As the Crow Flies (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

[faint explosions in distance]
[tense music playing]
[Yusuf coughs]
First of all, uh, thank you
for agreeing to talk to me, sir.
I want the world to know what happened.
I will say to those who is watching us,
we are fighting for our own ideas here.
Good boy.
[soft piano melody playing]
[Kenan] So
- Almost ready?
- What do you think?
- I think we're both ready.
- [chuckles]
[emotional piano music playing]
Are you kidding me?
- I'm not.
- [Lale laughs]
This is our lucky charm.
We better keep using it then.
- Mm-hm.
- Fine. Thank you.
The place looks like shit,
but it'll be cleaned up tomorrow.
Don't worry. It's all good.
And don't forget the promise we made.
Free journalism, free
from the power brokers.
Kenan, there's no problem.
We'll always be one.
I'll leave you by yourself.
[music ends]
[door opens]
[dramatic music playing]
[narrator] Success can
also be traumatizing.
Every bit of success you achieve
has the potential to crush you.
You may transform into a shadow
or even a poor imitation of yourself.
Leaving everything behind
is the easy way out.
Praising yourself in memories.
Hello guys, good to see you.
- [man] Welcome, Lale.
- [woman] Welcome, ma'am. Good to see you.
[narrator] However, if you ever decide
to return to the jungle and battle again,
You must accept the potential of defeat.
Your previous accomplishments
become your arch-enemies.
[music ends]
- Hello. I'm Lale.
- Hi, ma'am.
[Lale] Here, hold this.
- [Kenan] Lale.
- Yes, Kenan.
You need to read this later.
- What for?
- Well, it's a list of sponsors.
I mean, we have to.
But if it's a problem for you,
then tell me.
No. Not at all.
It doesn't matter whatever team we're on
as long as we follow our rules.
- You're the best.
- Get out of here.
- [Kenan] All right, are we ready, people?
- [man] We're ready.
Countdown's on?
Ten seconds.
Guys, I hope it's gonna be a good show.
Good luck to you all.
- Good luck to you, Lale.
- Good luck, Lale.
[woman]Three, two, one. You're on, ma'am.
Welcome, everyone.
Hi, good evening.
So we're back together tonight,
this time on a new network.
I'm glad to be your host again.
Let us hope that
this will be a pleasant experience
where we are able to talk
about the truth and, as always,
the reality of any news in Türkiye.
and the rest of the globe.
But first, my name is Lale Kıran,
Thank you for joining us
and welcome to Newsroom.
[theme music playing]
- Camera two to the right.
- [Lale] Okay, that concludes
- our first news bulletin.
- Cam three, a close-up.
So, before we go
off the air, my dear viewers,
let me thank each and every
one of our sponsors tonight,
Tulsan Cookies, Frontier,
and next-generation
purchasing website,
for making this newscast a reality.
That is all we have for tonight, folks.
So long, hoping that tomorrow
will be a bright day across the nation.
Goodbye, everyone.
[Lale] Okay, everyone, that
concludes our first news bulletin.
So, before we go
off the air, my dear viewers,
[Gül] Wow. Who would have
guessed it would come to this?
[Müge] Those are
her own clothes, you know that?
Poor thing, she doesn't even
have a clothing sponsor.
[Gül] Oh, I swear, it's such a shame
to watch someone
stoop that low. It saddens me.
What the hell is she
doing on that lame network?
[Müge] Mm.
Just go home to your family. Let it go.
[Müge] It's humiliating.
She continues to fight
tooth and nail like her life's at stake.
So dumb.
How could we miss
hearing about this conflict?
I'm sorry, what did we miss hearing about?
She got the information before us.
Given we're so much better?
Come to your senses, for God's sake!
Never mind that, I mean
Who's watching her anyway?
Look, I'll fast-forward it
so you can watch
how she thanks the cookies.
I don't care about that.
I'm just puzzled how we missed the story
and she got the scoop.
Okay, fine I will confirm the report
with the editor for tomorrow.
[uptempo dramatic music playing]
[indistinct whispering]
[whispering continues]
- Ma'am. Adem's waiting for you downstairs.
- [music ends]
What's the deal with everyone
working here so late, Nazli?
Well, it's because you haven't left yet.
No, I heard. I mean,
I know it was better than I thought,
But I'm not talking about me right now.
I'm asking about you. Please.
[door closes]
[Lale] Okay, just call Hilmi.
Listen to me.
Just call Hilmi, talk to him,
and get to the bottom of this.
And then I'll put
some extra pressure on him,
don't worry about it, alright?
[pouring wine]
Okay, see you.
What did you think? Let's hear it!
You were great. Like you've always been.
What, just great?
Develop a little, just say it.
I've already told you. You were great.
Is that true?
["Good Like You" by Scott Feldman,
Amber J. Quinteiro playing]
There wouldn't be a sigh ♪
There wouldn't be a reason why ♪
Another tear to cry ♪
[Lale chuckling]
Why can't you unclasp it?
It's not so hard.
I have no idea.
[Lale laughs]
You suck at this
and you always have, babe.
[Lale laughs]
Been messed around a lot ♪
Too broken down too many times ♪
Now I finally know the feeling
Somebody to treat me right ♪
[Lale giggles]
[Lale] Hm.
Welcome back.
[Lale chuckles]
Thank you. Thank you so much.
[Lale laughs]
[song fades]
[Yusuf on video]
Well, yeah, I know these two men
are going to hate me for this,
but, uh, tonight
[man] We're simply
keeping an eye on you, man.
- [Yusuf]Thank you, I appreciate it. Toni
- [man] Welcome, King of the Press!
- But we nearly lost you, dude.
- [Yusuf] Don't even get me started.
["Gotta Raise On Up"
by Peter B. Karr, James P. Kenny playing]
[Yusuf] Anyway, cheers, guys!
[man] Go, man, don't just stay for us.
You should definitely go.
Just got back in town and he's
already getting flooded with texts.
Can you believe this guy?
Oh, this reminds me. The other day,
that chick texted me, man. Hold on
IN 30 MIN.
[song continues]
Down on your luck ♪
Come on in.
And throw your hands up high
And walk away ♪
This place is all yours?
Oh yeah.
[song continues]
And raise on up! ♪
Raise on up ♪
Raise on up ♪
Raise on up ♪
You got my soul
Now you're setting the scene ♪
Standing tall, regain your pride
And choose to fight today ♪
So raise on up ♪
Raise on up ♪
Raise on up ♪
[song ends]
[Aslı on TV] Refresh the screen. Oh. Ah!
I'm a trending topic as well!
Anyhow, Let's keep going.
You see what I mean?
I'm on fire.
[Aslı continues on TV]
[Yusuf] Mm. Yeah, I do.
You're the talk of the town.
know what he feels about this
because he prefers to hide behind
They tried to replace me, you know.
They're full of shit. Gül, all of them.
But still
But still what?
Seriously, did you not hear
what I just said, Yusuf?
I swear to you,
I totally screwed them over.
Now, they're eating out of my hand.
Because I have the ratings.
I'm no longer within anyone's grasp.
They may have a lot of influence,
but it no longer has any effect on me.
The audience is in my favor.
I've become unstoppable.
I think the opposite.
You're in a worse situation now.
What you regard
as worthless, influential people,
they can't be harmed in any way.
Nothing affects them.
If they grow anxious when
your light begins to outshine theirs,
they will cut your head off.
Take Lale, for example.
The audience loved her.
She was flawless, pretty much.
Still, didn't they slit her throat?
You're not making any sense.
Lale's time was finished, Yusuf.
Me, I'm just starting out.
Ugh. You're totally missing the point.
What exactly am I missing, huh?
Enough with your stupid remarks.
Everyone is waiting for
the acrobat to fall from the tightrope.
Are you going to tell me that again?
I won't waste your time.
But it's true.
Because now that you're doing so well,
Everyone wants to
see you drop the ball, Aslı.
Go on.
You're too at ease.
Time for you to go.
Fine, I'll go. I'm freaking out of here.
[Aslı o n TV] On to the next topic.
You're probably all eager to see
what else Türkiye has been talking about.
And just lay there all night,
watching yourself like a lunatic.
I'm not trapped in the past.
We've seen how those
who pretend to know everything
and set the rules of the game
are finally removed.
And so, ladies and gentlemen, this
is how it will be every weekday evening,
beginning today.
- [music ends]
- [birds chirping]
[footstep approaching]
Selim, I forgot the veggies, could
you bring them downstairs, please?
- [Selim] Will do.
- [cell phone chimes]
[emotional piano music playing]
How are they?
Well, the ratings.
Aren't you checking them out?
Oh. Yeah. I am.
They're Mm. You know.
What can you expect
of a small network, Selim? Yeah.
Getting into the top five isn't the issue.
We're not doing this for the ratings.
Yeah, you're not.
Forget it.
Enjoy your food.
[music fades]
[cell phone vibrating]
[continues vibrating]
[dramatic music playing]
Who the hell's calling me?
[cell phone vibrating]
Ugh. Damn it, who's calling me so early?
[Aslı on telephone] Güliz?
Hey, what's up, it's Aslı.
- Who the hell is Aslı?
- Aslı Tuna.
Oh, come on, stop it,
you know very well who I am.
Now I remember you.
Aslı the winner.
The ambitious rebel newscaster.
You said not to be a stranger, remember?
Next week, I'll be in London.
Maybe we can get together.
[electronic dance music playing]
- So, do you like it?
- Oh my God, I love this place.
Is that man in blue
checking you out right now?
Yep, they all are.
So, tell me. What are you up to, exactly?
- I just wanted to see you, that's all.
- You're full of it, come on!
I know you're up
to something, spit it out.
To be perfectly honest, I am.
I have an offer for you.
[Nazli] We've been swamped
with work since you went abroad.
I assume it was never a good time for you
because when I called, you never answered.
[sighing] Whatever, Nazli, what is it?
The award for
the best news program of the year.
- Huh?
- I know, right.
I mean, it's the fifth time
for The Other Side,
but first time for you, Aslı.
- When's the ceremony? I need a nice dress.
- On the 18th.
But I think you have enough time
to choose an outfit. I'll arrange it.
Oh, and Aslı, Lale Kıran's going to be
present for the award, by the way.
Actually, it's not official yet,
but they want to honor her in some way.
- [knocking on door]
- [Lale] Come in.
[Yusuf] Ma'am.
Welcome back.
Thank you, ma'am.
- How are you?
- I'm fine, and you?
I'm fine.
I got your message.
[Lale] Mm-hmm.
Well, what do you think?
Ma'am, this is like a dream come true.
I'm so grateful to have
this opportunity to work with you,
to be a reporter at your side.
This has always been my dream.
I don't know what to say, I mean
It's okay, relax Yusuf. I'm glad as well.
You're good at what you do.
A good reporter.
As a matter of fact, you're definitely
the kind of reporter every newsroom needs.
Believe me. Don't forget that.
I won't.
Something's come up.
[tense music playing]
What's this guy doing here?
Yusuf is going to be working with us now.
Because he's great at his job.
This guy's Büşbüş, don't you remember?
Kenan, let it go, please.
Let what go?
This guy is a mole.
You're aware that he
screwed us over for months?
Um, I'll leave you alone so you guys can
Stay, Yusuf.
I believe in Yusuf
and so should you. Okay?
I want to give him another chance.
Just asking for your trust.
Okay, I mean
let's give him another chance, fine.
If I see something leaked on social media,
I'll assume it was posted by you.
I don't trust you one bit. Understand me?
I do, sir.
They've invited us to the award ceremony.
They want you to be presenting an award.
I think it'd be good for visibility.
But it's fine
if you don't want to. Up to you.
Maybe. Why not? I'll think about it.
To who?
To The Other Side.
- [dramatic music playing]
- What?
What the hell are you talking about?
To Aslı, you mean?
Is this a joke, huh?
What does that even mean?
Is The Other Side's
new format that popular?
Their star's popularity has skyrocketed.
That's why she was nominated.
Oh, my God.
Is that a problem for you?
What do you think?
I think you'd be showing how
mature you are and that would be cool.
But as I said before, It's all up to you.
I don't want you to be upset about it.
[Selim] Forget about appearances.
You're not doing that.
This is going too far, Lale.
I don't know, maybe I
Well, I know!
You can't call this generosity.
Don't be naive. Fuck them all.
They're trying to
give something to the paparazzi.
- Okay Selim, come sit here and calm down.
- I can't!
They can go to hell for all I care.
[music fades]
Never mind me.
But you should think this through.
I will.
["No Turning Back"
by Martin Andrew Shellard playing]
- How do I look?
- [trainer] Nice.
Bring it a little closer to 90.
- So, forward?
- Yeah, that's it.
All right. Keep it steady.
[rock song continues]
Yeah, they're great.
[sighs] All right, that's enough.
I don't want bulky arms.
Don't worry about that.
We're trying to keep
your arms from being saggy.
Yeah, well, I'm young,
and my arms won't get saggy anytime soon.
We still have some time left, Aslı.
Okay, fine, then stretch me.
- My back hurts a lot.
- Come on, let's do it, then.
Now, spread your legs as wide as the mat.
Just with your arms.
Back, stretch, and forward.
[song continues]
I'm going to research the firms
that will hold contract biddings.
- And I'll look at the situation at hand.
- Al; right, thanks a lot, Yusuf.
Thank you, ma'am. Have a nice day.
- See you. Hi, there.
- [door closes]
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I see you and Büşbüş
are getting along well.
Come on, would you
please stop calling him that, Kenan?
- What, then?
- Don't call him names.
They're not sparing any budget.
- How so?
- That's how it is around here.
They said they wouldn't pay for anything.
And not for a new reporter, either.
[scoffs] All right, fine,
it's not a problem.
Tell them to take it off of my salary.
You're joking, right?
Have them deduct
everything from my salary.
After all, aren't we old enough
to not need to do this for money?
I thought we were gonna
stick to our guns. Fine by me.
We used to say money was an asset
that showed appreciation for our work.
Yes, but without a budget,
it's our problem.
And the ratings are not good, Kenan.
All right, whatever.
Okay, so
They're waiting for my approval.
What do you want me to say?
- The award committee?
- Yeah.
Fine, just say yes.
I'm in, I'll do it, it's okay.
You sure about that?
Yes, I am.
I know it'll be fine.
I won that award four times,
and I get to host this time.
This isn't my first awards show.
Is that what you feel?
I mean, wow, an award for Aslı Tuna.
Whatever. So be it.
Lale will present the award?
It's official?
So, she ended up saying yes?
All right, perfect, call me later.
- Ow! You pricked me!
- Oh, sorry, didn't mean to.
[clicks tongue]
You like it?
- It's a good color, right?
- These colors are in.
I'm paying good money for this,
so you'd better not spoil it.
Don't worry, ma'am.
You're so going to shine.
- And what about Lale?
- Come again?
- What did you design for her?
- Nothing, she hasn't called me.
Why are you lying to me?
I know that she's only worn your dresses.
They were gifts.
I asked her to wear my designs, and
I'm sure you know that Lale
doesn't care about stuff like that, Aslı.
This is the girl. An influencer,
But she seriously messed up.
Emre invited her to his show, obviously.
The girl's answers were off the mark.
Of course, now everyone is
making fun of her on social media.
So for the last 24 hours,
she's been a trending topic.
So, let's bring her on.
How though? She's gotta
be scared of getting embarrassed.
We'll tell her to justify herself.
Awesome. Whatever you say.
I'll take care of it.
[Lale] What did the girl say?
Well, she claimed that
women are delicate beings.
She went on to say
that women shouldn't work
and men should hold doors
open for them and carry their bags.
Those are big sentiments for our time.
This may easily be extended to
emphasizing men's superiority.
They're bashing her.
What do you think about this, Yusuf?
Do you carry bags for your girlfriend?
Or do you maybe hold doors open for her?
Is that even a thing?
For me, being equal is one thing
and being different is completely another.
[Lale] Hmm.
It's not acceptable to merely
distinguish between men and women.
Women have their own
unique abilities in society,
just like men.
I just believe that the placement
is the most important piece.
Such as?
Like, women are superior
to men at decision-making.
They can manage a crisis
and have the ability to change
the paradigm by getting out of the box.
Men are better at things that
require perseverance in the long run.
And people of different
sexual orientations,
well, they have
their own ways of doing things.
And so, I really don't think
a clear distinction should be made
between the two.
Okay, cool.
So, what now?
Should we call her
live on the show today?
In due time.
I meant no harm at all
when I said what I said.
At the end of the day,
my boyfriend feels the same I do
Wait, I'll stop you right there.
Do you even know what
you're talking about?
We have all of these feminist movements.
Our girls and women
suffer through hell every day,
but you believe your words are justified?
I'm just
I'm curious how you can
look at yourself in the mirror, Ilayda.
Would you please kindly elaborate
on how you can cope
with what you posted that day?
[dramatic music playing]
[Lale] Hello. Yeah, Kenan.
I'm calling you because I've been
working on the ministry piece at my place
with Yusuf,
and I wanted to ask you something
so I can grab a second opinion.
Yusuf's at your place.
Yeah, yeah.
You said Selim isn't coming tomorrow,
should I pick you up?
Is that okay?
Yeah, that's okay.
Pick me up. I'll be home.
Cool, I'll text you when I get here,
and we can discuss
the ministry piece on the way.
Works for me. Talk to you soon.
- I'm off to bed.
- Okay, hon.
- Have a good night.
- Night, sweetheart.
It's late, Yusuf, and we have a
room back there if you want.
Oh no, it's all right, I'll head back.
- I appreciate it though.
- Fine, suit yourself.
You can stay, we really don't mind.
All right. Oh.
- I have a question, ma'am.
- Ask away.
Are you prepared to
give an award to Aslı at the ceremony?
[melancholy piano music playing]
I believe I am.
Why not? We already compete
against each other on a daily basis.
That's all there is to it.
- But I mean, it's
- There are no "buts," Yusuf.
You know why?
My passion for my career has
already led to great accomplishments.
I've received that
award many times before.
Five, as far as I recall.
So, if this is what we have now,
and we're certain of it,
then that's all we can do.
[Yusuf sighs]
Don't you feel like your ego is bruised?
Ego is a symptom, Yusuf.
We all have it inside of us.
But if you are driven by your ego, well
that's the problem to deal with.
The answer is to search within yourself.
Internal issues are
the source of the problem.
- You know what I mean?
- No.
[clears throat]
No, I don't. I mean yeah
I see what you mean,
but I don't get it. And I never will.
Why, what's the problem?
I can't get my head around
you giving an award to Aslı.
I don't believe
the world's become so evil.
You should believe it because it has.
We've witnessed that.
We have, haven't we?
Yes or no?
We have, it's true.
But don't you also consider
being unable to eat to be a symptom?
Perhaps a sign of a disease?
Well, maybe you should
quit making such big claims.
What does that have to do
with what we're talking about?
[clicks tongue]
I really don't think
you have to stand tall all the time.
I mean, screaming and weeping are also
So how about we get back to work now?
How about that?
[uptempo music playing]
You look gorgeous.
[music continues]
[crowd cheering]
[man] Aslı's arrived.
[reporters clamoring]
Asli, your conversation with Ilayda
the other day went viral. Any thoughts?
Well, I spoke from within
and from my heart
about the issues that women face.
And I see everyone's on board with that.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, I appreciate it.
[reporters chattering indistinctly]
[Aslı] You know I don't like to answer
questions about my romantic life,
but, really, I have no one
in my life at the moment.
My life's only about
The Other Side, you know that.
Every evening, I get together
with my audience on the show.
That's all that matters.
[reporter] You have
an acceptance speech ready, Aslı?
You'll see that when I take the stage.
That's a surprise.
[ominous music playing]
[Aslı] Step down, now. You're done, okay?
[Lale] Are you going
to be the one to replace me?
[Aslı]Terrestrial Lale.
[Lale] If you keep going like this,
you'll never be anything.
[crowd applauding]
She deserves another round of applause.
Thank you very much for her.
Ladies and gentlemen, and dear guests,
for the 26th Turkish Media Awards,
it is now time to announce
the Best News Program of the Year.
Without further ado, dear guests,
at this year's 26th Turkish Media Awards,
the Best News Program award goes to
Aslı Tuna for The Other Side!
- [dramatic awards music playing]
- [applauding]
[female presenter] Come on, people.
Let's hear it for Aslı Tuna!
[music continues]
The good news, the award will be presented
by someone admired in the industry.
As a matter of fact, she has received
this award many times in recent years
and has become a TV icon.
Lale Kıran is here tonight
to present our award for us.
A huge round of applause!
Ladies and gentlemen,
and dear guests who are here tonight,
Lale Kıran was indeed supposed to
present this esteemed award to Aslı Tuna,
However, the control room just informed me
that Lale Kıran had to leave
at the last minute due to an emergency
and will not be joining us.
She apologizes.
We would like to offer an apology
on behalf of the ceremony
and wish Lale Kıran a speedy recovery.
And so, we'll be presenting this award
to Aslı Tuna. Bring out the award.
[tense music playing]
All right. And now, join me
in presenting the award
for the Best News Program of the Year
to The Other Side with Aslı Tuna!
- Congratulations.
- [crowd applauding]
[male presenter] This prestigious award
is given to
a long-running show, The Other Side
[music continues]
It's all good,
Screw 'em.
Lale, you don't have
to do anything you don't wanna do.
- You're right.
- Yeah, it was your call.
After all, you're Lale.
You're you, you're wonderful,
you're a gem.
You're unique.
You're the woman of swift decisions.
Never lose touch with
that rock 'n' roll lady inside you, Lale.
That's the reason I love you so much.
Will you come grab a drink with me?
Selim's waiting.
[melancholy piano music playing]
It's just us.
Just between us.
[glasses clink]
I wonder, was that your plan all along?
Leaving her hanging on live TV,
for the entire world to see?
[Selim] Hm?
[indistinct police radio chatter]
[music continues]
[man] Poor thing.
[dramatic music playing]
Well, the end is near.
[chuckles] It's game over.
[ambulance siren wailing]
[music continues]
Holy shit.
This is a disaster!
I'm in trouble.
[music continues]
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