As the Crow Flies (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Get up.
Aslı, what did you do? But I I didn't mean to.
Lale? What do we do? Go.
What? Aslı, get going.
But Selim will be here in an hour.
Aslı, I said go home! Lale? Lale, maybe we should go to a hospital and get an X-ray and check out your head.
We should at least report the assault to the police.
My face Did anything happen to it? - No, but your neck looks bad.
- That's okay.
Something as ridiculous as this doesn't need to be news.
I don't want things to be a bigger deal than they are.
I Lale, ma'am I want to apologize.
When you post things online, sometimes you forget that person is real.
You're always so strong.
I am.
Aslı She really wants to get rid of you.
Please be careful.
When you make it this far someone always wants your job.
There are plenty of Aslıs and Büşbüşes too.
Would you please be a dear and help me clean up my living room? - Yeah.
- Make it look like nothing happened.
Of course.
The rug and coffee table are gone.
I was inspired to do some redecorating when I found a few new pieces of furniture the other day.
I hope you like them when they get here.
- Now I can't wait! - Ow! - What? - I stepped on something.
- Wait, let me see.
Hang on.
- Ow.
- Ouch! - Oh! A piece of glass? - It hurts so much.
- Okay.
Let's get you cleaned up right away.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Lale? - Yeah? What's wrong? Nothing's wrong.
I'll tell you later.
Is that okay? - Fine, not now.
But we'll talk later.
- Okay.
It's okay.
Take off your socks for me.
Oh, my, is that all? Now, let's see.
The lions who aren't rulers are the most dangerous of all.
Because their positions are expendable.
They need to secure themselves.
Hello? Aslı? This is Gül's assistant Şule.
How are you? Fine, you? Gül would like to see you right away, so can you come to the network now? Uh, but I was I left a visitor's card with security.
Pick it up, come to my desk.
Gül is waiting.
I'll be right there.
I'm here to see Gül.
Hello there.
Tell me.
What? I'm sorry.
Say what you want.
You want something, don't you? I know that now.
Actually, I think I know what you want.
Still, I want you to tell me.
Last time, you weren't able to tell me what you thought.
You weren't honest.
You know? I don't know, ma'am.
It doesn't matter.
I'll tell you what I want.
Then you tell me what you think about it.
In business, you come to a fork in the road every now and then.
So change becomes essential.
When you can't see when to switch players, the team loses.
Motivation is gone.
So tell me why it is you think that it's you.
Why do you think that chair is yours? Make your move.
I'm letting you.
So that I can decide on my new team.
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, I will.
I'll show you, and you won't regret it.
I don't do regret.
Because nothing is ever my fault.
You guys play, and I blow the whistle.
Go ahead.
Go and play.
I have an offer for you.
Pardon? I know what you're going through, and it's unfair to you.
You deserve more.
Thank you, my dear.
But I have to say, I don't need to be told that by a bitch like you.
Why are you here? I was told Kenan had you fired.
Listen to me.
I can make you an offer to get you out of this position.
She chose me.
Go ahead.
I wonder what it is this time? We'll find out soon enough.
I was actually getting some sleep.
- I literally jumped out of bed.
- There's nothing on the Internet either.
All right, everyone.
Good evening.
I know it's very early for a meeting, however, we have to do this now.
Müge, what's going on? What is this? Why aren't Lale and Kenan here? They're both okay, right? Listen, guys, for the broadcast tonight, we're doing something different.
It's something we've never done before.
We're going to report fake news.
But it can't be obvious.
It has to be fake in a subtle way.
A fictional story.
Why would we do that? You could see this operation as something of a test.
At some point in your career, you might have to make some difficult choices like this.
It's part of the game.
You're setting Lale up, aren't you? It's how it has to be.
In this business, sometimes, in order to keep things easy for yourself, you might have to stomach some small amounts of collateral damage.
It's a setup? It's a coup.
That's why we're here late? It's a coup.
It is.
Guys! Listen! Guys! Look, what I just told you, it isn't unethical.
You know what it is? It's all for your rights.
It's defending your hard work.
You all know we're currently in the middle of a contract renewal.
And for us, the ones who do the legwork, to get through this without damage, we're at the point where we have to fight our own battles.
Otherwise, while the lions fight, we just suffer.
Shall we continue? We're going to make claims about the internal affairs of the state.
The minister of finance will have fallen out with the top brass in the department.
Wait a minute.
I won't do it.
I don't care about your lions, your fights, or your story.
I won't be involved in this.
I can't do this to Lale.
I'm not doing it.
I don't want to it either.
I won't do it.
I won't do it either.
I don't think we should do this, Müge.
Lale has your support? Of course.
She does, yeah.
Ayşe, do I really have to remind you that it's me you work for? Okay, that might be true, but in the end, Lale's the boss.
I mean, we are all here because of her.
Let me put it this way, honey.
Anyone who doesn't want to be a part of this can leave.
If they do, effective immediately, their contract will be terminated.
Yes, I understand that you all may think you work for Lale, however, I have the authority to fire you.
And I will.
Your decision.
If you want to leave, go ahead.
But let me make this clear.
If anyone tells Lale about what we're planning, I'll have no choice but to make sure that you only ever receive horrible references from us.
I won't be the only one.
Gül will do it.
And the network will sign them.
So if we leave now, and also if we let Lale know about this, you'll make sure we don't get jobs in this business, then.
Yes, that's it, Volkan.
I think I've been clear.
- I'm out.
- I won't let this on my history.
It's my conscience I have to live with anyway.
Guys, I can't just leave.
I have a family.
I can't leave either.
It's my career.
And I pay rent.
I don't think I can go either.
Have it your way.
I'm leaving.
Oh, Müge, by the way, I guess I was so wrong about you.
I respected you.
I'm leaving too.
Now that we've gotten rid of all the weak ones, let's get to work.
Come, sit.
Here are the details of the story.
Okay, Mr.
Gamsızoğlu, I have some critical questions for you.
Everywhere we look, there are new colleges popping up.
I know you may not want to answer these particular questions Aslı, it's good for you.
Oh, Mom, stop it.
I did try to get answers from your counterparts in other departments Uh, this is depressing.
Who cares? It's national issues.
Hey, Mom! No! All right.
Fine, then.
may have someone's name on it.
I don't think I even recognize which department would be responsible.
Good morning, Lale.
I'm Nihal.
I know, Nihal.
I'm your assistant today.
Müge says it's just until HR finds a replacement.
Thank you so much.
You look nice today.
Did you do something different? No.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
So modest.
We've got a bomb to drop.
I'll tell you at the meeting.
- But can I have your cell phone first? - Sure, why? IT wants to update the app for live TV.
- Kenan is - He'll be here soon.
Okay, Gül, we can talk about this later.
I have to go to the meeting.
Skip the meeting.
We have to sort this out.
Do we really need to talk about next year's sponsors now? Our contract still isn't complete.
I don't think we'll have any problems.
If you think we'll back down, I promise you we won't.
If Sulhi agrees to it, then we have a deal.
But you know where we stand.
We'll see.
Plus, we could have some other arrangements.
Like what? Other deals, you know.
Nothing's decided yet.
We need to agree on the number first.
Then we can iron out the details.
- I'm off.
- Kenan.
I need something to say to people.
We have to deal with the sponsors.
Is it such a problem if you miss one meeting? I'm starting to think you're avoiding me.
It's breaking my heart.
This beautiful man is going to get up and leave me? Maybe I just like looking at you.
Let's go over it.
Bring Kenan an Americano, would you? All right.
We have six brands which look like possible deals.
So you see, Ankara is a mess right now.
They say the cabinet will split in two.
A huge bomb is about to go off, Lale.
Sorry, but I need to ask.
Where are our reporters? Don't get me started.
They have the flu.
- At this time of year? - That's exactly what I thought.
And I asked myself did people just go get a doctor's note so they could go on a cheap vacation before the peak season started? Listen, if that's it, I'm on to you.
Lale, um What do you think of this story? Well Something like this, something this big being swept under the rug until now It's weird.
But we'll see.
I get what you mean, Lale.
This thing is moving so quietly.
- We could break a huge story.
- All right, Müge.
If that's what you say, we have a deal.
Guys, if everyone is getting sick, then please take care of yourselves.
Don't get the flu.
Well, then.
Meeting adjourned.
Something up? No, nothing.
Anyone called yet? Not yet.
"This is Ayşe.
I need to talk to you.
" "Lale, we have to talk.
" Volkan's calling.
And now Aslı is here.
Can I have a cup of coffee? By the way, her and Kenan are a thing.
- She's a fiend.
- Don't say that.
She's a nice girl.
Well, either way, she's here to stay.
So you're saying we'd better start to like her, yeah? Are you okay? I'm fine.
- You don't look fine.
What's wrong? - No, no.
 Nothing's wrong.
Don't lie to me.
I know you and something's wrong.
Nothing's wrong, Kenan.
- Seriously.
- Nothing's wrong how? Maybe you upset me the other night.
What happened to your hand? I fell.
 It was just an accident.
I'm all over the place.
We're at the end of a road.
I'm trying to keep it together too.
And I didn't tell Gül.
First, we'll finish the contract.
We need to get yours approved.
But before all that, tell me what happened to your hand.
- What's wrong? - Kenan.
You can't just say my name.
I'm fine.
Hang on, Aslı.
Hang on.
What are you doing here? - I fired you.
- Ask Gül.
She hired me.
For what? I don't know.
Ask her.
Uh, actually, I have to get going.
- Nunu.
- Yes, Kenan? - Is something going on? - Like what? I'm asking you.
- Something wrong? - No.
The lion knows before everyone that its time has come to step down from the throne.
The smell of death tickles its nose.
It senses its own demise.
If it chooses to ignore the signs, it will be disgraced.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Friday.
Sound is okay.
Good luck, Lale.
Thanks, Nunu.
Good luck to you too.
Time? Five, four, three, two, one.
Lale, you're on.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, on this lovely April evening.
It's getting warmer, and spring has finally sprung.
In this time of renewal, a lot of excitement seems to be in the air.
The European Union is making their Hail Mary deals for survival.
Russia is on the verge of starting a brand-new union.
And foreign policy in our country is leaving everyone a bit confused.
But before that, I'll be reporting a crisis that has erupted silently in Ankara.
I'm Lale Kıran.
And welcome to The Other Side.
The independent state budget office, founded by parliament as a budget control mechanism for crisis management, has recently come head-to-head with the minister of finance over the country's economic performance for the last few months.
The ministry has brought the system to a halt after ignoring a report WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, LALE? FAKE NEWS! #LALEKIRAN WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? IT MUST BE A JOKE.
SO FAKE NEWS! YOU #RESIGN SHE IS MAKING UP HER OWN STORIES! LOL! LALE IS REPORTING FROM MARS RESIGN #LALEKIRAN THAT'S RIDICULOUS, LALE! We expect to see a series of resignations in multiple positions in the government.
Unless the essential positions are filled, the government we know could crumble.
İsmail, can I use your phone for a sec? Yes.
Of course.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Hello? Hilmi.
Yeah, it's me, Lale.
I have to ask you for a favor.
Are you in Ankara? I'm so excited.
We're breaking an amazing story.
- Thank you, Müge.
- What for? I don't know.
You've always been here.
Thank you.
Oh, honey.
This is just what we do.
It's what we've always done.
Well, still.
I wanted to say it.
What is it? Are you getting emotional about something, Lale? I know you're tired, obviously.
After we're done with this season you and I should go on vacation.
Just us girls.
Maybe to Ko Samui.
Lale, you're on.
All right, Lale.
You can carry on.
We're on you.
Lale, please say something.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, the story I just told you was a complete lie.
It was something my coworkers of ten years did.
It's ugly.
A vile prank is what they did.
Cut it now.
We're not going off.
Regardless, I'll be giving you some facts tonight after all.
Some facts about life, some truths about how life can change and transform that I'd like to share.
I truly love this job I have.
We all love it.
I've been humbled to be here.
And I'd like to say a few words based on my personal experiences.
It's not about who you become.
It's about your journey.
I believe you shouldn't fall in love with yourself.
You can't fall in love with the attention, but rather you should love the job itself.
I think you should be in love with what it is you do.
Up until now, whatever I've ever done, everything was out of love.
It came from my heart.
I always held my job in high esteem.
I've always been grateful for being here, in front of you.
Delivering you the truth has always been my highest honor.
Girls, come here! Dad, not again! Come on! Don't miss this.
Come here.
Come here.
Times are changing, obviously.
I don't know if you all want new things, but it's clear to me that it's time for a change here.
The world is changing.
Stop recording.
Cut the feed! The show will stay on.
If you'll forgive me, there's a bit more.
If you'll all indulge me.
Nurettin, if you don't stop this now, you'll find yourself out of work.
Zoom in.
Move away.
Leave the cameras.
Move now.
Get away.
Stop recording.
Move it.
- You have a job even if she's gone.
- Drop dead, Gül.
My coworkers of ten years have played a pretty cruel prank on me.
But now, in front of you, I want to say thank you.
Thank you so very much! Yes.
The Other Side will go on tomorrow.
Just like the sun that rises up every single morning without asking us.
Just as the world turns without a care.
However, it looks like some things will be changing around here.
And I feel like our time is finished.
If it's all right with you, tonight will be my last show.
I'm Lale Kıran.
And for the last time I'll say be happy and have a good night.
Ladies and gentlemen, goodbye everyone.
Something tells me its the end ♪ I cant lie, I can't pretend ♪ There's no way I'm turning back ♪ I can see it fade to black ♪ Fade, fade to black ♪ Won't you show me who I am? ♪ Won't somebody hold my hand? ♪ Lale! There's no way I'm going back ♪ I can feel it fade to black ♪ Fade, fade to black ♪ Ooo ♪ THE OTHER SIDE WITH LALE KIRAN Fade to black ♪ Ma'am, your phone.
Thank you, Nihat.
Lale! Good for you, sweetheart! Well done! We love you! Thanks.
Thank you very much.
Great job! Good for you.
Lale, we're proud of everything you did! Thanks.
Thank you so much.
- Hey, isn't that Lale Kıran? - It is.
Lale, ma'am.
Can we take a photo with you, please? Of course.
- Thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
- We love you so much! Thank you so much.
Miss Kıran! Miss Kıran! Lale! Hurry! - Hi, Miss Kıran! - Miss Kıran! We love you so much, Lale! So cool! Lale! Miss Kıran, we love you! We love you, Lale! Miss Kıran, Lale.
You're amazing! We love you! We love you so much! We love you! Thank you so much.
- Lale.
Do you have a comment? - No.
Not right now.
It's so nice to see.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do you see her? Thank you.
I love you all.
Thank you so, so much.
Thank you.
Thank you, really.
Thank you very much.
I'm proud of you.
As always.
Get back here! Hey! Don't run! Face me on your own if you dare.
Just one of you! NEWS ANCHOR OF THE YEAR LALE KIRAN Hey, stop! What's going on here? It doesn't seem very fair.
- Mom? - Mom what? Hasta la vista, baby! We got you now.
Two on two! Now we're even! - Got you! - Hey, what's this? Oh, betrayal! Your turn! - Come on.
- Jump.
- Come on in.
- I'm jumping in.
Me too.
The jungle always needs a leader.
But the throne doesn't automatically come with respect.
The leader has to earn it from the others.
So what do you think of our new girl? We'll have to start the season with her.
Really? I guess we'll see.
We killed the favorite horse.
From now on, it's constant change.
Aslı, are you all right? I just got really cold.
Like I'm in the woods and something is trying to hunt me.
Not sure what you mean.
Forget it.
Three, two, one.

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