As the Crow Flies (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[intriguing music playing]
[bird chirping]
Would you like a drink? Want some wine?
No, just water, thank you.
Or whatever, Lale.
Let's have coffee.
- Okay, sure.
- Hold on.
I'll get it for you, have a seat.
All right.
[music fades]
I'm listening now.
Did I ever make you feel afraid?
Or, have you ever been concerned
that someone else
could take your place in this?
On that chair, the spotlight,
having no one on your side,
just you in front of
the cameras all night
You just end up all alone.
I haven't.
More importantly, I didn't say I had
no one on my side, or that I was alone.
We're a team.
- It's a collaboration.
- Yeah, right.
All right, fine.
Your turn.
I agree, this job is hard.
It's true, you're all alone up there.
But Kenan's there
in your ear at all times.
That's right, Kenan is
indeed there in my ears.
Nunu's in the control room.
Müge isn't far.
So, like I said, that makes it a team.
It's not a war.
You can call it a race, or a competition.
That's it.
But still
I know what you're saying.
It was because we thought,
"I'm okay, we're okay."
I, for one, was never afraid of you.
Not even suspicious.
And even now, I mean,
considering the big picture, you know,
The truth is, I wouldn't recommend you,
you wouldn't get my vote.
How come, then?
How did you not see it coming?
Arrogance, Aslı.
What do you call us? Gen X,
a bunch of old farts? Whatever.
What paved the way for you was
our arrogance, you know what I mean?
Because we didn't take you seriously
at all, you were able to surpass us.
So you believe it was simple
for me to go through the ranks?
Of course Aslı, I do. That easy.
Because we thought no one could lie to us,
nobody would dare to pull that,
especially a young woman.
How could she?
It was all because
we didn't think it was possible,
and therefore failed to see
what was in front of us.
I did it, didn't I?
I had the guts to do it, and I did it.
I mean,
did you see
how you all dropped like flies?
Yeah, I did see.
Did you watch my show?
I did.
I still do.
And so, what do you think?
[chuckles] You shouldn't
be asking this to me.
Or even worry about it.
Do you read the comments on social media?
They're comparing me to you.
Some think I'm better than you,
while others criticize me, of course.
Do you ever read them?
I never read them, no.
What do you mean "never"?
Are you not curious
about what viewers think of you?
Sure I am.
I'm not curious to know
what they write though.
People sometimes conceal their actual
feelings or opinions about you, Aslı.
They just say what they want to say.
Social media is no different.
They hide behind their screens and
write anything they want to say to you.
Not how they truly feel
or what they truly think about you.
So we should stay away from social media?
No, you shouldn't.
Of course, check it out.
Only if you know what to keep
and what to discard.
Don't look at it if it's confusing.
It's simple.
It's up to you, Aslı.
Shall we have some wine?
All right.
Help yourself.
[tense music playing]
What the
[music fades]
Gül's gone.
Kicked out.
I know. I've heard about it.
I thought you said Gül was untouchable.
She is.
Gül will be okay.
She's an excellent executive.
She always does her best
for the company for which she works.
And besides, as you must know,
losing a set doesn't
mean you've lost the game.
Oh yes, I'm sorry, I forgot that
Gül is a college alumni, right?
She studied in the United States
and everything,
and obviously,
you've been up the same road.
Yes, Aslı.
We're the privileged kids. Okay?
And sure, that may have
given us a head start in life.
Nobody is saying otherwise.
You're right.
Yes, but
along the way, things change,
everything is reset,
and only talent perseveres.
You think I don't have what it takes?
Just look at me.
I obviously have what it takes.
Let's just say I'm not a fan of your work.
[tense music playing]
[chuckles] You're not a fan?
But Lale,
my ratings are as obvious as day.
They're higher than yours too.
Despite the fact that
you're not a fan of my work.
But you thought I'd make a grand entrance
and exit through
the back door, didn't you?
Tell me why you're here, Aslı.
I was worried about you.
Don't worry about me.
I'm fine.
I'm doing great. Thank you.
After all, you were my mentor,
and I owe you respect.
In fact, I should pay you a visit
on every vacation
just in case you feel abandoned.
People could tell their kids when
they see you at their local grocery store,
"Hey, you can't recall,
but back in the day,
- she was a pretty important lady."
- Mm.
Thanks for the compliment.
You're too polite. It means a lot to me.
You should consider having
your eyelids removed, I think.
They make you look even more tired.
You're right.
I've already thought about it, you know?
They make me uncomfortable
every time I put on my reading glasses.
You've lost a lot of weight.
Forget the diet.
At your age, weight loss will
wrinkle your skin and you'll look older.
[chuckling] So, you're saying
I'll look older than I am.
Well, it is what it is. Nothing I can do.
Let me ask you this then.
Don't you ever yearn for those
wonderful, bygone glory days?
Yeah, I've missed my job a lot.
That's actually why I
decided to come back.
Your plan is to bring me down,
to destroy me?
I have no such plans.
To be honest,
I couldn't be bothered.
How'd you get this house?
Did you apply for a mortgage,
was it difficult for you?
Or perhaps you had so much money
that you didn't know where to put it?
Take this, for instance.
Did you buy it
after going from store to store?
Or did your architect
or interior designer just put it here?
How about your old friends?
Do you still hang out with the ones who're
not as rich and successful as you are?
Or were you so tired of their jealousy
that you chose to avoid them?
Everyone's asking something
from you, right?
That's appalling.
My least favorite thing.
Obviously, you had to acquire
a new circle, that's a given.
You're right. You're right.
Okay, but what do you think about
when you go to bed at night?
Hmm? I mean, what did you think back then?
Were you just like,
"I was fantastic today. Amazing show."
Are you finished yet?
But go ahead. Please.
Let's begin with the house.
[music fades]
When Selim and I decided
to buy ourselves a place,
the world was on the verge of war,
Aslı, and because I had to be abroad,
constantly away from home,
much to my regret,
this house, and everything
you see in here was picked by
Selim and my two daughters.
A long while after that, I came to
this house feeling like a guest,
and it took me a bit to get over that.
In terms of my social network, I did have
to let go of some of my friends, true,
because their critiques
of my career and being a parent
were extremely harsh and unjustified.
Um, but I wasn't angry, just offended.
I do have feelings, after all.
I'm a human being.
That's why some of them had to go.
But, despite who we are, we continue
to get together with some of them
and have an amazing time.
And at night sometimes,
I watch the videos
that Selim takes of us together,
and replay them.
My evening routine, y'know?
Selim also records for me the moments
with the girls that I've missed,
and sends them to me.
Their games, their shows.
I love watching them.
Happy now?
At what point
did you hear the snap exactly?
Hear what snap?
When did you hear that snap, Lale?
"I'm good, it's done now."
"This is the point of no return."
"I'm wealthy. No one can
take these things away from me."
"And I can drink this
very expensive wine whenever I want."
At which point was that?
[chuckles] That point
doesn't exist at all.
Or snap, or whatever.
Bad news, Aslı.
This wine is mine today, sure.
And yes, I can drink it.
Not having wine tomorrow is mine.
The high ratings I received then
and don't receive now are also mine.
Do you understand what I mean, Aslı?
Success and failure are both mine.
That's how life works.
The seeds can't be pulled out.
You have to go through it all.
Now, please look at me.
Why are you here?
But please, just tell me the truth.
Be honest.
I'm scared.
Of course.
You should be. That's all right.
It's just too much!
It's filthy, it's it's gross.
Yeah, okay, fine, filth is nothing to me.
Oh wait, before you say anything,
I can tell you that I'm the filthiest
and the most gross, right?
Friendship, integrity, loyalty,
none of that horseshit
means anything to me.
But still
You're miserable.
I thought I'd be happy once I won.
Whoever told you that was a liar.
Are you unhappy too?
Or I mean, were you unhappy
when you were at the top?
I didn't think about it.
Nothing makes you happy, right?
Selim, the girls, this house,
the ratings, the awards
None of it.
We have been poisoned by
success, celebrity, and glitter.
All of this is a curse.
Nothing can ever make us happy anymore.
I'm not in your shoes.
I have a great husband.
Two amazing daughters. They make me happy.
My family is like a safe haven for me.
Don't you dare lie to me!
Don't lie for a change,
you wanted me to be honest!
You're talking to Aslı Tuna, so you
better keep your attitude in check!
I've got no respect for you, Aslı Tuna.
- Yes, you do!
- I don't!
- You do!
- I don't at all.
Yes, you do!
Look at you,
drinking wine with me in the morning.
Your husband is waiting outside.
And you know the reason?
Because I yanked you from that chair!
It wasn't you.
- Really?
- Yes, Müge!
So, even that was your doing, huh?
Because the only one
who could hurt you is yourself, right?
You've been watching me.
Well, you have to
since the rest of the country has.
No one can take their gaze
away from me, all right?
Honey, even when there's
a car accident, people look.
You piece of shit!
- [glass shattering]
- What do you want from me?
What the hell do you want from me, Aslı?
I've had enough!
There you go, Lale, that's what I want.
Listen, you and I are alike, Lale.
There's no denying it. Come on, please.
We can only understand each other.
And this is what I want.
Let's speak about this.
I'm not doing this, okay?
There's nothing to speak about, Aslı.
You and I will never be in the same league
or on the same ground, is that clear?
We are the exact opposites
of each other, damn it!
It's cool, right? Better than nothing.
What the hell is this?
You don't have any pride, do you? Huh?
Do you lack self-esteem?
Build some character, for Christ's sake!
Why are you even trying
to compete with me? I don't understand!
How about you?
Let's talk about how you lie to yourself,
and that self-righteous attitude of yours.
Admit it, you want to be in my shoes.
You want to live the way your heart
and soul desire, but you can't, can you?
And why?
Because you need to be a good person.
Friendship, principles, and family are all
very important to you, and that's amazing.
But you've been scorched, Lale.
Enough with the lies.
- You're jealous of me.
- What a joke!
- Jealous of you?
- Yeah, me.
[scoffs] You're sick, you know that?
Maybe not my success,
or the awards I received,
but the way I accept myself, unlike you.
Cause you're obsessed with morality.
Oh yeah.
You used to be a rock 'n' roll woman.
Don't you recall?
And now, you're just playing house.
The actions of a happy family.
Get out of my house. C'mon. Get out.
Out! Get out now.
I have things to do. Move, c'mon.
Let go of me.
I don't know what it's like
to be a mother.
I know what it's like
to work in this industry.
Your life is only about two things.
The ratings
and Kenan.
But you can't even admit that to yourself.
I'm the only one who knows
where you're coming from, Lale.
Fine. If we're being honest, Aslı,
I'd like to tell you
a couple of things as well.
People have a strong need to love.
I'm not saying being loved,
but being forced to love
someone or something.
Being human,
having a heart,
they're not weaknesses.
Everyone needs to connect with someone
at some point in their lives.
So much loneliness eats at you.
Get the point?
I do have that, I'm alive, and I can feel.
Take this as a word of advice, okay?
From a veteran.
Keep that in mind, okay?
Now please, get out of my house.
[dramatic music playing]
[footsteps receding]
[birds chirping]
[soft piano music playing]
[tempo speeds up]
[music fades]
Is everything all right, honey?
Let the vacation begin, please.
Let's go.
[tense music playing]
[engine starts]
[dramatic music playing]
[Kenan] This is Müge.
Müge Turkmen?
You won't mention any of this to Lale.
Yeah, but, uh
This would be too much for Lale
to cope with. She would get very hurt.
Don't you think it'd be better
to keep her in the loop, sir?
Yusuf, Just forget about it, okay?
I don't want her to know, period.
Is this what you do?
Like, you know, keeping Lale safe
from storms, the world itself,
or any other dangerous little vermin.
It's really bizarre.
Like a gardener and his flowers.
Whatever, Yusuf.
All right.
We'll be hosting a party on Saturday,
so I'll need your guest list ASAP.
I'm invited too?
Of course you're invited.
You have connections.
Call all the people you know.
All right, you mean,
you want me to give you my guest list,
because I'm invited to the party.
Is that right?
Don't make me beat you up,
because I won't be able
to tell Lale why I did it.
Go on, go on. Get out of here.
All right. Have a nice day, sir.
[cell phone ringing]
[door closes]
[Güliz] Hello, Kenan.
Whom do I owe the pleasure?
This is Güliz. And don't tell me
you don't know who I am.
We need to meet up
and have a private conversation.
I have an idea. Agree to meet?
The fact is that
I know who the true brains are.
[Kenan] Hmm.
And how do you know that?
I'm all ears.
So you think you have what it takes?
Oh, you're adorable.
Do you really wanna play the age card now?
Come on, Güliz. Spill.
Join me.
Me and my network.
What? It's big.
Okay, I mean, you've been
running a tight ship for a long while,
and this is your turf, blah, blah.
I'm the one in charge now, Kenan.
Sulhi is also backing me.
Having influence and power, huh?
Don't you think it's poetic?
It's true, just have a look.
I'm high up here despite my age,
and you're you.
That's my proposal.
Okay, listen.
I'm giving you complete control.
Just say yes already.
Let's start a new show.
Let's create a new star.
I know you're the one for this.
You know what it takes. Let's do this.
Take your time. No rush.
I'm aware of how you people
like to think at length.
When the terms and other information
are laid out, you can decide then.
Yeah, because I'm trying
to find my way home, y'know.
Stop posting stories
if you're recording this.
You know what, just give me that.
[melancholy piano music playing]
[Lale] People have a strong need to love.
I'm not saying being loved,
but being forced to love
someone or something.
Being human, having a heart,
they're not weaknesses.
[music fades]
We were such good, lucky kids,
weren't we?
At the age when life seemed
like everything was possible,
and full of surprises, you know?
[pop music playing softly]
Always asking, "What's gonna happen next?
What's gonna happen next?"
"What's gonna happen next? What's
gonna happen next? What's gonna happen"
Are you talking about
how we were constantly anxious?
No, on the contrary.
The thrill we had.
Endless possibilities.
For example,
do you ever experience enthusiasm?
Like, when was the last time
you were ecstatic?
Lale, listen to me,
I know you've been having a hard time.
But it seems like there's more to it.
I have an idea.
Do you wanna make love to me on the beach?
On the beach?
On the beach, just like we used to.
That wasn't with me, I guess.
I'm not okay at all, Selim.
It's like, my mind's
at odds with my heart.
All right, let's get you to sleep.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Come on.
Yes, let's get me to bed.
Let's do that.
Come on.
I want to love you so much. You know?
What do you mean?
You're an amazing husband.
You're Selim.
You are perfect.
You wish you could love me, is that right?
Tonight ♪
What's up, gorgeous?
I couldn't sleep well last night.
I'm on edge.
What's up?
This Saturday evening,
party at your place.
Oh no.
Lale is gonna throw
her annual party this weekend.
I'm sure she's invited everyone.
And I guess everyone will
accept her invitation, except
if they have more pressing things to do.
How about Zerrin?
She's in town.
Oh, how cunning as a fox you are. Yes!
I bet Kenan's already invited her. Nah
But I want her to come to our party.
Of course she'll come to our party, Müge.
I doubt she'd want to get
all nostalgic with Lale.
Well, okay.
No worries, I'll make it happen.
I'll call and invite her myself.
Uh But honey,
it's not easy to get a hold of Zerrin.
In fact, it's quite hard.
Almost impossible.
Güliz could invite her.
She's a family friend of hers.
I'm telling you, she will come
if I invite her, Müge.
Okay, you take care of this, then.
I'll take care of the rest. Oh, so,
party at your place, this weekend!
Whoo! Awesome, that's great.
Yes. I'll just jot down some notes.
[Kenan] Yeah, Zerrin, how's it going?
I'm great, thanks.
It's been a long time, right?
Yeah, fine, fine.
Lale and I just talked about you.
We'd be glad to have you there.
We'd be honored and pleased.
Perfect. I'll see you
at the party, then. All right.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Lale.
Good morning, good luck with that.
Good morning, welcoming committee.
You're going to take root there very soon.
Good morning.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- I love your new haircut.
- [woman] Thank you.
- Good morning, Lale.
- Good morning, dear.
- How are you?
- Good, and you?
I'm fine, thank you for asking, ma'am.
- Kenan hasn't arrived yet?
- No, he's working remotely this week.
But don't worry,
everything's online and up-to-date.
Awesome, then.
We're in charge of the party
this weekend at your house.
Rıfat has everything under control.
Do you have, maybe, some questions for me?
No, thank you for everything.
- I'll see you.
- My pleasure.
by Michael Alan Raphael playing]
Just one more pill
And I can sleep tonight ♪
The demon's over my bed ♪
Just one last drink
And he may disappear ♪
Or is it all in my head? ♪
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
voice is in my head ♪
[Aslı] Your life is only about two things.
The ratings,
and Kenan.
I'm still haunted ♪
Müge, just give me a direct answer,
for God's sake!
I've sent a dozen gifts to Zerrin,
but that stupid bitch
isn't returning my damn calls!
- Do you think she's coming?
- Aslı, please, just calm down.
It appears like she'll be joining us.
What if she doesn't show up, Müge?
She can't go to Lale's party.
Very well. I'll deal with it.
Just please, calm down now.
Handle it.
[intriguing music playing]
[Lale] Thank you.
I guess the weather's not gonna change,
so keep an extra eye on the heaters, okay?
Why are you looking at me like that?
What's wrong?
Just looking.
You're at it again.
[Lale] I'm afraid so.
What do you call this?
A gathering for worthwhile
networking connections?
Where's Kenan?
Dunno. This week, he's working from home.
Hmm, why's that?
Don't know.
Are you two having issues?
No. Why?
That's interesting.
- No, guys, this won't do.
- Guys, please!
Why are these tables still empty?
Get a move on!
Come on, people, time flies,
move it, it's getting late.
Go, go! Let's be on top of it.
- Well
- Please keep
[Müge] Honey. Honey.
Güliz told me that she called Zerrin
personally to invite her,
and she said she'd come.
This is going to be great. So great.
I'm telling you, we're gonna kill it.
- [Aslı] Müge?
- Mm? What's up?
You never worked so hard for
Lale's parties, did you? I'm curious.
No, but this is different.
This is for the sake of our jobs.
- [Müge chuckling]
- [Aslı] Mm.
So, I guess you don't want Lale to ever
come back after you screwed her over.
Because if she does,
you're the first person on her kill list.
Did you two get together
after that incident?
Lale's not a nightlife person,
so I doubt you've run into each other.
No, we haven't seen each other since.
- Come on, don't be nervous, honey.
- I'm not
I'm not asking if you play for both sides,
don't get me wrong.
- I'm just curious.
- Mm.
By the way,
- great jacket!
- Oh, thank you.
And I love your dress.
I mean, it looks amazing. I love it.
Just a sec, they're dozing off,
I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
I need you guys to wake up.
What's wrong with these flowers?
[woman] Everything's perfect, dear.
Like always.
[Lale] Thank you very much,
glad you like it.
I was so busy that I couldn't
take care of anything, to be honest.
Don't be so modest.
The place is overflowing with your grace.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Thank you all for coming.
I'm glad to have you.
- See you around.
- See you.
[band playing classical music]
- [woman 2] Hi, Lale.
- Seda, hi!
Wait, I won't kiss you
so I don't ruin your gorgeous makeup.
- You look outstanding.
- You're too kind.
- Grab a drink, then I'll join you.
- Looking forward to it.
Why are you wearing red?
It's maroon, it's different.
- Hmm.
- It's a little large. Think it suits me?
You barely eat. What're you talking about?
You're so thin,
you need to take care of yourself.
Is that your way of telling me
that I'm getting uglier?
- What?
- [Lale chuckles]
You could never become ugly.
You look nice.
You brought Gül as your plus one?
What do you mean?
Hey Seda, so How are things with you?
What's up?
[jazzy instrumental music playing softly]
Aslı, ma'am, everything looks so great.
- Has Zerrin arrived?
- She hasn't.
Is something bothering you?
You seem worried.
That's because I am.
There's a traitor among us,
and given the recent incidents,
something's going on.
Hi, Güliz.
You said you'd visit me.
Well, I just moved back from London.
That was wrong of you.
I was gonna arrange an interview
with the BBC for you.
Zerrin, we're so glad
to have you here, ma'am.
I'm Müge, the editor-in-chief.
We grew up watching you and dreamt of
- working with
- Mrs. Zerrin?
Welcome to my house.
Aslı Tuna.
Aslı Tuna.
I know who you are.
You're sitting in Lale's chair,
aren't you?
[Aslı] Actually,
the chair in question seems to like me.
Doesn't look like it's yearning
for its former master.
The proof is you're here.
Don't you think it's hard to hold on
to two branches at once, ma'am?
What do you mean by that?
Like that fantasy
where we leave this place
and the real owners come back.
But on the other hand, trying
to keep yourself safe if they don't.
The old ways win.
Like being young is somehow criminal.
Like we're all guests in our own house
and don't deserve to be here.
You created this game, yes,
and Gen X is playing it.
I don't follow. What do you mean?
Your generation.
Baby boomers.
The pig in the python.
[Müge] Uh, that was
a somewhat hasty societal conclusion.
And that's an understatement, right?
- Uh, would you like a drink?
- You have no respect for anything.
I'm afraid respect isn't something
solely based on years.
The opposite.
Acquired experience helps one to succeed.
Take me, for example.
One look is enough for me to know
you don't have what it takes.
What do you say we start
enjoying the party now, Zerrin, okay?
Come with me.
I hope you know that
I'm just here for you.
Yes, I know. I have some juicy stuff
about my parents to tell you.
I'm having hot flashes, goddammit.
Give me that, quickly, come on.
Müge, um, could you help me
for just one minute?
- I'm in a predicament.
- What?
What's wrong?
I think someone's puking on the floor.
I have no idea who it is, but we need
to avoid a scene, know what I mean?
- Where are they?
- In that room.
Damn, you're totally useless.
[woman] After all this party food
Hello? What again?
There's a problem with the drinks,
and they need me there. May I go?
- Go, deal with that. This room, right?
- Yeah, in there.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
[Müge] Excuse me, are you okay?
Do you need help with anything?
I'll go check and be right back.
[tense music playing]
[Lale] I actually don't want that.
But it's the only way, y'know?
- With a totally different plan
- Can we have a word, please?
We're having a discussion.
I'm sorry. It's urgent.
I'm coming. I'll be right back.
- So, what's wrong?
- Don't you think it's time we talk?
Let's talk. Tell me, go ahead.
In private, if you don't mind.
[sighs] Fine, follow me.
Come in, the staff
and guests are everywhere.
We can talk here.
[door closes]
[melancholy piano music playing]
Lale, tell me what's up with you.
What? You want me to tell you?
- You wanted to tell me something.
- Let's not beat around the bush anymore.
You've been trying to avoid me.
No, I haven't, Kenan.
Yes, you have,
and I need to know why, Lale.
I mean, did I do anything to offend you?
Kenan, I don't know what to say,
it's just not true.
Why should you care?
You're doing well, if not excellent.
I mean,
you have everything you need in life.
I'm talking about Gül, Kenan.
I don't know what to tell you,
but I think having
a decent relationship with someone
will be beneficial for you
after all this time.
And I believe Gül is
the perfect match for you. She's great.
You think Gül and I are a couple?
That's right.
What's wrong with that?
Everything's fine.
[suspenseful music playing]
- [tense music fades]
- [classical music playing]
What are those?
They're for the guests.
They call them "see-you-later" gifts.
Oh. Well, I'll take one, then.
After all, I'm a guest too.
Here, I'll put one in a bag for you.
It's classier.
Thank you for that.
[Selim] Here.
I didn't ask for whiskey.
It's a special reserve, from Cem, Kenan.
You're not drinking it, though.
Well, uh
I am not a whiskey connoisseur, Kenan.
And you think I am, don't you?
Looks that way.
You always keep your cool.
Always seem to know what you're doing.
So that's how I look
from the outside, huh?
She's on fire, isn't she?
I guess so.
Sometimes, Kenan,
you fall in love with the heat, you know?
And other times it leaves you breathless.
You're totally right.
An obnoxious way to live,
don't you think, Selim?
I don't think it's good for me anymore.
You'll quit drinking?
As a matter of fact, I am.
I'll do it with a heavy heart.
I'll miss it, but I have to give it up.
And you?
This was the last one.
[gulls calling]
See you.
Good night.
Darling, this was amazing, like always.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
- I missed you.
- Me too, let's meet up soon, okay?
- Absolutely.
- Great.
- Thanks for coming.
- Thank you.
An earthquake struck İzmir.
- What?
- [Yusuf] Mmm.
[Lale] The magnitude?
Five point four,
but no official statements yet.
What do you want me to do?
Hurry up, Yusuf,
I arranged a ride for you.
You got it.
[tense music playing]
[cell phone chimes]
Four buildings collapsed to the ground
here, and one more could follow.
We can only get details about the wounded.
Nothing about the casualties.
- But as soon as we know more about
- [woman] Help!
Help! Over here!
Voices coming from beneath.
I'm hearing voices from inside!
Voices from inside the building!
[woman 2] Officer, please
There's another earthquake!
[people screaming]
[loud rumbling]
[people screaming]
[tense music playing]
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