Ascension (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Night Two

1 Previously on Ascension Your father was convinced that the US could launch an interstellar spacecraft, right then in the '60s, with the technology we had.
Quite a dream Dad had.
Lorelei! Last night, we lost one of our own in a tragic accident, Lorelei Wright.
And I don't have any experience with anything like this.
Nobody does.
Did one of our space heroes actually commit a murder? It would appear so.
I don't know who killed her! - Who was she afraid of? - It's who's afraid of her.
This is my father's legacy.
I won't have it tarnished.
Sometimes, I think I know things, like I can still feel it, underneath everything, like a skull under the skin.
Your fiefdom is built on your being able to convince me that you have complete control.
You think I don't have total control? The minute they doubt the validity of their environment is the minute the experiment fails.
Ascension is a lifeboat for humanity.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to this mission to which we're bound, one people under God for the hope and future of humanity.
I heard an assistant in maintenance wrote that ridiculous pledge.
The words aren't the point.
Those children need to hear what we heard, that they're heroes, and that this ship is humanity's last best hope.
We don't know exactly what we'll find when we reach our new home world in the Proxima system, so the Terra Chamber is used to simulate different environments that we might encounter.
You really know your way around out there.
Thanks! I'm apprenticing with Dr.
Oh, pretty and smart! All right! If you'll all follow me, we're off to the Legacy Seed Banks.
Director Warren.
Harris! You should be receiving a file any minute now.
What is it? A CV for a consultant I'm sending over.
We've never had a murder on Ascension before.
You could use the help.
This is the most important endeavour in human history, Katherine.
I won't let it be ruined by your watchdog! Play nice, Harris.
You've built your own private kingdom, but remember kings can be deposed.
So, what's this test supposed to do, rate the amount of crazy of everyone on board? Just say the first thing that comes to your mind.
I was a baby when he died in that fire.
I meant how you feel about it.
It was an accident.
A cobalt generator malfunctioned, and 20 people died.
The captain saved the XO and Ophelia.
Most people think the psych-eval was designed to assess personality.
You know what its true purpose is? To determine one's breaking point.
You're talking about the crisis? Realizing you've met everyone you'll ever meet and that you've seen every place you'll ever go can make anyone panic.
What's troubling you? I don't think Stokes did it.
Aaron, part of life on this ship is the compact we make.
Even if you're right and the murderer is still here, perhaps the best thing we can do is to go on with our lives.
And what if he kills again? I see that you served as a military investigator for nearly 10 years.
Exactly how much did Katherine tell you about the project? She described it as a sociological experiment.
Ascension was designed to test the long-term viability of intergenerational space flight.
As far as the crew believes, they're halfway through a 100-year journey.
And one of them is a murderer.
I'm convinced we have the killer in custody.
Well, obviously, Director Warren isn't as confident as you are.
Exactly how do you plan on investigating a murder when you can't visit the crime scene, never question a witness, never review the evidence? Well, I certainly wouldn't grab the closest suspect and hope for the best.
Other-than-honourable discharge.
I assume it also tells you why.
It was 2004.
You weren't asked, but you told.
Did it feel like a stain on your honour to be silent, that lying to your comrades diminished you? Are you worried about my morality? Not at all.
Anyone who's spent the past few years working for Katherine must have accumulated any number of things they've learned not to tell.
Enzmann, think of me as a consultant sent down from corporate.
I'll file my report, and I'll be out of here in a few days, a week at most.
You'll find the project a well-oiled machine.
Your time here will be nothing if not uneventful.
It might even be a little boring.
Well, I hope so.
Makes my job easier.
This is your blue badge.
You can only speak to other blue badges.
If a person with another colour badge tries to interact with you, please report it to security immediately.
Blue badge, got it.
Every fruit, vegetable and grain from our ancestors' home world are stored here in the Legacy Seed Banks, where they'll be kept for hybridization and transplantation once we reach Proxima.
It won't be exactly the same as on Earth, but it will be as close as we can get.
Now, over here, they're measuring the pH levels.
Now, the pH levels have to match within 18% for the seeds to take root.
Otherwise, nothing will grow, and we'll get to Proxima Admiring the view? Now, if you'll come with me here Come on, you can't tell me that doesn't bring you back to your steamy night in the landing craft.
Presley, I told you nothing happened.
Why not? You have your implant.
Doesn't mean I have to use it.
My advice: Keep your options open.
Have fun before the ship's computer matches you with someone for mechanical procreation.
What are you 2 ladies whispering about? I'd hate to have to write you up.
Um, we were just talking about Seeds and fertilization.
All right, kids, let's wrap it up! We'll let maintenance finish cleaning out the mud traps or whatever they're doing.
- Changing nutrient recyclers.
- Huh? If you wanna get technical.
Yeah, like I said, you're scooping out the mud.
If you don't change out the nutrient baths, then the seeds don't gestate.
The seeds don't gestate, then they fall back a generation, and eventually we starve.
But I guess leading a tour is important too.
What's your problem, decker? Huh? Oh! That guy's crazy! Somebody stop them! Hey! Tell me what happened! Explosion in the Terra Lab.
Jesus! Pull the video.
Work backwards from the explosion.
Track everyone in and out of that lab the last 24 hours.
They're venting the flame.
Get down! Give me a hand with this.
On the count of three.
Ready? No future.
That's exactly what we'd have if the rest of the Seed Bank was destroyed.
Get that washed up before someone sees it, all right? Injuries? Cuts and scrapes, smoke inhalation.
The crew's on edge, though.
First Lorelei, then this.
Cobalt generator.
It was modified to blow when the circuit was tripped.
You think it was the saboteurs? The closer we get to the Rubicon, the more brazen they become.
Why is it so goddamn hot? The cooling system was damaged.
It's running at 20%.
And the ship is only gonna get hotter! Did you check with requisitions, make sure they have all their generators? 15 present and accounted for, 12 others in use throughout the ship.
We should round them up, find out which one's missing.
You know, despite what you may think Gault, I'm actually very good at my job.
Shut it down, you two.
We've gotta move quick, and get our story out there, or we're gonna have a lot of people asking questions.
What is our story? Attention, please.
The cooling system is undergoing repairs because of a methane-gas explosion.
We are extremely fortunate that no one was seriously injured.
Rest assured, hazardous-material protocols will be strictly reviewed and enforced from this point forward.
Anyone who hasn't been evaluated please line up against the wall.
Sure it's my turn? There might be some officers with headaches that need tending to.
It's first come, first served.
Not everything is about where you're from.
It seems that way.
Right, Crouch? I'll see you later.
Why did you get in a fight with Bobby Rawles? You're something else, Nora.
You know that? Deep breaths.
Nora! I have 3 patients that need vitals taken.
Wait, what about my heart? You're clear to go.
Does it live up to your expectations? Reading about it is one thing, seeing it is something else entirely.
It's hard to imagine a world without civil rights, a sexual revolution.
Vietnam, 9/11, those earrings that look like hockey pucks.
Or people like me? Homosexuals? They were left out by design.
It's not a matter of prejudice, you understand? Purely practical.
Anyone who intentionally avoids procreation would just be superfluous.
Superfluous or not, I'm guessing there's a few in there.
We tend to pop up where you least expect us.
So, what caused the explosion? Methane buildup in the leach pits.
That seems quite volatile, 600 people in a pressure cooker.
It's the first incident we've had in 20 years.
Aside from the murder, you mean? Project Apollo cost over 100 billion in adjusted dollars.
The Panama Canal took 27,000 lives.
On a project of this scale, setbacks are to be expected.
I'll need an office, AV setup, access to surveillance, crew files, and, of course, the suspect.
The council's been complaining about the captain's handling of the heat.
The Mess Hall will be cleaning out frozen stores.
Make sure the council gets first choice, and deliver it personally.
Viondra! You missed our lunch appointment today.
That'll be all for now, Jackie.
She wasn't to your liking? Oh, I've grown accustomed to a much finer vintage.
Maybe too accustomed.
I've been thinking that it's time that we take a break from our weekly meetings.
Oh no! That would truly sadden me.
I mean, I know the political winds have shifted, and your husband has regained some measure of popularity after bringing justice to Lorelei's murderer.
And, as they say, to the victor goes the spoils.
I'm not a prize to be won.
I know, Viondra, but the captain's statement today about the explosion being a methane-gas buildup, well, that's just gonna buy him a little more time.
Councilman, I don't know who is spreading these rumours, but it was nothing more than an unfortunate accident.
Really? An accident? Since when do accidents leave messages on walls, hmm? So, I suspect it won't be very long until we're lunching again.
He suffered a complete psychotic break, put an orderly in traction on his first day of consciousness.
Will he understand me? He should be able to.
We're weaning him off his meds so he can eat.
Stokes? Mr.
Stokes, do you know where you are? I'm in hell! I'm in hell! I'm in hell! Goddammit! I'm gonna kill every one of you! I'm gonna kill you! Looks inviting, doesn't it? Right now, there's almost nothing I'd like more.
The heat suits you.
Aaron, I'm sorry.
I'm with Duke now.
I'm trying to make things work.
Are you happy? I am.
You're a bad liar.
The heat is getting to people, William.
Fights are breaking out, public drunkenness.
Two of my girls had to fend off unwanted advances.
Right now, I have bigger concerns.
There are no bigger concerns than your constituency.
Rose knows it was a bomb.
He's gotten to someone in your inner circle.
Who do you think it is? Could be an officer.
Gault pushed back during the investigation.
He's stubborn, I'll give you that, but he's no traitor.
Loyalties shift.
He's a heartbeat from the captain's chair.
Better him than anyone else.
We need a distraction for the crew.
What do you suggest? It's the first day of Ostara tomorrow.
I say we open the stores, bring out the good booze.
We have 2 weeks until the birth-list selection.
Why don't we push the boundaries a bit, give them a night where we look away? And Rose? Can you uncover his spy? He's made it quite clear what he wants.
I'll leave the negotiations to you.
Krueger! Got the footage you asked for.
Does this include the radiation storm? No, this is the methane explosion.
The radiation storm is in the other drive I already gave you.
Just go to the drop-down folder right in the corner of It's not all there.
Feeds from at least 5 of the cameras are missing.
Really? I'll look into it.
- Better get back, so here you go.
- One second.
Aaron Gault.
Mmm-hmm? He found the gun, right? Yeah, the XO.
He's a real climber.
Totally got a thing going on with a married woman.
Best reality TV show never made! Don't they have any privacy? Uh, pretty much no.
So, how do you manage to miss a murder? Well, there are blind spots.
The killer got lucky.
Or he knew where they were.
I got repair crews using cobalt generators on Decks 15, 21, the Commons.
Have any been reported missing? They're checked in when they're serviced.
Dwight handles it.
Dwight? XO! What can I do for you? I need to see the requisition log for your cobalt generators.
Yes, sir.
They're all accounted for.
This hasn't been updated in weeks.
You know, I enjoy your company, though I can't say much about your choice of venues.
The tacos are to die for.
I'll take your word for it.
Your loss.
There's been a development, an explosion on the ship.
Enzmann's lying through his teeth.
He says it was an accident.
But I can tell from the limited access that I've had to the footage, it was a directional blast.
- A bomb.
- I think so.
They're doing everything they can to keep me in the dark.
He's feeding me the same B.
that you did about this being a sociological experiment.
You don't buy it? Billions of dollars to prove that 600 people in a tin can won't get along? I could've told you that for free.
What's its real purpose? Do you know the history of complex polymers? Norplant, MRIs? Any idea where they originated? You're saying that they all came from Ascension? Put your best and brightest in a tin can for 50 years with no outside influence, and they'll change the world.
I'm not just there to investigate a murder, am I? This is the first opportunity we've had since his father's stroke to get someone on the inside.
He's hiding something, and the TC Group wants to know what that is.
Hiding something? What? Something to do with the crew.
He's less hands off than he implies.
Experiments? I look forward to your report.
And if you figure out who killed the girl, let me know.
I'm curious.
It's pretty.
Lorelei! Christa, are you okay? I was dreaming about Lorelei.
Oh! You miss her.
We all do.
She's with the angels now.
Is that what you're drawing? Angels? No, that's Icarus and his father Daedalus.
He built the labyrinth to hold a monster inside.
What's wrong, Christa? I'm scared.
Something bad's coming.
We searched the ship from bow to stern.
There's no sign of Dwight Crouch.
Why would he do it? He's a lower-decker.
Well, that's not all.
He's an unclaimed.
How, with the implants? Well, sometimes the implants are damaged or removed.
No family or status, no right of reproduction, already an outcast.
God only knows what's going on in that kid's mind.
What about the other generators? There's still one unaccounted for.
He's making another bomb.
Things might get out of hand later tonight.
Should I have the safety officers standing by? No.
Tonight, anything goes.
You've gotta be kidding me! You have anger issues.
No, I have frustration issues.
I know when I'm getting the runaround.
I haven't received the footage I've asked for, half the floors are off-limits, and I can only speak to someone who has the same colour badge as me.
It wasn't a methane buildup.
Yeah, I know.
It was a bomb.
If it had been a methane explosion, it would've been uniform and omnidirectional.
You lied to me, but that's what you do, right? This whole project is one big lie told to 600 people.
I wanna show you something.
Lorelei thought it was all a mistake, didn't she? What? All of it.
The ship, the mission.
Is that what "no future" means? Where did you hear that? After the explosion, I saw it written on the wall.
It's something we say on the lower decks.
Whenever someone asks you why you're drinking or fighting or doing anything against the rules, you say "no future," as in: "Why bother? Nothing matters anyway.
" Do you believe that? I never said I didn't wanna believe in a future.
I just don't know if I can.
When my father started Ascension, he'd bring me to work, and I'd sit on his knee and watch their faces.
Are you familiar with her yet? Juliet Bryce, the ship's doctor.
I grew up watching her.
I sometimes feel like I know her better than my own wife.
Same for the others.
This isn't some Petri dish being examined under a microscope.
This is family.
There's a man in the basement of this building who lost his mind when he found out the truth.
I'm attempting to protect the others from the same fate.
These people are heroes.
The fact that these people have no say in their lives doesn't bother you? Does it bother a tribe in the Amazon they've been denied sub-prime loans or reality television? The crew of Ascension is pure! They went 50 years without a single homicide.
Name another civilization that can say that.
Regardless of what you think of all of this, remember that at its heart, there's also her, and ask yourself: Had you been born on that ship, would you wanna know the truth? Councilman Rose! Can I offer you something cool? Well, thank you, Viondra! You look lovely.
But it's gonna take a lot more than this distraction to appease the crew once they find out what your husband's been hiding from them.
Careful, Councilman! We're all on the same side.
What would you gain by causing panic? Perhaps a change of direction, new leadership, someone with vision.
Someone like yourself.
That would be in the hands of the council of course, but I do appreciate your vote of confidence.
Denninger? Yes! Presley Delon.
I applied for an apprenticeship with you.
It's a very competitive program.
Oh, of course! It's an honour just to be considered.
Still think this is not enough of a distraction? Emily wanted me to drop this off.
They were Lorelei's.
I didn't hear you come in last night.
I slept on the beach.
Everybody did.
Is that a new necklace? Still haven't found the seahorse? I looked everywhere.
You'd think it wouldn't be possible to lose something on a ship surrounded by space, but apparently I can manage it.
- You like it? - Nice.
It's just funny to see you in something else, like seeing Lorelei's clothes given to other people.
Lorelei put a lot of work into those clothes.
It would be a shame to see them pulled apart and recycled.
We had fun that night she first wore this.
Would it be wasteful to keep it, not to wear, but to remember? I think that'd be fine, honey.
I saw you with James Toback.
Do you like him? Why are you interested in my love life all of a sudden? It's not all of a sudden, Nora.
You've just never had one before.
He's a friend.
I just don't want you falling for someone you can't be matched with.
You want me to end up like you and Dad, going to the motions, pretending everything's okay, when you're barely more than roommates? Nora.
I'm not blind.
- Marriage is complicated.
- Exactly.
If I don't get to choose who I'm matched with, then I better have fun now.
Come on in! Gault! What can I do for you? Sir, I checked the requisition logs in the library just to be sure.
The fire on Deck 23 was also caused by a cobalt generator.
Well, that was 20 years ago.
Crouch would've been just a kid.
What if he isn't working alone? What if the saboteurs have been around longer than we've suspected? What if Lorelei made the same connection? - It might be why she died.
- Well, Stokes killed Lorelei.
Sir, in the airlock Stokes tried to shoot me.
Are you surprised? The man was a killer.
The safety was on.
He didn't even know how to use the gun.
He panicked! Or he was telling the truth, and we had the wrong man.
Aaron, you're a man of character.
That's why I made you XO.
That's why I put you in charge of this investigation, because I knew you wouldn't stop even when I asked you to.
Character doesn't just mean going your own way.
A man of judgment knows those occasional times when loyalty is more important.
Yes, sir.
Focus on the task at hand.
Find Crouch.
Sir? You said that that my aptitude scores were good enough to get any apprenticeship that I wanted.
This isn't a good time, Toback! I wanna join OTS.
The Officers' Training School frowns on fighting and drinking.
With your behavioural record Look, a recommendation from the XO can go a long way, particularly, if the candidate showed initiative.
It's the video card Lorelei took the night of the fire, the one you've been looking for.
I'll take your request into consideration.
You're looking for Dwight, aren't you? I have a good idea where you can find him.
You should check on Deck 23.
What is it? We've got a Deck 23 situation.
Reroute the turbines to the air recyclers.
- We need a vacuum seal now! - Yes, sir! Where's my feed? I need eyes in there! Rerouting to the handheld.
Speed up the cooling system.
I need a 40° temperature drop! - Is it the bomber? - It's Gault.
Does he really need to wear that? He'd be a dead man if he didn't.
I sucked all the air out of there.
Button it down, people.
No unnecessary conversation or movement.
Deck 23 was damaged years ago.
The other side isn't airtight anymore.
Theoretically, a noise loud enough can be heard on the inside.
What's he doing? Gault's parents were killed in the explosion the night of the Launch Day party.
He's never really gotten over it.
Dwight? Look at that.
- Huh? - Huh? Aaron, what are you doing? Dwight, calm down! All right? Just turn it off! You killed my father! Stokes was your father? - You killed him.
- It was an accident! I almost went out of the airlock too! "Never trust an upper-decker.
" That's what he used to say to me.
He said, on Earth, there was no lower deck.
Everyone was born the same.
That's not true.
My father didn't lie! That bomb goes off, it'll send a wave of shrapnel right into us! Evacuate to the secure room immediately.
What do you mean, evacuate? Gault? You're just gonna let him die? The choice is between saving a man and the entire project.
That's no choice at all.
You're welcome to stay in the blast zone, but when this door closes, your blue badge will be useless.
Dwight, please! Turn it off! You'll kill everyone! He told me about you! You cheated, and you took his job, and that's why he couldn't claim me! Dwight, your oxygen's detached! Let me help you! Make sure Ms.
Krueger gets the raw footage.
I'd hate for her report to be incomplete.
So that's it.
A man suffocates in a room that you sucked all of the air out of, and it's case closed.
My father taught me dispassion was the best course.
The ship would right itself, he would say.
I'd doubt him every time, but every time, he'd prove correct.
The purpose of the experiment isn't to protect them, it's to learn from them.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
I'd like to get home for dinner, even if it is 5 hours late.
I hope you're right.
About what? The ship righting itself.
'Cause this project is gonna make one hell of a mess if it crashes.
You're awake.
I couldn't sleep.
Mitchum or Bogart? John Wayne.
He was a man of character.
We are doing the right thing, aren't we, pushing on no matter what? Of course we are.
We're heroes.
The '63/70.
Hello? I wanna meet.
I like your necklace.
It's a seahorse.
Oh, you're still up? I'm sorry I'm so late.
I've been waiting up for you.
Happy anniversary.
I thought you'd forgotten.
It's been a long time since you've kissed me like that.
Leave the necklace on.
Single file, ladies.
No shoes, no jewellery.
Remove any excess clothing.
If I don't make the cut, I swear I'll space myself.
120, the acceptable weight for a girl at 5'5".
However, you are not that girl.
Next! Like Viondra hasn't seen that trick a million times.
Are you even listening? He only joined OTS to impress you.
That's not true.
James wants to do more with his life than work in Water Reclamation.
'Cause of you.
It's a West Side Story.
He wants to cross the tracks to be with his Maria.
Next! Presley Delon, 19.
You're in.
Captain! Your wife is expecting me.
The weigh-ins are today.
Maybe I should stop by and check out the new recruits.
Why? You have the best ass on the ship right in front of you.
God knows how many other girls are vying for your attention.
Ah, don't tell me you're jealous.
I can't help but feel a little ownership.
I'm risking a lot.
The only risk you're taking is claiming ownership.
You're an oasis.
Don't spoil it.
Wait! Hmm? I'm not done with you yet.
You cremated Lorelei Wright's remains before an autopsy? Standard procedure.
We have no morgue, and besides, the murder had been resolved.
What about the gun? Stored with all the other detritus ejected from the ship.
Pure-grain alcohol! The drink of choice on the lower decks.
It's stronger than paint thinner.
Reminds of high school.
I'm gonna need the original manifest to cross-reference with the gun and the sporting-goods stores.
It's a waste of time.
Every person, package and piece of equipment was searched prior to boarding, and nothing from outside is allowed in.
That's right.
It's a billion-dollar sociological experiment, right? There have been ancillary benefits, and they underwrite the program, but Ascension has always been about more.
The originals were determined to save mankind.
The '63/70? Is that what they called them? The original crew? I see you've been scouring conspiracy-theory websites.
The idea that 70 scientists mysteriously disappeared in 1963 suggests they didn't volunteer.
Under false pretences.
Everyone operates under false pretences.
Only for them, if they wonder if there's some grand design, some purpose to their lives, an overseer guiding their destinies, they're right.
And right now, he's wasting his time talking to you.
It's gonna be fine.
Nora, I need your help calibrating this thing! I I can't ask again.
It takes a while to learn.
Don't be afraid to ask questions.
My dad would kill me if I lost this apprenticeship.
Nobody in my family's ever worked in the upper decks before.
Don't worry, Ike.
You'll be fine.
Are you ready? One brave girl ready for her shot.
Relax, Christa, this won't hurt a bit.
No, please.
I don't want it! I won't do it! Christa, calm down, calm down! Look, I'll go first.
Ophelia, no! I've been taking them all my life.
Look! See? I didn't feel a thing.
No, please! I don't want it! It's poison! Poison! Christa, just look at me and focus on my voice.
There is nothing to be scared of.
Ophelia? Nora, help me turn her over! It's okay! Shit! What are we gonna do? What the hell are you doing to these people? It's OK.
Turn her over! Let's go! Saving their lives.
Artificial circadian light cycles, recycled air, repetitive diets, they wear on the immune system.
The shots are merely inoculations.
Then what happened to Ophelia? An allergic reaction when she took the shot meant for Christa.
They're customized to each individual crew member's needs.
Carrillo! Yeah.
Then how did she know that someone was gonna get poisoned? Dr.
Enzmann, how did she know? It's my fault Ophelia's sick.
She came with me because I was scared.
Why? You've had shots before.
I saw a man in white gloves put something in the shots.
When did this happen? In a dream.
Dreams aren't real, Christa.
Mine are! I dreamt there was something wrong with the shots, and there was.
Tell me about the man you saw.
His face was blurry, but I knew he was Death.
I've seen him before.
Where? In the tunnels with Lorelei.
Another dream? That one came true too.
Was it Stokes? No, but the man in the white gloves is still on the ship.
We are the shepherds of the flock, guardians of the birth list.
We vow to give ourselves, body and soul, to our calling.
We are wife, mother and caregiver to all.
Enough formality.
Now for the fun! Congratulations! From the candy store, ladies.
Take anything you want.
It's so much fun! You're late, Jackie.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
I had a last-minute appointment.
It's just one of the best things.
It feels really good.
Congratulations! No! Please! I don't want it! It's poison! You see that? Her pupillary reaction.
Amazing! Christa's 16 hours overdue.
Blood pressure, pulse, respiratory all elevated.
How long do we have? Last test subject with similar genetic markers to Christa's was Mitchell Bowman back in '83.
The doctor gave him a shot with the wrong compound.
That's him after 52 hours.
Metabolic system out of control, immune system attacking itself.
And 72 hours.
We can't let the same thing happen to Christa.
Track the video.
I want a complete record.
And find a way to give the girl her shot.
It's poison! Poison! Dr.
Fritz Lieber, lost at sea, February '63.
Renowned physicist Alfred Bester, caught in a lab explosion, May of '63.
5 nuclear engineers died in a plane crash a week later.
The list goes on and on.
70 in all.
Who's to say they didn't choose to disappear? Maybe they owed back taxes or ran off with a mistress? Yeah, you're right.
They could've.
But the kids didn't have a choice.
They used Kennedy's Advanced Education Initiative as cover to abduct children from their parents.
Yeah, you know what? Stick with the lizard people.
It's more believable.
Why did you call if you don't wanna talk to me? Obviously, it was a mistake.
Why would a Nobel Prize winner travel around the country, secretly enrolling 6-year-olds into an education program? I spoke with one of the parents.
She's been looking for her daughter for 50 years because of this man, Abraham Enzmann.
He's the key.
You know who he is, don't you? Excuse me, honey.
What the hell is this? Three sessions with the resource committee, 6 hours with the council? You used to be better at helping me avoid this nonsense.
And you used to be more discreet.
Guerlain Mitsouko.
A lovely scent.
It's Jackie's.
She's a distraction, that's all.
The liquor, cigars, caviar, those are distractions.
Sex is so much more.
It's the true currency on this ship.
The information my girls gather keeps you in the captain's chair.
And yet you're unable to find out which one of my officers is spying for Rose.
I can endure anything but secrets between us.
Don't undermine me with my girls, Will.
I went over the tapes, and on the day of the incident, Christa didn't speak to anyone other than Ophelia.
I did notice, however, she always had a glass of milk with her dinner.
Only this time, it'll have a little something extra.
There's no way she can know there's a camera there.
Sometimes a more direct approach is required.
We're gonna need to use our man on the inside.
How are we today, Councilman Gombrovich? The councilman had to reschedule.
Mind if I take her place? Of course not, Mrs.
Mmm! Mmm! You have a gift! I can see why you're in high demand.
When you first came to the stewardesses, you were an awkward girl with bad skin and a lisp.
But I saw the ambition in your eyes.
You reminded me of myself.
I'm flattered.
I knew you would go far, perhaps, one day, even succeeding me as head stewardess.
I was mistaken.
I understand your interest in my husband, Jackie.
Power is an aphrodisiac.
Denninger I don't begrudge William his indulgences.
What I cannot abide is disloyalty.
Viondra, I don't know what you've heard I'm relieving you of your duties.
You'll be assigned housing on the lower decks.
Remove your belongings from the dorm before they're discarded.
Where are you going? Finish the massage first.
It's a needle in a haystack.
Hundreds of inoculations to test, and I have no idea what we're looking for.
Do you think Christa's right? Is there any way the shots could've been tampered with? I don't see how.
The only access is in the medical centre.
What about your apprentice? Ike? He's a little green, but he's a good kid.
Have you always used blue gloves in the medical centre? Yes! Christa has had difficulty differentiating dreams from reality.
Take what she says with a grain of salt.
You can go in if you like.
It might do her some good.
It's okay.
I hear you.
Repetto! Repetto! Juliet? Juliet! Ike, we need to intubate! Help me hold her down.
Ike! You wanted to see me? The original manifest.
Why the change of heart? When I was a boy, I didn't trade baseball cards.
I studied the names on the list.
I knew their biographies the way other kids knew batting averages.
Some gave up fame, others riches.
Some even gave up their families.
When you look into the names on that list, remember what they sacrificed.
That's very moving.
You're sure you're not giving me this to keep me busy? With my nose in a file, I'm less likely to see what's right in front of me.
We're not gonna be friends.
I know that.
But it's possible we have a common enemy.
Whoever brought a gun on Ascension put everyone else at risk.
I wanna know who it was.
We have to sit down and talk things over.
That's the only way we're going to understand each other.
That's the only way we're going to get along.
I'm sorry, Mary.
I shouldn't have lost my temper.
You know how it is.
Sometimes we say things we don't mean.
It's all my fault, Dad, about the dress.
I guess I should've spoken to you and Mom first.
Yesterday, we were all a little hasty.
It's my fault! It's nobody's fault.
Things happen, then they get out of hand.
You've forgotten, but I haven't.
When you were a little boy, you sometimes did things that I didn't approve of.
Seems to be more problems today than Stay with her.
Kill the lights.
Seal the doors.
Open! Leave me alone! Did you see that? Yes.
The lights! She's fascinating.
Just as my father predicted.
Christa? What's wrong? Christa, you're bleeding! It's not my blood.
It's his! We're comparing the blood on Christa's dress to the samples in the database.
It's gonna take a while.
I can't believe that someone on this ship attacked a child.
I want Christa to stay in the medical centre for now.
No one gets near her until we find this guy.
Captain, Christa's white blood-cell count is dangerously high.
She needs an inoculation, but she's refusing to take it.
Maybe I can talk to her.
She trusts me.
I appreciate your help on this, Robert.
You and Juliet are our best hope to catch him.
Thank you.
Captain, I looked over the medical records.
Ophelia was never logged in for the inoculations.
That shot was always meant for Christa.
Do you think this is one of the missing children? Her name's Ophelia.
She's the right age, the right description.
Where did you get this? Is this government? There's not a lot I can tell you.
I need to know about these children, what's so special about them.
That's what I've been trying to figure out.
They just seem like normal kids.
I know more about the scientists.
Enzmann's rocket jockeys.
They're more than just astrophysicists and engineers.
There were biologists, philosophers, fertility doctors, even geneticists.
Genetics? DNA had just been discovered a decade before.
I've met their parents.
They think that they're all dead.
If they're alive, they need to know! This is a waste of time.
I don't even know if it's them.
I can get tissue samples from the living relatives.
If you get one from the children, we can test the DNA.
It's impossible.
There's no way that I can get to them.
Even remains? Anything will do, a hair, bones, even teeth.
Fine wines, makeup, perfume.
You name it, they have it.
Don't tell James.
He'd have a fit.
The position comes with privileges.
Would he say no if he were offered a better cabin? He might.
He's pretty stubborn.
He's crazy.
I'd rather live in the stewardess dorm than the lower 40s any day.
Hey! Luminous Pink.
Viondra gave it to me.
This is your chance to have fun.
Once the computer matches you, it's forever.
You look so Monroe.
Rawles! Are you coming to the officer's lounge tonight? Well, that depends.
Will you two be there? It's Presley's stewardess debut.
Oh, well, then I'm in.
Nice colour.
I'll see ya.
I'm totally gonna need that lipstick back.
Councilman Rose! - Yes? - Can I speak to you for a moment? Well, of course! Excuse me.
The council rejected a transfer request I submitted.
Oh, for Jackie.
Yes! I thought that might be something of a sticking point.
Well, it doesn't have to be.
You're not the only one with friends on the council, Viondra.
Jackie's friends would prefer that she stay where she is.
I can't have someone living in the stewardess dorm who isn't a stewardess.
Then hire her back.
Viondra, you're looking rather tense.
Perhaps we should schedule another massage? Christa, shouldn't you be getting to bed soon? I don't wanna sleep.
I used to have bad dreams when I was your age too.
But then Ophelia told me a secret and the nightmares went away.
What was it? To hold onto a single thought as I fell asleep.
Then, no matter how scary things became, I could focus on it and everything would be better.
What did you think about? My mother's laugh.
She could light up a room with it.
Can you think of something? Seahorses.
Good! Seahorses, then.
Bryce is worried you might be getting sick.
You want me to get my shot, don't you? We all have to take them.
It's important.
But how about, when it's time for you to take your shot, you think about those seahorses? What are you doing in here? Didn't think my flask would make it past security.
It wouldn't have.
I've tried.
Sometimes, I wish we had our own officer's lounge.
You know, maybe they don't really have it that bad.
You're starting to sound like Enzmann.
Yeah, you know, Enzmann leans on you a lot.
He likes to give orders, but he has no idea how hard it is to get things done.
And believe me, he will rain down holy hell if you don't do it exactly how he wants it.
It's just the way the world works! Enzmann's world! To the right-hand man! Congratulations, Presley! You were wonderful.
Have you met Councilman Rose? That was terrific! And you, my dear, are a vision.
Mmm! It's hard to believe you only just started.
I'm looking forward to watching you develop.
- Councilman Rose? - Yes, sweetie.
The others are waiting.
It was very nice meeting you.
I see a bright future for you.
Enjoy your evening.
You have a lot to celebrate.
Oh my God! Presley, you were so good! Thank you! Something to quench your thirst? Join us! It's only a drink, unless you want it to be more.
You know what I mean? Hi, Christa? Hi! I just came to give you your shot.
Where's Juliet? Well, she had to go back to our cabin, so she asked me to do it.
Well, I changed my mind.
I don't want it.
You told my wife you saw a man in white gloves.
He put something into the shots.
Is that right? Did you get a good look at him? It's okay.
You can tell me.
What did you tell Juliet about the man in the white gloves? I can't.
Come on, tell me.
What did you see? I saw it all.
Two towers falling from the sky, and a war in the desert that never ends, and a woman in pink holding her husband's head together.
And you, I saw you in the maintenance tunnels where Lorelei was killed! I saw you! I saw you! Shhh, shhh, shhh! It's just a dream.
The stage-3 additive, plus an amnestic additive have been successfully administered.
So, you roofied a 12-year-old.
Will she remember anything? Nah, she told Juliet she had a dream, something about seahorses.
Go ahead with the subjects 22, 65 and 110.
Harris, she knew things she couldn't possibly know 9/11, Kennedy.
She's what we've been working towards, isn't she? I don't know what she is, but she's the best chance we have.
She was so young.
I'm sorry, Aaron.
When she first took me in, I was so angry, at the world, at this ship, everything.
It never occurred to me how much she lost in the fire.
You were there for each other.
I wanted to call her Mom.
I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but I never did.
She knows.
I can't lose anyone else, Em.
Aaron! You'd be stripped of your rank, sent back to the lower decks.
I'd lose my job, never get approved for the birth list.
- It'd be the end of everything.
- I don't care! I do, Aaron! I don't wanna spend the rest of my life like that.
Did you see that? She walked out of frame, and now she's back! There she is, leaving.
And there she is at the piano.
Someone cut something out.
We've got a match on the blood sample.
It's Ike Messmer, Juliet's apprentice.
Ike Messmer, open the door! It was him.
Cut him down.
Don't tell me.
You're gonna investigate this one too.
I watched the video of Stokes getting blown out of the airlock.
He tried to shoot Gault, but he didn't know how to work the safety.
He'd never fired a gun.
This is footage from the stockyards the day of the storm.
Workers unloaded fresh bags of grain in the morning, yet, somehow, after the storm, they found the gun in one of those bags.
Your point? Mr.
Carrillo can't locate the missing footage.
Let me take a wild guess what he's hiding.
You have someone inside Ascension, a right-hand man.
He planted the gun, he tampered with the shots, and I'd be willing to bet that he killed Ike to cover his tracks.
You have a wild imagination.
Is that how the ship miraculously rights itself? You play puppetmaster, you stage radiation storms, orchestrate crises.
What did you call yourself, an overseer guiding their destinies? Knowing the TC Group like you do, you should ask yourself: What's more likely to be taken out into a field and buried, a multi-billion-dollar project that's been going for 50 years, or a washed out spook that no one will mourn? We searched Ike Messmer's quarters, reviewed his stenotab, talked to his friends.
Nothing indicates that he was linked to the saboteurs.
Then why? Guilt? Apparently, he didn't follow storage protocols and one of the inoculation vials got contaminated.
Doesn't add up, Gault.
There's too many questions.
Look, Captain, he was depressed about what happened to Ophelia.
You weren't born in the lower decks.
You don't know what it's like to lose your position, to lose status.
I can't believe this is just individuals acting all alone.
It's too convenient.
People are imperfect, flawed.
They can rarely do anything that doesn't end up in a royal mess, myself included.
I've been looking for you.
Well, here I am! I can't help but feel it's my fault.
Ike wouldn't have been working in the medical clinic if I hadn't quit.
It's not your fault.
He didn't wanna fall back down the ladder.
It was just a job! Not to him, not to someone from the lower decks.
He wanted a new start.
Is that why you joined the cadets? Why didn't you come by the officer's lounge? I did.
I saw you with Rawles.
There's nothing between us.
If you wanna date an officer, Nora, you should just do it, instead of trying to make me one.
I never asked you to join cadets.
I never asked you to change.
You didn't have to.
I gotta get to work.
I'll see you later, okay? Shhh, shhh, shhh! What's the matter, Captain? Afraid your wife will hear? You could stand to be a little more careful yourself.
Don't worry, I can handle Viondra.
That's something I'd like to see.
Oh, why not? Councilman Rose has.
You could stand to be a little less enthusiastic.
You really think she's been spying for Rose this whole time? Did you really believe she was that enamoured with you? Go clean yourself up.
I don't have any evidence.
We don't have any DNA.
We have nothing.
There must be something.
Is there anything at all that you might have overlooked? I will kill you all! So, Ariadne went to Daedalus, the architect of the labyrinth, and begged his help.
Taking pity on her, he told her the secret to escaping the maze.
That's not true, Ophelia.
You're not dying.
You're just lost in a maze like all of us.
But one day, I'll lead us out.
I promise.