As the Crow Flies (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

" Sun in the sky ♪ You know how I feel ♪ Breeze driftin' on by ♪ [alarm clock beeping.]
It's a new dawn It's a new day ♪ It's a new life ♪ It's a new dawn ♪ It's a new day ♪ It's a new life For me ♪ And I'm feeling good ♪ Fish in the sea you know how I feel ♪ River running free you know how I feel ♪ Blossom on the tree You know how I feel ♪ It's a new dawn It's a new day ♪ It's a new life For me ♪ And I'm feeling good ♪ - We're really not going to talk about it? - [Lale.]
- What are you going to do? - Think about it.
- Lale.
- Kenan! Did you sleep last night? [Lale.]
No, not really.
You? Maybe we should I think we gotta sue these accounts that are slandering us.
- I think I'll wear black.
- This isn't the time to be sad.
We don't want to be seen as if we're shaken.
What did you tell Selim? Nothing.
We didn't talk at all.
He couldn't even look at me.
That's what he said to me.
He's taking the girls for a few days.
The kids are overwhelmed, anyway.
It'll be good for them and Selim to get away.
- So for the weekend? - No, not just the weekend.
More than that.
- I'll be in the meeting room.
- Okay.
We get to attend a meeting.
- You guys ready? 'Cause I'm not.
- Yeah, they won't even know we're there.
Think of it like watching a show.
I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE Hello? What do you mean you don't have them? I've been waiting for those shoes for three months.
Ah, damn.
Okay, fine.
I guess I can ask Fu to get them for me in Madrid.
- I have a job now.
- I think we're struggling for nothing.
Only one of us will be picked, and she's Nail Tümer's daughter.
Come on, guys! We have four minutes.
You should already be in the meeting.
Sit in the chairs at the back of the room.
Thanks, sweetie.
Ugh, I hate that girl.
Miss Nepotism! - She doesn't even try.
- I'm not worried.
I plan to drop amazing news at the meeting.
What is it? Tarik Yüksek is getting a divorce.
But that's gossip.
His wife is a partner, honey.
That's so much money.
We investigated it.
We went there to confirm.
But it wasn't anything but fake news.
So there's no hydroelectric plant or anything.
It was all over nothing.
- Really? Nothing? - No.
- [Kenan.]
Are you sure? - [Müge.]
He spent three weeks there.
All right, Volkan.
- Thank you.
- [Volkan.]
You're welcome.
Okay, next-gen fraud technique.
There's already more than 20 victims, but it's impossible to prove it.
People are lining up in front of the Cyber Crimes building.
Ece? So Müge gave you the quick synopsis for this.
With this next-gen fraud method, people's private data is retrieved via Wi-Fi networks.
Public places like airports and cafés have Wi-Fi networks now [narrator.]
The bird watches from a private location out of sight.
Though invisible, its view is clear.
It sees everything all the tiny details.
And once again, the lion shivers.
Is the air conditioning on? Why am I so cold? [Kenan.]
Are you feeling sick? No, it's just chilly.
I don't know.
I'd like to say something.
Excuse me? I thought it'd be good to share the story when I found out.
Tarik Yüksek is getting divorced.
As you know, his wife is a partner.
And so their company partnership will be terminated.
They have four adult children.
You do know they already put out a press release about that last night.
It wasn't real.
Nothing is changing.
All right.
Shall we get back to the topics at hand? [Müge.]
Of course.
I wish you had checked that.
Büşbüş She's got 200,000 followers, and she's posting about what happens in our office.
And we still don't know who she is yet.
She's using fake IP addresses coming from different places every time.
What I wanna know is how does she know so much about us.
Huh? It's strange.
I need you all to be very careful with your messages and phone calls.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yes, of course.
Okay, one more thing.
- What? - [Müge.]
You know.
Last night, with the Internet.
Okay, I got it.
Are we finished? - Everyone done? - [Müge.]
We're done.
Thank you, guys.
See you in the studio.
They already got rid of Nihan.
They really are ruthless here.
Güliz, dear.
How are you? Are you okay? Sorry.
I got busy and forgot to check in with you.
Not bad, Müge, thank you.
Have you been able to find something to eat around here? I know you have a limited diet.
Yeah, I was a little frustrated, but I found a good salad place today.
- How is your dad? - [Güliz.]
Ugh, my God.
Him and my mom won't come back from vacation.
How cute! Let them be.
That's great.
Tell them I said hi.
I have to go get ready.
We'll see each other this weekend, right? - Yeah.
- [Müge.]
Of course.
Müge, I'd like to ask you something.
- You're texting with her, right? - Huh? Oh, sorry, I'm Aslı.
An intern? - So she hasn't talked to you yet? - No.
Did she want to? You know what? Actually, I think I said too much.
- My apologies.
- No, it's okay.
See you.
Good luck to everyone tonight.
How are things, Sabri? - She's gorg! - Do you think she'll talk about yesterday? [Nunu.]
And five, four, three, two, one.
Lale is on.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Lale Kıran.
Welcome to The Other Side.
Today, we'll discuss a controversial hydroelectric plant project.
And a new type of online fraud that has left the Cyber Crimes Unit perplexed.
But before that, let's talk about last night.
Yesterday, all of us here were caught in a situation that no journalist ever wants to be in.
You at home went through it with us.
As journalists, the last thing we want is to be the news itself, ladies and gentlemen.
We shouldn't create news.
We should report it to you.
Unfortunately, yesterday was the opposite.
And in the aftermath, a host of claims on social media created an uproar.
On that note, I only wish to say one thing and move on.
My crew knows what occurred here in the studio because we were the ones it happened to.
Anything you think that happened, anything you think was said or that you might choose to believe based on what you read Understand that you can't change the truth of what happened.
Thanks so much.
And now, moving on, we can start to focus on today's news.
Volkan from our crew was in Kırklareli for three weeks trying to get information about the hydroelectric plant project and the events surrounding it.
But before we go into our deep dive on that, let's talk about BELIEVING OR NO WOULD NEVER CHANGE A TRUTH.
A gracious gift from Gül.
Lale, love, you're the best.
Once again, you've shown your talent.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
It's for all of us.
- Teamwork.
- Exactly.
I swear, we had no idea what you planned to say to make your point.
What a surprise.
[women chuckle.]
Cheers to us.
- Gül, are you coming this weekend? - Bien sûr.
But I've stopped eating meat.
Haven't we all? We're having a pescatarian barbecue.
I guess I'm the only one eating meat.
Because you're a brute.
- Lale, once again, congratulations.
- Thank you.
- I'm off.
Good night, darlings.
- Good night, Gül.
Hello? We don't allow four blocks of ads.
I'm heading out too.
You could've told me about it.
I didn't want to spend hours debating it.
You could give me credit, you know.
I need to check on Riza.
We're heading out.
Good night.
That was absolutely amazing.
It was so cool to see.
Hey, guys.
Hi, Güliz.
- Oh, hi, Müge - I have an assignment for one of you.
I need a report on Lale's stories.
How the media's handled them, and how The Other Side has been doing overall for the past two years.
Is this about the renewal of her contract? Yeah.
- So can one of you - [Enver.]
I can do it! I'll do it.
When do you need it? Tomorrow? I can do that.
- It has to be done here.
- Of course.
I can work from here.
- All right.
Get it to me tomorrow.
- Okay.
I'll head back in.
- See you tomorrow.
- [Güliz.]
Hey! We can bring you some clean clothes tomorrow and maybe a toothbrush.
- Good night.
- Thank you.
Oh, Müge, about this weekend Is there a dress code? No.
Don't worry about it.
It's the usual gathering at Lale's.
Just drop by.
- That's perfect.
- Okay.
I'm sure you know, it's time for Lale's weekend parties.
We don't do them during winter.
So Until tomorrow.
See you, darling.
Maybe I'll crash at your place.
We'll figure something out.
- Let's go.
- Onur? Sorry.
Um, if you don't mind, can I get your number? You know.
Why? Don't you get it? I'm the matchmaker.
She asked me to get your number.
There's a little bit of a situation.
She's trying to keep it under the radar.
- Okay.
Let me have your phone.
- Okay.
Okay, here's my number.
All right.
Got it.
- All right.
Have a good night.
- See you, good night.
Seriously, no, that's not me.
Whatever you say.
I'll find someone else for it, then.
You single guys really have it hard.
Worrying if you'll be a good match.
Everyone wanting different things.
Oh God, all that pretentiousness.
The "I will survive" attitude.
Always trying to sell yourself.
Trying again and again.
You do well being single, though.
You seem to get more frustrating and annoying every year.
You're right.
And your life is so awesome.
How many people are in your house? Two kids, two nannies, Esra.
I swear, we're like our own colony.
You know that thing about dads buying cigarettes and never coming home? Hmm.
Do you guys still Hmm.
We don't do anything.
Everything is in the calendar.
You know, Lale kicked ass.
- That was a great move tonight.
- Yeah, it wasn't me.
It was all her.
All right.
I won't talk about it.
Yeah, sounds good.
Let's not.
Liverpool scored again.
You're starting up your weekend parties.
Except, no more meat, all healthy.
I've spread the word.
Let's see how it goes.
Faruk should be added to the guest list.
What? Faruk Sırmaoğlu? Mm-hmm.
What's wrong? Kenan, dude, I mean A rival CEO You think that'd be weird? I mean, Gül's gonna be there.
It'll be fine.
Contracts are being renewed this year.
Everyone should be aware of that.
Well, Gül should be reminded.
How about we stir the pot a little bit? I guess you know what you're doing.
Just do it.
All right.
I will.
Thank you so much.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You finished? [sighs.]
Yeah, I am.
It's incredible, really.
- I'm sure it's great.
- Thank you.
Why are you being so helpful? Only one of us gets the position.
And you know it won't be me or you.
- Güliz has the job.
- Yeah.
And I thought we could be friends.
Now, go and wash up.
You look disgusting.
Just let me just save this first.
COM Good morning.
Well, can I ask you for a favor? But it's top secret.
- What? - Could you please tell me Müge's email? - For what? - Well She gave Enver a task that she's expecting this morning.
Last night was Enver's friend's birthday.
Who's Enver? - The other intern.
- And? I did it for him.
It's no big deal.
And don't tell Müge.
It's okay.
She won't know.
I'll send it from Enver's email.
Excuse me.
Is your name Enver? Yeah, that's me.
Can you come speak with me? Uh, sure.
In the lion's world, it's difficult to make your voice heard.
The birds who have no fight drift quietly away.
All that remain are the fearless and the ones who conceal themselves best.
Thanks a lot.
You know that what you did there won't help you, right? - What's that? - Oh, come on.
You didn't have to compete with Enver, you know.
You were only accepted to seem fair.
I'll be the only one working here at the end.
You'll be gone eventually.
So I think you should just give up.
Enjoy your time here while you can.
But don't be a stranger, okay? You feel me? [Özge.]
I canceled that.
We have four topics for today.
Bulent is adamant about talking to you privately at 3 p.
- Where are you going? - To the bathroom, Özge.
Oh, okay.
Oh, Lale.
Hello, ma'am.
Hello, darling.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Hey, Müge, good morning.
If it's okay with you, I want to offer my services to you for Lale's house party this weekend.
I can help set up and serve food.
Yeah, no, thank you.
I think we're all set.
We hired a service staff for it.
Actually, it's about something else.
Between you and me, I want to get closer to Güliz.
If she drinks too much wine, she'll say yes to anything.
I'm thinking if I can't make it here, maybe I could work for her father.
Anyway, okay.
Have a good day, honey.
Can you throw this away for me? [vocalizing.]
And I'm feeling good ♪ Fish in the sea ♪ Thank you.
You know how I feel ♪ River running free ♪ You know how I feel ♪ So? It's great.
So it begins.
- Our little schmooze-fest or whatever.
- Oh, Selim, don't call it that.
Look, these people are our friends.
Yeah, right.
And they're all influential.
What should I have done, huh? Call my relatives from my hometown? You think that would be a better party? Probably.
You know what I mean, don't you know ♪ Butterflies all havin' fun You know what I mean ♪ Not even an explanation.
There I was, getting a divorce.
Take care of that, would you? What are you going to do now? I don't know.
I could take the kids and move to Bodrum or Cesme.
- Hey, Lale? - Yes, dear? - Sweetheart, a word, please? - Sure.
- Enjoy yourself, see you.
- Thank you.
- She won't stop talking about the divorce.
- She got a ton of money from it.
- How could she not? - Divorce is hard, but really Come on! Here I am.
- Welcome, Müget.
- Thank you.
Oh, you all look so gorgeous! Let me get a photo.
Thank you.
Güliz! - What are you drinking? - Uh, do you have a blush wine? [French accent.]
Pardon? I'll get it right away.
But this is bordering on insanity.
Still, everyone's watching like crazy.
Of course, that's not what I'd want to have on our network now, but who knows? It's a new era.
- You can't ignore what the people want.
- Gül, hon.
Have you met our new intern Güliz yet? No, I Come with me.
Come on.
Kenan, look over there.
What's Faruk doing here? Did you invite him? Kenan! Calm down, darling.
Calm down.
Oh, Kenan! [Kenan.]
- Good to see you.
- How are you? Welcome.
[doorbell rings.]
- What now? - About your bills.
- I didn't pay them yet.
- And the gas has been shut off.
Yeah, and? Are you really gonna live like that? Are you gonna take cold showers? What is it to you? Why do you care? Are you going to keep bothering me? I'll tell everyone you're harassing me and ruin your reputation.
I'm busy.
Get! - [Onur.]
Hello? - Hello, Onur? It's Aslı.
- Güliz's friend.
What's up? - Not much.
How are you doing? We're at Lale's place.
I'm sure you know there's a garden party.
Güliz is here too.
Oh, yeah? Yeah, Güliz isn't feeling very good.
She can't hold her liquor, so I called you.
Would you be able to come pick her up? I don't want her to cause a scene, you know? And she started talking about you.
Maybe something will happen.
I don't know.
Okay, I'm coming over, then.
See you soon.
Faruk, I'm so glad to have you here.
Thank you for coming.
Me too, Lale.
Maybe it's time we get to know each other a bit better.
We all know your contract runs out this year.
- Right.
- [Kenan.]
- And we're trying to make some decisions.
- [Faruk.]
Your circle has expanded.
Maybe it's time for you to make your garden bigger.
- Lale, dear.
- Gül.
Gül, how are you? Long time no see.
- You were in Boston, right? - Mm-hmm.
Just got back.
And you rushed over here.
Lale invited me, so it would be rude to say no.
That's so nice of her.
I think Faruk being here today is a sign.
Congratulations are in order, maybe? You'll be done with us at the end of the year.
Then, you'll have Faruk.
After how long Three years, I think? What? Well, you can start working with Faruk three years after your contract ends.
But you don't need to worry.
Lale Kıran is unforgettable, even after three years.
I'm sure.
Thank you, my dear, but why three years? And why would that happen? Well, you know, the event the other day? With the loaded gun and everything.
You saw.
Well, my dear Lale kept the show live, you know.
That's a breach of broadcasting ethics according to your contract.
There's a penalty clause, and I have to put that into effect.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
Or my head would be at risk [laughs.]
Yeah, maybe.
But at least I got to see you before I left.
- Yeah.
- Let me give you a kiss.
I should head out now.
I'm going.
Gül, hon, thanks for coming.
See you.
- Gül.
- I'm late, dear.
Well, this was unexpected.
A three-year hiatus.
I need more time to think this through.
- Of course.
- Obviously.
I'll grab a bite to eat.
- How are you planning to clean this up? - [Kenan.]
I'll handle it.
How? I don't know, Lale.
Calm down, all right? I said I'll deal with it.
Go tend to your guests.
Can you get me a drink, please.
Müge, I think we're drinking too much.
This is more than my usual.
Come on! What's gonna happen? We're all friends here.
Listen, I wanted to ask you something.
I requested a meeting with your father last week in regards to our ads.
- How can we make that happen? - I'm on it.
- He'll be back next week.
I'll set it up.
- Oh, really? You're amazing! Amazing.
Hello? I'm out here at the gate.
Okay, I'll come get you.
Hang on.
- [Onur.]
Hello? - Yeah, Onur.
I had to rush inside upstairs.
Melisa's not feeling well, so I'm helping her.
Who's Melisa? She's Lale's daughter.
She loves me.
Anyway, just come in.
Pick up Güliz at the gate to the garden, okay? - I'll be down there if I can.
- Fine.
I guess I'll head inside, then.
[phone buzzes.]
- Hello? - [Aslı.]
Hello, Güliz? You called for a driver? [Güliz.]
Someone called one for you, then.
He's at the gate.
He called me accidentally.
Well, that's funny.
Well, it's actually good.
Because I'm starting to get sick of Müge's ass-kissing.
And I'm tipsy.
Where's the driver? It's that assistant cameraman.
He's waiting to pick you up.
Well, okay.
Yeah, goodbye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
My place is in Nişantaşı.
- Your place? - Uh-huh.
Come on.
Just mess up, Güliz! Just do it! Oh, you're so confident.
Just fuck up.
Give me some leverage! [phone ringing.]
Hi, I just came downstairs, but I don't see you guys.
Where are you? [Onur.]
We're home already.
But Güliz is passed out.
Oh no! That's so sad.
My poor girl is so adorable.
I told you she was drunk.
But you guys would be so cute together anyway.
- Send me a selfie of both of you guys.
- Yeah.
I'll send it.
We're here, wake up.
[camera clicks.]
[phone beeps.]
Yes! Yes! That's it! Baby, that's it! I did it! SEND A DM AND WE WILL POST THEM NAIL TÜMER'S DAUGHTER GÜLIZ WITH HER NEW LOVE INTERES I'll be in London for two years.
My father enrolled me already.
- Man, this sucks.
- Don't say that.
I'm sure your dad knows what he's doing.
I wish you didn't have to go.
We were excited about working with you.
There's nothing I can do.
And I still have no idea who leaked that picture.
Don't dwell on it.
Forget it, come on.
- Goodbye.
- Bye, my dear.
Yeah? I want to say don't be a stranger.
We should keep in touch, okay? You feel me? It was you, wasn't it? You're disgusting.
You'll never understand me.
I am going to be somebody.
There's Müge.
And there's Lale.
What if I look at myself one day and see I've only become someone like Müge and it's too late for me? I know that you're scared that when you're 40, you'll look around and see you've amounted to nothing.
And what about you? That's never gonna happen to me, hon.
You know? Cause I am somebody.
Are you going to expose me? [scoffs.]
Why would I? Tear them apart.
Let me tell you one more thing.
You won't amount to anything.
[clicks tongue.]
You're not special.
Wow, hello there, Kenan.
This is what they used to do in the country.
To avoid offending people, they'd put all their sins on a goat.
And then, they'd soak it in tar and send it off.
You know, a scapegoat.
God forbid you guys have a falling out.
Look, Riza Inviting Faruk Sırmaoğlu was my idea, right? - I did this? - That's how it looked.
I'm sorry.
Fuck you, Kenan.
Of course, my dear.
I knew we had some kind of misunderstanding.
Riza and his typical bullshit.
We go way back with him anyway.
So we said it was his decision to leave.
Of course.
Of course.
Anyway, that's all over now.
- As long as our team is fine.
- [Kenan.]
What matters most is our friendship.
I mean, the rest is nonsense.
Yes, I agree.
- Lale, hon.
- [Lale.]
Yes, dear.
Let me give you a hug.
I was worried that I upset you yesterday.
Lions don't have a falling out.
When it's necessary, a sacrifice is made.
All sins are passed off to someone else.
And that person is sent away, thus keeping the circle of power intact.
- Welcome to our team.
- Thank you so much.
I wasn't expecting it to be you in the end.
- Congrats.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Good luck to you.
Thank you very much.
I'm looking forward to learning from all of you guys.
Oh! Half the team is here.
What's going on? - Aslı's the last one.
So she's been hired.
- Bravo! Congratulations.
I'm Lale.
Yes, I know.
- Aslı.
- Nice to meet you, Aslı.
Welcome to the team.
You ready? Mm-hmm.
["Slowdance" playing.]
I, I drove a long, long way ♪ But there's still a distance ♪ Between me and the other side ♪ The crowd is far, so far from me ♪ Is there a chance ♪ A bird like you could be my guide ♪ Oh, this town is like a merry-go-round ♪ Turning around ♪ Well, it started turning Turning around ♪ Turning around again ♪ Slow ♪ Slow dance ♪ Slow ♪ Slow dance ♪ There are places I can read ♪ Just like an open book ♪ Tell me stories ♪ Making up for my absent friends ♪ Will you be there? ♪ To play the unobtrusive fate ♪ Keep on turning ♪ To prove another way ♪ Slow ♪ Slow dance Slow ♪ Slow, slow dance ♪ Slow dance ♪ [vocalizing.]
Slow dance ♪ I was slow ♪ Slow dance ♪ Come and join us ♪ Come and join us ♪ Come and join us ♪ Slow dance ♪ Come and join us ♪
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