day.
You can all have dinner
right now.
(students cheering)
I'm starving!
But you just had breakfast!
Mrs. MacGrady,
my steaks are overdone!
Ah! More syrup!
I need more syrup!
(children clamoring)
Guys! Calm down!
Mrs. MacGrady
can't handle all this!
Well, I did get
an assistant.
But now I don't have
the time to train him.
(plates breaking)
It's not fair!
It's not fair!
It's not fair!
No, it really isn't fair, making
this library
so warm and cozy.
Makes me want to nap, too.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't sleep much last night.
You were having quite
a nightmare, son.
It was about our lunch lady.
Sounds frightening.
Knew a cook once who could ruin
a jelly sandwich.
Didn't think it was possible.
No, she's the best.
She needs help but
my school won't hire anyone.
It makes me
really mad.
Anyway, I guess
it's not my problem.
Then again,
if it's gnawing
at your conscience,
maybe it is your problem.
But what can I do?
I already tried talking
to the principal.
Sometimes, people don't
hear the first time.
You have to be persistent.
But if this means
a lot to you,
do not give up.
Hold your ground.
A person with conviction
can change the world.
Oh, could you direct me
to a florist?
I have to buy some flowers
for an old friend.
Well, time for class.
I bet we have
a quiz today.
My elbow feels funny.
Aren't you coming?
Why not?
I'm not moving
from this chair
until Ms. Tingley agrees to hire
an assistant for Mrs. MacGrady.
That's silly.
How is you getting in trouble
going to help her?
Come on.
I'm sure he'll give up
in a few minutes.
Arthur, you better hurry.
Class has started.
I'm not moving.
Not until you get some help.
Well, that's very sweet of you,
but I can fight my own battles.
It's not just about you.
What the school is doing
is wrong.
Don't you think it's wrong?
Well, yes, but
oh, fiddle-faddle!
When you're right,
you're right.
Someone said
you were protesting
for Mrs. MacGrady.
Can I join in?
This is so exiting!
We're having a sit-in!
We are?
Wow, he's still
at it.
I know!
And they don't even have
magazines and footrests.
What are you doing?
Go, Mrs. MacGrady!
(phone camera clicks)
What on earth is going on?
Mrs. MacGrady needs help.
I know you said
we can't afford it,
but we need to find
the money somehow.
I really am shorthanded.
I'll certainly consider it.
Now, please return to class
at once.
I'm sorry, Cecilia.
But we're going to need
a guarantee.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Do you know where I might
find a Miss Leah MacGrady?
Congressman Lewis?
John, you old
Get over here!
Molasses MacGrady!
You haven't changed a bit
since the March on Washington!
You're Congressman Lewis?
So they keep telling me.
Nice to see you again.
Are we having
a sit-in?
How come no one
called me?
You have
your guarantee.
I'll write to the school board
first thing tomorrow morning.
Maybe you'd like to help me
write the letter.
I'd love to!
Think you're going
to have nightmares
again tonight?
Me neither.
There's nothing more important
than following your conscience.
If you can do that, you're
always going to sleep well.
Listen to your heart,
listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together
and make things better ♪
By working together ♪
It's a simple message ♪
And it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself ♪
For that's
the place to start. ♪
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